"You're new."

Anissa blinks. "Pardon?"

The boy -- Robin -- smiles like it's something he only does on special
occasions and checks to make sure the locks on the door are secure.
"I didn't mean anything by it. I was just... making small talk."

"I see. Yes, I'm new at this."

Robin nods. "You can tell by the fact that your eyebrows have
been trying to climb into your hairline for the past ten minutes."

"Well, I..." He probably has a point. Anissa feels her mouth twist
into a frown. "I take it you're used to this sort of thing?"

Another tiny smile. "Random alien/metahuman/magical/whatever
influences causing everyone around me to hallucinate and
generally go crazy?" When Robin shrugs, his cape barely shifts.
"These things happen."

"Right." Yet another opportunity for the Dad in her head to say
'I *told* you so.' "So... is there a plan?"

Robin crouches, not quite with his back to the door, and pulls
out and extends his staff. "Sort of. I was thinking we could just
wait this out until it calms down a little out there, steal a couple
of tranquilizer guns from the med-lab -- assuming it hasn't been
trashed -- shoot our respective team-mates, and *then*
figure something out."

"Grace will make that difficult."

"So will Superboy and Wonder Girl, probably. Then again...
they might be busy."

The image in Anissa's mind is... really surprisingly plausible,
considering what Indigo and Cyborg had been doing when
last she checked. "Oh. So. Any idea why *we* weren't

Robin pulls something out of his belt that unfolds into... a
gas mask.


"As for you..." Another shrug. "I don't know enough about
your physiology."

There's an unspoken 'yet' at the end of that sentence that
makes Anissa narrow her eyes.

Robin doesn't so much as blink. He's probably used to
*that*, too. Anissa sighs.

"I don't suppose you have a deck of cards in that belt?"

The smile is a little bigger this time. A little. "Sorry. But we
could always play Truth or Dare."

"I... *excuse* me?"

Robin... *giggles* and spins the gas mask over his fingers.
"It's entirely possible that I *didn't* get this on fast
enough." He grins at her, and suddenly the fact that his
mask doesn't allow Anissa to see his eyes is... problematic.

The effect of the blank eye-holes is of a glassy... *hunger*.
Anissa shifts.

"You're going to beat me to a pulp, aren't you?"

Anissa makes herself *good* and heavy before she
moves. "It's nothing personal."