Piece of the Action
by Te
January 2002

Disclaimers: If they were mine? Heh. Heh heh.

Spoilers: Rogue.

Summary: Well, wouldn't *you*?

Ratings Note: NC-17 -- m/f and m/m

Author's Note: All Liv's fault. This was *her* idea, dammit. And,
okay, so I asked her to give me something to play with, but *still*.
This may or may not come off as a Mary Sue to people, but it isn't
even remotely meant that way, as will hopefully become clear by
the end.

If it doesn't? Heh. My Mary Sues are Black, built like Chyna, and
usually armed.

Acknowledgments: To my We, as always, and also to Liv for title and
beta and, well, Livness. Special props to the Spike, for giving me the
balls to post this *anyway*.

Feedback lets me know I'm forgiven.


He'd always thought that Whitney getting desperately ill in the middle of
some huge party where everyone could see him make an ass of himself
would be a lot more fun.

Unfortunately, even pale, shaky, and vaguely green around the gills --
or maybe especially so -- Whitney just managed to drag Lana even
closer to him. Like some big, stupid blond black hole.

And there went Clark's chance to impress her with the fact that he
had, in fact, learned how to dress since the *last* big Metropolis
gallery opening. Well, okay, so Lex had dressed him, but *still*.

Stuck with two hideously fragile flutes full of sparkling white grape
juice as Lana eased Whitney out of the crush of incredibly rich and
sparkly people, petting and soothing all the while. She could at least
look a little disappointed.

Petty, much? He managed to keep from scuffing his feet on the carpet
and pouting, but Lex was still giving him a Look when he sidled up
beside him. And that was another thing, Lex never just *walked* like
a normal person. Or, if he did, it always looked like it was done for
effect. He strolled, he sidled, he strutted, he --

"... to Clark?"


"Hmm. I see the lovely Ms. Lang has escaped your clutches yet again.
What kind of general *are* you?"

"An incredibly sucky one? No, c'mon, Lex, Whitney was *sick*."

"True, true. Never try to get between a woman and a man that can
be babied. There's really no way to spin that."

And he wasn't sure how to take that, actually. Lex had never actually
*agreed* with him about the impossibility of Lana before, and Clark
couldn't help but eye him a little curiously. Sure, it made perfect sense,

*Every* reason why he hadn't gotten close to Lana had made perfect
sense to *Clark*.

Just never to Lex.

Lex who had an eyebrow raised and a smile somewhere behind
his eyes.

Clark sighed and scanned the party for something he could do,
someone he could talk to instead of just hanging around Lex all
night. It would be kind of a pathetic way to repay him for inviting
Clark to *another* gala event, considering how he'd skipped out
on the last one.

All that *and* the clothes, and, well... just thanking Lex never seemed
like enough for the things he did for Clark. There was something...
incomplete about it, really.

Whether or not it had anything to do with all those thoughts he wasn't

But yeah. Didn't want to *heel* Lex like a neurotic puppy, but also
didn't want to take the chance of actually going *outside* again.
Note to self: No wandering into traffic in front of crooked policemen.

Hand on his arm. "Clark, are you --"


And Clark turned around just in time to see Lex being thoroughly
kissed by a tall, gorgeous woman. Deja vu. Except...

*This* tall, gorgeous woman's hand apparently went to an interesting
place, because Lex squeezed his arm *hard*. Clark did a quick X-Ray
scan and had to turn away to hide a smile. Funny how disembodied
bones could be so *dirty*...

Though if he pulled back his focus a little... *whoa*. Fuzzy wuzzy
wasn't very fuzzy was he?

And he was *not* going to laugh, especially since there was no
possible way to explain it *and* Lex was still holding on for dear
life. The only upside was that neither Lex nor... hey, wasn't she a
model? Well, they weren't paying attention to *him*.

Clark decided to drink his grape juice and watch the... well, watch
something. Other than Lex getting hard. Heh. He could tease Lex
about this for *weeks*.

People, sparkly people. People turning to stare and titter, and it
*was* funny, but... the laughter seemed... a little mean, maybe?

Who could make fun of Lex Luthor while he was getting thoroughly
greeted by a supermodel?

*He* hadn't seen anything to make fun of. Except maybe for the
oversized, overdressed farmboy futilely trying to make an escape.

And they were *still* kissing. Or she was still kissing, and Lex was
very much not objecting.

Clark tugged as gently as he could.

"Mm," said Lex, and squeezed his arm again. Clark grinned ruefully
and waited and finally the woman pulled away with a soft, wet, and
thoroughly satisfied sound.

"It's good to see you again, Lex." The woman's voice was a low, soft
husk that made the skin on the back of Clark's neck tighten up. With
her face actually separated from Lex's, he could see that she was
definitely older than he first thought. Maybe even in her *30s*. Whoa.
Clark hid a 'lucky bastard' smile as best he could and waited to be

Lex smiled at her with fondness rather than heat. Well, fondness
*and* heat, which made Clark want very much to like her. He hadn't
actually *seen* Lex smile fondly at anyone before and he was
talking. "... everyone was quite so sincere in their greetings..."

The woman laughed and turned bright, dark eyes on Clark. He found
himself smiling a little helplessly. "And who is this friend you clutch
so carefully, hmm?" Accent there. Italian?

Lex actually looked surprised for a minute. Oh, yeah. *Weeks*. "Oh,
Gabriella, my apologies. This is Clark Kent, a good friend of mine
from Smallville."

Clark put out his hand, but instead of shaking it the woman -- Gabriella
 -- offered it to be kissed. Clark blinked and pressed his lips to her
thin, hard hand carefully and quickly. Something about the hand
tugged at his brain, but it wasn't important. Not with her smiling at
him. "So it is true, Lex? You have been banished to the wilds?"

"It's hardly *that* bad, Gabriella --"

"That's not what you said on the drive up here --" Cut himself off,
mainly because Lex was giving him one of those 'I'm amused. So far'
looks. Clark grinned at him shamelessly.

Gabriella looked back and forth between them with a small, pleased
smile and Clark abruptly realized that he was still holding her hand.
He let go immediately, but Gabriella just sort of... slid her hand away.
And this time it was *Lex* hiding a smile.


"Lex, you have been very, very bad, you know."


"Not only do you keep your delightful new friends hidden, you do
not keep in contact with the... old. What is a girl to think, hmm?"

And there was something not entirely... amused in her voice that
made Clark wonder about the mean little laughs again, but Lex was
just there, being quietly charming and apologetic. "... and I'm very
glad you could make it tonight, bella."

"Ah, I have always said your mouth should be illegal, caro. Still, it is
good to be... appreciated." And with that she brushed her thumb over
Lex's lower lip, catching a stray bit of lipstick while Lex stood patient
for the weirdly maternal treatment.

"Always," he said quietly.

She nodded sharply and turned her attention back to Clark. "And now
I am tired. I think I will borrow your equally beautiful friend to escort
me outside and hail me a cab. Yes?"

"Gabriella, you know I can get you a car --"

"And *you* know I prefer your American taxis. The drivers are so

"Restful. Of course." Lex shook his head ruefully and pressed a long
but chaste kiss to her cheek. "I'll be in touch."

She raised an eyebrow. "Of course you will." Turned to Clark and
slipped an arm through his own. "And now, young man, show a
lady out, yes?"

Clark grinned down at her -- not really very far -- and made his way
toward the coat check.

People made way for them as they walked, the kind of thing he'd
gotten used to from hanging around with Lex, which was weird all by
itself, but again... the *looks*.

Gabriella caught him frowning at twin redheads who were just...
*smirking* at them and stood up on tiptoe to whisper in his ear.
"What's wrong, lovely?"

Blushed. One thing for her to talk to *Lex* that way... "What? Oh...
I... it's nothing." Grinned at her again, because, well. Lex's *friend*,
all jokes aside, right? Lex certainly never let him spend time with
people he *didn't* like -- pointed them out carefully, actually --  and
he didn't want the only looks she got to be mean ones.

"You're wondering at the people watching us, yes?"

"I... well. A little." Petted her hand and watched her turn her head
to smile. "What?"

"You really are from this... Smallville, aren't you? It's always
fascinating to discover that not everyone knows every detail of one's

Clark frowned a little and tried to look attentive.

"Do not worry, sweet one. They are only mocking the old lady
pretending to be young."

"Old? But you're not --"

Gabriella squeezed his arm. "Now, now, Clark. You were doing very
well before, and you are, perhaps, the most fascinatingly *sincere*
young man I've ever seen, but... look around you one more time.
Who here is over thirty, hmm?"

And it *was* true, but still... "Why should that matter?"

Gabriella threw her head back and laughed, throaty and... full-bodied.
Like something that could be tasted. Felt. "In this dress? With this
makeup? Lovely *boy*. Do give Lex my thanks for letting you out of
his sight, yes?"

And that sounded... really questionable. Clark just shook his head and
kept smiling as he led her over to the coat-check.

Which was lacking an actual a coat checker. Hmm.

"He's probably wandering around this mausoleum looking for people
to blackmail, Clark."

Froze him for a moment, because that... hit a little too close to home.
And Gabriella noticed.

"You don't think other people are finding better things to do at this
party than drink too much champagne and laugh at the old woman
and her new toy?"

Clark choked. "Um..."

"Mm. I could get used to the way you blush..." She looked
thoroughly amused. "Oh, don't worry, lovely, I can do without a
coat tonight."

Clark tried to smile the way he thought his Dad would at his Mom.
"In *that* dress? I don't think so. Let's at least check to see if it's
locked, okay?"

"Why wouldn't it -- oh. Tch. That's *terrible* security."

Clark grinned to himself. "I'll make sure to tell Lex all about it. Now
let's see if we can find your coat..."

"It is a red wrap with a fur collar, Clark."

"It must look really good on you -- I mean. With your black hair. And.
I'm just going to shut up now."

Another laugh, quieter but just as impossible to ignore. Clark ducked
his head and tried to focus on looking for the wrap. What was a wrap,
anyway? Was it like a cloak?

Gabriella slipped her arm from his. "Perhaps we should separate to
search more efficiently?"

Clark blinked past the light tingle of contact. "Oh, I... okay."

And they went down separate aisles, some part of Clark intensely
focused on the soft, soft thud of her heels on the carpeting. Were they
black like her dress? He hadn't looked. They probably were.

*Were* they heels? She was very tall... hmm. Changed focus --
and bit his lip quickly to hold in a gasp as the coats disappeared to
show Gabriella slipping the straps of the dress over her shoulders

That black dress slipping  down those long, long legs, past creamy
thighs and over stockings with a whisper of fabric that he thought
had maybe tattooed itself on his brain, down and down and eventually
covering -- yes, black heels.

And there *had* to be a reason for that. A logical, understandable
reason that would make him feel very stupid and *very* guilty for
needing to adjust himself *right* now. Because... she wasn't *doing*
anything. Not calling him or... or (touching herself) anything like

Looked up to her face as quickly as he could make himself and found
her... frowning. At her breasts.

Which was... really odd. Clark had never noticed  anything to frown
about when it came to breasts. Especially not breasts that were large,
and round, and not exactly hidden behind a lacy bra and he wondered
if that was scratchy at all...

She cupped them with her hands and Clark did *not* groan. Lifted
them a little and Clark caught himself leaning forward and she was
*still* frowning. Looked right at him and Clark nearly stammered out
an apology before he remembered the coats. And the look on her

She looked younger than ever, really. Indecisive and... sad. And he
thought he got it -- the laughs, the looks, the little crinkles around
her eyes and mouth and everything else, but... that was *really*

Like *Jodi* stupid.

Afterschool special life. Though at least there were no Kryptonite
shakes around.

And he was still trying to figure out how to say something that wasn't
stupid or patronizing or... *stupid* when --

"Clark? I think I found it..."

Blinked and looked and... whoa. Entirely different look on her face.

And he was about to be relieved, but the dress was still puddled
carelessly on the floor. She hadn't taken anything *else* off, but...
a little smile, and what he guessed was the wrap in question hiding...
nothing important as far as *he* could see. Whoa. Whoa. Say
something. He could say something. "Oh. Kay..."

Heart thudding in his chest and Clark swallowed hard. Gabriella raised
an eyebrow, ran a slow, perfectly manicured nail over her fur collar.


"Um. I'll... be right there!"

Right. Over there. With the naked lady. He swallowed again, and
this time he could hear the click. And Gabriella was frowning again,
a different sort of frown, a *predatory* sort of frown as she reached
to part the coats...

And Clark zipped around to the next aisle over.

"Clark? Where did you go?"

"I... think I might be lost?"

Another one of those throaty laughs. "The room is not that big,
sweet one..."

"Oh, you know, all these coats... I'm really kind of a clutz..."

And that was *definitely* the sound of her heels on the carpet. Oh,
*man*. Heels on feet that led to legs that led to... to... and they
were really nice legs.


She sounded like she was laughing behind her smile.

Nice that she had cheered up, really. Clark zipped around another
aisle and oh. Last one. Corner.


He could use the superspeed and rush out the door, thus outing
himself to... everyone, though most people would take one look at
the crazed-looking guy fleeing the coat room and think nasty things
about Gabriella.

And... that wouldn't be good. Because Gabriella was really very

Look at how she smiled, walking up to him like that in the heels and
the panties and the bra and the smile. Nice, nice, smile.


"Clark. Did Lex teach you how to run away like that, hmm?"

"Um. I. Running away?"

She tapped a nail on his lower lip, tilting her head in a way that
made her hair fall over her shoulder like... like everything water
*should* be.

"Oh... running *away*. I. Um."

"I would not believe it if you were not right in front of me, but I think
you are a virgin... yes?"

Clark ducked his head. He could *hope* blushing would do
something about the... problem... in his pants, but it rarely did.
"I... yeah..."

"I think we can do something about that..." Slipped her finger
down his chin, and under. Tugged at his bowtie. "That is... if
you want to?"

"Oh. I..."

And Gabriella took a step closer, and it was a very *important* step.
The sort of step that made the difference between smelling really,
really wonderful perfume and living in it. The sort of difference that
made continuing to look down both impossible and impossible to

Because. *Breasts*.

"The party will not break up for hours, I think... We have time..."

Looking at her mouth didn't help. Or, really, helped a lot. There
wasn't much lipstick left, just a dark red coat of color. The rest was...
on Lex's mouth. All right, didn't help. Lex was probably wondering
where he was, and if he came looking and found Clark staring at
Gabriella's wide, almost mannish mouth...

There was something important there, probably several somethings,
that he was missing entirely.

And then Gabriella's fingernail was drifting down his crisp, new shirt,
down and off to the side and --


"Has no one ever touched you there, beauty? I think... yes, I would
very much like to bite you right. There. May I?"

Something just *snapped*. He could feel it, right in the center of his
brain where all the intelligent thoughts were safe from the edges or
maybe it was the other way around, but kissing Gabriella...

Kissing Gabriella is an education in and of itself.

Nothing like Chloe in his barn when they were in seventh grade and
she'd been crying and he'd been trying to make her laugh, and
nothing like Tina, and nothing like his fantasies about Lana -- not
even the ones he felt really guilty about afterward, because Gabriella

Took his mouth.

Sucked his tongue into *her* mouth and made it impossible for Clark
not to return the favor.

And he knew he was making some extremely stupid noises, but he
couldn't stop, especially since somehow her hard little hands were
on his *skin*. And how had she managed...?

Didn't matter, because she felt so *good*. Hard and soft and warm
and those were *breasts* pushing against him, fur under his hand
and he petted it absently until he realized he could probably pet
*other* things.

Fumbled the wrap back over her shoulder and oh, *skin*.

Gentle, had to be gentle, but when her nails raked over his nipple he
couldn't stop himself from wrapping his arms around her and hauling
her close.

Soft, *sweet* noise into his mouth and she wasn't objecting at all.

Pulled back to kiss her high, sharp cheekbones, the downy flesh of
the cheek itself, the corners of her mouth and she was gasping,
*moving* against him like the tide, like pure sex, heat of her pressing
close and oh.

What if she was wet...?

Couldn't quite make himself touch her there, not yet, but...

Slipped his hands down her back, cupped her round ass and pulled
her up and against his cock and he thought maybe they moaned at
the same time.

Clark stared at her wonderingly, she was flushed, her hair wild from
where he must have mussed it -- when...? Eyes wide and wide mouth
smiling at him. Happy and hungry like sex was just the best thing in
the world.

Clark had to agree.

Rocked up against her and did it again when it made her eyes flutter
closed, made her clutch at his arms and oh. Oh *man*. "Do you...
do you like this? What do you want me to do?"

This time her laugh caught on a moan and that was just the sexiest
thing that had ever happened to him. *Ever*. Rocked a little faster
and tried not to blink, didn't want to miss *any* of this, even when
Gabriella buried her face in his throat and all he could see was the
back of her neck.

The thin line of soft hair moving down her spine oh *God* --

"Gabriella, *please* --"

Cut off by a hard bite and Clark threw his head back, thumping the
wall and possibly cracking it, but Jesus, he had an *excuse*...

And then she reached between them and the sound of his zipper
going down seemed loud enough to bring the whole party to a halt,
maybe the *world*, but no one opened the door. Nothing happened
but Gabriella wrapping a hand around his *cock* --

"Mmm, Clark..."

More of a moan than actual words, and her hand was still working
between them and --

"Lift me?"


"Hmm... it will be easier if I am the one against the wall, I think, yes?"

And all Clark could do was blink stupidly while she laughed, and
pushed at him until -- oh. Against the wall. She was going to. They
were going to... "But we... I mean... I don't even have a condom!"

Gabriella smirked and undid her brassiere, where a condom was
tucked against her right breast.

"Oh. I. Wow."

Looked down at himself and found his shirt open, his t-shirt rucked
up, and his cock poking a little ridiculously out of his boxers and
wondered, briefly, how he'd wound up *here*.

But then there was the rip of foil and Gabriella was...

Jesus, even *that* felt good. Reached for her, wanted another kiss,
he hadn't even gotten a chance to see what she tasted like and there
went his brain again, permanent damage pretty much assured by
the way she licked the roof of his mouth, the way she wrapped her
arms around his neck and *hopped* up on him, legs around his
waist, and Clark held on reflexively, groaning when she broke the

"So strong!"

"Wha...?" And was he supposed to be faking weakness here? It didn't
seem very smart to drop a woman who wanted you to... to...

Her hand between them again, her smile so shiny-bright and sharp
and she had hold of him again.

And she was... rubbing. The head of his cock.

Back and forth over her pussy and back and forth again and again
and -- "Please, Gabriella, I need --"

"Ai, so do *I* --"

And he was *in*.

Hot. Tight, and she was gritting her teeth like maybe it hurt and he
had no idea what to do about it, but then she was biting his neck
again, quick, sharp little catches of teeth and whispers of please, in
me, sweet one, fuck me --

Clark groaned and thrust and Gabriella whimpered against his throat,
so hot, oh God, he was *inside* her, inside a *woman*. Gabriella,
Gabriella, and he might've been speaking aloud but he couldn't tell
and didn't care.

"Fast, lovely, *fast* --"

And Clark could do that, *needed* that. Steadied her with one arm
and left the other free to roam over the curves of her hips and ass
and then just *moved* her on him, made her match his rhythm and
figured he was doing it right when she started to make more and
more noise.

Good noises, rough, low, *female* noises that had nothing to do
with being feminine and everything to do with... with *something*
so pure and raw and right that it made Clark gasp when he could
remember to breathe.

And there was no way he could last, not with Gabriella *moving* on
him like that, not with the high, clean smell of her sweat flooding all
of his senses and oh, he had to *feel* --

Slipped his hand down and through and.


He could *feel* himself entering her again and again, and she was
so *wet*, so hot, so *real* that he couldn't stop touching, wanted to
feel *everything*, all the mystery of the female body that no amount
of health classes and web sites could answer.

Soft there and slick and a hard little knot --

"Yes, yes, *please* --"

Clark had no idea what that meant, but decided to go with "rub gently
and keep thrusting." And then Gabriella threw her head back and
moaned loud and long and Clark couldn't stop himself from rubbing
faster, thrusting harder, couldn't stop himself from moaning every
time he felt her clenching around him and it was so good, so good,
so *good* --

Came so hard he thought he might've had a stroke and *still* couldn't
stop thrusting, still so *hard*, but his legs wouldn't hold him.

Fell down as carefully as possible, Gabriella landing in a spill of
beautiful over him and riding him and *laughing*.

Held his face between her hands and kissed him again and again while
Clark tried not to die.

Upright again and she tossed her hair and her breasts bounced so
much it had to *hurt*, so he had to hold them, cup them, keep them
safe, and okay, play with the hard little nipples, dark like plums, like
blood and if he could just stay here for the rest of his natural life...

"You can... ah... you can twist them, lovely..."

"Oh *God*, Gabriella --"

"Ai, the way you say my *name* --"

And there were so many things to *see*, breasts and throat and soft,
curve of belly and flexing thighs and the neat triangle of dark, shiny
curls and oh, God, nipples were nice but he wanted to get his hands
back *there* --

"*Clark*, you are too good at this --"

Grinned helplessly but couldn't look up, couldn't look away from his
fingers slipping in and out of that sweet little slash and oh -- "You feel
so *good* --"

More laughter, but her thighs were starting to tremble... with the
strain? Caught her eyes, glazed with lust and humor and she was so
*beautiful*. Rolled them over and braced himself above her and there
were nails raking his back, fire in his veins and he could kiss her this
way, didn't have to stop kissing her as he pushed in and in and in --

"Oh, *Clark*..."

Never stop, never stop, had to touch her and it maybe wasn't too out
of the realm of possibility that he could hold himself up with one hand,

Loved her slickness, *loved* it, wanted to just *live* in it, brought his
hand back to his mouth and oh.


Nothing like his own come and so *sexy*. This was sex, this was
having sex, this was Gabriella watching him with something like awe
and maybe she would let him...

"Can I... can I taste you? After?"

Gabriella's eyes rolled back in her head and she was gasping and
*clenching* on him again and oh, man, did that mean she was
*coming*? Would it be too stupid to ask? Was he capable of forming
words anymore?

She bucked up against him hard once, twice, and then again and
again and those *sounds*, God, she was almost *growling* now and
that was scary and hot and oh *tight* and Jesus Jesus Jesus --

Kissed a wordless shout into her mouth and came *again*, had to
move his hand fast to keep from collapsing, do *not* crush the life
out of the nice, friendly, wonderful supermodel and. *Jesus*.

Croaked out Gabriella's name and pulled out as gently as he could,
kissed her when she didn't unlock her arms from around his neck for
long moments.

Her eyes were closed and she had a very wide, very... satisfied smile.

Clark grinned, blushed when she opened her eyes and caught him.

"Mmm. Clark. I have a villa in Milan, you know..."

Kissed her again, just because he could. "My parents probably
wouldn't appreciate my, you know, leaving the country."

"Your... parents." She had the most ruler straight frown line between
her eyes that he'd ever *seen*.

Clark kissed her there, too. "Mm-hmm. They seem to think I should
graduate high school."

"High school. Oh dear *God*, Clark, how old *are* you?"

Frown-line. Oh. She hadn't *known*. Eep. "Um... I'll be sixteen in
January?" Tried a smile.


"In January..." And she looked *horrified*. "Gabriella?"

"Clark, you are... oh my. I think... yes." She sat up, and the carpet
wasn't nearly as friendly without her there.


"Lovely one, as tempting as your offer was, I think I need to be
leaving now."

"Oh. I... are you sure?"

Another laugh, but this one had the edge of hysteria. "Oh, Clark..."
She shook her head, brushed at the corners of his mouth with the
same brusquely maternal motions she'd used on Lex, paused with
her thumb dragging his lower lip down. "Mm. Yes, very tempting,
but..." Leaned in and kissed him, slowly and gently and wonderfully
and she tasted like... sweet peppers.

Clark followed her mouth a little helplessly when she pulled back, but
she just petted his hair gently and stood up.

She was panting, which didn't help at all, because Clark thought he
was about three minutes from another erection.

Gabriella pointed firmly. "*Stay*."

Clark grinned sheepishly. "You're really, really sure?"

She actually swayed toward him and Clark reached up and.

Got his hands slapped.

"*Terrible* thing! Stop... stop *looking* like that!"

"Like what?"

She closed her eyes and took a deep, beautifully shuddery breath. "
Just... stay right there. *Ai*."

"Yes, Gabriella."

"And don't talk!"

"I --"


Clark put a hand over his mouth and blinked at her in what he hoped
was a sweetly obedient, you-don't-*really*-want-to-leave way, but she
didn't actually look at him again until her underwear was back on and
her wrap was clutched in front of her.

"Do I still get to hail you a cab?"

"No. Yes. *No*. Oh, no, do not be hurt, please don't look hurt or I'll
never *leave*."

Clark gave her the puppy eyes.

"Ha! You are faking now. Thank *God* you are a terrible liar. Now.
One day you will be not fifteen, and I will be in Metropolis. For
now..." And her smile was warm enough to bask in. "For now, I will
get back into my dress and leave. And you will give me a five minute
head start, beauty."


She shook her head briskly and disappeared into the coats.

She'd never taken her heels off.

Oh, *man*.

She'd never taken her *heels* off and he hadn't even *noticed*. Maybe
if he kissed her again --

The door closed with a sharp click.

Clark sighed. Oh, well.

He only managed to be wistful for about twelve seconds, though,
because, wow. Sex.


And also *sex*! With a real, live human being! Who was a

With breasts!

Oh, man, wait 'til he told *Pete*!

Oh, sure, Pete would never actually *believe* him, but...


He, Clark Kent, was no longer a virgin.

He was the non-virginest non-virgin ever to live, because he had
had sex. With a supermodel. In a coatroom.



Clark giggled to himself and didn't stop until he'd gotten his clothes
back on. Tucked the condom behind a pair of dusty galoshes, but
couldn't make himself do the same with the wrapper.

Grinned hugely and shoved it in his pocket.

He couldn't get the tie back on right no matter what he did, so he just
tucked it away with the wrapper, double-checked his fly and walked
back out into the party.

"There you are. I was just about to send out the search party..."

And there was Lex, at his side, offering a flute. Clark couldn't come up
with anything to say, so he just grinned his thanks.

"You do make a habit of disappearing whenever things get

Clark did his best to look innocent. "Oh? What did I miss?"

Lex smirked at him. "Your curfew if we don't leave in about five
minutes, Kent."

Goggled a little and checked his watch. "Wow, I had no idea..."

"No? What *were* you... doing?"

"Um. I was..." Because Pete was one thing, but it hadn't been Pete
with the Gabriella-induced erection who *started* this and thinking
about Lex's erections was just not a good idea right now.

"You were...?" And Lex took a step further into his personal space.
Frowned and eyed Clark with something like dawning horror. "Wait a
minute, I *know* that perfume!"

"Er..." Clark took a belated step back, but Lex was just *staring* at

"You had sex with *Gabriella*?"

Clark grinned a little sheepishly. "Well, there was... and she took off
her *dress*, Lex!"

"I'm going to *kill* her."

"No, Lex! It's... um... not her fault?"

Lex looked at him incredulously. "You're *fifteen*!"

"Jeez, Lex, it's not like she *overpowered* me..."

"But I --" Lex snapped his teeth shut and shook his head. "Let's go,
loverboy." Looked him up and down. "And for the love of *God*, stop
grinning like that before we get back to Smallville."

And Lex actually grabbed his elbow and started *dragging* him toward
the door before apparently thinking better of it. Glared at Clark and
stalked in the general direction of the exit. "Um... Lex?"

Lex snapped his finger when he got into the lobby and a liveried man
appeared out of nowhere, darting out ahead of them into the street.


But he was still moving and Clark had to take long strides just to keep
up with him. Once on the street he realized they'd left their coats, but
yet another servant darted up with them. Clark shrugged into his
sheepskin, peeking over at Lex, but couldn't see him in more than

"Lex... are you mad? I didn't know the two of you were... God, I didn't
*think*. Lex, I'm --"

Lex whipped his head around to look at him finally, mouth open to say
something, but he just shook his head again.

"Will you let me apologize?"

"I... *no*, Clark, Jesus, she didn't do anything -- where's the *car*?"

And Lex went back to scanning the street, actually starting to *pace*
before the driver pulled up with the limo. Glared at the driver when he
went to open the door and Clark was pretty sure the poor guy had
just seen his life flash before his eyes.

Crawled in beside Lex and wasn't sure he was glad or not that the
Lincoln was so wide.

Scrubbed at his face and *flash* --

Gabriella riding him while he stroked her and stroked her and okay,
yes, good that the seat was wide. Very good.

But Lex was pretty much just brooding all the way on the other side of
all that leather, which... was less good.

Funny how the car hadn't seemed that wide on the trip *here*...

Clark picked at the fabric of his pants and tried to watch Lex out of
the corner of his eye. "Can I... do you want to talk?

Lex blinked. "Hmm...? No, that's all right, Clark." Gave him one of
those smiles that didn't even come close to reaching his eyes.

And God, it was bad enough that he had to get those when he was
*lying* to Lex and they both knew it. "Lex... tell me how I can make
this better? If I'd known you'd be... well, I wouldn't have done it."

"You would've turned Gabriella -- *Gabriella* -- down. Just because
it would make me... upset if you didn't." And Lex was pretty much
just *sneering* at him.

"Well... I didn't say it would be *easy*, but of course I would!" Scooted
a little closer, reached out. "You're my friend, Lex."

Lex chuckles, a little darkly. "Mm. Yes. You are. And you smell like
Gabriella's sex."

Clark flinched, went to pull his hand back, but Lex grabbed him. "I
missed that smell, you know."

"Oh. I..."

"Missed the *taste*." Ground out, deep and harsh, and something
rolled low in Clark's belly.

"Lex --"

And Lex pulled his hand closer, to his *face*, and.

Licked him.

"Oh God --"

Hot, wet tongue sliding over his fingertips, between his index and
forefinger. Teasing there for long, ticklish moments and Lex was
watching him. Didn't even blink as he pulled Clark's fingers into his
mouth and sucked, just once, before pulling off.

Held Clark's hand in his own and rubbed slow circles against his palm.
"Friends, Clark?"

Clark swallowed hard. Had he seen this coming? Maybe? Sort of? Shook
it off and remembered the look on Lex's face when he'd cut himself off
outside the limo. "'She didn't do anything' what, Lex?"

Slow, sharp smile. "She didn't do anything *I* didn't want to do."

"Then... oh. Why... why didn't you?"

Lex tilted his head at him. "You're serious, aren't you?"

"Is it because I'm fifteen?"

"Mm. Is that why Gabriella didn't sweep you off back to her hotel?"

"I thought she *knew*."

And this time Lex's laugh was a little more real. "Oh, of *course*
she did. *Clark*. Does the word jailbait mean anything to you?"

Clark wanted to blush, duck his head, but... "It didn't stop you from.
From sucking my fingers."

"No, it didn't. But then... now I don't have to be the bad, evil pervert
who deflowers the virgin, now do I?"

And Clark couldn't hold in a moan. "Lex... I. You want to have sex
with me?"

"Yes. I do. Does that bother you, Clark?"

Shook his head slowly and leaned in. Because. He wanted to know
what Lex tasted like, too.

Lex's free hand on his face and Clark turned into it a little, kissed the
palm, licked it on a whim. Gasped when Lex shuddered and then
couldn't wait any more.

Lex's mouth under his, weirdly *smaller* than Gabriella's, maybe
even softer, but that didn't last. Lex slid his hand into Clark's hair
and *gripped* him, held him still and just devoured his mouth. Not
fast, not slow, just... implacable.

Generals, right, and Clark tried to use everything he remembered
from Gabriella, but eventually couldn't manage much more than
sucking on Lex's tongue whenever it was still for more than a

Lex let go of his hand and started working on his buttons one-handed,
caressing his chest through the t-shirt so *warm*. Oddly gentle until
he got it unbuttoned enough to ruck the t-shirt up, and then it was
just *hot*.

Strong, callused fingers all over him, pinching and pulling at his nipples
and Clark whimpered helplessly into Lex's mouth, broke the kiss to
pant, rest his head against Lex's shoulder. "I watched her touching you,
Lex. I saw... oh God, do that again. I watched her touching you and I
was going to tease you about it and oh. Oh Jesus did she make you

"Yeah, she did." Voice breathy but still undeniably *male*. "She always
did. I'm harder now, though..." And Lex caught Clark's hand again,
brought it down to his crotch and --

"*Lex* --" Had to squeeze, stroke, and Lex was still pinching his nipples,
little shocks of feeling straight to his cock and they were *doing* this, no
hesitation, no waiting, just *sex* and maybe he would leave this part
out when he talked to Pete...

Laughed a little hysterically and mouthed Lex's throat, tried working
on his buttons.

"You want me naked, Clark?"

"*Yes* --" Pulled back and tried to get his hands to stop shaking, to
get his body to remember that he'd already had sex *twice* tonight,
but it wasn't helping.

Lex batted his hands away and did the buttons himself, smiling a
predator's smile and God, Gabriella and now *this*?

Clark moaned and pulled his shirts off, wincing when the cuffs popped
and hoping his mother wouldn't notice and God, Lex's chest. So

Pressed his hands there, tried to think of breasts and failed utterly.
Same smoothness, but *hard*.

Lean and muscled and pushing against him and Clark dipped his head
to taste there. Salt and mm. Lex, just Lex, and his nipples were just
tiny little spikes, so ready for his tongue, his lips...

Lex's hands in his hair again and roaming over his back, squeezing
and just *feeling* him, and God, this wasn't *enough*. Pulled back
and undid Lex's belt, fumbled the zipper and did not tear it, did not
tear it, please, fuck, *open*, *finally*.

Black briefs, small wet spot under his thumb and Lex jerked and
Gabriella hadn't let him, but Lex...

Oh, Lex would.

Pushed Lex back without thinking, barely registering the sound of his
gasped laughter. It was enough that he lifted his hips to make it easier
for Clark to tug his pants down, enough that he groaned and cursed
when Clark finally got his mouth *there*.

Sucked and mouthed and drooled helplessly until the damp spot on
Lex's boxer-briefs was more of a soaked spot and it was frustrating in
the best way.

Tasting mostly cotton and his own spit but then he'd feel Lex's cock
twitch under the fabric and oh, salt and sweet and *thick* like the air
in the car, like the blood in his veins and Lex's hands were in his hair

Lex was pushing down on his head and thrusting up against him and
oh, man, Lex was *turned on*.

Stupid and obvious and as real as everything else tonight, even in the
dimness of the limo with their expensive clothes all rumpled and
unbuttoned, or maybe because of that, and --

"Clark, fuck, you -- *fuck* -- please --"

Didn't want to move, didn't want to breathe, but Lex sounded so
desperate and God, hard, hard cock under his mouth. Leaking.


Pulled the briefs down and oh.

So *hard*.

Bare and slick and hard for him and they could... oh they *could*.
Lex wanted to do everything Gabriella had done, and more, too, and
this is... this was *strange*, but it was also just Lex, and licking him,
tasting him was just what they both wanted.


God, Clark could touch him *everywhere*, taste him everywhere, and
when he slipped his hands under Lex's ass, all smooth, smooth skin
and firm muscle, and it would be okay if he lifted a little, right?

Lifted, and spread those long, lean thighs a little wider apart and...

Just this strip of skin behind Lex's tightening sac and it looked.

So *tender*.

Licked before he could think about what he was doing and Lex was
suddenly *wild* under his hands.

Clark pulled back immediately. "Oh God, I'm sorry, I didn't --"

"No, fuck, don't stop, just... fuck do anything Clark, anything you want
you're so good --"

And he wanted to ask if Lex really *meant* that, but not as much as
he wanted to just, well, *play*. Lust like a weight, low in his belly, but
it wasn't as important as *this*, Lex rolling like a wave beneath him,
Lex struggling to spread even *wider* for him, like nothing Clark could
do to him would be wrong.

Had to get Lex's pants off, shoes, socks, and his skin... Clark didn't
know skin could *feel* like that. Like wind and weather and work had
just never had a chance to *do* anything, and then Lex threw his leg up
over the seat and oh, so. *Open*.

Clark took a chance, glanced up at Lex's face, but he wasn't watching
him. His eyes were closed and his hand was moving down his chest and
belly and it was a little like being in the path of an oncoming train.
Something that would maybe *hurt* if he just stood there, only there
was nothing he could do *but* stand there. Sit there. Watch as Lex took
his own cock in hand, licked his lips and started to stroke.

Oh *God*.

Wanted to knock his hand away, replace it with his own, his mouth,
anything. Wanted to watch, wanted to taste and that at least would let
him get *close*.

Leaned in and caught the head of Lex's cock on a downstroke, sucked
and licked and Lex was making these choked noises, moans and gasps
like larger sounds and words that he didn't want to let out. Not at all
like Gabriella, who Clark thought maybe would've screamed the house
down if he'd done a good enough job and, well, if they hadn't been in
a coatroom.

God, too much input, and all of it too incredible to let go. Let his
tongue catch Lex's fingers, long and strong and moving, petting his
mouth and that sounded like his name.

And a plea.

Oh, God, so much that he could *do*, but what if he only got this one

Had to make it *good*, somehow, but every time he tried to focus
on doing interesting, porn-like things with his tongue he just got *lost*.
Tasting and sucking everywhere, brushing his cheek against the sleek
and oddly tender insides of Lex's thighs and when he dragged his teeth
there, just gently, Lex cried out.

Knew enough now not to stop, and it was really kind of frightening
how *quickly* sex -- *sex* -- was becoming this thing he knew, this
thing that was available to him, but oh God, he thought he might be
addicted now.

Definitely to the taste of his spit and Lex's pre-come and sweat, all salt
and sweet and wet together and, God, no hair even on Lex's *balls*.

Nothing to tickle or scratch or anything when he took them into his
mouth, rolled them on his tongue and sucked there, too, and pulled
off and lifted them, and *that* spot again.

Nothing to stop him from going further, from *seeing* this.

Tiny, crinkled hole like something absolutely *necessary*, and yeah,
it was weird, and a little sick, but he dipped his tongue in anyway --

"*Clark* --"

Knew he was never going to be able to hear Lex say his name again
without hearing it that way, all harsh and desperate and pleading, and
nothing could be too sick if it made Lex feel that good.

Want Clark that much.

Heard himself groan and wrapped his arms around Lex's thighs, had
to keep him open for this, had to make him... make him just *lose* it
because of *his* mouth, and everything he could do. Nothing else was
good enough.

Licked and circled and tried not to hold on too tightly when Lex
thrashed, it wasn't as if Lex could hurt him, but...

Thought maybe it was *better* for Lex that he was holding on like he

Pulled back to see and Lex was just... God, jerking himself off like he
was going to come any second now and that was just the hottest

Until Lex opened his eyes, pure heat and shock and need and Clark
couldn't hold back. Knocked Lex's hand away and replaced it with his
own, Lex's slick, hard cock in his hand, thudding pulse against his
palm and he knew his own jockeys were getting wet, knew that
control was something that existed in a land far, far away from this
beautiful, wonderful leather seat and --

"Lex... oh Lex please come in my mouth --"

Mindless and needy and Lex's *sounds* and the head of his cock
between Clark's lips so good, so *good* and then Lex was *coming*,
God, just like Clark wanted, painting his tongue and Clark swallowed
and stroked and *watched*.

Lex's whole body tensed and arching, Clark's name a strangled cry just
making it better.

Clark sucked until Lex whimpered, this sharp little sound that made
Clark want to cover him, protect him from everything but himself.

Rested his head on Lex's flat, pale belly and breathed.

Tried to think.

Hummed a little helplessly at the feel of Lex's hand in his hair, gently
possessive. Petting him. Flash of concept, imagery, being *kept*.
Some universe where they never had to leave this limo, just kept
driving in an endless night of touching and need.

Shivered and moaned and thrust at the seat because... because they
could do so many *things*. Lex could do so many things.

To him.

Swallowed and buried his flush against Lex's stomach.

Tried to focus on breathing instead of just opening his mouth and
begging for things he didn't even know the names for.


"Lex. I..."

Shivered again and wanted so badly to just be *naked*, to have
Lex's hands on him, making things simple. Inevitable. How was he
supposed to go *home* like this? And he knew he was clutching
Lex a little pathetically, but he really couldn't make himself stop.
Not yet.

"Oh, Clark..." And Lex sounded a little... sad? "Are you... what do
you need?"

Soft tug on his hair and Clark knew he was supposed to be looking
up now. *Facing* Lex, but how was he supposed to do that now that
Lex was calm again? "I... I..."

Trailed off into the silence, and there was relief that Lex didn't push
right away, but Clark was --

"I know you're hard..."

Clark groaned, thrust again and squeezed his eyes shut.

"It's okay, Clark. I promise it's... okay." And Lex pushed him a little,
moved him so he could bring his leg down and sit up.

Clark was left curled awkwardly, head on Lex's thigh. Panting and
terrified not so much of what Lex would do but of what he *wouldn't*.
What he'd have to go without.

And Lex was still petting him. Stroking him in a way that made Clark
want so many things he didn't have names for. And some things he
did. Pressed a slow kiss to Lex's thigh.

Another when it made Lex gasp and pause. This he could do.

Kissed his way up his belly and chest, lingering at the shallow dip of
his navel for just long enough for Lex's hand to tighten in his hair
again, for Lex's belly to jump, before moving again.

Licked and sucked at the small, hard nipples and kept going until he
got to his throat, and then couldn't imagine going any farther. God,
where his mouth had *been*. Sure, Lex had obviously enjoyed it, but
kissing after that?

Except that Lex whispered his name in that *heated* way again and
*jerked* his head up and kissed him and kissed him and, okay, that
was fine, that was incredible, that was Lex's hands on his chest,
twisting his nipples until Clark made some sound he couldn't even
*remotely* classify, until Clark was awkwardly straddling Lex and
pushing against his body.

So *hard*.

Bite to his lip and Lex was kissing him again, licking over his cheek
and Jesus -- in his *ear*, hands at his waist opening him, freeing
him --

"Oh yes *Lex* --"

"You like it this way, Clark?" Low, rough voice directly into his ear,
directly to his cock. "You like it when I just take what I want?"

"Oh *God* --"

Lex bit his ear and gripped his cock, squeezed but didn't stroke. "I want
a lot from you, Clark. You know that right?"

"Please, Lex, anything --"

Hissed breath against his ear and "you shouldn't say things like that,
Clark," gritted out like every word hurts, like it aches the way he does.

"It's true, please, just don't... don't stop..."

Lex's other hand playing with his balls and he *still* wasn't stroking and
Clark was trying hard not to buck, thrust, *move*, but it felt so good.
Lex wasn't being gentle at *all* and that was just what he needed.

Let his head fall back and Lex's mouth was right there, pushing his collar
aside and biting down *hard* and that other hand was still moving and,
stroking back and pressing *up* --


Lex licked a path up his throat, back to his ear. "I could jerk you off like
this, Clark. Or I could suck you. I could push you back on the seat
and..." Pushed his tongue into Clark's ear, slow and impossibly
suggestive. "Sit on your cock."

"Oh God oh please please --"

"Would you like that? Would you like fucking me, Clark?"

"Lex Lex please just let me come I don't care --"

"What if I fucked you, hmm? Got you down on your hands and knees...
spread your ass and just... took you. I'd like that a lot." And Lex was
still squeezing him, rhythmically now.

Still pressing up on that amazing place that he'd never even *thought*
about before and Clark didn't know what to do with his hands other than
just *touch* Lex. Grab his face and pet his scalp and pull him in for
another kiss and another and God, Lex had to know how badly he
wanted this, all of it, Lex with his naked, naked skin and strong, hot
hands... "Please..." He thought it was the only word he had left.

Lex took a shuddery breath. "Okay, Clark. Okay. I'll give you what you

All he could do not to just *flail* when Lex moved his hands, started
pushing Clark back, but Lex licked his lips and he got it. Lex was going
to... he was going to do *something*, and that was good enough.

Backed up against the side of the car and spread his legs because there
wasn't anything he wanted to do more that didn't involve grabbing Lex
much too hard.

Lex's hands on his thighs, making him shiver, making him *need*, and
he wasn't sure when he'd kicked his shoes off, but he was glad he *had*,
because it was incredible to watch Lex pulling his pants and shorts
down and off.

Incredible to be naked like this, like all the secrets just didn't matter.

And then Lex was moving close again, touching Clark's mouth and
pushing two fingers inside and oh.

"Suck it, Clark. Get it wet."

Oh God. Nothing to do but follow orders, follow Lex's hand with his
mouth when he finally pulled it away.

Hot, wet circle around his nipple and Clark grit his teeth and arched,
begged with his body and Lex didn't tease.

Or maybe he did, but it was the kind of tease Clark *needed*. Teeth on
his nipples and wet, hot fingers on his tightening sac and Clark gripped
the seat and tried not to break anything.

And then those fingers were circling his hole, and that was definitely a
tease, because it wasn't *enough*.

Pushed carefully against Lex's fingers and Lex was watching him again.

"I want you," Clark blurted and Lex smirked a little.

Let the tip of one finger slide in. "Remind me not to let you wander off
with any more of my old lovers."

And that felt so... God, *hot* in so many different ways. "You can... you
can just tell them how old I am..."

Lex pulled out, circled his hole again. "Mm. Because we can see how well
that's working against me..."

"Oh... oh I don't want it to work against you."

"You think that matters?"


But then Lex slid in all the way to the second knuckle and oh *strange*
and skin-pricklingly hot and *inside* him. Searching him... "... hurt?"

"mmm... wha?"

Low chuckle. "I'll take that as a no... you're so sexy, Clark."

"Please, Lex, more..."

Felt him crook his finger and thought he might go blind from this, or at
least kill most of his brain cells because --

"Easy, Clark, don't come yet ..."

"*Lex* --" Hand on his belly, pushing him down when all Clark wanted to
do was push up and up against that hand, that *good* hand, and oh,
what would it feel like when it was his cock?

"Better, it'll feel so much better when I'm fucking you --"

"*Please* --"

"Shh..." And that hand was stroking him now, definitely trying to soothe,
but all Clark could think was *more*. "I have to get you open for me, I
don't... fuck, I don't want to hurt you --" And Lex sounded so strained,
so *ready* --

"You won't, you won't hurt me, please I need this so bad --"

And Lex *growled*, shoved in another finger and maybe this was
what pain should be for him, but it was just *intense*. Like fire where
he needed it most and Clark's head fell back and Lex was *fucking* him
with those fingers, twisting and stretching and oh, opening him wide
and maybe saying something, too.

Something he couldn't hear over his own moans and more, had to have
Lex inside him, had to make him feel the way he did when he was inside
Gabriella. Better. Wanted it to be better, the way it was for him. The way
it *had* to be, because Lex was... Lex.

And Lex was making flares go off just under his skin, making him burn
and writhe and *need*.

Thought maybe he could come this way if Lex would only crook his
fingers again, or maybe if he just bent down and whispered in his ear of
all the things he wanted to do. All the things he *could* do to Clark,
because Clark wouldn't -- couldn't -- stop him. "Oh, Lex..."

"Jesus. I... *fuck* --"

Looked up and Lex was looking around a little wildly, opening and
closing classily hidden compartments until he finally pulled out a small
bottle, opened it and poured something white and slick over his cock --

"Shit, cold... c'mon, Clark, lift your leg. Yeah, like. Like I did for you.
Nice and open..."

"Now, Lex?"

"Right now..."

Blunt pressure against his hole and Lex was watching him, gaze so heavy
and hard that Clark had to turn away, but Lex caught his chin.

Forced his head back.

*Demanding* Clark see this, whatever it was, everything it was, and Clark
felt himself shoot another load of pre-come because. This was so
*adult*. Made everything with Gabriella feel like playing, like fun, while

And Lex was pushing inside, Lex's dick was pushing *inside* him, he
was getting *fucked* and it was just like Lex said, taking what he
wanted, giving Clark what he wanted, and he couldn't hold back.

Reached out and cupped Lex's ass, squeezed and pulled and --

"*Clark* --"

Thought he might have wailed, but it didn't matter because Lex was all
the way inside, and half-falling on top of him, and it just got better
when he pushed back on the seat, managed to lie down a little
awkwardly. Lex braced above him, eyes *wild* and hips pumping.

Clark arched up for a kiss and rocked back into Lex's rhythm, tried to
spread himself wider and kicked the door and didn't care because Lex's
hard belly was brushing his cock, his cock was painting Lex's hard belly
and Lex was *fucking* him.

Shifting just a little and hitting *that* place inside him and Clark knew
he was babbling and could only stop to kiss, lick, suck Lex's tongue
because he wanted that fucking him, too. Wanted to swallow Lex, be
surrounded and surround him and be just what he wanted because it
was *Lex* --

"Clark... so tight --"

And it was the best compliment he'd ever had, the hottest thing, the
best thing and oh please don't stop, please don't --

Harder now, faster, and there was something important about the road
beneath them getting rougher but it was nothing he can hold on to
beyond reveling in the shock of every bump. The way it *slammed*
Lex into him, the way it rocked him up to take it, like sex was
something neither of them could ever control, a force of nature that
could take them anywhere.

"Clark... Clark, c'mon, touch yourself. You... you have to come --"

Scrabbled for his cock with one hand but couldn't take the other off
Lex's ass, Lex's pumping, flexing... oh *God* --

"Clark you're so perfect, so sexy --"

And his cock was almost too slick, he was almost *too* close, but Lex
didn't stop and Clark could be as vicious with himself as he needed to be
and Lex just looked so...


"Lex..." And the sound of his own voice took him over the edge, left
him pumping and pumping over his fist, splashing their bellies and
Lex squeezed his eyes shut and just kept rocking into him, moving
them both the way the rough roads did, better than the roads did, but
Clark wanted to *see*...

Reached up to touch Lex's face with his sticky hand and immediately
got his fingers sucked in to that hot, hot mouth and Lex was humming,
moaning, licking him clean and still thrusting and Clark swung his leg
up, dug his foot against Lex's back and wailed again.

Wondered if he could get hard *again* from this and knew he could,
knew now that Lex could maybe make him do just about anything just
to have *this*.

"Lex, please... open your eyes..."

And he did, and he choked out Clark's name like... like something
*dying* and slammed in one more time and. Oh.

He could feel Lex *coming*.

Inside him.

And then Lex's arms were shaking with the strain of holding himself
up and he was gasping for breath and that was too much like...
something, for Clark to bear.

Clark pulled Lex down on top of him. Held on when he tried to

Skin and sweat and heat and the tingle all over his skin that, at this
point in the evening, was almost *familiar*.


He'd had sex.

He'd had... really a *lot* of sex.

Grinned against Lex's face and kissed him when Lex just gave him a

Let himself stroke the sleek, sleek skin. Linger on muscle and then.
Well. He could *touch* Lex now. All the different ways he'd thought
about and not thought about and just... wondered about.

The way Lex had always looked at him like something incredibly
desirable, and this *was* what it all meant. Sex in a limo and words
he still couldn't believe Lex had actually said running through his mind
on an endless loop that *would* have him hard again soon if he
wasn't careful.

Thought maybe Lex would find it a little weird... would he?

Maybe just... flattering?

Grinned again and licked Lex's mouth.

"Mmph. If you're always *this* cheerful after being fucked..."

"Well, it's only been the once --"

"God, don't *say* that --"

"... but I'm willing to try it again. I mean, you're a scientist, right?
You're supposed to test these things. I mean, what if I'm not cheerful
if you... if you fucked me in a bed? Or... or a hayloft?"

"You really just said that, didn't you?"

"I blame the sex. Lex. Did you know your name rhymes with sex?"

Lex groaned and buried his face against Clark's shoulder. "My God.
How am I supposed to take you *home* like this?"

"Um... I could just say I was excited about the opening?"

"Right. Do you have any idea how you *smell*?"

"Sexy? Because..." Took a long, happy sniff. "That's how you smell.
Sexy. Sexy Le -- mmph!"

Hand over his mouth quicker than he would've believed, but then, well.
Lex. Sexy. Heh. Clark licked Lex's palm, squirmed at the ticklish chuff
of Lex's laughter against his throat. Stilled at the feel of Lex biting him
there and ohhh. "We are going back to the castle --"

Bucked up against Lex helplessly.

"Jesus, Clark! We're going back to the castle so you can shower. Alone.
And stop looking like... that."

"Mmph mmph mm!"

"I don't *have* to look at you, everything about you is screaming 'look
at me! Not a virgin anymore!'"

Clark bit Lex's hand. Not fair that he was that easy to read. But then
Lex shifted until he was looking down at him, and that was... really
nice. Kissed Lex's hand instead and got to watch him shiver, close his


Pulled Lex's hand from his mouth. "Okay. I'll behave."

"Thank God. I really don't want to get arrested. Or shot. Or arrested
and *then* shot."

"Right. Discreet. I can do that."

Lex snorted, shifted away enough to look out the window. "Well, do
it fast, because I think we've been circling Smallville for a while now."

"Fast. Okay. Um. Yeah. Are you sure about that showering alone

And Lex felt really, really good laughing on top of him, collapsed so
conveniently that, really, Clark *had* to hold him.

And stroke his back.

And his ass.

Heh. Sex.