I Was A Kryptonian's Sex Slave
by Te
March 2002

Disclaimers: If they were mine, I'd watch them from the safety of
my underground bunker.

Summary: Clark is making some decisions about Lex.

Ratings Note/Warnings: NC-17 for sex, violence, and general fucked-

Spoilers: None, really. Futurefic.

Author's Note: This bunny woke me up at five o'clock this morning,
demanding to be written. Dammit.

Acknowledgments: Many thanks to Livia and Sarah T., who
encouraged and gave many, many suggestions. Also? I still love my
We. *g*

Feedback: Yas'm.


The dust was choking him. Gritting up his eyes and leaving a slick of
mud on his tongue that *tasted* grey.

Lex took a moment to wonder if the old warehouse-cum-lab-cum-
rubble had been built while people still packed their buildings with

Took another moment to choke down another breath, oddly gratified
that life had afforded him enough opportunities to tell cracked ribs
from those merely bruised.

And then Superman was on him again.

"You may not have noticed, Superman, but --"

"Shut. Up."

And in an odd tromp l'oeil Superman was rushing away from him at
great speed. He had just enough time to appreciate his own ability
to focus on trivialities and tuck his head in before he hit the wall.

Hard enough for something bright and terrifyingly unlike pain to
explode in his back and then he was choking again.

Gasping and struggling upright before he could put any thought
into whether or not that would be a good idea and --

Big hand clutching his collar, lifting him up to his feet and beyond.
The silk tore away, but Superman had him by the throat before he
could fall.

It occurred to Lex that he could die here today.

Which, paradoxically, could be just the sort of thought to save him.
"I didn't know you went in for the vigilante routine --

Shaken like a rat in a terrier's mouth, and it would be ridiculous if
it wasn't so goddamned fucking *painful*.

"You're going to beat me to death --"

"People could have *died* today, Luthor!"

And that at least stopped the terrier routine. Superman was still
holding him well off the floor, though his hand hadn't tightened
any. Hopeful. Or not. Was the alien about to snap? Had he done
so already? "But you saved them," he said, and tried to sound

"You've gone too far." And there was something dark in Superman's
oh-so-familiar voice. Something that snapped Lex's head up out of
its loll, but focusing wasn't something he could quite manage.

"Don't --" Bit off his own words, because he would not, he would
*not* beg.

Superman cocked his head at him, eyes gleaming a poisonous green
that Lex had never seen before. "Don't what?" It was almost a purr.

Lex narrowed his eyes and turned away and found himself on the
floor, half-crumbled cement digging into his knees. Looked up as
quickly as he could manage and Superman was still glaring.


"Isn't this your cue to up, up, and get the fuck off my property,
alien?" And something in Superman's eyes... shifted. Big, hard
hand on the back of his head and this was almost like...

"No... no, it isn't." And Superman's other hand was under the arm
of the ridiculous blue suit and.

Peeling it down. Nothing beneath it. Lex swallowed, barely noticing
the pain. His throat was hamburger, but Superman... Jesus,
Superman was about to --

"Suck it." Staring down at him like God's own Avatar of Homosexual

Lex could feel hysterical laughter bubbling up from somewhere
behind his abused ribs, feel a dozen different responses gathering
at the back of his throat. Any and all of which would probably get
him very messily killed.

And... he wasn't done yet. Not by a long shot.

Something like surprise that Superman never hesitated, never
faltered, even though the moment was stretching well beyond
anything like spontaneity. But that wasn't important.

Lex closed his eyes.

Opened his mouth.

Superman didn't make him wait. Thrust in, one long stroke that
just *assumed* Lex was ready to swallow. He was.

Nose pressed to thick, wiry curls and Superman was just so fucking
*ready* for this. Now would be the best possible time to bite down
hard and do his own terrier routine... if it wouldn't be useless as
well as life-threatening. Lex was surprised to find he still wanted to

Less surprised than he wanted to be to find himself getting hard.

Not for this situation, not for this creature, never that, but...

Long, hard cock in his mouth. Clean sweat and raw male musk and
a hand cupping his scalp and it had been... a very long time.

He didn't want to laugh anymore.

Lex sucked hard, completely unsure whether he *really* wanted to
hear the stifled gasp above him or not. The power games were very
much present, and almost too clichéd to be borne.


How long had the alien wanted this?

How long had he been waiting for an excuse?

Lex felt his lip curl in something like a smile and let his tongue get
into the action, half-absently cataloguing the brief increase of
pressure to his skull, the abortive jerk that could become a thrust if
Lex were to just reach up --

"No hands."

More than enough to make Lex want to bite, and screw the
consequences, but. Shaky-voiced.

Man of Steel, his ass.

Lex ignored the pain in his throat and kept swallowing, as
convulsively as he could. Opened his eyes to find Superman still
watching him, but much differently now.

Rage hidden behind a need that made Lex's cock twitch, made his
*mind* twitch, and had he really thought there weren't any more
boundaries that could be crossed today? Humiliation and horror at
the sound of his own helpless moan, but Superman was coming,
pulsing down his throat.

Bitten off moans. Literally bitten off and there was blood on
Superman's chin and Lex swallowed and swallowed and gripped
himself through his trousers.

The expected reprimand didn't come, though.

Superman was gone.

Lex half-collapsed, bracing himself on one hand and tearing open
his pants. No time to think, no power and no will and he brought
himself off in five vicious strokes. And panted into the dust,
desperately looking for a way to get the images out of his mind.





"I don't *care*, Dominic. Get it done."

"But --"

"My father liked you. I, on the other hand, do not. Up until now,
you've served a purpose for this company. Do I really need to

"Listen, you jumped-up freak, I don't give a *fuck* if you fire me.
Superman's here, right outside this fucking *door*, tearing the
entire place apart. Now tell me where the goddamned emergency
exit is before the crazy motherfucker *kills* me!"

At least, that's what Lex *thought* the idiotic little functionary
said. Everything was pretty hazy after that one *particular* name.




"... listening to me, asshole?! He's pounding his way through the
fucking door!"

Lex snapped back to himself with a grimace. "That's not my
problem." Hung up the phone. Massaged his temples.


The first time after... after the lab debacle, Lex hadn't so much
made a point of being on the scene of the latest project Superman
objected to as made a point of looking the alien in the eye once
he'd arrived.

Watching as his employees were manhandled, Mercy at his side.

When he'd nodded, Mercy had shot out the beam just above
Superman's head, already emptying her clip of the Kryptonite-laced
bullets she'd made herself -- infinitely clever girl -- but Superman
was fast.

The gun was scrap metal and Mercy unconscious before Lex could
blink, and Superman... was right there.

One big hand on his shoulder, pushing him down to his knees. At
least he'd skipped the beating this time around. "There's a word
for this sort of thing, you know," he'd said, trying to stare the alien

"Do it."

And Lex had, mind offering the thousand and one curses his mouth
was too full to say. Both of them were more controlled that time.

And less.

No pain but the array of conveniently unconscious witnesses.

Too many memories of things that had never, could never have

Lex remembered wiping his mouth ostentatiously. "Fuck. You."

And the look on Superman's face was too raw to take. Lex had
been grateful for the bastard's typically fast exit.

And now... well, Superman was on his way here. Lex didn't need
his spies around the city -- the phones were lighting up already --
to tell him that.

Because at this point? There was precedent.

Lex didn't know how to classify his own laugh, but he suspected it
was just a little too close to hysterical.

There were bunkers he could get to before Superman arrived.
Probably. The one here, in the LexCorp tower, was still undergoing

Cameras were carefully sought out and equally carefully destroyed.
Bodyguards were scattered like tenpins. Mercy was getting

And Superman... well, the question of his sanity had been answered
well enough, hadn't it?

He wasn't even *trying* to collect the evidence anymore, even
when Lex had left any behind.

Clark Kent was on a leave of absence from The Planet.

Superman was on a mission.

And in his office.

Lex didn't look up from the desk. Scanned quickly for something
that looked like paperwork and began making random notes on the
first piece of paper he found.

Superman found every camera, of course. Lex wondered if it was
possible to line the *outside* of a building with lead. He'd put it
to his engineers.

And Superman was behind him, blotting out the sun. Offering his
own brand of heat. "I'm curious, alien. Do you do this with all
recidivists, or am I just special?"

Ghost of a caress to his scalp, too quick to be confirmed, too slow
to be completely denied. Lex gritted his teeth against a gasp.

He would not ask why. "Does Lois know --" Pain and light and it
took a moment to realize that his forehead had just been forcibly
introduced to his blotter. "Fuck. *You*."

"Don't say her name."

Acid in his mouth, but that was fine. That was better than...
whatever it had replaced, and Lex slid his hand under the desk
slowly. He really didn't know why he hadn't had this done before...

But he'd barely even touched the new ring when Superman
yanked the chair back and spun it around.

"And don't do that, either."

Lex made a show of sitting back casually, crossing his legs and
looking Earth's Greatest Psycho up and down as slowly as

He was panting. Sweating a little. Rock hard.

Exertion was a little too difficult to believe. Desire the same,
erection aside. "It's hurting you, isn't it? Even that little... it's all
about proximity, isn't it, alien? Maybe I should get myself a
Kryptonite tongue-piercing." It wasn't difficult to smile.

It *was* difficult to keep it, considering the easy way Superman
returned it. "You'd regret that more than I would... in the long

Something like a shiver just beneath his skin. This was the closest
they'd come to talking about this *thing* since it had begun.
Shocking need to continue it. "I don't know, I might end up
growing a nice prehensile tongue. All the better to do the
ass-kissing you're leading up to, C --" Lex winced and nearly
growled for wincing. Mistake. Mistakes.

But by the time Lex looked up again, Superman was gone.

And Lex was hard.


Nadya was lovely, and very close to perfection. Educated, gently
witty, just the barest bit shorter than himself. Thick, deep red hair
reminiscent of too many women who'd come before, in all the
best ways. Heavy breasts, rounded hips, and a complexion just
olivine enough to throw her pedigree into question.

His father would've done his level best to fuck her and remove
her from their lives. Possibly at the same time.

His father was never getting out of that home.

Lex smiled at Nadya and beckoned her closer. She almost always
moved as though music was playing that only she could hear, a
gentle enough pretension.

Lex kissed her slowly, encouraging her to rest all her weight on
him, enjoying the softness of her skin, the curve of her waist.
Women were never complicated when it came to sex. Not for

A glint at the corner of his vision, motion in the shadows. This
was routine enough -- Mercy was cleaning her gun. Some of the
women he'd had here had taken offense to that, but that was a
long time ago.

Word got around, and the women in Lex's circle were made of
sterner stuff now.

Lex chuckled to himself and hitched Nadya into a better position,
swallowing her soft gasp. He could feel her wetness cooling on
his thigh. Smell her need. It had been a long week, but a peaceful
one for the most part.

Clark hadn't returned to The Planet, but Superman hadn't hunted
down any of Lex's other projects for a while. Necessity was
indeed the mother of invention, at least when it came to issues
of security.

He never should've compartmentalized the matter -- Mercy was
doing a far better job as LexCorp head of security than her

Though he'd miss the chauffeur uniform quite a bit.

Nadya made a small, impatient noise that Lex had grown fond of
over the past week. He laid back and allowed her to straddle him
to her own content, humming a little at the sleek, hot slide of his
cock inside her.

Grinned a dare up at her and rolled his hips in a move he already
knew was much too gentle for her tastes.

Superman was never gentle.

Lex hissed, jerked before he could get himself under control. Nadya
squeaked and smiled down at him. Dammit. Now she'd expect him
to do the work. He'd really been looking forward to an old-fashioned

... in the Spyder, the second one. The first one was a burnt wreck,
and Clark had been right there, smiling at him in a silent urge for
faster, more.

Endless flirtation, trapped behind too many secrets, but at times
like those it didn't matter.

Because it *would* happen. One day.

Lex growled and flipped Nadya over, burying his face in her hair,
in her *scent*. Chasing the memories away. Because it hadn't,
and it *wouldn't*, and while he could admit to being fucked up
enough to enjoy Superman's little visits...

No. Just... no.

The rhythm caught him  quickly enough, Nadya's shameless
moans nothing like anything he didn't want to think about, Nadya's
body welcoming and without censure, and so of course, of *course*
that would be when the French doors crashed open.


Cold wind and the tinkle of broken glass and Mercy got off precisely
*one* shot before Lex heard the broken off curse that signaled yet
another bout of unconsciousness for the woman.

Time for another CAT scan.

Lex did his best to keep fucking Nadya, but the wide-eyed terror
thing didn't do much for her looks. Or for Lex's libido, for which he
supposed he should be grateful.

Lex rolled off and stood up, watching Nadya gather the sheets to
herself out of the corner of his eye.

There was something oddly powerful about being naked in front of
Superman, at last.

"Get out."

"Isn't that my line, Superman?"

"I wasn't talking to you."

Nadya scurried out quickly enough, Clark staring hard at the closed
door. Presumably using his X-Ray vision to make sure she kept
running. Lex took the opportunity to make his way to the wet bar,
trying to ignore the fact that his erection had stopped shrinking at
about half-mast. "To what do I owe the honor of *this* visit,
Superman?" He could feel the alien's eyes on his back. "You've done
an admirable job of gutting my business. I'd think we were done."

The expected accusation -- Cadmus? The inroads into S.T.A.R.? --
didn't come. Instead, Superman was abruptly *there*. All but
pressed to his back.

His nudity was an issue, now.

Lex forced himself to take a drink, absolutely incapable of
identifying *what* he was drinking. It could be pure grenadine, for
all he knew.


"Why --" And then his glass was gone and there were hands on his
wrists, iron-hard but not squeezing. Not yet. Lex choked out a
gasp. "Why are you *here*?"

No answer, but he could feel Superman breathing against him.

He could smell him. The same cheap shampoo, the same indefinable
something that Lex refused to call "sunshine." Damn him. God
fucking *damn* him.

And the mouth on the back of his neck is hot, wet, and undeniable
as the gooseflesh on his arms and legs.

Sliding gentle up to the knob at the apex of his spine, down to the
join of shoulder and throat and Lex was shivering, twisting in Cl --
Superman's grip. Hard again, just like that. Shaking in rage and
need. "*Don't* --"

And somehow, he freezes. Doesn't let go, but... freezes. Dead still,
mid-kiss to Lex's shoulder.

Had he really never said no?

They were both breathing hard, still so *close*. Superman's...
*Superman's* cock bundled tight against the base of Lex's spine
and it shouldn't have felt that good. It was just that the room was
cold with the French doors blown to shit.

It was just the alien's impossible sun-heat.

It wasn't fair that his *own* bullshit could still piss him off at
moments like this.

But then... there had never really been a moment like this, had
there? "You can't go back," he said, and barely managed not to
moan when *Clark* did. "Ah, God, fuck *you*..." It was barely
a whisper.

And Clark moved both of Lex's wrists to one hand and wrapped
his free arm around Lex's chest. Pulled him back against him and
it felt too good, too *good*.

"This isn't *us*."

"It should've been." Clark's voice was broken.

Lex took a deep breath, biting his lip at the way Clark just held
him tighter when he shuddered. "This isn't going to happen."

"You're afraid. So was --"

"Of *course* I'm afraid, you fucking *freak*. You're an alien and
you've been raping my mouth whenever you fucking *felt* like it
for weeks. You destroy my property and put my employees in the
hospital and I don't *need* you -- I. Fuck, let me *go*!"

Clark let go immediately and Lex spun away from him, stalking
halfway across the room before turning around again. Clark looked
like he was about to fucking *cry*. And he also looked...

Earth's Greatest Hero. Lex laughed a little edgily and scrubbed a
hand over his scalp. Still naked. Still hard. Still. "Is this... was this
your *plan*? Some kind of elaborate..." Couldn't even finish the
thought. It wasn't. It wasn't. And Clark was moving closer.


"Why won't you leave me *alone*?" And Lex had to laugh, because
that was... very much not what he intended to say.

"We... we're going to try this again, Lex."

"Who decided that? Who fucking -- don't say my *name*!"

"Lex. Lex." Clark was close enough to kiss. Close enough to breathe
in. He wasn't smiling. "You loved me."

"That was then."

"Yeah. Yeah, it was. And this is now." And Clark kissed him, soft
and wet and hot and impossible in too many ways to count. Pulled
back and seemed to be trying to pour himself into Lex's eyes.

"Clark..." Lex shook his head a little helplessly. "Do you have any
*idea* how fucked up you are?"


And Clark wrapped his arms around Lex.

And kissed him again.