Project VII: Fist
by Te
November 2001

Disclaimers: If they were mine, I would probably lose the
capacity for intelligent speech pretty quickly. But hey,
sacrifices *must be made*.

Spoilers: Up through Cool, in a weird AUish way.

Summary: Working it out.

Ratings Note: NC-17

Author’s Note: God, this took *forever* to write. But do
the guys appreciate my work? No. No, they don’t.

Acknowledgments: To my Webrain for careful noodging
and reminding me that just because a story isn’t finished
within one waking period it doesn’t mean that it won’t
ever be finished. Thanks also to Sheila, for giggling in all
the right places. Gosh, she’s cute.

Feedback is all that keeps us from being blood-sucking


There's something so terribly clichéd about the way Lex
feels right now that he doesn't especially want to
acknowledge it.

Then again, he's spent all *day* not acknowledging it, and
the only thing it’s gotten him is a low grade headache and
fear in the eyes of those few employees unlucky enough
to have had to deal with him today. Still, work has been
completed, and that's... something.

Yes, something.

He has no idea if he's accomplished anything remotely
practical. That, at least, he can be honest about.

What he *has* accomplished, though...

And Lex shifts in his richly ergonomic chair, more in memory
than actual discomfort. Yesterday, Clark had been...
everything he could have wished for. More.

A hint of a tease of a refusal and Clark had *taken* him.
Fucked being far too prosaic a word for what the boy had
done. And done some more.

Hunger like Lex can't quite believe, above and beyond
all expectations, and Lex thinks it might just be a little
too late to worry about caution. 'Thinks' being a
somewhat optimistic way of looking at things.

Something like needful fear to realize Clark will
undoubtedly be back here today.


And he hasn't even begun to... what?

Process, maybe?

Clark's strength, Clark's hunger, Clark's... arms around
him. Holding Lex close as though he were the one who.
Needed it. And Lex still can't think of a way he could've
refused it without saying more than he wanted the boy
to hear.

And it had felt so... good.

A little too easy to go back to adolescent ideas of
hedonistic rebellion. At least... it seems as though it
should be. There shouldn't be anything easy at all
about getting fucked through the mattress by a high
school freshman and then held like a child.

No, not like a child. Like something...

And *this* is hard enough. Trying to put things into words
that he hasn't let himself think about in years. Hasn't
*wanted* to think about.

But if he just lets himself go on as he has been, then...

Lex takes a breath. Smoothes the paperwork into neat
little piles that will look positively rational and easy
come morning. Takes another breath and remembers the
way Clark's harsh breathing had echoed off all the metal
in the kitchen. Nose pressed to Lex's body and sucking
hard. Begging with everything *short* of words for Lex
to fuck his sweet, sweet mouth.

Had he still thought he'd had control at that moment?

Had Clark even cared?

What would all the little power games he'd been amusing
himself with since pulling Clark from the cross really
matter to the boy?

Maybe... maybe nothing so long as he could. Have Lex.

And that was a success, wasn't it? In the grand scheme
of things, Lex had had to do a lot worse than simply be
held in order to make someone want him. Need him like
Clark does, guilelessly.

Clark is well on his way to being *his*, project complete,
and... is he really upset about it taking such a short

No, that isn't it so much as a vague, hovering sense of
boredom on the horizon.

Or, of course, the stark terror of having boredom remain
*fully* on the horizon. He wants Clark. Genuinely
*likes* him in a way he hasn't liked a fuck in... much
too long.

Friendship, and all it can mean.

He wonders how Clark is doing with the Lang girl. Pretty
enough, gently exotic enough to interest any young man
with even a hint of heterosexual feeling. The most
popular girl in school, with just a hint of attractive
sadness. A victimish gleam to her that Clark may or
may not be even aware of wanting.

*If* Clark wants that.

But doesn't every fine young hero want someone to

And if he's going to sit here and muse on what Clark
might want... He'd arranged for Radiohead tickets after
seeing the way Clark looked at the girl. A gift just
intangible enough to make it under the Kent screens of
propriety. He'd even had a nice story for Clark to tell if
the boy refused. Something about winning them from
one of the local stations.

And yet... the concert had passed by without Lex ever

And he certainly hadn't forgotten. Had come close to
making the offer exactly once, with Clark getting
dressed to go home... and then he'd realized he hadn't
planned to mention Lana's name at all. Played his
distraction off by plastering a lazy smile on his face
and letting himself be kissed.


Except that he's already lying to Clark, in some obtuse
way that he could, probably, let himself off the hook for.
Does and doesn't want to do just that. If he did, then
he could simply keep going as he is, no changes, no...
challenges. Boredom looming ever closer, and he can
admit to himself that he doesn't *want* to be bored
with Clark. Not yet.

He doesn't have to be that cruel with a boy who...
needs him.

And if he *doesn't* let himself off the hook, then he
would be forced to admit that he doesn't want Clark
anywhere near the Lang girl. Doesn't want to foster
any of the idle fantasies of building the boy's
comically lacking self-esteem... not if it means.
Losing him.

Possessiveness he can't justify without falling into the
trap of trying to read into gestures.

Though if there was anyone who wouldn't know how to
lie with his body...


Comes to himself with a start, belatedly realizing that
he's hunched over his desk, rubbing his temples like a
stock broker on Black Friday. Two more broody thoughts
away from the window.


Shakes it off and finds Clark not quite hovering in the
doorway. Concern radiating like heat, familiar sweaters
and jeans. Boots for the pre-winter rains, though he
hardly seems damp at all.

Rueful smile. "The trick is to walk *between* the

And God, he'd said that aloud. Control like a fantastical
memory. Lex breathes. Tries on a smile. "And here I
was thinking that the rain just wouldn't dream of
touching you."

"I didn't think I was *that* disgusting..." Wide-eyed with
it, but still oddly serious.

Has to snort. "I was thinking more along the lines of
one natural force's respect for another, but..."

"You're calling me a force of nature, Lex?" Incredulous.

"Well, *I'm* feeling swept away." Clicks his teeth shut
and does his best not to wince. Not quite a lie and
wrong on both ends. And Clark is just looking... guilty.
Curious. Lex gets himself as much under control as he
can manage. "Are you all right, Clark?"

Startles him a little, but he recovers fast. "That's the
question I was gonna ask you, Lex. You seem a little...

Coming closer, all concern. Backpack over one shoulder
and oddly hesitant.

Lex wonders what's on his face. "I'm... I just had kind
of a long day, Clark."

Freezes him right there. "Oh. I... I can leave. If you

"Don't even think about it." Grins like a shark. This, at
least, is easy. Clark wants to be here so... Clark
should be here. Lex as answerer of all wishes. Hopes
that's all it is.

Gets that sly little smile that seems to suggest Clark
knows exactly what Lex is thinking about. Only slightly
ruined by the blush. "Okay. I... uh. I can stay for a little
while longer today. I'll be going over to Pete's to study
tonight, so my parents don't really. Um. Expect me."

Lex leans back in his chair. Decides not to examine the
warm feeling that comes from just the idea of having
Clark for another hour or two. He's really going to have
to find a way to get rid of the boy's parents for a week
or so. "I'm glad, Clark."

Clark allows himself to be scrutinized with something
between determination and curiosity.

"You really are beautiful."

"I'm not --"

"You can't argue with a subjective opinion, Clark. Don't
they teach rhetoric anymore?"

"Rhetoric? Um... I think that went out with school
uniforms and canings out here, Lex."

"What? No canings anymore? What is this world coming

Clark laughs tosses his backpack lightly at a chair, which
rocks a little from the impact, catching Lex's attention.
"Yeah, Lex. I can just picture little old Mrs. Winsett
letting fly on me for falling asleep in English class

And Lex loses his train of thought completely because
Clark. Clark, bent over, tossing his head and begging for
something he isn't even sure he knows as the
cane/belt/whatever comes down again.

And again.

"... to Lex. Hello? You in there?"

Clark sitting beside him, perched on the desk, caught in
the act of reaching out. Again. “Clark, can I ask you a

Brief wariness followed by the most fake ‘open’
expression he’s ever seen. “Sure.”

Secrets. What could possibly be a secret between them
at this point? “Sometimes you seem a little... hesitant
to touch me. Is there something that makes you

Clark blinks at him, doe-eyed and confused. Unfair that
even that’s attractive. “Wha...? No. I. Um. I really,
really like touching you, Lex.” Deep blush and a stare
that might as well be screaming ‘hey! look! I’m not
looking down *or* shuffling my feet right now!’

Lex laughs a little, shakes his head. Drags Clark’s hand
over to his shoulder, the join of his throat. Press of a
thumb against his pulsepoint and Lex lets his head fall
back. Lets his eyes go half-lidded and Clark is taking
those incredibly deep breaths.

Like there’s something in the air that he desperately
needs to take in.

But his touches, when they come, are... different. Light
and heavy in the wrong places. More like being petted
than caressed, and Lex knows that it isn’t a matter of
experience. “Clark...?”

And Clark leans in, rubs his cheek against Lex’s scalp
and that’s closer to it, but... two light kisses on his
eyelids, one on his mouth. Clark slipping to his knees
beside Lex’s chair, broad, strong hands on his thighs.
Head down. “Sometimes I just. Want to touch you.
Like... um. Like it doesn’t have to be. Sex.”


“So. Uh. That’s why I hesitate sometimes. I’m not sure...
I mean, we don’t have. Uh. Does your office have cool
trap doors that’ll let me fall through the floor right about

And Lex has to *see*. Tilts Clark’s head up and searches
him in a way he knows is hopelessly obvious. And Clark
looks more sheepish than anything else, but there’s.

Hope that seem utterly out of proportion to anything
here. Wants to ask about Lana. “Hey, Clark, it’s okay.
We’re friends, right?” Strange how much it feels like a lie
to say it here, now. “If you need --”

“What do you need, Lex?”

Shocks him for a moment, but Clark’s skin against his
hand is something almost. Grounding. “To know your

And Clark jumps. Pulls back and settles on his heels.
Looking at the floor again for obviously different
reasons. “Is that... I mean, they’re not that

Reaches for him, brushing hair out of his face. It *does*
feel good to touch Clark like this. Something warmly
binding about it. Easy to ignore the squeeze of it so
long as he’s not the only one. Proof of that, here.

His to fuck up. Or not.

“Hey. I’ll show you mine if you show me yours.” Tries
a smile.

Easier at Clark’s half-shocked laugh.

Silence for a while, and Lex slides down to the floor.
Braces Clark’s knees with his own. The underside of the
desk like something huge and fortress-like, one of the
few childhood games his father had approved of.
Pleasantly militaristic to have one’s child pretending
to be... under siege.

Rain like a wall outside the windows and Clark’s gaze
playing touch-and-run with his own. Has to kiss him.

Does it slow, the way he thinks Clark’s been imagining.
Just lips at first, brushing soft and dry. Both of them
with their eyes open and there’s a fist around Lex’s
insides, painful and vicious. Only Clark’s secrets
keeping it from crushing him.

Clark’s arms around him, slipping under his own and
roving over his back. “Just want...”

Slips his tongue between Clark’s lips for a moment.
“What do you want, Clark?”

“I... it’s really stupid.” Kissing Lex back, a little hungrier.
More desperate, maybe.

“Tell me. Please...”

Clark shaking his head, leaning in for more kisses.
Tongue teasing at Lex’s mouth almost too much to

“Please, Clark...”

And Clark’s hands tighten on him for a second. Mouth
still against Lex’s own, maddeningly so.

Lex pulls back a little. Takes a breath and scents Clark
on the air. A not particularly sweet mix of scents that
insists on defining itself *as* sweet in his mind. Maybe
what innocence smells like.

“I. I want to be normal.”

Fist gone like it never was and Lex feels. Light. Light
enough to fly right through the ceiling if he doesn’t
hold on to something. “Normal... is a lot easier than...
teenagers think, Clark.”

Makes the boy wince, which is, after all, what he’d
intended, right?

“Oh, yes. The *first* thing you do is avoid fucking the
local freak of nature. Do you think you can manage
that, hmm?”

And Clark looks absolutely horrified. Shaking his head
and simultaneously backing away and reaching out.
“That isn’t... You’re not --”

“That’s why you don’t trust me, right, Clark? I’m just the
guy you’re fucking until something more palatable
comes along, right?” And knowing he’s going much too
far and not even remotely talking about Clark doesn’t

Clark this wide-eyed *victim* on his carpeting, just
waiting for the next blow. Still shaking his head and
looking at Lex like he’s just mutated into the awful
monster he was always supposed to be.

Still reaching out.

“Well? What is it, Clark? Or don’t you want to talk to the

Clark’s teeth clicking together loud enough to leave
something like the fantasy of an echo. “You. You’re not
the... not a freak god Lex, I didn’t mean --”

Grabs the hand reaching for him, warm and alive. Fingers
curling around his own and the relief on Clark’s face is
so bright *he* wants to wince. “Don’t backtrack now. You
were doing well. Wanting normality, that is. You’ll grow
up to fine young man that way, you know.

“Just as ignorant and pigheaded as every Kent before

And Clark recoils like he’s been slapped. Rips his hand
away from Lex’s hard enough to genuinely hurt. Stands
up and glares down at him, eyes wild and hurt and
angry and *hurt* and Lex can’t stand to look at it

Can’t look at anything that naked.

But Clark hauls him up like a child, fist knotted in his
shirt, choking off just enough oxygen to make Lex
reflexively think of the inhaler he hasn’t had to carry on
his person since. Then. “Are you going to hit me now,
Clark? I didn’t think that was your kink, but I suppose
farmboys get bored --”

“Shut. Up.”

“Why?” And realizes his feet aren’t touching the floor.

And realizes that Clark isn’t even straining. The car the
sheets the bedpost the fucking *chair*. Clark doesn’t
look angry anymore, either. Just... hurt.


Like *he’s* the one suspended in mid-air.

Sets Lex down carefully. Turns away.

Picks up his backpack and pauses. “I wasn’t... it didn’t
have anything to do with you, Lex.”

And walks out of the office, leaving Lex to... what? Think?
He’s not sure he’s capable of thinking about what he’s
just done. A fuck-up of epic proportions, only... Only

What the hell had Clark expected?

And the answer to that one’s easy: More.


More and better than he’d gotten.

Scrubs a hand over his scalp, disgusted at the cold sweat
there and on his palms and Christ, all over him. Scrubs
his hands on his pants and breathes.

Strong. Strong and scared and walking right the fuck out
of Lex’s home and not coming back anytime soon and
Jesus, Christ, *God*.

Make a fucking decision, Lex.

Kisses on his eyelids and that *scent* making him want
to be feral, want to be something more than just
freakishly human so he can take it in and keep it and ah,


Hands fisted at his sides. Waiting and the castle just
fucking... *mocks* him. Rain on the windows and all
the old creaks and settling noises and every fucking
sound but the one he wants to hear.

Gets himself out to the hallway and walks. Jogs. Runs
down the stairs and into the foyer and nearly slams
into a scowling Jeanette. Who has Clark by the

Clark who isn’t looking at anything but the door.

“Uh. Jeanette, can we... have a few moments alone,

Jeanette narrows her eyes at him and looks at him like
a cow patty on the dining room table. Funny how he’d
thought he’d get less distressingly... personal help if he
hired from a Metropolis firm.

Clark had probably charmed the woman to insensibility
within seconds of walking in the door.

Hell. Fuck. “Jeanette?” Tries to sound more like her
employer. Not like she won’t get the Christmas bonus of
a lifetime just for holding Clark here.

The woman sniffs at him, pats Clark a little ostentatiously
before disappearing back towards the kitchens.



“I don’t have any trapdoors here, either, but I’m betting
you could throw me far enough to make me disappear.”

Makes Clark stiffen up.

“Okay, not funny. Uh. Fuck. I’m sorry. I thought... I don’t
know what I thought.”

“I do.”

Lex narrows his eyes, but he’s only squinting at the
weave of Clark’s sweater. “Do you?”

And Clark finally turns around, staring at Lex so hard he
wants to back up a step. Doesn’t. “Yeah. Yeah, I do.”

“Tell me.”

“You thought I was rejecting you and it pissed you off.
Because you’re scared. Scared as I am.”

“Clark --”

“All you have to do is tell me I’m wrong and I’m outta

“Is that a threat?”

Clark shakes his head. “Just a promise. I won’t let you...
mess with my head.”

And the fist is back, but this time Clark feels too far away
to be in its grasp as well. “What about Lana?”

“I have no idea.”

Fights with the urge to ask for a better answer, but the
truth is that it’s the *best* answer. Maybe the only one
he’d believe right now. Finally just nods. Reaches for
Clark’s cheek before he knows what he’s doing and
Clark’s hand is suddenly just *there*.

Holding his hand. More keeping it away from his face than
anything else.

“Am I wrong, Lex?”

So much to ask. Too much and he’s shaking his head, but
Clark obviously reads more into that than he intended
because the darkness just *melts* from his eyes. Staring
at him with so much hope.

So fucking *naked* and it’s exactly what he wants from
Lex. Exactly what it would take to.

Bind them. Takes a deep, shuddering breath and Clark is
already moving closer, holding Lex’s hand to his face
and Lex. Can let this go. Just like this. Clark so obviously
*ready* to forgive, move on.

Move forward.

“Clark... I’m afraid.”

But Clark only nods, smiling with this sad kind of joy and
leaning in. Hands on Lex’s face, heedless of the sweat
and kissing him. Crushing Lex to him just this side of
painfully and the kiss is. Honest.

Acid taste of tears and all that desperation and the very
brief shock in him that he’s just as desperate. Some part
of him already struggling to backtrack, rationalize.

Just right here. Just today. Just for Clark.

Growls a little into the kiss. For *himself*, dammit, and
he doesn’t care what that means. Doesn’t have to care
with Clark devouring his mouth and touching him that

The same way he has from the beginning, really. Only... it
means more. God help him, it *means* more this way, to
know a little of what’s behind all the hunger and raw need.

Breaks the kiss with some effort to find Clark grinning at
him like he’s just unveiled plans for world peace, a cure
for cancer, and a brand new truck all at once.

“I don’t think Jeanette would appreciate finding me
molesting you right here in the doorway, Clark.”

“Would she appreciate me molesting you?”

“Hmm... maybe *beating* me...”

“I told you, Lex, caning’s passé.”

Lex nods sagely, hooks his thumbs in Clark’s beltloops.
“Ahh, I see. So what *are* the kids doing these days?”

“Making it with multi-jazillionaires. All of ‘em.”

“Unfortunately, I’m now forced to picture Bill Gates
having sex with Whitney.”

Clark makes an utterly untranslatable noise that
manages to express shock, disgust, amusement, and
still more disgust with a great deal of success. “Oh,
*man*... that’s... that’s *wrong*, Lex!”

“It’s because I’m a criminal mastermind, Clark.”

“Are you going to lure me to bed using your evil genius

“Well, I was thinking that I could just *ask*...”

“I’m too smart to fall for that!”

“Too smart to fall for me *asking* you to come to bed
with me?”

“Lex... I’m too hard to make sense and oh man, I just
said that out loud...” Trailing off into mutters against
Lex’s shoulder and from there into kisses. Little bites
and mm sounds, want sounds. Fingers digging into his
back, half-massaging and half just grabbing him.
Holding on.

Tempting to just be driven back like this. Back to the
stairs and sprawled out however Clark wants him to be.
Make it impossible to walk inside without seeing what
they’ve done. And Clark is pushing him back, but when
they get to the stairs he actually picks *up* Lex’s foot
and puts it on the next step up.

Grins up at him helpfully.

“I take it you *do* want to go upstairs...”

“Well, I don’t know if I’m ready to have Jeanette watch
me have sex with you, Lex.”

“Can she watch you have sex with other people?”

Clark snorts. Bites Lex’s ankle through his sock. “C’mon
c’mon go up *stairs*. I’ve been waiting all day to. Uh.”
Blush is back, faster than Lex can believe. “Go go go!”

“As much as I appreciate your impatience...” And Lex,
not without effort, sits down on the steps, next to Clark’s
head. “I think I want to hear what you’ve been waiting
all day to do.” Pets Clark when he starts banging his
head on the step.

Clark groans. “I think I know what ‘cocktease’ means

“I haven’t even *begun* to tease your cock.”

Heated look and doing it on the stairs is, abruptly, an
excellent idea. Reaches out. Presses his thumb against
Clark’s lower lip and lets himself get a little lost in his

Blue fading under the pupils and Lex wonders what Clark
sees. Wonders what’s turning him on like this. Loses
the thought when Clark opens his mouth. Licks his
thumb, little teasing come-hither flicks that Lex can’t
help but obey.

Clark sucking his thumb, eyes open. Steady on Lex’s

Lex thinks he could be forgiven for having something
like a mystical attachment to that mouth. “You are so
fucking sexy, Clark.”

Clark’s hand on Lex’s wrist, pulling his thumb out of his
mouth to replace it with two fingers. Fucking his mouth
with them, eyes half-lidded and distant in the best
possible way.

“Is this what you wanted to do? Suck me?”

Low groan around his fingers, gentle bite and Clark has
them in to the second knuckle now.

Lex takes in Clark’s body, the sprawl of him on the stairs
like the world’s most erotic accident. One foot pulled up
to rest on the lowest step, the other just straight out.
Cock outlined perfectly by his jeans and Lex shifts.
Moves so he can get his free hand where it belongs.

Cups Clark through his jeans and gets bitten again.
Nothing but encouragement. Thinks about taking Clark
out, but just leans in. Awkward like this but it’s good to
have his face pressed here. Pressed close and breathing
Clark in. Sex and that same not-sweetness. Bites a
little through the denim, searching for the head of
Clark’s cock.

Knows he’s found it when Clark pulls his fingers out to
groan. Writhe up against Lex’s mouth and hold his head
down. Lex opens his mouth and sucks, letting himself
drool, wetting things down a little.

Slips his wet fingers under Clark’s sweaters. Hot skin
beneath, jumping a little at his touch. Dips a finger in
Clark’s navel and just. Wants.

This boy, so easy beneath him, easy in ways they don’t
have definitions for. As though there was nothing in
the world more normal, more *right* than... fucking Lex
Luthor on the front stairs.

Pulls back. Clark’s head resting to the side. Eyes closed
and mouth open. Gorgeous. “Hey.”


“Let’s go upstairs.”

Clark blinks his eyes open, looking dazed and happy.
“Yeah, okay.” Scrambles up and helps Lex do the same.
Pulling them close, close enough for Lex to nuzzle against
Clark’s throat. Kiss him there once and then just. Breathe.

Clark’s hand on the back of his head, gentle and firm. “I
like holding you, Lex.”

Can’t come up with anything to say to that, so he just
wraps his arms around Clark and hugs him loosely. Gets
squeezed for his trouble. Touchy Clark. Wonderful.

Surprised at his own lack of sarcasm.

Up the stairs and down the hall and Lex makes a point of
kissing Clark deeply before the door of the office. Eyes
open and the amusement on Clark’s face lets Lex know
that his motives are absolutely transparent. Not the
most comfortable feeling in the world, but...

It’s Clark.

Who seems absolutely determined to *make* Lex

Generous to a fault... but then, he already knew that,
didn’t he? Almost angry again by the time they reach
the bedroom, knowing exactly how counterproductive it
is to want to hurt Clark for forgiving him for... hurting

He really isn’t that fucked up. At least, he doesn’t think

Lets himself be pulled into another one of those
shamefully comforting hugs, but can’t quite be still.

“Why is this so... easy?”

Clark’s hands rubbing circles on his back, and in the
long silence that follows Lex has time to wonder who
he’s trying to soothe.

“Um. It’s not. Easy, that is. Not when I’m... alone,
anyway. Not when you’re, you know, going all Mt. Saint
Helens on me.”

“God, Clark, I’m such an idiot. You just... hit a sore

Brief laugh. “Check. No more normal wishes.”

Pulls back enough to be face to face. Takes in Clark’s
expression, somewhere between rueful and horny. Legs
twining with his own. Not quite enough pressure to
thrust against. Just enough to make him lose focus for
a few seconds. “Clark... it’s not that. I just... I look at
you, and I find it very difficult to believe that you can’t
have *exactly* what you want... but you have those
secrets, don’t you?”

“Just a few...”

“And all wrapped up with everything else bizarre in this
town, right? Spontaneous combustion, glowing rocks,
my lake of perpetual ice?”

“Oh, you noticed that?”

“It’s a little hard to miss, Clark...”

“Um... about that lake. You might want to. Ah. Leave it

Raises an eyebrow. “Is there a Loch Smallville monster I
should know about? Isn’t that the sort of thing neighbors
let each other know?”

“Well... I mean, there *wasn’t* one before, but. Um.

“Uh, huh. I suppose I can have the groundsmen put up
signs...” Leaning in closer, just air stopping them from

“Maybe a wall. Like... a nice, big wall.” Goofy smile and
Clark’s kissing him, almost drinking him in.

Lex gets his hands in that silky hair and tugs him in
harder, even though the kiss can’t get much deeper
without acts of cannibalism taking place. Clark pulling
back to kiss him all over his face, less tender than it
seems it should be. More a declaration of intent than
anything else.

Slips a hand into one of Clark’s back pockets and squeezes.
Traces the backseam with his other hand, watching Clark’s
face and seeing only that cheerful, open desire.

Absolute treasure in his hands, and the realization is a
little terrifying. More exhilarating, though. His treasure.
His boy, his Clark, his... hmm.


"Is this why you wanted me to tie you tighter? The...

"Um... yes." Blushing and pushing against him. Lex
wonders what it says about him that he's had dances
more explicit than this moment. Slides his hands under
Clark's sweaters and just enjoys the muscle there for
a while, watching Clark's face for that hint of relaxation.
The sign that he's as ready as he's going to be for the
next question.

Or maybe that he's easy enough in his own mind to be
completely vulnerable whenever the next question

Shakes his head. Doesn't really want to go there right
now, not with Clark with his concerned face on, looking
like he wants to hug the shadows right out of Lex's life.

Looking like he *could*, given time and space to work.

"It's... not important, Clark." Blinking at himself and
the blatant, useless lie. As if he wasn't going to be
beating that so-called reporter for information sooner
than late.

"I... the um. The straps didn't make a difference, Lex."

"You don't. Have to talk about this." Almost gritting
it out, too many conflicting impulses to count.

"Please, Lex... I just... I just want to have someone I
don't have to lie to."

Deadly seriousness impossible to ignore. "I don't want
you to think that you ever have to lie to me."

Clark smiles at him. Ducks in to kiss him quickly. "The
um... I was afraid to lose control when you were. Uh.
Licking me there..."

Lex presses on the backseam a little harder. "Here?"

"Yeah, God. Mm. I didn't want to. You know. Break
anything. And I didn't know how to tell you why... but
then you brought in. The necklace."

"The stone... it's a piece of meteorite, isn't it?"

"Yeah. They make me... really pretty sick."

"Jesus, Clark, you were hurting?" Tries to pull back but
Clark won't let him.

"No, no, it's only when it's really close. When it's far
enough away I just get. Weak."

"You still broke the bedpost."

"Oh. Er. Sorry."

Snorts. "Liar."

Big grin. "Yeah, pretty much."

Lex pushes off Clark's flannel with some help. Peels the
sweaters over his head. Lays his hand against Clark's
chest and just lets it rest there for a few moments.
Knows the look on his face is somewhere between sly
and smug. More than a few lovers have called him to
task for it, but Clark just looks... anticipatory.

Brushes his fingers over a nipple, twists it fast, biting
the inside of his cheek at Clark's gasp. At the way he
never stops watching Lex.

"I love the way you respond... like I could do anything
with you."

"You can. I mean... you don't have to be. Gentle."


"You won't hurt me, Lex."

Too much there to think about without coming in his
pants and Lex just takes the implicit request as it stands.
Twists harder. Licks his lips when Clark's own part. Does
it again and scrapes short nails over the other nipple and
Clark's hands move down to his ass. Pull him close and
they're grinding together, upright apparently through
force of will alone.

"Let's take this to the bed..." And Lex already sounds a
little lost to his own ears. He can't quite blame himself.

"Mmph, okay." Clark walking them backwards in a way
that makes Lex realize how inconveniently large the
master bedroom really is. It's not as though the carpeting
is soft enough to make a detour particularly pleasant
and the interior babble is enough of a distraction that it's
almost a shock when they *do* land on the bed.

Crawling and scrabbling until most of their bodies aren't
hanging off the edge and then just rolling together. Most
primitive and -- sometimes, he thinks -- satisfying of
sexual acts. Just the need to rub yourself all over the
other person. Share scents and touch and need. Sweat
to sweat and skin to skin.

Brief flash of what it might be like to draw blood, even
though Lex scars too easily to have ever really played
those games seriously. The surprising disappointment
when he realizes that he probably couldn't with Clark,
anyway. Wants to crawl under his skin and live there
for a while. Be him and understand him and take him
in *utterly* and kissing like this is almost dangerous.

Head thumping against the mattress and Clark coming
in fast enough to knock their teeth together. Expected
apology missing in lieu of Clark's tongue, thick and slick
and wet. In and in and *in* Lex's mouth, slipping out too
fast to be sucked on, enjoyed. The sudden realization
that he's made a horny superhuman teenaged boy be
extremely patient.

Hands on his shirt, just rubbing at him for a few seconds
before Clark starts working on the buttons. Gives Lex a
chance to breathe, get his hands in Clark's hair and just
*enjoy* it. Purely sensual, animal experience. A pet of
the best sort and nothing like a pet at all. Clark sucking
at his throat and beginning to fumble.

Something like a growl and Clark sits up on his knees
and *focuses* on the buttons, on Lex's face. On Lex's
mouth for long moments and his hands start to shake.
Too good not to arch up against the boy, press and rub
and watch Clark's eyes flash with lust.

"Rip it open, Clark. I can buy --" Not even finished
speaking before it's done and those heavy, warm,
wonderful hands are on him again. Seeking and a little
desperate and Lex doesn't think they're going to be
making much of a stand for sexual creativity today.

Laughs a little and gets the full weight of Clark's gaze for
his trouble. Not at all light anymore, just. Hungry.

Has to pull him down, get them on their sides and kiss
that beautiful mouth. Larger than his and more aggressive
with every kiss. Gets his hands down to Clark's fly and
unzips, pleased with the mild fashion don't for
convenience's sake alone.

Clark's hard cock practically leaping for his hand and Lex
can oblige. Wraps his fist around it and pumps, slow
and hard, swallowing Clark's groans and rolling them
over again.

Straddling Clark from above now and looking his fill,
tanned chest flushed and slick with sweat, eyes closed
and Clark's fingers clenching and unclenching on the
sheets and on nothing at all. Beautiful and all his. Lex
scoots back enough to slip his free hand behind Clark's
balls. Stroking with one finger and gathering sweat and
jacking him as slowly as his conscience will allow.

Sex with Clark... a surrender so fundamental that power
games became meaningless. With this, at least, Clark
had never mistrusted him. Never once. A gift beyond
imagining and wanting this to last is warring with the
need to just *please* Clark.

Make him come for him and gasp out Lex's name...
territorial to a fault, perhaps, but this is almost as good
as any of the rest of it. The chance to just *have* Clark,
in every way imaginable.

Moaning and writhing under him, pleading with his whole
body for *more* and Lex can give.

Thrusts a finger deep and strokes a little faster, hissing
through his teeth at the way Clark's eyes fly open, the
o of his mouth. The need in the air like its own force of

"Want to watch you come, Clark..."

"Oh... oh, God, Lex I --" Words lost to a high-sounding
moan as Clark comes all over his chest and belly and Lex
is twisting and thrusting with his finger, stroking Clark's
cock until he pushes his hand away and --

"More, Lex please fuck me..."

Scrabbles for the lube and notices the rents in the
sheets -- and probably beyond -- with something like
hysterical amusement. Far too hard to think clearly,
but... "Do you need me to get the necklace, Clark?"

"Oh. Um. Wow. Do I want to get a hard-on every time
something gets green and glowy?"

Snorts. "Tell you what. If you promise not to actually
*break* the bed -- or me -- I think we'll be fine."

Cheerily sly smile. "You're rich. You can afford another

"I *like* this bed. I'm in the process of making good
memories on it, if you hadn't noticed."

Clark reaches out for him, runs three fingers over the
bulge in Lex's pants. "I think I might have picked up a
few things..."

"You're terribly smug for someone who was non-verbal
a few minutes ago."

"Well, unlike *you*, I'm making it with a

Lex smirks, pulls back off the bed to get rid of the rest
of his clothing and his shoes. Tugs at Clark's jeans while
the boy shimmies in several law-defying ways. "I see.
So you'd be this agreeable with, say, my father?"

The look of sheer terror is payment enough and Lex
slips back onto the bed. Kneels and spreads Clark's
thighs over his own. Warm, hard. Lightly dusted with hair
that Lex's hands love to feel.

"You're evil, aren't you?"

"Absolutely soulless, Clark."

"I mean, I don't make you think about *my* Dad when
we're about to have sex. More sex." Goofy smile that
doesn't *quite* chase the images away and Lex groans.

"You just did."

Grin. "Sorry."

"*Liar*, God, he'd be so damned *disapproving*..."

"You want my Dad to approve of having sex with you?
I'm pretty sure that's wrong..."

"Yes, but now I'm not the only one with terrible images
in my head, am I?"

"Is this all some sort of trick to increase my stamina,
Lex? 'cause I'm working on that, I *swear*..."

"Mm... practice makes perfect. Now stop talking so I can
fuck the hell out of you."

And if Clark's grin seems more appropriate to being invited
along on a hayride than for anal sex, then that's just one
of the many refreshingly disturbing aspects of the...

Has to smile to himself, slicking his fingers. He could grow
to like this sort of pre-post-mid sexual humor.

Slips two fingers in much too fast for a quick few thrusts,
goes back to one and watches Clark watch him. One hand
on his chest, unconsciously rubbing come into his skin.
Eyes narrowed and. Waiting. Sparking with it and Lex
strokes himself lightly while stretching Clark.

Squeezes a little when Clark licks his lips.

Brushes pre-come off with his thumb and offers it to Clark,
whose eyes widen for a brief moment before he snakes
his tongue out to lick it. Licks his lips again and arches
up to suck it in.

Lex pushes the other finger back in and fucks Clark with
both hands. Not nearly enough but so *good*. Manipulation
of the best sort and Clark's getting hard again. Makes Lex
almost want to hold off a little longer, see if he can make
Clark beg for it, maybe, but Clark's already arching into his
touch. Pushing back on his fingers and sucking hard. No
hesitation, nothing like fear. Only trust and want and this
thing between them that Lex can't even imagine
controlling anymore.

Grabs a condom and manages not to fumble and slip too
much getting it on and "you ready for me, Clark?"

"God yes Lex please inside me..."

Gets his arms under Clark's thighs and slides in with an
ease that threatens to short out several important parts
of his brain. Clark grabs for Lex's hands and flexes
around him once, making Lex curse and Clark moan. So
incredibly good that he just wants to live there, but he
can't keep from moving.

Hips and thighs straining for it and hands caught in
Clark's and it takes a few moments, years to get
something like a rhythm in this position. Makes him throw
his head back when he does, push a little harder and
Clark helps. Beautifully strong and flexible, pushing up
from the bed and onto Lex's cock, over and over, making
new rhythms and destroying them as it gets hotter
between them.

Lex staring up at the ceiling and twining his fingers more
carefully with Clark's own, wondering if hand surgery will
be imminent when one good thrust makes Clark squeeze
a little too hard.

Can't stop to ask Clark to go easier, can't stop to think
and Clark finally releases him to claw at the sheets
instead, legs locking around Lex's waist and thrusting
thrusting so hot --

tight and slick --

God, open, and --

"Lex please look at me --"

Does and Clark looks nearly *anguished* with it, hard
as stone and snapping his hips like he was born for this.
"Touch yourself, c'mon, let me watch..."

"Oh, *God* --" Grabs himself and starts stroking, slowly
at first but speeding up under Lex's gaze. Intensity
building so fast that Lex knows *he's* the one squeezing
too hard now.

Can't look away. Can't even blink and --


Comes so hard it's nearly painful, something broken
inside, something broken and oh Christ oh fuck *Clark* --

Shudders to a stop, only his thighs won't stop shaking and
all he really wants is to have someone pry them apart just
enough that his body won't be cursing him tomorrow.

Clark still hard beneath him, cock dark with blood and
leaking steadily and, Jesus. Eyes closed and still jerking
himself off and the twitch of Lex's cock makes him

Gets enough control over himself to ease out carefully,
half-collapse to the side and move up next to Clark, head
turned away and making these strangled little noises,
alone noises, don't-catch-me noises. So beautiful. Lex
leans in to lick the shell of his ear, bite the earlobe. Lick
sweat from Clark's cheek and steal a kiss from bitten lips.

Clark's shoulder working and working beneath him. So

"Do you want my hand, Clark? My mouth?"

"Lex, *please* --"

Can't bring himself to tease for another second, shifts
until he's nearly upside down on the bed and tears Clark's
hand away. Replaces it with his own and sticky hands on
his scalp and the head of Clark's cock just *begging* for
his mouth.

Sucks hard once, twice, jacking the shaft and manages to
take in only another inch before Clark's hands fly from
his scalp again and Clark is arching nearly off the bed.

Coming in his mouth and chanting his name. Strangely
obscene sound of cloth ripping telling Lex exactly how
good it was.

Lex swallows. Licks his lips.

Grins at the sprawl of debauched farmboy on his bed,
flushed and sweaty. Panting like he's run a race.

A job well done.

Apparently admires his handiwork just a little too long,
because when he looks up, Clark's watching him again. Lex
decides that smug looks far too good on him and is trying
to think of a way to tell him just that when Clark suddenly
*rears* up and drags Lex down on top of him.

"Is this the part where I surrender to the young

"I don't know, can you faint?"

"No, but I'm told I look good in diaphanous robes."

Clark snickers, runs his hands up and down Lex's arms.
"That's probably more than I needed to know, you

"Somehow I keep forgetting how innocent you are. I
really have no idea where my brain is..."

"Mmm... same place mine is?"

“Was that a leer? Are you *leering* now?”

Blushing grin. “You’re a bad influence. You made me all easy.”

“Oh yeah? How easy?”

“Try me.”

“Let’s see... wanna have more sex?”

“Yes. See?”

Lex laughs a little helplessly. “It all becomes clear. I’ve
ruined your virtue. I’m going to Hell.”

“This is Kansas, Lex. We’re born on our way to Hell.”

“Mmm... then maybe we should do something *really*
damning.” Gives his own best leer. Revels in the way
it makes Clark shift a little beneath him. Makes his
eyes go a little wide.

“What’s... that?”

Lex leans in to whisper into Clark’s ear. “I’m going to
teach you something, Clark.”


Licks his lips. Breathes a little roughly. “Yeah. I’m
going to teach you...”

Clark gasps. “Wh-what?”

“The theory of evolution.”

“The...? Oh, you *jerk*!”

Lex rolls away snickering and is immediately pounced by
an outraged and tickling Clark. For long moments Lex
wonders why the fist is gone, but then he also almost