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Justice League

You Tonight

Through so many splintered trees - 18 Kb
Identity and contact.

Same old trick - 13 Kb
Pillow talk.

Without reason or caveat - 12 Kb
It's not about being complete.

Inside This

A wilder cry than mine - 22 Kb
John wants to know how it works.

Fuckup - 18 Kb
Flash knows he screwed up.


Possibility - 27 Kb
Flash tries hard. Batman doesn't.

Date Night - 15 Kb
Flash pushes. Batman pushes harder.

In the hollows of his love - 26 Kb
Love is a many-splendored thing.
Illo by Chaos and Raven

Looking Glass Life

Reflections - 72 Kb
Nothing ends neatly. Not in Batman's world.

The Other Side- 3 Kb
Epilogue to Reflections.

Familiarity (with Livia) - 33 Kb
You don't exist in the Batfamily without seeing things
you never wanted to.


A self apart - 12 Kb
Diana is not a child.

Grace in a loveless time - 6 Kb
Clark reaches out.

Silence and slow time - 49 Kb
Life is changing for Flash.

Screwed (with Shrift) - 24 Kb
Flash has a jones. GL has it going on.

Warm-up - 18 Kb
John and Wally are definitely getting a feel for each other.

Another life - 13 Kb
Bruce was, Batman is.

In, around, through - 23 Kb
Eventually, they were going to have to talk.
One way or another.

Kink (with Livia) - 28 Kb
Actions and consequences.

Desirous of everything - 23 Kb
J'onn does a little experiment.

Power Lines - 20 Kb
It's not a relationship.

And in this moment - 62 Kb
Wally has a visitor.

The limits of care - 31 Kb
Research is a very important part of life.
(written for yuletide)

Getting Comfortable - 13 Kb
John's honest. This works for Wally.

This fever, spreading - 28 Kb
Wally knows he shouldn't.

A pure addition out of nothingness - 33 Kb
Batman has some free time on his hands, these days.

Little bits of truth - 10 Kb
Clark pays a visit.

Remain Unbowed - 11 Kb
Perhaps the gods are still listening.

Random Snippets





Diana, Wally

Batman Beyond

The Last Pantomime - 8 Kb
Harley looks back, and does her best to avoid
looking anywhere else.

Lullaby - 11 Kb
He doesn't, particularly, like being called 'Junior.'
Illustration by Alz

Know me broken - 15 Kb
In the aftermath.

Grace, force, fascination - 48 Kb
Terry knows how to get what he wants.

Even the wildest animals - 28 Kb
Terry isn't entirely altruistic.

If you can descend - 15 Kb
Terry doesn't live in the manor.

B:TAS/Gotham Knights


This place, this prayer - 39 Kb
It has become more important than he
ever would have imagined to see the boy.

The promise of nectar - 20 Kb
One day, it will just be beautiful again. 

dandelionBuilt the same - 315 Kb
Better living through spankies. Well. Kind of.
(comicsverse crossover)

Merciless Display

Sensational Baby - 10 Kb
"If *I* have to wear makeup, *you* have to show me your tits."
Illustration by Audrey

A little pained - 9 Kb
"God, how is this not *killing* your balls?"


Fearless on my breath - 26 Kb
Tim's pretty psyched about his life, all things considered.
Cover by Goss

Straight on 'til morning - 55 Kb
Three things that might have happened to Tim Drake.

Just waiting for fuel - 21 Kb
How Tim spent his summer vacation.

Like I'm slipping - 11 Kb
Tim is putting things in order.

For to be a lover (with Weirdness Magnet)- 39 Kb
Dick tries to break the cycle of their
family's poor communication skills.  He starts by
letting Tim beat the snot out of him.

Something greater to catch - 56 Kb
It's thrilling and terrifying and strange, and
there is no comfort in familiarity.

Love Is A Warm Tentacle - 17 Kb
Tim makes a new friend.

Two Plus Two - 38 Kb
Tim *isn't* jealous.
Illo by coasterchild

They weep not nor regret - 4 Kb
Nobody's perfect. 

... for you to solve - 5 Kb
She can be careful, when she chooses.

Tangled in you - 19 Kb
It's not her job to safeword.

So quite new - 48 Kb
They have no one to set the rules.

See also: Another place to be, A boy like thatThe Red and the Black series,
My all and every day,
Three Ways Assorted Tim Drakes Probably Won't Get Married,
Gotham Tomorrow series, The Art of Accessorizing series

Static Shock

Pollen Shock! - 7 Kb
Virgil, Richie, and sex pollen.

Mixed Universe

You'll Get Used To It In Time

Primary - 60 Kb
It's nothing too out of the ordinary.

Shake and cough - 35 Kb
The regression isn't, really, what worries Clark the most.

The Mirror Before You - 12 Kb
You are compromised.

Learn how to dance - 26 Kb
"I don't really *want* a Tim Drake habitat in here."


Other People's Problems - 18 Kb
Flash goes looking for Batman and fails to find him.

Hours that were once all glory - 60 Kb
Sometimes, it's just a matter of one day
after another.

Sing we joyous, all together - 21 Kb
There's a *reason* Batman wanted watch duty.

Beneficial to the Public - 65 Kb
Tim loves his family. This doesn't actually help anything.
Illustration by Sarah

In the mood to lose my way - 48 Kb
Richie's life is officially kind of weird.
(Static/JL/GK, written for yuletide)

If you want to be happy for the rest of your life... - 13 Kb
Tim likes Diana, really.

The Company of the Like-Minded - 12 Kb
Maybe it's the accepted coping mechanism.

My wings are enough - 6 Kb
"Oh my fucking God, you're *fucking* with me!"
Illustration by Goss

Not fare to die - 25 Kb
These are not the best of times.

When your soul embarks - 27 Kb
You're laughing and wondering where your breath has gone.

Seek to hold - 20 Kb
Clark watches, and learns, and tries.

One bright day in the middle of the night - 214 Kb
Isn't that the way it always is? Between fathers and children?
About you day by day - 19 Kb

The stone and not the flesh - 11 Kb
In which virtue is protected. No, really.

Singing in the wind - 41 Kb
Four first times.
(JL/GK, JL/GK/comicsverse)

The Clip Show - 203 Kb
It's everything they never have to say.
Illustration by Sarah :: Illustration by Sarah



"The size of a small cat..." by Goss.

Bruce/Tim by Audrey.

The Real JL by Sarah

Spin by Sarah


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