Project VI: Push
by Te
October 2001

Disclaimers: If they belonged to me, I'd be all a'tingle.

Spoilers: Vague, skewed ones for Metamorphosis.

Summary: Lex takes a new tack.

Ratings Note: NC-17

Author's Note: Takes place the afternoon following Project V.
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Acknowledgments: To my Debba, for making noises. <g>

Feedback banishes monosexuality in fictional characters. Isn't
that useful?


Clark had spent most of the day somewhere between
daydreaming and the desperate fear that someone, anyone
would ask what he was thinking about.

Last night things had still made a little sense.

Do his chores, do his homework while Chloe talked about
everything and nothing in his ear... routine, just like any
other night.

Parents downstairs, talking in low voices, undoubtedly
worried about him. Clark gets that, he really does. Wonders
how much of the grey in his Dad's hair is directly related to
him sometimes.

In the end, though, it had been a perfectly normal night,
ending as it usually did with Clark at his telescope.

Searching the sky for some hint of explanation.

Focusing in on Lana's house, though it was too chilly a night to
expect her to come outside.

Light in her bedroom window, soft and warm, filtered through
the curtains.

He'd wondered what Lex would think of this habit, decided
the man would probably laugh instead of reporting him to the
cops. Lex didn't seem like the kind of person who reported
people on a regular basis. Just... not quite his style, somehow.

Not for the first time, Clark had found himself wondering what
Lex had been like as a teenager. Where he would've fit in the
Smallville High social order.

All those black clothes, all that pale skin.

Impossible to imagine him much smaller than he is now. Lex
moves like someone who was born to inhabit the body he's in.
Lex moves like he's never had to deal with anything
*resembling* high school, really. Not unless he was one of the
popular kids...

Even with the money, Clark can't picture that.

Lex would've been too different, too. Bald.


Maybe that's what he sees in Clark. Someone getting along as
best he can and trying not to get crucified too often.

Whitney's back-handed apology for it like an itch under the

Eventually, Lana's light had gone out and Clark had turned
back to the stars for one final look before heading to bed.

And the dreams had kept him tossing and turning all night.
Which, while better than waking up a foot in the air, still wasn't
pleasant. The dreams...

In daylight he can't remember much. A lot of running and
hiding. The skittering of insects. Lana's eyes wide and
unreadable and Lex's cock between his lips.

Waking with his fingers in his mouth and his cock so hard he'd
had to masturbate before he could pee.

Imagining Lex's hand. Lex's mouth. Lex's silky, welcoming skin
and the promise of this afternoon.


Only Chloe catches him before he can take off, concerned
warring with stubborn on her face. Something was *always*
warring with stubborn on her face.

Her... pretty face? Clark does his best to look for it, but it's
all superimposed over the image of her stealing his books
and daring Clark to catch her, blonde pigtails askew and two
front teeth missing.

His friend.

Who's talking to him.

"... listening to me, Clark?"

"What? Oh, sorry, Chloe, I was just... somewhere else."

"Yeah, the same somewhere else you've been all day. What's
up with you, Clark? You feeling all right?"

"I'm great, Chloe, really."

"You're a goof, is what you are." Smiles when she says it. "We
still on for tomorrow night?"


"The test? That we're studying for? Jesus, what happened to
you? Did Lana smile at you or something?"

"I... what?"

Chloe looks sad for an incomprehensible moment before
shaking her head. Showing her teeth in something like a smile.
"Nothing, Clark. Just remember, we're all studying at Pete's
house. *Pete's house*. Do you remember where it is?"

"Yes, Chloe, I remember."

"Okay, well... I'll see you tomorrow."

And she's gone, jogging for the bus that Clark won't take

It's almost torture to walk at a normal pace until he's out of
sight, like his whole body is just revved for whatever's going
to happen.

Or, he knows pretty well what's going to happen, which
doesn't make it  *easier* to walk.

Sex with Lex like something that someone, somewhere,
should have listed as expressly forbidden when Clark was
young and impressionable.

Too late now.

He wonders if this is changing him in some vast, irreversible way.
Beyond the obvious.

Only, this all must've been here forever, hidden under everything
else like a monster in the deep, dark woods.

Clark isn't especially scared, though. Everything's felt too right.

Too necessary, whether he'd known he needed it or not.

The Luthor castle is just as huge as it was yesterday. Clark
wonders if he'll see any more of the rooms.

Clark wonders if he really cares.

Lex answers the door himself and for a moment Clark isn't sure
what he wants to do. Manages a "hi." Doesn't manage not to
stare. Lex in black again, suit rumpled and shirt open at the

Clark can't quite picture what he'd look like in a tie. Lex looks
more like he's just come home from a party than from anything
resembling work. Lounging in the doorway with a half-smile.

"Clark... I wasn't expecting you for a little while, yet."

"Oh, I... school's not that far away."

"And you came right over." Lex looks him up and down, slowly
and with obvious... pleasure. "I like that."

"Punctuality is another one of my good qualities."

"Well, it's certainly working for me... c'mon in, Clark." Steps into
the dimness of the foyer and Clark's palms ache with the need
to touch. "Can I get you anything?"

You. "Oh, uh. Water would be good." He can't say he doesn't
recognize the sound of his own voice. It's how he always
sounds in this place.

Lex nods, smiles at him again from over his shoulder. Looking at
Clark like he knows every thought in his head and can guess the
images. "Kitchen's this way."

Clark follows him, close enough to bump against Lex when he
stops. "Oh, sorry..."

"I'm not." And Lex reaches for Clark's hand and brings it around
to his belly. Warm through the shirt and Clark's finger slips
between buttons.


Lex's head casually bent, neck bare and white and beautiful and
Clark is just about to wrap his arms around Lex when he moves
forward again.

"But you wanted some water, didn't you?"

"Wha...? Oh. Yeah, water."

Down a long, cool hallway and around several corners and Clark
is in a kitchen he thinks his mother might commit murder for.

Huge, steel, and equipped with things Clark has no name for.
Kitchen of the Gods, and it really shouldn't have been a surprise.
Everything in the house done on some impossible scale.

Enough to distract him until Lex presses a cold glass against his

Looking up at him slyly and Clark nearly fumbles the thing until
he can get a grip.

Chugs the water mindlessly and reaches for Lex... who grabs his
hands in his own.

Smiles at Clark. "What do you want to do today, Clark?"

"I... I..." Blushing hard and squeezing Lex's hand a little before
he can stop himself. Knowing he looks like an idiot, but already
hard. The bit of Lex's throat showing like a goad, and Clark
knows he's staring again.


"Lex... I can't --"

"I want to hear you say it, Clark. I want you to tell me
everything you want to do to me."

And said like that, it's impossible not to picture Lex under him,
wanting him and writhing with it while Clark... "I want to. Touch
you." Pushes closer, but Lex is holding him back. Eyes all grey
in this light. Focused.

"That's a start. Touch me how?"

"W-with my hands. My mouth. Lex, please."


"All... God, all over you."

And this time Lex is the one squeezing, but he's still holding
Clark back. "Tell me more."

"But... why?"

"Because I want to hear it, Clark. I want to *know*." Voice
dark and serious. Sensual as a caress. Impossible that only
their hands are touching.

"I want to... to... *Lex* --"

"Tell me, Clark."

"I want to suck you. A-and bite you. Run my hands all over
you --"

And Lex lets go, starts to say something else but Clark is
kissing him, hands between them and fumbling at Lex's shirt
buttons. Clatter of one hitting the floor like something damning
and Clark tastes the skin of Lex's chest, licks and scrapes his
teeth and holds Lex still.

Bites one nipple and sucks hard, Lex's hands in his hair and
Lex's skin between his teeth.

"*Clark* --"

Drops to his knees and keeps unbuttoning, Lex's navel
demanding attention and Clark tongues him there, wraps one
arm around Lex's waist and *holds* him, scrabbling with his
other hand at Lex's belt, Lex's fly.

Pushes his face against the heat and hardness there and

Thinks about tearing the pants open with his teeth for one
long, serious moment, before letting go of Lex just long enough
to get his pants down.

"Teach me how, Lex." Command in his voice that he can't tone
down and doesn't want to. Teased and driven, somehow. Lex's
fault, all Lex's fault and Clark wants to *show* him something.

Lex's hand tightens in his hair and Clark licks the head of his
cock. "Fuck... it's just... you have to swallow, Clark. Swallow
my cock."

Thrusts at empty air and takes Lex in, licking and sucking and
trying to focus. Concentrate on making this incredible.

Listens for Lex's little sounds and tries to coax more out of him,
tonguing the slit in a way he thinks might be too hard, but
which makes Lex curse and tear a few hairs away.

Takes a deep breath and moves down the shaft. Fucks his
own mouth that way for a few moments before attempting to
take Lex into his throat, swallowing and swallowing and not
getting it.

Gagging slightly and somewhere close to growling and if Lex
tries to pull him off, Clark doesn't notice.

Goes down again and *almost* gets it, like fitting an overlarge
key to a lock.

Tries again and Lex is in. Clark gasps through his nose and
tries not to drool, tries not to snap Lex's pelvis in his hands.
Tugging him out and pulling him back down his throat.

Wants to be taken that way. Wants to be *fucked* --

"Oh God, Clark --"

-- and Lex does, thrusting fast enough to make Clark's lips
feel bruised, his throat raw and used, and Clark can feel Lex
trembling. Has just enough time to wonder if it means he's
about to come before Lex does, pulsing down Clark's throat.

Panting while Clark breathes through his nose and pries his
fingers loose. Lex pulls out, sways for a moment before Clark
catches him.

Gazes down at Clark with a look somewhere between shock
and triumph. Happiness in there like an afterthought and Lex
is kneeling in front of him.

Shallow kisses that probably aren't meant to be as much of
a tease as they feel like.

Clark slips his hand under the back of Lex's shirt and pulls him
in for a deeper kiss, holding him tighter than he has to. Some
instinctive urge to pin the man down and keep him there for
Clark to have and have *now*.

But Lex struggles away, half-wild look in his eyes. "We'll be
more comfortable in the bedroom."

Perfectly reasonable, but it feels a little like no and Clark
doesn't let go right away.

Pushes Lex's collar out of the way and licks the mark he left on
his neck, bruised purple, glaring against Lex's skin.

Wants to leave marks all over him and finds an unbruised
spot to suck. Drinking in Lex's shudders and pushing closer until
Lex pulls back again, flushed pink and licking his lips.

"Clark, do you really want to do this on the floor?"

"Anywhere." Out before he can stop himself, before he can
think. Lex pressing back against his hands, but not quite to
get away.

Lex's hand between them, shaping itself against Clark's jeans
and pressing, just a little. "Mm. We're going to have to explore
that attitude. In depth. But I think there are things upstairs
you just might... need."

Too dazed to imagine anything beyond Lex in the straps for a
moment, but then it hits him. Hard enough that some small
sound escapes him before he can stop it, Lex leaning in close
enough to kiss but not doing it. Eyes half-closed, half-in Clark's
lap, and Clark slips a hand down the back of his pants, slow
and breathing hard. "You... you want this?" Aching with the
need to slip his thumb in the cleft.

"What do you want, Clark?"

"I... I want to. Be inside you."

"Then come upstairs."

Follows dumbly, some caveman impulse to throw Lex over his
shoulder and *run* them upstairs barely restrained. He can't
keep his hands off Lex, though, pushing him against the wall
on the landing and just *touching*.

Lex opening his mouth to say something, but Clark kisses him
again and again, pulls him tight against his body and holds on,
one leg between Lex's own and rocking a little.

Wants blindly and completely, thrusting when Lex bites his
throat and ready to forget everything beyond getting naked,
getting down on the floor and *having* Lex, teaching him
not to.

Making him understand...

*Something*, but Lex struggles away again. Leans away from
Clark's searching mouth. "Upstairs."

"I want you."

"Sometimes you have to just take what you want, Clark." And
Lex is moving again. Up the stairs, down the hall, into the
bedroom where Clark grabs him, undoes his pants again,
waiting impatiently for Lex to toe off his shoes and socks.

Touching all that smooth skin and the only thing Clark can
think is *mine*.

His Lex, his sexy, arrogant Lex and Clark thinks it's only the
edge of anger that's keeping him from losing it. That and the
sight of finger-shaped bruises on Lex's hips.

Wants to ask, make sure he's all right, but Clark can't make
his mouth work. Half-tearing off his own clothes and walking
Lex back to the bed. Hissing through his teeth at the touch of
skin on skin, at the way Lex just lies there beneath him.


And God, yes, Clark can take.

Pinches Lex's nipples hard, leans in to give biting kisses
everywhere he can reach. Runs his hands down Lex's arms and
gets their fingers entwined.

Holds him down and stares into those blue-grey eyes. "Don't

Lex makes a small sound but stays still when Clark lets go,
rummaging through the drawers for whatever Lex had used
for lubricant. Trying to get his mind to work and finally grabbing
a likely looking tube.

Turns back to find Lex with one knee pulled up, thighs spread
like a dare. Clark pushes them further apart and looks his fill.
Smooth, tight skin behind Lex's balls and Clark remembers what
Lex had done before fucking him.

He hadn't been able to imagine doing the same until just now.
So smooth, and Clark runs his thumb down the strip of skin,
stopping at the hole.

The *small* hole, but Lex isn't stopping him, isn't doing
anything but gasping when Clark runs his thumb over the
puckered skin. Urging him on with his body, and had he looked
 like that?

Anything like that?

Slips the condom on with shaking fingers, *knowing* he
couldn't stop now if someone dropped a truck on his head.

Terrifying and wonderful, like being shot through with energy
and Clark feels.

So powerful.

Fumbles open the lube and gets it all over his fingers, cool and
slick feeling to it like nothing he would've quite considered
sexy. Before.

Slips in a finger easier than he would've guessed, eyes going
wide at the heat, the *grasp* of it and Clark squeezes his cock
viciously to keep from coming. Searches inside Lex for the spot
that made him so helpless and --

"Clark, *yes* --"

-- finds it with something like raw, animal triumph.

Pushes his finger as deep as he can and works it, watching Lex
starting to get hard again, watching Lex close his eyes and
sweat. Writhe.

He can almost imagine himself in Lex's place, almost *feel* it,
and God, he looks so gorgeous. Beautiful and losing it a little
more with every push and Clark needs to stretch him, needs to
be *inside* him.

Pours on more lube and the second finger goes in more slowly.
Lex pulling his other knee up and just so.

Open for him.

Offering himself and Clark stretches him as best he can, pressing
at the tiny bundle of feeling as much as he can, scissoring and
twisting and "C'mon, Lex, please, I need you open I need you..."
unable to stop babbling and Lex is fisting the sheets.

Low noises and the scent of him, sharply male with the edge of
sex and something indefinable that's pure Lex.

Clark shifts for better leverage and keeps thrusting with his
fingers, wanting more and wanting more from *Lex*. Bends
over to suck the head of Lex's stiffening cock --

"Oh Jesus *fuck*, Clark, oh god --"

Licks and scrapes his teeth gently and keeps thrusting with his

Lex's eyes squeezed shut and Clark has to *know*.

"Do you want this, Lex?"

A groan in response and Clark twists his fingers a little

"Do you want me to... fuck you?" Blushing hard but Lex can't
see him and Clark's feeling a little. Mean.

"Nnngh, God, you little *fucker*! Yes, dammit, fuck me, do it,
c'mon, Clark, do me --"

And Clark can't wait anymore. Lines himself up against Lex's
hole and pushes. Tight and hot around the head of his cock,
torture so wonderful Clark has to cry out, thrusting helplessly,
rocking his way deeper and deeper inside.

Realizing he's all the way in with something like shock, Lex
arched beneath him and absolutely gorgeous. Clark tries and
fails to catch his breath, tries to give Lex a moment to get
used to the feel of him, God, inside.

Holding steady through sheer force of will and Lex. Moves on

Grinds down against him, sweet and almost painful.


And the broken edge to Lex's voice is too much to take. Clark
steadies himself, pulls most of the way out and thrusts in
*hard* --

"Fuck yes, Clark, yes --"

Lex biting his lip and clawing at the sheets and Clark does it


Watching what it does to Lex and Clark can't stop himself from
touching, scraping at Lex's nipples and pushing his knees up
further until they lock around his waist. Holding him in and Clark
finds a rhythm, vicious and needful for them both.

Lex beneath him, surrounding him, absolutely everything in this
moment and Clark wants to do this forever. Slamming in and in
and in, wrapping his hands around Lex's wrists to hold him
down. *Keep* him there, even though he isn't trying to get

Isn't doing anything but riding Clark's rhythm and moaning,
sharp low sounds that make Clark hungrier, make him need
more, faster, *now*.

Eyes wide open now, looking so lost it makes something hurt

And then all he can do is rut, lose himself to this as much as he
dares and not nearly as much as he wants to.


Needing him.

Orgasm like a blow, leaving him gasping like a fish and unable
to stop thrusting for long moments, rocking the bed. Mind an
utter blank and the need to collapse. Lex hard between them
and eyes closed again, shut off in a way that Clark can't take.

Won't take.

Pulls out as carefully as he can and ditches the condom. Drags
Lex against him until they're spooned, kissing his neck over
and over and wrapping one hand around his cock.

Clark feels lazy and stupid and wonderful. Lex feels incredible
against him, hot and slick with sweat. So smooth. Strokes him
like he strokes himself, holding on.

Not taking a chance with letting Lex go.

"Are you... okay?"

Lex shudders. Chuckles hoarsely. Twines his fingers with
Clark's around his cock and dictates a faster rhythm. "Yeah, I...
yes. God, Clark."

Smiles against the back of Lex's neck and lets himself be
guided. "Now you know how I felt."

"Do I?"

Lex gasps out something unintelligible before Clark can answer
and it's too good to think about anything else. Lex in his arms
on the edge of coming.

Clark licks and sucks Lex's neck and strokes faster, getting an
awkward arm under Lex to tease his nipples and Lex comes
with a grunt, shaking something inside Clark to the core.


Wipes his hands on the sheets for lack of anything better and
lets himself. Hold on.

Wonders if Lex's definition of friend includes what could only
be described as cuddling, but Clark *can't* let go right now.
Needs this touch to ground him.

Convince himself it's real.

Intensity fading slowly and Clark realizes this... *thing*
between him and Lex is something he needs. Scary as anything,
but as long Lex lets him hold on, it's okay.

One hand over Lex's heart, feeling for the beat. Legs tangled.

Lex's odd quiet.

"Lex? Are you sure... is this okay?"


"Are you... okay with this?"

Lex turns in his arms, eyes unreadably thoughtful. Brushes hair
out of Clark's face and kisses him with an odd, slow gentleness
that makes Clark think of Lana. Other fantasies that don't
belong here with Lex, but Clark can't help but kiss back.

Wrap his arms around Lex and get as close as he can.

Needing this.

And when Lex breaks the kiss he doesn't say anything.

But he doesn't move away, either.