And in this moment
by Te
December 11, 2003

Disclaimers: So very not mine. Le sigh.

Spoilers: Of varying intensity for "Only A Dream," "A
Better World," "Eclipsed," "Secret Society," and "Wild

Summary: Wally's got a visitor.

Ratings Note: NC-17. So very, very NC-17.

Author's Note: I was blithering *again* about "A
Better World," this time to Jack, and a bunny reached
up and smacked me on the head. Freaking bunnies.

Acknowledgments: To Jack, Livia, and the Spike for
audiencing, encouragement, and helpful suggestions.

Feedback: Yah-huh.


Wally's dreaming that dream again, the one that stopped
being entirely good after John Dee went all Skeletor on
everyone's asses.

Still, you know, Swedish Bikini Team. Can't ever be
*entirely* bad.

He lets himself sink a little deeper, and Annika's hand is
soft and appreciative on the lightning bolt on his chest, as
opposed to just really nice to see.

She smiles up at him with big, blue eyes and tilts her
head up as Dagmar looks on with jealous fondness, and
out of the corner of his eye, Viveka and Helga are making
him sincerely wish he was a lesbian.

And the sun's going out.

Annika doesn't seem to be paying any attention, but Helga
has stopped doing those cool things with her tongue and
Viveka's ear, and she doesn't look happy, at all.

"Hey, hey, it's okay," he says, "this happens sometimes."
He throws an arm around Annika's (soft, warm, *good*)
waist and it isn't hard to smile. "I promise it'll stop if you
just don't pay any attention to it."

Helga says something in (not, you don't *know*) Swedish
that feels a lot like "shut up, stupid man, the *sun's*
going out," and points at the sky.

It's... it's not an eclipse.

He knows what *those* look like, too -- scary and deeply
evil, thank you very much -- and this is more like fading.

Like the sun isn't real (dreaming you're) at all, and maybe
never was (wake up now) and maybe *he* isn't real or
maybe they're all just gonna --

Wally jerks awake with a gasp and blinks the sleep out
of his eyes. Something's wrong. More wrong than just
the failure of his subconscious to get Annika's hand to an
interesting place.

He tenses, just to make sure all the important muscles
are awake, and looks around. Nothing, nothing -- wait.

No, the communicator that's *always* in his ear these
days is still there, and still quiet.

He looks around some more and... okay, that shadow
doesn't look right. He tenses more purposefully and --

Batman steps out of the shadows.

"Oh, it's you." Wally lets himself relax a bit, and wakes
himself up some more. "So, what's the emergency? Do
I need to get the suit on?"

He hopes not.

Sometimes he thinks he wears that suit more than he
wears, like, *clothes*. Which is cool, hero-thing and all,
but these days, looking in the mirror in the morning is
a lot more... *important* than it used to be. Than it
should be.

He reminds himself to get his hair cut. Reminds himself
for about the seventeenth *time*, and, okay, Fabio!Wally
really can't be allowed to happen and --

Batman. Standing there.

"Uh... Bats?"

"... there's no emergency."

"So you're here for... a visit?" Checks the clock. "At
three-twenty-four in the morning? Do you *live* in
Central City? Do you even live in this *state*? Wait, why
do you know where *I* live?" And suddenly the hair
flopping in his face -- his *face* -- is really important.

Batman just gives one of those smiles that make people
want to hit him. Like, with buildings. "You really don't
think I would have anything to do with you people if I
*didn't* know who you were, do you?"

Which... makes sense. In that creepy, annoying Batman
way. Wally rolls his eyes and folds his hands behind his
head. "Right. You know, people who show up in my
bedroom in the middle of the night usually do more than
just lurk in a corner and stare."

The slightest head-tilt. "How do you know I don't plan

Wally blinks. Blinks again. Really *thinks* about that for
a second, because, yeah, 'I think he likes you,' and the
fact that, sometimes, Batman *talks* to him now. In
whole sentences even. But...

No. No *way*. It's just a really sudden and random
Batjoke, and he can go with that. The rest of the League
might be able to pound him into Wallybits with, like,
their pinkies, but *no* one out-banters the Flash.

He puts on his best smirk. "Didn't know you swung that
way, Bats."

And Batman just smirks right back at him. "There's a lot
you don't know about me."

O-kaaaay. Up the ante. "Gonna teach me?" Wally shifts
a little beneath the sheets and grins, because no *way*
Batman's gonna beat that. You can't.

Except that Batman's smile changes in this weird way.
Still kind of sharp, still kind of *mean*, but now his
mouth is open enough for Wally to see the shine of

And the man can move really, *really* fast when he wants

So that Batman's-staring-at-me-from-over-*there* is
suddenly Batman's-standing-*right*-over-me-and-I-really-

"Uh," is what his vocal cords come up with.

"I can teach you a lot of things."

"Heh. More than just how to scare the hell out of
supervillains just by being yourself and how to defuse a
bomb while people are beating the crap out of you?" And
yeah, mouth *way* ahead of his brain, now, but now
that he thinks about it...


Now that he thinks about it, Batman has been kind of
the font of scarily useful information just lately. "A lesser
man would take the opportunity to point out that you're
acting kind of weird, Bats."

Another head-tilt, and it's a little like the dog in those old
commercials, except that the dogs were cute, as opposed
to. To. "And what would a greater man point out?"

"That we're flirting. Um."

Closer. "Just... flirting?"

And his eyes are starting to *hurt* from being open this
wide for this long, but his mouth is still *talking*. "I think
you have to do more than talk for things to qualify as.
Uh. More than flirting."

"I think I could surprise you."

"I bet you -- Jesus, Batman, what --"

And it's... it's really *weird* to be petted, to be
*caressed* by someone wearing thick, plastic-y gloves,
but that's exactly what's happening.

Batman's hand on his cheek. Soft. Affectionate. Gone,
just that fast.

"You can say no."

"Say... no?" To *sex*, his brain helpfully points out. Sex.
With Batman. Which, at three-thirty on a Wednesday
morning, is apparently very, very close. Wally forces
himself to blink.

And keeps his eyes closed because that's Batman's
thumb. On his mouth.

And it's a little harder -- a very *important* kind of little
bit harder -- than a caress.

"I don't know as much about you as I could."
Gentle-voiced. Or as gentle as someone like Batman
probably gets.

What he said... is something between a question and
a promise. Wally opens his eyes again. "This is. Sudden."

"Is it? I suppose you're right."

Which means, well, *not* sudden. Not for Batman, at

"Think about it."

And Batman turns and moves toward the window, which
Wally's *just* noticing is open.

And stops.

And Wally realizes *he* must've said something, mainly
because Batman says:


A really terrifying *blank* pause and then it comes back:
'I don't want to think.'

And what the hell did *that* mean?

This time the pause just stays silent and unhelpful.
"Batman. I..."

"I'm tempted to ask you what you don't want to think

"That wouldn't really help with the whole not-thinking

"No." Batman turns, and looks over his shoulder. Smiles
in a way that on anyone else Wally would call
'sympathetic.' "And I have my suspicions."

And he can't really look at the man for that, not when
his head is giving him all sorts of *other* things to look
at. Bad things like John calling to cancel movie night in
the Wild Thing. Good things like John smiling and being
all happy and relaxed... at Hawkgirl. "Yeah, well," he
tries, staring at the rumpled sheets, but he can't really
come up with anything to say.

"I understand."

*Blaze* of anger and "hey, it's not like that. It's not like
we were. That we did." Anything, at all, ever. Ever.

"I understand *that*, too, I think."

Blaze of anger he doesn't know what to do with. And
Batman's just looking at him, and Wally thinks he's
happy he can't see the man's eyes. "Don't. Don't say
anything else. About that."

"All right."

"I don't want to think," he says again, only he knows he's
saying a lot more than that.

And so does Batman, because that hand is back on his
face, and he has just enough time to lean into it before
Batman's mouth is on his own.

Coffee and peppermint and a hot, wet, tongue sliding in
just far enough for Wally to suck on.

And now would maybe be a good time to mention that
the only reason *he* hadn't done anything with (to,
near) John is that he doesn't really know *what* to do,
 and is only really starting to figure out that this is
something *to* do, but you can't talk while you're

Or maybe Batman can, but Wally's not going to let

He slides his arms around the man's neck, slipping a bit
on the cowl, and pulls him *in*.

And Batman crouches over him, both hands on his face
and... not really holding him still so much as urging a
certain position. Something to make the kiss easier, and

Faster and hotter.

"I didn't. I never thought... I mean. Not about *you*."

"I spend a lot of time making sure people don't."

"Yeah? So why --" He cuts himself off with another kiss,
shaking his head. And it makes the kiss messier, but it
also seems to really just *encourage* Batman. Who
licks a wet stripe over his cheek and breathes hot and
damp on his ear.

"Because I want to." And shoves his tongue in.

"Unh... good reason."

Low, soft chuckle, and Batman's got a hand on his chest
and the other in his hair. Holding him. Watching him.

"I don't think I've ever heard you laugh before."

"It's been known to happen. Flash --"

"Okay, you know, I know you've got the whole secret
identity thing down to, like, an *art*, but you really
need to call me Wally if we're."

"Then you need to say it."

"Having sex."

"Mm. Wally," he says, and then he doesn't say anything
at all, because he's kissing Wally again.

Pressing him down against the mattress and tugging a
little on his hair and shifting and sliding until he's pressed
close all over him, and, yeah, Wally's dick is *awake*.

Thrusts up hard and --

"Ow. Uh. How much of this can we get off of you
without giving you issues?"

Somewhat rueful smile. "A lot."

And Batman kneels up. Slips off the cape, and really,
that's enough to make it hit home. Even with everything
*else* on, Batman looks really *different* without the
cape. In a way he never would've considered.

Wally can see where he ends and the rest of the world
begins, which seems really *stupid*, but there it is.

He can see the lines and curves of muscle and bone.

Batman pauses with his hand over something that's
probably a catch in his suit. "What is it?"

"I just. I'm just thinking we must look really naked to
you. All the time. I mean... those of us without capes."

A smile, and Wally's back to wanting to see his eyes
again. "You will now."

And that's... nowhere near as distracting as Batman's
chest, bare and pale and *heavily* scarred, but it's still...

They're gonna be in the Tower, maybe even in a few
*hours*, and Batman's going to be looking at him and
seeing him naked.

More naked than he could be even here, even now,
with just his boxers on.

And he's about to give *that* serious thought, but the
apparently-armored brief-thingies come off with just a
quick series of movements and a yank, and then
Batman's standing.

A lot, right.

Wally closes his eyes and shimmies out of his boxers,
and when he opens them again, Batman is naked.

It should be weirder than it is, with the cowl leading
not-that-smoothly to skin and... skin.

A lot of skin.

Batman doesn't seem to mind him staring. Not as
much as he minds *himself* staring, because, yeah,
he's thinking about John again, and John's apartment,
and the way that John was almost, *almost* as
tough-guy big as Batman, except that he was brown
and perfect.

Even the tattoo was even-lined and ruler straight.

And... you have to *really* look at a naked Batman
to see the... perfection.

"So many scars..." And he actually has time to stare and
blink and stare and *blink* before he realizes what he
just said. "I mean. That is..."

Batman is smiling again, loose and casual with his
arms at his sides. "Sometimes, not having superpowers
makes a difference."

"I... can't believe you just said that out loud."

"I'm a bastard, not an idealist." He puts out a hand.
"Come here."

Easier to do than think about. Story of his life, right.
He's up, and standing, and it's one of those weird
moments where the fact that you only had a sheet over
you doesn't seem to matter to the way your body
understands temperature.

He shivers, and Batman slides his hand up the outside
of his arm, up over his shoulder to cup his neck.

Pulls him in, very slowly and weirdly carefully, for
another kiss. Just their lips touching at first, and for a
long time.

Then his tongue in Wally's mouth, his hand in his hair.

"You're. Trying to get me used to the... idea."

"I might just be trying to distract you." Slow, wet lick
over his lower lip.

"It's working."

"Good." But Batman pulls away again. Steps back.

Takes Wally's hand and presses it against his chest, just
*next* to a long, looping scar that looks like it should
have spilled out important, life-keeping things when it
was an open wound.

Watches him, but Wally doesn't have to be *taught*,
even if a little leading sometimes helps.

Warm skin. Smooth as anyone's.

Smoother on the scar, itself, except for its ragged,
scar-like edges. The largest part of his brain is clearly
devoted to something other than language.

This is not new.

*Hot* skin, cooler on the scar.

Hair. A little.

It occurs to Wally that he's standing naked in his own
bedroom and slowly, methodically, petting a mostly-naked
Batman. And studying him in a really obvious way.

He thinks this would bother him more if the words "human,
he's human" weren't repeating themselves in his mind like
the world's stupidest soundtrack. Worse than a
Hanna-Barbera cartoon.

He is *not* thinking about Yogi Bear while in the middle
of almost having sex with Batman.


He blinks, and looks up. Stares at the cowl and stares
and stares and completely fails to find anything like a

The kiss is better. Even with the edges of the cowl
digging into his skin. Batman's mouth isn't soft in any
way except for how he uses it, and Wally knows that
means something.

He pulls out of it and goes back to... studying.

It's not like he's getting anything new and profound,
it's just that.

He wants to see this, all of this, in a way he hasn't
before, or ever even thought of seeing it.

Batman's never been anywhere near the really very
wide and varied compartment of his brain labeled 'sex.'

Except that his body is saying that he *is*, so now he
just needs his mind to catch up.

"Wally," Batman says again, and the hand is back in his
hair, fingers pressing down on his scalp and digging in.
Not pain, just...

He has a sudden bizarre desire to have someone wash
his hair, except that it couldn't be all *that* special, or
women would never leave the stylists' shops, right?
Right. He doesn't manage a word so much as a sound
with a lot of 'n's.

Tilts his head back and presses *up*.

"You like that."

"I'm starting to think about getting it tattooed on my
forehead: 'Pet the Wally. Do it early, do it often.'"

And he can feel Batman's chest tense beneath his hand,
but doesn't have time to think about what it means
before that mouth is on his throat.

Sucking kisses and making him gasp.

"Where else do you want to be... petted?"

And his dick is sending serious messages, *urgent*
messages, but the tattoo should maybe also include
'kiss the Wally, and say *things* to the Wally' and it's
really very, very strange that he's only touched that
one part of Batman's body, and only with his hand.

Shakes loose and leans in, starting himself off with a
glancing kiss to Batman's jaw and then... stopping.

No stubble.

"You shaved?"

"Hope springs eternal."

And that's... he can't even think of it as weird. It's
just normal and kind of *cute*, because... dude, this is
a date.

A date with Batman.

He laughs against Batman's cheek

"I'm actually flattered."

"I should've done this months ago."

And, okay, that? Not laughing anymore, because Batman
has a smile in his voice, but that never stops the man
from being deadly serious at any *other* time, and. "I
can't. I can't picture it."

"You couldn't picture it twenty minutes ago." Half-laughed
into his ear.

"Yeah, but I'm -- heh -- quick on the uptake." And he
slides the hand that's still just *resting* on Batman's
chest down and to the right and. Mm. Nipple.

Does it again just to feel the weirdly springy catch of it
against his fingers.

Again when Batman... it's not a gasp. It's a slow, heavy
exhale, too heavy too even tickle.

And a step closer.

"You... what do you like?"


*He* gasps, but he does it. Pinches hard and gets
another hot breath. Twists and gets his earlobe bitten,
sudden and hard, and the sound he makes is more like
a yelp than anything else.

"Sorry --"

"No -- I."

Batman does it again and Wally twists again, and their
knees are knocking together and that's not even
remotely the most important point of contact.

Point of contact. Jesus. But his hips are moving, and it's
still slow, but it's not gonna stay that way.

And Batman slides his hands over Wally's back, and
they're hard and callused and he wonders what happens
when... whoever the man is behind the cowl has to
shake hands. What people think.

And then he's not wondering much at all because those
hands are on his ass, pulling him in hard and crushing
Wally's hand between them. He jerks, shakes for a
moment, and then his hips are *moving*.

Just... upright isn't the best, he *knows* that, but it's
like the first time he really got crazy on a dance floor,
the first time he realized the woman he was dancing
with *wanted* him to do just... this.

He groans and shuts his eyes and clings to Batman's
waist with his free hand. Gives up and strokes when
Batman kisses him again, and does his own pulling
when the man starts thrusting back.

Because... *skin*.

So much of it.

It's not like he'd forgotten the man was almost as big
as Superman, it's just that it's all a lot more important
with the suits off, with Batman diving into his mouth
like the world's best pool, apparently having decided
that Wally's had *enough* time to get used to the whole
gay sex idea, and, really.

He's not wrong.

Batman walks them back to the bed and breaks the kiss
long enough to give Wally the *slightest* push. He
goes with it, falling back into a bounce, knees bent over
the side of the bed, legs spread around Batman's own
and. Oh.

Naked man, *hard* naked man just sort of *looming*
above him -- is his bed that low? -- and staring and it
makes his skin prickle all over. Makes his nipples almost
*hurt* with how hard they are, and his dick twitches
entirely without his permission. "Batman. Uh --"

And Batman just... *rakes* his eyes over him, fast, but
not so fast that he can't almost feel it.

Like a hard hand worked into a claw, scratching its way
all over his body.

And Batman drops to his knees and strokes Wally's thighs,
makes him really *feel* them, every hair trying to stand
up and the muscles just flexing and flexing until his mind
catches up with them and he spreads them wider.

Thumbs in the creases between his thighs and his abdomen
and it makes him buck, makes him whine in the back of
his throat and he's *just* starting to sit up when Batman
sucks the head of his dick into his mouth and... he can't.

There's a sort of distant *thump* when his head hits the
mattress and the rest is just *hot* and *wet* and oh fuck
"suck me --"

And Batman does, *hard*, grabbing him by the root and
just *holding* him and it feels like he's been hard for a
*year*, like maybe when it comes it'll kill him, but mostly
it just feels really fucking good.

His mouth falls open and he's groaning, he's begging, and
he can hear himself, but it doesn't make a difference.

Or maybe makes it hotter.

He scrabbles at the sheets and holds *on*, because it
feels like he's gonna vibrate himself off the bed and he
can't stop thrusting *up*, even with Batman holding on
tight, and the friction yanks him higher, makes him need
it more, more of just this, right here, and he's babbling
and scratching at the bed and orgasm jerks him *up*,
until he's curled up over Batman's back and pumping

"Batman oh God oh God --"

And he can feel the man's *scars*, his back is *covered*
with them, like maybe some supervillain tied him to a
whipping post at some point, and Batman is still sucking,
still holding on, and it hurts and it hurts and then it's just

Because he's hard again.

And Batman pulls off with a little wet pop and disentangles
himself gently and efficiently.

"I had my suspicions about your metabolism," he says, and
licks his lips.

And Wally tries to say something, but it just comes out
desperate and lost *and* satisfied.

Batman traces patterns on his calves. "I want more."

"Yeah. I... yeah." He gives up on speech and pulls on
Batman until he's straddling his chest, and, okay, not
exactly what he was going for, but still just really. "God,
you're hot."

Batman's got his fist around his own dick. Not really
stroking, just holding it. Stroking Wally's hair off his face
with his free hand.

And... "are you? Do you want...?"

And Batman bites his *lip*, just for a second, but...
yeah. He's rock hard. His dick is dark with blood and looks
*huge* from this angle and Wally licks his lips.

Does it again when a drop of pre-come beads out of the
tip. Slower. Because... because he wants to make Batman
feel exactly as good as he did a minute ago. Because
Batman is staring at his mouth.

Wally strokes his way up the broad, heavily-muscled
thighs -- *more* scars --  and tries to look encouraging.

Gives up and goes for 'horny as *hell*' when Batman
*does* start stroking himself.

And Wally moans and pets against the grain of the sparse
hair. "You. Come here. I want --"

It really shouldn't be *more* intense to get his scalp
massaged again, at least, not with the whole naked gay
sex actually *happening*, like, in his *bed*, but he
can't help but push up into it, arching his head back and
now he can't *see*, but that doesn't mean he can't

Slides his hand up and in and... weirdly intimate to
cover Batman's fist with his own, more when the man
spreads his fingers to let Wally's own slip between, and
Batman's still stroking his scalp and still jerking himself
off, but now Wally's *helping*.

And he wants to laugh at that, he does, but his own dick
is about thirty seconds from screaming for attention,
because *hot*.

And... he's never going to be touch himself again without
thinking: Batman likes it hard. Likes it slow.


Not just his name, but a *moan*, and it's almost reflexive
to try to speed up the pace, but Batman's not letting him.
Like, at all. Like this is going to hurt his hand if Wally
doesn't get with the program or Batman doesn't stop

Wally forces himself to move beyond 'petting good' and
rears up a little.

"How do you want to do this?"

"I... haven't actually decided."

"You don't have a *plan*?"

"I'm feeling spontaneous."

"Your sense of humor is pretty much always horrifying,
isn't it?"

Batman just smiles at him, and Wally can't decide if it's
better or worse that it's *not* one of those private
smiles. That this one, at least a little bit, is definitely
meant for him. That has to be better, right?

"Nn. Damn. I can't really... I want to kiss you again." He
lets himself fall back, and Batman takes his hand off his
dick, which Wally finds pretty impressive, considering
just how *hard* he is, and what *he'd* feel like if he
was that hard, but then both of those hands are on him.

Stroking his face, carding through his hair.

Slipping down to stroke his throat lightly, *carefully*, like
Batman has Very Specific Ideas about how Wally would
react to pressure there, and he wants to say something
about that, something that's maybe just "I trust you," but
would probably come out as "you're turning me on so

But mostly he just...

Hand on his mouth. *That* hand, the one that smells
like Batman's cock. That *tastes* like it. Or... that tastes
like what Wally thinks Batman will, and he can't really
think at all, because Batman's pushing two fingers into
his mouth and... yeah.

Has to suck on those.

*Wants* to, and wants to get the *message* across,
because he doesn't really think he *had*, before, or
maybe Batman just thought he'd do a *really* bad job,
and, okay, probable, but...

Quick on the uptake.

He closes his eyes and *concentrates*, getting his teeth
out of the way and pulling them *in* with suction and...
Mm. Licking them, licking them until he can't taste
anything but his own spit, and he wonders if this is what
it would be like if it was Batman's dick, if it would maybe
just come down to how it *feels*.

Weight and pressure on his tongue and the stretch of his

Wally grabs for Batman's wrist, and the man freezes.

But when Wally *tugs* he gets with the program. Stroking
his way in, *thrusting* his way in, and. God.

Fucking his *mouth*.

And he opens his eyes and Batman is... *really* focused
on him. Staring -- probably -- at his mouth, lips just barely
parted and... it's not that he moves, or moves *much*.
But Wally can *see* the moment when Batman realizes
his eyes are open, when Batman stops staring at his mouth
and starts staring *into* him.

"You want to suck me..."

And there's *something* different, something really hard
to quantify about that voice, and Wally's really glad he
can't actually talk, because he knows he'd just say
something damned stupid like "please please take off that
stupid pointy-eared *cowl*." As it is, it's enough that his
eyes are trying to roll back in his head, that he can't stop
*writhing* underneath Batman, because Wally's pretty
sure he's getting the point.

At least the "oh yes please" parts of the point, because he
slips his fingers out slow, dragging them wetly over Wally's

And moves, leaving Wally free to finally scoot back on the
bed and his back is yelling at him a little, but... there. It's
fine. And now he's free to crawl up onto his knees and
grab Batman by the stupid ears and pull him in for a kiss.

And push him down, mostly on the pillows, mostly on the
bed, and... yeah.

He hadn't really thought of it before, but there's something
*really* nice about crawling all over someone so big and
*strong* that he doesn't have to be careful.

Especially with Batman just *encouraging* it, holding him
just tight enough that they're pressed together every time
Wally shifts, that Wally's weight is *all* on Batman, no
matter what he does.

"God, you're," and he has no idea what he was going to say
and he doesn't really care, because he can't decide if it's
better to drag his body all over Batman or just his mouth.
And he thinks he needs a lot of time and opportunity to
study that.

Because Batman's cock is hard and leaking, on his belly,
on *his* cock, and the cowl doesn't taste like anything
but plastic, but his efforts on that score make Batman...

Twist beneath him and grab him tighter.

Wally licks his way back to Batman's chin, startling a little
at the change in taste and texture between cowl and
*skin* and mouth and tongue and he moans into the kiss
and holds on to Batman's shoulders for dear *life*.

Because it just keeps getting better, and he has no *idea*
what he wants to do beyond -- "*Fuck* --"

Everything, definitely everything, *absolutely* everything,
because Batman's thumb in his cleft doesn't even *tickle*.

Doesn't feel weird, doesn't feel anything but *hot* and
*hard* and how-did-you-not-THINK-about-this-Wally and
he spreads his legs and that makes the pressure on his dick
even better, and when he manages to look at Batman's face

He's smiling.

A *hungry* smile. A *dirty* smile. A smile that's absolutely
perfect for the man with his dick painting stripes of
pre-come on Wally's belly and his thumb doing *things* to
Wally's ass.



"You... I can't --" Wally gives up and pants against the cowl,
nuzzling his face against it not because it feels *good*, but
because it's the only thing he *can* do, and he has to do

"What can't you do?"

"God I... don't stop -- *fuck* --" Batman's thumb dipping
*in* and that hurts, okay, or maybe it just *could* hurt,
his body has no fucking clue beyond 'keep thrusting,
definitely keep --' "Batman, you feel so *good* --"

"I want to fuck you."

"Yeah, yeah, okay --"

"How many times do I have to get you off before you
can answer a question like that with your mind, as opposed
to your dick?"

"I... what? That was a question? You --"

"I don't actually want to take advantage of you, Wally."

"Even if I encourage it? Because... I'm encouraging."

Low, honest chuckle, and Wally would be happier about it
if Batman didn't take his *thumb* away.

"God, please --"

"Come here."

Wally goes, right into a kiss that almost, *almost* distracts
his body from what it suddenly very dearly wants.

Batman tongue-fucks him and bites him and licks him and
sucks *his* tongue and yeah, okay, yeah, he can
understand, he thinks.

Because this is intense, and *he* wouldn't want to really
push anybody he knew was a virgin, but one, he'd never
even considered comparing himself to Batman in more
ways than the fact that they both had tread on their boots,
and two, Wally doesn't actually *care*.

He breaks the kiss. "You have to know I trust you. Even if
I can't see your freaking *eyes*."

"Wally --"

"I mean, yeah, this is *new*, but it's not... I'm not. Fuck,
I don't have *words* for this."

And there's a pause, and Batman's not even *moving*
under him anymore, and it's about two seconds from being
deeply disturbing, but then Batman tugs on his hair. Hard.

"Um... ow?"

"Suck me."

"Oh. I..."

"I want to see my cock in your mouth."

"Oh *God* --"

"Wally, do you see? I don't --"

And yeah, he gets it, he *totally* gets it, but the part of
his mind that's freaking out has nothing, absolutely
nothing on the part of his mind that's all 'yes, *absolutely*'
and the way the whole of his body is just *going* for it.

Sliding down Batman's body, dragging his mouth over his
chest and Batman's hands are on his shoulders in an
entirely non-sexual Wally-stop way, but there's no way he
means it, even less when Wally gets his teeth on Batman's
nipple and *bites*.

The hands on his shoulders *flex*, and Batman's not
super-strong or anything, but it still hurts in exactly the
right way.

The do-that-again way.

Likes it hard, yeah. Wally can oblige.

Bites his way down and down and *smells* him and...
fuck. Nothing like him at *all*, in a way that makes him
want to do yoga or something so he can suck his own
dick and be *sure*, but, yeah, better things to do now.

Sucks the head into his mouth and shifts and moves and
half-falls off the bed again in the search for a better angle
and --

"God, Wally, I was just --"

"Yeah, I know, shut up now, okay? I have to

"You... *what*?"

Wraps his hand around Batman's dick and smirks. "I'm
new at this stuff, you know."

And he's almost, almost sure that if he *could* see
Batman's face it'd look like his own if, say, he looked out
the window and saw a pink elephant flying past, and
that's... a pretty good feeling to have, really.


But he still closes his eyes when he goes back down,
because he wants to do this *right*, and he doesn't want
to be distracted, and... fuck. Tastes *good*. Hums
around his mouthful and thinks deep and serious thoughts
about taking up an entirely new career, and not just
because *this* one probably won't ever end up with him
being tossed into space.

Because Batman is *groaning* and *panting* and, fuck,
shooting pre-come all over his tongue.

Because no matter *what* he said, this is exactly what
he *wanted*, and Wally's giving it to him.

And taking it for himself.

Wally sucks hard, hard as he can, and the sound Batman
makes... it's like he's gritting it out, like it *hurts* him,
and when those hands are back on his head they're
*shaking*. And not pushing, not at *all*, but Wally knows
what *he'd* want.

Goes down a little farther, trying to get his tongue to do
interesting things, trying to keep up the suction --

"Wally. Wally --"

And then just pushing himself as far as he can, smashing
his mouth against his own fist and trying to fuck himself
a little. Like Batman did with his fingers. Like... God. It's
just too good.

Pushes Batman's chest down with his free hand and drags
his knee up a little and his hips have no problem with this.
He's humping the mattress and fucking his own mouth
with *almost* the same rhythm, and then it *is* the same
rhythm and his lips.... They don't feel raw so much as used.

And he's going to come from this. He is.

All Batman has to do is *anything*, anything like just
exactly *that*, weaving his fingers into Wally's hair and
*moving* him, up and down, and it's just a little faster, but
that means his *hips* can go faster, and he's drooling
and sucking and coming all over the sheets and he's *still*
hard, and now it *really* hurts and he shakes himself
loose and grabs his own stupid, needy dick.

"God, I'm sorry, I'm just --" Shaking.

And Batman rears up and grabs him, kisses him hard
and slams them back down to the bed and grabs Wally's
wrists and presses them against the sheets and *drives*
against him.

"Oh *fuck* --"

Chafing his dick and fucking him. Just... it shouldn't feel
so *big* and *important* with Batman rubbing himself
off against him, but it does, it *does*.

Not just because it's real damned easy to imagine being
pressed down, being *held* down just like this while
Batman goes for it. "I want you in me. I want --"

And Batman strikes like a fucking *snake*, biting him
hard just beneath his ear and holding on with his teeth
and just *riding* him.

"Oh *God* that actually hurts don't stop don't you dare
stop --"

Growl against his skin, flat and animal and *serious*
and. Wet heat between them, making it smoother,

"You just came on me. Oh my *God* --"

And now his dick is slipping in Batman's come, slipping
around between them and no, doesn't hurt anymore, not
even with Batman giving these sharp little bites all over
his face. Quick as kisses but so much *more* than that,
and he's still *moving*, still *working* on him, and Wally
wants to *move*.

Goes for it, pushing out of Batman's hold with a grunt
and rolling them over again, bracing one foot on the floor
when he feels himself dangling in space and. "Wait, wait.
Let's try for *on* the bed. Both of us, even."

Narrow little smile and Batman gives him a little push
until Wally disentangles himself and then moves until he's
sitting up against the wall, tossing pillows aside.

And that... he really has to take a moment. Naked, naked
Batman, half-hard and sticky with come. In *his* bed.
Tossing *his* pillows on the floor. And beckoning him
closer with one hand, so maybe he doesn't need to take
a moment at all.

Straddles Batman's thighs and takes a kiss.

Another one because it feels so good. Because Batman
seems to be on the same page, and that's just...

You don't give *that* up unless you're crazy.

Hands in his hair, again.

"You like long hair. Uh."

"I like yours." Little tug, not sharp at all, and Batman licks
his way into his mouth and Wally spreads a bit more, so
he can be short enough to let the man do his thing
comfortably, because, really, he's liking his hair, too, right

Sudden, ridiculously *hot* image -- Batman with one
hand yanking on his hair and one hand on his hip and.
"Jesus," he says, slurred around Batman's tongue.

"What are you thinking?"

"You. Fucking me. Pulling my hair."

"Mm. We always *tell* you to use your head more often,

And he doesn't have time to say anything to that because
Batman is yanking his hair, yanking his *head* back and
sucking on his throat and licking him and rubbing one
nipple with his other thumb and --

"I don't want to mark you."

"Suit. Suit covers..."

"Not the point."

"It *so* is. I want to see this tomorrow. I want to know --
oh *God* --"

Batman *biting* him, doing it *hard* and doing it all over
his throat and pinching his nipple and it's so fast that his
body doesn't have time to decide whether it hurts or feels
good or feels good *because* it hurts.

And Batman's pulling his hair so hard that he has to catch
himself on his hand, and now he's arched over like
something in moderately scary porn, but his body can
handle it. It can.

He wants to *feel* this tomorrow, too.

And Batman's clearly gotten that, because some of those
bites are hard enough to bruise, maybe hard enough -- no,
he hasn't drawn blood and he probably won't. And
suddenly Wally has an image of Batman systematically
testing his own strength, figuring out *just* how much
he can do... everything.

Except that that would require someone to experiment
*on*, because he doesn't think Batman is *that* flexible
and yeah, brain off the rails.

He's getting used to the feeling.

And now he's thinking about it. Wondering what it would
be like to have this *every* night, or just every night
when they weren't actively working to save the world,
and... did Batman even want that?

Would he have taken his mask off if he did?

"I may not be psychic, but it's very, very obvious when
you're thinking, Wally."

"Heh. Smoke coming out of my ears?"

"Just a little."

"I'm just..." Okay, weird to have a conversation when
your body is doing a good impression of a pretzel. He
sits up. Runs a hand down his chest. Does it again
because... damn.

He's either sticky or slick or *raw*, everywhere he
touches. His dick gives a helpful *throb*, just in case he
was in danger of forgetting why.


"What's wrong?"

"Hunh? Nothing. Really... just. Not to be a total girl about
this, but, uh, is this a one-time thing? It's okay, I mean,
I know I'm really not relationship material and. Hell. I
just kind of want to know."

"You're thinking about this now."

"Hey, I never claimed to be the Best Timingest Man in
the World."

"Just the fastest. Riiight." Batman shakes his head, but
he's smiling.

Stroking Wally's cheek, and he has enough time to wonder
if that's an answer, and if it is what he's supposed to *do*
with it, and if there's a Batman-to-English dictionary
anywhere that he can buy, and if maybe Superman is
writing one if there isn't one *already*, and just how
much he really cares, if getting an answer he can
understand means no more of *this*, right now, but --

"It's the mask."

Wally rewinds a bit. Thinks. "Not... necessarily?"

Batman nods, slowly. Drops his hand after one last
thumb-stroke over his eye, and now they're not touching
anywhere but where Wally's straddling him.

It shouldn't make as much of a difference as it does.

"I've thought about this. About... us."

"I. I figured." And hey, you don't *need* to be way
over there, he doesn't say.

"I can't say I didn't believe it would eventually become
necessary for you to have more than I could give."

"You just hoped. I mean. Hell. Look, I just want to
know whether I can grope your ass on the Tower
tomorrow." Wally tries a smile.

"Depends on whether or not I'm in the middle of
arguing with Superman."

"You *always* are. But --" That's an answer. That's
*enough* for tonight, and he leans in for a kiss, but
Batman stops him with a hand on his chest.



"It's not. It doesn't have anything to do with trust."

Which... he has to blink at that. And think about it, and
think some more and... he really doesn't get it.

But he also doesn't think Batman would *lie* to him
unless it was, like, necessary for the sake of the
universe or something, which, no matter what his dick
says, this actually isn't. So.

He nods. Leans in again, pushing against the hand on
his chest until *it* stops pushing and kisses him. On
the cowl.

Grins when Batman jumps and does it again.

Kisses the pointy little ears and. Ow. "Hey, do you ever
use these things as weapons?"

"Not yet."

Heh. And you know, that could definitely be a threat,
and probably was, but it's a lot harder to take the
man *that* seriously than it used to be. Like, an hour
ago. "Hey, Batman."


"We just had a heart-to-heart. Like, despite ourselves."

Batman's smile is mostly for himself, Wally thinks, but
it's there. Available, even. Wally tilts the man's head
back until he can look into... the blank whiteness where
his eyes should be.

Shakes his head and grins his own secret smile.
"Heart-to-heart conversation equals acknowledgement
of ourselves as equals -- don't argue -- means that
there is absolutely *no* reason for you not to fuck

Batman... the eye-holes narrow. That's probably a
blink. "Your mind works in... absolutely fascinating

"Yeah, you love it."

More a show of teeth than a smile. "Do I?"

That's *definitely* a threat, but Wally? Is a superhero.
Like, all the time now. "Yeah. Because I think I'm
starting to get you, Batman." He rolls his hips a little,
and it's nowhere *near* enough friction, and it doesn't
*quite* make Batman soften as much as it makes him...

"Do tell."

"Mm. Like I said. I figured you'd given this some thought.
Which, since you're *you*, means that you've given this
a *lot* of thought. And. Well. You could've just told me
to fuck off a minute ago, but instead you... tried to make
me understand."

"And what does that tell you?"

Wally wraps his arms around Batman's neck and grins a
little wider. "That you kind of like me. Because you
wouldn't do this at *all* if you didn't. No matter how
much you wanted my ass."

"Maybe I just felt impulsive."

"Uh, huh. Pull the other one. In fact, pull *something*,
because I --"

Wally hits the bed so hard he bounces, thighs screaming
a little at the stretch until he straightens his legs and
braces his feet on the wall and Batman's not giving him
any room to breathe.

Not giving him any room to do *anything*, because,
God, *big* and heavy and, yeah, if he hadn't decided
that Wally was Ready before, he sure has *now*, and

It's exactly like having sex with Batman should be.

Rough and fast and hard and mind-blowing, and that's
just the kiss.

Batman *bites* his lip and fucks his mouth and holds him
*still*. Like he's gotten Wally *exactly* where he wants
him and has no intention of letting him so much as shift.
Wally holds on tight, stroking his way over the scars and
muscle of Batman's back, down to his ass and. He doesn't
have to pull him in any tighter.

He doesn't think he *could*.

But he can ride this, and *take* this, and this time the
bites on his throat will *definitely* leave marks, and he
still can't decide if they're better or worse than the

It's good, it's *all* good, and "more. I want --"

"There are a lot of things we can do, Wally."

"Why don't you just assume you've got blanket permission
and that I'll tell you if I want you to stop anything?"

"You're a dangerous man, Wally."

"I've been *telling* you --"

"Turn over. Hands and knees."

And oh, *yeah*. Normally he's pretty careful about using
his speed with someone in close proximity, but Batman
can take it.

He doesn't even hesitate, just starts stroking his back.

And biting it.

"You are really *relentlessly* oral, man."

"Maybe you just taste good."

"That's... really disturbingly cannibalistic, while also being
hot and flattering."

"I like giving you things to think about."

"I knew it, this is just a dastardly attempt to improve my
mind --" And the last word turns into a yelp, because
Batman's licking his *ass*, and spreading him and... yeah,
there, too, and there's a tiny, tiny moment of "ew," but
it's so tiny that Wally thinks he only noticed it because he's
used to his brain moving at top speed and then he's not
really thinking at all because...

Because *fuck*.

"God. God, were you thinking of *this* -- no wait, don't
stop to answer me don't oh *God* that's --"

Good. Really, really... oh God, if getting fucked feels
anything *remotely* like this he's spending the rest of
his life bent over stuff and hoping.

Bent over stuff and actively *encouraging*, because he's
*really* sweating now, it's hot as *hell*, and Batman
is... God, he's *fucking* him with his tongue, really.

Really just going for it, and Wally's body can't decide
whether to melt or vibrate off the bed.

"Batman. Batman *please* --" And he doesn't know what
he's begging for, because this is so perfect that he's
gonna come before he can make his hand move enough
to get to his dick.

Stroking *in*, *fast*, and Wally gives up and drops to
his elbows, rubbing his face against the sheets because
he can't do anything else and he needs to *feel*
something, needs to know he exists beyond Batman's
hands on his hips and Batman's tongue in his ass.

"Please," he says again, and he's working his hips back,
swallowing back spit and needing, *needing*.

And Batman stops. Puts a hand on his back to keep him
from moving.

"Unh. God. You just... I need."

"You're beautiful like this. Flushed all over."

His dick *throbs* and he knows if he could make himself
look down and back he'd be connected to the sheets by
his own pre-come.

"Your hair hanging in your face..."

"Not that this isn't really, really nice, but --"

Can't even *describe* the sound he makes and doesn't
feel like trying because Batman shoves his thumb *in*. All
the way to the second knuckle and, okay, different,
*burns*, but when he pants out a breath *something*
changes and...

God, just waves of *feeling*, all the way up his back and
down into his fingers, making him curl them into the
mattress and shake.

"Do you want this, Wally?"

"Make me... make me want it. You can... oh *God*."
Rocks his hips *back* and he doesn't get any deeper, he
*can't*, but then Batman pulls out just a little and pushes
back *in* and drives a moan out of him.


"*Please* --"

"I don't... you don't have to beg --"

"Does it make you harder? I want you... God, I want you
to feel just like I do..."

Grunt that's maybe, *maybe* the same as a groan from
anyone else and now Batman's *fucking* him, and it
doesn't hurt at all, doesn't do anything but make Wally
feel it in his belly, in the palms of his hands.

"I can't... God, fuck me, just..."

"Are you going to come?"

"I... don't... not yet --"

"Then I have to stop --"

"*No* --"

"Just for a second. We need lubricant for this. I don't."
Shaky hand stroking his hip, his thigh.

"I... okay. Okay. Don't make me wait."

Wet sounds behind him, and he'd be more amused about
it -- he's got lotion in his drawer but his drawer is
*closed* -- but, for one thing, it's just not that much of a
surprise, and for another thing, his body is screaming
*now* at him, and God, he *wants*.

Slick, cool finger sliding inside him. One, long, longer and
thinner than the thumb and Wally shoves back until it's
*jabbing* him and a gasps out a moan into the sheets.

"We can't do this fast --"

"We *can*."

And Batman slips out and jabs in *hard*, and that's gotta
be two fingers, and maybe it's supposed to be an object
lesson, but it just makes Wally want *more*.

"Yes yes do it --"

Twisting inside him and.

There's nothing like this, *nothing* and someday he
wants Batman to do just this, to finger him until he's
screaming, more than he is right now.

Because he *would*, and it would be so fucking *good*,
so intense that it's driving him right out of his skin, and
the noises he's making are mindless, stupid, needy things
from deep in his chest.

Yeah, it hurts, and it's too fast, and he *gets* that, but
it's also Batman, Batman's *fingers* inside him, stretching
him out for his *dick*, and Wally's so hard he feels like
he could *break* things.

Maybe just himself.

"Please Batman --"

"Wally --"

"I need this. I need you in me --"

"I can't."

Fingers *out* of him and he knows that he's gonna get
it, get *this*, but he still can't keep himself from
spreading wider, from arching his back for it and
whimpering and begging with everything he is.

Blunt nudge against him, and maybe a nanosecond of
pause before Batman pushes *in*, shocking him silent,
making Wally bite at the sheets and bite his own

But even the general sense of not-ready has nothing on
the need, on the screaming mindless *need* to have
Batman *inside* him.

Fucking him.

And he pushes back and *yells* and Batman's hands
are on his hips, holding him still, but Wally's *stronger*
and nothing's gonna stop him now. Pushes himself back
up onto his hands for better leverage and *slams* back,
and it shocks this desperate, *hungry* little sound out
of Batman even as it just shuts him *right* up.

Huge. Just... *huge*, and his eyes are wide with it, his
body is *thrumming* with it, and there's a yell pushing
at the backs of his teeth and Wally shakes his head
against it, against the feel of Batman's hands tightening
on his hips, against *all* of it.

"Breathe. You have to --"

Gasps out the breath he'd been holding and Batman
slides in *just* that much more, those many *miles*
more, and he's *tearing* at the sheets.


And that *does* make him laugh, because how the
*hell* -- oh. "Oh *God*."

Batman's hands skating over his skin, Batman's hair
brushing against his ass, wiry and scratchy in a way
that makes him want to scratch *more* and --

"Oh *God*."

And he's getting really, *really* fucking sick of saying
that, but it doesn't stop being absolutely true.

"I have to --"

And his brain knows that it was just the *smallest* of
shifts, but his body is telling him about epics, about
earthquakes and how they start miles beneath
everything else and rock the whole fucking *planet*.
"Do it. Just --"

And Batman's back-thrust feels like it takes every
important part of his body that he's never given any
thought to *with* it, like, including his spleen, but that
just makes the thrust back *in* feel even more right.

Like everything's falling back into place. "Again --"

And he's definitely going to have finger-shaped bruises
on his hips and his ass may *never* be the same and
Wally throws his head back and *fuck*. That was
closer to a *bark* than anything else, and his arms are
shaking with fatigue, because apparently *all* of his
energy was devoted to getting this, whether he was
aware of that or not.

"Batman. God, *Batman* --"

*In* him and *riding* him, riding him hard and
speeding up with every stroke, *killing* him with every

"Never. Never want you to stop..."

Hauling him back into every thrust and Wally can *hear*
them, and it's wet and it's nasty and it's *porn*, only
it's right here, in his bedroom. In his life and in him.

Inside. "Please --"

And Batman pauses and shifts and *now* Wally's
screaming, and he has a heartbeat to think "neighbors,"
but then it's just the feeling, the motion, quick flares of
sensation and image that don't seem to have anything
to do with his body or his senses beyond the way that
*everything* is about the pure, raw fuck Batman's giving

"Need you..."

And it might even be true. More than might when
Batman covers his back just long enough to haul them
both up, spreading Wally's thighs over his own again
and pulling him *down*.

He doesn't know what to do with his hands. He
doesn't know what to do with *himself*, it's just too
much, and every move just makes it *more*. Deeper,
hotter, crazier -- "Fuck me, Batman, fuck me --"

And Batman takes one hand off his hip and yanks him
back by the hair into a shallow, dirty kiss that he can
scream into.

It's the *only* thing he can do, since he can't remember
how to make his tongue work, but. Arms.

Wally reaches up and back and holds Batman *there*
and those big, hard hands are back on his hips and
moving him, screwing him down onto Batman's dick,
and Wally yells and whimpers and begs and occasionally
remembers to breathe so he can do more of the same.

Suck the tip of Batman's tongue and work his hips and
orgasm hits him *exactly* like a brick to the head, if
the brick was six feet long and slamming him into a
*wall*. His eyes fly open and the noise he makes is
high and desperate and Batman's *driving* into him,
pulling out of the kiss and biting his shoulder.

Wally lets his head fall back and goes with it. His body
is loose and useless and humming with so much
satisfaction that every thrust is almost a *shock*,
making him blink and grunt and want...

Exactly this.

Slides one hand down over his stomach and into the
come and just... rubs it *in*. Because this is part of it,
this is *sex*, and the only thing that would make it
better is if it was Batman's come all over him, but then
he wouldn't be fucking him like this.

Wouldn't be rocking his whole body and growling into
his skin and holding him like he never wants to let go.

Like he won't ever stop.

And the rhythm's gone, and now it's just hard and
*harder*. Wally reaches back between his legs, and the
angle is bad and he's pretty close to dislocating his own
shoulder, but when he bends a little he can *feel* him.

Feel Batman's dick driving in, feel the heavy slap of his
balls, and --

"*Wally* --"

One last *slam* and *fuck*.

Batman's coming.

Inside him.

Holding his hips so hard Wally thinks they'll maybe

And then relaxing. A little.

Panting hard against his back.

Wally tries to remember how to breathe.

Batman strokes his thighs, slow and firm, and eventually
Wally realizes that they're shaking. Lets himself fall the
rest of the way forward to take some of the pressure off
and okay, *gah*, that was poorly considered.


Batman just pets him a little more. Up over his hips and
his ass, pushing and pulling a little until they're
completely disengaged.

Wally shivers at the feel of come running down the cleft.
Down his thighs.

"Jesus," is what he can come up with.

"Are you. Are you all right?"

And at first that seems like a deeply, deeply stupid
question, but... okay, maybe he can actually turn his face
*out* of the mattress.


Wally nods as obviously as he can and stays right where
he is.

Batman's response is to press his thumb to the base of
his spine and slide it *down*.

Wally yips into the sheets, jerks and flips himself over.
"Not *that* all right. Uh. God."

Batman's... that's definitely a smirk. He looks Wally up
and down with a really kind of *thorough* satisfaction.


Slick hand on his slicker belly and sliding down.

Wally looks and... little Wally is asleep. Heh. No wonder
Batman's smug. "You do realize that you can change that
with about three good strokes, right?"

The smirk freezes on his faces. Those eye-holes narrow
again. "I honestly don't know whether to be impressed
or terrified for the world."

Wally's turn to smirk. "Go with impressed. I only use
my powers for good."

Slow head-shake, and Batman offers his hand.

Hauls Wally up so they're both kneeling and kisses him...
slow. Not really *gentle*, but definitely slow. Wally
stretches and keeps kissing, and when he can make his
arms move again, he wraps them around Batman's neck.

Pushes him over backwards until it's Batman's turn to
unbend his legs or die of terminal thigh-burn. Kisses some

"Mm." He grabs the pillows he can reach and arranges
them haphazardly. Mostly under his head. A little under
Batman's. Relaxes with a sigh.

"I can't stay."

"Mm-hmm. Places to go, *other* superheroes to
introduce to the wacky world of gay sex, I hear you."

"Wally --"

"Just. Wait 'til I'm asleep. It won't take long."

"... all right."

Wally presses a kiss to Batman's shoulder and closes his
eyes. Yawns. Absently checks that the comm is still in
his ear, as opposed to fucked out of his head and into the
next apartment or something.

"You wear it all the time."

"Yeah. You never know, right?"

Non-committal little sound.

Wally yawns some more and... snuggles. A little. Not
enough that Batman won't be able to get out of bed
easily, but... warm.


Grins to himself and dives back into sleep, wondering if
Annika is waiting for him.