by Te
August 2000

Disclaimers: If they belonged to me, my collection would be
complete. *insert evil laughter*

Spoilers: General early 4th season-ness.

Pairing: Spike/Xander

Ratings Note: NC-17

Summary: The trouble with humans...

Author's Note: Purely to distract the Spike.


It should be scary, being here like this. Spike is utterly naked,
gleaming white in the dark. Xander's got all his clothes on, and just
feels vulnerable and out of place. Like the only reason he's not
naked is because he's scared to be.

But he's not. This is the part he knows. Spike half-hard and
growing, rapidly. His cock is massive, thick and long. Something
out of one of those inadequacy causing pornos. And it's much too
light in color to be this hard. Roseate marble, almost, and waiting
for him.

His mouth, his ass, whatever.

And even if Spike has 200 years of experience and control,
Xander has his own weapons. Naked hunger that Spike seemingly
can't help responding to and... heat.

Plain, mortal heat. Wet and humid and searing to a room-temperature
vampire. Almost painful, so Spike always hesitates, just a little,
with the head of his cock resting on Xander's lower lip. He breathes
very deliberately on it and Spike shudders. Openly.

Clear, thick drop of pre-come and Xander dives in to lap it away.
Breathing and sucking and holding before Spike is ready. Hands on
his shoulders rigidly still, like he's trying to decide whether to pull
Xander in further or push him away.

This is the control Xander takes, just being human, being soft-
mouthed and hot and utterly beyond Spike's hesitation. Fucking his
mouth further and further down, stretched and aching and cock hard
and cock and mouth both drooling for more.

"Ah... ah *shit*"

Spike's first helpless thrust, and the sound he makes, pained and
utterly needful and it's worth every twinge in his jaw. The light-
headedness of breathing only through his nose, fast and ragged.
Spike's hand in his hair now, gripping and releasing. Whimpers from
the other pain, the one Spike can't control at all.

He has to be gentle, and Xander can feel every thought in the
tautness of his muscles, flexing ass and trembling abdomen. He
wants to pull out and he wants to fuck Xander bloody. Wants to kill
him to make it easier, cooler and harder. Wants to rip the softness
apart with his cock and his fists and his cock again and Xander goes
down another inch.

Eyes rolling back in his head, can't manage anything fancier than the
suck and hold. The groan of Xander's pain traveling right up Spike's
spine and he thrusts again. Xander, looking up can see Spike shaking
his head, throwing it back, mouth open and denying it and thrusting.
Slow, grinding pushes, so helpless and Xander needs to touch himself
so bad he groans again, and again. But he has other plans for his cock
and so he just. Swallows.

Catching Spike just on the next thrust and it feels like a freight
train barreling down the tender flesh of his throat, complete with
iron wheels. So hard and thick and cool. Warming up but still cool
and. Ruthless. Helplessly ruthless.

Because there's nothing Spike can do now but fuck him. Hurt and cry
out and leak iron-tasting pre-come. Slicking the way. Xander's throat
like a good tight pussy and oh. It's that image that always gets him
makes him arch up, tilt back, open so wide because yes. Pussy... had
to get fucked so good.

Not letting Spike escape, fingers digging into the globes of his ass
holding and pulling Spike faster, harder. So afraid of the pain, the
ricochet of hurting Xander but oh. That's exactly what he wants.
Wants the pain, wants the ricochet even more and *yes*. He's
yelling now, voice bouncing and bouncing off the marble crypt walls
and *this*.

This is taking it. Nobody's giving him this, he's taking it all, Spike
just this superman style thick rod. And he's melting it right down,
taking it and using and swallowing it all down. Going numb and this is
the part... the pressure. The one he knows he'll feel, and be
suspiciously hoarse the next day. But *yes*. Groaning again and he's
creaming all over the inside of his shorts.

Fucking at air and sucking and digging in and pulling and pulling and
Spike comes with this... this fucking roar. Pumping the first jet down
Xander's throat then yanking himself away, staggering, one hand
grasping his head, the other pumping helplessly at his jetting cock.

Falls to his knees, sucking in big, irregular gulps of air.

Just to moan.

"You *fucker*." Spat out and Spike's still blinking it away, heaving
a bit and oh fuck yes. Spike's bitten his lip bloody and is lapping it
up and Xander lunges. Grabs Spike's head and frees himself from
his clothes and plunges in.

No plan, no torture, no control at all because Spike is wincing from
the heat *and* swallowing convulsively and Xander can only hold on
and ride it out. Fucking the cool. Fucking away all the cool and leaving
his own reluctant softness to just... swallow him down.

And now Spike's the one holding on, the one sucking and licking and
swallowing and oh fuck *teeth* and Spike groans and tries to shake
his head and pull off but Xander just holds on and follows him down
and fucks harder.


Comes half-braced on the floor, straddling Spike's chest and screwing
down and down and scratching at his own nipples and "fuck *Spike*
yes fuck oh fuck yes --"

And Spike swallows it all down, sucks *almost* hard enough to hurt
before shoving Xander off.

And they stay there, silent and recovering, until Xander can stand
again. Rub at his throat. Meet Spike's look. Which is... angry and
smirking and hungry and... wary.

And Xander knows his own look is just as fucked.

And as he walks out Spike grabs him by the arm and pulls him in.
Looks and *just* looks, mouth open and eyes too close, too hard to
read and Xander can smell his own come and vampire blood and breaks
away before.

Before he can do anything stupider.