Project IV: Control
by Te
October 2001

Disclaimers: If they belonged to me, I'd have a pretty stupid
grin on my face.

Spoilers: None, really.

Summary: Clark has a problem.

Ratings Note: NC-17.

Author's Note: Takes place mere minutes after the close of
Project III.

Acknowledgments: To my lovely We, for encouraging this
sort of behaviour and digging me out of holes, besides. To
Iain, for demanding a certain amount of... pink. <g>

Feedback -- not just for high school kids anymore!


Lex's sheets are so blue they're nearly black, an indigo Clark
wants to be able to touch, wrap around himself whenever he
needs to hide.

Not now.

Lex is naked, sitting casually just off-center, one knee up and
the other folded. Watching Clark watch him. Waiting for him.

Looking like nothing he'd ever thought to want and everything
he needs right now. No sound but their own breath, warmth
and questions in the man's eyes that he's not asking.

Clark wonders if this is what it feels like to be adult, the
confusion and inescapable sense that something has changed.
That everything changes and there's no way to stop it. He'd only
left long enough to use the massive bathroom, and coming back
to this is deep, huge in a way he doesn't have words for.

He wants to hear Lex call his name again.

Wants to taste him, study all that pale skin against the dark
sheets. Bury himself in this thing between them and never
have to think about anything else.

Clark crawls onto the bed and Lex makes a soft sound.
Reaches for him, shifts up on his knees to kiss him, sweep
surprisingly strong hands over his back.


Something like being dazed to hear his name spoken like
that. Lex's sleepy-eyed smile just making him want to kiss,
again and again. Everything an invitation, everything meant
to make Clark relax, give in, and it's so tempting.

Like a stretch of empty field when the sun is high and his legs,
his whole body is itching for some indefinable motion. But this
is slow, almost lazy, and Clark wants to.

Take his time.

Push at Lex gently until he lays down and work on learning to
kiss him, what he likes and what he wants Clark to do.

Tries to imagine looking the way Lex does. Not the physical so
much as the way he seems to be always ready for this, for
*sex*. For Clark to touch and take what he needs. Like
something scrawled on the wall in a public bathroom, only
completely different.

Makes him rock a little helplessly against Lex's hip, blushing
and biting his own lip until Lex touches his mouth. And then
Clark has to taste his fingers, close his eyes and let his mouth
do everything it wants. Wet and messy and better than he can
believe, one hand on Lex's smooth, smooth chest and seeking.

Small, tight nipples and Clark opens his eyes a little. Asking

"Do what you want, Clark, it's okay..."

Moans around Lex's fingers and pinches his nipple --

"Harder --"

Arousal like an icy knot and Lex pushing up into his touch and
Clark *has* to watch this. See it and learn it and make it happen
again and again. Slips his mouth off Lex's fingers and shifts
enough to be able to watch his face. Half-lidded eyes and Lex's
mouth looks bruised.

"Clark. Do that again."

"Oh God... okay..."

Straddles Lex cautiously, silky heat of him between his thighs,
beneath him and *wanting* him and Clark gives Lex's nipples a
short, sharp twist. Lex's gasp like a blow.

Does it again and again until Lex is writhing under him, rucking
the sheets and Clark is hard. Needing but not wanting to hurt
but desperate for Lex to gasp again. Groan for him and need
this the way he does. Shifts and bends until he can taste the
hard little nipples, kiss and suck and lap away what he's
done --

"Bite them, Clark..."

-- low, rough voice making Clark groan and he does it, moving
from side to side, getting Lex wet and pushing up against the
hands in his hair, needing them to be more brutal somehow.

An answer to this and Clark moves down, tasting as he goes,
and when Lex's cock bumps his chin, he can't wait.

Takes Lex in and sucks, trying to think of what he'd like and
letting his hands roam. Hairless all over and it hits Clark in ways
he can't even understand. Has to pet him and stroke him and,
God, suck him. Sink down the shaft as low as he can until it
gags him. Knows vaguely that there has to be some way to do
this and Clark keeps trying, again and again until Lex pushes
him off.

Clark flushes hard. "I'm sorry, Lex. I just wanted to..." Take
you in. (In me)

"Hey, shh. We don't have to do everything right away."

"I want to."

"God, Clark..." And Lex just looks at him for a long moment.
Clark's about to move for his cock again when he speaks. "Come
up here. I want to show you something."

Clark shivers and complies, searching Lex's eyes. Raw hunger
and calculation.

"Get on your hands and knees."

"Lex --"

"I won't hurt you, Clark, I promise."

And there's a pang, somewhere deep. Lex *can't* hurt him, not
like that, but, oh, he looks so hungry. Like he'd never stop. Clark
stares. Swallows and gets in position.

"That's it... God, you're gorgeous." Lex's hands fanning over his
back, down to his waist and beyond. Hot breath on his spine and
Lex's tongue, wicked and clever and making Clark jerk. "Easy,
easy. It's okay, I promise."

"No, it's... I'm okay..."

Low chuckle and one hand slipping around to tease Clark's
nipple. "I'm going to make you much, much better than okay,

"Oh God..."

"Do you trust me?" Biting kisses at the base of his spine.

"Lex, I want... I want --"

"Good enough."

And Lex spreads him wide, but before Clark can brace himself
there's breath.



"Lex, Lex no, that's --"

Wet stripe up his cleft and Clark's arms buckle and Lex is.
Tasting him. Holding him spread and.

Liquid slice of feeling *there* and Clark jerks, tries to speak, but
can only moan. Can't even breathe and Lex is holding him, trying
to hold him still but Clark has to move.

Push back, take this, claw at the sheets and when Lex's tongue
slips inside, *inside* him, Clark gasps and shouts. Whole body
prickling with heat, cock leaking, and Lex, oh God Lex --

And Lex is thrusting his tongue now, thrusting in and *fucking*
him this way. Holding him spread wide and taking him and Clark
thinks he might be begging.

Something that would explain the sounds he can barely hear
over the pound of his blood, the wash of sensation that's going
to kill him going to break him -- "*Lex*!"

Scrabbles blindly for the bedpost and he has to remember not
to snap it like a twig, has to keep control, but Lex is tearing him
apart and Clark can't hold it, can't --

"Stop, Lex, oh please stop you have to oh god please
*stop* --"

And for a moment it doesn't seem like he will and Clark knows
he won't be able to hide, not any longer. Taste of salt in his
mouth and the apologies he'll have to make, the look that would
be in Lex's eyes, almost worth it for this sweetness, this
incredible surrender...

But Lex pulls away and Clark collapses. Curls up on himself and
tries to swallow it all down, put it back where it belongs because
no one, no one can ever know.

Warm hand on his shoulder, shaking him a little. "Clark?"

Sucks in a breath but he has no idea what to say.

"Clark, what's wrong?" Strain in Lex's voice, tension like razor
wire and Clark has to laugh, a little.

"Too... too good, Lex. I... I can't..."

"What can't you do? Feel good?" Lex tugging him out of himself,
laying Clark out flat again and he doesn't want to open his eyes.

Hand brushing at his cheek and Clark realizes he's been crying.
Wants to hide his face. He can't think of a thing to say.

"Shh, its okay, Clark. We don't have to... there are other things
we can do."

"I liked it, Lex, I did, I just can't..."

"I want you to trust me."

Opens his eyes to find Lex staring down at him, lips swollen
and eyes wild. "I *do*, just --"

"Not with everything?"

Misery like a fist and all Clark wants to do is roll over again,
show Lex how much... show him everything he can have if he
only just. Doesn't stop. Stays here, like this. "I... let me."

Lex's thumb at the corner of Clark's mouth. "What should I let
you do, Clark?"

Swallows again and tries not to blush. "Teach me... how to
make you feel like that."

"Well, that doesn't seem fair, now does it?"


"If I can't make you scream, why should you get to make me

"Oh. Oh, God, Lex..." Reaches out for him, but Lex moves just
out of reach, teasing light in his eyes and the crushing absence
of his skin against Clark's.

"I like the sounds you make for me, Clark. You loved having my
tongue in your ass, didn't you?"

"Yes, yes, but --"

"Are you afraid of losing control?"

And Clark eyes are wide open now. God, like every nightmare
his parents had carefully instilled. "Lex --"

"There are ways around everything, Clark. Consider that a free
lesson in the way the world works. But, for now... I can help
you lose control. You just need... something else to focus on."

"I don't understand..."

Lex rummages in the nightstand beside the bed and brings
out. Cuffs.

Leather ones.

Drops them on the bed between them.

"Uh, Lex..."

Wicked smile. "Kink is in the eye of the beholder, Clark. I
want to tongue you and I want to fuck you. You're afraid of
losing control. Let me help."

"Lex, I don't think..." Shuts himself up. What is he supposed
to say to that? That sounds wonderful, but your cuffs couldn't
hold me? Maybe if you left my arms in concrete and let it set for
a while it would be okay?

And God, Clark *wants*. So badly he aches, and Lex is still
not touching him. Still just watching him and waiting for an


"Do you have... stronger cuffs?"

And Lex almost purrs. Runs one finger down the center of
Clark's torso, just pausing at his navel. "I think I know exactly
what you need. Just give me a moment, there are still some
unpacked boxes in my office..."

Clark watches him go, watches muscles flex and work and
wracks his brain for something, anything to say.

So hard and maybe if he just took Lex in his arms, held him
down and kissed and sucked and bit at him, made him
forget --

Wave of dizziness hits him like a padded two-by-four and Lex
is in the doorway, leather straps in one hand and the necklace
in the other.

"I almost forgot this again, Clark, you left it behind in the
cornfield... is it yours?"

"Ah... no, actually," and it's all he can do not to crawl away. "It
was the football team's... little joke."

Lex's eyes boring into him and Clark holds on. Doesn't look
away. If Lex comes any closer... "Hmm. In that case," Lex
tosses the chain at the dresser on the far side of the room
and crawls back on the bed. "Will these do?"

"I..." The necklace is still far enough away that he can think,
but not far enough to let him be anything but. Weak. There is
irony here, but Clark can't quite focus in on it. "Yeah. They
will." It's possible that yarn would, at this point.

"Turn over for me."

"Will you let me touch you after... after?"

"All you want."

And, for some part of him, that's all he needs to hear. Rolls
over and stretches his arms out, not bothering to fight the
dizziness, the near-queasy waves of weakness running
through him, curling around something low in his gut and

The sheets are too smooth against his cock.

Lex is warm and sure. As confident in this as in everything
else they've done, tying Clark securely and then just touching

Stroking his back and legs, digging his fingers in to the muscle
and kneading there, and there. Gentling him like a restive horse
and that, more than anything else, makes Clark realize how
helpless he is like this.

Tied down to Lex's bed, face down and he couldn't move if he
wanted to. Or, he can, but only in the ways Lex allows. No one
has to be hurt if Clark.

Lets go.

"You ready for me, Clark?" Lex's hands on his ass again, thumbs
digging a little into the muscle.

"Yes..." Ending in a hiss when Lex spreads him wide and dives
in, teasing and thrusting and Clark moans into the pillow.
Intensity like he can't believe, everything sharper, deeper now
with the necklace close.

No one to save him at all.

And the thought is like breaking, like the way he's being licked
open and spread out. The way he can't help but struggle up
onto his knees --

"There's nowhere to go, Clark," that low, rough voice and hot
breath against what's somehow become the most sensitive,
most important part of his body.

Whimpering when Lex slips in again, the slow insinuation of
flesh and Clark is shaking, begging and writhing. Drugged on
this and tugging at the straps, breathing in pure sex and lost
to everything but feeling.


Near sobbing when he pulls back, unable to stop his hips from
pushing, searching. The pillow's wet with sweat and tears and
Clark needs *more*.

The sound of the drawer again and then cool slickness in his
cleft. Lex's fingers and the knowledge that he's about to be

Raw inevitability like something painfully sweet and Clark pulls
at the restraints, fisting his hands and flexing uselessly.

Lex won't hurt him.

Fingers inside him and stretching, pushing deeper and Clark's
tongue feels thick in his mouth. He's both sleepy and wired, and
hard as he's ever been.

Cries out when Lex finds *something* inside him, something
bright as pain and works it and Clark's thrusting back, animal
mindless and needing, needing...

"Oh, Clark, you're going to love this..."

"Please, Lex..."

"Soon. I couldn't hold back --" Lex cuts himself off and thrusts
harder with his fingers, rough burn all through him and
something like knowledge.

"Oh, God, more --"

"Anything you want," and pulls out only long enough to line
himself up against Clark's hole.

Blunt heat behind a thin layer of latex and Clark pushes back,
struggling against the restraints for more leverage and not
getting it.

Lex's hand on the back of his neck firm and maddening as Lex
pushes. In.

"Easy, Clark... just breathe..."

Moans and tries to relax, breaking out in new sweat, eyes wide
at the stretch of it, the burn and utter solid *fact* of Lex's cock
sinking deep inside him. Slow and implacable. Lex so hard inside

Wanting Clark this badly.

Smooth skin against his ass, finally, and Lex is all the way in.
Petting him and rocking his hips just a little. Seating himself
more firmly and Clark can't speak.

Can't do anything but be moved with it, hold onto the straps
and shudder.

"Ah, God, you're tight. Can't believe you..."

Hand around his flagging cock, stroking him expertly and it
makes Clark thrust involuntarily, down and back against Lex,
spitted on his cock and shouting something wordless when Lex
starts to move.

Slow at first, but not for long, stripping Clark's cock ruthlessly
and pulling him back against him and it's good, so good, like
being torn apart, like being nothing but the sum of his body
and the grinding pleasure of being taken like this.

"Jesus, Clark --"

Angle shift and now Lex is hitting that spot every time, thrusting
hard and fast and Clark gives up to the rhythm, tossing his
head and straining for more, unable to hold in the sounds and.


Comes sobbing Lex's name, spunk hot as blood spattering his
body and the sheets, Lex *slamming* in now, muttering
something unintelligible and rocking the bed with every stroke.

Clark struggles to stay upright for it, scrabbling weakly and
begging Lex to come for him, inside him --

"*Fuck* --"

And Lex collapses on top of him, driving them both to the
mattress, licking and biting the back of Clark's neck for long

"Mmm... but you need air, don't you?" Another bite. "Hold on,
this is going to be a little uncomfortable..."

Slips out of Clark and for a moment it feels like his insides are
going to follow him, but it's okay. Something to hold on to,
because everything else is too huge and fast to even
comprehend right now.

Lex undoing the straps and coaxing Clark to turn over.

Rubbing his wrists and studying him carefully, blue-grey eyes
alight, but cautious.

"You with me, Clark?"

"I... uh. Yeah. I'm just. Wow."

Lex's smile is, for once, simple. Easy to respond to. "I can go
with 'wow.' Yeah, I'd have to say 'wow' works for me."

Lays down with him when Clark reaches out. Bites Clark's
earlobe and throws a casual arm over his torso. Smooth even
there, and Clark's hands can't seem to get their fill of this.
Lex's skin it's own addiction, maybe more so than everything

Or at least the implied freedom of it, all for Clark.

"Mmph. If I *had* any hair to start with, it'd be gone by now."

"Oh, sorry, I didn't --"

"Don't apologize, Clark. I... like the way you touch me."

Looks up at the hesitation, but Lex has his eyes closed. Mouth
curled into the suggestion of a smile. The sun's going to go
down soon, but Clark still has a little time.

All sorts of reasons why he doesn't want to move just yet,
and the necklace is the least of them.


Who opens his eyes, runs a finger down the bridge of Clark's
nose. "What?"

"Nothing." And Clark smiles broadly.

A little time.