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Here you'll find recs for slash, het, and gen. For stories, vids, artwork, sites, and
everything else that strikes my fancy. I tend to like things that make me *feel* something,
except when I like things that make me think. If you want warnings, or to
be spoonfed more information than the artists themselves give, you've come
to the wrong place.

If you want to see the best of fannish creativity? Step inside.

I'm not here to pimp any agendas beyond the desire for excellence to be
known, shared and acknowledged.

Questions? I'm right here.

I've separated everything by fandom, with the link automatically going to the page
most recently updated. Hopefully, this format will prove to be more user-friendly to
everyone involved.

Let's go.

Pages updated August 30, 2003 with thirteen new recs.

Fandoms added/updated: Angel, Buffy, Harry Potter,
Marvelverse, Smallville, Crossovers.

Please note: The Miscellaneous Recs are now arranged in alphabetical order and
separated into two pages. The first is for fandoms A-Ma, the second for fandoms
Mi-Z, Crossovers, and Other.

The newest recs will always be added to the top of the page/section in question.

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