Oh captain, my captain.

Updated 3 May 2007

Blue Champagne

The Image Series

Afterimage [Bashir]
After Miles O'Brien's ordeal in the DS9 episode "Hard Time", we find his recovery's progress has
hit another serious snag. Dr. Julian Bashir undertakes to find out what it might be. PG-13

Graven Image [Bashir]
Miles is a little rocked by his experience of mutual attraction with Major Kira, who is carrying his
and Keiko's baby. He'd been feeling a bit...unsettled by it all to begin with--natural enough, of
course--but when his nightmares of Argratha start recurring--with a not-entirely-unexpected-
twist--Keiko comes to see Julian. Miles, after all the progress he's made, seems, in some ways,
to be relapsing into his Argrathi-provoked condition. R-NC-17

In Another Life [Bashir, Keiko]
This one can actually be read alone; there are only a few references to "Afterimage" and
"Graven Image" in it, and they're self-explanatory. This is the first of these M/Js I've tried
writing from Miles's point of view, or in this case more than one Miles, so be warned. Our
favorite DS9 engineer is exposed to a quantum filament similar to the one that had Worf
bouncing all over the realm of quantum possibility in the TNG episode "Parallels"; but this one,
being artificially generated, closes before the solution that returned Worf and his parallel
counterparts to their own realities can be implemented. PG-13

Shattered Image [Bashir]
Julian is a little rocked himself due to his unexpected and widespread reputation as a
genetically engineered human. Miles and Keiko, and their entire family, up to and including
Yoshi and Major Kira, undertake to help him over the worst of the transition. R

Sleep [Bashir]
This is a somewhat melancholy canon-oriented short dealing with how incredibly affected
and upset Julian was during "A Time to Stand", the second of the "Call to Arms" triple ep
when we lost something like ninety-five percent of the Seventh Fleet to the Dominion.
I'm thinking that despite their own worries, his closest friends might have been concerned
enough for him to step in and help... G

Breathe [Bashir]
This, like the above two, is a stand-alone, a much more straight-ahead hurt/comfort than
is usually my wont. Very dark, but no explicit scary scenes. Julian, for no reason Miles can
fathom, has taken off in an attempt to rescue Mila from Dukat's people--and wound up in
a situation even Garak wouldn't try to take on. Miles would, though--and, with a ship
loaded with enough armament and equipment to wage war against an entire primitive-
warp-capability civilization, takes off, sans any sort of permission, to break Julian out of
the Cardassian base at Alur Six. PG-13

The Pride of Lions [Bashir, Keiko]
Here goes: The Intendant has kidnapped Ezri from our universe for several nefarious
purposes; Julian convinces Sisko to let him be the one to try and retrieve her, since Julian
has an in with Smiley, having been the one whose pep talk convinced Smiley to try
escaping his tame-theta position. While there, Julian meets Captain Bashir, who assists him
in the rescue attempt due to the fact that Ezri carries Jadzia's memories--and Capt. B. can't
abide the thought of leaving even so little of Jadzia in the hands of the Intendant.

Julian assumes that his double was never genetically enhanced, which turns out to be
untrue; he was not, however, enhanced in the same areas Julian was, and our Julian
undertakes to help him cope in such a way that he won't have to be quite such a stone
bastard to everybody, eventually bringing him home for concentrated medical attention.
Mirror Keiko, a former friend, then associate, of Capt. B., comes too.

Owing to the severity with which Fleet frowns on traffic between quantum universes--
Worf's disastrous trip being the worst-known example, after Data finished writing his
paper about it--Julian and his counterpart are forced to settle on an improbable,
maybe impossible, course of action...when they fall solidly and completely in love. NC-17

Parts 1-5
Parts 6-10
Parts 11-15
Parts 16-20
Parts 21-25
Parts 26-30


Thus Anew To Greet [Bashir]
Subtle changes in Kira's attitude toward the good Doctor... PG

The Expense of Spirit
Dax and Sisko get nekkid a little too casually. NC-17

Janis Cortese

The Delightful Education of Julian Bashir
Julian Bashir has a very erotic encounter with a mysterious traderwoman from the
matrifocal planet Ishtar who chooses him as a pupil. NR

joan the english chick

Basic Training [Bashir]
At Starfleet Academy, a hardwon bet. NC-17

Silver Linings [Bashir]
PWP. NC-17

Command Decisions
PWP. NC-17

A Reasonable Request
Bashir and Keiko have a chat.
Kira, Dax, Sisko and the holosuites.


When Bajor hosts an interstellar music festival,  to which a very unusual star singer is invited,  Jake must
face questions about friendship,  manhood and culture,  as well as freedoms of belief. NR

Eye of the Storm (sequel to Orfeo)
This story is a sequel to the DS9 episode, "Nor the Battle to the Strong," as well as to "Orfeo." R

Anslem (sequel to Eye of the Storm)
Eleven years after his abrupt,  late-night departure,  Salene reappears in Jake's life.   He finds a
twenty-nine-year-old Jake whose writing career is beginning to blossom even while his private life is
falling apart.

Mark Russel Stanley

The Racquetball Game [Bashir]
Garak has one too many naughty impulses regarding that little silver outfit Julian wears to
his games. R

Happy Holidays
Bashir shows Garak the joys of Christmas. Garak is unimpressed. PG

In The Dark [Bashir]
Missing scene for In Purgatory's Shadow/By Inferno's Light. Garak is suffering from the
physical effects of fighting his claustrophobia. Bashir helps. PG

Home (sequel to In The Dark)
Garak and Bashir are home after the events of "In Purgatory's Shadow" and "By Inferno's
Light". NC-17

Secrets (sequel to Home)
Julian Bashir has been hiding a little secret. Major spoilers for "Dr. Bashir, I Presume". PG

Garak invades Bashir's spy holoprogram again after the episode "Our Man Bashir".
(No real spoilers.) R

Garak and Bashir spend an afternoon in. G

Dear Garak
Months after the series finale, "What You Leave Behind," Julian Bashir writes a letter to
Garak. G

Julian reflects on his life after many years. PG


People Like You
AU - Bashir joins Section 31. PG

The Snowleopard

Bashir spends five (or was it seven?) days in Isolation in Internment Camp 371. Occurs
immediately before "In Purgatory's Shadow." PG-13

This story is an answer to an ASC challenge from Spring 1998: "What if the Dominion won
the War?" It occurs after "A Call to Arms." In this story, the events in "A Time to Stand"
never happen. R

Render To Caesar
In this future (alternate?) ending to '"Inter Arma Enim Silent Leges," Bashir finally takes a
stand regarding Sloan and Section 31 (some spoilers for the end of the episode). This one
is short, the way all kiss-offs should be. I began this as the end credits were rolling for
"Inter Arma...", finished and posted it two hours later. PG

Following the evacuation of the survivors from the siege at AR-558, Bashir and Nog
end up on a crowded hospital ship. Set early in Season Seven, between 'The Siege of
AR-558' and 'It's Only a Paper Moon'. Some spoilers for those eps. Occurs a year after
"In Coventry". Rated for violence and graphic images of war trauma. R


Dodge [Bashir]
After Julian's past catches up with him, Garak is even more intrigued... PG-13

Drama (sequel to Dodge)
Will the real Julian Bashir please stand up? Does Julian even know where he is? R