In the Shadows
Til I Kiss You Blind
The Angels You Need
Hold Your Breath
The Red and the Black
Everything Spring
Human Things That Fly
My Own Equations
For My General Loving
The Young and the Battish
And Each Moment Moved
Love Song
Emotional Honesty

Birds of Prey


Green Arrow


CSA: Gotham


Natural Law


Teen Titans
Non-Disclosure Agreement

Salt and Bread


Young Justice

Mixed Universe
Black Sky
The Drowners
The Good Bits
Easy People
The Fools Who Do
Gotham Tomorrow
Any More Perfection
Three Red Words
The Art of Accessorizing
This Blaze of Growing
World Enough

Random Crack

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dandelionIndicates the new stuff.

Detailed pairing list here.


Perquisite - 10 Kb
The job has changed, but there are still benefits.
Written for 4ch.

Though awkwardly unnamed - 28 Kb
You know you're incorrect.
Illustration by Sarah

The hesitation of spring - 7 Kb
You smile back at him, and, because you're
getting better at this, you remember to only do it with
your face.
Good words - 11 Kb
It's the shoes. 

The Code - 46 Kb
Batgirl vs. Batman! Battle Royale -- Teland style! *koff*


In the Shadows

The lie I was born to - 14 Kb
Jason's trying to get a handle on things.
Cover by Glockgal

Miss - 14 Kb
Jason pays a visit to the Titans Tower.

Where hunger finds us - 12 Kb
Bruce trusts his instincts.

Til I Kiss You Blind

A mean arithmetic - 25 Kb
Tim's an analytical sort. Bruce is an interesting subject.

Following smoke and remembering fire - 44 Kb
The direction of a push does not perfectly predict the path of a fall.

The Angels You Need
Cover by Slodwick :: Cover by Slipstream

Note: The links to Mary's stories are broken at present. Do feel free to track her down for copies, though.
They're really quite fantastic.

Spare (by Mary, outside link)
And if you live through this with me, I swear that I would die for you.

The fire and the ashes of grace - 26 Kb
Maybe it was always supposed to be like this.

Miss World (by Mary, outside link)
You have to know all that, and still want this enough to take it anyway.
Steph and Jason by Zeelee

All innocence - 96 Kb
It's scary when it's simple.

Burn Black (by Mary, outside link)
And I wonder what right I have to do this.

And let them swallow you - 131 Kb
The best thing he can offer them is his mind.

Hold on to me (by Mary, outside link)
Nothing ever fits back together quite the same, after it's fallen apart.

All the world you've denied - 25 Kb
The bed is his. And Jason's, when he wants to be.

While we raise our hearts in love - 43 Kb
The bed is his. And Jason's, when he wants it to be.

The finest thing - 92 Kb
All things change, and we change with them.

Heaven tonight (by Mary, outside link)
She doesn't wear the bat.

So I just race - 215 Kb
He'd never thought of it that way.
Illustration by Slipstream :: Illustration by Audz

Reflect the sun (by Mary, outside link)
We can always hope for the best.

Can't look you in the eye (by Mary, outside link)
I'd rather see you as a criminal mastermind than a sidekick.

Crack the darkest sky wide - 95 Kb
He's always had all of them.

On top of the world (by Mary, outside link)
Tim and Steph patrol.

In your pocket tonight (by Mary, outside link)
Twenty-four hours in the life of a teen vigilante.

Hold Your Breath

Waiting for the chorus - 7 Kb
The nightmares belong to this life.

And wonder while you fade - 12 Kb
There is an urge.

A new understanding - 20 Kb
Jason knows what it means.

Avatar by RatCreature

As the sea develops pearl - 51 Kb
In Gotham, there is the Oracle and then there are her surveillance targets.
There isn't really room for anything else.
Illustration by Jamie
(written for Timfinity)

That sometime did me seek - 46 Kb
The wrong conversations.

A tighter confinement - 65 Kb
They are both, at base, human.

Maybe thousands of years - 55 Kb
There's something Dick's been missing.

Then I will warm you - 56 Kb
There is strength in adaptation.

Acquainted with shifting change - 79 Kb
"Jesus, Steph, you're making it sound like a damned gang war."

Interlude: Under the ocean floor - 22 Kb
Because this is *them*.

Interlude: The start of you - 46 Kb
Jason likes being in trouble.

Interlude: All our fervent longing - 48 Kb
*This* isn't necessary.


Eidos - 113 Kb
Tim makes his choices consciously, thoroughly,
and permanently.
Sketch by Sarah

Entelechy - 95 Kb
There are parts of himself Dick doesn't like.

The Red and the Black
[crossover with DC toonverse.]
Mary's Robin Romper Room - Original Snippet
Illo by Audrey

A sense of obligation - 44 Kb
"All over you. Like a stain. You smell it on me, too, right?"
"Gotham." by Audrey :: "Gotham" II by Audrey

Sing for a moment (by Mary, outside link)
An afternoon in the life of Timmy Drake.

In clamor and silence - 55 Kb
There's still just that blade-thin sliver of blue where the kid's eyes
are supposed to be.

As well as once green - 40 Kb
He isn't there to start anything.
Blackbird by Vange :: Jason's Birthday by Vange

Pieces (by Mary, outside link)
Nobody else was there.

Brave to the last - 8 Kb
It's not the stupidest thing he's ever done.

Everything Spring
Illustration by Audrey

Look around round - 38 Kb
"I'll tell *Batman* on you, you freak."

To the end of town (by Petra, outside link)
If people go down to the end of the town, well, what can anyone do?

A saying old - 89 Kb
"I will *totally* be your best vigilante friend."
Wildly Inspirational Illo by Audrey

All right and title in his natal day - 84 Kb
"Do you think I've started too young?"

Everything Spring Riffs:

Already your heart had answered (by Petra, outside link)
Three Robins. No waiting. No shame.

Began to sing (by Petra, outside link)
It's not like Dick is a good babysitter.

With a red hat (by Petra, outside link)
"Actually, it's eggplant."

Fret full sore (by Petra, outside link)
On occasion, Batman needs a Robin.

Triple-dip double-dog dare (by Petra, outside link)
"Come on, Red, it's just Superman."


Human Things That Fly

The source of light - 17 Kb
He's done this before.

A cavern in the white - 29 Kb
It's not the party Dick wanted.

Strings and lucky stones - 18 Kb
"What kind of showman *are* you?"

And felt it was glory - 18 Kb
It didn't start with the sex, and it didn't end there.

By calling into darkness - 16 Kb
The boy is not here for him.

A shape come - 37 Kb
You have to know him, and watch him.

The dusk of day-shapes - 82 Kb
In which there are Robins, prostitutes, explosions,
and deadlines of various levels of importance.

New shape to win - 127 Kb
He's never felt so safe.


My Own Equations

All things considered - 20 Kb
Counterproductive. Counterintuitive. One of those.

To move against myself - 69 Kb
Batman needs a Robin, again.


For My General Loving

But whosoever would pluck - 162 Kb
It's hard enough being Tim.

We do not spare - 39 Kb
Any number of Tim Drakes are more vain than practical.

A knowledge of roots - 44 Kb
"Is this some kind of fucked-up *job* interview?"


The Young and the Battish

All the things of the world - 33 Kb
Batgirl probably shouldn't have a penis.
Illustrations by Sarah ::
Illustrations by deconcentrate
Illustration by Sarah :: Illustration by Audz

A wondrous mirror - 507 Kb
Tim moves, Jason loves, Bruce fails, and excellent cocoa is consumed.

The old earth spins - 900 Kb
Tim pwns, Jason copes, and Bruce has a very good day.


And Each Moment Moved

A way so familiar - 1.3 Mb
In many ways, it's the role of a lifetime
So safe and comforting - 226 Kb
Secrets, lies, and ghosts.
Infinite, undying - 147 Kb
There is careful, and then there is careful *enough*.
The glory as I dreamed - 243 Kb
In which the two most obsessive people in the universe do what they do best.
This and that of you - 434 Kb
Share and share alike.
 There's science to do! - 1.1 Mb
"I always change. It's -- who I am."
Him that gives, him that takes - 51 Kb
The definition of Mercy.
A mind full of wonderment - 235 Kb
"At the very least, I'm going to commit several acts of brutal violence in the interest of getting thoroughly laid, and really, who among us hasn't done just that?"
Or say a dream it was - 304 Kb
Fathers and sons...

 Love Song

No greater love - 155 Kb
You remember love.

The rarest rose - 76 Kb
Barbara Gordon... is a very, very special teenager.

Emotional Honesty

Shed your skin - 75 Kb
In which Bruce talks about his feelings.

dandelionFor the man who has everything - 120 Kb
"Will I be expected to... perform?"


Beneath - 10 Kb
It's something like domesticity.

Shadow of the Bat - 24 Kb
What didn't happen.

Consequent - 18 Kb
Dick takes a nap. Things go badly.
Illustration by Christina

And All the King's Men - 41 Kb
Harvey used to be a friend. Bruce's friend.

Counter Shading - 22 Kb
Tim didn't need to be taught *everything*.

Acceptable Risk - 8 Kb
Tim is a fun-loving lad.

The air, you breathe - 27 Kb
Batman and Robin vs. The Terrible Slash Cliche!

Maybe there are secret places - 22 Kb
The capacity to watch is something of a
prerequisite for membership in the Batfamily.

Echoes hanging in the air - 19 Kb
Bruce and Tim, after patrol.

And feel its total dark sublime - 10 Kb
Ivy is content.

This time, for a little while - 10 Kb
Jason has always been a fighter.
Cover by L.C.

Teeth - 34 Kb
Negotiation is an art form. And a game.

So pure, so rare - 29 Kb
All night and all day.

And when you do that - 25 Kb
Crispus Allen has a neatly organized life.
For the most part.

Schism - 4 Kb
Bruce, Jason, kissing.

As you and I go down - 43 Kb
Bruce is in love, and all's fair.
Illustration by Sarah

All the affections - 66 Kb
Tim has never been in a training situation quite like this one.

Bright enough to burn - 19 Kb
The weather's crappy and people are shooting
at him. Life is good.

These moments, immortal - 24 Kb
Jason breaks a rule. Bruce fails to live in the past.

But yet so irresistible - 60 Kb
Bruce and Tim bond.

Flesh and blood like anyone - 96 Kb
Before it was about Batman, it was about Robin.
(Alternate ending here)

Another place to be - 190 Kb
Tim is Tim. Except, of course, when he isn't...
(No safe place)
(A Somewhat Less Uncomfortable World)

Something that will not let go - 48 Kb
Where do Robins come from?

Someone you're not - 18 Kb
Jason never looked right in the suit.

Far beyond the visible - 22 Kb
There are questions he hasn't asked.

All so simple - 4 Kb
Sometimes Bruce needs a little help.

The Pathology of Attraction - 5 Kb
There's a problem.

Or maybe just true - 19 Kb
The kid's hard to read.

As if you are absent - 5 Kb
A matter of consideration.

The wise forget - 8 Kb
Is he supposed to be one of the idiots who call him 'Brucie' now?

A whip of cricket's bone - 32 Kb
Bruce and Jason, in the dark.

Sons of Harmony - 9 Kb
"I'm thinking that was probably payback. Of some sort."
When water had its way
- 39 Kb
I think we're in best-birthday-ever land, here.
Illustration by Sarah

Any place it goes - 22 Kb
Babs' smiles don't make Dick feel very Robin-y.

Similarity and contagion - 14 Kb
If you look at a memory enough, you *understand*
it, and it becomes real. More real than anything.

Your life of asking- 10 Kb
There's a little boy in a big, lonely Cave, and the
big, bad wolves are feeding on him.

The same as they are - 34 Kb
It might not be too late to medicate him.

Underbelly - 14 Kb
He's allowed hope.

Melt like lemon-drops - 35 Kb
Not that Gotham *has* rainbows, per se...
Illustration by Leftarrow :: Manip by Heatherly

Gibraltar may tumble - 9 Kb
Harvey -- isn't really sober, at all.

This deepest of blue nights - 82 Kb
Jason *had* been thinking of it as one of their
Batman-and-Robin things. 

Catch me low - 1.3 Mb
Jason knows how to make things better.

A hundred thousand hours - 87 Kb
"You didn't name this yacht The Flying Dutchman, did you?"

The sweetness sounds within - 785 Kb
In which faith is tested, found wanting, shifted somewhat to the left, renewed, and confirmed.
Also people get laid.

Until we fall - 53 Kb
"I need not be painfully creepy at all times."

Summer, with garment cast aside - 398 Kb
"We're being followed."

Pendulum - 102 Kb
It's a process.

Respite - 14 Kb
Bruce and Jim take a ride.

Dreamtime - 88 Kb
"Perhaps. Perhaps I shouldn't have had Alfred drug you."

I never left you - 273 Kb
"I... wasn't aware our lives were being written by *Euripides*."

Taking the card - 77 Kb
Jason's *hard*, but Bruce looks like he's about to fuck a hole through the
motherfucking space-time continuum.

Slaying the Dragon - 145 Kb
"I'm gonna try to have this. *Us*."

dandelionIn love and madness - 1.7 Mb
"I can't believe you built a time machine in your floating orgy house, Tim."

dandelionFeather - 136 Kb
No pressure. Really.

dandelionStakeout - 142 Kb
He's still Jason.

Birds of Prey

Make it rhyme - 8 Kb
Dinah's got a plan.

Calm are their eyes - 2 Kb
There are rules.


The Captain - 5 Kb
The Captain isn't like anyone else.
(The Doom That Came To Gotham)

The Aubergine Depths - 17 Kb
Something is amiss aboard the Murcielago.
(The Doom That Came To Gotham)

Green Arrow

With a chance to make it good (with Livia) - 40 Kb
Roy and Connor, at the end of the day.

And the sea rushes in - 19 Kb
Hal is his brother, and he's coming home.
(written for yuletide)


Ev'rything I've Got - 6 Kb
One night, during.


CSA: Gotham

Learn - 23 Kb
Tim wants, very badly, to live.

Directives - 3 Kb
"Fathers *suck*."

Known - 10 Kb
"Happy birthday."

Breathe - 15 Kb
"What do you want from me?"

Leave the past - 8 Kb
"My name is Tim."


My daytime eyes - 10 Kb
Carrie knows her life is nuts.
Written for comica_obscura.


Natural Law

Lateral Stresses - 19 Kb
Tim's zen. Dick isn't.

The function of muscle - 35 Kb
Dick's a brat. This doesn't bother Tim as much
as it probably should. Go figure.

Agonist, Synergist, Antagonist - 40 Kb
It's a family affair. Okay, not really.


Iconic (with Jack) - 52 Kb
When Gotham gives you architecture like that,
it must be used.

Routine - 11 Kb
Dick already knows what he needs to.
(written for yuletide)

Hit - 31 Kb
Sparring, foreplay... six of one, etc.

Bob and Weave - 7 Kb
Random birdboy porn.

Bite your lip - 32 Kb
Investigation and exposure.

And man, did he look - 9 Kb
Dick takes some of what he needs.

Can't Stop Moving - 51 Kb
Dick still knows what he wants. Sort of.

And if you think that you know - 25 Kb
Dick isn't the one. Neither is Tim.

A Higher Law - 15 Kb
Catalina still wants a fight.
Written for 4ch.

Small Movements - 23 Kb
Dick can do the talking for both of them. He's *good* at that.
Inspiring Sketch by Jamie
Cover by Audrey

Naked as paper - 18 Kb
They both know how to fall.

Into that ocean - 22 Kb
"Maybe I'm just... used to you."

Skin Time - 65 Kb
In which manipulation is a generally positive sort of thing. 


Rookie - 11 Kb
Anissa does some thinking.

Harmonic Tremor - 30 Kb
Grace and Anissa bond.

Dark turns and noise - 20 Kb
Dick moves. Roy's choices are limited.

The List - 20 Kb
It's never a good idea to drink with Roy.

Let a minute unravel - 13 Kb
And this probably isn't the way other people do things.
(written for JBBS)

Babes In Royland - 14 Kb
It's a good night.

Deeds of rapt enthusiasts - 174 Kb
Now is not the time to think.


Salt and Bread

Flares sent out from shore - 31 Kb
"You always did have your mother's deviousness, son."

The best way down - 31 kb
"You knew I'd long since stopped trusting you to
any -- problematic -- degree."

In all your glories - 45 Kb
"How is it that you -- *you* -- never figured out
that you don't fucking *get* to play it both ways?"


Colors - 17 Kb
Yet another story I could've called
"It's a Robin Thing"

Go down knowing - 9 Kb
Tim doesn't make it easy. Neither
does Bernard.

Doubt and Awakening - 12 Kb
"If you do not get it from yourself, where will you go for it?" -- Zen saying.
Written for comica_obscura.

Marking Time - 19 Kb
"You had to know this was coming."

Run, run, start again - 18 Kb
"My mother warned me about boys like you, you know."

Outside and left - 24 Kb
It's not Dick's job to make this any easier.

That boy and girl game - 35 Kb
This *isn't* rocket science.

The distance of tonight - 40 Kb
They could absolutely be warmer, right now, than they are.

All but freedom - 94 Kb
"Spare a little Zen for your big brother?"


In these golden years - 16 Kb
Without his happiness, there is only destruction.

Teen Titans (comic)

Cover by Slodwick :: Cover by LC

Misdirection - 34 Kb
Kon's joking. Tim isn't.
Cover by Livia :: Cover by Goss :: Cover by Meret :: Cover by Glockgal

As a whirlwind - 34 Kb
Tim's trying to put things in perspective.

In Your Room - 26 Kb
Kon pays Tim a visit. Porn ensues.

The honey we made - 35 Kb
Blatant excuse for schmoopy porn.

Non-Disclosure Agreement

Speed Me Through (by Weirdness Magnet, outside link)
Bart has a brood.  Tim has odd ways of showing gratitude.

Where the light won't find you - 27 Kb
He doesn't know what he'll do when they stop trying to help.


Team Player - 9 Kb
Dick takes one for the team.

Some Girls (and boys) - 33 Kb
Kon's confused. Tim isn't helping.

Dangerous to reason - 37 Kb
Tim has a day. Bart is involved.

Crazy like this - 21 Kb
Kon doesn't have issues so much as kinks.
Cover by Audrey

Ante - 12 Kb
Tim works *and* plays.

Things You Get Used To - 55 Kb
Sex pollen. Titans... together.

World In Your Hands - 30 Kb
Kon's trying. Really.

And take me worlds away - 42 Kb
Tim and Kon have an actual conversation.
And other things.

Warm light on a winter's day - 24 Kb
Jason likes visiting the Tower. A lot.

Keep this feeling - 27 Kb
Kon messes with his own head. Tim is helpful.

U and Me - 21 Kb
Kon bitches, Tim moans.

Other smiles may make you fickle - 25 Kb
Tim pimps, Bart helps, Kon whores, and Cassie has
the best toy *ever*.
Cover by Derry

Just what you do to me - 17 Kb
Kon keeps it simple. Tim approves.

Come down breathless - 24 Kb
Kon has a good dream. Tim's in range.

And sometimes discerned (with Weirdness Magnet) - 54 Kb
Bart knows what he wants. Tim's helpful. Kon approves.
Illustration by errantimpulses

Somebody's Fetish (with Weirdness Magnet) - 20 Kb
It's entirely possible that Tim has put an abnormally *intense* amount
of thought into Kon's wardrobe choices.

As for all gifts - 22 Kb
Cissie's not like her.

Tremble to touch - 14 Kb
Kon's gonna stop this. Really.

Beneath the bedrock of the mystery - 36 Kb
Bart needs a little help.
(written for JBBS)

Maybe in the meantime
- 19 Kb
It's not any other day.

Sweeter far than all - 14 Kb
Right now, Kon undoubtedly believes Tim is deep in thought. 

Knows how to choose them - 29 Kb
They both get lonely.

Young Justice

Even if unwilling - 16 kb
Wonder Girl drinks. Arrowette copes.

A clarification of range - 57 Kb
Kon's easy. Tim takes advantage.
Cover by Audrey

Unforgotten - 10 Kb
Cissie hasn't forgotten the important things.
And she won't.

And felt its very gladness - 24 kb
"I'm not denying anything, Superboy."

Mixed Universe
(for those times when I just can't decide, really)


Cherry Lips - 43 Kb
It's kind of a rule. You have a Robin, sooner
or later you put him in a dress.
Cover by Jack

Touch and Go - 36 Kb
Dick visits. Tim wigs. Kon stresses.

Black Sky
Cover by Meret :: Piccy by Rabican

A truth at the edge of hearing - 32 Kb
Life goes on.

The Letter - 8 Kb
Tim's letter.
Cover by Nuwanda

As absolute as death - 52 Kb
Settling in, moving on.
Cover by Livia

Ascending - 43 Kb
Dickens says: "Change begets change."
'I love you.' by Audrey

A bright blinding gift - 40 Kb
It's too soon for a lot of things.

And talk me down again - 25 Kb
It still isn't about being easy.

Every night unfolding - 53 Kb
Everything begins, nothing ever ends.

The Drowners

At last our starving eyes - 46 Kb
Tim makes a friend.
Cover by Livia :: Cover by Slodwick

You who know my heart - 18 Kb
Jason doesn't know what he's doing, but
he knows what he wants.

And you alone of pure substance - 85 Kb
Tim and Jason miscalculate.

The Good Bits

Easy People

To take up all my time - 70 Kb
There is comfort, but no simplicity.

When we all lived in the forest - 79 Kb
Everybody loves a time machine.

Only rise - 59 Kb
"How close are you to wringing your hands, Smallville?"

Let seed be grass - 8 Kb
This has nothing to do with emotional opacity.

And play the hero's part - 13 Kb
Tim wants to talk.

The Fools Who Do
Illustration by Sarah

But hold me fast, and fear me not - 84 Kb
"And you called Batman for this?"

Your will of me/For any lord - 25 Kb
He's known from the beginning, of course.

To play with wine and love - 28 Kb
There's a split in Dick's head, these days.

So false as to be true - 240 Kb
"You're not keeping *any* secrets from me anymore, are you?"

A triumph of peacocks - 14 Kb
The curve of her raised eyebrow inscribes volumes of
elegantly careless polemic.

A Trip To Metropolis - 13 Kb
Janet is not averse to publicity.

Gotham Tomorrow
Illustration by Audz :: Illustration by Audz
[crossover with DC toonverse]

Less than kind
- 50 Kb
He wants to know how to live with Robin without the cowl.

To want more - 21 Kb
It's maybe almost kind of -- a weak point.

World Without (by Mary, outside link)
Jason and Tim need to find somewhere they fit.

All sweet things - 29 Kb
"So what are you afraid of?"

Taxonomy - 34 Kb
Maybe he's schizo.

The things left standing - 23 Kb
"Hate it when Mommy and Daddy fight, do ya?"

Any More Perfection

And never do prove true - 42 Kb
Lie back and think of the earth.

The home of silence and heat
- 128 Kb
In which, among other things, Clark loves, Tim is honest, Dick is wary,
Lois is horny, Bruce machinates, and the earth is considered very
deeply indeed.
[original version]

A goodlier feast - 126 Kb
Even his punishments must be warm.

Myself more mistaking - 90 kb
Batman, Robin, and Superman? *Really*?

Three Red Words

And light of foot, and unconfined (by Petra, outside link)
Not that anything's safe from Oracle, or really from Batman if
she's working with him.

And the sun, its passionate face - 69 Kb
The varying methods -- and meanings -- of belonging.

And flings an oath, but says no more (by Petra, outside link)
She smiles and says, "Hey, boss," like he's all suited up and grim as

And you are sane, demur (by Petra, outside link)
Gotham was home.

And I remain unmoved, and yet (by Petra, outside link)
Dick learned his resolve from Bruce.

And lo, it is day (by Petra, outside link)
He considers redesigning her uniform to erase some of the
similarities with Tim's.

And sang a kindred soul out to his face, yet human (by Petra, outside link)
Superboy puts his hands in his pockets. "He'd beat me at any
argument and convince me he had the right idea until my brain
kicked in, and -- they're -- they're hurting people."

And throwing it away, and making more - 101 Kb
"I think I'm going to need you to talk about it."

And fragrant from the feast, behold (by Petra, outside link)
He does not invite the kiss as he once might have, with open smile and open heart,
but it is the same quick-kindling heat she remembers from years spent in his company. 

And let the other stay, and hoard it - 72 Kb
"Christ, that suit's disturbing."

And whence do they rise, the cycles of changes (by Petra, outside link)
"I've got a clown problem."

The Art of Accessorizing

My all and every day - 32 Kb
He can rewrite everything.
(toonverse crossover)

Enter as you please (by Petra, outside link)
It's getting to the point where Tim wants Bruce to get dressed just so his face
makes sense.
(toonverse crossover)

Steal from the world - 61 Kb
Dick believes in boundaries.
(toonverse crossover)
Illustration by Sarah

To play as we please (by Petra, outside link)
His smile is still Robin's, not Batman's, but the distinction has more to do
with it not being framed by the cowl than anything else.
(toonverse crossover)

The measure of my lore (by Petra, outside link)
He never intended to take Dick's place, any more than he
wanted to take Jason's.
(toonverse crossover)


This Blaze of Growing

Neither stars nor gods - 483 Kb
This is who he is.
Illustration by Todd

As far as she desires- 247 Kb
It's more real now.


World Enough

Sport us while we may - 1.2 Mb
Tim vs. A Habit of Circumspection

Naked by Avium :: A Moment In Time by Avium

Everything awakened - 18 Kb
They hold nothing of each other.

With fear and sweetness - 570 Kb
The family, the protocol, and the grey areas.



Being and belonging - 71 Kb
There's a new Tim order.

Your peace, suffused with sunlight - 45 Kb
Dick's starting to get a little restless. Clark helps.
Cover by Slodwick :: Illustration by Red Eft

When I have lost my way - 61 Kb
Desperate times call for desperate measures.
Though probably not that desperate.
Cover by Meret

Five Things That Aren't True About Tim Drake - 74 Kb
Tim has some interesting women in his life.

Stop this day and night with me - 174 Kb
Families, road trips, bad food, and the surprisingly pleasant
side effects to being a real boy.

To overlook the circle vast - 23 Kb
There are always ties.

The Art of Losing - 20 Kb
There are perquisites.

A distinct lack of context - 10 Kb
Five little smutlets.

The places you're not - 17 Kb
Roy actually *had* a good reason to call in Oracle.

Nothing seemed so bright - 18 Kb
"It's better when there's at least four people."

Three Ways Assorted Tim Drakes Probably Won't Get Married - 21 Kb
See summary.
(toonverse crossover)

 If no hand raised - 26 Kb
Clark understands.

Trigonometry - 15 Kb
In which planned itineraries collide.

And beautiful the bare boughs - 10 Kb
Tim's a *criminal*.

Well, ain't that poster love?- 37 Kb
The smile on Kara's face feels like accomplishment.

Happy times together - 59 Kb
Clark has waited for a day like this one. 

... and the other's gold - 656 Kb
Clark spends a little time with his friends.

Country Matters - 1.1 Mb
In which there's a Clark ex machina, and Te waves her hands in the air like she
just don't care.

The Pause That Refreshes - 314 Kb
In which Bruce is mostly cheerful, Tim is mostly cranky, Clark is mostly helpfully unhelpful,
and Dick shows up to be himself. Mostly.

The More We Get Together - 908 Kb
Titans Together... and then some.

When he saw his own eyes... - 1.2 Mb
In which families are put together except when they're not, villains are reformed except 
when they're not, and, because this is Teland, people get laid a lot.

Seduction of the Timocent - 1.4 Mb
"My issues... well. It all started when my first orgasm was brutally murdered in front of me
by an unknown assailant."

I'll Show You Mine... - 69 Kb
In which good opportunities are most assuredly not disdained.

To be worthy - 950 Kb
In which Tim gets what he wants, and so do a few other people.

The Mission - 86 Kb
It's time to take care of the problem.

Brothering - 97 Kb
A celebration of filial affection.

Back to life - 310 Kb
"Let me show you why, precisely, you still wish to live."

A place to stand and love - 1.3 Mb
"Sometimes the end of the world isn't so bad."

Space Cake - 99 Kb
Is Clark supposed to believe the man is becoming aroused for *justice*?

dandelionTwo steps on the water - 158 Kb
It's the first day of school.

Random Crack
(Untitled snippets resulting from Livia's random generators, and a few other things, too.)

Barbara Gordon/Bart Allen

Poison Ivy/Hippolyta

Tim Drake, Two-Face

Renee Montoya/Kara Kent

Barbara Gordon/Kara Kent

Desire/Renee Montoya

Anissa Pierce/Tim Drake


Alice's Honeymoon (Mad Hatter/OFC)

Something amazing and impossible (Barry/Wally)

Silver Age Parenting (Barry, Hal, Bruce, Ollie)

Illustration by Mirth

Enough (Bruce/Dick)

World's Finest (Clark, Tim)

A Different Hurt (Dick/Tim)

Never have I ever written...:

I love you (Matches/Dick)

Superspeed Sex (Bart/Tim)



Sex in a Bed (Bruce/Steph)


Poachin' From Dad (Dick, Selina)

Buttsex (Bruce/Cass)

Still! More! Art!

Mmm, Nightwing. Manip by Livia.

Tim/Kon Valentine by Livingdeadgirl.

Manipped Scan by Alena.

Batman by Goss.

Batman/Nightwing by Mckennitt.

Tim/Kon by Roxy.

Tim/Kon by Goss.

Tim/Kon by Roxy.

Bruce/Jason by Roxy.

Batman by Turbo.

Robin 3.5 by Glock.

With Ghosts by Slodwick.

Cass/Steph by Goss.

Who We Are by Slodwick.

Petticoats of DOOM by Goss.

A Small Cat by CaffeineFiend.

Tuck, tuck! by Chien Ein.

Robins by Houie.

Batman/Wildcat by John Mendenhall

Bruce/Dick by Alz

Barbara by Sarah

Robins I-IV by Sarah

The Waynes by Sarah

Female Bruce One by Sarah

Female Bruce Two by Sarah

Female Bruce Three by Sarah

Female Bruce Four by Sarah

Robin III by Sarah

Robins I-IV redux by Sarah

Steph + Cass + Kon by Sarah

Nightwing!Babs by Ailly

Jason Sketch by Sarah

Wait by Sarah Brumlik

Clark/Tim by Todd
Bermejo-esque Tim by Rat Creature

Tim by Zeixx