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Updated 21 July 2K7

New! Central Casting: a cry for help to fix dead links, find art for new pages, and add to the ranks of CoCs.


It's not always about Sydney.


CoCs... iiin... spaaace...


Proving that Joss 
Whedon can 
produce a show 
where the CoC 
doesn't die within 
three episodes.

The Authority

The Engineer. Shen. Canonical bisexuality and outright homosexuality. What are you *waiting* for?


Battlestar Galactica

And the efforts to abuse my childhood memories continue apace.

BSG: 2003

Coming soon!


The Bill

And also-- British!

Blake's 7

Dayna may or may not have been a virgin...



There was another 


Well, have you *seen* Warrick?

D.C. Comics

Grim, gritty, and chock full of color.


Dead Zone

Thrills, chills, and Bruce Lewis.

Dark Angel

Get a load of *this* vision of a dark 

Due South

Sure, the main characters were like unto the lilies, but that shouldn't stop you. *g*

 Early Edition

Like Gary could
do this job without
Marissa. Pfft!



Canonical or not, there's a lot of room to play here.

The Fast and the Furious

Dom? Yeah, we *know*, Vin.


Iiiii like candy.

You should, too.



The Jossian 
triple-threat continues. Zoe,  anyone? 

Good vs Evil

Where else can 
you find blessed 
afro-picks of holy 

Harry Potter 

The boy who lived? How about the fine ladies on the Quidditch teams?

I Spy

Bill Cosby? Former fox. Just trust us. 



There's no one 
like Tom Fontana 
for giving you 
pretty CoCs to 

play with.



Law & Order

New York City. 
It never sleeps. Neither does Ed Green.

Magnificent Seven

Hey, remember the healer?


Well, come on, they're *already* nearly naked 

Miami Vice

The man. The pastels. Hey, it was the 80s.


Small but worthy.


A salaam alaikum, baby. Welcome to Emerald City. 


Jackie Chan!


Pitch Black

Some of us like it... dark.

Red Dwarf

Hey, the *CoC* 

isn't a hologram!



Spanking new! Except without the spanking. Splashing new!

The Sentinel

There *is* a Captain,

you know!
Shanghai Noon

Come on Jackie Chan wuh oh oh oh oh oh!


A universe full of alternate universes. What more could a fan ask for?



Forget what you 
heard -- Pete Ross is 
a fine black man.

Stargate SG-1

Hey, he's *already* wearing 

Star Trek: TOS

Say what you will 
about Roddenberry, but he damned well helped get us on television.

Star Trek: TNG

Not a whole lot to 
work with here, but...

Star Trek: DS9

But they make up 
for it *here*.

Star Trek: Voyager

Chakotay. Kim. Tuvok. 


Star Trek: Enterprise

Look! An Asian female regular! No, *really*!



Star Wars

Lando Calrissian. 

Works every time.
Strangers In Paradise

Some marks never fade...

West Wing 

Charlie needs love, too, man.

The Wire

If Omar and Kima were on the same side, Baltimore wouldn't stand a chance.

Chris Carter worked at it, but he couldn't keep people of color off the show *forever*.

X-Men: The Movie

Oooh. Leather. 

Halle *Berry* and leather.



Cruise the 'net for 
proof you're not alone. *g*


Advertise us, baby.


Pretty! Pretty!


What's new, sugar?


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