Some Girls (and boys)
by Te
February 7, 2004

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Spoilers: Vague ones through Teen Titans #7.

Summary: Kon's confused. Tim's not helping.

Ratings Note: NC-17.

Author's Note: Another bunny from Livia. We *like*

Acknowledgments: Much love to Jack and Liv for
audiencing and many helpful suggestions.

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See, he should've known he was in trouble from the
beginning. He hadn't even had *detention* that day.
That alone should've clued him in.

But, no. He'd been naive. Trusting.

So, when Tim had instant-messaged him with an
invite to go over to his place and watch movies, he'd
gone with it, despite the fact that a) he and Tim
never actually *did* just hang out, and b) as far as
Kon knew, the only movies Tim watched were, like,
paramilitary training videos.

Still, they had the new team, they were all trying to
do better about getting along with each other, and
Tim had been really cool about the... thing. Which he
wasn't thinking about.

Tim had been really cool about everything, really,
which was part of the problem. The other problem.

Which he wasn't thinking about.

He'd thought Tim was just doing that good-friend
thing where you try to distract your buddy from his
problems by any means necessary -- including
inviting said buddy over to your house to watch...

"Porn? You rented *porn*?"

And Tim had just shrugged and gave him a shy little
smile and said, "my parents are out tonight..."

The smile should've clued him in. Or... something. It
was a *nice* smile. A normal-kid-doing-normal-bad-
things smile. As opposed to one of Tim's usual
smiles, which were more like completely-abnormal-kid-

Which was also a nice smile. Nice in that way where
they tended to make Kon want to -- but he wasn't
thinking about that. Except for how he was, and how
he'd also been thinking a *lot* about the women on the
cover of the box, and how they were looking at each
other, and how there were breasts and tongues and
everything, but still.

Kon's a superhero. He's supposed to be able to
*think* about those things, even in the face of the
scene where the blonde's hair got all sticky with the
redhead's... yeah. Even in the face of *that* scene,
not to even mention the way Tim had just been kind
of sprawled out next to him on the couch *blushing*.

And occasionally shifting.

And grinning at Kon when he brought up the
obvious -- uh. Reactions.

Even that. Because he'd *known* that, and that was
kind of the point, except for how he'd been doing a
*really* good job not thinking about that, even better
than the job he'd been doing of not thinking about
the *other* that, and anyway it was really hot.

The porn.

Was really hot.

He should've known. He *really* should've known.
Because, yeah, there were a *lot* of things combining
and teaming up against his ability to think clearly --
the brunette had a *tongue* ring. And nipple rings.
And *other* rings, and Tim had said "wow" in this
really impressed and (turned on, he was) *sincere*
voice that Kon had definitely not-thought about
before and --

That was the *point*.

The evil *always* messed up your head first; it was
a whole thing with evil.

So, really, feeling brain-dead when Tim had started
talking again should've made him *wary*.

"So. While we're, uh. Talking. About hot women who
really, really like each other..."

"*Really* like each other. Especially when she --"



"Um. It's about Steph. And... Batgirl."

Kon had blinked. "Wow. That's really *perverted*! Go,

And Tim hadn't grinned back at him, and when Kon
had punched his arm he'd just kind of winced, and he
*still* hadn't caught the clue bus.

He'd just figured he'd punched too hard. But then...

"It's not perverted."

"No, dude, I know. I'm not --"

"It's a fact."

"-- a bigot or anything and *what*?"

The redhead had made a really interesting hooting

Tim was staring at his hands. Kon remembers thinking
that Tim's hands were kind of weirdly obvious,
because even though he always wore those armored
gauntlets as Robin, you could tell that he'd done a lot
of fighting. They *looked* really strong. And --

"Steph broke up with me."

"Oh, man, dude, that's --"

"She broke up with me because she's... uh, dating
Batgirl. Now."


Tim had shrugged a little. "I just thought... I mean, I
know you like Batgirl. I didn't want you to find out...
um. The hard way."

"This is the *easy* way?"

And Tim had actually smirked. At *that*. "Well, you
know. Nice images, right?"

Kon had turned back to the TV like a zombie. *This*
blonde was too skinny and too, well, *naked* to be
Steph, but the other girl... Kon had squinted. And
thought about how he always kind of imagined Batgirl
*would* have some kind of tattoos or --

"You okay, man?"

"You made Steph gay."

"*What*? No!"

"You made Steph gay and then she made Batgirl gay
and now they're being gay *together*!" He'd *yanked*
his attention away from the screen, because maybe
they were being gay together like THAT and... no.
And Tim had had the nerve to look *offended*.

"Kon. You can't *make* --"

"Do you do this to *everyone*?" And the warning
bells had started going off *then*. Which was the most
useless thing *ever*.

"No! Steph's the first -- I mean -- *Wait*. What do you
mean, *everyone*?"


And Tim had given him *that* look, the one that always
made you think he maybe had X-ray vision as a feature
of those mask-lenses of his, which wasn't fair because he
wasn't even *wearing* the stupid mask, and Kon *still*
felt naked and thank fucking *God* he has superspeed.
And a barn.

He has never in his life been more grateful for barns,
and the fact that they have roofs, and the fact that pretty
much no one will find him up here unless Clark comes
flying by and is he going to have that conversation with
Clark? With freaking *Superman*?


At least the Kents don't expect him home, yet.

No, *he* was still supposed to be visiting his *friend*.
And watching *movies*, and not thinking about the fact
that --

The blast of wind knocks him off balance, but he catches
himself on his hand before he can roll off the roof.

"Hey, Bart."

Bart vibrates in place for a few seconds before sitting
cross-legged in front of him. "Where'd you go? I was
looking for you earlier. I have --- oh."

He's ready for the next gust. And the next, as Bart
returns with...

"I have those video games you loaned to me the other

"Done with 'em, hunh?"

"Well, yesterday, but Wally let me help him with patrol
last night. That was cool. And you're not happy. Why
are you not happy? What happened?"

Kon sighs. "Robin made me gay."

"He can *do* that? I didn't know he could do that."

"Well, he --" Kon braces himself. And stomps his boots
back on, because *that* gust --

"He says he can't do that."

"He *lies*."


Kon decides to just hold on.

"He says he's not lying. He says --"



"I have to go do homework now."

Bart squints at him. "Right now? Because I just read this
book about homosexuality --"


"No, I mean, it's really interesting." He pulls a moderately
battered-looking book out of the back of his tights.
"There's all this stuff about how they think it's a
genetic --"


Bart scowls. "*Fine*. Try to educate people. Hmph. I'm
gonna go watch Tim's porn."

Kon holds on to the roof shingles for a few more
moments, but it looks like Bart's gone for good. Which,
okay, he should maybe feel guilty about, but the *last*
thing he needs to think about now is genetics.

Or homosexuality.

Stupid Tim with his stupid hands and stupid lying, red,
soft-looking --

Kon groans into his hands.

He is *never* living this down.

The rest of the week is just one big series of

One: detention gives you *way* too much time to

Two: farm chores give you *way* too much time to

Three: Trying *not* to think just makes you think
more, and thinking more leads to *dreams*.

Like the one where Batgirl and Spoiler fight the horde
of girl ninjas and the swords just cut the uniforms to
shreds and then the skies rain corn oil and Tim
wraps his hand around Kon's dick and starts talking
about tactics and Kon really thinks he needs to find
a way to *kill* himself, because...

He'd been doing *really* well with the not-thinking
about all that stuff, because Tim had been starting
to become an actual *friend*, as opposed to just the
best possible person to have at your back when
supervillains were trying to kill you, and you didn't
mess that kind of thing up when it happened with a

Kon isn't *stupid*. He knows a good thing when he
sees it.

And knows that it probably - probably -- isn't Tim's fault
that he puts *ideas* in Kon's head, and keeps putting
them there with the way he listens and the way kind
of... *tightens* his mouth when he's thinking about
something, and the way he's way too convincing when
he's being Alvin-the-bad-boy and... *fuck*.

He just hadn't thought it could get *worse*, is all.

He spends Friday's detention rewriting movie night in
his mind, helpless to the image of hot chicks on the
TV and Tim's hand in his pants. And in *his* pants.
And the sound of that little 'wow.'

And actually does *extra* chores back on the farm.
Enough so that Mrs. -- *Aunt* Martha winds up
asking him if he'd forgotten about it being the

He's pretty sure the smile on his face is exactly as
sickly-looking as the ficus plant Clark had given him
to take care of before he'd decided Krypto would, at
least, be sturdier. "Heh. Guess I did."

"You boys! I swear, you'd forget your heads if they
weren't attached. Now go get your things -- and
don't forget those cookies I baked!"

The cookies, at least, make for an excellent

The team pretty much falls on them, leaving him
time to escape to the roof. They're supposed to be
doing more teamwork exercises this weekend. He
wonders if he can convince Cyborg that he really
needs to learn how to work better with, like,

He's fairly sure he can avoid thinking gay thoughts
around *her*, at least.

A green gorilla climbs up next to him and munches
solemnly on a coconut bar.


"No thanks, man. Not really hungry."

Changeling shrugs and shifts back into humanoid
form, staring out at the Bay.

Kon does his best to look like he's not brooding.
Because he isn't, really. Brooding requires thought,
and thought just gets him in *trouble*. Like, all the
time, even.

"Not that I'm intruding, or really care or anything,
but..." He waves a hand in the general direction of
San Francisco. "Teammates, work together, yadda

Right. "It's nothing, really."

Changeling rolls his eyes. "Try again."

Kon sighs to himself. With Bart, at least, there'd been
some slim hope that he *wouldn't* know what Kon
was talking about, and he probably hadn't, but he'd
forgotten about 'Kid Flash's' -- and that *had* to be
worse than Superboy -- sudden addiction to *looking
things up*.

Which, well. It's not like it can get worse, right?

"Can people make you gay, do you think?"

"Absolutely. Nightwing did it to me for a week back
in '88. Pretty disturbing. I mean, you'd think the guy
would be *discouraged* by a giant green squid."

Kon thinks about that. The first two sentences,
anyway. "So... you got over it?"



"... no."


Changeling jumps up and claps him on the shoulder.
"My advice? Go with it. And don't drop the soap if you're
ever showering with Nightwing. Or Kory, for that matter.
Or... okay, everyone should with Kory at least once,
but... you know what I'm saying. Meeting in three hours."
And he dives off the roof, morphing into a hawk on the
way down.

Drop the... soap.


But... Tim spent a lot of time with Nightwing. Maybe
Nightwing could make *him* gay. Or maybe he could
read some of Bart's books.

Or maybe he could just dive off the roof and try to land
on his head. It could work. If he concentrates on his
aura --

"We need to talk."

Kon falls over the edge of the roof and actually drops
a few feet before he remembers his TK. "*Jesus*,
don't *do* that."

Tim smirks a little, mostly at himself. "I'm actually
really bad at *not* sneaking up on people. My
stepmom threatened to bell me."

He lands on the roof again. "Yeah, I guess all that
training does a number on you."

"You could say that. Kon..."

And he's using the serious voice, the one that might as
well just be the pay-attention voice, because even
though it's completely different from the pay-attention-
so-we-don't-get-*killed* voice, it's still... really hard not
to listen to.

Because it's the voice Tim uses when he's trying to say
something serious and true.

Kon really doesn't want to deal with it.

"If you fly, I'll just hook a grapple to your leg, man."

He thinks about it seriously for a moment. The cape is
hiding everything but Tim's lower legs, though, so it's
entirely possible that he *is* holding a grapple. Kon
sighs to himself and sits down, hanging his legs over
the edge. "Talk."

Tim crouches beside him. "I guess I'm just... um.

"*You're* confused? Jesus freaking Christ, man."

"Hey, you just *like* Batgirl. Spoiler is -- *was* -- my
girlfriend. Technically. And then there's *you."

"Yeah, me."

"So... I mean, um. How long...?"

Kon pulls his knees up and wraps his arms around them.
"Does it matter? Look, I'm not gonna, like, *hit* on you
or anything."

"I just... I mean. I've thought about it."

It isn't fair that Tim should be easy to talk to even when
it's about *this*. But... he is. "Yeah, I guess I kinda gave
you a lot to think about."

"You always do."

Kon blinks at that and forces himself to actually *look* at
Tim. He *isn't* really crouching, or... it's that really
extreme crouch that, as far as Kon can tell, *all* of the
Bat-types can do. Like at any given moment Tim could
just spring up and out into the air. It's probably the least
casual pose ever.

Tim's looking back at him, but the lenses are down. Not
for the first time, it makes him wish he had Clark's X-ray
vision. It also just makes him want to pull the mask off.
Not the first time for that, either.

He swallows. "I... okay."

"I mean... I *was* thinking about it. Before, I mean. I
didn't know you were, too."

"But you were... you know. With Steph." It's a little
hard to breathe.

Tim smiles at him. "Thinking's not cheating. Everybody
thinks. Right?"

"You don't have to just think. Anymore."

"No, I guess I don't."

And for a moment, Kon thinks they're maybe just going
to sit here and look at each other until Kon's mouth
falls open and everything *he's* been thinking spills
out, but Tim shifts a little under the cape, and when he
touches Kon's arm, his hand is bare.

A little sweaty from the gauntlet that's hidden
somewhere under the cape. "So..." He strokes Kon's
forearm once, fingers settling on the inside of his elbow.

"I'm about three seconds from jumping you, you know."

Tim's turn to swallow. "That many?"

Kon misses on the first kiss, dragging his mouth over
Tim's jaw, but Tim's hands are in his hair and he
doesn't miss on the second. Or the third. He manages
to keep them from hitting the roof, but Tim wraps his
legs around Kon's hips and *flexes* and... yeah. Flat
on the roof is a *good* idea.

Tim's mouth is as soft as it looks, at first, and then it's
much harder. He bites Kon's lip and sucks Kon's tongue
into his mouth and rocks up under him, hips grinding
into Kon's own --

"Damn. I... *damn* --"

"Yeah, come back here." And Tim yanks him back into
another kiss and keeps rocking, thrusting up and
digging his fingers into Kon's scalp and tickling the roof
of his mouth with his tongue.

Kon can hear himself groaning, and he thinks that
should be embarrassing the hell out of him, but Tim's
making noise, too.

Rhythmic little moans, one for every time Kon thrusts
down against *him*, and that's so hot he can't *think*.

He pulls back out of the kiss and grabs for Tim's hands,
pushing his thumbs against the palms and doing it again
when it makes Tim gasp.

"Your hands. I... oh *man*."

Tim tightens his legs around Kon's hips and *rolls*,
moving like some kind of dancer, and Kon gives up on
words, dragging one of Tim's hands to his mouth and
licking the palm, licking up between Tim's fingers,
because it's *okay*, now, right? It has to be okay, and
Tim's skin is salty with sweat and his fingers kind of
*spasm* against Kon's face and he slams his head
back against the roof.

Message: Go with it.

He twines his free hand with Tim's and pushes it back
down next to his head, trying to brace himself as
gently as possible.

And sucks the fingers of Tim's other hand into his
mouth, licking and biting and sucking *hard* when
Tim groans and *jerks* beneath him. Their hips are
still moving together and Tim's mouth is hanging
open. He's *panting*, and Kon can't tell if his eyes are
open are closed, but he *hopes* they're open.

He hopes Tim's seeing this, that it's turning him on
the way it's turning *Kon* on, because there's
*nothing* like this.

There never has been. He --

"Kon, you're gonna make me come in my pants --"

He groans around Tim's fingers and feels his dick twitch
so hard he thinks he *did* come.

"Let me..." And Tim tries to tug his fingers out of Kon's
mouth, and Kon *knows* why, but it still takes a
moment for him to be able to let go of Tim's wrist. And
then they're both grabbing for each other's crotches,
and they're both in the *way*, and it's funny, but
when Kon tries to laugh it just comes out as another

"Yeah, me too. *Fuck* --" And Tim bites his own lip
and knocks Kon's hand aside, unbuttoning his jeans
one-handed and pulling the zipper before pushing at
his own shorts and tights, and Kon can definitely help
with that.

Especially when Tim lifts his hips up, and suddenly it's
a lot easier to let go. Kon wants both hands for this.
*Needs* them, needs to get one hand under Tim's
ass and the other around his dick and Tim's got the
same idea, rolling them over with perfect grace even
though he's groaning.

Jerking Kon fast and *hard*, free hand shoving Kon's
t-shirt up until he can pinch and twist his nipple and
it's so good it *hurts*.

He gets a better grip on Tim's ass and tries to stay in
something like rhythm, tries not to lose himself in the
feel of that hot, sweat-slick skin, in the fact that Tim's
hard for him and *pumping* into Kon's fist. And it's
awkward and sexy and Tim's ass feels just as good in
his hand as he thought it would and --

"Kon -- oh God, Kon --"

And Tim sounds *desperate*, maybe as desperate as
he feels, and he can't hold on. He comes all over Tim's
fist and his own chest --

"Oh *man* --"

Tim doesn't even hesitate, twining his come-slick hand
into Kon's around his own dick and urging him faster,
and sliding his other hand through the mess on Kon's
stomach and chest, rubbing it in for a second before
reaching for Kon's mouth, *slicking* Kon's mouth --

"Suck it -- suck my fingers again, Kon, that was so
*hot* --"

He does it, groaning at the taste of himself on Tim's
fingers and the feel of Tim pressing down on his
tongue and Tim shouts and stills and comes, slumping
over and panting.

He doesn't take his hand back, though, and Kon takes
*his* hand off Tim's ass so he can hold on to Tim's
wrist again. Just to make sure.

And keeps sucking. Licking them clean and digging
his thumb in a little so he can feel Tim's pulse race.

Tim looks up at him, still breathing hard, and untwines
his other hand from Kon's own, bringing it up to his
face and grinning. "I feel like we should switch hands."

Kon slides Tim's fingers out of his mouth. "Have I
mentioned that I like the way your mind works?"

Tim grins a little wider and slides his finger over his
lip, and somehow it's the dirtiest and hottest thing
*ever*, despite what he's just been doing. Maybe
because of it, too. Kon shakes his head and sits up,
leaning in and catching Tim's wrist when he starts to
move his hand from between them.

It's the clumsiest, messiest, best kiss he's ever had,
and they're *both* sucking on Tim's fingers, slick and
salty like their tongues, and Tim wraps his other arm
around Kon's neck and pulls him in closer, and Kon
gets a handful of Tim's ass again and... fuck. It's just
so *wet*, and Tim makes these little humming
sounds, these little satisfied-and-getting-horny again
sounds that make perfect sense to Kon, because he
feels *exactly* the same way.

"Jesus. Fuck, Tim, I don't even *know* what I
wanna do with you."

Tim responds by dragging him in for another kiss, or
maybe Kon just dives in again. It's hard to tell. He
can't stop *moving*, can't stop pushing, even though
he doesn't want Tim to go anywhere. He just... has
to get up on his knees again, and pull Tim back, pull
him over his lap, and their pants are *so* in the way
it's not funny.

"I wish we were naked..."

Tim's breath hitches on a groaning laugh. "I rigged
the door to lock from the outside so we could talk in
private, but I don't think that's a good idea, Kon."

"Tim. I had come all over my chest. We're *hugging*
now. We are gonna be *so* obvious, man."

"Not to mention the spunk-breath issue."

Kon snickers. "You don't have Bat-mouthwash in that

"That's only for *emergencies*."

Tim actually manages to keep a straight face for a
whole five seconds after that, which is impressive.
And laughing together feels so good it should probably
be illegal, or at least against the rules.

Kon uses his less-sticky hand to reach up to Tim's
face, and traces the curve of the mask. "I wanna see

"Yeah, okay. Let me just get the solvent."


Tim smirks. "This thing is *glued* on. I can rip it off
if I have to, but the results are kind of unfortunate."

"Um... ow."

"Yeah." Tim opens one of the belt pockets and pulls
out a small spray bottle, turning it on himself and
generally looking like a very confused person putting
on cologne or something.

Kon hadn't really considered how he kept the mask
on, but he guesses it makes sense.

Tim slides the mask off and tucks it in another pocket,
squinting against the sun and blinking when Kon rubs
at a little of the glue left behind. His eyes are blue
like Kon's own, and he looks serious in a way that's
making Kon's heart pound a little.



"Yeah." And Tim grins again and unhooks the cape
and the belt, letting them drop. The tunic opens from
the side, and Kon helps with that. Or really, just pulls
at the other arm until it slides off and he can get to
Tim's t-shirt and yank *that* off.

Tim's skin is hot and a little damp, just like his hands
had been, and Kon leans in and breathes against his
throat, kisses him and licks him, and Tim exhales
sharply and strokes the back of Kon's neck with his
thumb. It makes him shiver. It makes him want, more
than he already did, and Kon holds on to Tim's waist
and sucks wet kisses everywhere he can reach.


And he doesn't really want Tim off his lap, but he
wants to be able to get at *more* of that skin. Tim's
covered up all the time, and it all just feels like another
broken rule -- a tight feeling behind his eyes and the
way every breath just takes him higher. Sweat and
Tim and *sex*, and Kon gropes behind Tim until he
can feel his cape and drags it closer. Lays Tim down
and keeps kissing, keeps *tasting*, and Tim's has
one hand cupping the back of Kon's head and the other
sliding over and over his upper back.

He's breathing hard, and making sharp, quiet noises
every time Kon hits a good spot.

Kon wants to find *every* good spot.

Sucking Tim's nipple gets him something like a whining
little grunt and Tim's hands tighten on him for a

"Does that... do you like that?" And he feels like an
*idiot*, but when he looks up, Tim's eyes are wide
and his face is flushed and his mouth looks *exactly*
like they've been kissing a lot.

Kon goes back to sucking, playing with Tim's other
nipple with his fingers, and Tim moans and starts to
move under him, rocking up against him, and it just
reminds Kon that *he* needs to take some clothes

He manages -- barely -- not to rip up his t-shirt, and
pushes his jeans and boxers down further before
getting back down. He wants... he wants to just *cover*
Tim, but he doesn't think it would be all that comfortable
on a roof and a cape, so he settles for just being next
to him, toeing off his boots and socks and *kicking* off
his pants, and that's...

The sun's starting to go down, but there's still heat from
the roof, and there's *Tim*, pulling him in for more
kisses and just *feeling* incredible. Even his tights feel
good against Kon's thigh, which should maybe be
disturbing, but it's too much to think about anything but
the way Tim is holding him.

The way Tim *wants* this, and it's pretty much going
to drive him insane.

And then Tim slides a hand between them and pushes.


"I just... have to get my boots off."

"Oh." And he should probably move, but *Tim's* not
moving, and his eyes are still so...

He looks young, or maybe just looks his *age*, for
probably the first time ever.

"Tim..." and everything he can come up with to finish
that thought is just impossible to actually say.

Tim smiles, looking away, and Kon thinks about every
time he's seen Tim make that expression with a mask
 on. It's the *secret* smile, and it's just one more thing
to make Kon wonder how he's actually supposed to
*stop* doing this. He shakes it off as best he can and
sits up, watching Tim work his boots off, and his socks,
and the tights. And then just staring, because Tim isn't
flaunting himself or anything, but he's not shy, either.

He isn't sure what he'd expected, but Tim is just... Tim.
Casual and sleek and smirking like Robin.

"You didn't think I'd do it, did you?"

"I wasn't sure the suit *came* off, man. I'm glad it does,

"I wish..."


"Sooner or later, someone is going to fly up here. Or
*run* up here."

"We're going to be pretty naked."

Tim snickers. "I should've told Kory I was hoping to get
laid. *She* would've made sure we had some privacy."

"Or asked to join in."

Tim blinks. "She totally would, wouldn't she?"

"Heh. We could ask her."

Tim grins lazily. "Or you could come back here and we
can keep fooling around until we come on each other

"*Jesus*, Tim." And he *had* been thinking clearly, he
knows he was, but that stops pretty much as soon as
Tim's tongue is back in his mouth again, or maybe
when Tim rolls them until Kon's on his back and Tim's
hands are on his wrists. Tim *can't* pin him, but it
feels like he can, just like the drive of Tim's hips
against his feels like being fucked.

Skin to skin and dick to dick and Kon groans into Tim's
mouth and sucks his tongue spreads his legs and

Tim breaks the kiss and moans against Kon's cheek,
letting go of one of Kon's wrists and using it to hold
his head to the side. Sucks on Kon's throat and bites
hard, harder, and Kon gets his hand back on Tim's
ass and pulls him in tighter, urges him to thrust
harder, and the only reason why he bites his lip is so
he can hear the sounds *Tim's* making against him.

The slick slide of skin on skin and the husky growls
every time he bites.

He wants more and he wants this to never *stop* and
he wants everything, absolutely everything. And he
thinks maybe he can have it.

He slides his thumb down the cleft of Tim's ass and
Tim freezes for a heart-stopping moment before
*whimpering*, high-pitched and hot, and Kon rolls
them onto their sides and Tim throws one leg over
Kon's and digs short nails into his back, raking them
down before grabbing Kon's hip and yanking him in
tighter, and every thrust makes it better, *wilder*.

And the next back-thrust forces his thumb *in* Tim,
and all Kon can think is hot and *tight*, and Tim
shakes against him and keeps *moving*, fucking his
way back on Kon's thumb and fucking himself
*against* him, biting off a shout in Kon's shoulder
and coming all over them.

All over his *dick*, and Kon thinks his brain is shorting
out, but he --

"Don't stop."

"*Tim* --"

He can't stop thrusting, he can barely stop calling Tim's
*name*, and Tim just wraps himself around Kon and
holds on, leaning up to bite his lip and *flexing* around
Kon's thumb.

And he can see it, he can almost *feel* it, what it would
be like to be inside him, to fuck him just this hard, just
this fast -- "Oh God oh *fuck* --"

He comes groaning and panting, and rolls them over
again because he has to hold Tim down with his body,
just for a minute, just until his mind can cope with the
fact that they aren't having any more sex right now.

Tim strokes his back.

Kon rolls off when he can breathe again. Tim follows
and kisses him hard for a brief moment before flopping
back down beside him and grabbing his hand.


"Yeah," Tim says, and squeezes.

And there's a moment where it seems kind of weird to
be holding hands, but Kon can't decide if it's because
they'd just had sex or if it's because it's Robin, and he
gives up on trying to figure it out.

"We have to get dressed."


"Pretty soon."


"There are *beds* in there, and doors that lock without

Kon gets up and drags Tim with him, and it's really
unfair that even with the uniform, even though Tim's
*laughing*, he *still* manages to get dressed quicker
than Kon. And even though the cape is a little gritty,
you still can't *see* anything.

Kon's t-shirt is wrecked, and he has no idea what
happened to his other sock. He glares at Tim and just
gets a smirk. Which reminds him of what *started*

"Okay, you have to tell me something, man."


"What in *God's* name made you think that inviting
me over to watch lesbian porn was a *good* way to
break the news about Spoiler and Batgirl?"

Tim throws his hands up. "Hey, I had time limitations!
You *know* how fast gossip travels in the cape

"I just want to know what was going *on* in your head.
Wait, let me try... 'what Kon *really* needs is to think
about everything the girls are doing without *him*.'"

"I... okay, maybe that was a miscalculation."

Kon snorts. "A miscalculation? That was downright

Tim kicks him in the shin. "You'll live."

Which, well... "... yeah, pretty much." He pulls Tim
in close, savoring the fact that he *can*. "So."


"You got any more porn?"