Kids' Game
by Te
January/February 2002

Disclaimers: If they belonged to me, I might get bored with them one
day, and they'd gather dust with all the other boys and girls, eyeing me
balefully and wishing me ill. It's better for everyone that they don't, really.

Spoilers: Up through Shimmer, veers AU.

Summary: Games people play...

Ratings Note: NC-17. Run, Sarah, run!

Author's Note: Cliche fic! Run, everyone, run! Or, you know, don't.

Acknowledgments: To my We, and Liv, and LaT, for pushing and
prodding and adjusting the driver's seat in the pornmobile for me
when I whined. Liv even *beta* read. All errors are my own, though,
'cause sometimes I get persnickety.

Feedback, like gay sex, isn't just for kids anymore.


There's really no reason for Clark to be here.

There's a lot of work around the farm he could be doing -- *should*
be doing, and never mind that it wouldn't take him more than an hour.
He could, technically, do *everything* there was to do at the farm
every day and save his parents the effort -- and why wouldn't they let
him, anyway?

But avoiding chores doesn't have much to do with his being here. Neither
does avoiding homework, or avoiding those looks from Chloe that he's
finally started to understand and those looks from Pete to Chloe that
Chloe clearly *doesn't* get.

And, if he's being honest, avoiding the chance to see Lana give Whitney
that soft smile of sympathy that the jerk has the nerve to actually
*deserve*... well, that doesn't have much to do with the reason he's
here, either.

Not that it's the worst place he *could* be, here on the floor of Lex's
study, nothing stronger in his cup than birch beer, but... He's pretty sure
his parents wouldn't be happy if they knew he was using his
post-grounding freedom this way.

If they knew Clark had been waiting for them to go away again for
some reason, *any* reason, just to give him a chance to... well.

Be here. Now that the invisible boy mess is over. Now that Victoria's
gone for at least a while.

Be here.

Especially not because Lex seems to know exactly *why* he's here,
even though he hasn't said anything or.

Done anything.

But Lex is down on the floor with him, and the fire is roaring in the
fireplace, and even though Clark isn't close enough to touch without
reaching out, he still feels. Possibility.

All of it right there in the way Lex isn't trying to make him talk about
anything, isn't offering him anything now that he's refused a late
dinner and accepted the soda. Isn't doing anything but smiling, just a
little, into the fire. He looks... comfortable.

Back pressed up against the side of an armchair, one hand curled
loosely around a bottle of water.

Eyes meeting Clark's own, every once in a while, amping the silence
to something... Something almost maddening, when taken with the
tiny smile, the *knowing* smile, the long pale fingers and touchable
curve of skull where Clark wants his mouth to be.

One of the places where Clark wants his mouth to be.

And it's not like he doesn't understand all the reasons why Lex might
want him to make the first move, but...

Takes another swallow of his birch beer and wonders what would
happen if he gave up on having dignity and just stared at Lex longingly
for a while.

It hadn't worked with Lana, but maybe --

"Hey, Clark..." Low, lazy smile in his voice that just goes all through
Clark and he has to turn around.


But Lex is still staring at the fire. "Truth or dare."

Shocks a laugh out of him. "Are you kidding?"

Lex grins at him. "Not in the least."

"Sometimes I actually forget you're only twenty-one..."

"You think Truth or Dare is a kids' game?"

"Well... yeah."

"Sometimes I forget you're only fifteen..." Lex gives him one of
those slow smiles that could mean just about anything. "Play with

Already knows he won't say no, but Lex's eyes... there are a lot of
things he could want the truth about. Which would be the number one
reason why he shouldn't be here, but. God. Wants to be. "Okay.

Lex doesn't even shift an eyebrow. "So soon? You've got too many
secrets, Clark..."

Clark settles his face as best he can. Smiles. "Maybe."

"Hmm. Okay. I dare you to..." Trails off, I'm-thinking face on.


"We should probably make up some rules." Smiles at Clark again.
"Before we go any farther."

"Oh... yeah. Like what?"

"Like what happens if you -- or I -- wusses out on a dare. Or a truth,
for that matter."

"Well, the other person wins, automatically. Right?"

"Who *have* you been playing this game with, Clark? I bet the
winner doesn't even *get* anything."

"Obviously not the same people *you* have. The winner gets full
mocking rights."

"That's it?"

Clark shifted, a little uncomfortably. A little... heatedly. Not hard to
think about prizes. About prizes he wanted Lex to want. "Well...
what do *you* think the winner should get?"

"Normally, wussing out requires the wuss in question to take a drink,
thus extending the game long past the point of sense, but... hmm.
You really don't have to go home tonight, do you?"

And Clark wants to say something witty at this point, something to
prove that he knows and Lex knows he knows, but his heart is
thudding in his chest because Lex wants him to stay all night. All
*night*. "I... no. I don't."

Lex nods. "What do you say, Clark? Feel like playing by Metropolis

"All right. Any other rules we should clear up?"

"I think... no." Another grin. "I dare you to chug the birch beer."

Clark blinks, lifts his glass.

"No, the entire bottle."


"Do I need to get the vodka already?"

"What? No, you weirdo, Jesus... I hope the bathroom is right next to
where *you're* sleeping, Lex."

Lex just snickers and points helpfully at the sidetable, where the
two-liter bottle is waiting for him. Clark is suddenly remembering that
part of the point of Truth or Dare -- at least as he'd always played it
with Chloe -- was to make someone *suffer* for refusing to take


It occurs to him that it might be easier to just take the drink, but
then... he hadn't specified how big the drinks would be, had he?
Oh, man.

Clark takes a deep breath, opens the bottle, and goes for it.

The first four swallows aren't so bad, but it's starting to *tickle*.
Sneezing would be *such* a bad idea right now, so he's not going
to do it, he's not going to do it, he's just going to pour this whole
bottle right down his throat and...

Oh, man. He's also not going to puke.

Clark squeezes his eyes shut and tries to think of ways to drink
faster. If he sort of... opened his throat a little...

And okay, *that* makes it come faster, all right. *Right* down his
throat and he swallows and swallows and he needs to breathe pretty
soon and... done.

Gasps and wipes his mouth and slams the bottle back down,
crumpling it a little, turns to find Lex... watching him.

Or watching his throat.

Oh. Oh, that's --

Thought immediately cut off by the loudest, longest belch he's ever
produced. It *echoes*. Clark blushes hard and looks away, but Lex
just throws his head back and laughs.

And keeps laughing.

And snickering and Clark can't help but join in. "Hey, *you* made
the dare, jerk."

Clark moves back over to the fire and tries not to pay attention to the
way he seems to be... sloshing. Settles down across from Lex and
waits for him to stop laughing.

"You ready?"

"Always." Blatant sexiness somewhat cracked by the way Lex starts
snickering again, and man, Clark really has to make him *pay*.

"Truth or dare, Lex?"

Easy smile. "Truth."


Lex smirks at him.

"Fine, I'll just have to find a way to make you *want* to take a dare.
Hmm..." And really, there are a lot of things he can ask Lex, that he
*wants* to ask Lex, though maybe not a Lex who has just heard him
make *that* noise. Still, though. Hard, awkward question. "Are you...
attracted to me?"

Not even a pause. "Yes. Truth or Dare?"

"I... dare."

"I dare you to go out there on the balcony and scream -- at the top
of your lungs -- that Whitney Fordman wears his mother's

"Are you *insane*?"

Lex glitters at him, all teeth and eyes and I'm-going-to-fuck-with-

"I... it's *cold* out there."

"Vodka's right over there..."

"How many times have you played this game, Lex?"

"Ah-ah-ah... not your turn."

Clark shakes his head and goes outside.

Takes a deep breath.

Belches again.

"Oh, shut *up*, Lex!" And, really, anything to drown out the
Turns around to come back in, but --

"That wasn't what I told you to yell."


"I said 'underwear.'"

"Do you know how well sound *carries* out here?"

Deeply satisfied smirk. "Yes."

"Oh, man, I *hate* you!"

"Wanna drink?"

Clark stomps back outside. "WHITNEY FORDMAN WEARS HIS
Or. Dare, Lex."


"Okay. Okay. I..." And Lex is still sitting there, knee folded up, the
other leg out straight. Not really spread, but... and Clark really needs
to stop staring. "Do you want to have sex with me tonight?"

Lex actually pauses. Takes a swig of water and there's victory in that,
but not the kind Clark *wants*. But game, right. And he's trying to
think of something witty to say about forcing Lex to drink when,

"Yes, I do. Truth or dare."

"*Jesus*, Lex! Dare!"

Lex gives him the fakest innocent look he's ever seen. "I dare you
to --"

"Wait, let me get the vodka."

"You know, there's something very wrong with the fact that you
chose 'dare' and won't even let me get one *out* before going for
the drinks..."

"I don't know if I'll *survive* another one of your dares, Lex!"

"Well, it's not too late to change to 'truth'..."

"Did you know that you look like a shark when you smile like that?"


Clark sits back down, bottle firmly in hand. "Dare me."

"I... dare you to choose truth in the next round."

Another one of those moments where the smart thing to do would
be to laugh it off, say something about that being a lame dare, but...
Lex is being serious. The kind of serious where there's really no way
to say no, take the drink, and move on without *also* saying

And even if he's been saying that all along, there's no plausible
deniability this time around. At all.

And Lex is waiting.

"Okay. I will." And his stomach is thanking him for not adding any
more fluid, but also hating him really fiercely because. Because. Jesus.
"Truth or dare." Can't quite look at Lex.


Has to close his eyes, squeeze them shut and breathe. "I dare you to
let me keep my secrets. For now."

Hears Lex hiss out a breath and the look on his face is... some insane
mix of amusement, pride, lust, and rage. It's... a very Luthor look.
"Done. Truth or dare, Clark."

"I... truth."

"What..." Low, humorless laugh and Lex scrubs a hand over his head.
"I can't believe we've managed this without actually *opening* the

Clark tries a smile, and very deliberately twists off the cap. Offers the
bottle to Lex, who immediately takes a long drink.

"Mm. Okay, Clark. What do you want from me?"

"Um... wow. You mean... in general?"

Another laugh. "My mistake in not being specific about the question's
parameters. You get to decide how to answer."

"Then I... I don't know yet --"

"Okay, then I guess it's my turn --"

"*Wait*. I wasn't finished answering."

Lex frowns at the bottle, surprisingly deep lines marring the smooth
arc of his forehead. Almost like he doesn't *want* to know the
answer. But...

"I want... I want to have sex with you." Swallows hard and doesn't
know if it's easier or not that Lex isn't looking at him. "And I want to
be your friend..."

And *that* makes Lex look up. Stare at him. Jesus, almost glare,
which... which maybe makes sense.

Memory of himself yelling at Lex and stalking off suddenly far too vivid.
Too many images of the way Lex looks when he lies. "Um. Truth or
dare, Lex."

"Truth." Dark, hollow sound to his voice.

"What... can I do to make this okay?"

Shocked laugh. "God, Clark. Just... come here."

Crawls over, moving the bottle aside and then staring at it for a
moment because... well, mainly because he can feel Lex staring at
him and, God. Heat.

"There's no point in answering a dare *and* taking a drink, Clark."

"I thought..." Looks at Lex and gets a little lost in everything unsaid
behind those eyes. "I thought we were going for truth."

"Were we? I've forgotten."

Close enough to feel Lex's breath on his face. Taste the alcohol burn
and something sweeter that must've been his dessert.

"Truth or dare, Clark?"


And Lex is kissing him, *really* kissing him in a way that's not hard
so much as wet and soft and endless and, God, hot.

Gets his hands on Lex's face, finally, finally, and it's exactly as
smooth as it looks, living marble with subtle curves that fit his palms
exactly the way he needs them to and Lex has a hand on his waist
that's making Clark *want*.

Pushes forward, straddling Lex's legs, and the angle is a little harder,
but every part of him that's pressed against Lex is thanking him for it.
Warm, so warm, and he never wants to stop kissing, being kissed like

Sucks on Lex's tongue and dives in for more, but Lex's other hand is in
his hair, tugging him back.

"Lex --" Oh. Lex needs to breathe. Right. Licks his lips sheepishly and
has to thrust at the way it makes Lex's eyes narrow. "Lex."


Hand on his back, under his shirts and holding him, petting him, Lex is
touching his *skin* and Clark is. Hard. Pushing. "Kiss me again."

Sleepy smile. "Sure." And Lex pulls him down and kisses him again,
and again. Shallow, brief things that make Clark's hands shake, make
him thrust against Lex's belly and moan into his mouth and oh, God.

"*Lex* --"

"Shh..." Licks at the corners of Clark's mouth and slowly makes the
kisses deeper and longer until Clark thinks he might be able to come
like this, fully clothed and helpless to Lex's tongue.

"Please, I need..."

"What do you need, hmm?" Gravel-voiced, husk-voiced and Lex is
nuzzling him, one hand in Clark's hair and the other stroking his back
and it's too... it's too *innocent*.

"I... more, Lex. Please touch me..."

"You should be more specific when you say things like that,

Impossible not to dip his head at the sound of that voice, kiss and
mouth at the place where it's coming from. Lex's throat so pale
and warm and alive under his mouth, steadfastly refusing to be as
powdery as his brain thinks it should be. "Why?" he asks, more to
get Lex to make more noise than anything else.

"You're practically begging to be teased."


"Mm. I could just touch you like this..." And Lex rubs small, terribly
light circles at the small of Clark's back, ticklish and a little awful in
the way it makes Clark want to *beg*. "... and I'd be fulfilling your

"Oh God..." Sucks hard at Lex's pulse.

"Fuck, Clark, that's..." Low, cheerful, *evil* laugh. "But I was saying;
I could tease you, or..."


And Lex doesn't say a word, just slips his hand under the waistband
of Clark's jeans, pulling them almost painfully tight against his cock,
and oh, God, his finger was right *there*.

Pushing at the cleft of his ass and sliding down and pressing *there*
and he can hear himself moan but can't do anything about it, doesn't
want to if it means he can keep that feeling, that not quite tickle, not
quite itch, entirely incredible and terrifying and he needs to be

Pulls back and pulls his sweaters off, scrabbles at his fly and looks up
to find Lex just *watching* him.

No teasing look on his face, no smirk, just this incredible look of pure
heated *interest* and Clark can't decide whether to grin or grab for
his cock. God, has to get his *pants* open and jeans are expensive
and he can't rip these and he can't even classify the noise he makes
when Lex takes his hand out of his hair and just undoes him

Like this is something he hasn't just done, but done a *lot*.

Face burning at the thought, other boys, maybe other *men* and
Clark's jealous and turned on but mostly he's just relieved to be
able to *breathe* again.

Relieved and something entirely... else to be this close to naked
under Lex's eyes. Ducks his head. "You... you didn't really ask,
but I really want you, Lex. Want to touch you and have you do...
God, whatever you want. Whatever you want is okay, Lex,
because I haven't been able to stop thinking about it.

"About this. Just... please don't tease me."

Pale hand with long, strong fingers splayed against his belly.
Something between a push and a caress. Clark can feel Lex's eyes
on him but has no idea what he's supposed to do. "What do you
think about, Clark?"

Gasps in a breath at that husky voice and pushes hard against
Lex's hand, arches, tries to get it to go lower. "I. Your mouth. And
your hands..." Places his own shaky hand over Lex's and pushes
it down. Somewhere between relieved and terrified when Lex
doesn't resist at all. "The way... the way you look at me oh Lex
I'm so *hard* --"

"Shh, it's okay, I've got you..."

And it's true. Lex has one hand wrapped firmly around his cock and
the other doing dark, wonderful things to his ass. Things that make
Clark push and rock and thrust and if he just watches Lex's hand,
watches it squeeze and stroke him so rough, so *sure*...

"Look at me, Clark."

Does, helpless not to obey, and Lex is looking into his eyes, seems
to be trying to look all the way into his brain, as if every secret is
right there to be read if he just looks *hard* enough.

Clark leans in for a kiss and neither of them close their eyes for
more than just blinks and it just makes it hotter, more real and
terrifying and the sounds he's making would be humiliating if Lex
did anything other than swallow them and work to make Clark
make *more*.

And Lex is biting him now, his lips, his chin, his jaw, his throat
and --

"*Harder*, Lex..."

Bite to his earlobe. "Because I won't leave marks, right, Clark?
Because I *couldn't* leave marks."

"Oh *God* --"

And Lex is pushing, tongue in his ear, finger in -- oh Jesus -- in his
*ass* and it feels so good and he's gonna be sick and he's gonna
come and he squeezes his eyes shut and tries to do nothing but

Tries to do anything but listen to Lex.

"... have to know I wouldn't use it to hurt you, Clark. Do you like
lying to me? Does it get you off?" Rough thrust *in* --


"No what, Clark? Do you want me to stop?"

Both hands still and for a second Clark can't hear anything but his
own harsh breaths, can't feel anything but *desperate*. Like being
locked in the dark and teased, God, *teased*. "*Please*, Lex..."

"You can't even look at me. But you want to be friends. And you
want me to touch you. That's a little fucked up, Clark." And Lex isn't
touching him anywhere anymore.

Clark shivers and laughs and can't bring himself to care about the
edge to it. Now would be... a really good time to get the hell *out*
of here, or at least off Lex's lap, but. God. He still feels good. *Feels*
good, even if he can't stop *pushing*. Clark takes a long, deep
breath. Forces himself to look at Lex, really *look* at him. "I thought
you were going to let me keep my secrets."

"You didn't say how long --"

"Oh, that's bullshit, Lex! You knew what I was talking about!"

Lex just tilts his head at him, crosses his arms over his chest in a
move that would look defensive on anyone else, but just looks smug
on him. "That's not how the rules work, Clark." Probably defensive

"Christ. You're really going to bring this down to a *game*?"

Lex's eyes shadow for a nearly imperceptible moment. "What else
should it be?"

Clark scrubs his hands through his hair and now, okay, he can get up.
Manages not to trip over his low-hanging jeans. Manages very, very
easily not to look at Lex when he does them up. Enough of his hard-on
is gone that it isn't actively painful, at least. But when it comes to
actually walking out the door...

"You don't have to leave, you know."

Clark wishes he could read something into that voice, but Lex is being
extremely obvious about showing as little as possible. "You don't have
to pretend you don't give a shit."

Slightest pause, and Clark turns enough to see Lex's hand on the
bottle of the vodka, idly stroking the short neck. "Is that what I'm

"I don't know if this little trend has made it to Metropolis, but most
people tend to show a little emotion when they're pissing on a. A

Sharp laugh. "A friendship with secrets? That's what *I* call a
business arrangement between enemies."

Clark clenches his fists. "God, Lex, you have to know it doesn't have
to be this way."

"Neither of us has to do anything." And that... God, how screwed up
is it to find a little hope in the fact that Lex at least sounds sad?

And how far out of the realm of possibility would it be for Lex to
fake emotion to get what he wanted? After all, Clark *had* brought
it up. Left it out there like a thread on a sweater, just waiting for
someone to yank the whole thing apart.

Has to see.

Lex is staring at the fire, hands resting on his thighs. Sitting ruler
straight and barely even blinking.


"I won't beg, Clark."

"I don't want you to. Not for --" Bites his lips to stop the words
because now is really, really *not* the time.

It makes Lex laugh, though. A real one, if brief. "I think you could
make me beg for that without trying very hard..." Lex picks up the
bottle and eyes it critically. "Stay here. Drink with me. Fuck me."
Looks up at Clark as he says that last, and his eyes are bleak. Angry
and a little cold and sadness under everything else.

"I don't want to get drunk, Lex."

"Then you can watch *me* drink."

"Can't you... give me time? It's not like anyone *else* knows..."
Trails off a little helplessly.

"But you don't want the same things from me as you do from...
everyone else."

"Stop pretending this is about me, Lex. Just... please."

Tiny smile. "Well... it's about both of us, don't you think?

"Why does it have to be a *transaction*?"

"Everything is, when you get right down to it --"

"I want to be with *you*, Lex. Not your father."

And Lex just turns around and *stares* at him. Too many emotions
on his face to get a fix on any one before it just goes... blank. Smile
that doesn't reach his eyes. "It's not very nice to bring up someone's
parents when you're trying to get laid, Clark."

"*Don't*, Lex! Jesus, don't shut down like that. I don't want to be
with some... pathetic excuse for a robot, either!"

"You want a lot for someone who isn't willing to give anything."

"You can't just sit there and tell me I'm not giving anything here,
Lex. What am I supposed to *think* here? You're telling me that
nothing -- *nothing* -- is more important than my secrets. Could
you just *think* about that for a minute?"


"*Please*, Lex."

And Lex is up in his face, just like that. "*Fuck* you. Don't... don't
*beg* me for this! Just... just tell me why you don't trust me."

"I don't know! God, maybe it has something to do with what you're
willing to do get my secrets out of me."

Lex doesn't move, but still gives the impression of... drawing back.
"And what's that supposed to mean?"

"Did you even want to... want to have sex with me, Lex? You... you
promised to let it go and then you... you *teased* me until I was
ready to go crazy and then you pushed me away -- no, don't start.
You *did*."

"I've never lied to you, Clark. I've made no secret of what I want
from you. *Everything* I want. Truth, remember?"

"Yeah, well, what's next, Lex? Hire someone to spy on me? Blackmail
me like Phelan?"

Lex ducks his head, smiles something twisted and dark. "And who
says... that I haven't?"

"... Lex? You..." And Clark wants to say 'you wouldn't,' but first
wouldn't he have to believe that? Lex... is being very honest.

In exactly the wrong way to make Clark respond in kind.

"Oh God, Lex, why would you do that to me?"

"Because I..." Lex looks him dead in the eye. "Because you lied to
me, and lied to me, and lied to me *again*. Because I could. I can.
Do whatever. I want."

Clark finds himself nodding slowly. He can't stop and he can't seem
to make his body do anything else. Stiff, almost aching and he
realizes that every muscle is tensed, every part of him ready to be
hit, but, well.

He already has been, hasn't he?

"Lex, I could have... I would have." And Clark swallows everything
back, turns around, and walks out.

Out of the study and down the hall and down the stairs and out the
front door and he's still walking by the time he gets to the fields.
Still moving like a human because... because there's no room for
error anymore, is there?

By the time the weeds are tall enough to hide him, though, he's
running full out.

Home is just a place where the hum, the whine of *unfinished*
behind his eyes can be drowned out with work.

Cleaning the barn, clearing the rafters of spiderwebs and detritus.
Walking the beams fast and incautious and still not falling and he
thinks... he thinks he might welcome the slam to the ground, if only
to have something utterly uncomplicated to *feel*. The flare of
sensation that would be gone too fast for him to identify it as pain,
the rush of air from his lungs...

He's fallen before.

He doesn't feel nearly pathetic enough to jump.

Recalibrating the telescope eats another half an hour, confirming
that he doesn't actually want to watch Lana continue to comfort
Whitney much, much less. Part of him desperately wanting to tell
the guy to suck it up, but it's not like he does all that well when
one of *his* parents is in trouble. Much less possibly dying.


It would be easier, so much easier to go back to that moment when,
after watching Lex just light up for Victoria at  the gala, after
watching Lana look at Whitney's retreating back with confusion, then
sadness, then that frustrated anger... all of it so wonderfully *mild*
with her.

Peace like something at the very heart of Lana, and he'd thought...
he'd thought he maybe deserved that.

Only not at the cost of everything he was supposed to believe in.
Everything he *did* believe in. Most of the time.

And Lex... well, hadn't he pushed Clark in his own way? Showing
off his entire... *fucked* up life with amusement (honesty) and
then pointing out that the reason he liked Clark was that he was
the opposite.

Pushing Lana away... Something he'd maybe even done *for* Lex.
Because it was one thing to live up to your parents' expectations,
and to those of your friends' who've known you all your life, but

He'd *wanted* to be that genuinely good person that proved
everything about Luthor life wrong, even though Lex had put so
much time and effort into trying to make Clark prove it right.

It was like winning. In a stupid and painful way, but winning just
the same, and this time, maybe, with a prize at the end of it.

Not every relationship was about love, but... some of them were.

Just not the ones Clark wants.


If what Lex wanted from him was what made him different from
(Victoria) everyone else in his life, then.


No secrets.

But why does it have to be so terrifying?

And Clark feels... unfinished. Raw. Too needy for words. Mindless
with it not long after he lets himself just lean back against the
wall and *feel* it. Remember those kisses that offered so much
and the tantalizingly *hard* feel of the body he hasn't gotten to

Hasn't let himself see. Yet.

Because there'd always been the possibility that all he'd have to
do is ask.

And the Lex who laughs at him for belching and makes him yell
crude things to the night sky is the same Lex who apparently has
someone -- someones? -- spying on him.

Using his powers on Lex had always seemed like something to be
done after he'd lost. Maybe it had all been wrapped up in that.
Secrets that could never actually be revealed and the need to be
normal, just normal, for the one person who seemed to want
nothing *but* that from him.

Except when he didn't.

Too many contradictions. But it should be a sign of health, right?
To want two people that were so completely different?

No one would ever call Lex mild. No one with eyes. Senses.

A girl to drown in and a man to... what?

And he could call. He's had Lex's cell phone number for long enough
to know that he never really did move too far away from it, even if
calling his actual *house* phone was just as likely to end up with
Clark listening to it ring and ring than anything else...

And is he really thinking about this?

Because if he is...

Then he might as well just go back.

Face whatever this is and. And.

Easiest to jump out the loft window, take a moment to get his feet
and then run. No thought there, and squeezing through the bars,
punching in the updated security codes, making his way up the
stairs... All of these things have been done enough time to be


Like the flickering light from the fire.

Like the back curve of Lex's scalp over the armchair, and the stillness
that settles over him when he senses Clark's presence, always half a
beat before Clark thinks he should.

The bottle is at his side, but still mostly full.

He doesn't know if that makes this easier or harder.

Moves up to just behind the chair, wipes his palms on his jeans.

Slides them over the fine fabric until he's cupping Lex's shoulders.
Hard arches of them just another shape he wants to learn by heart.

"Truth or dare, Clark." Quiet-voiced, but there in a way Clark can't
quite define. And... it wasn't as if he didn't know this was coming.

"Truth." Squeezes, just a little.

"Why did you come back?"

Not quite the question he was expecting, but Clark thinks maybe
he was expecting *that*, so... "Because I had to."

"Nobody has to do anything."

"Truth or dare, Lex."


"Do you really believe that?"

Shoulders tensed beneath his hands, and it's the only thing Clark can
do to squeeze again, as gently as he knows how. He's always been
strong enough to work the knots out of his father's back.

His mother's too, for that matter.

But this has nothing to do with that, and everything to do with the
heat beneath his palms as he slides his hands down Lex's chest.
Presses. "Do you, Lex?"

"I... no. I don't."

More than a little frightening how just that one statement makes
something warm and addictive unroll inside him, but why should it
be different than anything else? Bends over the chair and nuzzles
Lex's scalp, kisses it when Lex sighs. Again for the feel.


"It's your turn."

"God." And Lex tries to tilt his head back, but the chair back is
too high.

Clark comes around, crouches in front of him.

Kneels and rests his hands on Lex's thighs and can't look up. "Your

Hand in his hair, gently heavy. Warm as everything else. "Truth or
dare, Clark."


"Are you... are the things you can do a result of the meteor shower?"

"No. Sort of. I don't think so?" Presses a kiss to Lex's knee through
the fabric of his trousers. "Truth or dare."


Looks up, and Lex is just so... open for this. Like this is exactly what
he's been waiting for. Like it couldn't *be* any other way. Shivers a
little and closes his eyes again, and Lex strokes his face. "Is there
anything you wouldn't tell me?" Thumb on his mouth, dragging a little
at his lower lip and Clark kisses it. Licks it and opens his mouth and
sucks it in and --

"God, no."

Squeezes Lex's thighs a little helplessly, strokes and pets and keeps
sucking until Lex takes his thumb back.

"Truth or dare."


"Are you afraid of me, Clark?"


Something between a gasp and a sigh. "I don't want to be.

Has to smile a little. "Yeah, you do. But I know... you don't want
to scare me."

Lex snorts. "Not *away*, at least."

Clark slips his hands a little further up Lex's thighs, to the bulge
Lex's tailoring can't hide. Doesn't want this to be sex. Not yet.
"Truth or dare."


"Are you afraid of *me*?"


Clark has to squeeze his eyes shut but Lex is right there. Holding
him still.

"But not for the reasons you think I should be."

"Oh. I... oh." And it's only getting scarier, but it's so much better...

"Truth or dare, Clark."


"Are you human?"


Sharp intake of breath and Lex squeezes his face a little hard,
something that might be painful for a real person, but Clark *feels*
real. Real enough.

And Lex under his hands is nothing Clark can imagine giving up.
"Truth or dare, Lex."


"Does it matter?"

Lex's laugh is a little strangled, but brief. Gaze locked on Clark's
own. "Not enough to stop me."

"God, Lex..."

"Yes. Yeah. Truth or dare."

Itch under his skin and he's not sure how much more of this he can
*take*. "You *know* what I'll say, Lex, I -- God. Truth."

"Are you going to stay with me tonight?"

And Clark can't hold in a noise he doesn't *want* to call a whimper.
Hands in his hair again. God. God. "*Yes*. Truth or dare, Lex?"


"In your best fantasies about me... what am I doing?"

"Oh, *fuck* --" Hands tighten in his hair. "We're here. Just like. Just
like this --"

"Do I use my mouth?"

And Lex is the one closing his eyes, slipping one hand out of Clark's
hair to squeeze his cock viciously through his pants and that's it,
game over, it's too *much*. Clark shakes Lex's hand out of his hair and
leans in, knocks the other away from Lex's crotch and doesn't bother
looking for any more truth than what he can find by tearing open Lex's
pants and.

"Your *boxers* are lavender, *too*?"

"I'll put on tighty fucking *whiteys* if you promise to hurry."

Clark snickers and gets this *rush*. This pure wash of feeling that he
could maybe go completely off the rails right here on Lex's thick carpet
and end up dying a hopelessly cracked virgin. God, *lavender*, but
Lex's hips just *roll* as he watches and.


Lavender, yeah, but light enough to show where Lex is leaking. Hot
and hard and wet for him and Clark takes a shuddery breath and
leans in.

Presses his face hard against Lex's cock and just breathes for long
moments, wanting every trace of Lex's scent, so much harder to catch
than his own. Male in a way he wasn't aware he understood.


Dreamy-voiced Lex, low and gravel-voiced Lex so obviously just loving
what Clark's doing, even though he hasn't done anything yet. Tries to
imagine Lex nuzzling his own cock through his boxers and thinks he
gets it, though.

Moans and opens his mouth and sucks at the head through the silk but
he can't tease. Maybe -- definitely -- some other time, but not now.
Pulls them down gently and wraps his fist around the root of Lex's

So *dark* compared to the rest of him, the living part of the statue,
the neediest part or maybe just the most obvious and it doesn't matter.

Clark glances up to find Lex watching him hungrily, knuckles whiter
than white where he's grasping the arms of the chair. Wanting.
Keeps watching while he licks a stripe from the top of his fist to the
head, and had he thought he'd wind up doing anything else when he
knelt here?

Didn't matter. Lex's *dick* is in his hand and Clark can taste his
pre-come, his sweat and whatever it is that makes Lex himself. So
much stronger here than his face.

Pure and rawly human in a way that makes Clark ache.

Watches the muscles in Lex's jaw clench as he sucks the head
between his lips and kisses it, wants to make love to it, just that one
part of Lex's body, the rest when he's done.

And Lex watches and watches and oh. Starts to shake when Clark uses
his tongue *there*. A scar he doesn't have, will hopefully never have,
even if it does make Lex shudder when Clark licks it, pulls off to try
and fail to suck at it.

Makes Lex throw his head back and breathe like something dying
when he presses his tongue up flat against it and just... scrapes.


Clark's mouth is wet, aching for it like every fantasy he thinks
would've killed him if he'd had them before this moment, before
being able to *touch*. "Lex --"

Forgets what he wanted to say when Lex just cries out and Clark
*has* to. Opens wide and barely remembers to cover his teeth
and goes down until he can kiss his own fist, until he can feel Lex
bumping at his palate and oh, all over his tongue.

Pre-come leaking, burning him, flares of taste impossible to wrap
his head around, wrap his lips around oh God, oh God, sucks and
licks a little wildly, a little helplessly, fucks his mouth as best he
can and Lex...

Long, gasping silences broken by chopped-off wails, every sound
fought and fought until finally Lex is just wailing, thrusting up and
up off the chair like something wild, something electrified and
utterly --

"*Clark* -- I'm going to -- I can't --"

Clark moans around Lex's cock and swallows the first jet of come
before he knows he's doing it. Shock of it makes him lose the rest,
choking a little and pulling back to catch the rest on his chin and

"Oh God, Clark, God..."

Wipes his face with his fingers. Rubs it over his lips because some
part of him *needs* to and then Lex is sliding off the chair,
straddling Clark's lap and ripping his pants even more and kissing
him *hard*.

God, almost an *angry* kiss and there's nothing to do but surrender
to it, fall back to the floor when Lex pushes, suddenly really happy to
be flexible because there's really nothing he can do with his legs with
the chair in the way, but...

That really doesn't matter anymore, does it?

Clark grins into the kiss and rolls them over, kicking the chair back
gently and figuring he's done well enough when he doesn't hear
anything crash. Lex under him...

Flushed and sweating, eyes bright, almost birdlike with a hard
edge of hunger Clark thinks he might never be able to cure.

And Clark thinks he might be hard enough to actually die from it.
Can't keep from thrusting against Lex's hip, silk and wet and not
enough *skin*.

"What do you want, Clark? What should I do?"

"God, Lex... same answer. Anything, just --"

"Don't tease. Okay, c'mon, straddle my chest..."

"Oh Jesus. I don't want to hurt you --"

"Shh. It's okay, just. Fuck, Clark, I can't believe you..." Lex closes
his eyes tight and Clark can't keep himself from leaning in, kissing
the crinkled eyelids and licking them, licking all over Lex's face.

Nuzzles him and keeps rocking and winds up slicking Lex's face
with the come on his own and licks it away and then Lex's hands
are in his hair, holding him still while he takes Clark's mouth.

It's not slow or gentle but it still isn't enough. Too wet. Too...
something he isn't even sure of, but he just needs so much

Almost right when Lex catches Clark's lower lip between his teeth
and pulls. Makes Clark shoot another jet of pre-come and moan.
Collapse a little, just on to his elbows, and Lex is stroking his back
and Clark just wants to be *naked*.

Kneels up and strips off his shirts, getting caught in them when Lex
sits up and bites his nipple. Can't describe the noise he makes and
doesn't care. Just has to get his hands free, his body *bare* for

Hands on his skin so warm and right, soft, wet lips and hard teeth
and Lex is biting his chest all over. Bright flashes of intensity and
Clark fumbles between them for his fly. Manages to get it open, but
there's not enough room in this position to get his pants and shorts
off and it's just so hard to even *imagine* pulling away from what
Lex is doing.

Moans helplessly. "Lex... Lex I'm gonna come in my *pants* --"

Lex bites him even harder and Clark can feel that first throbbing
*pulse* somewhere low in his belly and cries out. Lets himself be
pushed and rolled onto his back and Lex is working his jeans and
boxers down.

Clark's cock is wet, leaking. Hard and dark and aching under Lex's
hungry, beautiful *look* and Clark can't help but arch up.

And Lex doesn't tease. Just bends his head and takes him in, pulling
the foreskin back a little farther and sucking *hard* and Clark digs
his fingers into the carpeting and tries not to thrust but it's so

Wet and slick around him and this is what he needs, what he wants,
and God, have they ever been so perfectly the same thing before?
Can't stop calling Lex's name, can't keep his eyes open when Lex

God. All the way *in*.

Inside Lex and those strong, hot hands on his hips urging him to
thrust, urging him to fuck, to *take* Lex's mouth and just the
realization that Lex *wants* that is enough to send him over the
edge, pumping and sweating and begging and needing, so badly,
exactly this.

Clark hears a thump and realizes that it's his head hitting the floor.
Time like taffy, and there are long moments where he tries to gauge
how much he should wince for the hurt, given the loudness of the
thump... the math he learned in school was never so complicated as
his life.

And then the lightness and terror because... he doesn't have to
wince at all.

Doesn't have to do anything but lay here and try to get his breath
back. Enjoy Lex's damply hot weight over his thighs.

Soft kisses there that tickle in a way that has nothing to do with
the physical, and eventually Lex crawls up beside him. Strokes his
face and looks down at him with a sort of wild, sort of lazy

"Come to bed with me."

Clark swallows and nods. Follows Lex up the stairs, through dimly
lit halls. Naked to the waist, Lex the same from the other direction.
It's a little ridiculous, but Clark can't stop watching the play of
muscle in Lex's ass and legs just the same. Laughter and lust two
things that Clark's never quite had twist themselves *together*
before, and he really wants to know what his expression's like,
considering the one on Lex's face. Amused and puzzled.


"I... it's just weird. That we're both naked to the waist. In. Um.
Different ways. And... I can't possibly explain why I find that both
funny and hot so maybe I'll just stop talking now."

Lex snorts, tugs his shirt over his head and tosses it at some
random corner of the huge bedroom. Lights low enough that it's
actually in shadow. "Is this better?"

"Well, I'm not laughing..."

Lex cocks his head at him. A calmer version of that I'm-studying-
you-and-there's-nothing-you-can-do-about-it look that Clark's...
really getting used to, actually. "Do you want to be?"

Shrugs. It's kind of a weird conversation to have, something they
could maybe be talking about with their clothes *on*. In the
Beanery, maybe, or somewhere on the grounds while Clark teases
Lex about refusing to wear a hat, even in winter. But Lex is naked,
arms crossed and leaning casually against a squared bedpost.

Starting to get hard again as Clark watches.

Smiling. "Come here."

And there's nothing to do but obey, but that word doesn't sound
entirely right in his head. There's power here, and command, but
it's... shakes his head and Lex is cupping his cheek. Light finger-
strokes against the bone and Clark turns into the touch.

Licks Lex's palm, a little startled that he hadn't thought to kiss it
first, but thought... he's not doing well with thought. He wants to
touch Lex all over.

He wants Lex's teeth.

Clark shapes his hands to Lex's hips and pulls him close, losing it a
little at the blunted feel of Lex's cock against his jeans. God, still
dressed. And he distinctly remembers not being able to imagine
walking through the house -- the *castle* -- completely naked, but
now it seems incredibly stupid.

Maddeningly stupid not to be naked when Lex is, and the bed is
right there...

Clark pulls away long enough to shuck his jeans and shorts and
crawls onto the bed, soft and dusty-cool comforter beneath him
that he automatically classifies as down. Lex follows, settles over

"You can take my weight easily, can't you?" Not entirely a question,
and that slightly wild look is back in Lex's eyes. "No trouble

"God, no. Lex, you're so..." Shakes his head again and holds Lex
hard against him. Can't keep his hands still along the sleek flesh of
his back, can't *make* himself do it, not with the way it makes
Lex's eyes almost close sometimes, narrow hard others.

Stroking and pressing and he wants Lex to push down hard, rest
his whole weight and press Clark down into the mattress. All that

Spreads his legs until he can rub the insides of his thighs against the
outsides of Lex's. So *smooth* and it's incredible to watch Lex's body
rise and fall with each breath Clark takes, to feel his cock lined up
perfectly with his own. Not thrusting against each other yet, but the
possibility is there.

So many possibilities. Cups Lex's ass and squeezes, pulls him in hard
against him, groaning at the feel even as Lex gasps.

"Clark --"

"Lex, you can do anything, I promise, it won't hurt..."

Choked laugh and God, yes, Lex's teeth at his throat. One sharp,
hard bite after another as Lex moves in the tight circle of Clark's
arms. Necklace of bites that won't bruise.

Moans and tilts his head back, brings one hand back up to Lex's
scalp and presses him in closer. Humid breath and slick tongue
and Clark's hard again. Wanting.


"You like that?"

"Yeah, yes don't stop --"

And Lex is biting his way down his chest, lingering on Clark's
nipples until the flares of intensity are just running in to each other
without pause, until Clark's arching up off the bed and has to take
his hands from Lex's body.

Control slipping so *easily* and Clark thinks he might never get
the *chance* to get enough of Lex's skin, if only because he
doesn't want to hurt him with it and Lex makes him so *lost*.

Tongue in his belly button and it tickles enough to make him laugh
through a groan and --

"Is that what you're talking about, Clark?"

"*Jesus* --"

And Lex tongues him there over and over again, fingertips running
light and teasing over his belly and it's hot and it's awful and every
once in a while Lex bites at his belly and it's wonderful. God. To
*have* this.

"Lex, God, that feels so good -- ah --" Hand on his balls, cupping
and measuring. Squeezing, just the way Clark does when everything
feels too good for him *not* to when he's alone. Spreads his legs
further and seeing Lex kneeling up between them is almost as good
as having all his warmth and weight pressed to his skin.

"I can't hurt you..." And he sounds almost dreamy, thumb pressing
his sac while one finger roams behind. Slickly sensitive patch of skin
Clark's learned a lot about since he started having *those* thoughts
about Lex. About what Lex might know.

And want. "Anything, Lex..." Hissing intake of breath and Lex
presses *hard* with that roaming finger, sliding it down until he
hits *that* spot and Clark has to groan aloud. Can't take his eyes
away from Lex's own and he watches them get wilder and wilder.
Makes him feel a little wild, too. "Truth or dare, Lex?"

"What...?" Choked laugh and Lex shakes his head like a dog. Licks
sweat from his upper lip. "Truth, Clark. Ask." Almost a command.

"Do you want to fuck me?"

"Yes." Narrow-eyed smile of the type Clark isn't sure he should
*like* so much. "And I want to do it very, very hard."

Clark feels himself flush, break out in fresh sweat. Wants to grab Lex
and *make* him do everything that smile promises. Wants to be
able to show the marks afterward, even if only to himself in the
mirror. "Oh God. Do it, Lex." Bites his lip and tries to spread his legs
even further apart. Nowhere near as flexible as he wants to be,
especially when Lex slips his free hand up the inside of Clark's
thigh, stroking and pushing. Just a little.

"You're... incredible, Clark. I'm going to make this so good for

And he thinks Lex was about to say something else, something
short and sharp to fill that little pause, thinks he might even be
able to guess it, but it doesn't matter with Lex touching him.

Less than doesn't matter with Lex's other hand slipping up and in,
one finger circling Clark's hole while the other pushes and pushes
at that *spot* and Clark bucks up helplessly, cries out when Lex's
finger slips in dry and mostly accidentally.

"Jesus, Clark, sorry --"

"Oh *God*, it *burns*, Lex push it in further --"

And Lex doesn't wait, just shoves his finger in to the second knuckle,
still working his other finger and Jesus, it's good, it's pure, raw
feeling and he can't believe he'd never even considered trying this
without lube, because Lex feels...

It's so *hot*, burning all through him in a way that he isn't sure will
make him come, but he doesn't want it to *stop*... "Lex,

"What do you need, Clark?" Voice low and rough again and Clark
loves that. Needs *that*, as much as he can get it, but there
aren't words for that. None he can say, anyway.

"Move... move it around. I..." Has to squeeze his eyes shut as Lex's
eyes get even *wilder*. On the edge. "Fuck me with it... or just
fuck me, God, I don't care I just --"

"Yeah, yeah, we can do that, just let me --"

And Clark cries out something that might be Lex's name when the
finger inside him starts to move, thrusting and turning and
skewering him and this is being *fucked*, this is Lex staring him
down and devouring every one of Clark's reactions with his eyes
and *opening* him.

Sharp crook and his prostate is being hit from both sides and Clark
bucks helplessly, tossing his head. Can't keep his eyes open
anymore because this *will* make him come and he wants Lex
inside him first.

"Easy, Clark, God, this is... you're... God. Gonna put in another
finger now..." And Lex sounds so *shaky*, but his hands are
perfect. Steady and hard and oh, God. Stretching him open and
Clark wonders why he isn't lighting the room, setting it on *fire*,
because it's never been *like* this before.

Intense and endless in a terrifying way that makes Clark want to
ask his parents to maybe *sell* him to Lex, because this is like.

Being human.

Clark digs his fingers into the sheets, shooting a jet of pre-come at
the sound of tearing cloth and the way it seems to make Lex

More ruthless and the thought that Lex was still holding back, that
there's *more* here he can have... "Lex, *please*, I need you in
me I need --"

"Clark..." More croaked than spoken and Lex is pulling out, lining
up against him, "This is... oh, Jesus, Clark, be ready --"

And Clark's eyes roll back in his head when he feels the *push*.
Like being invaded, taken over and taken and Lex's cock is bigger
than his fingers. He'd *known* that, but now he knows it with his
body and he can't wait to have it all *in* him.

Pulls his knees up and locks his feet behind Lex's back and
*pulls* --

"Ah fuck *Clark* --"

Has to yell because it's like having *iron* inside him. Hard and hot
and implacable and Lex is panting, cursing quietly. Stroking Clark's
chest and after a while words start to make sense again.

"... so tight you're so... God fuck *hot* --"

And a babbling Lex is something he hadn't even considered, but it
makes him feel powerful, huge with it, necessary in some rawly
physical way he hadn't even considered. His body is screaming at
him, and Clark just wants *more*. "Lex, you have to move --"

Short, sharp thrust and Lex's fingers are digging into Clark's thighs,
Lex's head is thrown back and he sounds almost *pained*. "Clark
God *Clark* --" Pulls out all the way and *slams* back in and it
makes both of them yell this time.

Clark is *burning*, spread wide and speared and God, he can feel
every inch. His body cataloguing and sharing and it's spreading all
through him. Makes his cock pulse over his belly and he's not
coming yet, but God, *soon*.

Lex balls-deep inside him and shuddering. Flushed all over, throat
stretched and gorgeous. Clark reaches up to touch it, stroke it, and
Lex moans. Flexes inside him.

"Lex this is so *good* --"

"Ah, God, Clark, you're perfect..." And he starts to find a rhythm,
thrusting long and slow and hard and the scrape of it inside him...

Clark doesn't know how he's going to live without *this*. Can't
imagine going back to his narrow, cold bed and being forced to
sleep empty inside.

"I'm not letting you get away..." Sharper thrust with a hip twist
that makes Clark scream, clutch at Lex with his thighs.

"Please please yes --"

"Ah, fuck... this is great, but I can't..." Trails off panting, buried
inside Clark, braced above him on his arms. "I... sorry, Clark, but
I need a little lube. This might not hurt you, but..." Smiling

And it takes a moment to sink in, but, "oh. Oh, Jesus, Lex, I'm
sorry, get the lube!"

Lex's snicker moves them both, and it's everything Clark can do to
keep himself from clenching, even a little bit. So *good*. Even the
feeling of Lex pulling out, so slowly...

Needs him back inside him. *Now*.

But Lex is scrabbling in the bedside table, tossing random things
aside until he comes up with a small bottle that looks far too
elegant to hold *lube*, but it's all part of the ludicrously rich
experience, he guesses.

Lex pours some on his fingers and rubs them around. Catches
Clark watching and smirks. "I'll use as little as possible, I swear. I
just want to be able to put on boxers tomorrow without wincing."

Clark blushes. "That obvious?"

"Mm. Only when you're this turned on." And Lex moves between
his thighs and takes their cocks in one hand --

"Oh *God* --"

Strokes them together, getting them both so slick and yeah, this is
good, this is Lex's hand and Lex's cock and even though he can feel
Lex's eyes on him, Clark doesn't dare open his own.

Too much.

Slide and pulse of their cocks together and God, the *feel*. Nothing
like it ever before and Clark doesn't want it to end, wants more of
*everything* and he might be speaking, but he can't tell.

Doesn't care.

Arches up into Lex's touch, gentle like he knows Clark doesn't want
to come yet, or just doesn't want Clark to come for his own reasons.
Hot, coiling *thing* in his belly that could be fear or lust or both and
there's something wrong with ruthless Lex being as sexy as
out-of-control Lex, but Clark can't *help* it.

"In me, Lex, God *in* me..."

"I can get deeper if you're on your hands and knees..."

Clark moans and *can't* move for a moment, the kiss of their cocks
too hot, too sweet, but...


Shifts away and turns over, resting his head on his arms and bracing
his knees as far apart as he can manage.

"Oh, Clark..."

And Lex spreads him, pauses for a heart-thudding moment where
Clark thinks frustration alone might push him over the edge and
then *slams* in.

Slicker, yes, more diffuse, but Clark doesn't have time to be wistful
because Lex is moving *fast*.

Fast and hard and the only thing Clark can do is match the rhythm
as best he can. They're rocking the bed and Lex is oh God *fucking*
him. Ruthless *and* out of control and Clark gets it. Not something
they could have done the other way, not without Lex being in
large amounts of pain, but this way...

"Don't... don't hold back --"

Vicious squeeze of his hips. "God, *Clark* --" And Lex is *pounding*
into him, rhythm going ragged almost immediately and every
breath is caught on a note low in Lex's chest. Every slap of Lex's
balls against his ass blushingly hot. The best kind of humiliation
and the worst kind of joke and Clark is biting the pillow, clawing at
the sheets and Lex is so good, Lex knows what he needs, thinks he's
perfect perfect --

Groans out something that might be Lex's name and comes *hard*.
Shuddering and jerking and he's worried about throwing Lex off, but
Lex just rides him through it. Gripping Clark's hips and *taking* him
and it might be even better now that he's come.

Now that he can feel it with every nerve ending sensitized,

Clark pushes back on every thrust, still gasping out helpless little
moans until Lex slams in one last time and shoots.

Oh God oh God comes *inside* him and Clark thinks he might get
hard again much, much too soon because that's... oh that's

And so is Lex collapsed on top of him, breathing roughly between
wet, biting kisses to Clark's neck and shoulders.

It takes a while to get them both settled on their backs, but Clark
can't bring himself to care. Lex's skin something to be experienced,
treasured and held and hoarded.

Throws an arm over Lex's waist and burrows under his armpit
without thought.

"Well, of *course* you're a cuddler."

Clark winces a little at that, but... "I'm only moving if you can fight
me off, jerk."

Rich, low, satisfied chuckle and Lex's hand in Clark's sweat-damp
hair. "I wouldn't dream of it."

And it's not long before Clark is dozing, sated and comfortable.

Dreams something too muted to understand, everything under a
layer of something he has no name for. He doesn't mind the

Wakes sometime later to an empty bed and the sound of a running
shower... yeah, he's feeling a little disgusting, too. Shakes off the
sleep haze and makes his way to the bathroom, pleased to find the
door open. Lex only had a few candles lit instead of the full blast of
whatever kind of light castle bathrooms abuse people with. Snickers
sleepily to himself and just watches Lex shower for a minute.

Slow, dozy motions with the soap and that long, lean body turning
into the water...

Lex jerks the door open abruptly. "Are you joining me or not?"

Clark grins. "I was thinking of taking up voyeurism as a hobby."

Lex snorts. "Sadly, I stopped giving three a.m. shows a few years
ago. Catch the matinee."

Clark rolls his eyes and steps in to the shower, gratified to find Lex
likes the water nearly as hot as he does. Throws his head back in
the stream and mm's a little before shaking out his hair and
grinning down at Lex.

Who's leaning against the back wall of the shower with an eyebrow


"Just a little voyeurism, Clark. Go on, keep going..."

"Jeez, Lex, I'm just taking a shower!"

"In a way that's making me consider installing cameras in here,

Clark smirks and hauls Lex into his arms, wrapping him up tight
against him until he stops struggling. "Say uncle."

Lex bites his shoulder hard and hangs on, instead.

"What are you, a terrier?" And Clark can't even come close to making
out what Lex says against his skin. Doesn't matter -- he likes the
rumble of it. Loves all the wet skin and indulges himself, soaping
Lex's back with his bare hands.

Lex finally stops biting him. "You're going to have to turn me around
at some point, Clark."

"Uh huh, I know. Just don't blink, 'kay?"

"Wha --?"

And he has Lex's soap-slick back against his chest to rub against.
Way better than a washcloth, especially with Lex sputtering
something about unfair. Clark grins against Lex's scalp, licks away
the water there and strokes and soaps Lex's chest and belly until
he's quiet again.

Leaning back against him with a rueful smile on his face, fingers
lightly tracing Clark's thighs.

"I could learn to love this shower."

"Even when I get pruney and unattractive?"

"Oh, I'll kick *you* out eventually, Lex."

Lex snorts. "Asshole."

"Mm, yeah... about that..." Rocks a little against Lex's ass, not really
hard again yet, but it's a possibility worth considering.

Lex just laughs and turns to scrub Clark down, occasionally tilting
his head up to bite at Clark's jawline.

Eventually they make it back to bed, after a brief, wonderful detour
to the shower floor that leaves them both yawning. Lex pulls Clark
over him like an extra blanket, and sleep is a weight Clark doesn't
spend too much effort fighting, but...

"Truth or dare, Clark..."

"Mmph. Truth."

"Why did you tell me?"

Tired enough that Clark actually has to think a moment, translate
Lex's question into something his brain can actually wrap itself
around. Another to figure out the best answer. "For this. I
wanted... this."

"But we'll wake up in the morning, and I'll still know." And Lex
has that closed voice again, something Clark's beginning to
associate with protection, even if he can't figure out how, or

"Yeah, you will. But I'll still have this." Grins against Lex's
chest. "Right?"

Lex's pause is enough to make the grin fade some, but, "Right."

Not too much.

After all, it's not like he's going to let Lex *win*.