by Te
March 2001

Disclaimers: If they were mine, that couch would get a lot of use.

Spoilers: Vague ones up through Leech.

Ratings Note: NC-17

Summary: Clark wishes he could get a nice head cold, and then
changes his mind about that.

Author's Note: All Laurie's fault. I didn't even know Superman *had*
this power. Could be considered a sequel to "Jilling," but you don't
have to read that one first.

Acknowledgments: To my IRC chicas for audiencing and such, and
to my Webrain because I love them.

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Okay, so, it shouldn't have seemed so weird. At least... no weirder
than the rest. He could run faster every day, he was strong enough
to do serious damage to large moving vehicles and only mess up
his clothes, he could... float -- whatever *that* meant* -- and he
could steal the jobs of thousands of radiologists.

So, the morning he woke up -- thankfully *in* the bed -- and
couldn't help noticing *right* away that the barn needed some
serious cleaning, he should've figured *something* out, right?

He was some kind of alien, he had to start looking at things differently.
Because... everything could wind up enhanced in some frightening
and/or uncomfortable ways, right?

Clark sighed and scrubbed a hand through his hair.


But he hadn't really noticed it on a conscious level, at least not
beyond the "ew, no wonder people make all those jokes about
farmkids" level. He'd just showered for an extra long time -- not
too bad, considering that the stench had woken him well before
the alarm -- and gone about his business.

Fixed himself breakfast, absently noting that he was glad he drank
milk so quickly, because he could completely see how *disgusting*
it would be if left to go bad, and even tried to get a head start on
his afternoon chores.

Except that he couldn't get anywhere *near* the barn without

He'd actually asked his parents if they thought raccoons or
something might have dragged some of the meteor rocks in there,
even though there'd been none of the usual "hey, look, my veins
are sure veiny!"

His mother had fussed over him, automatically checking his
forehead for signs of a fever even though he was *always* warm,
before frowning to herself. His dad had given him one of those
Concerned looks, and asked about his powers.

After the whole Eric deal, it made sense he guessed.

Still, the only thing he could come up with was "manure smells
bad," which wasn't a satisfying answer for any of them.

This is where he thinks it should've occurred to him. After all, he
was no Lex-style genius, but all the tests agreed he was pretty
darned smart. But no, he'd just wound up catching the bus with
Pete and Chloe, which is when things got unfortunate.

Pete wore cologne. Pete *always* wore cologne, like, since they
were *twelve*. It had never really registered beyond Pete's
continual attempts to be a pint-sized ladies' man. Except this morning
it had made his *eyes* water.

All alcohol burn and weird artificial musk.

They'd asked him what was wrong, and he'd muttered something
about allergies.

At least Chloe didn't wear perfume. He was sure there was some
carefully thought out rant on the subject as it related to her brand
of feminism, but all Clark cared about was that if he scooted closer
to her, and, well, turned his nose in her direction, he didn't have to
look like this year's Depression Victim.

Though Chloe kept getting the *weirdest* look on her face.
Somewhere between embarrassed and pleased.

Still, it was absolutely *incredible* to get out of the bus, because
after a while he could tell exactly which classmates believed in
personal hygiene and which didn't.

And he was pretty sure someone toward the back had smoked a
great deal of pot sometime that morning.

He thought he maybe started to catch a clue then. At the very least,
he stayed outside in the fresh, clean, *blessedly* clean Smallville air
for as long as he possibly could, and wound up having to speed part
of the way to class.

Which, unfortunately, was the "new" classroom they'd eked out in
the basement when the student population started rising.

He knew that the janitors mopped the floor -- he could smell the
cleaning fluid. He also knew that they must have just poured the
stuff directly into water they'd been using elsewhere.

He could smell the Home Ec rooms.

He could smell the boys' *locker* room, which made him decide to
skip gym.

A decision he decided was for the best after everyone showed up
after gym in English class.

Teenaged girls, he decided, smelled a lot better than teenaged boys.
Maybe it was something in the hormones, maybe it was something in
the hygiene, but they just plain smelled better.

And this wasn't saying much at *all*.

Sometime around the lunch that made him rethink his personal
standards of ew as related to the barn, Clark just gave up.

Sure, Chloe still smelled fine, but he was beginning to think she was
the *only* girl who didn't wear perfume, or perfumed lotion (sickly
sweet and weirdly rancid), or perfumed *something*.

And there was no way she wouldn't notice if he asked to just stick
his head under her sweater for a while.

Clark brilliantly deduced that there was Something Up with his sense
of smell, begged the school nurse to let him go home early, and got
out of there as fast as his legs would carry him.

Walked instead of ran home, because winter took all of the bad smells
out of the fields and just left the vague sense of sleepy life, and the
back of his throat felt *coated* with everything he'd breathed in over
the course of the morning.

Didn't they say that smelling things was just a way of tasting with
your nose, with actual *particles* of what you were sniffing winding
up inside your body?

Clark walked slowly. Very slowly.

And drank a lot of plastic-tasting water.

He could tell right away that his father had been working in the barn,
actually *hugged* the man when he saw that he'd gone as far as
hosing it down. And backed away quickly because...

He'd been working in the barn.

"Christ, son, what kind of farmer are you gonna be?"

"Um... a really queasy one?"

His father shook his head. "Ooookay. Why don't we go inside and see
if we can work something out? Your mother is --"

"Baking apple pie, yeah. Have I mentioned that I love mom?"

His father rolled his eyes. "I'm sure she'll be thrilled to know it."

The kitchen was flour-y and apple-y and spicy in all the best ways,
and, after sneezing explosively seven or eight times, Clark sat back
and appreciated it. "Have you guys thought about home schooling?
Because it's not just for right-wing freaks anymore, I hear."

His mother snorted and poured him some juice. "Do you think this is
another... power developing?"

Clark shrugged. "I guess? I'm really beginning to wonder about the
people I'm, you know, related to. Though at this point all I can think
is that they spent a lot of time cleaning and eating dry, tasteless food.
Mmm, rice cakes. Precious rice cakes." Clark snickered at himself and
buried his face in his hands. "Suggestions welcome here, guys..."

"Um... I suppose 'hold your breath' isn't really helpful..."

"Dad, eventually someone is going to want me to talk to them."

"Not with *that* attitude."

"Right, right, I'm sorry, Dad. But... wow. Do you guys have any *idea*
how bad teenagers smell?"

His mother covered his mouth. His father looked away.

"What? What?"

"Oh, nothing, Clark, it's just..." His mother was on the verge of
snickering. He could always tell. "I seem to recall a time when we
had to threaten to ground you before you would take a shower."

Clark winced. "Er... point taken. So this is some kind of... karmic

"Son, I'm having enough trouble with the science fiction elements of
our lives. Can we just leave religion aside for the moment?" His father
looked almost pleading.

Clark grinned a little helplessly. "Okay, but, um... help?"

And they spent the next hour and a half or so discussing strategies
from the power of positive thinking to carrying around a small,
discreet bottle of potpourri -- "Mom, they already think I'm gay!"

His father backed him up on that, which Clark wasn't sure how to feel
about. Yet more Things He Didn't Really Want To Think About. He
wondered what Lex smelled like, and felt something like raw relief
at the knowledge that the fact he wore cologne would keep him
from testing any theories until he got things under control.

Finally, they decided to go with something like self-hypnosis, since
sticking Anbesol up his nostrils just made him look really bizarre.
After a while, he could just about convince himself that he couldn't
smell his mother's shampoo when she was outside, which was
almost like not smelling it at all.

In the end, he'd just have to test it on non-familiar things.

Like school.

Clark shuddered at the thought, and spent a good deal of time in
his Fortress of Solitude wondering if there was any smooth way he
could get Lana to stop wearing so much stinky makeup.

Sure, it made her look really pretty, but Clark felt a little green at
the thought of getting it on his face if he ever kissed her, *really*
kissed her.

Great. He'd finally managed to get her to ditch the meteor rock
pendant, and now there was another reason he couldn't get close
to her without wanting to yark. There was some kind of cosmic
lesson there, he just *knew* it.

He sighed and started to call Pete to get the assignments he missed,
except that his fingers kept dialing Chloe's number instead, and she
wasn't even *in* those classes. He was just about to start
wondering if he was losing his mind when he heard footsteps in the
barn below.


"Clark? Your mom said you were out here, but she wasn't sure if you
were feeling okay, yet... anyway, I got your assignments from Pete.
I'll leave 'em down here if you want."

And, well, it would fit with the whole "sick" thing if he told her to do
it, but other than the apple pie, Chloe was the *nicest* thing he'd
smelled all day. "No, it's okay, c'mon up."

Gave her a hand when she got to the top of the ladder and grinned.

"Wow, Clark, I always knew you were kind of anal, but this place is

Clark winced and shrugged. "I guess I just felt like a little winter

She gave him a cock-eyed smile. "I always knew you were insane.
If you ever run out of things to polish here you can always come
over to my house. My Dad would probably offer you a kidney."

"Er... that's nice?"

Chloe finished her impromptu inspection and flopped back on the
couch, sending up a wave of mostly invisible hay dust and... scent.

Chloe still smelled really good -- she'd even taken off the small
amount of makeup she'd been wearing at school, and Clark had a
moment to wonder if it was some kind of all natural something or
other before deciding that asking a girl what kind of makeup she
used wasn't the best way to assure people of your heterosexuality...
and Chloe still smelled really good.

He had no idea where he was going with that, because Clark thought
she might even smell *better* than his mom's apple pie.

And she was saying something.

"... up with you today?"


She rolled her eyes. "Ground control to major dork, come in, dork...
I was asking what was up with you today?"

There was something *different* about the way she smelled this
morning... "Oh. Uh. Some kind of stomach thing, I think. It was
bothering me all morning, and one look at lunch today..."

Chloe pulled a face. "*Completely* understandable. Trust me, Clark.
The vending machines are your *friend*."

Had she taken a shower since then? No, that wasn't it... "Man can't
live on Doritos alone, Chloe."

"Heh. That's because man hasn't *tried*."

And it *wasn't* perfume, because Clark thought he'd learned
everything he ever needed to know about *that* after passing a
group of cheerleaders today. It wasn't anything like perfume. Or... it
was maybe exactly what perfume *should* be.

Inviting. Isn't that what they were supposed to do? Make you want
to come closer to the person wearing it?

And Chloe was saying something and... Clark found himself on the
couch. "Er... hunh?"

She was looking worried now, soft mouth pulling in on itself and
brain working overtime behind her eyes. "Clark? Are you sure
you're okay now? You're looking a little... flushed."

"Oh, I... yeah. I was just thinking..." Trailed off and hoped to God
Chloe would change the subject, make a joke, *something*.

"About what?"

"Um... I don't know?"

Chloe rolled her eyes and sighed. She'd been chewing gum earlier.

She had... wow. When had her breasts gotten so...


Clark blinked and shook his head and then Chloe turned toward him
on the couch and Clark took a long, deep breath and... oh.

"What is *with* you today? *Are* you really sick? Because I'm
perfectly willing to get your mom up here..."

"No! I mean..." She was... Chloe was... and he was *not* going to
use his X-Ray vision for this, no, he was better than that, he almost
never looked into the girls' locker room anymore, and besides this
was Chloe, even though she... Small, strong hand on his shoulder
and that smelled good, too. Smelled like... oh, God, she'd been
touching herself *there*.

"Clark, you're worrying me, here. C'mon, give up the goods."

"The... goods?" If he turned, her hand would be right there. Her
*sex* smelling hand, because that's what it was, that's what made
the difference. All of that mildly sweet and peppery Chloe goodness
plus *sex*, and Clark licked his lips and forced himself not to look
at her.

"Yeah, you know..." Chloe squeezed his shoulder. "You tell me
what's going on, I help you... out." Something low, almost
choked in her voice, and Clark turned to look at her quickly and
she was...

Looking at his lap.

More specifically, that part of his lap that was no longer safely
covered with a baggy sweater because he'd taken it off sometime
earlier and forgotten all about it and please, please let her just
think it was just a fold in his jeans and please, please let him be
able to keep his mouth shut, because...

He wanted to lick her fingers.

"Chloe, I..." And that was as far as he got before the sound of his
own voice made him bite his lip. Before Chloe made a sound and
shifted on the couch and oh, God, her *scent*.

Exactly *everything* perfume should be, only if it was there'd
probably be chaos in the streets, in the barn, something, and he
was licking her fingers before he was even aware of moving.

Sucking them when all he really tasted is mild soap and skin.

"Oh. Oh God, Clark..."

And all his brain registered was that it didn't sound like no, and
when he managed to open his eyes, she just looked *dazed*. Lips
parted and she was panting, just a little.

Her other hand was curled into a fist at her side, and her thighs
were trembling a little under her jeans. Had to *get* there.

Took her hand in both of his and slowly pulled off, biting gently
at her fingertips when she shuddered. "Chloe..."

"Yeah... I mean. Uh. What?"

Had to smile a little, but it wasn't as if he was in any better shape.
Shifted a little uncomfortably, but wasn't remotely ready to adjust
himself in front of her. Which probably didn't make any sense at all,
considering the way her eyes kept shifting to his lap.

Considering what he wanted to do. "You..." Okay, how to say 'you
smell so good I think I'm going to die' without coming off like a
freak? "I mean... can I..." Blushed hard and looked down, then
back up quickly, because Chloe was.

Spreading her legs. "Clark, tell me. We can... I mean, if you

God, and shouldn't it make him calmer that she was getting so turned
on? That she was at least as ready for this, as *needy* for this as
he was? But there were no *words* in his brain, nothing remotely
intelligent, at least. He thought he'd sound like a severely
brain-damaged *caveman* if he even tried. Shook his head and took
one of his hands from Chloe. She squeezed the other and he squeezed
back, trying to be reassuring.

But he couldn't make himself look away from his other hand, the one
cupping her knee. Moving up to squeeze her thigh and he swallowed

Tried to look a plea into Chloe's eyes, but her eyes were closed.

Clark leaned in to kiss her, instead. Awkwardly, softly. Mouth closed
against her open one, and then not closed at all, because Chloe's
moan *broke* something inside him. Something he suspected might
be vital to his continued survival, but nothing he could worry about
right then.

Chloe shook her hand free and fisted it in Clark's hair and *yanked*
him closer, kissing him hard and seriously, expertly in a way that
reminded him of Kyle's mind-tampering, but in a good way. At least
he knew now that Kyle hadn't actively *told* her somehow to kiss
him *that* way.

This was all her.

And him. Because. God, why hadn't he *noticed*?

Didn't matter, nothing mattered but tasting her. Spearmint gum and
clean, simple Chloe's-mouth, and he couldn't stop licking, even
though he thought he might want to let her take control.

Just to see.

But... taste. Had to let her know what he wanted to do. What he
thought he might *need* to do, and finally he got his other arm
around her and she leaned back against it. Melted into him, against
him, and Clark didn't stop until she pushed him off to breathe.

"God... wow. *Clark*..."


Nuzzled against her neck, smooth skin, soft skin, and it was an effort
not to suck, but he *really* didn't want to send her home with a

Chloe didn't help at *all*. Tilted her head back and offered her throat
and there was no way to resist. Compromised and scraped his teeth
against her pulse points as gently as he could manage, and Chloe just
tugged harder on his hair until he had to kiss her to keep from
*marking* her.

Even better this time, wetter, and she made these little noises,
whimpers and moans and Clark swallowed every one. Squeezed her
thigh again and wondered if she'd make him say what he wanted.

Or if he should just --

And then Chloe grabbed his hand and *yanked* it up to her groin,
pressing it there where it was, God, so *hot* and she was probably
wet under there and he could really learn to appreciate assertive

Grinned against Chloe's mouth and dropped to his knees in front
of her.

"Jesus, Clark --"

"I want to... I want to. You..." And it was okay when he was this
close, right? "You smell incredible..."

"Oh God..." Weak little tug on his hair and Clark moved in, pressed
his face against the seam of her jeans, spread her legs wider to give
himself room. To let him *see*. Jeans tight enough to hint at
everything beyond and he just had to...


Deep, long breaths and Chloe was whimpering again, hands out of
his hair and scrabbling at her fly. She was shaking with it, she loved
what he was doing and he could do this all *day*.

Nuzzled her as roughly as he dared and Chloe gave a choked off
yell that made his cock pulse pre-come into his shorts. Later.

And then she was pushing at the jeans, arching off the couch to get
them off and Clark wasn't sure if he wasn't helping because he was
afraid he'd rip the jeans apart or because he just wanted to *see*

Chloe stripping off her clothes for him. *Chloe*. For *him*. Knew he
was grinning like an idiot and didn't care. Dove in as soon as the
jeans were down around her knees and nuzzled a little harder.

"Clark! Jesus! My panties!"

And really, the fabric was on the thin side... Ripped them off with a
quick jerk --

"Holy *shit*!"

-- and then couldn't stop himself from bringing them to his face.
They were wet with sweat and Chloe's... God, what did you call it for
girls? Was it still pre-come? Whatever, it smelled *great*. Completely
overpowered whatever Chloe used to do her laundry and Clark had
to taste.

Sucked the wettest spot into his mouth and groaned.

"Jesus, Clark, either we're both perverts or that's just *hot*..."

Clark laughed around her panties and grinned at her. Yeah, he was
going a little nuts, and this whole situation was *more* than a little
nuts, but Chloe was still... Chloe.

Even half naked and spread out on his couch and *Jesus*. Had to
adjust himself, and only realized when Chloe moaned that he still
had the panties in his hand. Oh. Rubbed himself through the panties,
through his jeans, and watched Chloe watching him.

"Oh, God, Clark... don't come yet, okay? I want... I want to see you
do it..."

Hissed in a breath and squeezed himself a little viciously. Again
when Chloe gasped. Dropped the panties and stroked her thighs over
and over. Smooth on the inside, a little prickly with near-invisible
blond stubble everywhere else. "Yeah, okay, I'll show you... I..."

Nuzzled into her thighs, sucking kisses all the way up to the light
brown thatch of her sex.

Looked up one more time to find her staring down at him, lips parted
just enough, and did she want to... would she want to go down on
him even half as much as he wanted to go down on her? Shuddered
and kissed her mound and just breathed. All of it, everything he wanted
centered right *here*, and his for the asking.

Brought his thumbs up beneath his chin and stroked the wiry curls
over her lips. Wet there, slick, and he couldn't wait anymore.

Moved down and pushed in and licked her steadily with the flat of his
tongue, some vague notion of getting all of that slickness, but there
was just more and more with every stroke and Chloe was trembling

He would ask her what she wanted him to do, he *will*, but just... he
needed this first. Had to push his nose right up against the little bump
he suspected was her clit and nuzzle her that way and her hands were
in his hair again.

Not pulling so much as *grasping*, and Clark made a note to go back

In a minute.

Grinned again and licked his way back down to her vagina, though
suddenly that word seemed far too clinical for... this. Tight little hole,
just perfect for his tongue. Kissed her there like he kissed her mouth
and she just got wetter and wetter. Thighs alternately fanning wide
and squeezing his head and the only thing he regretted about that
was that it made it harder to hear the noises she was making.

The way she was saying his name, over and over like it was the only
word she could remember, pushing up against his face in sharp little
thrusts like she *had* to, and the thought hit him like a two by four
to the spine. He could, maybe, someday, be *inside* her. Buried
deep in this tight, hot, place and looking at her as she gasped and
yelled his name...

Groaned against her and felt her tighten her hands in his hair and it
was only the feel of her thighs under his palms that kept him from
just grabbing his cock and going for it.

So *hot*.

Scent and taste drugging him, leaving him heavy and hard and
mindless with it and he had to make her come.

"Clark oh Clark *please* --"

Moved back to her clit and licked at it faster, wondering if it would
break the mood to ask her what she wanted *now*, and deciding
to just wing it.


Groaned again and sucked at the little button, catching it gently
between his teeth and licking it *that* way and Chloe *slammed*
against his face, holding him steady and gasping out what sounded
like an orgasm. Thrusting and thrusting against him for long enough
to make him glad he could hold his breath for a long time and then
just collapsing back against the couch.

Sprawled and boneless and gorgeous. Flushed from her thighs to
the hint of belly peeking out from under her sweater to her cheeks.
Eyes closed and grinning.

One hand still in his hair and the other...

Rubbing at her own sex.

"Chloe..." Couldn't even *recognize* the sound of his own voice,
and it made her shudder. He could see her *flex* from here, and
that was just... "Chloe, I need --"

And that was all he managed to get out before Chloe pounced on top
of him, pushing him back against the floor and kissing him *hard*.
Tongue in his mouth and hands at his waist, tugging at his t-shirt
until he pushed her back long enough to strip it off.

The last time he'd seen that look on her face she'd been staring at a
chocolate cake in the bakery window. Oh. Wow.

And her hands were everywhere, stroking, squeezing, scratching
and pinching and she just kept kissing him. Licking his face and
biting his jaw and pushing him back to the floor whenever he tried
to take a more active role.

"Lay back and take it, farmboy... I've been waiting for this." Kicked
her shoes off, struggled the rest of the way out of her jeans and
waited for him to say something.

"Uh... okay?"

She grinned at him and pushed and pulled until they were roughly
parallel to the couch. Straddled him and scratched at his nipples
again and again until he couldn't help but buck under her. God, she
was only a couple of layers of fabric away from his *cock*.

Squeezed his eyes shut and curled his hands into fists to keep from
just grabbing her and grinding her against him.

"Oh, Clark... you're so..." Trailed off and shifted a little, moving back.

"Chloe --"


And she kept moving until she was straddling his knees, and then she
started working on his fly.

"Oh God..."

Had him open and out faster than he would've imagined, one hand
wrapped firmly around the base of his cock, the other stroking his

"Chloe, please..."

"Yeah... yeah, okay..." And she sounded a little nervous, but she
also sounded *hungry*.

Opened his eyes to find her staring down at his cock, eyes wide
and mouth wet. She licked her lips while he watched and he moaned.
God. No idea how to even *ask* for this, but Chloe didn't make him.

Bent and pressed a soft kiss to the head of his cock, already peeking
out from the foreskin and leaking. Clark gasped and Chloe looked up,
blinking. He could see his slickness on her lips and knew he wouldn't
last much longer no matter *what* she did.

Had to reach out and touch it, smooth it against her kiss-bruised lips
and she was so... "Chloe..."

She shivered a little and bent down again, licking away all the
pre-come and occasionally just brushing her cheek against the shaft
and Clark didn't realize he was arching for more until Chloe grabbed
his hip with her free hand and squeezed.

"I... oh, sorry, I just -- oh *God* --"

Chloe sucked the head into her mouth and kissed it the way he'd
kissed her pussy, dirty and wet and hot and Clark had to bite his lip
to keep from *screaming*.

Heard something thump and dimly realized that it was his head
against the floor. Nothing. Meaningless compared to Chloe. Blonde
hair falling over her face, eyes closed and lips wrapped around him.
"Chloe *yes* --"

She whimpered around him and he felt himself shoot more pre-come,
felt her groan at the taste and she was taking him deeper. Squeezing
a little harder at the base of his cock.

And then she started to stroke.

Wet. Slick. Sucking...

"Chloe, Chloe, I'm gonna come..."

She groaned again and sucked harder, stroked faster. Pulled back
just enough to get her tongue in his slit and Clark arched and came,
holding himself back from thrusting by sheer force of will until he
was shaking all over.

Heard Chloe cough but all he could do for long moments was
tremble and shoot. No one had ever... Chloe had just...

Collapsed against the hard, wooden floor and felt Chloe crawling
back up his body. Felt the crinkly hairs of her sex against his thighs
and managed to get his eyes open.

Chloe was wiping her mouth with the back of one hand and grinning,
eyes lit up from the inside the way only she could do it. Just so

Clark couldn't help grinning back.

"You look like you enjoyed that, farmboy."

"I'm a dork, Chloe, but I'm not *dead*."

She giggled, licked absently at the back of her hand and Clark just
had to *hold* her. Pulled her down on top of him, smothering her
small "oof" against his chest as he wrapped his arms around her.

"Wow, Chloe, that was... *wow*..."

"Mmm. Yeah. Just let me know the next time you wanna do that
so I can wear my *cheap* panties."

Clark snickered a little. "Sorry."


"Well... yeah. You knew you smelled that good when you left the

Chloe wriggled enough to get an arm free and whapped him
upside the head.


"Those cost twenty bucks, farmboy!"

"Um... they were really pretty?"

She snorted. "*Were* being the key word here."

Clark grinned and squeezed her a little. Chloe was hard here and
soft there and *warm*. She felt good. Especially those breasts he
hadn't gotten to see. Yet. Wow. Clark wasn't sure he was
technically brain-live anymore, but he also wasn't sure he cared.

Chloe mmmed a little and snuggled closer.

Did this mean they were dating?

Because... he could do this. He could definitely do this. She'd said
she'd been *waiting*... God. He'd been an *idiot*. Because... well,
for a lot of reasons. Clark peered down at the top of Chloe's head,
but it didn't seem like she had any intention of moving.

Which... definitely worked for him.

Good thing Chloe liked idiots.

He wondered if he could actually say any of that aloud without
Chloe taking a break from snuggling to try to beat him to death.

Clark decided he should probably stick to following her lead. It had
worked pretty well *so* far. Grinned a little wider and squeezed

Listened to her breathe him in.

Heh. She'd probably let him hide under her sweater *now*.