Action! Adventure! A whore!

Oh, and a foxy warrior babe and a preacher, too.

Updated 18 July 2007


Conversation Over Coffee
Intelligence test. NR

Grey Bard

Modest Proposal
Pragmatism rules. PG-13


Of Our World
The Holy Trinity in Space. Some religious stuff and gun-related imagery. PG.


Empty Spaces

Mine Eyes Have Seen

The Floating World
Murphy's Law remix

In the beginning


Shepherd Book decides to have a chat with Jayne.

Katarina Hjarpe

A Light to Bring to Revelation
"He's been having nightmares most of his adult life." The quest for a man of evil to find atonement. PG-13.

kirby crow

Rara Avis
Gifts to the dead. PG

Lamia Archer

Flukes [River/Zoe]
An albatross was a ship's good luck charm, until some fool killed it. PG.

Forgiveness  [Faith/Zoe]
There's a lot of crazy go se going on  here, but maybe we have something in common. (BtVS crossover). PG.

Lemon Lashes

Creating Space
Sex and lightly frittered Zoe angst, fortunately not in the same room. R

Sojourn on Beaumond
Jayne plays with his rainstick, Mal tries out the airflow again, Zoe kicks, Wash has flashbacks. NC-17

Tailor Made
Something ends. Something begins. Something just is. NC-17

[Note: These stories are part of a larger series by Lemon Lashes. The rest of the stories can be
found here .]


Fragment Quivering
It was but yesterday I thought myself a fragment quivering without rhythm in the sphere of life.
Now I know that I am the sphere, and all life in rhythmic fragments moves within me.-
 Kahlil Gibran, Sand and Foam.


The Uses of Temptation
Book comes to a decision about his life on Serenity. G


Different for Girls
Zoe teaches Kaylee how to tie stronger knots. R

Nicole Clevenger

Dish Duty
Set a few days after the events of "War Stories." Zoe's stuck doing the dishes. PG-13

Pre-Firefly. Zoe and Mal, after the events at Serenity Valley. R


If All the World
Wash/Zoe. PG-13


Cradle Elbows Wide
The Battle of Serenity Valley was the tail end of the Independent rebellion, and a siege lasting two
months. At the end, the dead of both sides combined numbered half a million. I have no idea how
many numbered the living.


Idle Conversation [Firefly/Sandman crossover]
Zoe has a visit from a tall, dark stranger. G.


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