A very special agent indeed.

agent myers

Darkest Hour
"John..." she said, and then paused.  Her voice was a small and frightened whimper.
"Someone broke in." NC-17


Pravus Semper Livet
Monica Reyes answers a personal ad, and trouble ensues.  Apperances can be
deceiving, and even the most unsuspecting exteriors can contain the interiors of
evil.  R


Adjust to the Dark
Reyes, disturbed by strange dreams, has an unexpected nocturnal visitor. PG


Her Dream
Reyes is introduced to the strange ways of the X-Files. PG-13


Milk and Honey
Women like her come to sit, watch, and drown in over-strong cocktails the dawning
realization that their curiosity is, in fact, a compulsion. PG-13


The Last Beautiful Thing
The regrets we have pale next to the love we find. R

Joann Humby

The Short Straw [Kersh]
Deputy Director Alvin Kersh had always considered himself to be a good guy. One day he
had to find out the truth. R

Louise Wu

Unofficial Channels
Skinner and Mr. X in the elevator in Mulder's apartment building. NC-17

Soleil Compeau

Filling The Void
Scully can't bear the thought of another man ever touching her again after
Mulder. But she's very lonely... NC-17

Sylvia Tremblay

Indian Summer
Reyes joins the X-Files and hijinks ensue. PG


After years of being apart John & Monica catch up on old times, what they had, and
what they wish they had.  NC-17

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