Calm are their eyes
by Te
December 17, 2005

Disclaimers: Not mine.

Spoilers/Timeline: None really. Some point significantly after 'now.'

Summary: There are rules.

Ratings Note: Harmless.


Dinah -- having enjoyed the Lord of the Rings films more
than was healthy for any adult woman without a profound
degree of internet savvy -- has been known to describe
Dick as 'tricksy.'

It's not at all the word which comes to mind when Dick
announces his presence on the jet with a deliberate
triple-scuff of his boots on the carpeting and the whisper
of -- those would be his gauntlets -- across the fabric of a

Barbara doesn't look up. She doesn't have to. And this --

"What can I do for you, Nightwing?"

He gives her a list of names, she gives him a list of aliases,
addresses, offshore account balances, and lesser-known

They both know he'll already have the outstanding warrants,
filed police notes, and known associates.

Much as they both know he's not truly here for any of it.

Still --

"I don't suppose I could have your eyes for this, too," he
says, flat and perfectly Nightwing.

-- there are rules, of a sort.

He probably thinks the rules are hers.

"If you need me," she says, indulging in the press of her
own fingers on the bridge of her nose.

And in the press of his fingers to her shoulders when he
says, "I do."