Fast and Dirty
by Te
October 2000

Disclaimers: They're not mine, I'm just playin'

Spoilers: None

Ratings Note: NC-17

Summary: Wes is just in time.

Acknowledgments: For my Debba and my Spike. *kiss*

Feedback: Go crazy.


And it's already to the point of pain by the time he slips into the tiny
office bathroom. Shame, there, and fear -- if anybody were to walk by
while he.

Too much, thought of his own cock in his hand and his body is screaming
bitterly for much much more. That moment of visceral, senseless terror --
what if it's not enough? His own hand. After.

Just one moment, almost back home, safe ground after spying on a
nest of of of... some bloody kind of demon. Pants around his knees

Sound. Turns the water on and takes himself in hand and braces himself
on the sink and pictures it. Walking, chatting with Angel about nothing,
anything when suddenly taken by the scruff of his neck, yanked into
an alley and slammed against the wall. Angel pressed close, using the
darkness of his coat to shelter them until whoever it was had passed


Taken the shock and turned it in on itself, turned it vicious and oh,
Angel --

Rock hard and *hurting* all the way home because it had broken open
like an egg, smashed against the wall and everything he was running
out and the strokes aren't gentle.

Fast and brutal and Wesley bites his lip hard enough to bleed just
before he would've yelled and he drops to his knees and that's it,
one flash:

Dark cold naked kneeling Angel's oh Angel's cock in his *mouth*--

Coming hard, four hard shots, directed at the floor and hitting with
a wet slap that makes his cheeks burn and he's still holding the
sink with his free hand and Wesley just kneels there.

Until he can breathe again.