One day, I was depressed. Really, really depressed.
The Spike suggested I make some art, but I couldn't think of anything
I wanted to do -- it all seemed dull.

I dutifully opened Ultimate Paint just the same, though, and went
flipping through my files to see if there was anything I wanted to
fuck with, when it occurred to me that I could try making porn.

I really didn't think it would work. I mean, I'm not very good at graphic
art that requires this sort of manipulation. However, to my surprise, my
first attempt came out not that bad.

Good enough to please me, problematic enough to fill me with the urge to do
more. This page is the result.

Beware: nudity ahoy.

Page updated December 22, 2002 with two new images.

Buffy/SMG, or the terrible amusement of a twisted mind.
Anya/EC, or 'wow, that's DIRTY.'
Cordelia/CC, or 'this is harder than it looks.'
Drusilla/JL, or the obsession becomes official.

America Loves You


The Tease

The Goddess in the Basement

The Hitcher (wallpaper)

Welcome home, Xander


Classic Nude

Fey, AKA I Am Not A Child Pornographer

Surprise! (wallpaper)

Clark/TW, or 'OKAY, Livia, I'll do some guys, too.' Faith/ED, or 'did I mention this was harder than it looks?' Lex/MR, or 'hunh. I guess his head IS kinda odd.' Willow/AH, or Abstract Is Fun. And sometimes necessary.

Vulnerable. Aww.

No, Really, It's A Perspective Thing

Fight Club

It's How You Carry It.

Untitled, AKA If You Look Closely You Can See His Wee Wee

FLASH, AKA No, I Don't Know How She Wound Up Blonde


Flutterby, AKA No, Really, I Didn't Do Anything To Eliza's Face

Wes Bentley (young Bruce Wayne, in my head), or 'mmm, DIRTY.' Gunn/JAR, or Shame Is The Enemy. Ray K./CKR, or 'there's gotta be someone whose head would work on that body.' River/SG, or 'she's legal, I swear, officer.'


God. Damn.

Real Men Wear Pink

At Rest

Tara/AB, or Expect More Here Soon Xander/NB, or "dammit, Nicky, look UP." Connor/VK, or "just tell me he's legal one more time." Couples, or Smoking the BAD Crack.

Yummy Tummy, AKA Win This For Recruiting Your Thousandth New Babydyke!

Heh heh. Heh. Hehhh.


Set Piece

Mmm. Nipply.


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