Aren't you so excited you could just DIE?

Well, for one reason or another, that's what these stories did to me. Not to
say other stories *didn't*, just that these stories excited me *and* made
me whip out the photomanipulation machinery.

Page updated September 26, 2002.


Rings and Sores by Pearl-O

Creepy, creepy, *creepy*. And oh, *so* good.
More than one way, indeed.

This is a story about love, the edged and
angular kind, the selfish kind that
doesn't have room for anyone but the 

Perhaps the most frightening thing about
it is the fact that Clark remains
innocent throughout, even at his most 
technically knowing. 

And that's just...

Well, really, that's just a whole
lot of purr.

There Will Be Time by Sarah T.

Oh, yes. Yes.

One of the absolute best things about 
Smallville is Michael Rosenbaum, and
the way he can do all the acting a given 
scene requires with just the rapidfire 
flickers of expression that cross his 

The final Lex/Lionel scene in Tempest 
was a brilliant example of that, and this 
story takes marvelous advantage. 
Seconds, only seconds, and all the 
decisions made. 

All of their possible costs, all of the 
possible futures. 

All in the flicker of Lex's eyes.




Dirge by LaT

I wanted to give LaT something
for her recent birthday. I wanted
to make some art.

I remembered this story.


Urban Legend was hardly
a classic of the American
cinema, but, as usual, 
Michael Rosenbaum stepped up
and made his character something

Who would've thought a 
bunch of intellectual women would
find themselves sighing over
the fate of an unrepentant fratboy?

But we did, mainly because MR gave
the character depth, and made
his relationships with the other
characters unusually
*meaningful* for a teen
slasher flick.

Along comes LaT to pick up
where MR left off, filling in the 
empty spaces, making it all *count*.

Making me feel. *sigh*

Here ya go, girlfriend:

Wesley's Liberal Guilt by Jessica Harris

Every once in a while, an author
writes a story that transcends
fandom. The kind of story that
fills a need so great, that,
quite simply, *everyone* needs
to read it.

This is one such story.

Coming out of the Great Characters
of Color: Where Are They? debate,
Jessica took on the whole issue
in prose form -- a risky
undertaking at best. 

Because let's face it -- issues fic
usually sucks.

This one does not.

Funny, in character, apt, funny,
hot, sweet, *fucking* funny...

Are you catching my drift?

Everytime someone whines to me
about their worries about
writing characters of color,
I make them read this
story. You should, too.

Wildly Dangerous Ways by Speranza

I really don't think *anyone*
writes better Due South fan fiction
than Speranza. She has an
apparently unique gift for allowing
the characters free reign over
their stories without letting
her own issues take over the 
tale -- something the fandom could
surely do with more of.

While my favorite of her stories is
Chicago's Most Wanted, this one
is a close second, a deceptively
shadowy tale of dark and light
about the violence of love,
and all the ways it can creep up
and *beat* you -- no matter how
hard you try to fight.

There are moments in this that
are guaranteed to stay with you
long after you read it, and
the heat... ai.

I'm jealous.

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