Life on the streets has never been hotter.

Updated February 20, 2003

Destina Fortunato

One-Way Mirror
Post-Homicide movie, Bayliss talks to a court-appointed psychiatrist. PG


Sometimes things aren't what they should be. NC-17


Going Down
It ended in the box. R

Lex Luthor makes the mistake of witnessing a murder in Baltimore. PG-13


Surprise Tactic
Something was going on. R

Between Friends
Meldrick can't. R

Friendly Persuasion
Lewis and Bayliss come to a meeting of minds. R

The Trouble with Harry
Somebody knows. R

Things change. R

Could You Be Mine?
Finale. R


Girls Night Out
Ballard, Stivers, and a nightcap. NC-17

Lost and Found
The morning after, the day after, just after. NC-17


Frank Thinks
Set right after The Movie, anymore would give the story away. PG

Rachel & Marti

Miami Slice
Bayliss and Gee Jr in Miami. NR

Pamela Rose

Homicide:Life on the Side
The original, epic Frank and Tim story. NR

Shadow Self
The sequel to "Life on the Side" NR

Grand Opening
A prequel to "Life on the Side" and "Shadow Self" NR