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Updated February 20, 2003

Allia Rose

Baby Sister [Tinga]
Tinga and Zack are leaving behind their old lives, including Max, but it seems that Tinga isn't
quite ready to give up her sister. PG-13


Children of a Broken World - Just an Hour
Set several years after the escape, where is Tinga? Third in a series of vignettes about the
post-escape X5s... G

This is a story about Tinga... begins when she's 17 and goes back and forth. PG-13


You remember that night?   The night you hurt Logan? R

Brynn McK

Copy of a Shadow
How Krit spends his time on those long nights out. PG-13

Empress Vader

Body Issues [Tinga]
Tinga deals with coming of age in Manticore. G

Young Original Cindy Series
Story series based on Original Cindy's young life, loves, and the issues of coming out to
her parents and friends. PG-13

However Unlikely
Friendship springs up between Asha and Original Cindy. And the already complex love
triangle between Asha, Max, and Logan finds a new twist. R

How Original Cindy Got Her Name
A silly little short about OC getting her name. G

Max and Cindy's friendship and Max and Logan's partnership is thrown for a loop when
Jondy comes to Seattle. And Jondy discovers a long burried truth about herself. PG-13

Creature Comforts (sequel to Discovery)
Max feels she must return to Seattle after months on the road, but homecoming isn't
quite what she expected her relationships with Logan and Zack become altered. Meanwhile,
Original Cindy and Jondy have problems dealing with their feelings for each other. R

While Logan is away, Max and Bling play. R


Brin has a run in with the Colonel. R

Wedding Party
Tinga's getting married and Syl and Krit are going. G


Ostensibly a Dark Angel/BtVS crossover, it's really a dark-future story about what would
happen if to Slayers if they ever lived to be grown-ups. NR

Jane the Frog on the Wall

Leading Lady
Just after the end of "Dead Eyes," Syl thinks about the past, and what Krit means to her.

Littlest Sister
The siblings find out Max is alive, and decide to take her back. But they find out something
unexpected, and things go a little nuts. "She" is Syl, in case you're confused. R

Biggest Brother
Sequel to "Littlest Sister." After getting Max back, things aren't quite as rosy as Syl and Krit
might have hoped. "He" is Krit, "she" is Syl, quotes are from the Wizard of Oz. PG-13

Dead Eyes
Seeing Max and Logan all gooey makes Syl a little bitter...alternative shippiness. PG-13

[all part of the Sibling Rivalry series, which can be found here .]

Jude Mustard

The Fallen Birdman
Another post-finale fic. Very short. Any more would spoil it. PG


Gather Together and God Bless [Tinga]
Even X-5s have something to celebrate at Thanksgiving. PG

The Last Chimera
Hanging out with her homegirl, Max learns a little about friendship, and a lot about
love. PG


Brin reflects on her decision to go back to Manticore. A drabble. PG

On the Outside
After Eva was shot, the order to escape Manticore was never given... Max and the
other X-5s struggle with life at Manticore. R

Life on the Outside
Sequel to On the Outside. It's 2019; some of the X-5s made it out of Manticore.
Where are they now? R

M. Rose

Almost Normal [Sam]
Her life was almost normal. PG


The Challenge
Brin initiates a challenge to prove she's better than Zack, Max and Jondy. NR


History Lessons
Zack explains the world as he sees it. R

Blue and Grey and Black
Brin thinks about what she has given up in order to live. PG

Tinga has her own unique way of expressing her freedom. G

Jace doesn't shake off her training very easily. R

Syl. Krit. Stuff happens. PG-13

Oranges [Original Cindy]
Smut-lite. R

Promises To Keep
Charlie tries to deal with what he found out about Tinga. PG

Brin considers the changes that have taken place since her return to
Manticore. PG-12


Inspired By: She Ain't Heavy
A collection of drabbles and shorts featuring Logan, Alec, Sam (X5 453), and Sam Carr
on a variety of subjects: xenophobia, the raid on Eyes Only, and the events of the
episode, in general. PG

Rach L.

The Ice Palace
A *dark* interpretation of how things could have turned out if Max and the others had not
escaped from the Manticore facility. "Only when spring comes, it'll melt.  Only then the ice
palace will fall." R

Much Abides [Sung]
The aftermath of "Out" for Detective Matt Sung. PG-13

Reindoctrination [Brin]
Brin gets reindoctrinated. PG


Caribbean Blue
Whatever became of Jace? PG-13

The Inimitable Pooh Bah

Wasted Time
Original Cindy loves and loses. PG

Raindrops on Roses
Original Cindy drops by Logan's place. PG

To An End [Krit]
It's amazing how low some people will stoop. R

If Scheherazade [Krit]
Ben goes from love to obsession to insanity. R

War Dead [Krit]
Syl has some problems letting go. R

A Short Satire II: Don't Be Piratin' No Music, Mon
Herbal Thought discovers another wicked delivery. PG

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