Date Night
by Te
November 7, 2003

Disclaimers: So very much not mine.

Spoilers: For JL tie-in comic #17. No, really, look
here before you ask me what crack I'm on.

Summary: Wally pushes. Batman pushes harder.

Ratings Note: NC-17.

Author's Note: Man, Livia gave me the original bunny,
then Caro *worked* it. Shamelessly. Possible sequel
to "Possibility."

Acknowledgments: To Caro, Livia, and Jack for

Feedback: Reconnects me to reality.


It wasn't a thinking thing, not really.

It was just... there he was, somehow in a. Well, Wally supposed you could call
it a relationship, but no matter how *good* the man was, you couldn't call
it dating. Or he couldn't.

But, anyway. The thing. With *Batman*.

And he'd gotten past -- barely -- the freaking out about the fact that there
was a thing, and that it was with Batman, but... dude.

Some things just had to be acknowledged as fucking psycho.

And so it had seemed like a really good idea -- in that way where 'seemed'
and 'idea' were loose terms at best -- to do something that said, "hey!
This is cool, but it's also fucked up!"

And then there was the shaving and *ow* he'd forgotten about what a
pain in the ass that was, but it was *still* fun because --!

The look on Batman's face!

See, because Wally had had enough time to know that the man wasn't
an expressionless stone idol, no matter how much he wanted to be. He
was stoic, sure, but there were *nuances*.

There was the "I'm amused" option, and the "I'm amused at your
vast, crushing pain" option, just to name a couple.

All right, just to name *most* of them.

But still.

He still had the dress, and the underwear, and the makeup, and he
wasn't the brightest bulb in the box, but Hawkgirl had been a *good*
teacher with that stuff.

Which he supposed made sense, considering how limited your beauty
options were when you spent the vast majority of your life in a giant
winged helmet.

And there she was, Miss America, aka Lady Flash, ready for action.

And okay, so it had been a *little* weird to go zipping through the halls
of the tower in stuff that flapped and fluttered, but he *still* hadn't
been really thinking about it.

Wally is a man who *believes* that some punch lines deserve all the
time and effort their lead-ins required.

And so, *whoosh*, into the computer room that was really Batman's room,
even if no one really said it -- who had to? -- and *zoom* into Batman's
lap and *spin* went the chair and he'd wrapped his arms around Batman's
neck, smooched his pointy ears, and said, "let's go dancing!"

And for a while, a pretty long while, even, it was perfect.

Batman wasn't even *breathing*, and the eye-holes of his mask were just
a *little* wide and he had his hands on Wally's waist *exactly* like he had
no idea what to do with them.

And Wally had laughed -- he distinctly remembers laughing -- set one heel
against the floor and spun them some more, but that was all he had time


The look on his face --!


Narrow eyes and thinned-out mouth like he'd never kissed anyone in his life,
like he was physically *incapable* of kissing, like some kind of weird, freaky
alien guy with his hands on Wally's waist.

"Uh..." Wally had said.

And he hasn't said anything else for a while now, because one hand
moved from his waist, and it was on his knee, and now it's on his *thigh*.

And that's good, that's *great*, even. All in the plan, right? Except he
hadn't really had a plan, as such.

Except that Batman's... touching him.

Stroking him, and not doing it the way he usually does, with the hunger
and the hard hands and all those other great 'h' words.

It's... gentle.


Gloved fingers tracing patterns just beyond the edge of understanding
over his stockings to the lace tops.


"You shaved."

"I. Uh... yeah."

And Batman... makes a sound. A kind of 'hmm' sound that's more like a
purr than anything else, and Wally thinks he should be paying attention
to that, it's a new and very interesting Bat-sound, but mainly he thinks
he should do it again.

Against his neck.

Like... that.

And he doesn't say anything else, just kisses him. Soft and wet and...
*wet* and his fingers are tugging at the lace of Wally's stockings. Not
really trying to take them off so much as *playing* with them.

He'd forgotten how sensitive his legs are without hair.

The back of his neck is tingling and he wants to shiver and, fuck, his
arms are still around Batman's neck like a joke, and he remembers that
it was *supposed* to be a joke, but.

It's something else now.

It's something about wondering whether or not he closed the door
behind him, or if Batman even cared, because.

Gloves off.

Batman tugs them off with his *teeth*, keeping a hand on Wally the
whole time. Keeping him still.

There's something insanely pornographic about seeing his hands like
this, in the middle of the day, with all the lights on. They're hot and
slightly damp with sweat, the fingertips achingly rough on his skin.

Another kiss to his throat and a deep breath and Batman is *smelling*
him, slow and thoroughly and it makes Wally wish he'd thought to
buy some perfume or something, because he's clean and everything,
yeah, but he's just... him.

He wants to be more than that in ways he can't quite name.

Not with Batman's hands on him, palm *finally* flat to his thigh and
sliding... up.

Cupping him through the panties.

And he hears himself gasp, and he wants to say something witty, or say
anything at all, but Batman is. It's like he's covering Wally up, or
protecting him or something. Not really stroking at *all*.

Wally turns to face him, turns into a kiss.

So soft.

Batman's kissing him like he'll *break* and... and, okay, he never really
thought of himself as particularly *submissive* or anything, but it feels
good to follow his lead.

To just... go with it.

Follow when he pulls away, try to catch that tongue, and Batman... he's
*smiling*. And it's a *weird* smile, but it feels right. Looks right on his

Big hand hidden under the folds of the dress, and just the *smallest*
squeeze and yeah, he's hard, and if he shifts just a little... God.

Batman's hard, too.

And it makes him want to rip off the dress, rub the makeup off against
something rough and dry, like Batman's cheek. But Batman is... holding

Gently, but firmly. Holding him still in his *lap*.

And Wally could shake him off -- *easy* -- but. He doesn't want to.

Another soft, nearly chaste kiss, and Batman's nuzzling against the wig,
breath hot through all the false blonde.

"Beautiful," he says low and sexy and that's bad enough, *hot* enough,
but it's also *amused*.

That gravelly, stones-rolling-down-the-mountain amusement that makes
Wally *twitch*.

And Batman's leaning in again, but Wally stops him, hand against the
chest of the suit -- and why does it feel strange *now*? -- and it's hard
to breathe, but.

"So. I take it you don't want to go dancing?" And okay, so it comes out
weakly, but Wally is impressed that it came out at all. He should be getting
points for this.

But Batman *smiles*, this sharp white thing with all of his sharp white
teeth, bright and deadly as a knife. And stands them up, pulling them
away from the desks and. Into his arms.

And then they're *dancing*, only it's no dance Wally actually knows, no,
that would be too simple. That would make too much freaking *sense*.

It's slow, and courtly, and measured, and there are a lot of confusing
steps. Something like a waltz, even though the only music is the hum
of all the machinery. Something *old*, and he feels like an idiot.

"Hey. Hey, I don't know how --"


And Batman pulls him in close, lightly and firmly, arm around Wally's waist,
and leads him in a dance around the room. Step step turn, again and
again, just like Wally is really a woman, just like Batman is really just a
man, someone who could wear, like, a tux or something, and not be...
*Batman*. Deadly and strange and silent save for the air moving his

And it feels like fainting, like being hit with some slow, sweet poison gas,

He thinks he can maybe hear it.

See the buttery lights and the women, the other women in their pretty
dresses, the men so happy just to...

He can feel his eyelids start to droop. And he dances.

And maybe it's pity, or maybe Batman just *wants* to, but he pulls Wally
close. Stops them, stops the music, stops everything but the arm around
him and the *want*.

"Batman..." His voice is low. Shocky.

"You need a name," he says, as if it's the most logical thing in the world.


"Something... soft. Emma. Esme."

And, okay, *that's* freaky, and maybe Batman's just going with the
whole 'masks' thing -- it would be like him -- but. But. He tries a laugh.

A smirk, directed not *quite* at him, and Batman spins him one more
time. Lets him go.

Steps back.


And it's *ridiculous*, but Wally's so hard he can feel the lace of his
panties pushing -- his *panties*, fuck, he's wearing *panties*, and how
had that failed to occur to him?

He shakes his head. He doesn't know what to do. What he's *supposed*
to do.

But Batman just reaches out, slow and easy and... not *casual*, but
something. Like maybe he does this all the time, and it's just Wally who's
new and clueless. "Come with me."

Wally swallows. Nods jerkily and smoothes his dress (oh God oh God his
*dress*) over his hips and tries not to just *touch* himself. Not to lose it
right there.

He takes Batman's hand and lets himself be led from the room, and not
back to his own room, no, that would be too fucking *easy*.

Into corridors that he hadn't known the tower even *had*, where even
the lights can't push back the shadows, and he knows, *knows* Batman
keeps it just that way.

And then they're in his room, and he wants to pay attention, wants to be
*able* to pay attention, but the bed's right there.

Big, and neatly made, and just *demanding* all of his attention. And
dammit, it's just a *bed*, and it's just *sex*, and Batman is.

It's all different now, is all. Something about the brush of his dress on his
thighs, something about the hand on his waist. So gentle.

Leading him over and laying him down and the kiss this time is harder,
but it's *still* not right.

It's... it's slick and hot and *purposeful*, but it's still... off.

And it's still so good.

And that hand is back on his leg again, stroking his thigh with hunger
that should be familiar, but only manages to be *hot*, to make something
twist and break inside him with cruelly liquid force.

He moans into the kiss and Batman is leaning over him, stroking him and
kissing him and Wally can't help but spread his legs.

Doesn't really want to, because. Because even though it's fucked up,
even though he's sending a *message* and agreeing to things he doesn't
really want to agree to, it's hot.

Maybe because of all that.

Because of the happy, uncomplicated sound Batman hums into his mouth
and God, oh God, he *aches*, and he arches up and to the side, trying
for more contact and letting himself be pushed back down just the same.

Can't stop himself from begging and doesn't know whether to be grateful
or not that he can't form actual words, because.

Soft kisses and hard, hard hands, pushing his thighs even further apart
and ghosting around his cock, not quite touching, not quite... daring?

Nothing makes sense anymore, and Wally has a moment where the pain
pushes past everything else, and then Batman's hand is on him again.
Squeezing and gentling him and. God.

Batman's mouth.

So soft, so *wet*, kissing his way to Wally's ear and stopping.


"Now, do you understand?"

And it's too much, the *voice* is too much, low and even and *steady*,
just like he isn't driving Wally crazy, like his hand isn't *right* there and
his breath isn't hot and damp and smelling of coffee and he cries out
and jerks and comes.

Right there, just like that.

In his panties.

He turns his head away and squeezes his eyes shut.

Pants and shakes and God, wants *more*, and *now*, and *really*
wants something like sanity.


Because Batman is kissing him again, all slow *force* and demand, and Wally
has nothing to resist that.

Batman licks his tongue and kisses all the tension out of him, all the
questions and confusion and everything but the need to *touch*.

Run his hands over barely-stubbled cheeks and smooth, alien *mask*
and kiss back. *Give* back.

Because it's all he has left.

And God, it all makes him feel so *soft*. So open and wanting and needy,
and Batman's tongue is good to suck on but it's not enough.


And Batman sits up, and finally, *finally* starts stripping out of the suit. And
at first Wally can only watch, because it's hot, it's *always* hot -- pale
skin and paler scars and he follows Batman up and kisses his chest, dragging
his mouth when just kissing isn't enough.

Leaving bright, damning streaks of lipstick behind.

He shivers.

Can't keep himself from shivering and *wants*. Something solid, something
real, something that makes *sense*.

Something like Batman's hand on the back of his head, fingers carding
through the wig and pushing him down.


And it's maybe gratitude, or maybe just *need*, but either way he has to
do it. Tongue the head of Batman's cock and kiss it, mouth it, make love to it.

"Beautiful," Batman says again, and this time it sounds like he *means* it. No
amusement, no mockery, no endless weight of *knowledge*.

Just the word, and the hunger and pleasure behind it, and the hand stroking
through his fake hair, his wrong hair, and it doesn't matter, because he *is*.


Feels himself flush all over and goes down, slow as he can, steady as he can.
Weight of the man on his tongue, blunt push against the back of his throat,
taste of him burned onto his *mind*, and he can't stop. Can't think.




Groans around Batman's cock and Batman makes a sound, tiny and raw
and choked and desperate, and it makes Wally *burn* inside, heat and
need and God, *swallow*. Dark, wiry hair tickling his nose and Batman's
hand on the back of his neck and Batman's deep, so fucking deep and

Short and sharp and hungry as he feels.

Never wants to let go.

Even when Batman *pushes*.

Even when he comes, silent save for a long, shaky exhale, and Wally
closes his eyes and swallows it all.

Pulls off and pauses, forehead pressed to Batman's thigh and sweat
making his wig, his fucking *wig* itch.

He pulls it off and tosses it aside.

Lets Batman pull him up into a kiss, moaning at the feel of his hand in
his sweaty hair.

He wonders what he looks like, now.

But Batman is nothing but gentle. Nothing but loving, soft and *approving*.

Holding him close.

Like something to be cherished.


.On to In the hollows of his love.