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Sex Pollen/Aphrodesiacs

Pollen Beyond by Basingstoke
(Batman Beyond)

Vacationing on Planets with Lanterns by Caia
(The Brave and the Bold)

Wally West vs. the Chicken Salad of Doom  by David Hines
(Justice League animated)

When the little bluebell starts to ring by Derry
(Justice League animated)

What Terrible Hand Framed by Fresne
(Justice League animated/Swamp Thing)

A Humble Flower by glamsith

*Some kept safe by Livia
(Ultimate Spider-Man/Ultimate X-Men)

*Untitled Illustration by Mikster617
(Teen Titans)

When Greenery Attacks by Saone
(Mixed DC comics-verse)

The same grim giving by Shrift
(Justice League animated)

Dodge-town by Shrift

The air, you breathe by Te

Things You Get Used To by Te
(Teen Titans)

Pollen Shock! by Te
(Static Shock)

Better Than Wine by Tiamat's Child

The Vigor of the Forest by Weirdness Magnet
(Teen Titans)


When I have lost my way by Te
(Mixed DC comics-verse)

Body Heat Preservation

Freeze frame by Minim Calibre

Second Chances by Shrift


*Black Condor Illustration by Glockgal

*Untitled Snippet and Illustration by Mikster617
(Teen Titans)

Untitled by Minim Calibre

Untitled by Randomblade

Undercover by Shrift
(Teen Titans)

Untitled Snippet and Illustration by Simmy
(Teen Titans)

For Justice by Te

*Two To Tango by The CCCarioca
(Justice League animated)

Impulse Crossdressing (illustration) by Dawnstar
(Teen Titans)


*Elseworlds: Little Birds by The CCCarioca
(Batman/Teen Titans)

Truth or Dare

Kinda Gay by Derry
(Teen Titans)

They *Made* Us Do It

Fond of Pants by Livia Penn

*Electric Heat I: Dare To Fear... by the CCCarioca
(Teen Titans)

*Electric Heat II: Livin' La Vida Loca by the CCCarioca
(mixed DCU)

The Vampire AU

Bloodline by Sarah T.


Begins in Confusion and Nothing to Wear by Derry
(Teen Titans)

Cliche Icons by Poi
(Teen Titans)


Wally West and the Crack of Doom by Sarah T.

Pink Kryptonite

The Color Pink by Basingstoke

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