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Hercules: The Legendary Journeys, Hong Kong Cinema, I Spy, The Magnificent Seven, Marvelverse,
Miami Vice, Red Dwarf, Scrubs, The Sentinel, Shanghai Noon, Sliders, Smallville, Stargate: AtlantisStargate: SG-1,
Star Trek: The Original Series, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Star Trek: Voyager,
Star Trek: Enterprise, The West Wing, X-Men: The Movie, Xena: Warrior Princess,


Keith Hamilton Cobb

Endymion (KHC Fanlisting)

Keith Hamilton Cobb Fansite

The Tyr Appreciation Group

Beka-Tyr 'Shippers

Tyr Pics 'N Fics


Just J. [a J. August Richards fansite]

J. August Richards Online

The Gunn Supporters

Girls Who Love Gunn

Gunn Keepers and Guardians

J. August Richards on the WB

God, Thy Name Is Gunn

High Maintenance, A Gunn/Cordy 'shipper site

Walk on the Wild Side (More Gunn/Cordy)

FreeFall (A Gunn/Cordy web clique)

Gunn/Wesley Archive

It's Been Emotional (Celebrating Gunn and Wes)

Battlestar Galactica


Battlestar Pegasus

Lt. Boomer Dedication Site Battlestar Galactica

Battlestar Galactica

By Your Command

Karen's Battlestar Galactica Fiction

SithKitten's Battlestar Galactica Archive

Blake's 7

Sleer As Folk - A 'zine with several Dayna stories.

Forbidden Star Two - A 'zine with one Dayna story.

Tavia Blake's Seven Site - information on several 'zines.

Straight Up Press -- Fanzines including Dayna fiction.

Blake's 7 Fanzines Index (by pairing)


Bianca Lawson Online

Kendra the Vampire Slayer screencaps

Por Siempre... Kendra

The Kendra Keepers

Unoffical Bianca Lawson Fanclub


Bianca Luvrs

Slayers Outside Sunnydale

That Was Me Only Shirt! (Kendra clique)

CSI's CSI Network

Dark Angel

The Dark Angel Fan Fiction Archive

Ashantai's X5 Resource

Original Cindy's Story

Subhuman, Superhuman

D.C. Comics

Green Arrow II Archive


Fire & Ice (Weaver/Lopez Archive)

The Fast and the Furious/Vin Diesel


RedSith's Archive

The Art of Vin Diesel

Vin Diesel World


The Candy Store


Orbiting Lights

Whoa. Good Myth.

Firefly: Immediate Assistance

General Hospital

Pam's Fanfic Haven

Impetuous: A Gia Fanfic Archive

G vs E

Forbidden From Intimate Contact: A Good vs Evil Slash Archive

Harry Potter

Madam Hooch's Broom Closet (femmeslash)

Hercules: The Legendary Journeys

The Iolausian Library (stories featuring Nebula, played by Gina Torres)

Hong Kong Cinema

The Hong Kong Movie Slash Ring

Intrinsic Desires

Slash Movies

Hong Kong Movie Slash Stories

I Spy

I Spy - The Definitive Site

S.J. Dibai's House of I Spy

I Spy - A Tribute to the Coolest Spies In Television History

The Magnificent Seven

The Nathan Jackson Fan Fic Page

The Healer's Ace

Nathan Jackson Screen Caps


The Wolverine and Jubilee Page

Under the Knife: A Cecilia Reyes Fan Site

Doctor in the House

Storm: Goddess Rising

The M-Files: The Unofficial Monet Homepage

Generation NeXt

Light It Up

The Unofficial Jubilee Page

Alternate Timelines - X-Force Fan Fiction Archive

The Storm Archive

Storm Gates

Storm Fan Fics

Le Chateau St. Croix

The Underground Shard Page

Jimmy's: A Warpath Page

Ororo & Logan: Secret World

Miami Vice

Miami Vice Slash Fiction Archive

Miami Vice Chronicles

Red Dwarf

Red Dwarf Slash Fiction Archive


The Doctor's Lounge

Scrubs Fic (Mailing List)

Scrubs Slash Society (Mailing List)

Scrubs (Official site)

The Sentinel

The Simon Shrine

The Nightowl's Nest Sentinel Resource Site

Starfox's Mansion (includes a large gallery of pics)

Shanghai Noon

Shanghai Slash - The Archive


Tim's Sliders Page

Dimension of Continuity (general information page)

Cleavant Derricks

Earth 62 (includes audio and video clips)

Gate Haven


Friendly - A Pete/Chloe 'shipper site

More Than a Sidekick: A Sam Jones III Fansite

SAM J. 3

Stargate: Atlantis

LJ communities devoted to Aiden Ford and pairings including him:

LJ communities devoted to Teyla Emmagen and pairings including her:

LJ communities devoted to Ronon Dex and pairings including him:

LJ community devoted to Peter Grodin and pairings including him:

Stargate: SG-1

Janet/Teal'c Shipper Site


Jaffa Kree

Sam and Teal'c Mailing List

Sam and Teal'c Friendship

Teal'c Gallery

Sam and Teal'

Warrior and Scholar: Mailing List for Teal'c/Daniel friendship and slash

Star Trek: The Original Series The official website of Nichelle Nichols

Captain Uhura's Log

Beyond Uhura: A Tribute To Nichelle Nichols

George Takei

Hikaru Sulu (biography page)

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

The Official Avery Brooks Fan Club Website

Sid City

The Garak and Bashir Webring

Star Trek: Voyager

The Chakotay/Paris Writers' Support Group

Eternally Chakotay/Paris

Chakotay/Paris Slash Ring

Janeway/Chakotay Mailing List

P/K All the Way

Paris/Kim Slash Webring

PK Elite

The Chakotay/Kim/(Other) Ring

No Kidding! (Janeway/Kim)

The Men of Voyager Ring

Mind of a Soldier (Tuvok, B'Elanna)

ConTrol and Temper: The Tuvok and Torres Webring

ConTrol and Temper: The Tuvok/Torres Archive

The Funky Vulcan Cafe - a Tim Russ Fan Page

T'Pont (Tuvok and T'Pel)

The Tuvok Appreciation Site

Janeway/Tuvok Mailing List

Tuvok/Thomas Paris (ASC listing)

Star Trek: Enterprise

Linguistics Database (Hoshi)

Linda Park

Saturn's Orbit (Mayweather/Sato)

The Mad HaTters (Trip and Hoshi)

Lailara (T'Pol & Hoshi)

Malcolm Hoshi Explosion (mailing list)

West Wing

Rachel's Shrine To Charlie

Dule Hill on

X-Men: The Movie

The Goddess Munroe - Storm Movie Appreciation

Xena: Warrior Princess

Celebrations of Diversity within the Xena: Warrior Princess Fan Fiction World (mostly uber)


B.A.I.: The Black Actress Index

After Ellen: Reviews and Commentary on the Representation of Lesbians and Bisexual Women in Entertainment and the Media

Remember Us: The Mailing List For CoC-Intensive Fan-Fiction And Discussion.

The Museum of Black Superheroes

Star Trek: Continuum (Paramount's official site)

Star Trek Hypertext (reviews)

Star Trek Women

Ethnic Images in the Comics (essays)

Angry Asian Man (blog)

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