Submission Guidelines

You asked for 'em, you got 'em! The submission guidelines for Remember Us are pretty simple, and they include two different but equally important parts (insert Law & Order BUMBUM! here.)

Fiction Guidelines:

Content: Does your story feature a Character of Color in a lead role? Then we want it! Does your story feature a Character of Color as an equal part of an ensemble? Then we want it! A two line appearance, by the way, does not count as an equal part of an ensemble. And now the sticky portion: for the purposes of this archive, a CoC is defined as any non-caucasian character- we are not accepting ethnic caucasians not because they're not "of-color," but because 1) ethnic caucasians are heavily represented in popular media, and 2) it would put us in the uncomfortable position of creating a "brown enough" scale, and we just don't want to go there. Special rules regarding aliens- if the alien race supercedes the "of color," then we aren't accepting them. (For example, Tuvok is a Black Vulcan, whereas Worf is just a Klingon. We'll take Tuvok stories, but not Worf stories.) Any fandom, any pairing (or no pairing at all,) any genre- those possibilities are limitless. We accept gen, het and slash, but at this time, we are only accepting fiction. Sorry, no poetry or filk at this time!

Format: Okay, so you know you definitely have a story we want to include. We're happy to archive your story in one of two ways- the first is simple, if you already have the story online, we'll be happy to link to it. In that case, please drop us a note with the name of the story, the fandom, a summary and rating, and the URL of your story, and we'll add it right away. If you'd prefer that we house your story locally (traditional archiving) please send us a TEXT ONLY file (that's .txt or .rtf) with your name, the fandom, a summary, a rating, and, of course, your story. Do NOT send Word or Word Perfect Documents, we will not open them. (Viruses, y'know.) In the body of the story, if you really love us, you'll make sure to put a line space between each paragraph. Please love us, we love you.

FanArt Guidelines:

Hey, we want your fan art too, and we're happy to house it here. If you'd like to submit manips, wallpapers, etc., featuring Characters of Color in all their graphical glory, please e-mail  us your JPG or GIF file, the title of the piece (if any,) the fandom, and the name you prefer to be credited by. 

All submissions (fiction and fan art) should be sent to no_absolutes  for archiving.

Thank you for your interest and support in Remember Us, without your contributions, we'd be a big, pretty website with nothin' on it! - Te & Hope (via no_absolutes)