Stargate SG-1


Updated 26 September 2006


Hope For The Impossible
Sam reflects on her relationship with Teal'c. R


Teal'c and Skaara have a discussion which might explain why Teal'c was so quick to
follow O'Neill. G

A New Path
Daniel and Teal'c are separated from the rest of their team. They look for a way back and discover more about each other along the way. PG-13Who I Am
Teal’c thinks about his changing role. PG

Brenda Antrim

After "Enemies," Teal'c comes home. PG

Sweet Tooth
Urgo gets an urge. NC-17

Target of Opportunity
Jack gives Teal'c an idea to combat boredom during "Window Of Opportunity." NC-17

A completely alternate take on the episode "Emancipation." NC-17

Mirror Universe AU. NC-17

A multi-verse love story. NC-17



No summary, NR

Of Martyr Acts and Heart Attacks
No summary, NR

Guilt Trippin
No summary, NR

Alien Lust
No summary, NR

Planting Seed on an Alien Planet
No summary, NR

Missing Scenes: Need
No summary, NR

No summary, NR

Dorothy Marley

Jack ponders the progression of his relationship with Teal'c. PG

Census 2000
Jack fills out the long form of Census 2000. PG

Census 2000: The Follow-Up
Daniel gets a follow-up call from the Bureau of the Census. PG


Subversion 2 Events And Horizons Or Just Wait Until My Jaffa Gets Home
The requested sequel to the SEMINAL Jack/Harry fic SUBVERSION.
What happened AFTER Teal'c got home.  NC-17 


No Surface, All Feeling
Reality and dreams mingle as Teal'c helps Daniel make sense of it all. R

On Top
Just who exactly is in charge of this relationship anyway? R

Learning Experience
Oh, brave new world that has such creatures in it... NR

I, Caliban (sequel to Learning Experience)
What's past is prologue. NR


High Time
Daniel is worried about Teal'c during his recovery from his ordeal with Apophis. NC-17


Alternity Series
Two unusual visitors through the Stargate will change the lives of two men in Cascade, as well
as SG1, forever. NC-17

Singer Series
Stargate Command has an unexpected visitor--with unexpected consequences for Daniel, Jack, and Teal'c. NC-17

Enjoy the Day
 Daniel is surprised by a couple of his friends. Slash, J/D/T'c threesome, NC-17

*Why* did Shaa're insist that Daniel forgive Teal'c? NC-17.

Little Shop of Not Such a Horror
A sting from an alient plant give Jack an unique opportunity to learn more about his Jaffar friend. NC17

Taste: A Missing Scene from Urgo
Was pie *really* the first thing that Jack had a taste for? NC17,

Private Little World
Daniel is having some trouble after SG-1 returns from a particularly difficult trip. Will Jack and Teal'c be able to find out what's wrong before it's too late? Will Jack be willing to do what's needed? NC-17

Life has gotten too intense, the team is losing its edge, and Jack has the perfect solution. R


Jaffa Cravings
It's an Urgo story…how's that for a summary? NC-17

Unpleasant side effects can lead to unexpected surprises. NC-17


End of the World Series

End of the World
What if Daniel had been taken during "Children Of The Gods" and Teal'c had not
defected? NC-17

Edge of the Abyss
After one loss too many, Jack declares his own, personal war against the Goa'uld. PG

The Light Beneath the Door
Daniel must recover from his enslavement, while Jack refuses to trust Teal'c. NC-17

The Beauty of Poison
When the SGC itself is threatened, Teal'c must choose between his loyalty to
Earth and his love for Daniel. NC-17


What You Like
PWP series


Cloth Ties
Daniel begins to recall some of the ways he was 'honored to serve' while on P3R-118 — and his strongest memories involve Tor.
A post Beneath the Surface story.  NC-17

Tiffany Park

Teal'c and daring space hero Duck Dodgers team up to save the Earth from the evil machinations of Marvin the Martian. 'Nuff said. Crossover with "Duck Dodgers in the 24 1/2th Century."  G

Gift Exchange
After gating to P2Z-494, SG-1 and SG-3 find that the local queen and the local hooch make for a potent combination that they just aren't prepared to swallow. R


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