They Blush, Too
by Caroline and Te
December 2001

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Spoilers: None, really.

Summary: Er... smut. Yep.

Ratings Note/Warnings: NC-17. Smut. Of the utterly shameless variety.

Authors' Note: When bitches collide...

Acknowledgments: To ourselves, goddammit. And, well, also to LaT, who caught some whoopsies. She's a bitch, too.

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A little scene-setting...

Clark and Lex are in Lex's bedroom, on the couch. Um. That's all you get.

Lex leans in, evades the kiss he knows is waiting for him to breathe a little against Clark's ear. Pops the top button on Clark's jeans. "Are you going to scream for me today?"

Pulls back when all he gets is... a blush. A full-faced blush.

"Jesus, Clark, you didn't blush like that when I was fucking your mouth."

Clark grins a little sheepishly at him. "Well... you weren't talking dirty when you were... fucking my mouth."

"Yeah, I was."

"Oh, yeah. That was pretty hot, by the way."

"What did you like best?"

"When you. Um."

Pulls back when Clark reaches for him. "Tell me."

"Well, you know... with the..."

Lex unfastens another button. Contemplates the beauty that is teenaged boys outgrowing their t-shirts before their parents can buy more. "When I told you what I was going to do to you?"

"No, when you, um... grabbed my head and kind of pulled my hair. Kind of really hard."

"Remember what I called you then?"

Clark blushes again. "You called me a. Cocksucker."

"You are. A good one."

Little smile. "Thanks." Frowns a little. "... you're not just saying that? Because, well, it's not like I have... you know, experience or anything..."

Lex covers Clark's mouth with his finger. Drags down on his lower lip. "You're a natural."

"See, I, erm --" sucking on Lex's finger -- "knew I had a hidden talent somewhere, I just didn't know what it was."

"I pride myself on bringing out the best in people, Clark."

"All those woodshop classes... wasted time." Clark grins. "What about the worst in people? 'Cause I think I need a little of that."

"Woodshop class? Hmm... you could always sand me a nice paddle." Lex keeps murmuring, tracing Clark's mouth with his finger, "... a cricket bat, maybe..."

"Oh. Paddle? Like... spankings? That would probably count as worst..."

Lex smiles. "That's not anywhere close to worst."

Clark closes his eyes. "So, you'd... like to do that to me?"

Lex places his hand on Clark's chest, taps his thumb. "Or you could do it to me."

Clark shivers. "No, no, I wouldn't--"

Leans in closer. "Why not, Clark?"


"It just doesn't turn you on? Me, over your lap, gasping, begging for it?"

"Oh Jesus." Clark licks his lips. "No, I just... I don't want to hurt you."

Lex kind of shrugs. "But you want me to hurt you?"


Bites Clark's lip hard, making him jerk. "Do you?"


Lex smirks. Backs away a little. "You're probably pretty tough, right, Clark?"

"What -- Oh. Yeah, I guess."

"Don't get hurt easily?" Lex makes a show of thinking things over, though really not much of one. "... I wonder how hard I'd have to work to even mark you."

"Well, I... it's true, I don't really bruise that much."

"Hmm... yeah, it probably wouldn't even hurt on you, would it? Just probably feel kinda warm and tingly."

Clark shrugs. "Well, I... I have a high tolerance for pain."

Way, way too easy. "I think, then, what we need... is to make you more sensitive."

"... how do you mean?"

"It's very delicate. I'm not going to be able to beat it into you."

"You don't want to, you know, try?"

Lex bites back a laugh and draws his nail down the center of Clark's chest. Lightly. "Are you feeling that, Clark?"

"It's... you could do it harder."

So Lex does it even lighter.

"Lex, seriously, I didn't think I'd ever say this, but I'm gonna get bored here."

Lex smirks. "Well, we can't have that."

Leans in to mouth the t-shirt over Clark's nipple. Not biting, barely sucking. Testing.

"Here, let me..." Clark starts to tug up the bottom of his t-shirt.

Takes Clark's hands in his own. "No, no. You're good like this."

Clark leans back. For about a half-second before starting to push up against Lex's mouth. Predictably needy. Not at all fair how much it turns him on. Still.

Lex backs off and eyes him. "Do you want me to hold you down, Clark?" Quietly.

Clark takes a shaky breath. "Lex, man, do whatever you want."

"That certainly leaves my options... open."

"I." Clark swallows. "I like everything you do." Narrows his eyes at Lex a little. "You know, when you do something. So kind of, you know..." Pushes his hips up a little.

Lex does his best to ignore him. "Would you let me tie you?"


"Would you let me bite you?"

"Oh God --"

"Do you want me to hurt you?"

"You know I do..."

Lex rubs his thumb over the wet spot. "What would hurt you, Clark?" Almost, but not quite making the question as serious as it deserves to be. Leans in again, almost close enough to kiss. Almost. Holds Clark still when he moves in to touch and just barely traces the boy's lips with his tongue.

"I don't know... just bite me, h-hit me, it doesn't matter..."

"Really?" And when Clark just nods, Lex reaches into his pants and presses his thumbnail against Clark's cock. "Does that hurt?"

Clark bucks, digging his fingers into the couch cushion hard enough to make the leather creak. "Oh fuck."

Lex pushes a little harder. "Is that a yes or a no?"

"No, please..."

"Hm," Lex says. Scrapes his thumb over the head of his cock. "... doesn't hurt?"

And Clark gasps something unintelligible and comes right there.

Lex has to grin at that. "Huh. That's pretty cool, Clark." Clark just grabs him, hauls him up over him and starts kissing, hands roaming over Lex's back. Still hard and very obviously looking for... more.

Lex lets him, kissing him back a few times before pressing down. "... but you wanted me to hold you down?"

Clark just makes a soft noise.

"C'mere," Tugs Clark over to the bed, arranging him with his hands near the bedposts. "I don't think I can hold you down with just my hands, do you? You'd probably try to get out of that."

"I... I'll do whatever you want, Lex."

"Heh, well, I'm sure you'd mean to... Here, hang on a second." Gets out the rope, soft black nylon. Mostly kind to whoever it's used on. Brushes it against Clark's cheek, then thinks for a moment. "Do you want something rougher?"

Clark's gone back to looking innocent in that but-we-knowbetter way that always makes Lex's brain hurt a little. "Sure..."

"Right." Pulls out the plain lengths of hemp. "I don't get to take this out that often..."

Clark can't seem to stop looking at him like... that. "Well, I'm special, right?"

Laughs. "Yes, Clark. You're very special." Scrapes the rope across Clark's wet nipple, lingering when Clark's starts pushing up into it.

Clark squirms. "Wait -- shouldn't I take my shirt off first?"

"Nope," and Lex ties the knots as firmly as he can.

Clark... wiggles at him. Jesus. "I have two nipples, you know."

Lex laughs again, finishes with the rope, and just swoops in and bites the other nipple quick and fierce. Does it again at Clark's choked-off moan.

Moves to pull down Clark's jeans and boxers, straddling Clark's knees. Smirks to himself and pauses when the jeans are just about mid-thigh.

"... what?" Clark says.

"Maybe... we shouldn't be doing this."

"Wha -- What?"

"Well, I mean... you're awfully young."

"I am not--" And Clark starts tugging against the ropes in an oddly... careful way.

"I'm an adult. Did you know that I'm breaking the law here?" Plasters a soulful look onto his face and looks Clark right in the eye. "I'm just... I'm not at all sure about this."


Sighs deeply. "No, this isn't the right thing to do..." He starts tugging Clark's jeans back up, ignoring the shocked glare.

"Oh fuck you, Lex, I hate you."

Lex grins. "That's all I wanted to hear." Starts pulling his jeans down again. "Clark, if you'd stop..." Bites back a shaky sigh. "Don't squirm like that, it makes it harder to take these off."

"Sorry," Clark mutters. Then he says, more loudly, "But you're a prick, you know that, right?"

"Uh-huh," Lex says, throwing Clark's pants on the floor.

Crawls up and lies down on his side, next to Clark. Just gazes at him.

Clark glances over. "Well?"

"Well," Lex says. "I'm not so enthusiastic about the caning from this side." He runs his finger down Clark's sternum. "I mean, I'd want to get your back, the backs of your legs... your ass..."

"Um, caning?" Clark says. "Because if you untied me, I could turn over." Almost exactly the same tone of voice Clark uses whenever Lex offers to let him drive one of the fucking cars.


Lex shakes it off as best he can. "I like looking at you, though," traces those soft lips. "Remember what I said about your mouth?"

Clark clears his throat. "... yeah."

"Right, that's still true. I like to fuck it. I like to look at it."

"Well, um, maybe with the inventive use of mirrors..."

Snickers a little helplessly. "Nah, I think we'll leave the caning for later. Or do you think paddling? Which one?"

"What's, um. Describe the difference."

Pure heat at the perfectly obvious realization that Clark honestly wouldn't know. Shifts in his clothes and tries not to think too hard about what he's talking about. Wants... control. "Well, with the paddle... it's kind of a shock. You feel it through your whole body. This spreading warmth -- too hot to be called warmth, though... this spreading heat... and sometimes even your teeth get rattled a little bit, because there are just these solid, solid hits..."

Takes in Clark's squirm with a smile.

"The cane is much more focused. You don't even know you feel the pain at first. It's quick, and by the time it's registered that you've been hit in one spot, you're being hit in another.

"So... yeah. Both are a lot of fun."

Clark closes his eyes and arches up. "Jesus, Lex, I don't know..."

Far too pretty to be... well, to not be even more illegal than he is. "It's okay, Clark. It's not like you have to make a commitment to just one. We can do one this time, the other the next time..."

Clark groans and Lex leans in to catch it with a kiss, fast and serious. Pulls back when Clark tries to deepen it.

"How to pick, though... hm. We could blindfold you and you could point at one of them."

"God, fine, whatever. Please..."

"Do you want me to blindfold you now?"

Clark opens his eyes. "It wouldn't make a difference -- I mean... um."

What...? Lex studies Clark for a moment. Doesn't bother to conceal the effort.

"I mean, yes. Blindfold me."

Lex lets his look turn thoughtful, hoping for... something.

Clark stretches, half-writhes in an obvious come-on. "Lex, come on, you know... kinda..." Pushes his hips up. "Ready here."

"Clark, you just came. You have to learn a little patience."

"I do not, I'm fifteen." Absolutely indignant.

Lex just smiles. "Do you know what I was like when I was fifteen?"

Clark swallows and shakes his head. There'd possibly been more than Lex had intended in that smile.

Shrugs it off internally. Whatever. "Some of the things I had people do to me... there were some times when I wasn't allowed to come for hours."

"Oh, big deal, Lex; it's called high school."

Has to snort. But... "You don't jack off at school?"

"No! Oh my God, where would I jack off at school?"

"You could even do it under your desk, if you wanted." Clark is staring at him like he's grown another head. Lex smirks. "Except you make all those lovely noises. I see what you mean."

"So you, um. Weren't talking about school."

"Uh-uh," Lex says. "You know how there are certain kinds of clubs, right? You know about that?"

"Of course I know about that, Lex, what do you think I am --"

"Hey, relax, I was just checking." Gives Clark a deliberately soothing pat on the head and ignores the glare he gets in return. "Well, you can do things there, and you can meet people, and you can bring them back to your place... or not, the clubs are fine too..."

"... what kind of things?"

"Just a sec." Leans over him and gets a blindfold out of the drawer. "Lift your head up." Clark does, and Lex ties it on.

Moves away a little, and briefly touches Clark's belly through the shirt, and then his throat. "Does that make a difference?"

"... yes." Not quite hissed.

Grins. "Because I could take it back off..."

"Lex, don't start."

"You're a man on the edge, aren't you?" Carefully moves down the bed some.

Clark groans loudly. "What do I look like? Jesus, I don't think anyone knows the meaning of the word 'cocktease' until they've met you --"

Lex swallows Clark's cock in one quick move. Stays there for a heartbeat before pulling off and letting his tongue dart against the head. "Well, I wouldn't really call that teasing so much..."

"Right, well, I didn't know you were going to -- and now you're teasing again."

Lex shifts down a little farther and bites the side of Clark's calf. "I had your cock down my throat, Clark. My mouth was stretched out by your dick. When I pulled off, I could taste you all over my tongue. That's teasing?"

"No. Fuck. This. This is teasing."

Moves again and bites the other side of Clark's body, on his hip.

Clark jerks. "Give a guy a little warning, huh, when you're going to be all over the place?"

Lex presses his thumb against Clark's forehead. "Want me to take the blindfold off?"

Clark shakes his head vigorously. "No."

"Then stop bitching."

"I'm not... bitching?"

Lex chuckles against Clark's belly. "Bitching. You're tied down. You're blindfolded. Most people figure things out by this point, Clark."

"I'm supposed to be helpless." Sounding nothing more nor less like a bad actor after being scolded by the director. Weird, weird kid. "Oh. Oh. Um. Fuck. Please, Lex, Jesus, you're gonna kill me..."

"No, I'm just going to teach you a little something about control."


Lex bites Clark's ear. Hard. "Pay attention. And shut up."


Moves down the bed, breathing hot against Clark's cock, always managing to pull back before Clark's bucks and arches can do anything useful. Lex is fully dressed, still, save for his shoes. One of the more obvious psychological tactics. Usually far less annoying.

Always annoying with Clark, though, dammit.

Lex moves down further, pushes Clark's legs apart. Bends one leg up and fucks the crease of the knee with his tongue, slowly and carefully.

Licks his way up one long, tanned thigh. Noses Clark's balls aside and bites him there. Bites down harder at Clark's jerk and just holds the skin between his teeth. Waiting for the cue.

A word, a plea. Something to tell him that it's too much. Something to let him know exactly when to increase the pressure for one last second before letting go.

Clark just moans, though. Arches up against Lex's mouth. Whimpers when Lex finally pulls away.


Lex leans up on his knees, pulls Clark's cock straight. Up away from that ridiculously toned stomach.

"Oh yes, please --"

More than enough reason to slap it. He'd told Clark to shut up. High, sharp crack of sound echoing through the bedroom and Clark cries out like a child.


Smacks Clark's cock again, and again. Leans in to suck the sudden jet of pre-come away and. Jesus. Clark is panting, twisting his wrists in the ropes. Mouth open and begging for. More.

Lex presses his thumbnail hard under the head. Holds it there.

"Lex, please..."

"I'm beginning to think a caning from the front *wouldn't* be such a bad idea..."

"Oh yes, anything, oh God, you feel..."

"Does it hurt?"

"Feels so good, Lex, more --"

Makes him angry, suddenly. Just this wash of blind rage, irrational and wild. Sweet, dirty boy beneath him apparently never going to call a stop to this. He could do... anything.

"You're really kind of a whore, aren't you, Clark?"

"I... oh Christ --"

Slaps his cock again and Clark moves like the ocean, rolling into his touch, all of his touches. "You really are. Tied up, naked, begging..."

"I know it turns you on..."

Lex wraps his fist around Clark's cock and squeezes hard. Gets a choked groan. A little better. "I could do anything to you and you'd just take it, wouldn't you?"


"I take it back. You're not a whore. You're a bitch."

"Fuck, don't --"

"Just a bitch, looking to get fucked by whoever comes along."

"God, you're such a prick --"

"You said that already."

"Fine. Have it your way, Lex. I would... God. Right now, I don't care who fucks me so long as they don't make me wait."

Lex nods. Clark can't see it, but he nods. "Okay."

"Lex, do not stop touching me; I don't think you know how serious I am about this--"

Lex pushes his T-shirt up and bites his chest hard. "I already told you to shut up. Shut. The fuck. Up. I'm really not interested in what you have to say at this point."

Clark grips the stretched rope with his hands.

"Just wait there."

Moves off the bed and walks to the other side of the room. Picks up the phone.

"You fuck, are you leaving? Lex!"

"Clark? Shut up."

Clark groans.

Lex speaks softly into the phone, then gets back on the bed. Pinches Clark's hip. "Maybe I should go."


Claps his hand over Clark's mouth. "I'm going to be upset if you can't control yourself so much that I have to gag you."

Clark breathes hard against Lex's hand for long moments before nodding. Lex presses at the boy's lip with his thumb before getting off the bed again. Opens the door just in time to keep Evan from knocking and ruining the game.

Grins at Evan briefly and goes back to watching Clark for another... infraction. The boy opens his mouth, but manages not to say anything. Good. And Evan is watching for his cue.

Waiting for orders.

Lex buries his hand in the moderately shaggy blond hair and kisses Evan hard. Pulls back and brushes a thumb over Evan's smile.

Tugs at the man's shirt and nods.

Evan starts taking off his clothes with the sort of ruthless efficiency that marks him as a Luthor employee. Lex leans in and sucks on his throat, Evan standing there patiently until Lex allows him to finish getting naked.

He's half-hard already, and not quite looking at the boy tied up on the bed.

Lex takes his hand and walks him over to the bed. Clark twitches as Lex rolls open the bedside table's drawer.

Lex coats his hand with lube and takes Evan's cock in hand, covering it, pulling, getting it slick.


Kisses him again, then nods to the bed.

Evan gets on the bed, kneeling between Clark's legs. Brings his hands down in firm strokes against Clark's chest, ignoring the boy's pleading noises.

Lex nods to Evan again, and Evan shrugs, lifts Clark's legs, holds his hips, and slides into him in one long stroke that makes Lex have to adjust himself in his pants.

Squeeze when Clark gasps several times.

Evan deliberately pulls out, then slowly pushes back in. Hard.

Clark's chest heaves. "Ohh... God, I don't care, gag me... Lex..."

Lex touches Clark's shoulder. "It's not me."

Clark stills. "What?"

"You said you wanted anyone, Clark."

"Jesus -- get off me! Who the fuck are you?"

Evan doesn't move. Keeps his hands on Clark's rigidly still hips.

"You seemed to be enjoying yourself, Clark."

"God, stop."

"What are you going to do about it, Clark? You're tied up... there aren't a lot of places you can go."

"Fuck!" Clark brings his legs up and uses them to shove at Evan. "Get off me!"

Evan pulls out, but cups Clark's thigh. Looks a question vaguely in the direction of Lex's chin.

Lex strokes Evan's hair, just once. "You're still awfully hard, Clark, for someone who doesn't like this."

"I thought it was you!"

"That's very --"

"Jesus, Lex, how could you?"

Stings a lot more than it should, especially with Evan kneeling there between Clark's thighs, one eyebrow raised very carefully at neither of them.

Lex keeps his voice as cool and calm as he can. "You asked for it, Clark. Anyone, as long as they didn't make you wait, isn't that right?"

Clark shakes his head roughly, less in denial than in nearly palpable frustration. "Oh, Christ, just... who are you?"

And really, Clark could be speaking to either of them.

"What's it going to be, Clark? How badly do you want to get fucked?"

"Lex." Watches Clark swallow hard and has to restrain himself from reaching out to pet that straining throat. "Lex, please."

"Answer the question. Evan's very hard. I slicked him myself."

Sick-sounding moan and Clark's cock twitches.

"Should I take that as a yes?"

"I want you, Lex... I wouldn't have. I didn't think... I. Oh God. Is this... is this what you want?"

Lex is beginning to think a gag would've been a better idea than. This. Clark pleading up at him from behind the blindfold, not even searching for him anymore. Focused on Lex directly. "This isn't about what I want, Clark."

"I just want you inside me..." Soulful and low. Immediately suspicious from anyone but Clark. And maybe from Clark, as well.

"You can have Evan, or you can have what I choose to give you."


"Which will it be, Clark?"

"Oh, God. Anything you want, just. Just get this guy the fuck out of here!"

Which is... pretty much admitting that this is about what he wants, and that's just. Unacceptable. Fuck this. Fuck this. Puts his hand on Evan's shoulder. "All right, Evan, you can leave." Shakes his head at him while he says it.

"Yes, Mr. Luthor." And Evan gets off the bed, walks to the door, opens and closes it. With him still inside. Smirks in Lex's general direction. Lex strips his clothes off as loudly as he can, making sure the buckle of his belt hits the floor hard while Evan pads silently back to the bed.

Watches Evan settle back in between Clark's thighs and Clark is panting again. Seemingly staring directly at Evan and he looks... strange. Brow furrowed and lips curled back in something like a snarl. Almost horrified. Whirls around in Lex's direction as Evan spreads Clark's thighs over his lap.

And then curls up and kicks Evan off the bed with both feet. "Jesus! Evan! Whoever the fuck you are! Just get out!"

Evan coughs out a gasp and finally, finally meets Lex's eyes. Wide-eyed with pain and clutching his chest, but probably not dying. Lex gestures him out.

And, when he's gone, sits tailor-style on the bed. Studies Clark, who's glaring at the wall. "All right. How did you know?"

"I can see through the blindfold, Lex."

And Lex rolls his eyes. "Okay. If you can see through the blindfold, and you didn't want Evan to fuck you, why did you let him in the first place?"

"Because I wasn't looking; I fucking trusted you!"

"... you can see through the blindfold?"

"... no."

"... the hell?"

"I... fuck, Lex, what the fuck are you trying to do?"

"No way, Clark. How the fuck could you see through the blindfold?"

"I *can't*."

"You're looking at me right now!"

"I... am?"

"Okay. Let's just tick off a few points here, shall we? One, you can see through the blindfold -- shut the fuck up -- two, I nearly break my jaw biting one of the most sensitive parts of the human body and you just beg for more -- no, shut up -- three, you see nothing wrong with me caning you from the front."


"You -- I quote -- 'squeeze through the bars' to get in here every few days. The bars are solid steel and you are not a small boy."

"Lex --"

"You know, you're pretty enough for me to accept a certain amount of bullshit as the price I pay for fucking your sweet ass, but you're not that pretty."

"Oh, fuck you, Lex! You brought your fucking butler --"


"You brought fucking Hecubus the Friendly Slutler in here to fuck me and you're calling me on bullshit?"

"... Hecubus?"

And Clark snaps the ropes like thread and pounces on Lex, tumbling them both to the floor. "Shut. Up."

Holds Lex down. Like it's nothing.

Lex tries to move a little, mostly out of curiosity. No give whatsoever.

Clark glares down at him. "What the fuck is wrong with you?"

"Clark. What's wrong with you? All you want to do is whatever I want. That's fucking needy."

"I'm not allowed to need you now?"

"Jesus, Clark, of course you don't need me. I know, you're fifteen, you need to get your rocks off, but this is not anything..."

Clark tightens his grip. "'This is not anything' what?"

Lex glances down at Clark's hands. "You're hurting me."


Lex grins. "Hey, there you go."

Clark shoves at him. "Jesus Christ, Lex."

"Clark, come on. You couldn't honestly think I wasn't fucked-up, could you? I mean, really."

Clark sits up and looks intently at Lex.

Lex is careful not to move, not to twitch. He has to blink, though.

"You're hard," Clark says.


"Don't move."

And Clark straddles him and takes hold of Lex's cock, guiding it into his body. Lex can't help but jerk. Jesus. So hot.

Clark holds his shoulders down. "Don't move."

He sits all the way down and closes his eyes, breathing heavily. Opens his eyes and stares into Lex's own, mouth falling open as he starts to move. Grabs Lex's hand and brings it up to his mouth, kissing the heel.

Lex lets his fingers spread out, touching Clark's face.

Makes Clark grin at him, bright flash of yes-that's-right that slowly fades into a look of pure concentration as he fucks himself a little harder on Lex's cock.

A little faster.

Tight and sweet as ever and it's getting hard not to move, not to buck his hips and take the control he's spent so much time making Clark pay for. God fucking damn it.

Tries to pull back, disappear a little behind his eyes, but Clark takes his fingers into his mouth. Doesn't suck so much as mouth them. Wet, messy. Wonderful. Has to stroke that tongue, press down with his fingernail a little. Has to look.

Clark's eyes serious and completely focused on his own, even when he gasps and moves faster still. Clark's cock hard between them, leaking and untouched and Lex just wants to do something.

Frayed rope trailing from his wrists, scraping a little now at Lex's sides and God, how? "Clark --"

"I want you to come inside me, Lex..."

"Fuck. Fuck --"

"Don't move."

And Clark pulls Lex's hand from his mouth. Settles it back down and takes up that effortless hold on his wrist. Both wrists and it would be torture if Clark weren't being ruthless with himself, with the fuck. It's torture anyway.

Lex can't look away. Can't -- *won't* -- move and can't look away and --

"Tell me you don't need this, Lex."

Bucks helplessly. "Fuck you..."

"Oh, oh God, yeah..."

Lex stills himself again, bites his lip hard. Closes his eyes.

"I love it when you touch me. I love everything you do --"

"Fucking ridiculous --"

"You know it doesn't hurt. Not the way you -- fuck, you feel so good -- not the way you think it should..."

"That's sick."

Clark laughs. "You didn't really expect me to be normal, did you, Lex? C'mon, how long can you keep from fucking me? What would you do if I let you go?"

Lex bangs his head against the floor but he can still hear Clark -- Christ -- giggling. Breathlessly wholesome little farmboy giggles as he just. Rides Lex.

"Would you do it hard, Lex? Would you make me scream?"

"Find. Out."

"What would you do if I left you like this? Gave ol' Hec another shot at my ass?"

"You cracked -- ah fuck -- you cracked Evan's ribs, Clark. I don't think he could get it up for you."

"He would if I begged. Everyone likes it when I beg. Especially. You."

"Go ahead. Leave me like this. You think I need you?"

"Uh, yeah."

"Do it, then."

And Clark just... stops. Stops with Lex in him to the hilt and then. Squeezes.


"Tell me to do it again. Go on."

"Christ, even when you're topping you still want orders."

Clark squeezes again and Lex can't hold in his moan. "Tell me to leave you like this and I will. I don't want to, but hey, this isn't about what I want, is it, Lex?"

And he can say it. He can, goddammit, but. He doesn't want to. "Clark?"


"You're a fucking prick."

"Mm. Yeah. I think this is the worst we were talking about, don't you?"

"Fucking move!"

Clark grins. "Okay." Kneels up and releases Lex. Nonchalantly untying the ropes from his wrists. His completely unmarked wrists. The grin is now much more of a smirk.

"Oh, you son. Of. A bitch. I'm going to fuck you so hard..."

Clark's eyes widen happily. "Really?"

Lex grabs his face and pushes. "Rrgh."

Clark laughs under his hand. "Make that noise again."

"When did you get so fucking smug? Don't answer that, turn around. Right, lean against the bed. Jesus Christ, what's wrong with the kids today?"

Rams into him and Clark just... sighs. Lex does it again, harder. Watches Clark bunch the covers in his hands. Okay, better. Leans in and latches onto the base of Clark's neck, biting hard. Clark whines. "Yes..."

Makes him even harder. "Clark, how close are you to coming?" Pretty calm voice, really. Well, broken, because he's slamming into the kid here, but... pretty calm, considering.

"Oh God, Lex, just touch me, please..."

"You want that?" Not teasing. Seriously needs to know.

"Yes, Lex, touch me..."

Reaches around and holds Clark's cock. Squeezes a little when it twitches against his palm. "Hard?"

Clark shakes his head, bucking into Lex's hand. "God, I can't tell anymore just... just do it."

Lex bites off a groan and brings his hand up to Clark's mouth, presses it against his lips for Clark to lick. And keep licking, Christ, he can't seem to stop and his ass is just the sweetest --

Shakily pulls his hand away and wraps it around Clark's cock again, squeezing and pulling roughly.

"Christ yes... so hot, Lex..."

"Clark, I want you to come."

Clark inhales deeply, quickly. Cries out wordlessly and Lex moves his hand over the head. Bites his lip hard at the feel of Clark coming hot against his hand and brings it up to Clark's mouth again.

"Taste it." Can't believe how ragged he sounds.

Clark sucks frantically at Lex's hand, shudders hard enough that Lex can feel it all through him.

"Jesus Christ, Clark, did you just come again?"

Clark groans and tilts his head back. "Fuck, Lex, it hurts..."

Lex wraps his arms around him, bringing Clark's back flush to his chest. Mutters against the boy's neck, "it's okay," and tries to keep himself from fucking him even harder.

So good.

"Please, Lex... I need you to come, oh God..."

Has to close his eyes tight, grit his teeth, everything clenched against the flood of raw feeling, but he's just rocked by it anyway, collapsing against Clark even as he was still pounding into him.

Clark... God. Whimpers. Lex pulls out slowly and rubs his cheek against Clark's damply hot t-shirt. Catches a shoulderblade between his teeth.

Clark is still shivering. No, wait. That's him. No, okay... they're both shivering.


"You fucking want me to say I need you, is that your kink?"

Clark just turns around and kisses him slowly. "You can say whatever you want."

"You're being smug again."

"I've been extremely well-fucked. I have a right to smugness."

"I. I. God fucking dammit." Kisses Clark hard as he can and gets crushed into a hug and Lex isn't shaking. A post-orgasm twinge. That's it.

Manages a somewhat saner kiss eventually. Licks away every trace of Clark's come he can find and doesn't think about the whys of anything. Feels too good for that.

Doesn't think about the whys of that, either.

Finally pulls back and glares at Clark's sleepy-eyed grin. "I won't cane you."

"Even if I beg?"

"Even if you beg."

Clark has the nerve to pout at him. Bastard would probably break the fucking cane. "Fine. Then I won't spank you."

"I hate you, Clark."

Sunny smile. "Good."


Clark stretched, enjoying his nakedness.

Enjoying the sight of Lex passed out on the bed at -- checked his watch -- five-thirty in the afternoon. Heh. Lex would undoubtedly find some way to make Clark suffer for seeing him like that.

Clark grinned and wondered if there was any way he could make things a little worse.

Grabbed the notepad by the bed and scrawled the word 'wuss' on the top page.

Underlined it a few times.

Smirked and got his clothes on.

Considered just going home, but... well, he felt too good for that.

X-ray scanned the castle until he found Evan, laid out on a bed with an ice-pack on his chest. Whoops.

Sped his way over and knocked. Scanned again and watched Evan struggle to stand and decided to just walk in.


Clark blushed. "Me." Looked up to find Evan not-quite glaring at something over his shoulder. Wide-eyed, blue-eyed, slim prettiness that Clark refused to feel guilty for not noticing before.

Or for noticing now.

"Um. Sorry about the... kicking. And the rib-cracking."

Evan just nodded.

"And you weren't there for this, but I'm sorry I called you Hecubus."

Shocked a laugh out of him, and Evan finally looked him in the eye. "Well, hey, I am a manservant, right?"

Clark grinned. "Exactly. See, you get it." Paused. Thought. "You know, sometimes you should just tell Lex to kiss your ass. And if he tries to fire you for it, tell him I told you to do it."

Evan snorted. "You're assuming he doesn't?"

Clark blinked.


"Heh. Maybe next time *you'll* be the one in the blindfold, hunh?"

Evan leered at him. "I live in hope, Mr. Kent."

"Call me Clark."

Grinned. "All right, I will." Eased back onto the bed. "Oh, and if you ever get Lex tied to the bed?"


Evan smirked. "I'm #4 on the house phone."

"Oooh. That's... really dirty." Clark beamed. "Thanks, Evan!"

"Anytime, Clark. Um... do you think you could see yourself out? I need to go back to whimpering in pain pretty soon."

"Er... do you need me to... tape you or something?"

"Nah. I'm looking forward to sighing mournfully at Lex until he apologizes in some fun way."

Clark snickered. "You do that. See you around, Hec."

Let himself out to the sound of moderately pained chuckles.

Ran home with a smile.

The End.