Early Edition

She doesn't have to be able to see to kick your ass.

March 16, 2002

peregrin anna

Gary and Marissa's friendship, pre-series. NR

Dragon's Met
(Novel-length fic)  The past and the present intertwine.  NR

Marissa's got a date...and a trio of overprotective friends. NR

The Providence of Sparrows
Gary's attempt to help a pair of runaway kids gets him entangled in some bigger issues. NR

Scrambled Eggs and Burnt Potatoes
Post "Run, Gary, Run"; Marissa and Gary  patch up their friendship over greasy diner food. NR

Worry Night
Marissa's daughter has some interesting theories about her honorary uncle. NR

Listening for Stories
Sequel to "Worry Night";' on a field trip to the Sun-Times, Ellie meets Miguel Diaz. NR

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