It seems a little off, and a little unfair. She's never going to be Batwoman,
and Kara's never going to be Superwoman, and they get
condescended to all the *time*. By *everyone*. Even the *women*
they save.

It doesn't seem fair that they have to strike a blow for feminism *and*
fight crime. Mostly Kara doesn't mind, but then Kara's just so darned
*happy* all the time that Barbara can't really be mad at her. Though
sometimes when she sees them -- the *men* -- looking at how well
she gets along with Kara, and smiling those smiles (and not even the
dirty-minded ones), she feels uncomfortable.

She can *hear* them, in her head. 'Bet they're gonna go shopping

'No! They're doing their hair!"

Ha ha ha. Shopping is fun. And Kara has hair... well, it's just as
super as the rest of her. No split ends and it always smells like
sunshine. She *likes* playing with Kara's hair, and it doesn't have
to mean anything at all.

Stupid boys. Stupid *stereotypes*.

She's going to grow up to be one of those bitter types who smoke
too many cigarettes and wear trousers even when they *have*
pretty, comfortable dresses, she just knows it.

Kara just smiles at her and grabs her hands, pulling them up into
the sky.

Well. Maybe they can find some crime to fight.