Gangs of New York

The Hot Country

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The Hot Country

The Hot Country

The Hot Country II: Negotiations
"Turnabout is fair play," as the devil said to the smokejack.

The Hot Country III: Afterthoughts
God is good, but the Devil is not so bad either.

The Hot Country IV: Sparring Match
"When you get what you want, may it be what you meant."

The Hot Country V: Anamchara
"Who is this under my knife?"


Correspondence Found Inside A Wall, New York, 1945
(with Stephen J. Barringer)

In The Eye

In The Eye II: Sultry

Five Points of Difference
Five things that never happened to Amsterdam Vallon.

A Good Education
(with Stephen J. Barringer)
Got beat down, got your knives took...

Only Children
Growing up, acting out, becoming.

Bill and Amsterdam, in the lost time between theatre and Pagoda;
how close is too close?

Five Fingers Make A Fist
Five things that never happened to William Cutting.

Bill, after the Pagoda.

Took Under
At Satan's Circus, three to a bed is no comfortable thing.


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