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Highlander Recommendations.

I watched this show off and on during its run on USA, sucked in by
the Queen music and Adrian Paul's impressive musculature. I
was less impressed with the plots, and somehow managed to
miss *every* Methos episode, so imagine my surprise when I came online and
'met' the character for the first time.

Everything old was new again.

I really should've made a separate page for HL recs from the beginning, as
I've been reading HL fic since '98, but I didn't have the recs, so...

Anyway. Not much here now, but watch this space.

Page updated March 17, 2003 with one new rec.

Media Cannibals: "Still the Same"

The link goes to the Media Cannibals livejournal. The vid itself is on
tape three.

Oh, wow. Now, I believe I've mentioned the glut of crappy, useless, boring
and otherwise PAINFUL HL vids out there before.

This? Is not one of them.

This is an incredibly original and painful-in-a-good-way exploration of
Methos. I swear, I never would've considered it, but Jesus! It makes
me want to write HL fic just so I, too, can explore this particular

It's a great vid that can make you see old material in a new light,
and this is just such a vid.

Luminosity: "Touched" (Vid)

Just when I thought I'd seen so many HL vids that another one would only (at
best) bore me, Lum busts out with *this* little number.

At first I wasn't sure about the song choice (though it was the song choice that
made me download the vid in the *first* place), but Lum makes it work, turning
this latest and perhaps most popular of Goth love anthems into *just* the thing
to explain Methos and Duncan's relationship.

There were a few points where I would've liked fewer trick cuts and more straight
shots, and a couple of places where I felt the POV could've been more clear,
but overall?

This was a hot, angsty, *lovely* vid that I think most of you will enjoy.


Hafital: the space between

Man, oh, man. Nothing eases the pain of insomnia like truly brilliant fiction,
of which this is a fine example. Now, Highlander is one of those fandoms
for which I never developed a truly fixed notion of how the characters should
be portrayed in fan fiction (though there are those who would respond to this
with a bemused "you have fixed notions about *any* characters?"), but there's
still such a thing as good characterization and bad.

As always.

So, you know, I'll pass over reccing one perfectly funny and twisted little tale
because when the writer got to the sex scene Duncan suddenly started
sounding like a Harlequin reject, or whatever.

*This* story, though... despite it's smoothness, despite it's gentle ease... I
mean, it goes down like single malt. However, *like* the best single malt,
you can't help but taste the meaning of death.

The smoke of grief. It's a beautiful, beautiful story and I'll stop rambling


Julad: The Freshest and the Best

Well, if you're a Highlander fan you've probably already read this one,
so I'm sending this one out to all of you folks who come to my page
for something a little *different*.

Is there a genre for grocery store fic? There should be. At least for the
good stuff. Because when it's good... it's really good. The banter here
is delightful, absolutely *on*. The future Julad paints is vivid and pure
and easy to see.

Almost *too* easy, and I think that's what I loved the best about this
story -- the fact that Julad paints Duncan and Methos as perfectly charming
and really rather nice people who will just happen to outlive the *lot*
of us.

The world will move on without us... but they'll continue. There's an edge
to this story, a nice sharp bite that you can only get from the freshest,
and from the best.


Kat Allison: One for the Road

I can't believe I haven't recced this one already. Jeeeezus. Permanently altered
the way I listened to a certain Talking Heads song. Permanently altered the way
I looked at Methos.

Made me cry like a little bitch.

But then, Kat makes me do that last a *lot*.

This story is just plain brilliant, and should be required reading for anyone
and everyone who is remotely interested in getting an idea on who the World's
Oldest Man *could* be -- if not who he is. Gorgeous work.

As is The Parting Glass.

... which is the story that worked me over so well that I had to write my own
sequel to it. Let's face it, that just doesn't happen very often. Especially
considering the fact...

Well, Kat's a Methosgrrl. She is. She knows him, inside and out. She's
ruthless with him and *through* him, and that woke something up inside of
me that I never expected. Namely?

A love for Duncan.

Who knew? I sure didn't. But that ruthlessness... There's just something
inspiring, something inescapably *needful* about literary mercilessness...

I don't know. All I know is that I wish that more writers had it.

And that, even when the very thought of *reading* it makes me cringe, I'm
always glad to see Kat writing in one of my fandoms.

She makes the pain count for something.

Kat Allison: Outside Member

*moan* Oh, God. No one knows Methos the way Kat knows him. Absolutely
no one. Have you ever really wondered what it's like to be a 5000 year old
man? Sure, if you read HL slash the way I do. But... I'd say the truth of
it was unknowable if Kat wasn't around to *show* us. This tale is a gentle
look at a Christmas party, and what it might entail. I don't want to launch
into stereotypes, so I will stop with a simple admonition to read it.


Aristide: The Declaration

I'm just. I can't. Mo-ther. I'm just gonna paste in my fb to her as the

I may have mentioned this before, but... Jesus GOD, woman! This story is a
*sin*. See, 'cause, I'm panting and my eyes are tearing and I'm at that stage
where I just want to find two recently showered huge, hairy biker bears and
let them take turns before coming back to devour them until they *scream*.

My inner sub is quivering. My inner dom is *roaring*.

But dammit, the build-up was so *good*. It was! It made me smile, and it
was so *them*, even without the blood and god *dammit* its' not *fair* what
you do to me. Duncan. Methos. *wail*

Mother Mary.

Get the picture?

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