by Te
March 2002

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Spoilers: Leech.

Summary: The *oddest* things can feel good at times.

Ratings Note: NC-17.

Author's Note: My square for the Virtual Binkie, at long last.

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audiencing, support, nagging... especially Livia. Because, well.
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There are times when Lex wants a nice, secret lab all his own to
conduct experiments of varied levels of legality. Nothing
Mengele-esque, nothing *Lionel*-esque for that matter, just...

What in God's name makes the Kents tick?

It's easy to think of them as just the walking, talking, farming
example of Traditional Middle American Values at work --
hardworking husband, happy homemaker wife, apple-cheeked
Good Boy of the sort that *didn't actually exist* in any universe Lex
had ever visited, but... But.

There was more to it.

The husband was utterly unashamed of his prejudices (however
justifiable), the wife a Metropolis transplant with a sharper tongue
than would seem entirely predictable, and the apple-cheeked Good

Had a lot of secrets.

A *lot* of secrets, and while the moral high ground of pulling off
his personal bloodhound had felt surprisingly satisfying, while even
the shockingly *sharp* feeling of guilt that had provoked the
retraction had felt satisfying...

The feeling didn't last very long at all.

Was it better or worse to do the watching himself? To remove
all possibility of an objective, constant gaze and replace it with
his own necessarily subjective and sporadic one?

More... sporting, definitely, and yet, and yet.

He wonders if life would be more satisfying if it was ever possible
to study *oneself* scientifically.


He suspects a certain level of dissociation would probably be in
order, and that he should be grateful to lack it -- however
frustratingly obscure his own motivations might remain to

In any case, it's not himself he wants under the microscope
tonight. He doesn't need a lab to figure *that* out, standing on
the winter-hard soil just outside the Kents' barn.

It's only ten o' clock on a Friday night, but the lights are all out in
the house proper, save for the buttery glow of a lamp inside what
he's sure is Clark's bedroom.

Clark isn't in there.

Sound carries in this God-loved (forsaken would be too much to
hope for in terms of his more poetic moments of self-pity)
emptiness. Lex can hear Clark moving around in the loft every few

Adjusting the telescope to get a finer focus on the Lang girl's
bedroom window?

Kicking out the proverbial jams?

Jerking off?

Were parents really *that* understanding in the normal run of the
world? Calm and secure enough to provide their teenage children
a place both entirely free of supervision and entirely... safe?

What did they think their son, their achingly beautifully son *did*
out here?

Or maybe they'd just long since figured out that no one in the
whole benighted county could see just how...


Lex takes a long, deep breath, ignoring the harsh chill of the air.
Needs less to fill his lungs than to catch something like a clue.

A hint.

Nothing but farm fresh... everything.

No Clark.


He gives the house one last cursory glance, noting that nothing has
changed. Neither parent has sensed his presence and woken out of
blameless sleep. Good enough.

The interior of the barn is dark, crowded with faintly ominous
shadows that make Lex walk soft. Stealthier than he wants to be,
now that he's committed himself to actually seeking Clark out.
Doesn't want to be *seen* as creeping up on the boy, whether or
not that's what he's actually doing.

Still, it's an effort to force himself to scuff his feet a little. Clear his
throat for the benefit of the boy above. Lex waits at the foot of the
ladder, cataloguing the extra degree of stillness which means he
was probably heard by something more than all of those dumb

Farm equipment, he reminds himself. Tractors and hay bales and
bears, oh my. Lex stifles a laugh in his throat.


Lex winces. This *could* be why they trust Clark so much, yes?
"'fraid not, Clark..."

"*Lex*?" Heavy footsteps and Clark is looking down at him, moonlight
catching the hint of a smile and just the faintest glimpse of his eyes.

Lex manfully resists the urge to toss poetry at the boy, bars it all
behind his own smile. "Can I come up?"

Wider smile. "Sure! Uh... do you need a light?" Shuffling sound. "I
think I have a flashlight up here somewhere..."

Lex grins a little helplessly. "No, that's okay. If I fall on my ass I
can entertain myself on the way to the emergency room by watching
your attempts not to kill yourself laughing."

Clark snickers. "Riiight. Hang on."

Lex pauses at the foot of the ladder, remembering only at the last
moment to duck his head. The blast of light still makes him wince a
little, but at least he's not blinded.

"Whoops, forgot to warn you about that..."

Lex chuckles. "That's okay, Clark. I figured farm-strength flashlights
would be impressive."

"Here, I'll point it at the ceiling..."

And when his eyelids are no longer screaming red at him, Lex looks
up gingerly. And snickers at the Clark of Liberty.

"What...? Oh." Clark narrows his eyes. "Don't make me point this
thing at you again."

Lex grins and makes his way up the ladder, takes a look around to
get his eyes accustomed to life without the flashlight again.

Nothing's changed since the last time he was up here, save that
everything seems more serious in moonlight. No sign whatsoever
of what Clark was doing up here, and the boy himself is just
standing there, thumbs in the pockets of his blue jeans and rocking
on his heels.

Somewhere between pornographic and simply obscene, and Lex
hadn't known there was a difference before meeting Clark.

Silence between them like radically unstable particles tossed idly
hand to hand. A better metaphor for these moments than something
as jejune as "playing with fire," though the heat is unmistakable.

Beautiful boy, dangerously sharper in this light. Dangerously easy to
forget that Clark's first thought was for his mother. Lex offers his
own edge with a smile. Warning or invitation, all depending on how
Clark chooses to interpret it.


Clark looks away first, and Lex has just enough time to wonder if
he's relieved or disappointed when Clark makes a wide, abortive
gesture at the loft.

"I'm never sure how to entertain people up here," he says with a
smile of his own. The one forever stuck between flirty and


Clark shrugs, gestures again. "Yeah. I mean, I can offer you a seat,
but... that's about it."

"That's not enough?"

Clark gives him something like a glare. "C'mon, Lex. This from the
guy who doesn't let me on the castle *grounds* without offering
me, like, everything?"

And the number of ways to take that... Lex shakes it off internally.
"Well, there's a *slight* difference of a plausible hospitality between
a castle and a barn... unless, of course, you're expecting the three
wise men."

Clark snickers and punches his arm gently. "Okay, fine. Have a seat.
I think I have half a candy bar in my pocket if you want something to
eat, rich boy."

Body-warmed, half-melted chocolate... Lex grins and lets himself
sprawl on the hard old couch. "Gimme."

"But it's all melted!"

"You just want to keep it for yourself. You're right, you're a *terrible*
host, Clark."

"You're a freak, you know that, right?" But Clark is grinning at him
and digging the bar out of his pocket. "Oh, ew, five more seconds
and I'd have to try to explain to my mother how I forgot about a
huge block of chocolate in my pants *again* -- um. That sounds bad
on any number of levels, doesn't it."

Lex nods as solemnly as he can manage. "Yes. Yes it does. Now
surrender the candy, farmboy."

Clark shakes his head and joins Lex on the couch, unpeeling the
wrapper as carefully as he can, but even in the untrustworthy light
of the loft Lex can see that it's pretty much a lost cause.

"*How* long has that candy bar been in there?"

"You know, I could just make a joke about how this just proves that
I'm hot, but I'm not twelve years old." And Clark throws him a
small grin and licks a stripe of melted chocolate off the wrapper.

Long tongue, slickly, thickly muscular tongue and Clark turns the
bar around to the unlicked side and offers it to Lex. Oh.

"Careful, it's pretty sticky..."

And there it was. That muffled, muffling sort of arousal Lex has
come to, if not precisely fear, than certainly *worry* about. Always
difficult to keep track of plans, beliefs, rational *thought* when it's
like this.

When Clark is offering him a paper laden with barely solid chocolate
to... lick. And is he really going to do this?

Lex smiles incautiously, catches the edge where Clark has licked
between his fingers and tugs just enough to make Clark catch the
other side --

"Careful, Lex -- ew."

Lex grins wider.

"You did that on purpose, didn't you?"

Lex leans in and slips his tongue out to taste, just a fraction of an
inch from where Clark's blunt fingers are caught in the chocolate

Clark laughs and moves as if he's about to smear Lex's face, but Lex
knows he won't.

Offers that knowledge with a sidelong smile and bends his head again,
stiffening his tongue to catch as much of the chocolate as he can
before pulling back... not very far at all.

Close enough for Clark to brush him a little as he brings his dirty hand
up to his mouth and oh, Jesus. Licks and sucks his fingers clean, eyes
almost entirely closed.

Not closed enough to justify the way Lex is watching him, but then
nothing really *could* justify that, so...

So what?

Lex takes the wrapper gingerly, thinks about setting it aside --

"Hey, it's my turn!"

Thinks about his future as a dirty old man, instead. Takes a slow,
deliberate lick at the chocolate. Cheap, American, overly sweet for
his tastes and just about perfect... because Clark gives a stifled little
gasp and shifts beside him. Lex grins at the paper and licks again. "So
take it from me."

Clark grabs for it and Lex turns enough that Clark has to reach around
him. Lex can feel Clark's chest against his back as he grabs for the
chocolate, feel Clark's laughter everywhere they're touching.

Bends forward a little, just to see if Clark will follow, and winds up
covered with a truly impressive amount of sugar-hungry farmboy, one
big hand clutching his shoulder and the other grabbing the chocolate
easily from Lex's suddenly numb fingers.


Arousal a hot, hard knot in his belly, demanding and potentially
disastrous. The feel of Clark disentangling himself is almost enough to
make him moan.

Lex takes a deep breath through his mouth and tries to get something
like his game face back on before he turns around...

... to find Clark staring directly at him, pure mischief in his eyes as he
proceeds to lick every stray molecule of chocolate from the wrapper
that he can. And that's just too much to take.

Lex lunges in fast, stopping just before he would've collided with Clark.
Waits for the subtle little *something* that will let him know Clark has
gotten used to -- if not comfortable with -- Lex being this close... and
Clark licks his teeth behind his lips and grins.

"Gonna fight me for it, Lex?"

"Mm. I think... not." And twists his head just enough to bend to the
wrapper without brushing Clark's face *too* much --


Though that, of course, was a matter of opinion.

Still, Clark didn't actually move away, or laugh it off, or... anything
but breathe hotly against Lex's cheek and throat and hold the paper
still. Lex thinks he can taste the boy in the midst of all the plebeian
chocolate, but there's no real way to be sure. *Knows* he can taste
the sharp acid of his own need.

Their knees are touching now, and Clark's hair is a ticklish goad to his
own scalp and Lex thinks he would probably kill someone if it meant
he could be this close to Clark, to having what he *wants*...

Pulls away from the damp wrapper slowly, turning and raising his head
into something like a slow, open-eyed nuzzle of Clark's face.

Clark's eyes wide enough to give everything a patina of innocence and
whatever the opposite of inevitability could be... in some universe
where Lex wasn't too hard to give a fuck.


Inhales Clark's warm, sweet breath and wonders just what's showing
on his face. "Yeah."

"Are you..." Clark takes a shuddering breath and Lex knows Clark's
noticed the way Lex is staring at his mouth.

Smiles. "Yes, Clark?" Keeps right on staring.

"Are you hard right now?"

Definitely *not* the question he was expecting, and Lex hisses in a
breath. Closes his eyes and slowly, deliberately, adjusts himself in his
trousers. Inviting Clark to look for himself. "Yeah. I am."

"I... oh. Uh..."

Lex plucks the candy wrapper away and drops it on the floor, leaning
in to Clark's throat. Presses his tongue hard to Clark's thudding pulse
for a moment before making it a long, slow lick. "Are you?"

"Ohh... what?"

"Hard." Lex licks him again when he gasps, sucks a brief, wet kiss. "Are
you hard for me, Clark?"

"Jesus, Lex, yes..." Hot, sticky caress to his scalp, fast and shaky. "Are
you... are we..."

"Fuck yeah."

And Clark ducks his head and... nuzzles Lex into a kiss. Hot and sweet,
fumbling soft and wet. Like he doesn't want to use his hands. Like he
*can't* use his hands, and that's something Lex can go with. For now.

Opens Clark's mouth for his tongue and catches the boy's wrists.
Thumbs to Clark's pulse points and pressing, holding his arms away from
his body and moving in. Kissing and kissing and biting and pulling back
only long enough to straddle Clark's lap.

And Clark is hard against him, pushing up in sharply abortive thrusts that
make Lex moan something like a yes into Clark's mouth, tighten his hold
on the boy's wrists.


"What do you want, Clark? What can I give you?"

Strangled whine from the back of Clark's throat and Lex *has* to.
Nudges the boy's head back and sucks hard where throat meets shoulder,
some vague rationalization about Clark owning turtlenecks flitting
meaninglessly through the back of his mind.

Bites down at Clark's hissed "yes." Harder when the boy's thrusts get
harder. Serious.

*Wants* this.

Squeezes Clark's wrists again, presses them against the back of the
couch. "Don't move."

"Oh, God..."

Lex watches Clark swallow, toss his head like a horse and has to kiss
him again. Has to get his hands in Clark's hair and pull him and hold
him in place and he *knows* he's pushing too hard, no finesse at all,
but until Clark gives some heavy physical signs that he's not the
ravishing type...

Lex can't stop.

Pulls back to strip off his jacket, gratified by the way Clark's hands
twitch. More by the way he balls them into fists and holds them

"Lex, please... I want. I want to touch you so much..."

"Later, I promise. Now take off your shirt."

Clark squeezes his eyes shut, bites his lip and does it. Moonlight silvers
the light sheen of sweat on the center of his chest, makes it seem
cooler, more remote than it should be. Lex leans in to take another
kiss, trapping his hand between them. If he closes his eyes there's
nothing but heat and Clark's increasingly desperate little sounds.

Slick hot skin and hard, tiny spike of a nipple...

"Do you like it hard, Clark?"

"Oh God, Lex, *please* --"

Begging, sweet and sweat-smelling Clark and Lex wants to hurt, be
hurt, suck and bite and take -- twists Clark's nipple hard and rides out
a helpless thrust, holding on with his thighs and watching.


Clark eyes are heavy-lidded and gleaming, lips parted and color high
and --


*Jesus*. Realizes that he's been twisting the entire time and pulls off
with a jerk and a gasp. "Sorry about that --"

"No, 's good..."

"You *do* like it hard." Can't even come close to keeping the greed
out of his own voice, but when it makes Clark arch like that... thrust
up against him and moan quiet little moans...


Another kiss and Lex breaks it to bite Clark's lip, a ragged line over
his jaw and down his throat and --

"Oh... oh please, Lex, let me touch you..."

Lex bites hard and thrusts harder and Clark doesn't wait for yes.
Hands ghosting over his back, up to his scalp while Lex bites and
sucks. Light at first, but getting harder. More confident or just
hungrier and Lex wriggles back when Clark starts tugging at his

"Wha...? Lex, *please* --"

"Shh." Unbuttons as quickly as possible, tossing the eminently
forgettable shirt somewhere behind him. Infinitely forgettable.
Clark's staring at his chest like something both priceless and his.


Lex likes that. "So touch me."

Little flare of *something* in Clark's eyes and the hands are back.
On his back, kneading and cataloging muscle like some particularly
perverse sports doctor and Lex has just enough time to start to
laugh before Clark's *mouth* is on his chest.

Wet and hot and dragging and God, his nipples are hard before Clark
even *gets* there, because...

Because he hadn't really expected *too* much initiative, but Clark
is sucking his chest like he thinks Lex will maybe lactate, and only
the knowledge that he'll sound cracked keeps him from laughing at

Well, that and the fact that it's fucking *hot*.

Clark licking and sucking and scraping his teeth more gently than
gently, and then looking up at him from under his lashes. Watching
Lex for reaction. Ah.

"You can bite me. I don't mind."

Clark shudders, eyes closing, and squeezes Lex with one powerful
arm while starting to nibble.

"Fuck. Yeah, that's. That... Clark." Slips his hands into Clark's hair
again and urges him on, rocking his hips. Trying to get a better
angle, trying to get a better feel of that hard cock, something.
Something.... "Ah... harder --"

Moan rumbling against his skin and Clark squeezes him again, sucks
so hard it *hurts* and Lex feels his cock spitting pre-come in his
briefs. Has to get them naked very, very soon.

Slides his hands up and down Clark's broad back and has to moan
when it makes *Clark* moan. Control. Control?

*Does* laugh this time and regrets it immediately when it makes
Clark pull off. Wet red lips and Lex can see the bruise forming on
his chest.

"What's funny? Am I... is this..."

No. No stammering Clark. "I'm funny, Clark. You're making me
nuts here, Jesus. C'mere..." Kisses him, long and slow. Clark's
learning fast and Lex can *feel* his mind careening off the rails
when Clark starts to fuck his mouth with his tongue.

Beautifully unsubtle and perfect. God. To have this boy *want* him
like this. Want him enough to be bold.

Lex hears himself growl at the back of his throat and Clark's holding
him tight enough to make breathing a wonderful effort. Every inhale
pasting them skin to skin. Demanding and sweeter than anything as
simple as taste.

Clark's breath pure chocolate.

Clark's sweat impure salt and sex.

Lex grins into another kiss and urges them back against the couch,
running his hands down Clark's sides to his hips and then jerking
them forward hard.

"*Lex* --"

"Oh... you're so hard, Clark. Have you thought about this? About
what you'd want me to do with your hard cock if you had the


Lex pushes up hard and bites Clark's throat again, mm'ing a little
when his head lolls over the back of the couch. Complete trust and
Lex wants to reward it. Wants to know more. "Do you jerk off out
here? Thinking about me?"

"God, yes, Lex, *please* --"

Licks a stripe to Clark's ear and fucks it with his tongue. Every
harsh breath, every tiny moan makes him throb. Makes him need.
"Tell me what I'm doing to you. What makes you come."

Clark shivers, hands clenching almost painfully on Lex's shoulders for
a moment before jerking away fast.

"Clark... c'mon. It's okay." Licks his ear again and the hands are back,
sliding down and down and stopping at Lex's waist. "Oh... you want
my ass, Clark?"

High, desperate little whimper. "Lex..."

"You want to fuck me? Do you want me on my hands and knees --"

"Lex! I'm gonna... you're gonna make me come..." Hips shifting and
rocking, pausing, rocking, and Clark's so *hot*.

Burn of his skin and Lex wants it *everywhere*. "Yeah. I am. You're
gonna come for me, Clark. In my mouth, in my --"


And Clark's jerking against him hard enough to knock Lex off if he
wasn't also holding on tight enough to make his bones creak.
Coming. With just Lex's voice and a little above the waist petting. Had
to be a new record. Lex grinned against Clark's cheek and pulled
back to kiss him slow when he finally eased up.

Sucks at Clark's mouth, catching every panted breath he can.



"Lex, I think you just killed me."

"Hmm. Likes dirty talk. I'll have to make a note." Licks Clark mouth
and shifts against Clark's heat, hissing a little at Clark's drawn-out

"You... you do that." Clark is smiling goofily, eyes closed and hands
roaming on Lex's back.

"There are other things I want to do..."

"God, your *voice*, Lex, do you have any idea..." Clark blinks his
eyes open, looks at him wryly. "Of course you do."

Lex raises an eyebrow. "I do?"

"You know just what you do to people. What you do to me. And you
like it." And Clark's hands are on his ass now, cupping. Squeezing.
Strength in them impossible to ignore.

Lex takes a shuddery breath. "I like a lot of things."

"Good. That's..." Clark's gaze skating down his chest, down to Lex's
groin. "That's good. I want to see you..."

"Is that all you want, Clark?"

Hard squeeze. "You know it isn't. You wouldn't be here... God, your
*tongue*." And Clark lets him go to attack his fly, instead. Deliciously
clumsy, knuckles brushing Lex's erection once, again.

Again. "Clark..."

"Yeah. Yeah, I just..." Gets Lex's pants open and, "oh... you're
*wet*." Thumb against the head of Lex's cock through the boxer
briefs and rubbing.

"Fuck, yeah, that's --"

And suddenly Lex is on his back on the hard old couch, dust rising
in the moonlight and Clark tugging his pants and briefs down to his
knees. "I wanted... I think about you... about you touching yourself.
Thinking about me."

And that's just... "*God*, Clark..."

"Yeah..." Warm hands, big hands moving up and down his thighs,
very obviously warming himself up for this.

Lex looks up to see Clark staring at Lex's cock like it has all the
answers of the universe and doesn't feel like telling. "I do, you

Clark jerks his head up. "Wha...?"

"Think about you when I'm jerking off. About your mouth, mostly."
Reaches out to run his fingers over Clark's lips, pushing a little when
he closes his eyes. Clark licks his fingertips and his eyes snap open

"Oh, God. You're so..." Doesn't bother finishing the thought before
taking Lex's cock in his fist and starting to stroke, slow and hard.

Lex arches helplessly. "Jesus --"

"Do I suck you, Lex? Is that what makes you come?"

From anyone else it would be a tease, from Lex, certainly, but Clark
just sounds... eager. "Yeah. Among other --" Cut off by his own low
cry as Clark takes the head of his cock in his mouth.

Wet and *hot*. Slick flame and Clark's brow is furrowed and his
mouth, God his *mouth*.

Cheeks pulled in and sucking *hard*, fist still stroking, and the only
thing that's keeping Lex from being positive that his body has
disappeared utterly is his vision. He can't feel a thing but that
mouth. Nothing else *matters* but that mouth and he thinks he
might be babbling.

Clark hums something wordless around him and looks up at him

Watching again, but not for reactions. Clark looks pretty fucking
sure that he's doing exactly the right thing, and Lex can't blame
him. Not when he's this close to grabbing the boy's ears and
fucking his throat raw --

"Oh *God*, Clark --"

Taking more in, no hesitation. Sucking even *harder* and Lex can
feel himself pumping more and more pre-come. So slick and hot
and he *needs* this. Reaches for Clark's hair before he can think
and it's all he can do not to *yank*. Clark feels so good, and it's
fucking *better* than the fantasies, which shouldn't be possible,
but... Jesus.

Going down on him like it's just one more thing he's been wanting
kind, generous Lex to give him, eyes open and hungry.


"Clark..." Broken sound, barely his name. "I want to... oh God, you
have to pull off *now* --"

Almost heartbreaking when he does, but --

"I wanna taste you..." Terrifyingly *earnest* in his lust and Lex
can't even *watch* when Clark takes him back in, just throw his
head back and pump and pump and gasp and.


Clark's mmm and Lex's own embarrassing whimper and yes, Jesus,
yes, please, and that might be aloud, too, and he can't, cannot bring
himself to care.

Shudders back to himself breathlessly, half-aware of Clark watching
him. Doesn't bother to dim his smile. Clark is no one who needs to
be kept in check with a little post-coital spin.

Jerks at the feel of Clark's tongue, low on his belly, and settles as
best he can as Clark licks his way up his chest, gentle on his bruised

"Sorry," he mumbles, and Lex has to laugh.

"I'm pretty sure I can find it in my heart to forgive you, Clark."

He can feel Clark smile against his chest and disentangles his hand
enough to pet him.

"Come here. I want to kiss you."


Clark's tongue in his mouth and Lex tastes himself leisurely, using
his free hand to tug on Clark's arm until he gets the hint and rests
carefully half on top of him. Warm, still half-clothed boy. Heavy and
absolutely irresistible. "I taste good in you," he says into Clark's
mouth, enjoying the shiver he gets.

The little push against his leg. "Uh... thanks?"

Lex grins again. "You're welcome."

"God, you're smug." Clark butts Lex's chin with the top of his head.
"Don't even try to deny it."

"I wouldn't dream of it. I just got blown by a gorgeous underage
boy -- what's not to be smug about?"

Clark snickers against Lex's throat. "I don't know, I was expecting
you to put up more of a fight."

"*Me*?" Lex tilts his head in an attempt to get a better look at
Clark's face.

Clark grins down at him. "Yeah, you. The underage thing."

"You overestimate my shame. Or underestimate my ability to gloss
over nasty little truths." Quirks an eyebrow at the boy. "Which?"

"Hmm. Probably the latter. I *never* thought you had any shame."
And Clark's grin is positively *winsome*.

"Hey, I have shame. I have plenty of shame." Runs a finger over
Clark's cheek. "Just not about the things most people do."

Clark tilts his head at Lex, eyeing him seriously for a moment. "No,
I'd guess not." Visibly shakes it off. "Pretty sweet deal for me."
And Clark's grinning shyly.

Lex kisses him again, softly. "For me, too, Clark. Though..."


Gives Clark his best gently dangerous smile. "I have to get you in
my bed."

"Oh..." Something like happy terror in his voice.

"I'm gonna show you so many things, Clark..."

"Lex..." And Clark's eyes are closed again, hips pushing a little
against Lex.

"Come over tomorrow."

"Oh... okay..."

"I'll even melt some chocolate for you."

Choked laugh. "It doesn't count unless you keep it in your pants
all day, you know."

"Far, far too many bad jokes there. You should be proud of me for
restraining myself."

Clark laughs again. "Only you would have no problem having sex
with a teenager when you can't bring yourself to tell a bad joke."

Lex shrugs as best he can. "Told you I had shame."

Clark grins and shakes his head. Kisses him, slow and fading shy
and sweet. "I like this," he whispers against Lex's mouth. "All of it."
Kisses him again. "But... if I'm not back in the house before it gets
too late my mother wakes up."

Lex sucks Clark's lip for a moment. "Time for me to go?"

"Uh... maybe?"

Chuckles. "Yes." Pushes gently at Clark until he can sit up and pull
on his pants and underwear. Catches a wistful look on Clark's face
and smiles to himself as he hunts for his shirt and jacket.

Clark watches him dress from the couch, eyes gleaming in a way
that suggests Lex might be here for quite a bit longer than he
should be if he doesn't leave *now*. One big hand is hanging
between Clark's thighs, inches away from... "Lex?"

"Tomorrow," he says, more to himself than Clark.

Who has a little smugness of his own. "Yeah, okay."

Lex shakes his head and kisses Clark once, hard, deftly avoiding
wonderfully grabby hands and making his way down the ladder
with only a little regret. He can feel Clark's eyes on him all the way
back to the car, which should be impossible given the angle, but...

It's not like he *minds*.

Lex grins to himself as he drives back to the castle. At the moment,
he couldn't care less about secrets.

That feels good, too.