Last updated: August 11, 2002


Audrey Lemon
Untitled Series

I. Changes
Sammy is changing. 16 Kb

II. The Surface of Things
Michael is a little lost.  36 Kb 
Cover by Debchan

III. Heat Shimmer
The weather breaks. 12 Kb 

IV. Dad
Family is a bitch. 21 Kb

V. Young Love
Look. 20 Kb

New VI. Drift
Michael thinks Mom knows. 31 Kb


A slightly different first time. 8 Kb

A Moment
Addiction. 5 Kb

Fear. 3 Kb

why so much space?

well, you know, she *could*
be writing more

why not write her and see?

The Spike
Sammy needs.
10 Kb

Jane St Clair
Michael knows where the dragons are.
17 Kb

Sammy Sometimes
It started with cleaning up the corpses.
13 Kb

Untitled Series

I. Outcast
Michael's trying to put things back in order. 
8 Kb

II. Cure
Michael sinks a little deeper. 8 Kb


Michael still has that look in his eyes. 
16 Kb

Prayers to broken stone
Horn, not wood. 12 Kb

Held (a shack)
No escape. 4 Kb


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Graphics by Debchan.

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