by Te
October 2002

Disclaimers: No one here is even remotely close to mine. Dammit.

Spoilers: Er... none, really.

Summary: Chloe, Clark, Lex, brattiness, and porn.

Ratings Note: NC-17.

Author's Note: House Draven put an image in my head of such
surpassing brattitude and pornaliciousness that I began writing
immediately. This is *entirely* her fault. Takes place vaguely in
the future.

Acknowledgments: See above, and also to Jenn and the Spike for
audiencing and the like.

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Chloe thinks there's something damned pathetic about this.

It could be the way the two ridiculously hot guys are staring fixedly
at nothing but her as she shimmies out of her skirt -- and yeah,
sexy is one thing, convenience is another -- but then, that could
just be because she's not wearing anything underneath it, and that
was something anyone with a brain could figure out long before

It could be the fact that when she hits the bed, the hands on her
might as well have equally polarized magnets in them for the way
they manage to avoid touching anything *but* her -- but hey, it's
not like either Clark or Lex lack for focus. Or that she's

Hell, it could be the fact that she's *here*, instead of explaining
very calmly and adultly to Lex that she had no intention of being
his personal Closet Door to get to Clark, or hitting Clark repeatedly
in the head until... well, until she got tired, really. But, well...

She's also not insane.

Chloe grins and drags Clark up her body by the hair.


Clark goes as slowly as he can make himself, but he *knows* he
should be paying attention to the hands in his hair. Small hands.
Strong hands. *Good* hands leading to good arms covered with
silky downy hair and Chloe's body --

A hard yank makes him wince more in reflex than pain and he
goes, grinning ruefully into Chloe's distinctly evil smile before
taking the kiss that's either offered or demanded. He's not sure
which until Chloe sweeps her tongue over his palate, and then
he is.

A demand.

Damn. Chloe... God, Chloe. He thinks he might be saying it out
loud, and blushes hard, freezes a little, because shit, they aren't

But then, would they have ever gotten here if Lex hadn't pushed
in just that way? Just... really damned weird to have to feel
grateful for something like that. But at least he doesn't have to
say his thank-yous with anything but his body.

That's always been easier than anything else.

Chloe makes a noise low in her throat, something like a wounded
growl that makes his cock twitch in his boxers, makes him want
to be naked, over her --

And it occurs to him that he hadn't done a *thing* to make her
sound like that.


It's hard to see much of Chloe with Clark half-blanketing her, and
Lex *knows* that's on purpose, the way he knows that it's hard
to mind.

Clark hasn't gotten any less stunning in the few years they've
known each other -- just a little taller. Harder.

There's a distinct temptation to leave off this game for the *other*,
the one that involves cracking every little wall one Mr. Kent has
ever managed to put up, because frankly -- a Kent wall has nothing
to a Luthor battering ram.

And yet...

There is absolutely no sane reason in the world to ignore the
naked girl in his bed for even a moment. Especially since she's
Chloe. A fascinating tangle and spark in and of herself, even
without being the embodiment of every dumbass move Clark
has ever made.

Lex smiles slowly at the back of Clark's head and licks his way
up the inside of Chloe's leg.

Salt and the light tickle of stubble. A girl who has neither the
time nor inclination for all the things he's become used to in a
woman, in a lover, and it's enough to make him pause.

What else doesn't she have time for?

A quick look at the way they're positioned tells Lex that if he
moves her *right* leg, Clark won't notice a thing. So he does.

And dives in.


And oh, *God*, Clark's girl-soft mouth on her throat and Lex's
*demon* tongue right on her clit, and had she really thought
she'd last more than five minutes in a situation like this without
making a *lot* of noise?

This is why no one paid her to think.

She throws her leg over Lex's shoulder and does her best to
*encourage* exactly what he's doing, because she's willing to
bet he's done this a hell of a lot more than she's had this done
for her, useless high school throwaway boyfriends aside and
ohhh, she just wants... wants more of exactly *that*, that hand
on her breast, so big and hard and *warm* but not doing nearly
enough to --

"Oh God --" Lex *sucking* on her, and she gives up on thinking
and just puts her hand on Clark's and makes him pinch.

"You like that?" Bemused, shocked, scandalized even oh God,
she's *giddy* --

"*Harder* --"

"Chloe, you're so sexy..."

Kiss before she even has to think of something to say, and
that's good, that's *really* good, especially because Clark is
clearly learning what she wants. She's never liked having to
*tell* people, even if it is the right way to go about the whole
sex thing.

And Clark is just this big, hot, *male* thing, almost exactly like
her best fantasies, leg thrown over her own and hard cock
pressed against her hip. She bites his lip and hopes he gets the


Hard little teeth digging into his lip and Chloe's just *wild* like
this. Clark can feel her heart thudding under her breast, her
soft, palm-filling breast, and he wants to be wild, too.

Wants to just grind against her, push Lex out of the way and

Lex. Exactly where he wants to be, and when he breaks the
kiss to breathe and look, Clark can just *tell* he has no
intention of moving.

Something in the way the muscles in his back are moving, in
the way he stares almost *through* him to watch the way Chloe
reacts when he moves his mouth away to replace it with

And then finally looks at him. Smiling. Challenging. Daring.

Something between racing with Wally and falling off that cliff
when that Batman weirdo had buzzed him with his car and all...

Clark can't help but smile back.


So maybe Lex doesn't have to do much of anything, really, to get
Clark to loosen up a little. No, that's not the phrase he's looking

To get Clark to *give* it up a little.

Because the way Clark is smiling at him now, all calculation and
fierce, open sexuality... well.

All that and a hot, tight woman writhing on his fingers like the
last few seconds before truly inventive begging.

Life is good.


"Oh, *God*...."

And Lex has to lower his eyes at that heartfelt little prayer, at
Clark's surprised little jerk. Like he was expecting Lex to say
something else entirely.

And that's just... well, perfectly understandable, but also hot as
*hell*. Almost as hot as Clark's big, tanned hand working and
working Chloe's nipple.

Almost as hot as the way Chloe just throws her leg over his
shoulder *again* and fucks herself on his fingers. Demanding as
hell with her little heel digging bruises into his back and those
surprisingly generous hips just *moving*...

Oh, he can watch this forever.

Or watch Clark's *other* hand slide down Chloe's chest, over her
belly and through the thatch of light brown hair to join his in the
wet and heat and slick.

He's tempted to try slapping Clark's hand away -- *his* toy --
but... long fingers split by the motion of his own hand and Chloe
watching them watch each other, and really... *somebody*
needs to get fucked very, very soon.


"*Fuck* --" She's so close, so fucking *close*, and she doesn't
know whose hand it is on her clit, sliding up and down and all
around her sex, she doesn't know whose hands are *anywhere*.

Not on her breast, not in her, on her, so hot, so close... there's
no way to think when she can smell herself like this.

When she can smell *them*.

Opens her eyes just long enough to see them *watching* each
other, and it makes something swell and break inside her like a
wave, like the way her body is moving no matter what, like the
way she can't even think anymore, just want so fucking *bad* --

Throws her head back on the pillow and she can't keep her eyes
open anymore, can't do anything but spread as wide as she can
and beg with her whole body.


"I want to watch you," Lex says, and Clark can't do anything but
blink for long, sex-stupid moments.

But apparently that's just fine, because Lex rips a condom off the
strip on the bed and opens it with his teeth -- carefully -- and...

Oh. He's still in his boxers.

Hell, Lex is still wearing *pants* and he's not thinking about that,
he's not, even though his own boxers are somewhere on the
incredibly unimportant floor now and Lex is sliding his slick,
wet fingers out of Chloe's pussy. Even though Lex doesn't say
a word, just grabs Clark cock and slides the condom on,
stroking it -- stroking *him* with his Chloe-wet hand and
watching him.


Wants to watch...


And Lex shudders once, all over, when Clark covers his hand
with his own and now they're *both* stroking him off, and
God, Clark can't even come close to wrapping his mind around
it. Hot and dirty and good, so good, even with Chloe watching
with heatedly *amused* eyes. With her up on her elbows and
staring right back at him, daring him to... what?

Look anywhere but her eyes?

"You like this, Clark? My hand on your cock?"

"Oh God..." And Lex is *close*, mouthing words like kisses he
doesn't think Clark deserves right up against his ear and slipping
his other hand *back* inside Chloe while Chloe's eyes roll


"You do, don't you? It's okay... I like it, too." And Lex slips his
tongue in Clark's ear while giving him a good, hard squeeze,
and if he's losing the rhythm a little bit with Chloe, she doesn't
sound like she minds.

"That is so. Fucking. Hot."

Lex grins and licks a stripe from the corner of Clark's mouth to
his forehead. "She wants you..."

"At this point? I'm not feeling choosy...."

And Lex chuckles despite himself. Absolutely no way to remain
smooth with a Clark on the edge of losing it completely in one
hand and a thoroughly fascinated Chloe in and around the


Clark has his eyes squeezed shut, panting a little desperately,
and it's the easiest thing in the world to slip his hand out of
Chloe again, savor her frustrated little mewl, and slide two
wet fingers right into Clark's mouth.

And fuck it with them when he starts to lick and suck.

"That's what she tastes like, Clark. And, well, what I taste like,

Muffled groan.

"Let me watch you fuck her. Nice and hard..."

Clark opens his eyes and just *stares* at him for a long moment,
hazel eyes flaring hot and dangerous. Like he knows exactly what
Lex wants to do while he's fucking Chloe.

"Do it," he says, and really, he could mean all sorts of things.


Welcome to the Gay Zone.

Or at least the thoroughly bisexual zone.

And Chloe really can't bring herself to mind, because there is
something *undeniably* satisfying about watching Clark
melt every time Lex does... anything.

And something even more satisfying about the fact that
everything Lex is doing is leading Clark right where she
wants him.

Knees between her thighs and palms sliding up and down her
chest and drugged-looking eyes just *focused* on her.

And Lex.

Lex suddenly appearing *behind* Clark, one hand splayed
against Clark's belly, and the other slipping back around the
base of Clark's cock and oh God *teasing* her with it.

Pushing the head against her clit and *moving* it, and she's
making noises again, so much for the reprieve, and Clark's
watching her like she's the most fascinating thing he's ever
seen, like he *doesn't* have another man using him like a
great big sex toy.

And she can't tell which of them makes *what* sound when
Lex finally slides Clark *in*.


Tight, so tight, tighter than he'd thought, because Lex had
been fucking her with his fingers for a *long* time, and he
knows Chloe's no virgin, but oh, it's still so...

Oh, it's *hot*, and he can't do anything but slide *all* the way
in with his first stroke, grabbing the sheets in his hands and
trying not to tear them because the sound Chloe makes is
all for him.

Satisfaction and surrender in one gasped out moan.

And then there's Lex.

Hands all over him like he's being tested, measured for some
kind of statue or maybe just for memory, and Lex's wicked,
wicked mouth on the back of his neck as wet and hot as
anything else.

Jesus, sex has never been *like* this, and he can't stop his
hips from moving, can't keep himself from just grinding down
into Chloe, back against Lex. So hard against him.

Kissing his way down Clark's spine, making him shiver, making
him gasp, and he's *trying* to hold onto control, but Chloe's
got her hands in his hair again, tilting his face up, and she's so
flushed and beautiful and looks just as desperate as he feels.

Almost *anguished*, like sex this good has to balance out to a
horrible tragedy somewhere else, and kissing her is maybe the
most necessary thing he's done. Moreso when Lex *spreads*
him, licks him just like he was licking her and Clark knows he's
fucking Chloe's mouth with his tongue just like he's fucking her
sweet, sweet pussy.

Just like Lex is fucking his... ass.

Oh *God*.


Dark, oily taste like nothing else, like nothing most people
associate with sex, but for Lex it can be nothing else. Rides the
motion of Clark's hips and doesn't have to do much with his
tongue at all. Every muscle is quivering just at its presence,
begging for more.

The only thing that would make this better is if he could get
Clark to hold himself open, but there's no way they can manage
that without crushing Chloe. Unless, of course, Clark can fly --
which isn't something he'd discount automatically, but also
isn't something he'd expect for Clark to actually *admit*.

Even balls-deep in a beautiful woman *and* with a tongue up
his ass.

Lex grins to himself and digs short nails into the muscles of the
ass in question, hard, round, and sweet as anything he's
jerked off to in the last few years.

Shoves his tongue in a little deeper and listens to Clark scream
into Chloe's mouth.

Clark is *definitely* going to come first.


And Chloe is *never* going to be able to satisfied by a man who
doesn't make a lot of noise. Not ever.

Because while Clark's cock is big, and hard, and he knows how
to move it -- oh those hot little *grinds*, like he's dancing with
her in the dirtiest way he knows how -- the noises he's making
are driving her *insane*.

Screw trying to get a hand down to her clit, she's using them
on Clark.

Scratching at his nipples, pulling his hair, jabbing her thumb much
too hard -- but he makes one of those *yells* again, this time
right against her neck, and he's shaking and thrusting faster and
faster and she has no idea what *Lex* is doing, but she's fucking
Clark's little belly-button and squeezing her cunt around his cock
and --


Orgasm like a stroke, like getting hit by lightning, white-out behind
her eyes and the only thing she regrets is that she can't hear Clark
over her own yells.

Or over the thud of her heartbeat once she's limp and throbbing
and relatively quiet. And Clark's sucking at her throat between
gasps, pounding into her and --

Oh, there's her hearing. Whimpering so sweet and hot she doesn't
know if she wants to pet him or lock him in her basement.

Settles for clutching his head to her and working her muscles
around his cock, whimpering a little herself at every wave of the


Clark's never felt this helpless in his *life*. His hips won't stop,
he can barely breathe, and he's not even *close* to being able
to stop the noises he's making, because Lex is being *ruthless*.

And Chloe's being just so *good*.

Holding him tight and fucking him, or he's fucking her, and he's
being fucked, and he thinks... oh God, that's a *finger* inside
him, and he whimpers into Chloe's hair and tries to remember
why he wasn't doing this.

Why he didn't *want* this, just exactly *this*.

But there's nothing remotely like thought happening when Lex
crooks his finger and hits *something* so hot dirty sweet dirty
good that he has to *slam* into Chloe and

"God, please..."

come what feels like every vital fluid in his body. He counts it as
a victory when he only collapses *half* on top of Chloe.


"I think you broke him," Chloe says with in that dreamy, happy
post-sex tone he doesn't think he'll ever get tired of, and Lex has
to grin.

"Oh, I'd say it was a joint effort."

"Not broken. Still here. Just resting." Clark's face is buried in a
pillow like the best gay porn in the world.

Chloe pats him on the shoulder. "Sure, hon. And when you get
your pronouns back we'll believe you."

Clark sits up at that, glaring a little blearily at them both. "I'd like
to see *either* of you do better in the middle."

Chloe looks at Clark before turning to him. And raising a
speculative eyebrow. Clark's own look is downright evil.

And something inside Lex is making distinctly undignified noises,
and possibly capering in glee, but he manages to keep his
outer reaction to a raised eyebrow of his own.

"You're wearing too many clothes." Clark, surprisingly enough.
Or not. There's that challenge in his eyes...

"Make me regret it."


And, okay, Clark can move *scarily* fast when he's motivated,
but since he's still got his little testosterone-fueled game of
chicken going on with Lex, the only thing he's doing is kissing

Kissing him the way she *wishes* more guys would kiss her
without having to be taught, but sexism is a bitch, forever and
ever amen.

And it's both easy *and* fun to slide a hand between them and
cup Lex's cock through his pants.

Especially since it actually makes him *jerk*, all over, and oh,
that's an idea, but they're supposed to be making him regret
not being naked, so...


"Clark, let's get him onto the bed a little better."

And when he actually breaks the kiss to look at her, his expression
is pretty dazed, but it clears up nicely at the thought of molestation
and evil. He licks those big, soft, pretty lips and grins at her like
she just suggested a nice jewel heist, and half *throws* Lex down.

Pounces on top of him and looks at her over his shoulder.



There's probably some reason why he shouldn't be having as
much fun as he is right now, but Clark honestly can't think what it
might be.


It occurs to Lex that he could be mad about being tossed around
like a ragdoll, but then, that would undoubtedly lead to *not*
having Clark Kent half on top of him on one side and Chloe's
breasts swinging fascinatingly close on the other.

Reaches up to trace one dusky rose aureole with his finger and
immediately gets his arm pinned by Clark.

Clark, grinning down at him like the world's prettiest demon. Dark
hair falling in gently curling bangs over his eyes and sharp, white

And Chloe is... *shimmying* between them, under Clark's arm
and over Lex and bracing her hands on the pillow next to his head
and sliding and rocking and grinding and grinning just as evilly.

"Like this, Lex?"

"Yeah, Lex..." Chloe bites his earlobe hard enough to make him
gasp. "Regretting anything yet?"

"Nah, on second thought, don't make him answer. I want to watch
him do other things with his mouth."

Lex has just enough time to make a mental note to never let Clark
come first again, or maybe to *always* let him come first, and
then there are long, thick fingers in his mouth, *fucking* his
mouth, and life continues to be very good.

Especially with Chloe dragging those wonderful breasts down his
bare chest and latching onto one of his nipples. And God, he's
pretty sure that's her hand back on his dick through his pants,
and *why* hadn't he stripped naked before?


Lex doesn't make as much noise as Clark does, though that could
just be because his mouth is busy. Chloe is willing to give him the
benefit of the doubt for now, because he tastes just as expensive
as he is.

Probably the soap he uses. Or maybe he bathes in mineral water
or breast milk or something.

It would certainly explain why his skin was better that *hers*, but
hey, so long as she gets to play with it, she's happy.

And speaking of playing...

Clark's joined her in Lexnipple Land, and is licking hot broad
strokes while she nibbles. Hmm.

"Hey, Clark... my nipple is harder than yours." That choked sound
could be Lex laughing, but Clark's sweet evil grin is getting to be
one of her *favorites*.

"That's just because you've been playing longer, Chloe."

"Nah, Lex is pretty responsive..." She squeezes his cock for
emphasis and Lex, obligingly, jerks beneath her. "I think you're just
falling down on the job."

Quirked eyebrow and now Clark is *circling* Lex's nipple with his
tongue, little wet spirals that never quite get to the point,
dragging his spit-slick fingers between them and down the center
of Lex's chest and *watching* her.

Well, *hell*.

Chloe responds by biting Lex *hard*, earning a yelp and a
cock-twitch under her hand.

Boys, toys... there's a difference in there somewhere, but Chloe
isn't sure what it is at the moment.


Clark is being forced to rethink every preconception he had
about sex, Chloe, and sex *with* Chloe. He doesn't mind at all.

She's playful, she's evil, she's... *vicious*.

And being as she's directing all of the above at Lex for her and
Clark's benefit, there's just no *bad* there.

He watches her torture Lex's nipple, watches Lex just *take* it,
and oh, man, *he* knows Lex well enough to know that every
little gasp is as good as a groan.

And every bitten off groan is as good as a scream.

His cock must be *killing* him by now.

Clark grins. "I've got another game we could play, Chloe..."

"Giving up already?"

"I can admit when I'm..." And he licks his way over Lex's chest to
her, plants a kiss on her mouth he means to be short and jaunty,
but it lasts and lasts. Chloe's hand on his wrist, dragging *his*
hand down to rest on the bulge of Lex's cock.

Work it with her while they suck each other's tongues and...
*fuck*. This is *good*. Chloe breaks the kiss with a smile.
"Beaten? So what's your game?"

He gives as meaningful look as he can manage to where their
hands are joined and moving far, far too slowly on Lex's groin.

Licks his lips.

And slips down the bed to just... breathe on Lex.


Lex is never, ever letting either of them leave.


Kodak. Moment.

Clark with his mouth just *inches* and a couple of thin layers
of fabric from Lex's dick... okay, so it's not a fantasy she's ever
had before, and she doesn't think most of her fantasies will ever
be anything less than highly heterosexual -- or at least
Chloecentric -- but... damn.

She grins at Lex, but he doesn't look like he's in any condition
to appreciate her best smile.

"All you have to do is ask..."

Clark snickers, runs his thumb up and down Lex's fly. "C'mon,
Chloe. You know Luthors never quit."

Lex turns his head away, gasps out something unintelligible,
and Chloe can't decide if she wants to watch him suffer so
*beautifully* or join Clark in bringing the pain, as it were.
Curls her fingers in and scrapes her nails very, very gently
and Lex whips his head around again and just *looks* at her.

And oh, God, she feels that *all* the way down.


And really, Clark *was* joking about Luthors never quitting, but
as he pushes his face against Lex, as he nuzzles and breathes
and teases, he's beginning to wonder.

Because he knows if the positions were switched, he would've
had his cock as far down Lex's throat as he could *manage* by
now, but Lex is still just push-pushing against him, obviously
holding himself back, even though his pants are wet with far
more than Clark's own spit.

Salt and thick-bitter and he wonders if *he's* going to be the
one making embarrassing noises.

Again. Dammit.

There has to be *some* way...



Chloe shoots him a look, but Lex doesn't.

"Lex, c'mon. Don't you want me to... suck you?" A little hard
to get the words out, but he *knows* that makes it better for

He knows Lex.

"Or Chloe can... if you don't want me. My mouth..."

"Clark --" Lex sounds almost *strangled*.

Easy to hide his grin against Lex's hip. Those pushes aren't so
little now. "Don't you want it, Lex? My mouth wrapped around
you? Chloe's little pink tongue --"

"Jesus *fuck*, do it, just do it, fucking *Nike* commercial --"
And Lex is sitting up, scrabbling at his fly and *glaring* at
Chloe when she starts to giggle, which makes her eyes go all
wide and... oh.

Lex's dick.

Lex's naked, more naked than naked dick, blood-dark and so
hard it's arched right up his belly, and now he's glaring at
*both* of them in turn.

"Suck. My. Cock."


Chloe really wants to say something witty and smug here. They
won, after all. What comes out of her mouth, however, is

Screw smug.


Clark has just enough time to narrow his eyes at the utter
*sexiness* of Lex burying his hand in Chloe's hair and dragging
her head down to his cock before Lex's other hand is in *his*

Not yanking, not going for pain, but so definitely not taking 'no'
for an answer.

God, he could really learn to love being a cocktease if this is
what it got him.

And the dazed but happy look on Chloe's face tells him that she
definitely feels the same way.

Life is good.

And laying the flat of his tongue against the base of Lex's cock
and licking his way up is even better, because God, yeah, Lex
tastes good all over, but right here's the straight shot.

Salt-sweat and all that pre-come he'd been leaking for God knew
*how* long, and he bumps into Chloe hard enough to jar them
both when he reaches the tip. Whoops. Okay. Strategy.

Or, well. Sincere appreciation for the pornographic aesthetic of
Chloe sucking the bare and leaking head of Lex's cock between
her kiss-swollen lips and hollowing her cheeks.

The noises Lex is making definitely suggest he's not alone in being
appreciative. He can leave her to it... for now. Grins to himself,
reaches up, and pushes Lex back down.

"Clark, dammit --"

Spreads those long, lean thighs apart and God, no hair even on
his *balls*, and no excuse not to suck them right into his mouth.

"Never mind, ah, Jesus..."


Definitely have to mention something about being tossed around
right and left. Stern warnings. Spankings.


*Jesus*, and Clark's got those hands on his ass now, lifting him
*up* off the bed, and apparently sex meant subtlety got
defenestrated in regards to Clark's abilities.

Or maybe he was just being courteous. No reason for Chloe to
strain her *neck* while sucking the Luthor heir's brain out
through his dick and Jesus, was that really Clark's mouth on his

Clearly, in order to get everything he wanted, all he had to do
was make sure there was a threesome involved and oh God,
Clark's fingers on his *mouth* again.

Well, Lex can take a hint.

Show Clark what he likes.

Or just get those fingers nice and wet in the hopes that they
wind up somewhere nice and tight. Oh, fuck hope. Lex spit
the fingers out. "Clark, fuck me --"

"Fingers?" He really did sound way too fucking smug.

"For now." Bastard.

Bastard with long, strong *blunt* fingers, pushing in hard, hey,
why bother starting with just the one? Lex does his best to
ignore the noises he's making, they're nowhere near as
important as the graze of Chloe's teeth on his dick, as the
*stretch* of Clark's fingers reminding him that he may be
jaded, but time heals all size eleven assholes.

Edge of pain on his delirium, just enough to keep him from
fucking his way down Chloe's throat and back onto Clark's
hand to the goddamned wrist and the only thing that would
make this better is if he could be sucking Clark's dick, too.

Or eating Chloe's spicy little pussy.

Or... anything but moaning like a bitch when Chloe pulls off
and replaces wonderful mouth with not as wonderful hand.
Which is something he doesn't understand at *all*, until there's
another mouth on him.

A bigger, hotter, *greedier* mouth that sucks him all the way
down to where Chloe's holding him and... Lex can definitely live
with Clark wanting a turn. Or love it.

Or just fucking give up on all pretense of control as Chloe lets
go and shimmies her body right up close and personal.

Not kissing, not talking, and barely even touching. But watching
him, and inviting him to watch Clark's sloppily inspiring blowjob,
or maybe just the way she's touching her own breasts, or maybe
just close his eyes and *feel* this, because Clark is still *fucking*
him with those fingers.

Fucking himself on Lex's cock and Chloe says,

"I want to see you lose it, Lex."

And Clark does... *something* very extremely right.


And Chloe gets her wish when Lex abruptly *arches* off the bed
and *groans*. Clark's coughing ruins the effect a little, but, well,
she's not looking at *him*.

There is something truly inspiring about a hot, naked control
freak losing it for an audience. If by 'inspiring' she actually
means 'fucking sexy.'

There has *got* to be a way to convince these guys to let her


Clark swallows, coughs, spits, swallows some more, coughs more,
wipes his face, and is generally just happy all around that no one
is looking at *him*.

But... wow.

He made Lex come.

He made Lex come really, really *hard*. Heh.

"Hey, Lex, how are your pronouns?"




"Use one."

"... no."

Chloe snickers and does a little dance that makes her breasts
do... really wonderful things, actually.

"We broke him, we broke him, I'm *so* two for two."

Lex sits up slowly. Looks at Chloe. Looks at Clark.

"Then I think it's her turn, don't you, Clark?"

Clark gives Chloe his best evil grin, and she does that wide-eyed
thing again. It occurs to him that they may never actually make
it out of the bed, and thus will all die of dehydration within a few
short days.

It occurs to him that he's okay with this.


Lex, for his part, is absolutely sure he can get his designated
Chloenipple *way* harder than Clark can get his.


It's really funny watching *other* people get tossed around.