Let's Lock Our Load.

More Due South Recommendations.

Well, Due South is becoming one of my eternal fandoms, though to
a rather milder extent than Sentinel and Highlander. This page will probably
not be updated as often as it should be.

Older recs here.

Page updated August 1, 2003 with two new recs.

Speranza: Good Afternoon, Sir


I got to see this in production, but *damn* it's funny. Poor
Fraser. Or... not.

Gotta love a good Canadian fetish. ;-)


Kat Allison: Luck

Beautiful and bleak and just right. Vecchio and what could've happened,
very easily -- and as a bonus? It's a great twist on the threesome

Just... *guh*. I love Kat.


Debchan: Untitled Drabble

There are a lot of drabbles cluttering the lj-waves lately, and the
vast majority aren't worth the bandwidth. With this, Deb once again
proves why she's the master of the ubershort. This was punchy,
direct, and says tons with very little.



Speranza: An Admirable Solution

Oh, man, I loved this. Just Fraser and Ray and both of them just
a *bit* fucked up and the rising arc of frustration and insanity and
*wrong* that Speranza manages to pull out right in the end. Mmm.
I think I might have preferred this one darker, but then I'm fucking

Besides, it's not like I didn't fucking *adore* this. Good boys.


Pares: Mr. In-Between

Oh *yeah*. Not enough good Vecchio fic in the world, but Pares is
doing her best to rectify the situation. A Vecchio book of days,
all hot and hurty and macho and stylish and... yeah.



Speranza: About A Dog

Oh God, I love this story so damned much. I laughed, and laughed,
and squidged, and had filthy thoughts, and LAUGHED. Because...

It's a dog story. A *shaggy* dog story. And there's just so much
here to love.

SO glad Ces finished. *mm* Go read. You'll love it, trust me.


Kat Allison: Slush

Mm. This was absolutely fabulous Vecchio. The straight shot, in
the missing stretch of time right before Call of the Wild heats up.
Wonderfully done, and perfectly believable -- right down to the
hints of obsessiveness and all the things we know that he doesn't.

And the last line is a killer.


Resonant: Whisper

Oh, this was sweet and tight and so *good*. Just... mmm. I love
this. What we say and what we mean and what we need. Yeah,
I'm still a little in love with these guys, and I don't think I can be
blamed for that. *le sigh*

Speranza: Seven Years

Oh, I loved this. With the hot and the funny and the yeah. It's
a really fast read, really pulls you along, but I recommend
going back and reading it a second time, just to get all the
little jokes. *g* Have a quote:

Ray's face was a classic portrait of regret and confusion as
he looked from Fraser to the screen to Fraser to the screen
to Fraser again. "But there's hockey," Ray said, his voice
breaking pathetically.


aerye: First Time

Uh, guh?

Fucking *A* this was hot. Just hot and dirty and sexy and HOT.

Ray and his loves. And inside. And... yeah.

I have a real weakness for Stella/Ray porn, stuff that shows the
pure, raw depth of feeling between those two, and this delivers.

And then with the Fraser. *ee* I actually thought the Fraser
section was a little weaker -- trying to say too much in too small
a place -- but it wasn't a *hardship* to read. *snerk*


Basingstoke: The Divine Comedy


This was just fabulous. I mean, never mind the humor -- which
Bas is really very, very good at, but the character stuff! Is just
dead on, really.

I mean, this is a story that illustrates any number of marvelous
little things about the characters which make up the universe(s)
in brief sketches.

A wonderful use of the Five Things challenge.


Pares: run

I have *such* a weakness for good Stella fic, and this is just *it*. An
absolutely contained little piece that answers just as many
questions as it raises. And oh, *ouch*.

Just ouch.

Pares has this amazing gift for writing the trials and tribulations of
every-day life and... yeah. Read.


Laura Shapiro: "Lord, I Have Made You A Place In My Heart" (vid)

Oh my GOD, this breaks my heart every time. Because... yes. I
never quite *saw* Fraser until I saw this vid, and it just... *sniveling*

Okay, what can I say? It's *Laura*. You know she has the tech stuff
down. But it's brilliantly done, and the song choice is so perfect that
I can't divorce it from Fraser in the least, and the clips...


Watch this and cry, damn you, CRY!

Also? Another vid designed to make haters change their minds.

two rays. two.

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