by The Spike


More Lost Boys wrongness, a birthday present for Jessica.  Posted with
her permission. NC-17. Incest. Warning.  Warning.


Sammy likes the feeling of something inside of him.  Wants it all the
time now.  Since...

There are things he's read about.  Butt plugs and dildos. He looks at
the pictures quickly, in the backs of the magazines that are in back of
the porno magazines.  Fag porno.  Bad stuff.  Black dots over everyone's
things and too much body hair and everyone looks dirty but...  things
inside him...  His cheeks go hot and red when he thinks about it. When
he's in the magazine store, pretending to look at Juicy Jugs. When he's
at school, squirming in his chair.  When he's at breakfast and watching
Michael eat cereal and ignore him.

Like he's doing now.  Eating cereal and reading the comics and not even
looking up when Grandpa comes through and grabs chocolate out of the
fridge.  Not like Sammy, who has to look so that when Grandpa turns
around he's caught, red faced and...

Grandpa's look is sharp as a tack and his nose twitches and Sammy is
suddenly *sure* that he can smell it.


Redder and hotter and instantly hard under the table.  Grandpa raises an
eyebrow.  *Fuck*.

"What?" he asks. Defensive as hell and his voice cracks right in half on
the word, flute to foghorn.

And Grandpa laughs.

"You're full of piss and vinegar today, aren't'cha?"


"Just you stay out of my stash."  Nod to the fridge.

"Ok*ay*.  Jeeze."  That comes out sounding weird too.  But Grandpa
doesn't seem to notice.  He taps his finger to his nose meaningfully and
takes his chocolate bar with him when he goes.  And Sammy looks over and
Michael... is looking at him.

First time in four days.  First time since...

Things inside him.  Michael inside him.

Fingers first.  Then... thumb.  Then...

He groans, can't close his mouth.  So much spit in his mouth and he
can't close it can't swallow.  Feels swollen and strange all over,
pulled out...  And Michael is leaning over the table. Looming over the
table. Like he's going to climb over the table into Sammy's lap.

Instead he's on his feet and shoving the table away from him.  The bowls
rattle, milk sloshing cereal across the laminate.  Looks mad and Sammy
pushes back his chair when Michael comes for him.  When Michael grabs
his shirt collar and hauls him up.  Scared, almost but also *yes*
because *he* can smell it.  Can smell Michael, not mad but that other
smell, so high so funky.

Hauls him up the stairs to the bathroom, shoves him inside.  Shuts and
locks the door and grabs him again.  Stares into his face a minute, just
shaking and Sammy can't look away.

Watches Michael's eyelids fall like shades.  When Michael kisses him,
it's gentle.  Soft and slick.  Michael's mouth is milky.  Wet.  Sammy's
so hard... He tries to arch up to rub against Michael's leg but Michael
holds him, just where he wants him.  Kisses him, hand snaking into his
hair.  Other hand unzipping his jeans.  He wants to breathe, wants to
swallow, wants to beg.  Can't do anything but make soft, hoarse sounds
into Michael's mouth.  Then Michael's pushing him away.  Turning him
around to face the tub.

"Run the water," Michael says.  He does.  Turns both taps on full.
Loves the covering thunder.  Goes to turn back but Michael's hand is on
his back pushing him down, bending him double over the tub edge.  Hands
on the wet porcelain floor of the tub and the water is too hot and just
right for when Michael's hands move to his hips and slide his pants
down.  Sammy stepping out of them, his sock feet sliding a little on the
floor.  Sliding apart.  Michael's hand between his legs.  Spreading him

Cupping him through his briefs and Sammy thinks he's going to come, but
Michael squeezes just *hard*.  He gasps, bangs his head against the
inside of the tub.  Bent right in half and it would hurt except
Michael's moving behind him, on his knees and his other hand tugs at
Sammy's underwear, pulls it down.

Sammy goes very still. Face against the cool porcelain, steam rising.
Feels Michael move against him.  Warm breath. Cheek against his...
cheek.  Stubble and soft skin.  Blood rushes to his head, to his feet.
Lips mouth him.

He...grunts.  Loudly.  Can't help it.  Whatever Michael does it's just
too much.  Like smoking drugs, like jumping off the roof.  He wants...
*Wants*.  Michael's fingers spreading him.  Lips.  Tongue.  It's... too
hot.  Too soft.  His hips buck but in the prison of Michael's hands he
can't move at all.  Shoves one fist in his mouth because he has to
scream.  He's never read about this *anywhere*.  Makes him want to cry
and come at the same time.  Knows that's not right but he can't talk say
no can't do ANY *FUCKING* THING but take it.

Michael's tongue.  Inside him.  Far inside him.  Things inside him.
Make him ache. Make things purple in front of his eyes.  Gonna come so

Michael's hands on his both his hips now, pressing his face into Sammy's
ass like he's trying to eat his way inside.  God god god.  Thunder of
the water. Soft hot tongue. Nothing on his cock.  Never enough. He's
going to die. He doesn't *care* who hears him.

"Michael.  *More*..."  Michael's fingers bruise his hipbones but he
stops.  Scrape of stubble as Michael turns his head and Sammy almost
doesn't know what it is when Michael *bites*.  Hard.  He makes a sound,
should be a scream but its just sex noise.  Just need.  Michael up on
his feet and unzipping.

Scrabbling behind him, plastic jar lid falling on the ground, slick of
Vaseline but then...

Michael *there*.  Cock *there*.  At his hole and...

"Push out..." harsh whisper. He pushes.  Feels himself open as Michael
pushes *in*.  Gasps.

"Again."  Pushes.  Opens.  Michael thick slick hard hot.  Splitting

"*Again*"  Pushes.  Jesus jesus.  Rip of pain too sweetly cold to be

"*Again*"  He can't he can't

"*Again*.  You want this."  Pushes.  Hurts.


"You want this." Burns.  Pushes hard.  Harder.  Everything.

"*Yes*" and something breaks.  Sweet slide and he is...  "Oh..."

Michael in him.  Like... like... There are no words.  In.  Him.  In
him.  Up inside him.  And... over him, around him.  Hands patting him,
holding him, arms around his waist.  Pulling him upright. Dizzy shift
until he is back against Michael's chest and Michael moves inside him.
Settling him back.  Deeper. He gasps. Sweeter.  Moans.  Holding him.
Face against his face.  He can smell himself.  Sharp smell.  Dizzy sex

"Okay...?" Michael asks into his ear.  Sammy tries to say something but
it comes out all mmm's and shuddering breath.  He can't stop his head
grinding against Michael's shoulder.  Can't stop the twitching of his
hips, every twitch makes a tug deep inside, every tug makes a twitch.
His cock is leaking down his thighs, getting hard again.  He wants to
bring his legs together, bear down.

And it's Michael who groans this time.  Who shudders.  Clutches at him.

"Ssssammy..." into his ear, the side of his throat.  Hard hard whisper
like Michael's throat is torn.  "Sammy I have to fuck you."  Hard
shudder that is just his hips twisting around that knob of cock inside

"I know," almost wailing it.  Too loud.  Can't help it.  Michael inside
him.  Everything of him just a swollen aching thing around Michael's
cock.  And Michael pulls out, rough tug and slide of cock inside his ass
and Michael thrusts and...


Blind rush of pleasure and Michael's mouth is on his throat, at the v of
neck and shoulder and he...


oh god.  sucking.  and the thing inside him oh god

*thrusts*  sucking hard dizzy swing of pain

*thrusts* radiating out blind pleasure rock

*thrusts* rough slick hand around his cock and oh god




and teeth oh jesus Michael

"Please..." and lets his head fall sideways Michael groaning heavy so
much harder now and harder, faster, short thick stabs that light his
head with pleasure Michael's teeth, the shock

the *bite*

warm spill down his chest and Michael rigid goes rigid.

soft hot burst inside

and oh *god* sucking


and Sammy is coming, crying out, shuddering, shooting, whole body
curling and bursting into Michael's hand.  Shooting while Michael is
coming inside him and sucking his blood and his legs can't hold him.
Only Michael can hold him...

Then Michael's legs buckle too and they are on the floor together,
Michael heavy on him, around him -- hearts beating loud and fast -- but

And he knows he should do something but all he can manage is to lie
there on the floor while Michael holds a towel against the bite, waiting
for the bleeding to stop.

And knows he's already waiting for the next time he's not empty and