21 July 2007: Crossovers make the world go round!There's Buffy/Angel with Firefly this time around. Oz is still going strong with new stories, and on a related note, The Wire. Updates to the Misc. page abound, with Smoke Signals, Love and Rockets, and Crossing Jordan, plus lots of love for Vin in The Fast and The Furious, and finally, some Supernatural, representin' through an X-Men Movieverse crossover.

7 May 2007: Thanks to makesmewannadie, the updates have finally arrived. *deep breath*Alias, Angel, Babylon Five (on the misc page), Clerks II (misc. too), CSI, Smallville, ST: DS9, Firefly, ST: Voyager and a new Rare/Lit page featuring Bible stories and fic for Good Omens, One Hundred Years of Solitude, Moby Dick, and The Persian Boy! You lucky duck!


26 September 2006: This season-- so much goodness on the Misc. page including Farscape and Hustle fic, links galore to SGA communities (Ford!!!),  SG-1 is going, going, gone but Teal'c is not forgotten, there's a Firefly/Serenity revival, some BSG 2003 because we keep it clean, and--because we keep it real-- a Robin/Faith novella--that's right, BtVS. School is back in session.

4 July 2006: Check it out--a page for The Bill, fully loaded, moved fics to the shiny new Jeremiah page, and added a new page for Dead Zone. Brought to you by the internets.

11 June 2006: Presenting... *one* new ST:TOS story! And a pretty page just waiting for new Battlestar Galactica fic!

6 June 2005: Bringing you Alias, Smallville, Fast and the Furious, 7 Days (on the Miscellaneous page) and DC *oh yay*. Holla!

6 June 2005: Fast and the Furious and Smallville, (including fanart!) and more to come. Anybody got a lead on fandom for the short-lived ABC show Eyes?

31 March 2005: New fic for Star Trek: Voyager, Harry Potter, and Smallville-- OMG it's SV fanart, too!

10 February 2005: w00t! New Star Trek: The Next Generation fic and what once was lost, now is found: fixed link to Kit Mason's Recreation of the Warrior on the Andromeda page.

22 January 2005: New year, new fics: Harry Potter and Marvel comics! More to come, stay tuned...

12 December 2004: Holy crap! Updates from the before time, in the long, long-ago, the LiveJournal choc_fic ficathon, including... Firefly, Harry Potter, Jeremiah (on the misc. page), Angel, and X-Men! And more! on Law & Order and ST: TNG! Happy Chanukah!

24 October 2004: woo hoo! Updates on Law & Order, Oz, and a Jeremiah fic, the first of many stories from the LiveJournal CoC ficathon! Rock on!

12 July 2004: New stories on the Voyager page and links to yet more Kim/7 of 9... if that's your thing *g*

28 June, 2004! Addition to the DC Comics page. Black Canary in exciting new places...

21 June, 2004! New stories in Law & Order! Check your summer reruns, people.

19 June, 2004! *dust* it's alive! page is now maintained by serena kitt!
 and added a SeaQuest page! feed the site!