Not *all* of us are
pervy hobbit fanciers.

Lord of the Rings Recommendations

Well, it's not like I *planned* to get into this fandom. I actively
avoided it, as a matter of fact.

But, well, the commercials for the extended DVD just *got* me.

And then Sheila started talking up the glories of Legolas/Gimli and...


Page updated January 28, 2003 with two new recs.

Mary Borsellino: Bound

You know, I'm not sure if Mary Borsellino wrote this fic.

Nor am I sure that this is the title. Because the site? Is one
of the more hideously confusing ones I've *ever* come

God, this story isn't even listed on the LoTR page! The hell?

Where did I get it from?

But whatever, it's really good, and lovely, and genuinely
*scary* in a lot of ways. And yeah, it's a Frodo Gone Wrong
story, and I heart those most sincerely. Mm.

Nice original scares.

[Edited to add: yes, it is Mary Borsellino, and she will be
adjusting her page if she hasn't already. Kids! Whining DOES


Spyke Raven: As A Brother

Jack found this little number for me, and, well, it's not like I have to
be *nagged* to read anything with a hint of Legolas/Gimli.

Especially if it's by an author I've loved from the moment I came across
her work.

This? Does not disappoint. A poetic, bittersweet tale of life through Eowyn's
eyes, what she can and can't have, relation and relationship.

Nicely done.


Sheila Perez: Love, All Alike

Dude, have *all* my friends decided to just kick ass this week? I'm not complaining,
I'm just wondering if I missed a memo.

'Dear BNF Cabal of Evil,

    Please write a large amount of awesome fic this week. Thanks,


In any event, Sheila has me reading hobbit-y gen and loving it. There's
something about the winding down, the last irregular and homey ticks
of the clock... well.


So lovely. Sheila reminds us all that, along with everything else, she's got one
hell of a gift for language.


Halrloprillalar: Thrown

Hal out-Tolkiens Tolkien in this sweet and tart piece of beauty.

Just gorgeously done, funny and romantic and... *stirring*. The way
fantasy should be.

Ah yes, OTP in full effect.


Arachne: Cold Comfort

Oh, *man*. Legolas/Gimli is the pairing of my heart for this fandom, and this
story most assuredly delivered. Arachne gets the voices down perfectly,
and touches the heart of all that post-Moria grief.

Mm. And I do love a writer who remembers that Legolas, however pretty, is


Camilla Sandman: Raven's Song

*snif* I have a soft spot in my heart for stories that span years, maybe
because the good ones so rarely fail to leave me crying my EYES out.


Legolas, Gimli, romance.

And a few hard but much-needed lessons about the nature of life,
love, and friendship.


Er... yes.

A few irritatingly easy-to-correct typos, but they weren't all that bothersome.

LJV: Love-Knot


Oh, I *do* adore L/G that remembers that an important part of their
deep and abiding... friendship is the way they tease each other.

They're *guys*. Highly poetic guys, but guys just the same. *mm*

Laura gives good L/G here, bantery and tease-y and full of warmth.


Merripestin: Engastrimyth

Probably the first thing I wanted to do after (finally) seeing the movie
version of _The Fellowship of the Ring_ was to see if I could write something
plausible and terrifying about the corruption of poor, doomed Frodo.

Now? I don't have to.

More than that: I don't think I *could* write anything better than this.

The Spike found this little shudder for me, an honest-to-God screamer of a
tale all about the subtlety of the serpent within ourselves, and the death of

Beautifully done. I'm so damned jealous.


Brancher: They Say of the Elves

Okay, so everybody and their mama has recced this. Well, I'm reccing it,
too, dammit, because it really is just that good.

Sweet and mellow and beautiful and true, somehow, saying more of the
ways of people (species varied) than one would think possible with such
a short story.

It made my black little heart melt. Yours, too, I think.

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