It's a bitch to be the Captain.

Updated November 14, 2002


The Good Fortune Series

Chapter One
Simon and Blair discover their good fortune to be more than friends. NC-17

Chapter Two
Simon and Blair deal with Jim's reaction to their relationship. NC-17

Chapter Three
Jim doesn't react well to Blair's relationship with Simon. NC-17

Chapter Four
Simon and Blair sort out their relationship while Jim tries to figure out what to do about
his fear of intimacy. NC-17

Chapter Five
Jim claims to accept Blair's relationship with Simon, but confronts Simon about his
reservations and fears. NC-17

Chapter Six
Blair's efforts to help a friend backfire. NC-17

Chapter Seven
Jim and Simon work together to find Blair. NC-17

Chapter Eight
After making sure Blair's safe, Jim and Simon do something about the strain between
them. NC-17

Chapter Nine
Blair's convalescence isn't completely restful. NC-17

Chapter Ten
Jim's having problems dealing with his anger and his changing life. NC-17

Chapter Eleven
Jim and Simon work out some of their problems. NC-17

Chapter Twelve
Blair has a setback and the Thompson case takes a nasty turn. NC-17

Chapter Thirteen
Our trio celebrates Blair's release from the hospital. NC-17

Chapter Fourteen
The guys finally have some time to appreciate their good fortune. NC-17


Frozen Delights (co-written with BlairsBoff)
Some idiot complained in the chat room that Simon doesn't get enough sex... NC-17

A Simple Twist of Fate (co-written with BlairsBoff)
A new face in Cascade twists around Simon's life and then everything changes. NC-17

Split Second
So much can happen in so little time. R


Choosing Life
Simon visits Jim and Blair at their mountain retreat where they are recovering after an accident. G

[Note: This is part of a larger series called _Choices_ that can be found here.]

Sammi M.

What Did They Say?
Blair overhears a conversation between Simon and Jim and he wonders if he truly knows his
friends. PG

The _Warren's Revenge_ Series

    The Full Exposure
    A charity benefit requires the guys to do a bit more than serve and protect. PG-PG-13

    Calendar Boys
    Warren unfolds the second part of his ultimate revenge. PG-13

    If I Sign It "With Love," Do I Have to Mean It?
    The Chief's back with the final part of his plot to get back at the guys. PG-13

Just A Bit More
Simon and Blair have an adventure and find something else. PG

Split Second
So much can happen in so little time. PG-13

Split Second Resolutions
Sometimes you just need a little resolution. PG-13

He Fell
Simon falls. NR

The Long Day
Simon discusses his day. G

Three different men - three different letters. Happy Mother's Day many months later. PG

The _Blessed Simon_ Series

    Blessed Giver
    A side of Simon we *rarely* see. PG

    Blessed Father
    Worried about his friend's behaviour, Jim follows Simon.  PG

The _Matters of Family_ Series

Matters of Family
A tragedy takes Simon home. PG

Matters of Family: The Visit
Simon gets another taste of family. PG


Joint Venture
During the course of an undercover assignment, Jim gets a clue about what's going on with
his boss. NC-17

Y.S. McCool

The Raw Power Series

Summary: What if 26 year old anthropologist, Blair Sandburg, had discovered a 19 year old
Sentinel, Jim Ellison, who has just come into his power? PG-NC-17

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