Post-Grad Snippet: Always More
by Te
October 1999

Disclaimers: I love them so, but I give them back.

Spoilers: Not a one.

Ratings Note: PG-13? R?

Summary: A little moment with Spike and Xander.

Author's Note: Starts a few minutes after Post-Grad II: On Holiday
ends. No real spoilers.

Acknowledgments: For my sweetest of Raes, because she knows what she


Still on their knees, facing each other. Holding on.

Sweet hot flesh in his arms, pressed to him at more places than he
can count without losing control utterly. Spike has long since
accepted that some surrenders are inevitable, and it took a long
time for Xander to truly relax again after his declaration.

I love you.

Spike loved Xander. Spike was in love with Xander. This was not a
surprise, nor was it new. In truth, Spike had hesitated before saving
the boy's life, because the chances were so slim that Xander would be
*himself*. Mortals tended to get huffy about interacting with vampires
when they didn't have a death wish.

But Xander had come around so very, very quickly... just a few
touches, just a few questions, and there he was. Laid out before him
and wanting. Laid out before him and beckoning. Pleading, begging,
demanding and finally, finally taking. Imprisoned in the sunlit hours
and his own enforced weakness (perhaps if he didn't kill so many...)
hungered for and hated so sweetly with every touch until sunset....

His cock twitched shamelessly against Xander's belly, triggering a
shift but not a retreat. A breath against his throat. He wanted to be
kissed there, and he shifted himself, closer to the heat and wetness,
closer still until swollen (he could feel the blood pulse within them)
lips dragged just slightly against him.

Low chuckle. "Look, Ma, no razor-sharp fangs." But he didn't move.

"It isn't *always* about blood, Xander."

"Mmmm, so you keep telling me, so I keep refusing to listen."



"True. Suck me."


"Is this a problem, Xander?"

"I think you should make my mouth stop hurting first."

"I think I like you human."

"Oh well, no suckee-suckee for you, then..."


"That's *prostitute* to you, corpsicle."

Spike smiled as much as he could while still in game, squeezed. "Are
you cold?"

"No. Yes. Not enough for you to move... don't squeeze too much, though
-- it's a little like hugging the fridge."

"Should I --"

"No. No."

Christ... so much... "Kiss me... no, where I can feel it."

And Xander's mouth finally began to move in something just as fine as
speech, over his throat, his sticky chest, his arms and fingers. He
wanted to point out that he was being made love to, wanted to watch
Xander's eyes as the boy accepted that fact.

Wanted to push, take.

Settled on his back instead and prayed, somewhere, for more.


Inspiring quote:

I would like to be the air
that inhabits you for a moment
only. I would like to be that unnoticed
& that necessary.

from "A Variation On the Word Sleep" by... Someone. <snerk>

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