All that, and a bag of stakes.

Updated 18 July 2007

Calle Dybedahl

The following stories are part of the Annals of the Librarian Attack Force Series:

Miss Rosenberg, I presume?
Sex and Violence


The Moment You Know [Olivia]
Ripper meets Olivia. NC-17

Devil Piglet

he New York Slayer turns up in Sunnydale, and seeks out our
favorite blond vampire. (Hint: It's not Harmony.) (R)


The Chosen One
Kendra's story. PG-16

Two Slayers, One Dead
An old friend is brought back in the guise of a new enemy. PG-16

Slayer, Soul, and Sex-Maniac
Sequel to Two Slayers, One Dead PG-16


Manhattan Nocturne [OC]
Spike's night on the town, New York City, 1928.

Kate Bolin

Little Blue Bottles
Kendra wants to return. NR

Katarina Hjarpe

Sword and Sheath

Faith and Robin are fighting vampires in Cleveland, but when Robin receives a couple of ancient artifacts, the effects are life-changing... and not just for the two of them. R


Here and Now
Kendra finds herself in an alternate universe. (R)

Lamia Archer

Head and Heart
Post-"Damaged." Dana and Faith have some things in common. PG.

Forgiveness  [Faith/Zoe]
There's a lot of crazy go se going on  here, but maybe we have something in common. (Firefly crossover). PG.

Jayne Leitch

Home Fires [Olivia]
Dear Diary... PG-13


Home [Olivia]
Olivia's brought Giles home. R


Hostile Seventeen [Forrest]
Forrest keeps an eye on Hostile Seventeen. NC-17


Entangled [Forrest]
Set in the fourth season, between the episodes "Who Are You" and "Where the Wild Things Are." In
the aftermath of a demon attack, the hostility between Buffy and Forrest endangers Riley's life. NR


The Kendra & Angelus Series (NC-17)
Why was Kendra really in Sunnydale? How did she know what was going to happen?
Was it her loyalty to Buffy or the betrayal of her lover that got her killed?


Entry ramp blues. PG-13


Mr. Pointy
Kendras life imprinted on an unusual witness. Teaser for a sequel not yet written. (PG)

The Webrain

What if Xander hadn't been able to revive Buffy? NC-17

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