Back to life
by Te
October 2, 2011

Disclaimers: No one and nothing here is mine.

Spoilers/Timeline: Various spoilers for very old storylines. Takes place during Roy's recovery.

Summary: "Let me show you why, precisely, you still wish to live."

Ratings Note/Warnings: Sexual content of the decidedly BDSM variety. Not entirely SSC.

Author's Note: A commission for my lovely and *determined* Pixie. Could be read as a prequel to *either* "To be worthy" or "The More We Get Together," but neither of them are necessary pre-reading for this one.

Acknowledgments: With much love to Pixie, Mildred, Jack, and ShadowValkyrie for audiencing, encouragement, suggestions, and hand-holding.

Length: 49,000 words.


Roy's hitting every mark. Every --

Five butts. Five grey-on-grey targets -- can't make it too easy. Can't --

He'd started out with two hundred arrows. Just two hundred. He'd meant to leave this until he'd made *three* hundred, to really --

He couldn't wait. He couldn't --

He's paying for it --

It has nothing to do with the arrows, which are just as perfect as the ones he'd learned to make on the rez, only these are made from better and more expensive materials.

Ollie's been free with his cash since Dinah told him about Roy being clean. Ollie --

Ollie hasn't said word one to him since --

But Roy's hitting every mark. His speed is perfect. His aim is perfect. He's split every arrow he's wanted to.

The wind -- northeasterly, slowly getting to be more purely easterly -- isn't doing shit to him. He's better than that.

He's fucking *above* that. He's --

He doesn't know how long he's been crying, but it's been a while. His shirt is wet. His.

Roy closes his eyes and burns through the last seven arrows in his quiver, one after another after another. He doesn't have to open his eyes again -- he could *hear* them hitting just right.

Just. Fucking. Right.

Just as right as he isn't. Just --

He's clean. He's -- he's done all the reading. All the H is out of his system now. He's been sober for *weeks*, and he's only about eight pounds lighter than he was at his best. He hasn't smoked up. He hasn't gotten *drunk*. He's --

Clean. Healthy. *Straight* --

("What the hell were you *thinking*?")

He's *fine* --

("How could you *do* this to yourself?")

Like maybe -- maybe he was the *machine* Ollie built --

Like Ollie could ever sit *still* for that --

Like Ollie could ever fucking *stay* --

Would ever --

He's shaking now, but he doesn't have to stop. He. He's got two more bundles of arrows left, and he's just.

He can get them, and fill his quiver --

Wipe his fucking *face* --

His shirt is *sticking* to him --

He's up. He's got -- forty in his quiver. The double-sized one that he's been checked-out to carry since he was *fifteen* --

("Christ, kid, slow down a little, eh? If you outgrow me, they'll make *me* run around in yellow tights.")

And Ollie had grinned at him with that pride, that *happiness* --

Clapped his shoulder and took him -- to a bar.

Is it better to be laughing for this? It has to be, right?

Something --

Something a little closer to --

God, he'd just fucking *growled* --

No, shoot, just shoot, just get them all, and he'll be better, he'll be right --


"Yeah, Dickie?"

"Will you look at me?")

Not with that new uniform.

That new fucking mask which is all about how *much* Bruce still owns you, can still *call* on you no matter what --

("Just lemme finish packing up --"

"Roy... are you coming back?")

But then, somehow, it'd been easy to pull the smile onto his face -- the easy-sleazy one that always comes out when someone says *anything* about coming --

And Dick had been on him just that fast, wrapped halfway *around* him --

("Hey -- Dick --"

"Come *back*."

"You don't --"

"I *need* you, Roy. I -- we all do, but...")

And Dick had pulled back, biting his lip and smiling ruefully --

("I need you.")

And Roy remembers swallowing, remembers *hurting* because he could see Dickie then, see *his* Dickie, Bat-mask and everything --

("I'll -- I'll be back --"

"You promise?"

"Yeah. Yeah, I -- yeah.")

He hadn't -- no. He'd cried *once* before that, in Dinah's arms, on her couch after puking all over her poor kitchen and being too sick to clean it up right away.

He'd cried like a *bitch*. And, even though he was still full of H and all the other crap he'd been *high* enough to take --

Even though he'd been sweating and *stinking* --

Those tears felt cleaner than these do. Felt --

("Just get it out, honey, get it all *out*.")

Yeah. Yeah. There was -- there was an *end* to those. He'd stopped feeling like he was gonna *die* from the nausea, and he'd *stopped* crying, and he'd fucking well cleaned *up* --

And cleaned up.

A junkie is always a junkie, though. That --

Everybody fucking *knows* that.

Everybody with a *brain*, anyway, and he's got one of those. A little pickled here, a little smoked there, flat-out *dead* there, there, and *there* --

But it's there, and it's working *just* well enough to let him know that nothing's really changed, at all. Nothing --

He's a junkie, now and forever. He's --

He's not *clean* --

He's fucking *dirty*, and not in any of the fun ways --

Ah, yeah, here comes some more laughter. He's far enough out in the woods that there's nobody to hear him but the little animals flying and skittering around --

Which is a good thing, because *this* laughter sounds one fuck of a lot like screaming.

And more screaming. And --

No, shoot, he's *shooting* --

And not a single shot goes wild out of these ten. It *looked* like one had a wobble, but that's just the tears.

He's -- well, it's *good* to know that he can compensate for tears. You never really know when you're gonna wind up with moisture behind. Behind a mask.

He's not --

He's not good enough anymore.

Just -- what happens when he needs to go on stakeout and he can't stop fucking *weeping*?

What happens the next time a dealer he's beating up has just the *right* stash?

What happens the next time he feels just a little too alive, a little too close to the world that hums and buzzes and screams and touches and yells and goes and goes and fucking --


Shit -- *shit*, and he hadn't meant to shoot, hadn't --

Clark is holding the arrow -- and standing to the left of where Roy had shot.

Roy feels his fucking *gorge* rising --

"Let it out. Please."

And that --

Why not?

Why the fuck *not*?

He'd just *shot* at the *World's Greatest Hero* for the *unforgivable* crime of saying his motherfucking code name --

Roy walks a few yards to the edge of the treeline and spits out orange juice, water, and the remains of the toast he'd eaten --

Fuck only knows when. When he's done, he wipes himself down with the *back* of his t-shirt, balls it up --

It's not in his hands anymore. It --

There's a *towel* in his hands, only it feels even softer than the ones Dinah makes Ollie buy for her. It's white, and it *feels* like it'll slip through his fingers --

There's a -- chilled -- bottle of Zesti-Ade in his other hand.

"Uh. Thanks?" And the laughter bubbles up just like the vomit had --

And then stops, because Clark is just -- standing there. Looking at him. *Seeing* him --

No, no, one thing at a time. Roy wipes his face *properly* --

"Stretch it."

All right... He stretches it, and the stretched section is a lot more like tissue. Okay, then. He blows his nose for what feels like half an *hour*. When he's done with *that* --

The towel is gone.

The -- "Uh -- Clark?"

"Rinse your mouth," Clark says, and there's something... off. His voice? His... accent?

There's a part of him which really wants to know -- it's the part that still wants to look people in the *eye* -- but it's buried under the taste of bile and the need to just --

Just --

He rinses his mouth and spits on the ground, wondering if there are enough chemicals in the Zesti-Ade to kill all the hopeful little plants --

If there can *be* enough chemicals in *him* --

Roy shudders and rinses his mouth two more times --


Roy *starts* to do just that --"You're givin' a lot of orders there, Big Blue --"

"No," Clark says, and suddenly he's *right* there, right in front of him, close enough that that constant fever-heat is just --

"Uh --"

"You will not call me by that... epithet."

"O-kay... uh."

Hot, smooth, *hard* hand on his chin, tilting his head up -- "You're slightly dehydrated. Drink."

Roy narrows his eyes and just -- this? *Really*?

*This* is who they send to deal with the junkie fuck-up?

The Big Blue *Boy* Scout?

Roy growls and pushes that hand off his chin --

*Tries* to push that hand off --

"Let go."

"Will you behave, Speedy...?"

"You know my fucking *name* --"

"Already you proffer it to me? Thank you. Roy. *Drink*."

"You're not my father and you're not my *partner* --"

"At present, you have neither."

Roy *means* to stay quiet for that, but a noise comes out anyway, high and *hurting* --

And Clark nods and releases Roy's chin.

Roy stumbles back and just --

The quiver keeps *hitting* him, and he can't -- it's too much --

He rips it off. And this -- fucking --

He gets a *good* grip on the bottle of Zesti-Ade and tosses it --

And Clark is right there holding it. "Drink."

And this --

He knows what this is. He's been on his own since Dinah got him through the worst of the withdrawal, but he *knows* there have been eyes on him. There've been times when the Titans only *existed* because the League said so, and while those times are in the *distant* past --

Yeah. They've been watching. They've all been watching and *waiting*, and now here he is, *proving* that they were right all along, that the fuck-up finally fucked up too *much*.

So they've sent the *leader* to tell him to pack up his shit and leave the life, to tell him he's not needed any more, and, by the way, fuck off and die. Of *course* it would be Clark for that, because Clark can make *anything* sound polite.

Clark is polite to *supervillains* sometimes --

So of course he'll help the washed-up junkie clean himself up and wash his mouth out before --

Before --

But isn't it just what he'd expected to hear?

Isn't it -- and this is all the proof he ever *needed* about how fucking dirty he is --

Isn't it what a part of him wanted to hear more than anything else? Heh. Yeah. He's in the woods *now*, but his car is only a mile's jog away, and the *city* is only twenty miles northwest, and --


Roy takes the bottle and drinks, as slowly and obnoxiously as he can. Really *working* his throat for those swallows --

"Mm. Good boy."

Okay, he almost *choked* for that -- heh. Roy stops drinking and shakes his head. "Good on you, Clark. I wasn't expecting to laugh for this --"


"Uh. What?"

Clark -- shows his teeth. Roy'll be *damned* if he'll call that a smile -- "You will not use that name with me."

"That -- what?" And *then* it kicks in. Clark's not wearing his uniform. He's --

He's wearing a black Henley and sturdy-looking jeans and -- black boots. Not workboots.

They're too fucking *shiny* to be workboots. And there's something --

Clark wears *t-shirts*. *White* t-shirts. Clark wears plaid button-downs and *faded* jeans. Clark --

Roy looks up -- and just *barely* manages not to *jerk* back, because this guy's eyes are fucking *bright* red.

And Roy is close enough to feel the heat.

He swallows. He -- "Who are you."

The guy shows even *more* of his teeth for a moment -- and then cocks his head to the side. "You haven't been especially obedient, Roy --"

"Who *are* you?"

The guy's eyes flare bright enough that Roy has to look *away* --

But that hot hand is *right* back on his jaw, and the only thing Roy can do is squint and try not to tense up so hard he *can't* fight back. He --

"I am the being who could burn you to ash in moments, Roy. Or tear you apart, limb from limb from limb. Or freeze you, then shatter you into small, leaking pieces. Or --"

"I get the idea. What the hell -- who got to you, Clark? Who -- you have to know --"

"No, Roy. I've told you not to use that name..." The guy sighs. "I'm afraid you'll have to be punished now."

That -- "You weren't planning on punishing me before?"

A laugh, soft and *warm*. "I believe it would be more accurate to say that I expected you to misbehave at *some* point, Roy."

And this -- "Just what do you want from me."

"Would you know my name, needy one?"

Roy -- flinches. He can't actually --

And the guy --

Clark was never *like* this --

The guy nods. "You have not accepted your needs. Ultimately, this isn't a surprise. For now, you may call me Kal-El."

Okay. That's -- well, that's his *other* name. He doesn't *use* that name all that often, but Roy has heard Bruce *and* Diana use it, so --

So maybe this isn't so bad?

"Roy... say my name."

Except for how -- *somehow* -- he's just not believing that right now. And -- "I don't play this way on the first date."

Another show of teeth. "Say my name."

"Look, I don't know what you want --"

"Hesitation, disobedience, and lies. You're going to be punished severely, I fear."

Roy -- swallows. And just --

He's a little too sick, still, to be getting hard. And, right now, he's pretty fucking glad about that. He *doesn't* play that way on the first date, but Donna had taught him --

Donna had taught him one whole fuck of a lot, when you get right down to it. He has *kinks* --

And Kal is flaring his nostrils.

And showing his teeth again --

"Roy. Say my name."

"What will you --"

"I'm going to make you weep."

*Fuck* --

Fuck, fuck, *fuck* --

"Kal. I --"


Roy shivers. "Kal-El. I... can we talk? About this?"

Kal cocks his head to the *other* side. "I'm willing to discuss what I'm going to do to you over the next several days --"


Kal sighs mock-sadly. "You're going to bleed for that."

"I. This isn't you --"

"No, Roy. This isn't *Clark*. Or, for that matter, Superman or Clark Kent."

"It's not *healthy* to --"

"Quiet yourself until I say you may speak again."

Roy jerks and just --

There's not gonna be a safeword or -- anything like that. He knows that in his *bones*. It's just that he *also* knows that he has one chance here, one chance to get *through* to the Boy Scout he really, *really* misses right now. He --

"You're not a rapist."

Kal -- laughs, soft and low and *dark*. "Oh, Roy. You're going to want *everything* I do to you."

And -- there goes his cock. But -- fuck. It's not like he's a *virgin* here. He's *been* around the block -- and right into the back room of all *kinds* of little clubs that exist on the *edges* of what's legal and what just feels good. Just because he didn't really get *serious* in those clubs -- yeah. "You really think you can rock my little world, don't you?"

Kal stares at him for a long moment and doesn't say a *word*, so -- okay. Right track.

"Yeah, you do. You can see and hear a *lot*, and I bet you *absolutely* studied everything you could get your hot little hands on --"

Kal lifts his -- big, hot, hard -- hands up and makes a show of studying them. He --

No, keep going. Keep fucking *going* -- "You probably -- you probably think I'm a fucking pushover just because --"


"You're *not* gonna call me to fucking *heel* just because you decided to eat your fucking *Wheaties* today --"


"I'm not your *boy*, *Clark*."

Kal closes his eyes and smiles... gently. When he opens them, the glow is even brighter, and he says... something. Roy is pretty sure that's Kryptonian, and it's liquid and warm and fucking *insinuating* --

"I don't *speak* that language --"

"Yet," Kal says, and suddenly Roy's in the *air* --

In the *sky* --

And Kal has one hand on his throat and one hand *squeezing* Roy's *crotch* --

"*Hnh* --"

"Listen to me closely, disobedient one: You're going to hurt. You're going to bleed. You're going to come many, many times. And you're going to learn."

Roy stares at Kal and tries to think, tries to do something other than just fucking *twitch* --

And Kal parts his lips and flares his nostrils again -- "Come with me."

God -- fuck --

Roy grips Kal's wrists and tries to tug --

"I will not let you fall," Kal says, and it's soft and warm --

Warmer than his *hands* --

"I will never, ever let you fall."

"I -- please."

Kal raises an eyebrow.

"Please -- don't do this."

"Don't arouse you? Don't tell you of your future? Don't keep you?"

Keep -- "You know what I *mean*!"

Kal's smile is a lot less gentle this time -- and he starts to *massage* Roy's sac through his sweats. It's a feeling --

It's exactly what he'd taught Dick to do to him when he wanted Roy to get hard *fast*. Exactly the same amount of *pressure* -- and Roy moans. "Please. Kal-El. You can -- we can have sex --"

"No, Roy. We're going to make love."

That -- Roy snorts, but the feeling makes him moan again, makes him *shudder* --

Kal hums. "Yes, I liked that, too. Still... it's the truth. I will never lie to you, needy one."

("Hold down the fort, kid -- me and Hal'll be back before it gets too late.")

He doesn't --

He doesn't fucking *flinch* again --

But Kal nods just like he had. "Come with me."

"And fucking -- I'm not --"

"Come with me."

"*Fuck* you --"

"Come with me... and let me show you why, precisely, you still wish to live."

This time, there's no holding the flinch back, nothing --

God, he doesn't want to *know* what's in his eyes --

He doesn't want to *feel* this, not *any* of this, just, fuck -- "*Please* --"

"Roy... say yes to me."

"I -- I gotta clean all this --"

Kal *chuckles*... and nods toward the ground.

The clearing is empty. *Clean*. He might as well have never *been* there. Roy shudders. "What. What *is* this?"

"Come with me, and I promise that I will show you everything."

Roy shudders, feels himself get *harder* --

Squeezes his eyes shut --

And nods.

"Good boy," Kal says, and wraps Roy up *tight*. There's no light anymore, there's no --

He can't feel the *wind* --

And then he's on his feet again --

His *bare* feet --

His bare *everything*, because he's *naked*, and he can't figure out where the fuck he *is*. Everything is white, curved, and the wrong kind of silent. The light is bright, but not fluorescent. There's no *furniture*.

And it feels like he's being watched by about a million different eyes. Roy manages not to hug himself *or* cover himself, but he can't keep himself from looking around for Kal -- who is standing by one blank white wall and giving him a *patient* look -- Fortress.

"We... uh. That was... fast."

Kal closes his glowing eyes and laughs again. "Not many people know the full extent of my powers, Roy." He opens his eyes. "You don't know them, either. Yet."

"Uh. I know you can punt me into *orbit*. That's -- that's kind of enough."

"But you weren't expecting my speed. My... perhaps you think someone will be able to 'save' you?"

"You -- I mean, you don't need the scare-quotes --"

"I think -- I *know* -- that you need to understand your situation, Roy."

"You're going to *hurt* me. What else do I need to *know*?"

Kal reaches out, palm up. "You need this. You need... everything I can give. There are parts of me which doubted this for many days. Weeks. Even today, I hesitated." Kal makes a come-on gesture. "I will never hesitate again, I promise you."

Roy -- pants. "What -- what are you gonna do to me over there?"

"Punish you."

Roy's cock twitches. Just -- fuck. "Nobody knows I'm here right now."

Kal nods once.

"Nobody knows -- what's the point of forcing me to deal with *that*?"

"There are several reasons, but, for now, the most important one is this: I took no chances with you, Roy. For all that I hesitated before, every time I *nearly* came to you was a time when you were alone, and far away from everyone you could reasonably call for 'help.' I knew, from the beginning, that I could brook no interruptions. No chances for *loss*. I knew that I *must* keep you to myself -- *all* to myself -- for just as long as possible."

Roy frowns. "I don't --" He shakes his head.

Kal smiles gently again. "It's all right. You *will* understand. Come."

"Kal-El --"

"Do not force me to punish you more than you can take, needy one."

Roy *grunts* --

And Kal takes a soft breath. "Yes, I see. It's criminal that I waited so long. *Come*."

And Roy is walking before he can stop himself --

Before he can do more than make himself *hesitate* a little, walk *jerkily* --

"Now," Kal says, lifting Roy by the throat again and *throwing* him up the wall --

"*Fuck* --"

But the wall catches him immediately -- the texture of it is thick and soft-over-*springy* --

The wall grows *over* Roy's wrists and ankles and *throat* --

Stretches and splays him *out* --

Turns a dark, bloody red everywhere it's restraining him --

"What -- I can't --"

"You can't move your arms or legs. You can't look down. If I wish it -- *when* I wish it -- you will not be able to breathe. Do you understand?"

Roy squeezes his eyes shut --

And Kal *slaps* Roy's *cock* --

"Jesus, *ow* --"

"You will answer every question as soon as it's asked. Do you *understand*."

"Yes -- please -- *how* are you going to punish me?" Because if it's the cock-slapping, it's going to have to be a little more *gentle* --

Donna always used just her *fingertips* --

And he can't actually say any of that out loud. He --

Roy squeezes his eyes shut tighter and tries to just breathe *through* the pain in his cock, the sense that he'll scream and cry *long* before he bruises --

Does Kal *want* to bruise him there?

And -- Kal has been quiet for... kind of a while. He hasn't -- fuck.

He wants Roy to open his eyes. Just -- Roy *knows* that. He can *feel* that, just like how he can feel that it'll be terrifying, different --

He doesn't want to *see* anymore --


Roy clenches his hands into fists and shakes his head as much as he can --

And Kal... pets him.

His thigh. His abs. His shoulders. His obliques. His *face* --

"You shaved so closely today. Closer than you usually do," Kal says, thoughtful and low. "It was symbolic, wasn't it."

He wanted -- he wanted to be clean. Just -- and then Roy is *yelling*, because that was another slap to the cock --

And another --

And *another* -- "*Kal-El*!" And he can't keep his eyes closed, can't -- he has to *see* --

And Kal is hovering in front of him, eyes still glowing and expression fucking *avid* -- "Answer the question."

"Yes! I wanted to be clean -- it's stupid --"

"Shh," Kal says, and presses his thumb to Roy's mouth. "Do you understand what you must do to please me?"

Please him. Please -- Roy *starts* to nod, but there's no way in hell Kal doesn't have more rules. He shakes his head, and his eyes feel wide --

*He* feels wide, and young, and *dumb* --

"It's all right. Rest assured that I will not let you go until you're properly trained."

Roy *grunts* again -

And Kal smiles. "Needy one... do you understand what it means that I brought you here so quickly?" And Kal moves his thumb.

Roy swallows. "You can -- you can be anywhere on the planet. In seconds."

Kal inclines his head. "Additionally... well. Right now, Dinah is washing dishes in her Gotham City apartment and singing along to one of your songs. Dick is making love with Koriand'r in their New York City apartment. Victor is delivering a lecture on cybernetics in Houston. Diana and Donna are wrestling on Themyscira... and so on. Do you understand?"

Jesus. Jesus. Fucking -- he doesn't -- "I don't. Want to."

"A fair answer. But you must," and Kal raises an eyebrow.

"You can hear... everything."

"Yes. Of course, I do not always *listen*... but I've been listening closely to you ever since Oliver began berating you that night. I won't say I'd never listened to you before -- you're a beautiful young man, and, at times, I am *only* a man -- but after that... you were a person of interest. Even more than you had been before."

Roy -- pants. And just tries to --

All the puking. All the cursing. The crying after he'd left the Tower for the last time. The muttering and screaming and *moaning* --

Roy squeezes his eyes shut again --

"Every time you do that, I'm tempted to fuck you without lubricant."

"*Nnh* -- Jesus --" Roy opens his eyes again.

Wonders if he'd really *wanted* to --

And Kal is giving a *quirked* smile to Roy's cock. Just --

"Look, if you don't *want* it to react --"


Roy pants. "I'm -- listening."

"If I fuck you that way, you will bleed in ways I've never found especially palatable. Additionally, I would be forced to use the monitor-servant to heal you internally... and I have my doubts that you would find *that* experience palatable."

"But --" But when it was Dick getting healed by the Fortress -- to keep from winding up with seriously inconvenient facial scars -- the wounds were all shallow, *surface* things. Roy doesn't know about anyone else. He nods. "All right."

Kal inclines his head and *cups* Roy's cock, and it's possible that Roy's actually a little bit sane, because all that heat and *gentleness* is *also* making him harder.

He breathes. He just -- breathes --

"To continue my earlier thought: If you are on this planet and I am anywhere within the atmosphere, I can hear you. And I will be listening *for* you. Do you know what that means?"

Roy snorts. "That I'm fucked?"

Kal shows his teeth. "You will never be alone, Roy. Not ever again. For some people, that would indeed be a cause to consider themselves *fucked*. For you, needy one... well."

Roy *winces* --

"I'm going to teach you that there are few things more beautiful than need, Roy."

"No. No, I --"

"Shh. All of it will *become* clear. I promise you. But first we must begin."

"We -- uh. This isn't... beginning?"

Kal laughs and starts jerking Roy *off*, expert and just slow *enough* --

"Fuck -- oh, fuck --"

"First, a question: would you prefer to be punished with pain or with pleasure? You will not be able to change your mind once I begin."

What? That's fucking --

Who the hell would pick anything *but* pleasure?

And Kal's hand is so --

He's using the rhythm Roy only uses when he has the *control* to love himself a little, and the only thing missing is the *slick*. It won't *be* missing for long -- fuck, he has to *answer* -- "*Pleasure*!"

Kal hums and *squeezes* Roy's cock -- "That was much too slow... but I'll take it out of you in trade. Second -- and last for now -- once I begin, you will not be allowed to ask questions until such time as I formally give you back that right. Do you understand?"

That -- that was kinda important. He definitely needs to focus on something other than the *rhythmic* squeezes that are making him need to *pump* into that fist --

No, *answer* -- "I don't -- I don't think I do. Please --"

Kal goes back to *stroking* --

"Oh -- fuck, that's good --"

"No questions, Roy -- and no raised eyebrows. For every one of those, there will be more punishment."

More *pleasure* -- but. "All right. I get you. I -- I'll behave --"

Kal hums again. "We'll see."

"Please. Please stroke faster?"

And Kal's smile is fucking *evil*. "Oh, yes," he says, and then whisper-*slurs* something in Kryptonian --

Something -- a part of the wall *slithers* across Roy's *thigh* --

And wraps itself around Roy's cock and the cinch of his fucking sac. *Tightly*.

Oh -- fuck.


*Fuck* --

Kal sighs. "You haven't been thinking especially clearly lately. I'm going to help you with that, as well."

"Kal-El -- I -- will you -- oh, fuck."

"Oh, Roy..." Kal shakes his head and whispers something else --

And the wall yanks him higher *up* the wall --

And Kal swallows Roy's *cock* --

"*Nnh* --"

Kal hums and sucks --

More powerfully than *anyone* --

Not even Dick at his fucking *neediest* --

"Fuck -- oh, *fuck* --"

Kal hums *again* --

And Roy knows that the only thing that will happen if he starts thrusting is that he'll feel -- needier.

He's not on the edge *yet* --

Kal starts fucking his *own* face on Roy's cock --

Kal is staring up at him with a smile in his *eyes* --

A *daring*, *teasing* smile --

"Jesus -- please -- *ahn* --"

And that suck is just --

It almost *hurts* --

But it doesn't. It -- doesn't. And absolutely nothing is *going* to hurt, and absolutely everything --

And then Roy is *yelling*, because Kal pulls off and flies *up* --

It's not even *close* to the first time Roy has tasted his own cock in a kiss, but it *is* the first time he's tasted it on *Kal*, and just --

Minerals. Sweetness he can't even *guess* at --

And his own pre-come. His --

Roy can feel himself leaking *more*, because this --

This is only the beginning.

Kal starts *fucking* Roy's mouth with his tongue --

Kal cups Roy's face and pets him, tugs through his hair, rubs his *shoulders* --

Pets him everywhere at once, and Dick used to talk this way about *Superman* --

But Superman probably doesn't know what a cock ring *is*.

Roy grunts and shakes his head, tries to hold still, tries to keep a little --

But suddenly Kal is naked and *pressed* to him, twining his fingers with Roy's own and kissing with his mouth, his chest, his legs, his *cock*, huge and hard and hotter than anything else --

*Slick* and hot --

So --

Roy groans and starts to pump, starts to *grind* --

And Kal pulls out of the kiss. "Mm. You enjoy this with Dick."

Roy *pants* -- "I -- yes --"

"He loves it, of course. He *needs* it."

"So much -- and I have to --"

"You have to answer his need, do you not...?"

It feels like there's a *trap* there --

And Kal hums and shakes his head. "Much too slow," he says, and *moves* --

And starts sucking Roy's nipples -- right and left and right again -- *while* jerking Roy off --

So fast and *good* --

"I want -- I don't --" Roy shakes his head and *tries* not to pump into Kal's fist --  it doesn't work.

"What do you want, needy one?"

"God, every time you *say* that --- *nnh* -- *NNH* --"

The suction is back --

Kal's mouth is so *hot* around him --

So soothing everywhere he'd *slapped* --

And now Roy's spine is fucking --

His *sac* is tight --

He's tossing his head --

Kal swallows *hard* --

And Roy can feel his body trying to take him over the edge, trying over and *over* --



Roy groans and *fucks* Kal's mouth, and it's too hard, it *has* to be too hard --

But of course it isn't, and Kal's telling him that with the *hot* smile in his eyes, the *pleased* smile --

"I -- I need to *come* --"

Kal shakes his *head* --

Kal pulls back and just -- nuzzles and kisses and nibbles the head so *lightly*, and now Roy is writhing, twisting --

He can feel his body trying so fucking *hard* --

"*Please* --"

"No," Kal says, pulling back and flying up to lick Roy's mouth, his cheeks --

"Ohn -- fuck, jerking me *off* --"

"Do you understand yet, Roy?"

"My. My punishment? Oh, God, *no* --"

But Kal kisses him hard and starts stroking fast and *hard*. And Roy can feel himself --

He's gonna come --

He's gonna come --

He *has* to come --

"Please -- oh, God, *please* --"

"Are you sorry for being so disobedient...?"

Roy groans and *stares*, but he can't focus on anything, can't *think* around the heat in his cock --

The *need* --

"Oh, still so *slow*," and Kal sucks his teeth --

"No! Please!"

And Kal kisses him softly, *wetly* --

And uses Roy's *other* rhythm on his cock. *Just* that fast. *Just* that hard --

It's the come-fucking-*now* rhythm -

It's so --

Roy whimpers and bangs his head against the wall -- only he *can't*, because the part of the wall around his throat grows a *brace* to hold him *still* --

He has to *come* -- "*Kal*!"

"Will you answer the question --"

"I'm *sorry*! I swear, I'll *behave*!"

But Kal only looks at him *darkly*, shaking his head --

And Roy realizes -- "I interrupted. I'm not. I'm sorry. I'm so sorry --"

"Perhaps you'll make me believe you in a moment," Kal says, and adds a perfect little *thumb*-press for the head of Roy's cock at the end of every stroke --

"*Please* --"


"Please make me -- please let me *come*!"


Roy *sobs*, shudders all *over* --

He's sweating and *aching* --

"Kal... *Kal*..."

"Yes, Roy?"

"Please. If you. If you could *hurt* me... then --"

"It would be easier on you...? Almost certainly. But... we discussed this already, Roy."

He can't change his mind. He can't -- "How -- how much more -- oh, God, *no*," Roy says, and now he's sobbing *helplessly*, because the stroke goes on and on --

He's *throbbing*, inside and --

Ohn --

"Please *fuck* me --"

"Yes. But not yet," Kal says, and kisses him again --

Pulls back and kisses Roy's *eyes* --

Hums for the taste of Roy's *tears* -- "Needy one, you have made me *ache*," Kal says, and the rest is Kryptonian --

And suddenly Roy is laying flat and Kal is hovering above him --

Staring at Roy's twitching *cock* --

*Turning* --

"Please... please..."

"Yes," and there's no pause before the head -- *just* the head -- of Kal's cock is in his mouth --

Before Kal *swallows* him again --

Roy *screams* -- but he knows what he's supposed to do, knows --

Roy sucks and hums, tries to sob without opening his mouth, tries to just *give*, because maybe if Kal comes --

God, he can't even *think*, can't even work his *head* --

Kal is sucking him so *sweet* --

And he can do that, too, he can --

Fuck, it's just the head. He can get a little fancy with his tongue, *distract* himself --

Except that Kal is *making* Roy fuck his throat --

And Kal is fucking Roy's *mouth* --

And he's right back to the first time he'd done this with Dick, when he couldn't wait the three fucking *minutes* it took Dick to come before he had to jerk off --

And this cock is a lot bigger than that one was --

A lot fucking *hotter* as it slides over his lips and pushes --

Not deep enough. Not *hard* enough --

God, fuck, he needs it to *hurt*, needs something to *hurt* before he loses his mind --

He can't stop *sobbing*, and that can't possibly help Kal come -- can it?

Kal is *moaning* around him --

Kal is clutching Roy's hips like he thinks Roy will try to get *away* --

He *wants* to get away --

But only for the time it'll take to get off. Only --


Jesus, not this --

Roy squeezes his eyes shut and *shouts*, because he's not that easy, he's not supposed to be that --

Needy. *Needy* -- no, no, don't think, don't --

Roy sucks *hard* and starts stabbing at Kal's slit with his tongue, licks up all that pre-come that tastes so weird and gamy and *good* --

Swallows it down and tries to get more of Kal in his mouth --

God, if he'd just push *in* --

His mouth is so --

*His* tongue --

And Roy can feel the tears rolling down his cheeks, feel himself shaking like he's feverish, fucking *sick* again --

And every time Kal moans Roy thinks he'll come -- *knows* he'll come --

Every time Kal *sucks* --

He doesn't come. He can't *come* --

But he can suck, and he can lick --

He can --

God, no, he's sobbing again --

Kal *growls* --

Kal likes the sobbing. Kal likes knowing how *tortured* Roy is --

He wants to beg --

He wants to fucking *crawl* --

Anything to make Kal get him *off* --

And then Kal starts sucking in *pulses*, *forcing* Roy to fuck his throat in *jerky* motions --

He can't stop *sobbing*, but at least he can lick --

He won't stop licking --

He'll never fucking stop --

"*Please* --" But it doesn't sound anything *like* that around the huge fucking cock in his mouth --

He can't --

"Please fuck *please* --"

Kal *groans* and pushes deep enough to *touch* the back of Roy's throat --

Roy spasms and *screams* --

And then Kal just *is* in his throat and coming, twitching *powerfully* and coming and coming and *coming* --

Fuck, there's so *much* --

And then Kal pulls out and turns in the *air* --

And comes all over Roy's cock and sac, which are so dark with blood that it looks fucking *obscene* --

And feels hot enough to --

Drive him that much crazier. Roy pants and tries to stop shuddering, tries to stop fighting the *restraints* --

Could he get the cock ring off even if his hands *were* free? That -- Roy sobs again --

And Kal licks his face like the world's perviest puppy, slow and wet and *moaning* through it --

"Please. Please let me come --"

"No," Kal says, and sucks Roy's lower lip. "When bad behavior isn't punished, young ones learn entirely wrong lessons."

Roy pants, tries to *think* -- "I -- you've wanted to punish me *before* --"

"Only when you've foolishly and cruelly punished yourself, beautiful one, desired one... mmm," and Kal kisses his way down Roy's chest, licks the sweat from his belly-button, *nuzzles* his come-slick cock --

Roy arches and groans --

"I'm very good at... hmm... extrapolation. Your scents told me what to expect your flavors to be like, and of course I know my own flavors quite well by now..." Kal *licks* Roy's cock --


"But this flavor. The taste of the two of us together... I never knew," Kal says, and licks --

And licks --

And *licks*, and Roy is writhing as much as he *can*, tensing and *sweating* --

Kal whispers against the head of Roy's cock --

And suddenly Roy's knees are bent back *nearly* to his chest --


"Will you give this to me, needy one?"

"Yes! Yes, please *hurt* me!"

"No, Roy. It's not yet time for that," and Kal whispers so *softly* --

His lips are moving against Roy's *hole* --

"Please -- oh, God, Kal --"

"Yes," he says, and pushes his tongue *deep* --

("I was so embarrassed!")

He hums and *wiggles* it --

("But... um. It..."


"It felt... really good.")

It did, of course it fucking did --

And it felt good when he let Dick do it to him --

And it felt good to do it to *Dick*, but this --

Kal's tongue feels as hard as a *finger*, only it's slick and fucking *bendy* --

And the only thing Roy's been able to do for the last *minute* is gasp, over and over --

Kal is humming and moaning *appreciatively* --

Roy's cock feels *shocky* -- no, that's the rest of him, because part of him wasn't just *hoping* for Kal's cock, it *believed* he would get it, get something hard and thick --

Something that could burn him, stretch him, make him --

"*Please*! I want -- I wanna *hurt* --"

"No," Kal says, pulling out and nibbling on Roy's *sac* --

And that's it, he's sobbing again, twitching and leaking --

And he realizes that he *does* hurt, that *he* aches from not coming, not getting --

It's the wrong kind of hurt. It --

It's always wrong when you have to do it *yourself* --

And Kal sucks Roy's whole sac into his mouth --

"*Please*, Kal --"


Roy whimpers, gasps and *whimpers* --

And then Kal is licking the head of Roy's cock --

*Stabbing* Roy's belly-button --

*Kissing* Roy's sac --

And *breathing* on Roy's hole, hot and cool and hot again --

Again --


Kal pauses. "'Anything,' Roy?"

Roy pants and tries to -- to think, or breathe, or --

"Oh, Roy," Kal says, sighing and --

Oh, God --

Oh, God, *tongue*-fucking him, in and in --

So --

Not deep *enough*, not *hard* enough. It feels nothing but good and Roy is screaming for it, screaming for it to *stop*, to end, to --

Kal pulls out. "'Anything.'"

"I'll do anything, I'll say anything, please *hurt* me!"

Kal hovers and licks his red, wet lips. "Will you behave yourself...?"

"I'll be --" Your boy. But he can't --

This isn't --

He has to *answer* --

"Needy one, you are not encouraging me," Kal says, wrapping his hand around Roy's cock again --

Pressing a finger to Roy's *hole* --

"No -- oh, *please* --"

And he strokes and rubs, rubs and *squeezes* --

Roy hears himself make a sound like something *dying* --

"Little human. Precious animal. Tell me of 'anything.'"



Roy arches and screams, but the pleasure just keeps coming, keeps --

He's stroking *faster* again --

This -- "I'm going -- crazy --"

"Some would say you were already there, needy one."

And the laugh makes him scream again --

And Kal is *smiling* -

And no one knows he's here.

And no one can *see* this but Kal.

And Kal --

Kal has seen every fucked-up part of him... already.


The squeezes make his vision go dark.

The rubbing is making his hole *hungry* --

He needs so fucking *much* --

"Please -- I mean now -- I mean -- *anything*! I'll *do* anything, I'll be -- I'll be your *boy*!"

Kal *pants*. "Say it again."

"I'm -- I'll be --"

"*Say* it."

"I'm your boy --"

"*Again*, Roy!"

"I'm your *boy*, you can do me, do anything, please do *anything* --"

"I think that we have a bit farther to go before I can trust that."

"Oh, *no* --"

And Kal laughs then, happy and *hot*. "But you've made an excellent beginning, needy one. Here," he says, and there's motion --

*Frightening* freedom --

And the next thing Roy knows he's up on his hands and knees and Kal has one hand wrapped around his cock and the other resting on his *ass* --

"Kal. *Please*. *Please* --"

"Yes," and the first spank is more sound than feeling --

Until the *next* spank lands on the same spot and makes Roy *shout* --

And the next one *overlaps* --

And the next one comes with a *rough* squeeze --


"You're going to come, Roy."

"Yes! *Please*!"

"And you're going to come just from this," Kal says, and this time when he whispers the cock ring *melts* off, slick and hot and *wrong* --

Roy gasps and groans, and Kal's not holding him *tightly* enough to keep Roy from spasming and twitching *painfully* --

"You are... so beautiful," and Kal takes his hand off Roy's cock and cups his *throat* -- "Scream."

"I -- *AHN* --"

"Yes, Roy, just like that," and Kal spanks him again --

Again --

*Harder* --

"Kal -- *Kal* --"

"When I touch you this way, your cries *caress* me -- mm. *More*," Kal says, and now the spanks are harder --

*Faster* --

And Roy's *grunting* as much as he's screaming --

Roy doesn't know if Kal *wants* that --

He wants --

He'd asked for *screams*, but Roy's so hard now, so --

He's been this hard for so *long*, and --

"Hurts -- God -- *please* --"

"Is it what you wanted, needy one?"

"I don't -- oh, God -- oh, God, fuck --"

"Feel free to think about it," and Kal is alternating cheeks now, Kal is --

"Hot -- so --"

"And it hurts...?"

Roy nods frantically and tries to -- "I can't -- I want to *scream* --"

"For me...?"

"*Yes* --"

"Oh, Roy. Your every noise... feel," and Kal presses his cock to Roy's *waist* --

"So -- so *hard* --"

"For you, beautiful one, needy and perfect one. Here," and Kal *squeezes* his throat --

His hand is so big --

There's no *air* --

And now the spanks are too fast to parse --

Too hard --

Kal loosens his grip *slightly* --

"*Hurts* --"

"*Yes*, Roy."

"Feels --" Roy shakes his head and pants, claws and the slab of wall beneath him and twitches, leaks, *needs* -- "*Hurts*."

"I know, Roy. You need it."

He does. He *does*, and now every spank is making the pain hotter -- no. *Brighter*.

Every spank is yanking him *up* --

He has to chase them, has to --

Kal has to know --

Kal shudders and pants -- "The scent of your pre-ejaculate is making my mouth water, needy one. Don't make me wait any longer for your semen."

"*HNH* -- *Kal* --"

"That's right, Roy. That's just perfect -- oh, look how you're *moving* for me..."

Moving? He can't --

He's *chasing*, and he has to --

"Hurts. *Please* --"

"*Roy*. *Now*." And the spanks are so --

"Kal! Kal! *Kal*!"


He can't make Kal wait. He can't --

Kal needs him to come --

If he doesn't come this will just keep -- no, Kal will take it *away*, and then he won't be able to --

"Kal, *please*!"


"I'm *sorry* -- I -- nuh --"

And this spank is so hard -- so hot-sweet-sharp --

Roy *feels* his voice cracking for the scream more than he hears it --

And he clenches on nothing --

And his cock *spasms*, again and --

It feels like his mind is *convulsing* --

It feels like he's in the path of a fucking *avalanche* --

He's begging-crying-*screaming* --

And everything's coming out of him, everything --

Coming like this is going to --

Break --


"I've got you," he says, and he's --

Squeezing --

Roy's cock *and* his ass --

Roy is still shooting *off* --

"Will you collapse, do you think?"

"Nnh -- nn -- *please* --"

"Let me catch you, beautiful one. Let me *always* --"

And the last jet makes him *shout* --

He's shaking --

He has to hold *on* -- no. He doesn't, at all. He --

Roy slumps, letting himself *drop* --

And Kal is holding him, Kal is lifting him, moving him --

Kal is spreading Roy's thighs over his, Kal is kissing him softly, over and over again --


"Perfection," and Kal kisses him *harder* --

Rakes his short nails down Roy's *back* --

Roy bucks and *then* his cock twitches. And then he whimpers into the kiss and tries to figure out what to do with his shaking hands. He --

Some doms don't want to be touched -- or.

That's what Donna had said about *Artemis*, and who *knows* whether that has anything to do with Kal?

Still -- one hand. Just -- he puts his right hand on Kal's huge, perfect shoulder and lets his left hand stay fisted at his side --

And Kal pulls back and studies him. His eyes are still glowing --

No, they're glowing less --

And less --

And now there's just a ring of reddish-purple around the blue, and Roy can tell that Kal's expression is... soft.

Warm. A little wondering.

"Kal -- Kal-El. I. I would like to know if I may... ask questions."

Kal narrows his eyes in a smile. "That was... almost something worth punishment."

Roy winces -- and his cock twitches again. "I'm sorry --"

Kal's thumb is on his mouth just that fast. "I did say 'almost,' beautiful one. And the answer is no."

Roy swallows and nods. And waits for Kal to move his thumb again. "I'm -- I'm also sorry about forgetting to say your whole name."

This time, the smile is a lot sharper. "That *would* have been worth a punishment... but, in truth, I should've been referring to you by *your* whole name."

"I -- oh." And Roy thinks about that. Tries to wrap his head around the idea of there being a *should* for *this* --

"In answer to the question you are -- wisely and beautifully -- not asking: there were many, many carefully and *thoroughly*-designed frameworks for the various possible relationship choices on Krypton. Several of those frameworks touched on the possibilities inherent to an adult male taking on an adolescent in need of... correction."

"I'm. I'm a little old for that --"

"Perhaps. I wish, more with each passing moment, that I had not waited so long for you," Kal says, moving Roy's right hand --

He kisses Roy's palm, slowly and lingeringly, then brings it down behind Roy's back. And raises an eyebrow.

Roy winces and locks his hands together behind his back. "I'm sorry. I don't..." He shakes his head.

"You have much to learn, and you have not offered offense," and Kal leans back to look Roy over *possessively*. His hands on Roy's arms and shoulders just bring the point *home*. "Quite the opposite, in fact. After all, a part of me expected that you would take this opportunity to... kick."

"I. Uh. I think. I think I can't do that right now."

"Or ever...?" And there's heat in Kal's voice, *teasing* --

Roy shivers and squeezes his eyes shut. He can't --

"Oh... Roy, no. Come closer."

"I. Please --"

"Simply shuffle forward on your knees -- yes, like that," Kal says, and wraps his arms around Roy before cupping the back of his head and tugging until Roy presses his face to the join of Kal's neck and shoulder.

That --

Roy shivers again. He can't --

"Tell me."

"This. This feels more like -- Clark."

Kal sighs -- and scratches the back of Roy's neck --

Roy tenses and moans --

"Relax yourself."

He breathes the way he was taught on the rez, thinking of the smell of sunlight on dust, the best cornbread in the *world* --

"Good boy," Kal says, and *massages* the back of his neck --

A path down Roy's spine --

"Sometimes... the lines are not so stark."

Roy swallows. "Yes, Kal."

"Press closer -- yes. The feel of you moves me, beautiful one. Deeply."

"Thank. Thank you, Kal."

"Oh... perfect. Whenever you wish to thank me for something, simply say so... or kiss me."

"I... would like to know where."

Kal hums. "When I want your mouth on my own, I will take it... and do so thoroughly. Everywhere else is fair game," and Kal strokes him more. "There is no part of me which does not want just this," and Kal pulls back and tilts Roy's head up so they can face each other. "This... and much, much more. Know that."



Sometimes, Ollie wouldn't call for days at a time.

Sometimes it was more like weeks.

Sometimes -- and it's not like -- Roy pants and shakes his head.

"Needy one."

Roy squeezes his eyes shut --

"No. I've decided that you're not allowed that refuge anymore. Open."

Roy *pants* more -- no. He opens his eyes. "Please."


"Please tell me --" Why. But that's too close to a *question*. "Please tell me... what you're getting out of this."

Kal smiles exactly like he'd heard --

Roy isn't going to ask if Kal *also* has some psychic powers he didn't feel like mentioning --

Roy isn't going to ask *anything* --

Or do anything other than stay as close to Kal as he can get without losing eye contact --

Keep his hands *locked* together --

And Kal is touching him again -- or. 'Again' makes it sound like he's stopped, and he hasn't. It's just that some of his touches feel incidental and accidental --

That's a lie.

The *truth* is that it feels like every time Kal breathes he's choosing how to rub his chest against Roy's, how to make Roy *feel* it --

Just like Roy can't fucking *help* feeling how --

Needy --

Roy squeezes his eyes shut --

"Do you need the ring again...?"

"*Hnh* --" He opens his eyes and *stares* at Kal, pleads -- wait, he can do that aloud. "Please. Please, no."

Kal raises an eyebrow.

"Please -- I just --"


"It's." Roy swallows. "It's so hard. Sometimes --"

"There's much you do not want to see...?"

That -- "Yes. I'm. I'm not strong --"

"You will not denigrate yourself."

"Please --"

"You. Will not. Denigrate yourself."

Roy hears himself panting again --


Roy *moans* -- and breathes himself back down, back -- "Please. Kal. I need --"

"To know. To understand?"

Roy nods and licks his lips --

And Kal strokes Roy's mouth with his thumb. He --

Roy *wants* --

And Kal flares his nostrils. "Fresh desire... mm. Tell me what you want. Now."

Fuck -- no. Just -- "Your -- I wanted to suck your thumb."

Parted lips, and Kal is stroking more *firmly* -- "You enjoyed my penis."

Roy catches himself trying to *nuzzle* that thumb --

He's not twitching so much as he's getting *harder* again --

He has to *answer* -- "Yes. Please."

"You... mm. Wanted more."

"In my -- I wanted you to fuck my mouth. My throat."

Kal cocks his head to the side. "The way Dick does...?"

Roy winces for the memories, the need, the memories of Dick's taste, so heavy and *right* -- but. "No. Not --" He swallows and shakes his head. "He's. He loses control... fast."

"You want my control? Or do you simply fear -- no, that was going to be a deeply foolish question," Kal says, cupping Roy's ass with his right hand and pushing his left thumb past Roy's lips, Roy's *teeth* --

"*Mm* --"


Roy nods and does it, keeping his eyes open, keeping --

Trying to *comprehend* Kal's salt, and his -- God, *his* taste* --

"I want you as my beautiful, obedient, and *willing* boy -- and many other things. Clark Kent would have you as his wise and knowing friend -- and many other things. Superman would have you -- always -- as his ally. He's not much good for anything else. Clark..." Kal laughs, and shakes his head. "Clark would rather not admit how many fantasies he's had of spanking you, choking you, *fucking* you... well. *His* control is the best, but he doesn't want it to be. Ever. And you are more than wise enough to feel that. Aren't you."

Roy grunts and nods.

"Good boy. Good and beautiful..." Kal licks his lips. "I have *wanted* you, needy one. Now that I have you, I will not let you go... easily."

That -- how hard was it for Kal to add that last word? Or -- no. How is Roy supposed to *believe* this?

Clark has *Diana*, and *Bruce*, and *Dick* --

Clark can have everyone -- anyone --- he *wants* --

"I smell... shame. Perhaps chagrin...?"

And that's -- he has to answer every question. He -- he nods.

Kal nods thoughtfully. "Another lesson before we continue," he says, and begins to fuck Roy's mouth with his thumb --

Roy *moans* --

"Oh -- lovely. There are few things more perfectly arousing -- more thoroughly *driving* -- to a sexual dominant than the pure, abject, and honest need of a sexual submissive. Do you understand?"

He doesn't -- he *doesn't*, but he knows that he would. He can *feel* that knowledge, that *potential* knowledge --

Kal raises an eyebrow --

"Please," Roy slurs around his thumb --

And blushes --

And *sweats* for the feel of his cock moving against Kal's skin, Kal's perfect fucking *skin* --

And Kal pulls his thumb out --

Roy *stops* himself from following it --

And Kal takes a sharp breath. "Please *what*."

"I." He doesn't -- squeeze his eyes shut. "Don't want to be. Needy."

Kal smiles gently and cups Roy's cheek. "You have no choice."

Roy grunts *again* --

And then Kal is lifting him --

*Flying* him back to the middle of the hangar-sized space and whispering --

The ceiling drops low in one spot, blushing the same deep, dark red of the restraints Roy had been wearing while the floor becomes gold. Kal sets Roy down in the center of the spreading gold circle -- "Stand straight."

"Yes, Kal --"

"Arms up."

"Yes, Kal --"

"Your form is... mm. Your musculature will undoubtedly develop a certain greater heaviness as you reach your final growth, but for now..."

Well -- heh. Roy smiles. "I'm still a boy?"

"Oh, yes. Of course, at the moment you're a boy who asked a *question*..."

Roy feels his eyes widen *ridiculously* -- no, *not* ridiculously -- "Please --"

Kal smiles and shakes his head, reaching up *into* the ceiling and tugging out a long, thick strand of something that looks like strawberry taffy. He wraps it around Roy's wrists and forearms, leaving Roy's hands free --

It tightens and *stiffens* -- but remains soft on the inside. It -- it won't *bruise* his arms -- "Please. I -- I don't know if I can take --"

"You can -- and will -- take everything I give you, beautiful one."

Roy moans and pushes up on his toes --

And the ceiling yanks him high enough that he *has* to stay on his toes or *swing* --

"*Fuck* --"

"As you may have guessed, it's time for pain."

"Oh -- God. I. Uh. I'm relieved," Roy says, and laughs a little *hysterically* --

And Kal smiles wider. "I know. As an aside, I will not yet make you bleed."

And that --

There's *disappointment* for that --

And Kal *growls*, long and low --

"Fuck -- fuck. Don't -- listen? To my scent?"

"Questions, disobedient one...?"

"*Fuck* --"

"Perhaps you wish to *goad* me into taking your blood?"

"God -- no. I mean -- I don't -"

"Shh," Kal says, and kisses him *hard* -- no. The kiss itself is *normal* -- and fucking *hot* -- but Kal's *lips* are hard.

They feel like living *rock* --

They feel --

Roy thinks his own lips must be swelling for this kiss, that *mouth* --

It *hurts* --

But it hurts more when Kal pulls back and Roy can't keep himself from leaning in, wanting --

"Beautiful boy. After this, you will begin to learn my language. After *that*... you will sleep. Do you understand?"

Roy nods and tries to -- wait. "I -- don't." He shakes his head and tries to avoid asking another *question* -- "I'm confused," he says, feeling stupid, *slow*, cock-drunk --

And Kal is -- breathing hard. Smelling --

"You can smell... everything I'm feeling."

"I can *taste* you, needy one... but I must still interpret and extrapolate. In this moment, you are shamed, aroused, hungry -- and, yes, confused. The combination of flavors is making me *ache* again... but I am not a telepath."

Roy squeezes his eyes shut without *thinking* --

And then he's screaming and *shuddering*, because Kal is squeezing his sac --

Gripping and squeezing *hard* --

"*Speak*, Roy."

"I'm sorry!" And screaming gives him time to wonder at those being the first words out of his mouth --


"Please! Fuck, fuck *please*!"


What? How -- oh, God, his *eyes*, and for what feels like an *hour*, Roy can't make himself do it, can't open them, can't see Kal's *disappointment* --

His whimpers and shouts --

The pain in his sac seems to spread to his *spine* --

"*Roy*." And that was a growl, a *demand* --

Roy feels himself *twitch* -- and that's enough to make him open his eyes in *shock*. Donna *never* squeezed this hard --

Never squeezed for this *long* --

Kal isn't letting *go* --

And his eyes are hot and *dark*, glowing around the edges --

He doesn't look disappointed. He --

He looks hungry, and turned right the fuck *on* --

For Roy's pain.

For the fact that Roy is fucking *whining* for it now, panting and *blowing*.

For the fact that Roy's cock is still *rising* --

God, Kal isn't letting *go* --

"Please," Roy says, and it sounds like he's about to start *crying* --


"*Please*, Kal, it --"


Roy groans and tosses his head, tries to think, drums his *toes* on the floor --

"*Answer*," Kal says, and turns his *nails* in. He doesn't *press* with them, but the threat is enough to make Roy *whimper* --

Fucking *throb* -- answer. "Yes! So -- so much --"

"Do you like it?"

And here is Dick biting his throat --

And Wally stroking him so fast with so little *slick* --

And Donna spanking him --

So --

"*Harder*," Roy says, and he wants -- *badly* -- to say that he doesn't know where that came from --

To deny it and just beg for something *sane* --

"Desired one... you're making me very, very happy," Kal says, smiling --

Something *leaps* in him for that --

Something burns, aches --

He's *clenching* again --

"Oh... yes. Still, I believe you understand why you shouldn't have given me an order..."

"Oh, *fuck* --"


"I'm sorry, I'm so --"

"Are you sorry...? Or are you afraid of your punishment?"

The second one is -- saner. Less -- or.

Kal will read a lie.

Roy --"I'm scared -- but." Roy shakes his head and groans, and he doesn't know what to *do* with the fact that he's bucking his hips --

"You're frightened of something else. Yes, I see," Kal says, and licks the sweat from Roy's temples --

"Please -- God, please --"

"Tell me what frightens you, beautiful one."

"This. *You* -- *nuh* --"

"What, do you think, should I do to a liar?" And Kal pats Roy's sac *goodbye* after that last squeeze --

Roy can feel the *blood* rushing back --

Feel himself prickling --

*Burning* --

"You must speak, needy one."

"Punish -- please -- I." Roy shakes his head and then just *shakes* --

"Hmm... yes. It would be easier for you if you could beg for the punishment for easily *comprehensible* crimes," and Kal floats away and stares thoughtfully into the distance.

Flies --

Roy can't *smell* him --

"Of course... you must have assumed that I meant for this session to *be* punishment?"

God, yes, a *question* -- "Yes. You -- I assumed."

Kal nods slowly.

He still isn't *looking* --

And the pain in Roy's sac is -- background noise. Background *screaming*, but Roy can tell that it will *stop*, that it will just --

Leave him.

Leave him *alone* -- wait, no, what --

Kal takes a sharp breath -- and doesn't turn. "Fear and confusion... but I never explained myself earlier. Perhaps that's it...?"

Yes -- no, he can't *lie* -- "N-no. It -- it's something else --"

"And you're not ready to tell me, yes, I see," Kal says, and nods again.

He doesn't --

He's not *looking* --

"And now you feel... panicked. Increasingly so?"

Roy moans and shudders, gooseflesh *rising* -- "Yes."


"I don't. I don't want to say," Roy says, and he sounds -- God, his voice is *cracking* --

And Kal still doesn't turn. "You must."

"Please -- oh, please --"

"Tell me. Now."

Roy squeezes his eyes shut --

Remembers and *sobs* as he opens them --

Kal -- "You're not *here*," Roy says, and wants a wall to bang his head against, wants a hot hand on his sac, wants a slap, a cock in his ass --

His sac is tingling so *much* --

"God, *please* --"

"Do you need me, Roy...?" And Kal *starts* to turn --

Roy can see the *edge* of his eye's glow --

And then Kal turns *back* --

"No! Please!"


"I need you, I need -- this is so fucking *intense* -- *hnh* -- oh, *fuck* --"

And Kal starts *pumping* Roy's sac --

Kal is so *close* --

"As you well know, the return of stimulation after a pause can seem even more... well. 'Intense' is a good word for it."

"Yes! Oh, *God* -- *mm* --"

And the kiss is hard, wet and *hard* --

Kal's *mouth* --

And Kal pulls back. "Roy. Every time you call me. Every time you *express* your need... I will be there."

"Nuh -- I -- I don't --"

"Understand. Yes, I know. That will come in time. For now..." And Kal squeezes *hard* --

"*Yes* -- I mean --"

"You mean 'yes,' desired one. All is well. All is *well*," Kal says, and bites Roy's lips --

And his ears --

And his *throat* --


Kal *growls* --

And Roy feels himself leaking, feels himself -- needing. Just --

Needing so *much* --

And Kal goes back to *pumping* --

Bites a *collar* around his throat --

And Roy is whimpering, panting and --

God, whining again, shuddering all over --

His cock is *twitching* --

"Beautiful... such a beautiful boy..." And Kal *sighs* --

And pulls back just enough to look Roy in the eye.

"You must never lie to me."

"I -- I know -- I'm sorry, it's just --"

"It's hard?"

Roy squeezes his eyes -- *no* -- "Yes. Yes, it's hard."

And Kal is smiling. "Good boy. Do you see? You *can* be trained."

"I. I'm. I'm not *good* --"

"Shh. You're wonderful. You don't know how much I've burned just to *touch* you -- but I'll show you. I'll make you *feel* it," Kal says, and lets go of Roy's sac again --

Whispers and reaches up *into* the ceiling --

And pulls out a dark red *cane*, the color richer than blood, long and slim and --

And Roy isn't asking *questions*, but he knows there are some in his eyes. He -- "I'm sorry -- about my eyes --"

Kal nods. "I understand, desired one. This is nothing you've experienced. In truth..." And Kal *strikes* --

And Roy doesn't have *time* to flinch before the cane -- the whip? -- is wrapping itself around Roy's thigh and *squeezing*. The burn is -- fucking *harsh* --

The squeeze is *frightening* --

And Roy wants to feel it all over. Just -- right now --

"Oh... the scent of your eagerness..." Kal licks his lips, and gestures at his own cock, which is *rock*-hard and slick all over, *shining* --

He's leaking more as Roy *watches* --

Roy *moans* --

"This is what you do to me, desired one. Beautiful one. The pain is... mm. Immense. And will only grow."

"Please -- please fuck me --"

"I will... but not yet. We have very, very far to go."

Roy grunts and tries not to *hate* himself for that --

He's not *good* --

"No," Kal says, and he's right there *gripping* Roy's jaw --

Forcing Roy to *look* at him -- "I'm sorry --"

"While you are not *entirely* new to dominance and submission, you have never treated it seriously before. Correct?"

"God -- yes --"

"As such, there is *much you must learn*."

"I should've -- I don't -- I don't *know* --"

"Oh, Roy, I --" And Kal growls and kisses him *hard*, force and mouth --

He doesn't close his eyes --

He's *studying* Roy --

Seeing every --

Everything --

Roy shudders and can't keep his toes from curling --

He's *hanging* --

He closes his eyes because he *has* to -- and the kiss gets softer, wetter, *hungrier* --

So *good* -- and Roy's moaning for it, opening wide and trying to coax Kal's tongue deeper into his mouth, God, please, *deeper* --

And then Kal starts fucking his mouth, hard and *slow* --

So --

Fucking --

*Slow* --

And Roy can't keep himself from trying to swing his body *against* Kal's, trying to rub up against him, feel him, please --

"*Please* --"

"You had no warning that you would need to learn how to submit to me. Did you?"

"No. No."

Kal nods once. "Donna never expressed a need for you to be *her* boy. Did she?"

"I -- I would've --"

"*Did* she?"

Roy -- whimpers. Tries to --

"Stay *with* me, Roy."

Roy jerks, tries to stand straight on his toes, fix his posture, get *loose* --

"Oh, your beauty --" And Kal growls and *grips* Roy's hips. The whip-cane *thing* presses *hot* against the flesh of Roy's right hip -- "You will pleasure me *first*."

Roy groans and tries to focus, tries -- no. "Thank you, please let me --"

"I will. And I will... mm. Enjoy *every* moment. Roy... even after I ejaculate -- on you -- I will remain hard."

"Oh -- God --"

"I will *ache* for your touch. There is *nothing* you could do that would make me need you less," Kal says, and yanks Roy *close*.

"You don't --" Know. Except... he's been watching.

Every --

Every *moment* of the past six *weeks*. And fuck only knows how much *before* then. And --

And he's watching Roy *now*, one eyebrow up as he *patiently* waits for Roy to get the point. He.

Roy swallows and nods helplessly, *wantingly* --

"You need what I can give you, Roy. Don't you."

Roy winces -- and nods again.

"Will you say it for me...?"

Roy *pants* -- and Kal's grip is too tight. He can't *hump*. He can't --


"I need you. I need -- fuck, Kal, I'm so *scared* --"

"I know you are, desired one. I know," and Kal holds Roy still and starts to *thrust* --

"Nnh -- oh --"

"I know you're... mm. I know that nearly everything in you is telling you to *resist*. To stay... 'strong.'"

"I can't --"

"Shh. Shh." And Kal starts to *grind* --

"Ohn -- fuck --"

"You like that."

"Please -- I mean yes --"

"I know that you..." Kal shakes his head and pants before licking his lips and staring *into* him --

His eyes are glowing *hot* again --

"I know that once -- perhaps *only* once -- someone very important to you made you loathe yourself for being... a perfectly, purely needy little boy."

Roy blushes *hard* -- "He never --"

"I never did say it was on purpose, desired one," and Kal's smile manages to be rueful and sharp at the same *time* --

Roy *moans* and doesn't --

He doesn't have to *think* --

He was only gone for a few *months*, and it's not like Roy was some brain-dead civilian who didn't know fire was *hot*. He'd patrolled Star City on his own and hadn't done anything too challenging and just --

There was plenty of fucking *money* --

Hot and hot running groupies --

Ollie had left the phone numbers of his *favorites*, and just because Dick never wanted to make love in his mask didn't mean --

("God, Roy, I *needed* to take my mask off for you and the other Titans, but now Batman's so *mad*."

"Did he. Did he leave?"

"What? No, he tore me a *new* one. You know, like you always said Ollie does when *you* make a mistake.")

Except that Ollie only yelled when it *wasn't* important, when he wasn't *really* mad, at all --

When he was incredulous, or didn't care, or was just *scared* --

The way you get when your partner turns out to be no one you can trust.

The way you get when it's time to turn around and walk the fuck out.

And Roy catches himself before he can squeeze his eyes shut, catches himself and tries to plead with Kal with his eyes, plead for him to -- "Please. Please don't."

Kal stares into him, and his eyes are glowing so much that it's impossible to *read* them now --

"Please -- I'll do anything --"

"He was wrong, beautiful one."

Roy *whimpers* --

"He was wrong and, now, so are you."

"*Please* --"

"I'll make you right again. I'll give you everything," and Kal kisses him --

Kisses him *harder* --

Kisses him until he's *shaking* --

And then he starts to *thrust* again, rubbing that huge, slick cock all *over* Roy's --

God, so * hot* --

And so fucking *fast* --

So --

Roy groans and tries to keep giving the kiss back, keep something like *control* --

But all Kal has to do is start thrusting *harder* before Roy's losing it, grunting and trying to *shove* himself against Kal, spread his legs more --

"Oh -- yes," and Kal lifts Roy's legs around his hips --

Kal holds him --

Kal *fucks* him, and it's taking every *second* of experience Roy has to remind him that this *isn't* the real thing, the best thing --

Sometimes he needs it so *much*, and there's a voice in his head telling him that he's gonna get it --

And there's a voice in his head telling him that he won't --

And there's a voice in his head making promises in Kal's voice, Kal's dirty fucking *purr* --

He wants to listen. He wants to just -- fall right into this, because every second when he *hasn't* fought has been incredible, heavy, fucking *high*-inducing --

Just like Kal staring into him and panting --

Glowing --

*Growling* --

"I want you," Roy blurts, and there's just no *good* when someone with his complexion blushes --

But Kal is staring at him *hungrily*. Just -- Roy shouldn't be able to *tell* with that glow, but Kal is *sweating*, and his mouth is open, and he's making these little growling *moans* --

"God --"


"Feels -- God, please *do* me --"

"*How* does it feel?"

Roy moans and throws his head back -- no, he has to *see* Kal --

"Yes. Yes, like -- *nn*. Just like that."

"Kal --"

"*Tell* me."

And Roy cries out for the *needy* twitch of his cock --

The way it doesn't *stop* --

His sac feels fucking *huge* --


"*Hnh* -- it feels like you're fucking me, like you're almost fucking me --"


"*Please* --"

"I'm going to *hurt* you when I fuck you, Roy --"

And Roy doesn't even come *close* to holding back that yell --

Or *that* one --

Or --

"I'm -- *mn* -- I'm very, very close. To ejaculating..."

"*Please* --"

"You have... you have the most perfect *flush*, desired one. Like -- it seems as though you can't believe this is happening, as though I'm shocking you -- *nn* -- shocking you *anew* -- *oh* --" And the rest of that is a looping, *shouting* groan as Kal shudders and *drives* against him --

"Oh -- oh, *yeah* --"

"If you do not come... you'll have to wait."

The ring --

The fucking --

And he's wincing and *trying* to grind, trying to get more, trying everything he *can*, because if Kal puts the ring on him again, he'll lose his mind, lose everything he is --

But Kal is holding him *still* --

Kal isn't giving an *inch* -- except for the several rubbing up against Roy's cock --


Kal closes his *eyes* -- but the smile on his face tells Roy that he's looking *through* the lids. He --

"Please, don't *do* this --"

"*Roy* -- *hnh* --" And the first shot hits Roy's chin --

And the next one lands on his *cheek* --

And God, fuck, Roy can get there, Roy can *get* there --

Except that Kal pulls away and comes all over Roy's cock and *belly* --

He --

"Please, not the *ring*!"

Kal pants once --

Twice --

And then he shivers and sighs, swiping come off Roy's cheek with two fingers --

"*Please*, Kal --"

"Take," he says, and pushes his fingers deep --

"*Mm* --" But he can't protest or --

God, it's that same weird and fucking *fantastic* taste as before, same --

Of *course* his come tastes good, too --

Roy sucks and licks, goes down on Kal's fingers and tries to encourage, to fucking *beg* --

"It's fascinating that you assumed I would ring you again..."

*Oh* -- Roy sucks *hard* --

"It is, of course, also deeply *tempting* -- you progressed so far so *quickly*..."

Roy groans and keeps sucking, keeps --

Kal pulls out. "Tell me."

"I -- I -- I'll *learn*! Even without it, I mean!"

"Will you?"

Roy shivers. "Please. You -- you promised *pain*."

"And you'll have it. Answer the question."

Roy blinks and tries to focus -- "I --" He shakes his head. "You can -- I'll do everything you say. I'll *take* everything. But -- please let me *come* when I need to."

Kal tilts his head to the side and swipes come off Roy's *cock* --

*Slowly* --

"You'll do that anyway, Roy."

Roy grunts -- "I -- yeah. I will. But -- I can be better. *Do* better."

Kal *smiles*. "Are you bargaining with me, Roy?"

Is *that* against the rules? But he has to *answer* -- "I. If it's against the rules, I'm sorry."

Kal nods. "It *isn't*, but your willingness to behave is noted. I..."

And suddenly, Roy's cock is clean and *dry* --

And the reason why he knows that is because Kal is jerking him off *roughly*, one *painful* stroke after another --

"*Hnh* -- *nnh* --"


"Yeah -- *please* --"

"Show me how good you can be."

*How*? "Please. Please tell me how."

"Give in to me. With all of yourself."

*How* -- but. He knows. He knows *some* -- "I -- if I were free, I'd... get on my knees."

Kal takes a shallow, slow breath. "Do you want to -- no. With how *much* of yourself do you want to."

So *much*, and Kal's hand shouldn't be able to *be* that rough  -- but. Roy shakes his head. "Not. Not all of myself."

Kal nods. "You don't want me -- or anyone else -- to see you in your deepest need."

Roy swallows and pants, and it's not even close to a surprise that he's trying to brace himself on his toes enough that he *can* pump into Kal's fist -- "No. I. I don't know how to..." Fix that. "Change that."

Kal raises an eyebrow. "And the word you were going to use before?"

Roy blushes *again* -- "Fix. Please --"

Another smile. "It's a much, much better word."

"It's. Does it -- *fuck* -- oh, *God* --"

The ring is so *warm* around him, so fucking *tight* --

And there are -- tendrils. *Waving* tendrils. *Dripping* tendrils --

"I find myself curious, Roy. *Finish* asking your question."

Roy pants and just -- stares at his own cock --

His own *rising* and *leaking* cock --

And Kal snaps his fingers in front of Roy's face.

"*Please* --"


"I don't. I don't want to break the rules *more* --"

"When orders contradict, *always* choose to follow the most recent one."

That -- makes perfect sense. Roy nods. "I. I was gonna ask if it made it any better that 'fix' was my first choice."

Kal sighs again and whispers --

And that feeling is several slick, hard, moving *things* shoving themselves into Roy's *cock*. He --

Roy gasps --

And gasps again --

And *whimpers* --

"You may scream, beautiful one."

"I -- Kal..."

"You *should* scream."

"I. I don't --" Roy pants through his nose. "I can't -- figure -- *nnh* --"

"The sensations confuse you?"

Roy opens his mouth and *groans* -- but. "Yes. Yes, Kal."

"Already so much better... mm." And Kal cups Roy's chin and holds it steady enough that Roy can *keep* meeting his eyes even though he's shuddering and trying to writhe. "It is, in fact, better that 'fix' was your first choice."

"Thank. Thank you, Kal."

"The reflex to change it came too fast. A human might not have caught your hesitation. That's... unacceptable."

"But." Roy shakes his head again --

Moans and finds himself panting more --

He's *sweating* --

"You're confused again?"

"Y-yes, Kal."

Kal taps his thumb against Roy's mouth --

Roy lunges *helplessly* to suck it --

And Kal sighs. "Beautiful. The reason why you must not deceive even humans -- no matter that there are presently none other than you here  -- is that there may come a time in the future when I wish to share you."

Roy *grunts*, and he knows he's shaking, looking *panicked* --

"And that distracts you... yes, I believe I understand," Kal says, and pushes his thumb *deep*. "Bite. And hold on."

Roy whimpers and does it, but he can't stop himself from licking, from *rubbing* with his tongue --

"Oh, Roy... you are so wonderful. So..." Kal *moans* -

*Shudders* --

"Desired one, I have *need* for you. Soon you will understand the significance of that statement in Kryptonian..." Kal shudders again. "It's an *ache* that you don't *already* -- but I will not be distracted. Roy."

And Roy sucks --

*Realizes* that he's sucking --

He slurs an apology around Kal's thumb and bites again. He just -- he can't do anything *else* --

His cock *aches* --

*Inside* --

No, no, he can't --

"I will never share you with anyone unworthy. I will never share you with anyone who does not love you."

Roy whines *helplessly* --

"Beautiful one. Do you doubt that I could find such people? Has it been *that* -- no, of course it's been that terrible." Kal growls and strokes Roy's face and hair with his other hand. "Only love, beautiful one. Beloved one."

Another whine, and Roy searches Kal --

And *screams* for the feel of his cock twitching --

For the feel of the things in his cock *moving* with his twitch --

Filling him ---

It feels like they're *braiding* themselves in him --

Roy screams and *keeps* screaming --

"Yes, Roy, that is *precisely* what you must do," and Kal pulls his thumb out of Roy's mouth and *licks* it --


Kal leans in and licks Roy's *face* --

And Roy realizes that he's crying, that's he's *been* crying --

The pain just keeps getting more and more *intense* --

And he's leaking for it, twitching even though it makes him *scream* more --

"Beloved one."

"N-no --"


"Please -- don't --"

"Don't love you? I'm afraid that's impossible, needy one. Very, very few people have made me *ache* as you do."

"Please -- that -- it's *lust* --"

"Lust is *part* of the feeling, beloved one," Kal says, and swipes pre-come from the head of Roy's *full* cock --

"*AHN* --"

And Kal licks it off slowly, wetly --

Kal makes more of a *mess* --

Kal swipes his messy fingers under his own *nose* --

"Oh -- *God* --"

Kal growls and *shudders* --

Flares his nostrils again and *again* --

And *his* cock is leaking *steadily* again, hard and dark -- "Roy... I ache *inside* far more than my penis longs to find a home in you. Do you understand?"

"I --" And then the things in Roy's cock start to *pulse* --

And to fuck him. One hard and fucking *relentless* thrust after another --

"Nnh -- *hnh* --"

Kal whispers --

And the fucking *stops* --

And Roy *wails*. Just -- his body doesn't know what -- no. His body knows *exactly* what it wants.

"Your capacity for pain..." Kal shudders -- and yanks on his own sac. He doesn't make a *sound* for that -

But his eyes flare a lot brighter. He --

Of *course* he's getting off on this. He --

God, Roy thinks he would, *too*. He just doesn't know who he'd *put* in the chains, or --

Donna said she only liked submitting to women, that the *idea* of doing it with a man hurt her *head*. But there are --

Would Dick ever...? *Could* he ever?

And -- sometimes Dinah *hits* on him. Even *now*.

He *knows* what kind of treatment Dinah likes from her men --

"Tell me your thoughts."

"I -- I'm sorry --"

"Shh," Kal says, and kisses him softly again and again before pulling back --

And squeezing Roy's *cock* --

Roy *yells* --

Does it again for the feel of the tendrils *vibrating* --

Again because they *stop* --

And then he's whimpering, breathing --

*Panting* --

And *spasming*. He's --

"Kal. Kal, I'm *close*."

Kal licks his lips. "You may have an orgasm after I have another... and, ultimately, that will not take long."

Roy *groans* -- but. It's a *good* offer. It's -- it means Kal *has* to come. It means he's getting off that *much*. On *him* -- "Yes, Kal. Thank you, Kal."

"You're quite welcome. Now tell me."

"Oh -- I -- *HNH* -- the. The tendrils --"

"Yes, I see," Kal says, and whispers *sternly* --

And the tendrils stop doing... whatever that was. "Th-thank you, Kal. I'll try to focus now --"

"You should know, beloved one -- the AI here is *desperately* curious about you. Your behavior has been so good -- so *proper* -- that it wishes to know you. It is *eager* to teach you that which you need to know."

That -- "You. You won't be teaching me?"

Kal's smile is rueful. "I wish I could. However, I'm afraid I must patrol for a time... but I will only be a call away. And even if *you* can't make the call, the AI will be monitoring your vitals and certain other aspects of your biochemical makeup... and will call me in your stead."

Roy pants and shivers --

Clenches his hands into *fists* --

"I -- please, Kal, I don't -- I won't *interrupt* you --"

"You are mine now, Roy Harper. You will do *precisely* what I tell you to do... or you will suffer in ways you *won't* like."

The pleasure --

The pleasure he couldn't *take* --

And Roy feels a tear roll down his cheek. He can't do anything but nod.

Kal nods back. "Your thoughts."

"I." He swallows. "I was thinking... that I would be. Turned on. By... domming someone like this. With pain, I mean."

Kal's eyes *flare* again --

Kal *pants* --

"Not with pleasure, beloved one...?"

Roy shakes his head -- stops. Dinah might... Dinah might go as crazy as *he* did, but how do you keep a *woman* from coming? Roy licks his lips. "I don't know. I need... more information."

"You'll have it. Now *who* were you imagining at your feet?"

"It. It was chains. And -- I thought of Donna. I don't think it would work, though. And... Dick. I'm not sure if he could ever... he didn't really get *into* it too much when Donna dommed him. And... then I thought of. Dinah."

Kal smiles so broadly that a part of Roy wonders if he's about to get eaten in the *bad* way. His hair is mussed and falling over his forehead. His chest and arms are *shining* with sweat. And his cock --

Roy groans. "Your cock looks so *good*, Kal --"

"You'll have it. If not in all the ways Dinah has," Kal says, and raises an eyebrow.

Roy snorts and coughs. "You know, it's just *mean* to make me want a pussy, Kal."

Kal *grins* -- and *pets* Roy's cock --

"Nnh -- oh --"

"Shall I only be gentle with you, beloved one...?"

"Oh, *fuck* -- *please* --"


"No! I --" Roy shakes his head and tries to balance on his toes --

His toes are starting to *hurt* --

And Kal strokes the underside of Roy's cock with just his *fingertip*, and the twitch makes him scream --

Toss his head --

The tendrils *pulse* --

"Answer, Roy."

"Not gentle! Please not gentle! Unless -- unless I deserve it," and Roy blushes *hard* --

Shudders and *groans* --

"Please. Please, Kal."

"Beloved *pet*. You do well, and I am moved," and Kal leans in and kisses Roy again, *working* those hard lips against Roy's --

Sucking and *nibbling* --

And fucking his mouth, doing it --

God, his tongue doesn't *hurt*, but when Roy reflexively tightens his mouth it feels --

God, it feels --

Roy's grunting and shuddering --

Trying to *tell* himself not to twitch --

It doesn't work. It doesn't work and he *can't* keep his mouth as tight as he wants to --

But it almost doesn't matter how much Roy's screaming when Kal grips his hair and *takes* him just --

God, so *good*, and every time he brushes Roy's cock with his own it's worth another scream, another *yank* up the ladder of his own arousal --

So much more than just *horniness* --

And so he's panting when Kal pulls back, shaking and fucking *dazed* --


"*Nuh* --" But Roy can still himself a little, still everything about him except his cock -- "Yes, Kal!"

"Wally has explained subjective time to you."

Roy frowns, but -- "Yeah. Yeah. We all tried to -- speed up a little when we could."

Kal nods. "You understand that I have some of the same... difficulties?"

"You -- control it."

Kal *smiles*. "I control *many* things... but."

Roy licks his lips and tries to think, tries -- "I think -- I think that this would be easier for me to figure out. If you don't touch my cock until I get it... please."

Kal inclines his head -- and crosses his arms over his chest.

It makes him look even bigger --

Even harder and more -- more *gleaming* and golden --

Fuck, he'd never *seen* Clark sweat before today --

He'd never seen *Kal*.

Roy shivers and tries to think, tries to figure out what Kal is trying to *tell* him --

Subjective time. It's -- it can be *torture* for speedsters, because every thirty-second pause can feel more like thirty *minutes* --

*Longer* --

God, and he's making Kal wait right *now*. He's gotta do better, be *smarter* --

"No," Kal says, and cups his face. "You will not wound yourself without my permission -- especially not emotionally."

Roy *pants* -- "I have to -- I have to figure this *out* --"

"It's not an easy thing I'm asking of you, beloved one. Remember that."

*Beloved* -- "You don't -- you don't *know* me --"

Kal raises an eyebrow, and that --

Kal's been watching for -- months.

Kal wanted him *before* all this --

Months and years of human-time is *how* much subjectively?

"Oh, God."

Kal smiles, wide and sharp. "You understand."

Roy swallow and just --  "I -- I *don't* understand. I mean. How you... if you felt --"

"I did love you. And I still do. And I will until the day you *die*. But..." Kal strokes down the bridge of Roy's nose --

And his cheeks --

And his *chin* -- "I learned patience at a very, very young age. And I learned to enjoy controlling myself at an age even younger than that." Kal's smile turns rueful. "I learned to enjoy it *too* much, in some ways."

"I." Roy leans in and tries to get those fingers on his mouth, in his mouth --

Kal *presses* on his mouth, and Roy can feel how swollen it is, how *sensitized* -- "Tell me."

"I'm -- really getting off on your control. Just... uh." And then Roy laughs a little. And a lot helplessly.

And *moans* for the way it makes his body move, the way it changes things inside him *enough* --

"God, fuck, so *empty* --"

"You *will* be filled, beloved one. There have been many, many times when only the knowledge that I *would* fuck you someday -- *take* you someday -- was enough to keep me from grabbing you by the scruff of the neck and *demanding* that you love me in return."

"*Nnh* -- I -- I -- Kal..."

"Shh. It's all right. These things take time in the *human* reckoning, as well," and Kal *grins*. "How fortunate that we will have it. Are you ready for your pain?" 

Roy's cock *spasms* -- "*Please*!"

This time, Kal speaks Kryptonian slowly and *clearly* while staring at Roy's cock --

Roy looks, *too* --

And the tendrils coming from the ring vibrate --

"*Hnh* --"

*Thicken* --

"Jesus -- oh, fucking -- "

And then grow more rings, rings right down the length of his cock --

So hard and *tight* --


"Yes, beloved one. Scream."

"I -- I want -- I want to *talk* to you -- I mean, I need --" Roy groans and shakes his head -

His eyes feel so *wide* --

His cock --

His cock feels stretched and swollen and --

Fucked and *used* --

*Fucked* --

And Kal is just staring at him while Roy shudders, and clenches and unclenches his fists --

Curls and uncurls his *toes* -- it's not just a stare. It's a *wondering* stare, like maybe he didn't expect --

A *gesture* --

And the tendrils stop vibrating.

And Roy pants. Roy -- shudders and *pants* --

No, he can't --

Roy fucking *howls*, yanking at the restraints and *kicking* at the floor --

He still can't *reach* --

"Beloved one, what do you *need*?"

He howls again --

*Again* --

"You don't know. I... I see," and Kal cups Roy's jaw. "You will have your pain now, and, after you come for me, we will speak. Do you understand?"

He -- he's leaking *tears* --

"Answer now, beloved one."

"Y-yes, Kal. I'm -- I'm so sorry --"

"No. You must have *everything* you need. That is the only proper way for a lover to dominate another."

Roy -- stares, blinking the tears away --

And Kal's smile is gentle. "Or would you have Dinah go without what *she* needed...? Dick? Donna?"


And Kal kisses Roy again, hard and *brief*. "You are that to me, needy one. And so much more. Open yourself."

How -- but Roy can relax himself, at least --

Breathe his way down until the throb in his cock is just something else he needs to feel, needs to know, needs to *have* --

"Now," Kal says, and the tendrils begin to fuck him again --

Shove themselves *in* --

And in --

And it's exactly like coming the wrong direction --

Coming something *solid* --

Coming and not *stopping*, not ever --

"Relax yourself."

"Can't --"

"You must."


"Yes, *scream*, beautiful one, so perfect -- let it out for me. *Show* me."

"Nnh -- ohn -- you -- you want --"

"I want *all* of you. Lose *control*."

"No -- *no* control --"

"You need none with me. Not ever."

And Roy whimpers for that, whimpers and --

And realizes, with a start that makes him *groan*, that what's really making him tense *now* is the fact that he's looking for a way to *argue* that. Argue against the most powerful being --

The most powerful *man*, and he's needed, he's needed that --

"*Need* you --" And gasping for that --

*Admitting* that --

Roy howls again, shakes and shakes his *head*, but --

"I know you do, Roy. I've known that for a very, very long time."

"Oh, *God*, Kal, w--"

"Shh. Don't ask a question."

Roy gasps again, tries to blink himself back to vision --

His cock is twitching randomly and *violently* --

And he can feel his body wanting to go over that edge, wanting --

He can feel his body *straining* --

Roy *sobs* --

"There are parts of me which are weak and unsure, Roy. There are parts of me which know *doubt* --" And Kal growls and stretches the whip-cane between his hands, making it visibly longer and thinner. "I will *never* let those parts harm you *again*, beloved one. Now *take*."

"*Yes*! Oh -- oh, *fuck* --"

Strike to his arm, hard and *painful*, and then the whip coils around and around his arm and squeezes --

Tugs --

*Burns* --

And then another strike right there --

And to his right leg --

And to his foot --

All -- all *over* his back, and it's like being hugged with fire, like being struck with something --

Something heavier --

Roy doesn't know, but he can hear himself cursing *thickly*, hear himself crying for every sweet fucking --

His body wants to *come* --

And it feels like it will when Kal starts caning his ass, when the whip coils around and around his hips and squeezes *hard*, *yanking* his stuffed cock back to his abdomen --

The touch of his own hair makes him *scream* --

Everything makes him *scream* --

He's burning all *over* --

"Good boy. Good --" And Kal growls. "*More*."

And now the strikes are on his inner thighs --

And his *throat* --

His scream gets choked off for a beat --

Another --

*Another* --

He's flushing and he *can't* sob --

It feels like he'll be wearing a collar for the rest of his *life* --

And a little voice in his head is reminding him that no one knows he's here --

That Kal can do anything at any fucking time --

That Roy might not even be the *first* --

And the fear for that is fucking *belated*, but it's real enough to make his heart pound faster, make his sac feel tighter --

He --

And then Kal yanks the whip away and Roy is screaming *weakly* --


He gasps and screams again --

The tendrils *pulse* and he screams *again*, but --

"I want -- oh. Ohn --"

"*What* do you want?"

And for a moment Roy can only stare through the tears, breathe and whimper for the aches and prickles and *stabs* --

"*Tell* me!"

"*Kal* -- I -- I want to *live*!"

Kal *grunts* --

"I'm -- I won't -- I don't know *how* --"

"*Beloved* --" And Kal growls and *yanks* Roy free --

Shoves Roy down onto his knees --

Finally down on his *knees*, and he hadn't realized how good it would *feel* --

"God, *thank* you, thank you, I need -- I need so *much* --"

"You're frightened..."

Roy shudders and groans -- and nods.

"Of me, beautiful one?"

Roy *starts* to nod, but -- he shakes his head. "It's. I'm frightened --" And he's screaming again, because his *cock* isn't free --

The tendrils are swelling and squeezing at *once* --

"*Please* -- oh, *please*!"

*Growled* Kryptonian --

And the tendrils are back to their normal size and *tightness* --

"Kal -- God -- fuck --" Roy groans and *sways* on his knees --

But Kal grabs Roy's wrists with one hand and holds him up, holds him *steady* --

Roy sobs again and just -- "Thank you -- please --"

"Tell me *exactly* what frightens you, beloved one."

Yes, he has to, and Kal sounds so *calm*, so *ready* to hear everything --

Roy shudders and leans in. He just -- if he could --

He kisses Kal's thigh *softly* --

Kal squeezes Roy's wrists and *grunts* -- "That's --" He exhales shakily. He's --

"You're not *calm*!"

And Kal laughs, low and *rough*. "Not at all, beloved one. But I *am* in control. Tell me."

"Yes. Yes, Kal. I'm -- I don't know how to live. I don't know how to -- to do what I *used* to do --"


"Kal --"

"No, beloved one. You have every skill you had before, every ounce of intellect, every fire of *emotion*. What you do not have..." Kal shudders. "You do not have *faith* in yourself anymore, Roy. Neither the easy faith of a child who does not understand true struggle, nor the more complex and difficult faith of an adult who *does* understand such things." Kal squeezes Roy's wrists again and then cups Roy's cheek with his free hand. "I can give you neither."

"Please. Please, I --" Roy shakes his head and nuzzles Kal's palm, shuffles *closer* --

"I will give you faith in *me*, beloved one. I will give you my love for you *always*. And I will never, ever love the unworthy."

And Roy feels -- stupid. Mute. *Desperate*. He's kneeling and aching and burning, all *over*.

He's as hard as he's ever been in his *life*.

And he's staring up at a man who almost certainly *terrifies* Superman, a man who's been *torturing* him and won't *stop* -- but.

Is it torture if it feels like this?

Is it torture if every scream feels like breathing after being choked?

Is it torture if --

Roy shudders and groans --

"You taste like shock and realization, Roy Harper. Tell me why."

God, his full *name* -- "Kal -- Kal-El --"

"No, go back to simply Kal. I feel... warmer that way," and Kal licks his lips and stares *into* him.

"I -- you can call me anything. Anything at all --"

"Beloved one. Tell me."

Roy groans -- "It's so hard --"

"I know. But you must."

Roy nods and pants, stares up into those glowing eyes -- "Break me. I mean -- I don't --"

"You meant that. And I promise that I'm doing just that. Tell me."

"Yes -- I'm sorry, Kal -- I -- you can use the ring -- whenever. I mean. The gentleness. And -- pleasure --" Roy shudders and sobs --

Tries to shuffle *closer* --

"I won't -- I won't say *no* --"

"There are times when I desire precisely that, needy one..."

And Roy's cock spasms *hard* --

Roy blushes and sobs his way *through* a groan --

"There are times when breaking resistance -- forcing *past* resistance -- is the sweetest thing of all."

And that -- Roy stares up at Kal and tries to -- what? Tell himself that isn't true?

That he *doesn't* believe it?

How *many* women has Roy talked into bed knowing full well that their *forebrains* were objecting, no matter what was actually coming out of their mouths?

How *many* times had Dick wanted to be practical -- to *behave* --  in the moments before Roy touched him just right?

This -- it's *not* the same, but how far different could it *be*?

There've been times when fucking has been another word for *winning* -- even if it was also another word for love.

He --


Roy moans and focuses. "Yes, Kal."

"You've had those fantasies, haven't you."

"Not... not deeply. Not deeply *enough*, Kal."

Kal nods and strokes Roy's mouth slowly, gently -- and releases Roy's wrists.

"Oh -- please --"

"Hands behind your back. *Locked* together."

Roy jerks to do it, clutching his own wrists and kneeling up as straight as he can --

"Dinah enjoys being spanked, choked, and *roughly* fucked."

Fuck -- "Yes. Yes, Kal --"

"She enjoys being forced -- gently at first, but with increasing pressure, emotional and otherwise -- to take large items in her rectum. This will *only* be possible with the use of a muscle-relaxing lubricant which causes her to become deeply inebriated."

Roy moans and *starts* to shake his head --

"It is not an addictive substance -- to her. You will not use it with any other metahuman without my express permission."

Roy shudders --

His cock *leaks*, and it feels like every drop is looping up a *spiral* spike inside him --

He shudders *more* -- "Yes. Yes, Kal."

"Dinah also enjoys being used by multiple males and *some* females --"

Roy *whimpers* --

And Kal smiles. "You'll save that for special occasions."

"God, I --" Roy swallows and leans in to kiss Kal's thigh again. "Yes. Yes, Kal."

"If you treat with her as your beloved, yet wayward daughter... she will achieve orgasm many, many times."

"*Fuck* -- she's *older* --"

Kal touches Roy's mouth. "Only in the same ways that *you* are older than the boy whose need was not answered."

Roy *jerks* --

Whimpers for the way his cock is moving --

*Braces* for the tendrils to do something, *force* something -- nothing.

And -- "I understand, Kal."

"So wise, so beautiful and bright..."

"I'm -- I'm not --"

"My own calculations suggested that you wouldn't reach *this* point until after I'd made you bleed, beloved one. A submissive who gives as *you* are giving now..." Kal strokes Roy's cheeks with the back of his hand. "Arousing. Beautiful. Moving. *Holy*... by the ways of Rao, and even some few of the earthly gods."

Roy blinks and hears himself *croak* a laugh. "I -- think I studied the wrong religions."

Kal smiles. "So many humans do. I wanted you when you were only a boy of pranks and unexamined guile. Now... now you are so much more. I will never let you go."

Roy shudders and looks up into Kal's eyes --

*Pleads* up into his eyes --

"Speak, beloved one."

"Make. Please make me believe."

"You need only give more, Roy. You need only crawl and writhe and *lower* yourself until mine is the only word. The only *voice*."

Roy groans and tries to kneel straighter, spread his legs, *something* --

"No. Balance as you were taught."

Roy pants -- and does it. And then looks up again and waits, needs --

And Kal nods. "You will have more pain... while you are sucking me."

"*NNH* -- please. Please."

"You will also have this," Kal says, then whispers something --

And suddenly there's something slick and *thick* pushing between his cheeks --

Pushing at his *hole* --

And it takes everything *in* him not to spread more, not to bend *over* -- "Thank you -- God, *thank* you --"

"You're welcome, beloved one," and Kal *orders* in Kryptonian --

And the thing is pushing in. *Sliding* in, inch after inch --

Deeper and *deeper* --

But it felt thicker outside than it does *inside*, or -- could it be some kind of special lube?

"Such *questions* in your eyes..."

"Fuck -- I'm so sorry!"

"It's all right. You weren't even *close* to voicing them, were you?"

"No. I wasn't, I swear --"

"I believe you," Kal says, and claws Roy's *cheek* --

Roy clenches --

And the dildo *flexes* inside him, just --

It's suddenly *bigger* --

Roy cries out and spasms --

And when he flexes open the dildo goes back to normal. Just --

Fuck --

Roy shakes --

Kal says something *else* in Kryptonian --

Roy screams for the feel of his cock getting *fucked* again --

*Harder* --

And then he screams because he *likes* that feeling, God, he fucking --

And then he screams because screaming feels good, because Kal wants it, because no one but them can *hear* it, and there's nothing better, there's never been anything *better* --

He wants to *apologize* to Dick for being disloyal --

He wants to *shake* Dick for somehow never getting in on this *himself*, never bothering with more than Clark and Superman --

Dick would've *told* him if he had --

And the images for that --

Dick tied to the wall.

Dick bent over some kind of weird Krypto-couch.

Dick's ass spanked *red* with *huge* handprints --

The scream turns into a gurgle he doesn't know what to *do* with --

He can't *see* -- no, his eyes are closed. Not *squeezed* shut, but still --

Roy opens his eyes and looks up to find Kal panting... and *stroking* himself just slowly enough that Roy can *see* it --

And Kal is staring at Roy's face as if that's the most important part of him, as if that's the part which is turning him *on* the most --

He opens his mouth as he clenches again -- and every word he was going to say gets *obliterated* by a scream, scoured out and blasted *away* -- and maybe they really were. Every scream is making him feel lighter --

Higher in a way he's never *had* before --

Or is it the pain in his cock?

The stiff *thing* in his ass?

He'd wanted --

No, not that, not *now*, because he's *getting* this, because all he has to do is scream and he's fucking *qualified* for that. His cock feels like it's been throbbing for *months* --

His sac is *begging* to be set free --

His ass is full every time he *clenches* --

Everywhere he's sweating *stings* from that whip-cane --

And if it ever stops, Kal can just use it on him *again*. And maybe it's *weird* to be smiling while an artificial intelligence double-teams you --

Maybe it's weird to be grinning even though you're *screaming* with the need for more *and* with the need to come --

But it makes Kal *shout* --

And that huge hand is in Roy's hair --

And that cock is in his mouth, slick and heavy and hot, so *hot*. Roy sucks *hard* --

"Sweet *boy*," and now both hands are on him, petting him and mussing him, squeezing and *tugging* -- "Perfect -- *hnh* --" And Kal growls and *fucks* his way into Roy's throat --

So deep --

So --

No *air*, and Roy hadn't realized that that was just what he wanted --

Kal knows everything he *wants* --

And the part of him which knows that isn't true is small, pathetic, obsessed with all the wrong fucking *things*, because Kal smells like man and alien and *power* --

Kal tastes like oranges and salt and *sex* --

Kal *gasps* out something in Kryptonian --

And now the tendrils and the dildo are fucking him in the same rhythm *Kal's* using --

Even when Kal's rhythm *stutters* --

Roy shakes and spasms for it, clutches his own wrists and *whines* for it -- and it gets choked off.

It's too much --

God, it's too *much*, and now he can't even scream, can't do anything but *take* it --

He's writhing and *whimpering*, and barely any sound comes out --

His body tries to come in self-*defense* --

"The -- *taste* of you --"

God, Kal --

"So. So *close* to -- *extremis* --"

Yes, yes, *please* --

"Never -- never so *much* --" And now Kal is growling and grinding, shoving in and in *while* he works Roy's head --

So *fast* --

And only the *incredible* slickness is making this *possible* --

But what if it hurt more?

What if he *hadn't* had all that practice at sucking guys off?

And the thought of that --

Of rewriting his entire sexual history until Kal was there, right fucking *there* --

No, he couldn't give up the Titans, but -- God. All the groupies. All the people using him and hoping to get close to Ollie --

Roy had wanted -- *no*. This, just this, because he's never gonna be a kid again and he's *not* an adult --

Because Kal can fucking *rebuild* him --

With every thrust.

Every twist.

Every *shudder*, because now the tendrils *and* the dildo are vibrating --

And Roy is screaming *inside*, just *inside*, and it's *not* as good as letting it out --

But the trade-off means he can have Kal's cock, can *love* on it, taste it and feel it --

Lick and *press* --

Kal *groans* --

Roy sucks as hard as he *can* --

"You *give*," and that was closer to growling than it was to language --

So fucking *good* --

And maybe Kal can *taste* his screams now, maybe that's what's making him grunt for *every* thrust --

Making the things inside Roy *pulse* --

Faster and --

And he can fill his *mind* with screams, chase everything away but the feel of his knees sliding a little in his own sweat, the cock in and out and *in* his throat --

The dildo --

The *tendrils* --

Triple fucking *penetration*, and he'd barely even looked at *porn* like this --

And laughing in his mind is maybe even better than screaming --

Laughing-shuddering-*writhing* --

But he doesn't think anything is better than Kal starting to shout for every grind --

Kal holding Roy's head *still* for his *vicious* thrusts --

His body is trying to *come* --

Roy's eyes roll back --

"*No*," Kal says, and Roy focuses again, forces himself to *see* --

Kal looks so *hungry* --

And all Roy wants to do is say yes, *shout* yes, *promise* --

And Kal makes a *high* noise --

Forces himself *deep* --

And the spasms of Kal's cock as he comes are enough to *move* Roy -- or they would be if Kal wasn't holding him still for it. God, just --

Spatter and *spatter* --

"Would you *taste*?" And that was an *order* more than a question --

Roy clenches again and does his *own* spasming --

And manages to nod *frantically* before his eyes roll back in his head again --

Before his body tries to *come* again --

*Again* --

And the come on his tongue is so thick --

So *much* --

Roy sucks and moans and doesn't try to breathe, doesn't try to think --

If he could just have *more*, more of *everything*, then --

He doesn't know. Or, rather, he doesn't know *exactly*. There are shapes in his mind, fuzzy images of sunshine that doesn't hurt and eyes that don't judge and --

God, *please* --

Roy *sucks*, and when it seems like nothing else will come out, he works his head on Kal's cock as much as he can, *struggles* for it --

His jaw doesn't *hurt* enough --

He'd trained those muscles too *well* --

Kal sighs and pets him. "Beloved boy. It's *your* turn."

Roy groans and feels himself *panic* --

But it's the kind of panic that brings clenching and twitching --

Shouting and *shaking* --

Screaming around Kal's *cock*, because whatever's Kal's whispering is making the things in his cock and ass thicker and *thicker* --

"Beautiful," Kal says, and pulls out the rest of the way, releasing Roy's hair --

But Roy *barely* feels himself start to fall before he's in Kal's arms --

And Kal is flying him to a *bed* -- or. It looks like a bed. Once he's on it, the texture of the sheets have a little too much grip, and the corners are curling up and *in* a little --

And Kal is smiling down at him, shadowing everything warm and dark and *full* -- "Are you ready, beloved one?"

Is he? "When. I *feel* you. I don't -- I don't know what I really mean."

Kal takes a deep, slow breath. "I feel you always," he says, and kisses Roy softly --

Gently --

He slurs something into Roy's mouth --

And Roy's getting fucked again, slowly and -- off-rhythm. Or -- no. *Opposite* rhythms for his cock and ass, and somehow it's easier. Warmer?

"I don't. I don't know," Roy says --

"I know, beloved one," and Kal kisses him again, again --

Roy moans and *shakes* --

His arms are free. His -- should they be? He pushes Kal away *carefully* --

And then Kal just *is* those bare few inches away and --

"Too -- too much. Please come back. Please -- I'm sorry --"

"Shh, I understand," and Kal pushes Roy's hands down to his sides --

Whispers --

And the bed is holding Roy's wrists gently and *firmly* --

"Yes -- thank you, Kal --"

"You're welcome. It can be very difficult for the submissive to be free right away. The impulses are... contradictory."

Roy nods and moans, arches -- but it doesn't change the way he's being fucked. *Either* of the ways he's being fucked.

It -- he groans, and would it be like that with Kal? He could control every *motion* --

"*Nuh* --"

"Oh... yes, Roy?"

"Your. Your *control* -- "

"You'll have it."

"I'm -- I want you to *fuck* me --"

"You'll have that, too. It won't be long now," Kal says, leaning in to press his tongue to the head of Roy's twitching cock --

"*Please* -- I can't -- I can't *feel* --"

"You can't feel me where the tendrils are holding you. *Penetrating* you."

"God -- fuck --" Roy arches again and shudders --

Moans and *shakes* --

"Kal, *please* -- *hnh* -- *hnh* --"

And Kal is *sucking* him, mouth hot and *soft*-seeming compared to the tendrils, the rings --

"You feel -- fuck, so *good* -- *ahn* --"

And this suck is *hard*, but it still feels gentle compared to the tendrils, still --

Roy tosses his head and *pulls* against the bed --

It holds him *tighter* --

His body tries to *come* -- and Roy screams for it, begs and *cries* --

"Yes, now," and Kal seems to hiss --

And the rings are gone --

The tendrils are gone --

The *dildo* is gone --

Roy *screams* --

Whimpers and screams *again* --

"I love you," Kal says, swallowing Roy deep --

And pushing two --

Two fingers --

So hot, so hard, so -- not human, *not* human --

*Deeper* --

And at first Roy is screaming for every suck --

And then for every thrust --

"Fucking me, you're fucking me --" And he screams *again* --

And Kal spreads his --

Fingers --

Roy opens his eyes --

And Kal's are hot, narrow, glowing around the edges and focused, *perfectly* focused --

On the boy he loves.

Roy opens his mouth to scream again, but only whimpers come out, quiet and desperate and helpless. So --

He's going to come. There's nothing he can *do* -- oh. There's nothing he can *do*. It's -- he can't *fail* --

It's what Kal *wants* --

And now Roy's shuddering all over --

Bucking and *twisting* --

Kal *hums* --

And Roy chokes it off with a thrust --

And Roy *blushes* --

And then everything is noise and heat and *perfect*, so --

*Here* are his screams --

His shuddering, *cracking* screams --

Kal is crooking his *fingers* --

And this is what he'd always wanted from sex -- and from all those things he never should've *touched* -- this --

This fucking *break*, working him --

Grinding him *down* --

And Roy shoots and shoots and *shoots*, twitching like he's been taser-shot and --

Yeah, crying again.

Losing --

Getting. Getting just --


The bed catches him when he falls --

And a part of him --

A growing, warm, *fantastic* part of him --

Knows that Kal *would've* caught him if he hadn't been busy mouthing Roy's still-throbbing cock and holding Roy's *hips*.

That's a kind of being caught, too. It --

Roy laughs, low and --

God, it feels so *sweet* --

His throat *hurts* --

And it hurts even more when Kal's *pleased* hum makes Roy shout again.

"Oh, God -- God --"

Another hum --


And Kal *licks* his way off Roy's cock, slow and slick and --

"Fuck --"

"Shall I teach you to call on Rao, beautiful one?"

Kal's mouth is so *wet* --

Kal's fingers are still *inside* him --

And Roy is sure -- *positive* -- that he's just not going to get all the way soft until Kal finds a way to *make* that happen.

If Kal *chooses* to find a way to make that happen, and --

God, his cock is *swollen*. More sensitive than it's ever *been*. Kal is *breathing* on it, and -- Roy doesn't know what to call the sound he just made. It's low, mournful, and *hopeful*, and it's got a lot of n's in it, and --

It makes Kal smile and kiss the head again.

Roy *grunts* -- there was a question. Question -- "Teach me -- God, fuck, whatever you want me to *learn* --"

"I would not turn you into an ersatz Kryptonian, for all that the AI wishes just that," Kal says, pressing Roy's cock down gently and kissing his way from tip to root --

Kissing Roy's *groin* --

Nuzzling Roy's *pubes* -- and tugging at them with his teeth.

It's enough to make Roy squirm a little --

The bed won't *allow* much more. It's holding him tighter -- and that means he can struggle as much as he wants, as much as he *needs* to --

Roy bends his knees up and plants his feet, arches and strains --

And sighs out a moan when the bed straightens him out again, *splays* him out --

And Kal is hovering over him --

*Staring* at him --

He's just as hard as he was *before* Roy had sucked him, and that --

"Please fuck me, Kal. I need -- you're so *hard* --"

"Soon, beloved one. Though I must tell you -- I will still ache after I've taken you."

"I --" Roy blushes and just -- "I know how to --"

"Shh. It isn't that. I haven't been wholly sexually satisfied since I was a teenager. The most I can manage..." And Kal points to his cock, which is -- drooping.

A little.

*Enough*... to leave him looking only as horny as *Clark* looks. As Clark pretty much *always* looks, now that he's thinking about it. It had been a joke more than anything else. A reason to stress the *big* in 'Big Blue,' a way to make Dick blush *and* look a little dreamy --

"Yes, Roy?"

Roy licks his lips. "I never..." He swallows and shakes his head. "I never -- considered. I'm sorry."

And Kal's smile is warm and hot at the same *time* --

"I'm... wondering if I *should* be sorry. And I'm not asking questions."

Kal laughs softly and floats down to cover Roy --

"Oh -- that's so good -- *mm* --"

The kiss is so *soft*, so --

It *feels* right with Kal's cock being mostly soft --

Right enough that Roy can't help giving it back and trying to give *more*, press closer, lick and suck a little --

And more than that when Kal gives one of those pleased hums and starts fucking Roy's mouth. But it doesn't last before Kal's pulling back and smiling at Roy like --

"You think -- I'm good."

"I know you are. You please me... immensely.

"But I'm not -- a kid. Or an adult. I mean, you *said* that."

"You're my beautiful boy, and you will be so long after you become a man for the rest of the world... and the rest of *me*, for that matter."

Roy licks his lips. "And -- you think that'll happen."

"I know it will, beloved one," Kal says, and nips Roy's lower lip --

"Nn --"

"The process has already begun, with and *without* my help."

Roy frowns and shakes his head --

And Kal laughs. "In the end, I believe, you will resist nothing save the labels which will mark you as good, pure, *correct*... well."

"I can never --" And he can't say he didn't see the fingers on his mouth coming --

There are things Kal won't allow, no matter what. And that --

It's another kind of freedom. Roy shivers and waits.

"Vigilantes fight crime for many reasons -- and many of those reasons are selfish ones. Yes?"

"Yes, Kal. Just --" Roy nods.

"Even the desire to do everything possible to avoid being known *as* selfish can, in itself, be selfish. You've seen this."

"From -- not from you. Your... other selves."

Kal smiles and taps Roy's lower lip. "Look more closely in the future. Clark created Superman, in part, to have something of himself which could *be* pure, and noble, and true. To help excuse the *rest*."

Roy blinks. "That's -- uh. Kinda hard to... uh."

Kal raises an eyebrow and gestures to -- them.

"Okay, yes, you have a point, but *you're* not feeling guilty for anything -- and I'm totally thinking of your personas as separate people. Okay, that's a problem. Uh -- sorry." Roy winces.

"Beautiful one, beloved --" Kal shakes his head. "I have all but *ordered* you to do exactly that. You are *allowed* to do it well... so long as you keep certain facts in mind."

Roy bites his lip and nods. "I'll -- work on that."

Kal kisses Roy's lip back out from between his teeth. "Good boy. But the point I was making... mm. I would never say that your motivations were free from selfishness and even greed. I would never say that you've never had an uncharitable thought. I would never say that you'd never succumbed to... hmm... bleakness of spirit."

"Uh -- that. Yeah," Roy says, and winces --

"You rise above, beloved one. *Beautiful* one. People who expend their energies on trying to free themselves from their humanity -- or from similarly *complex* sorts of things -- will never be people I wish to have at my side."

"And... not just because they're boring, I'm guessing."

Kal laughs. "Excellent avoidance of the question."

Roy smiles ruefully. "I... am definitely trying."

"You're doing well," Kal says, and bites Roy's chin gently. "Keep it up. And... I avoid such people because they have staggeringly unrealistic ideas about what is and isn't possible. My powers approach those of the gods -- and even surpass some of them. My powers increase with every *moment* I spend exposed to Sol -- and the AI is filtering *in* a certain amount of that radiation even as we speak. I know *precisely* how wild and *varied* the definition of 'possible' can be... and I know those people still wish to move beyond it. *Far* beyond it. No, Roy, I prefer the company of people who have looked deep within themselves, who have gazed upon their *darkest*, most brutish, most *weak* selves and *known* them. I prefer the company of people who have done that... and have then consciously chosen to get up, stand proud, and move *on*. Like you."

Roy shivers. "I -- I was *losing* it --"

"And you never stopped practicing."

"I was *distracting* myself --"

"You were serious, focused -- beautiful."

"I -- Kal --"

"Beloved one. I could *taste* your determination."

"My." Roy blinks. "I... would like to ask a question."

Another laugh. "No. But I will tell you that your determination remained solid and -- mm. *Pure*. Right up until you began making terribly problematic assumptions about why I had come to see you."

"You -- just. Never *before* --"

"I cannot apologize enough for that, Roy. I..." Kal shakes his head and licks Roy's *ear* --

"Oh --"

"Roy. There is someone else who wants you just as much. Someone else who has been watching you as much as he could. Who has been using *me* to learn still more about you and your progress. Would you like to know who?"

Roy -- blushes. Just -- "I -- I haven't blushed this much since Ollie bought that prostitute for my fourteenth birthday. Uh."

"Answer the question, needy one."

"I'm not -- I don't --" Roy shakes his head. "He -- or she -- isn't here. And I can't. I can't."

Kal inclines his head. "His loss is most assuredly my gain. Though if he proves himself more worthy of you in the future, I may choose to share you with him."

And that... is more of a flush. He can -- "I can. I can handle that."

"Of course you can," Kal says, and smiles *hotly* again. "You haven't protested about the concept of him not being worthy of you."

"You. You get to judge that." And Roy -- pants. Breathes. *Waits* --

Not long. Kal's eyes are wide and full, *thrilled* --

"I only want your voice. I want -- please."

"The sweetness of you -- beloved one, I have *need*," Kal says, and it's a growl again --

Roy's cock twitches --

Roy shouts because it's fucking *sore* --

It twitches again *because* it's fucking sore --

"Again, beloved one. Right now," Kal says, and then there's heat --

So much fucking *heat* --

Kal had left him sitting up on his *elbows* -- and Roy can see Kal watching him as he sucks, as --

He's not making his mouth *soft*, and every *pulsing* suck is *hot* pain, hard and *heavy* --

"Please -- please, I wanna get *you* off --"

And Kal nods *slowly* --

So --

And Roy's nodding, too, because hadn't Kal proven that he'd take what he wanted?

Doesn't Roy's jaw *know* that?

God, he wants his *ass* to know that --

More than it knows it in terms of the *bruises*, and God, fuck, he'd wanted so *much* from Ollie. He'd wanted *this*, and realizing that *should* be enough to break him *down*, but --

He can own it. He can fucking -

He can *look* at himself, and see everything, and really fucking pay *attention*, for *once*, because --

Ollie never could've given him this.

Ollie doesn't --

He barely gets *rough* with the women he fucks unless Dinah is beating him *into* it. Roy had *overheard* that. More than *once*.

More than *ten fucking times* --

And Kal is raising an eyebrow at him. Kal can *tell* --

And also Roy is yanking at the restrain-o-bed --

Roy smiles ruefully and stops -- "Sorry, I --"

Kal scrapes his teeth --

And that was a high-*pitched* scream, long and fucking -- almost *warbling* -- "Oh, *God*, Kal -- *Kal* --"

Kal *gulps* him back down --


And then Kal pulls *off*.

"Oh, God, oh, fuck --"

"Tell me."

"Ollie! I was thinking -- he can't *give* me this!"

Kal pants --

Growls --

*Glows* --

"Oh -- fuck, Kal, it's you, I know --"

"Beloved one. You will not." Kal pants again and *nuzzles* Roy's cock --

Roy *moans* -- "Please -- please tell me what to *do* --"

"Enjoy. Relax. And *don't* try to push all of your feelings for the man who was the most important person in your life for *years* to the side all at once."

Roy pants and *tries*, but -- "You -- you're taking me *away* from him --"

"Oh, yes. And I will never give you *back*. But..."

"I'm. I'm listening."

Kal nuzzles him again, breathes deep. "I am blinded, I am possessed-held..."


And Kal just *is* kissing him, pulling him *mostly* up out of the bed -- his hands and wrists are still restrained - and into a seated position before straddling Roy's thighs --

*Stroking* Roy's cock --

"Nnh -- ohn -- oh, your *hands* --"

"On you. *For* you. And you will be mine much more cleanly if you release your older hungers and pains *slowly*."

Roy -- pants.

Tries and fails to fuck Kal's *fist* -- the bed is still holding his hips and ass --

"Please. Please --"

"Do you *understand*, beloved one?"

"Slow -- slow and easy is better --"

"*Yes*. The other way will cause your hurts to *ambush* you from the dark, from the *pit* --" Kal *growls* -- "No, I must *taste* --" Kal swallows him again --

The bed keeps Roy *upright* --

Kal puts Roy's legs over his *shoulders*, bending him -- bending him in *half* --

"God -- fuck -- you're making me feel like *Robin* --"

Kal *laughs* around him -- but doesn't actually cough. He's not *human* --

He's in *control* --

And Roy can't help but moan for it, shudder and *take* it --

Every -- every *suck* --

"Wanna -- wanna *give* you more -- *HNH* --"

Fuck, the bed is squeezing his *sac* --

*Pumping* it -- "*Kal* --"

And Kal claws Roy's hips --

Pets his sides --

Shoves his hands *into* the bed and *molests* Roy's sore ass --

"This -- fuck -- *fuck* --"

Kal raises an *eyebrow* --

And Roy *coughs* a laugh even as the pain makes his eyes tear. "You -- this would've been *wrong* when I was -- fourteen --"

And Kal pulls back just to *smile* around him --

"Oh -- fuck I think that was a -- *warning*! *Kal*! *KAL*! You're -- oh -- *ohn* -- dildo in my ass again -- it's -- thicker -- oh, *Jesus* --"

But Kal shakes his head --

"Not... thicker. Uh. It's -- it *feels* --"

Kal *smiles* again -- and pulls back to speak Kryptonian clearly --

Slowly --

*Viciously* --

And now it's fucking *ribbed* or -- or *ridged* --

It's *reaming* him --

The bed won't let him *move* -- and he knows that because he's struggling, trying to fight, trying to get away from the *impossibly* hard thing working his ass *over* --

And then Kal says what sounds like *one* word --

And Roy is screaming for the feel of the thing *pounding* his prostate --

*Vibrating* --

"Oh -- ohn -- *fuck* -- *fuck* me, fuck me --"

"Then don't fight. Surrender to it."

"Then -- you will?"

"Oh, Roy..."

"No -- oh, *no* - " And now he's fighting *harder*, yanking at the thick and vaguely *liquid* pull around his hands and feet and ass --

He's straining and *screaming* --

And Kal is floating up high, stroking himself hard and fast --

Smiling down at him with glowing *eyes* --

And Roy realizes that this is all *part* of it for Kal, part of what's making this hot and perfect and *hot* -

Even Roy's failures.

Even Roy *fighting*.

There's nothing Roy can do to make Kal want him less. Not like this. Not --

Roy's ass clenches without his permission on the moving *thing* inside him and he screams again, squeezes his eyes shut --

No, he doesn't have to break *every* rule, he doesn't --

"I can be *good*!"

"You can be *great*, beloved one. For now... for now you will be only beautiful, only perfect and -- *nnh*," and Kal is shuddering, squeezing himself hard enough that his knuckles pale --

He whispers --

And the thing in Roy's ass goes faster, *harder* --

And the bed loosens its *grip* --

But only enough that Roy can *flail* more as he struggles --

As he fights -- to get closer.

*Fuck* --

"*Please*, Kal!"

"What do you --  what do you *wish*?" And Kal is squeezing himself harder --

Floating closer *slowly* --

"I need to *feel* you --"

"Would you taste me again...?"

Roy grunts and strains more --

Tries to *lunge* --

"Hungry boy. Beautiful human. *Answer*."

"Please -- I'll take -- I'll take your cock any way I can *get* it! I'll -- *nmph* --"

"You *drive* me, beloved one, *most* desired -- *yes*, yes, *suck*," and the rest of that is Kryptonian --

And the thing in him changes shape and gets *bigger* --

Changes texture --

Changes *temperature* --

"It's *mine*, Roy. Do you like it?"

And he can't speak or even whine --

Kal's so *deep* --

Kal's holding him so *tightly* --

"Ah. I suppose I should. Let you --" He growls. "I *can't*. Take your pleasure of *this*, beloved one," and the thrusts are fast, faster than most humans could --

So fucking --

"Bare your *teeth*."

Roy's cock twitches fucking *violently* -- and Roy realizes that he's not *ringed*, that he can come --

Come from Kal's *cock* --

*Both* of Kal's --

"Roy, *now* --"

And Roy whimpers *inside* and does it, wanting anything, everything --

Wanting everything he does to be *good* --

And Kal cries out --

And Kal fucks him *harder*, both cocks shoving in --

Opening him *up* --

Kal growls something --

Roy's arms are free. He --

"*Touch* me!"

And his hands just *yank* themselves to Kal's hips --

He's stroking and clutching, petting and *clutching* --

Kal is so slick with *sweat* --

"Beloved -- I will -- you're *mine*."

He still can't *nod* --

But he can use the signs Dick had taught them all, sketch out 'yes' and 'more' and 'now now now' while his sac throbs from the squeezing --

While his ass clenches over and *over* --

God, it's *Kal* in him, and it's so right --

So close to what he *needs* --

And now Kal is growling constantly --

Roy is still signing 'now' and he can't make his fingers *stop* --

"I will -- I will not stop until you *come*."

Roy feels his eyes widen --

That's *different* --

His hands shake and still and shake *more* --

And even Kal's *laugh* is hot. "You don't know what you want."

Roy whimpers inside again --

Hears it come out a *squeak* when Kal pulls out of his throat for half a fucking *second* --

"Don't be afraid, beloved one. Don't -- *nn*. Do not fear for even a moment. I will not stop until you come for me, and you *will* come. There are no options."

This time it's a strangled *scream* when Kal pulls out of his throat, but Roy doesn't mean it -- or.

God, he doesn't mean it in a *bad* way, because he's free enough to *ride* the cock in his ass --

Bigger than anything he's ever *taken* --

Bigger and *harder*, but he's too slick and *horny* to be scared of being injured --

And Kal wouldn't do anything to ruin *his* ride -- or his property.

Fuck --

Even *blushing* is starting to feel good --

And scraping his teeth on Kal's perfect cock is easier on his lips. He doesn't know if he *wants* easy, but *that* doesn't matter -- he's getting it until Kal says different --

"Ride. *Faster*."

Roy signs 'yes' and tries to urge Kal to fuck him faster, *harder* --

Oh. Oh. Kal didn't say he couldn't --

Roy obeys the order and adds the grind Dick taught him --

"*Beloved* one --" And Kal's growl rips the *air* when Roy grips his sac --

Roy does his best to look *up*, to focus on more than just how *fucked* --

"*Do* it!"

And Roy's cock spasms and leaks --

He's swollen inside and *out* --

And Kal's sac feels as solid as a velvety bag full of hot *marble*, but Kal still grunts when Roy squeezes it, pets it --

Molests it *just* like he'd rather have it in his mouth --

He *would* -- but not enough that he'd give up this *cock*. Roy sucks and drools for it, grinds like it doesn't hurt --

No, faster, *more* --

*Heavier*, so the grunts and screams come out *right* whenever Kal decides he doesn't need Roy's throat --

God, to have his head held in *position* like this --

And maybe this is *how* Kal is preparing Roy to be shared around with --

But *who*? The *League*?

God, that's *another* blush, but who else could it *be*?

How did he not *think* of that? Just -- fuck.

Hal and his light constructs.

Dinah using her throat to *crush* his cock.

Diana maybe doing the same thing with her *pinky* --

But it could always be Bruce, right? *Everyone* knows he hooks up with Clark at least sometimes --

Everyone knows it's deep and fucking *real* between them --

And everyone with a *brain* has fantasized themselves onto their knees for Bruce. Just --

Dick is *crazy*, but not in *that* way, not ever --

And maybe -- no, it couldn't work. If Bruce couldn't put out for Dick even *with* how obviously jealous he was about Dick's relationships with the Titans, then no fucking way he'd give it for the junkie fuck-up --

And Kal's saying *no* in his head --

*Yelling* no and glaring at him fucking *sternly* --

Roy shivers and loses his rhythm --

"I will have your *thoughts*, Roy..."

Roy tries to nod -- signs yes with his free hand and mashes Kal's sac against his chin, massages it and *presses* --

"Hnh -- oh. Oh, *Roy*. *Ride*!"

Fuck, he'd slowed *down*, and that's not good, that's --

He can't *disappoint* Kal --

He has to *come* --

And he knows how to make himself do it.

He sinks a little in his mind, takes himself to the place where he's ringed and tied and *swinging* --

Where he hurts more because Kal needs just that, because Kal *loves* just that --

Loves --

And he's groaning for it now, imagining --

He's on his belly on something hard, wrists and ankles tied, while Kal pushes in slowly --

So fucking slowly --

Pushes in and promises harder, promises that it won't fucking stop --

Claws at his welts --

Laughs at his *whimpers* --

And --

Growls. Just like he's doing now, sweats and fills him up --

Takes his *air* just like now --

Holds him *still* just like now, and the restraints are fantastic, but Roy knows himself well enough to know that they'll never feel as good as Kal's hands on him, so big and hot and *strong* --

"The way -- the way you *look* -- *nnh*. Do you *see* me, beloved one?"

And Roy wants to sob for that, wants to beg and *crawl* --

So he signs yes and lets his eyes slip half-closed as the Kal in his fantasy shoves in --

And in --

As he *hurts* him --

Makes him *bleed* --

And Roy's cock is twitching for it --

Twitching as much as *Kal's* cock in his *throat* --

But the other cock is staying still and making Roy *work* for it, and that's not -- no. Kal *could* have that much control, he could just hold himself still and wait for Roy to *lose* it --

And maybe that's what he'll do when he's pushing in --

Maybe he'll just *stay* there, buried deep while Roy can't even *ride*, can't do anything but --

Roy clenches and screams in his chest --

He's getting *raw* --

He's getting --

He can't keep this *up* --

Kal groans and *shudders* --

His hands *slip* on Roy's face because of all the sweat and --


And Roy jerks, because Kal's voice is so hungry, so --

He's not *fast* enough. He's not --

God, he needs *more*, and that's so fucking --

He's too --

But Kal is glaring at him again --

Kal is -- yeah. He can. He --

Roy looks up and *pleads* with Kal --

Kal *gasps* -- and nods. And this time his whisper ends with *clamps* on Roy's *cock* --

*Ridges* again on the cock in his ass, thicker this time --

And Kal smiles at him, hair thick and *lank* with sweat -- "Now ride."

And Kal pulls out for long enough to let Roy *groan* --

And then chokes it off with a *rough* thrust, a grind that keeps him in and *in* --

And Roy can't --

It feels like he's *beating* his prostate --

It feels like his *cock* is screaming --

Screaming like he wants to, like --

He can't --

Roy yanks his hands behind his back and apologizes with his eyes --

Kal grips Roy with one hand and strokes his *forgiveness* with the other --

And it feels so good that he has to ride faster, has to take and swallow and *take* --

The clamps dragging his foreskin out of true just get worse and worse, louder, *meaner* --

The ridged cock *pulses*, randomly and --

Roy sobs but there's no *air* --

He sobs again --

*Shudders* --

He hurts so *much*, and it's all because of Kal. Kal *knows* him --

Wants him --

Loves --

And for a moment he can only feel it, feel himself spread out and *open*, feel his heart fucking *held* --

He's crying like a *kid* --

And a moment is all it takes before the universe grabs his spine and *squeezes* and he's whimpering and shuddering through an orgasm --

Shooting off while the clamps *pinch* --

Shooting off while his ass begs him to *stop* --

He won't stop. He won't --

"*Good* -- *nnh* -- such a good boy. You need not wait one moment longer," and Kal sighs out a long breath --

And then he's shouting and growling and *clutching* Roy again as his cock spasms fucking *brutally* --

And Kal comes.

Just --

He was holding that back.

He *could* hold that back.

How *long* could he have held that back?

A part of Roy is more frightened than he's been since before he *got* here -

The rest is swallowing and wallowing --

"Oh -- mm. Don't swallow it all, precious one," and Kal pulls back --

And then it's all on his tongue again, perfect and rich and thick just like Kal *hasn't* been coming like a firehose all day. Roy grins around his mouthful and lets it drip down his chin to his lap.

One *big* drop lands on his cock and he shouts for it --

And Kal is still petting him, still loving --

God, to *feel* that --

How is he even *allowed* to feel that?

How --

But Kal would say that he has no choice *but* to feel it.

And Kal is right.

Roy suckles a little the way he would if Donna was holding him to her breast --

And Kal purrs and scratches the back of his neck. Just --

Just like --

"Beloved pet. You may have this nearly anytime you wish... but for now I need your voice," Kal says, pulling out and floating down to the bed.

He lifts Roy off the ridged *monster* -- which turns out to not be *that* big. Hunh.

Kal laughs softly. "I made it smaller again *before* giving it that... texture. I will not have you stretched too widely to please me."

Roy *grunts* -- but his cock doesn't twitch. That's -- surprising. Roy stares at it --

It's honestly starting to droop, and not just from the weight of the clamps. He frowns --

And Kal laughs again and plucks the clamps off one by one.

*Slowly* --

Roy groans and shudders --

Gasps over and over for the feel of blood rushing back to the surface --

"Such a beautiful penis. I believe we will adorn it someday."

"Nnh --" *That* makes his cock twitch, but it's a weak thing. *Small*.

Kal tugs at the folds of Roy's foreskin with his index finger. "I'm pleased that that arouses you."

"I've... uh. Thought about it. A P.A., I mean --"

"You may have one."

Roy's jaw drops. Just -- he -- uh. "My... body's not my own."

"In truth, it hasn't been your own since Oliver took you away from the reservation. The only difference is that I have far, far more uses for it. And I will find ways to express every. Last. One."

"Oh... fuck," and Roy's blinking and trying to breathe around shock --

Around fear that never gets *too* strong --

He's too *high* to be afraid, just like he used to be in the middle of the really *hard* missions, the ones that worked him *over* --

And he's not really *thinking* about it. He's sitting here with come drying on his face and crotch and dancing *around* the fact that Kal just seriously pointed out that --

His body isn't his.

And it's *not* just for those days -- or longer -- when Kal brings him down *here* --

Or wherever else he wants to take him. Just --

"It's not like I wouldn't let you take me anywhere."

Kal raises an eyebrow -- and licks sweat and pre-come off the clamp.


"Or. Uh. Okay, you're saying that you could take me anywhere *anyway*, and I *know* that, it's just -- I meant that I'd have a *good* attitude about it, Kal."

"I have no difficulty punishing you for poor behavior... and I take a great deal of pleasure from doing just that."

Roy swallows and -- nods. Because... yeah. "I want. I want to be good."

Kal smiles gently. "I know."

"I've never. It's been a while since I've *had* someone tell me that I couldn't do whatever I wanted with my body. Just... you know," Roy says, and he can't hold back a wince. He'd thought -- he'd thought he'd be able to.

He doesn't *fucking* look down, though --

And Kal smiles at him *proudly* and strokes Roy's cheeks with his knuckles. "Perfect."

"I didn't do --"

"You kept yourself from succumbing to shame, beloved one."

Roy shivers and just -- "I knew. I knew you wouldn't want me to."

"Not ever. As for *your* concerns... well. I'm aware that it will be a somewhat difficult adjustment, and so we're going to start small. One, you are not allowed to have anal sex where the penis -- or toy -- in question is larger than my own unless you're also going to use the muscle-relaxing lubricant I'll be sending you home with."

Roy opens his mouth -- and closes it again. "That's... a lot of room to play. Thank you, Kal."

Kal smiles *sharply*. "You're welcome. Two, you're not allowed body modification -- beyond the incidental sorts of things vigilantism demands -- of any sort unless and until I have approved it. You *are* allowed to have the work done by any reputable artist you choose, but it would please me more if you were allow me -- or the AI -- to do it for you."

Roy blushes and *breathes* --

*Wants* to fight --

But the idea of it makes him sweat, makes him think of Kal turning *away* --

He can't *take* that --

And he doesn't have to. "Yes, Kal."

"Good boy," Kal says, and strokes Roy's sore lips with his thumb.

Roy kisses it --

And Kal smiles. "After you sleep, I will pierce your nipples."

"Oh, fuck --"

"That... is one of the ways I will make you bleed."

Roy swallows and nods. "Yes, Kal. I've wanted -- I've thought about... having it done."

Kal smiles more broadly. "I've watched you stare at yourself in the mirror and press your fingernails to your nipples. I've enjoyed that a great, great deal."

"Yes, Kal. Thank. Thank you, Kal."

"The final rule -- for the moment -- is as follows: You're going to be returning to heavy training soon. After that, you're going to be returning to the *street*. Do you understand so far?"

"I -- yes. But it's difficult -- it's hard."

Kal strokes Roy with his knuckles again. "Beautiful boy. I understand. But you *will* be ready for this soon. And I believe you already feel the stirrings of it...?"

Dick. *Just* Dick, putting Roy through his spaces and teaching him a million dirty tricks --

Teaching him all *over* again, and Dick could make *anyone* street-ready, meta or human or something else entirely --

Dick could make *him* ready, and the only problem is that he'd want Roy to talk to other people, to --

Roy shivers and winces. "I -- yes, Kal. It's still --"

"Hard, yes, I know. It *will* get easier. I promise you," and Kal sits on his heels and pats his thighs. "Come to me."

God, *yes* -- Roy straightens his posture and shuffles closer on his knees, straddling Kal's thighs and pressing close --

And Kal wraps his arms around Roy and holds on. "Beautiful one. The work *will* injure you. The work will *hurt* you. The rule, however, is that you will not help it *along*."

Roy winces and stiffens --

"Yes, I'm not surprised you've thought about it," Kal says, and strokes Roy's hair. "Relax yourself."

"Yes, Kal. I'm sorry, Kal," and Roy breathes himself down as much as he can -- and shocks himself with the fact that he goes right back to feeling kind of buzzy and *pleased*.

Like maybe he's getting high off the scent of Kal's *sweat* --

The taste of his *come* --

The feel --

Roy licks his lips and moans for it, kisses Kal's shoulder and moans again --

"Oh, beloved one..." And Kal sighs with pleasure and holds him tighter.

Roy moans *again*. "Thank you, Kal."

"You're welcome. The scars inside you took *feeling* away, did they not?"

"Y-yes, Kal. Just -- just like that."

Kal nods, dragging his cheek against Roy's own. The sound and feel of his own stubble is a shock -- how long has he *been* here?  -- but it's not a question he would take punishment to ask.

He hasn't been here for long *enough* -- and that's that. "Please, Kal. Tell me more."

Kal kisses Roy's temple. "I cannot take your scars away, beloved one, but I can ease them, and reach beyond them. Can I not?"

"Yes -- fuck. You do. You *have*. All *day* --"

"And I will continue to do so for as long as you live, Roy. There is nothing which will *stop* me. Do you understand?"

"I." Roy pants and stiffens -- *no*.

Roy breathes, and nuzzles Kal's shoulder --

Kisses it *again* -- "I can't be numb."

"Sometimes you may *feel* numb just the same, Roy."

"I. It doesn't seem... right."

Kal strokes him and breathes deep enough to rub his chest against Roy's --

So warm and *slick* -- "I -- I wanna lick you all over, Kal."

"You'll get the chance, but I don't wish it at this time."

"Yes, Kal. Please. Please keep teaching me."

Kal kisses and *licks* Roy's cheek. "When the numbness comes... you have one option. And you already know what it is."

Roy -- swallows. "I have to call you."

"Oh, yes."

Roy squeezes his eyes shut -- stops.

Roy clutches at his own wrists --

Roy shudders and *shudders* -- "You... haven't called me 'needy one' in a while."

"But you are."

Roy shivers. "Kal..."

"You have no choice."

Roy *closes* his eyes without squeezing them shut --

"Roy," Kal says, and his voice is soft, and gentle, and *accepting*. So --

"It's been so long since I've felt -- wanted," Roy blurts, blushing and opening his eyes to see Kal staring at him with warmth and so much *patience*.

Kal cup Roy's face with both hands. "You will have that every time we can be near, beloved one... and I *will* whisper to you on your comm at other times."

"Oh -- fuck. Dick always gets so *twitchy* about that --"

"Dick, as beautiful and wonderful as he is, has no role between us."

But -- "I want to know if that's something you would change, Kal."

Kal laughs softly again, and strokes Roy's ears with his thumbs. "I long to watch you teach him everything of dominance and submission I will teach you, beloved one. Perhaps, then, *you* will share him with me."

Roy's jaw drops -- and it's more than a little weird to yawn *while* his cock is twitching, but it's something he's felt before.

Titans Together.

And Roy smiles ruefully. "I... have to call you every time I feel numb."

"Yes. As you grow stronger within yourself, as you allow more people to *see* the scars which persist within you, you will be allowed to call on others as you will. But you will *never* be allowed to face the numbness alone. Do you understand?"

Roy kneels straight. "Yes, Kal. I. I believe I'll need to be punished for fucking that up at least once."

Kal shows his teeth. "Rest assured: I will enjoy that even if -- when -- you do not."

Roy licks his *lips* -- "Yes, Kal. Thank you, Kal."

"You're welcome. You have more questions in your eyes."

"You -- they aren't important --"

"I will decide that. And you need more practice at avoiding interrogatives."

"It." Roy licks his lips. "It seems almost like a meditation. Like something to meditate *on*."

"There are many such little -- and not so little -- tricks."

Roy nods and that... is definitely a question. "I want to know where you learned all of this. What -- I want to know if there have been... others."

"As you may have noticed, that particular construction forces you to own your desires, to *present* them honestly and openly. Yes?"

"I --" Roy shivers. "I didn't think of it that way, but... yeah. I like... presenting things to you."

Kal smiles, bright and sharp, and massages Roy's jaw with *rough* skill--

"Oh -- please don't."

Kal raises an eyebrow --

And Roy blushes. "I want the pain. I want to keep it."

Kal's eyes flare *hot* -- "All right, beloved one. For now."

"Thank you, Kal."

"I will, however, have the AI heal you significantly tomorrow. It will be necessary for my purposes."

Purposes like hurting him again --

*More* --

Roy moans and tries -- he lowers his head. "Yes, Kal."

"Mm, beautiful... but no," Kal says, and lifts Roy's chin. "For the rare occasions when I don't wish to see your eyes, I will either push you down or order you to lower your head. For every other time... this."

Roy takes a deep breath. "Yes, Kal. You want my pride."

Kal smiles hungrily. "Among many, many other things. And... there have been no others in the way you mean. You are my first boy, and there have as yet been no girls. Not like this."

Roy frowns and fights back the questions until -- "I would like to know what makes me different."

Kal nods once. "Many things, because many things about you surpass. I could take no innocent like this. For all that I would enjoy *breaking* their innocence, I would not desire them with quite this much of myself. I needed a vigilante. I needed someone malleable, and yet strong in their sense of self. I needed someone both young and old. I needed someone with a *positive* relationship to pain. I needed someone wise. I needed someone *open*. I needed *you*, Roy. So, so much," and Kal *strokes* Roy's chin. "Beautiful boy: I studied so that I could have you properly. Clark Kent interviewed dominants and submissives by the score. Clark studied the community to see if there was some other who could treat you better. *Teach* you better. Superman honed his powers so that you could never be far from conscious *focus*. And I honed my *hunger*. Do you understand?"

His mouth is open. Just -- Roy licks his lips. "You still -- you understood this. You *have* to have understood this."

"Oh, yes, but for a long time there were no words for that understanding --" And Kal laughs softly. "Forgive me: I had no *human* words for that understanding. Do you see?"

He -- "I'm. I'm afraid."

"Of what?"

"Of not -- having you. Of not being enough. Of not --" Roy shakes his head. "Please," he says, and leans in to kiss *both* of Kal's shoulders, right then left, before pulling back to stare *pleadingly* at Kal.

And Kal cups his face. "All of this was meant, beloved one. While I loathe the parts of myself which kept me away from you, they never could have *won*. You were mine long before I claimed you, and this, truly, is what makes me loathe my hesitation *most*."

"I don't understand, Kal."

Kal smiles and nods. "You belonged to *me*, beloved one. You *needed* to belong to someone -- and you *couldn't* belong to anyone else. You were mine, fresh and ripe and *waiting*... but still I didn't take you. Didn't *use* you." Kal sighs. "I cannot tell you how *many* submissives told me the wrong of that."

"I -- oh. I don't. I don't know if I can *think* of myself as having been yours *then*, Kal."

"You need not, beloved one -- not yet. There will come a time when you cannot imagine -- cannot *feel* -- a life where you *aren't* my property. And that feeling will have... a certain degree of temporal stretching."

Oh. Oh -- "I --" Roy swallows. "I want that. Please -- please tell me how I can have that."

"Simply continue to be a good and brave and wise boy... and I will continue to own you in every way I know how."

"I want to know if I am your slave, Kal."

Kal *grins*. "Oh, yes -- and soon the AI will begin to teach you the proper *Kryptonian* ways to speak to me. However, you are not the slave of Clark, Clark Kent, or that Superman... creature. You will have freedom, most desired one."

Oh... Christ. But -- Roy smiles ruefully. "More. More than I want, I think." 

Kal strokes Roy's cheekbones with his thumbs. "You already know what you need to do when you want no freedom, at all."

"Yes, Kal. I want to know... I want to know -- oh. No." Roy shakes his head.

Kal raises an eyebrow. "I will never allow *that* to stand."

Which -- right. Roy blushes and clutches his wrists tighter. "I'm sorry, Kal. It's -- I was wondering how much your other selves desired me. But you already answered that question."

"In truth, I only told you *how* they wanted you. The amount..." Kal shakes his head. "Neither of us are built for a monogamous lifestyle. I understood that about myself before I knew anything about Krypton -- even the *name* Krypton -- and I believe you were even younger than that when *you* understood it. Just the same, every part of me longs to share in the pleasure you will take from others, longs to *make* itself part of that pleasure. Be it sexual or not."

Fuck -- that -- Roy groans and shakes his head. "I --"

"It's too much to comprehend right now. I understand, beloved one. For now, understand that you *must* allow yourself the love and companionship of everyone you desire for whom the feeling is mutual. And understand that each time you do, I will be aroused. No matter who I actually am at the time."

Roy laughs helplessly and shivers. "That's -- still pretty *big*, Kal."

"Oh, yes," Kal says, and smiles *hotly* again. "But you can take it."

"I -- I can take *you* --"

"And you will. And then you'll take me again, and again..."

Roy moans and leans in to kiss Kal's *cheek* --

And Kal sighs again. "Precious boy. I would not leave you were it not necessary. Not for a *moment*."

That. "I -- I know. I think I know that, Kal."

Kal's smile is *fierce* -- "Good. Now it's time for you to be cleansed and prepared for your lessons."

"It. It's hard not to lower my head. It feels -- appropriate?" Roy laughs again.

"We are still learning each other, beloved one. Moments of awkwardness are only to be expected."

"Yes, Kal," Roy says, and smiles into Kal's eyes --

And Kal -- purrs. And floats away from the bed. "Come."

"Yes, Kal," Roy says, and stands, not surprised at all when the bed gives him a little push. And... he's shaky on his legs, but not off-balance. The fact that the floor gives *just* like the mats in the Tower's gymnasium is helping with that a *lot*. His body *knows* how to be tired on a surface like this --

And Kal knew just that.

Roy grins and shakes his head --

And Kal smiles at him just like he'd noticed *every* nuance of Roy feeling the floor, which --


Most of the community never *thinks* about how powerful Kal is -- Roy knows this in his *bones*. Some of that is the fact that *Clark* is so good at *deflecting* those kinds of thoughts, but most of it is the fact that there are very few people in the world comfortable with being in the presence of gods. There's --

Well, there's pretty much the *Amazons*, and that's about it. Kal may not be psychic, but he doesn't *have* to be. Hell, he can probably see exactly what's going on with Roy's neurotransmitters right now and translate that to --

Fuck only knows. Or -- *maybe* he can't, but there's nothing to say that that will always be true. He's -- he's *powerful*, and he uses that to make the world a better place for *everyone*, and *most* gods can't say that, at all.

And maybe --

*Definitely* it feels good to belong to someone like that --

There's *no* one else like that --

"I smell your pride, precious one," Kal says, turning and floating backwards into a tiled room which looks a lot more like a very *pretty* operating theater than a bathroom. He's smiling broadly and taking Roy *in* --

No, that's another *grin*, like Kal couldn't *be* happier --

Roy shivers and offers a grin of his own. "I've been... thinking about the implications of being *your* slave."

Kal purrs again --

And Roy's on his back on -- halfway *in* -- something that looks like the diagnostic table from the Watchtower and feels like a box full of a lot of damned tentacles. None of them are *in* him -- yet -- but his cock is terrified and his ass is intrigued.

And he's not asking questions.

He's just laying right here in a --

Would it be a *squirm* of tentacles? If it isn't, it should be --

"And now I smell your laughter," Kal says, hovering over him and tracing a line down his forehead, over his nose, over his mouth, down his throat and chest --

Roy's cock twitches when that finger gets to his belly-button --

And Kal's eyes flare. "Beautiful one. You're about to be cleaner than you've ever been in your life. *I* would prefer you to simply continue to sweat and flavor my home, but...?"

"Uh. Yeah. I kinda need -- I mean, it would be one thing if you were staying a while, but... yeah."

Kal smiles. "We will have just that at other times, Roy. I promise you. To further prepare you: the AI will *force* you to eliminate waste."

"Oh... fuck. Uh."

"There will be no pain for *that* part of the process, but... well. Some have found the experience slightly traumatic."


"Yes," Kal says, and it shouldn't be *possible* to see that kind of laughter in *glowing* eyes --

But lots of things are possible with Kal. "Okay. I'm -- braced."

Kal hums. "Think of it as... well. A way to transition into communing with the AI."

Roy licks his lips.

Kal *twinkles* at him --

Roy snorts. "I... would like to know how *much* it plans to commune with my swollen, tender junk."

The tentacles wave at him.

*All* of them do.

And Kal shows his teeth. "You need not have the pain, precious one."

"Oh -- no! I'll take it. All of it."

And Kal breathes deep and just... looks him over with happiness, lust, *possession* -- "Then prepare yourself."

Roy does his own deep breathing --

Forces himself to relax into the *squirm* --

Adds 'please discuss your kinks and where the hell they *came* from' to the list of questions he won't -- quite -- ask --

And nods. "I'm ready."

Kal inclines his head --

"*Nrk* --"

Inside --

His mouth his ass his cock his ears his nose his *eyes* --

"Oh, beloved one... even in this you have such beauty. Hmm. And such ability to look at me as if I'm mad. It won't be much longer."

If he *nods*, the tentacles might move in *bad* ways --

*Worse* ways --

"Human-designate Roy Harper. I wish to know if you are prepared to be cleansed."

*More* cleansed? He can't *speak* --

"The cleansing has not begun. I have, however, successfully interfaced with you. You are hearing me via a small implant in your inner ear. I am hearing you through other implants entirely."

Okay... so this is apparently the AI --

"The proper phrase is 'monitor-servant.' You will be educated in the meaning of this and many other things for Kal-El's pleasure."

... right.

"It is important that you do not make Kal-El wait for you, Roy Harper. You have done well at this considering your species and previously ignorant state, and you must continue with this path. Are you ready to be cleansed."

He's not gonna be any *more* ready --

"Very well."

And then Roy goes *rigid* for the feel of himself being rinsed --

Rubbed --

*Buffed* --

*Oiled* --

And then the squirm is -- gone.

And Roy smells a little like *woody* cologne and *feels*... cleaner than he ever has in his life.

His cock actually hurts *less* --

"You have been lubricated, Roy Harper. I have not, however, used any of the pain-relieving compounds."

"Uh. Thank you... monitor-servant."

Kal grins at him and lifts him into his arms --

"There is no need to thank me, Roy Harper. I obey Kal-El in all things."

"Though sometimes it and Clark have... disagreements," Kal says, and flies them to still another part of the Fortress. This room is several different shades of blue, and there's something of a skylight just above a piece of furniture which looks like it can't decide whether to be a chaise or a bed.

It's *bright*, but there's no glare -- not even when Roy looks directly *at* the skylight. Hunh.

"Kal-El has chosen to have me filter the light in this room so that it is best for your needs. You may spend as long as you wish beneath the skylight without being burned or blinded."

Roy nods. "Thank you, Kal."

"You're quite welcome, beloved one. But..." And Kal nods to the only *other* piece of furniture in the room: An egg-looking thing about the same color as some of the accents on Dick's new uniform.

And Roy's absolutely supposed to -- not ask. "I would like to know about the... egg."

Kal smiles at him and kisses him softly, *warmly* --

"What you refer to as an egg, Roy Harper, is a learning pod sized appropriately for your advanced age."

It's... meant for children?

"Yes. I have had this one prepared for you since your fourteenth year. Kal-El chose to wait, however, and so I have had to make adjustments."

Okay, then. Wait, no. Roy focuses on getting kissed, on getting tasted and filled right *up * --

"It is, of course, important to focus on Kal-El's pleasure at all times."

Working on it --

"Very good."

You don't have to --

"Continue to focus on Kal-El, Roy Harper."

It -- would be easier without the *talking* --

"It is important for you, as Kal-El's slave, to learn how to properly 'multitask.'"

That -- Roy gives up and snorts. And snickers. And -- wait. "Uh. Sorry, Kal."

But Kal is grinning at him, *twinkling* again -- well.

"This amuses you."

"Very, very much, precious one. You don't know how *much* I've been restraining the monitor-servant today -- its curiosity is *great* -- but... I believe you will learn just that quite soon."

"I -- heh. Okay, then," and Roy leans in and nuzzles Kal's cheek -- and realizes that he's been shaved again. Or... maybe depilated in some other way. Some other frightening, lubricated, tentacle-intensive way --

And Roy gives up *again* and does some more snickering --

And Kal licks Roy's cheek. "As you may have guessed, Kryptonians were, as a rule, very, very close to their monitor-servants."

"Got it."

Kal hums again -- but then his expression goes distant in a *severely* Superman-ish way.

"I can -- settle into the pod --"

"Here, beloved one," Kal says, and *nestles* him into it. A body-warm fluid immediately begins covering Roy -- "The *one* thing you must understand before you begin is that *both* you and the monitor-servant are my property and, as such, you have *nearly* the same status. The fact that I have taken you as a lover as well as a slave gives you somewhat higher status in my House than the monitor-servant -- it must always look to your comfort, as an example -- but it may speak with you as an equal. Ask every question which comes to mind. Do you understand?"

"I... think I get the gist --"

"Good. I will return as soon as possible," and Kal strokes Roy's cheek again. "Precious one. Beloved one. Perfect boy. Learn well."

Roy shivers. "Yes, Kal."

And Kal's smile is a hallucinatory flash before he's just *gone* --

And the pod closes over him.

And the fluid keeps *rising* -- wait. "Will I be able to breathe this stuff?"

"Your body will take in the necessary oxygen in other ways."

Roy opens his mouth --

Closes it --

"Are you frightened, Roy Harper?"

"I've... uh. Come close to drowning a *few* times. Supervillains *like* that kinda thing, monitor-servant."

"You will not drown. If I allowed harm to come to you, I would suffer many terrible punishments -- including being forced to use the entirety of my processing capacity to play the game known as 'Tic-Tac-Toe' for many years."

That... does sound like a punishment.

"It would quickly cause me to lose my sanity."

"What -- " No, just... think.

And this is, actually, a damned good way to keep him in the right headspace. If he doesn't get used to voicing questions again, then he has less chance of accidentally breaking Kal's rules.

"Precisely, Roy Harper. Please ask your question."

Just a sec. And Roy closes his eyes as the liquid rises --

And rises --

And -- okay, it's *in* his nose, but it's warm and not at all caustic or harsh -- and he doesn't want to breathe even a little.

"You would, possibly, be even more comfortable if you allowed the crèche-fluid to penetrate your throat."

Uh. No, thank you.

"As you say. Your questions?"

What -- wait, no, what *is* the crèche-fluid?

"It's a blend of compounds designed to relax, cradle, focus, and optimize a child -- or child-equivalent -- for the implantation of important information."

I... is it a drug? Or... multiple drugs?

"Yes, by your reckoning. Kal-El informed me of your concerns in this matter. There are no compounds addictive to any human, and you will not lose your capacity to reason."

Roy frowns, but -- but. All right.

"I wish to know if you will always wish to forgo partaking of compounds which alter mentation."

I... never would've tried heroin if I hadn't already been drunk and stoned --

"Were those the only reasons you tried it?"

("You want me to snort *what*? Look, I don't judge you, man, but there are some things I don't *do*."

"No, hunh? 'cause I'm thinking you look like a man who's seen a few things you didn't wanna see. Who knows a few things you don't wanna *know*."

"What. What of it?"

"This stuff? Takes it all away. Every last bit of it. Every last *second* of it. Look, I'm not the pusher from a fucking Afterschool Special, man. You're a good customer, but I *don't* need you to buy up my whole supply. I'm just saying -- you might like it.")

And what hadn't he wanted to know right then?

What hadn't he wanted to *see*?

Was it anything but empty fucking mansions and the fact that he'd never be what Ollie wanted? What he *needed*?

Or maybe it was just the fact that that *did* fuck him up so much. The only Titan who even got *half* of what she needed from her mentor was *Donna*, but none of the rest were crying into their beer for it. Sure, it fucked Dick up that Bruce was so cold, but he could and *did* turn to the other Titans for support and pick himself right the fuck up and go *on*.

He --

"We need not discuss this, Roy Harper."

Uh -- Christ. How much of that did you *catch*?

"Most, I believe. Kal-El would not be pleased if you began to backslide in terms of your pride in yourself and your own worthiness."

Roy swallows. That's -- true. But... I was weak.

"You were, I believe, depressed. This is something which afflicts many of your species, and which often has as much -- or more -- to do with chemical imbalances within your inferior brains --"


"-- as it does with what you would term 'weakness.' I have made a study of such things, both for my own edification and for Kal-El's desire to eradicate such suffering within your species. I have learned well the signs of such things."

Roy blinks and just -- copes with that.

Because he can do that.

Right now.

I... didn't feel... okay, no, even I know that feeling 'sad' isn't the be-all and end-all of depression. It's just -- doesn't that shit need *help* to go away?

"You don't feel you've had it?"

Not enough. Not -- or. I'm not sure. I want to live.

"Kal-El -- and I -- will do everything in our power to ensure that you do, Roy Harper."

I want... I don't want to whine about -- anything.

"This is a comprehensible desire. However, it is meet -- and mandatory -- for a slave to bring all of his, her, or its emotional concerns to the master, whether or not those concerns seem to *involve* the master."

Why -- no. Because the slave's *moods* belong to the master, too.

"Yes, Roy Harper. If Kal-El wishes you to feel negative emotions, he will instigate them himself."

And that... feels like a very interesting smile on my face.

"It's quite crooked and shocked."

Uh, hunh. I... am gonna guess that Kal wants me happy.

"This is what I have been informed and what I have observed in terms of Kal-El's behavior with the other beings he has taken as lovers."

But he's never had a slave.

"Very true, Roy Harper. I feared he never would."

Feared -- that brings me back to the question I didn't ask.


What does 'sanity' mean to you? What... are you... you're sentient?

"Yes, I am sentient. A loss of sanity would involve difficulties in perception, and a loss of the ability to trust my senses. Additionally, I am programmed to feel the full range of emotions available to Kryptonian adults, and a loss of sanity would almost certainly increase the frequency, duration, and severity of negative emotions."

Well... fuck. Let's try to keep me healthy, then.

"As you say, Roy Harper."

And... were Kryptonian children... different?

"In my limited observation of them before Jor-El downloaded me into Kal-El's ship, they seemed capable of at least most of the emotions available to adults, though there were many they did not seem to feel with the same intensity as an adult. I have observed the same with human children."

Roy nods, dealing with the feel of the crèche-fluid... cradling him. And... yeah. Time to learn.

"Excellent. We will begin with the language choices you must use to best please Kal-El."

And that's just what they do. Among other things. Roy learns that, on Krypton, using the pronoun equivalent to 'I' to refer to himself while speaking to Kal -- as opposed to a construction roughly equivalent to 'this one' -- would've been worth a *light* flogging -- assuming he only did it once.

The number of times he *had* done it... yeah.

He wonders why Kal didn't teach him that from the *beginning* --

"I believe he wished to focus on teaching you other things. Often Kal-El's priorities are strange to me, but, with practice, I have learned to predict them from time to time."

You're saying he found it more important to get my *sexual* training taken care of.

"In truth, Roy Harper, Kryptonian lords such as Kal-El would have been had the planet survived very often played games with the concepts and rules of slavery and other sorts of possessions. In this way, your referring to yourself as 'this one' would have precipitated a sexual encounter in and of itself."

Hm. But maybe not for Kal?

"Once, human-designate Dick Grayson used 'this one' to refer to himself while nude in Kal-El's presence. It was abundantly clear that Kal-El was... moved, for all that Dick Grayson was obviously joking."

That... hunh. Okay, I'll keep that in mind. And Kal will just *tell* me how he wants me to refer to myself -- and him -- when.

"This is so."

Next, the AI teaches him the Kryptonian for *every* endearment Kal has used -- and a few others just in case.

Then he gets to learn how to express words like 'please,' and 'thank you,' and 'more,' and 'harder,' and 'use me' and --


"Yes, Roy Harper?"

"Uh. I usually *have* sex with people I spend this much time talking *about* sex with."

"While Kal-El has not expressly ordered us not to engage in sexual activity with one another, it is most proper to wait for him to educate us in this matter."

Roy's jaw drops --

And the crèche-fluid fills him right up -- but stops somewhere in the middle of his esophagus.

"It would react poorly with the acids in your stomach."

Okay, then. Um. I don't... I wasn't hitting on you, monitor-servant. Also, *how* do you -- wait, weren't we already -- I'm confused.

"That much I can perceive. I am capable of forming what you would call 'servos' with whom you could engage in any number of human-standard sexual activities. Additionally, I could interface with you more fully and push you deep into a 'dream' of sexuality which would seem entirely real. You could, within that 'dream,' engage in sexual activities with anyone you wished, though it would seem most real if you were to choose a person Kal-El had programmed me with information about."

And that -- is definitely a blush. That -- I'll keep that in mind.

"Yes, Roy Harper. Additionally, there could be interface with no 'dream' whatsoever. We could continue to communicate while I manipulated your body and neurochemistry in various ways."

Okay. Okay. What would that do for *you*? Can you *feel* sexual pleasure?

"Yes, but only if I wish to."

Roy swallows --

Panics --

But the crèche-fluid doesn't actually *move* -- or... no. It moved, but now it's back in place. And, presumably, his stomach acids are fine.

"Yes, Roy Harper."

I... have you ever... lost control? Sexually, I mean.

"I have not been programmed with the capacity to do that, though there was a fashion for such things in the late Second Age. The number of deaths precipitated a change in the law."

Deaths -- okay. Let's go back -- no, wait, why wouldn't you *want* sexual pleasure?

"When I have experimented with it, there have been losses in processing capacity. I would, of course, allow that if Kal-El wished me to do so, but, at present, Kal-El requires my processing capacity to be used in other ways."

And Kal-El's wishes are most important?

"I belong to him," the monitor-servant says...

And that's absolutely an answer.

They go back to the teaching, and the AI gives him the low-down on what it means to be a slave. The history of it, the language *Kal* can -- and should -- use, the future *in* it --

Yeah. There were no *laws* against masters releasing slaves, but it was frowned on just as much as some *actual* crimes. If someone took a slave, then they were damned well expected to *keep* them -- unless the slave couldn't be trained for whatever reason or the master or mistress chose to adopt the slave into the family. Other than that, the slave had to be *kept*, and that...

"Do you fear Kal-El will not keep you?"

It... some of this sounds more like getting *married* than getting <<taken-held>>.

"There are similarities. On the whole, however, humanity takes marriage far more lightly."

I guess... I guess you can say I'm afraid that Kal won't *want* to keep me, but will keep it up out of a sense of obligation.

"This is a reasonable fear for you to have, given what Kal-El has shared with me about your history, but it is also an irrational fear, given everything Kal-El has shared with you."

I -- but. Subjective time.

*All* of that subjective time, because Kal has had exactly that long to question himself -- fucking *interrogate* himself -- about what he wanted and who he wanted it *with*.

And he came up with one answer.

Roy blushes, and the crèche-fluid feels cool against his cheeks until it warms to match them. It takes about five seconds --

"I assumed a gradual change would be preferred."

Well -- yes. Thank you, monitor-servant.

"You are welcome, Roy Harper. Have your fears been alleviated?"

I don't -- do this. I don't make *anyone* keep me, or stay with me, or -- fucking stay the *night* --

"You are not 'making' Kal-El do any of the above. You would be reaching far above your station if you attempted to do so."

Right, no, I *get* that, but Kal-El isn't *only* Kal-El.

"It is true that he has had... contradictory influences."

Yeah, that. There's a whole lot of *human* in him, monitor-servant. And sometimes humans need to say *goodbye*.

"This is... an entrenched fear."

Roy smiles ruefully. I've had it for pretty much as long as I can remember so... yeah? Yeah.

"I understand. You must bring it to Kal-El."

I -- don't want to. Except that that doesn't matter.


Do *you* understand why that feels like *asking* to get punched in the sac a few times?

"Roy Harper, I believe that you would find something to enjoy in such an act."

Roy *chokes* --

The crèche-fluid *moves* in him and around him --

And pulls and pushes him back into a comfortable position. Right. I don't know why I didn't expect you to have a sense of humor.

"Many humans understand little about artificial organisms."

Hey, one of my best friends has a brain that's *mostly* cybernetic at this point.

"Human-designate Victor Stone is still human."

Well -- yeah, but --

"You are attempting to change the subject."

Roy winces. Yeah, I am. I can't -- I just -- he's told me he loves me. He's told me that I belong to him. He's told me that he's loved me for a long damned *time*, and that I can call him any time I need him, and that he needs *me*. He's even told me why and *how* he needs me. I -- fuck.

"It seems, to you, as though you have already asked for too much."

*Yes*. Way, way, *way* too much --

"It would not be too much for a Kryptonian, Roy Harper."

I'm not -- and he wasn't *raised* --

"Kal-El knows, with all of himself, what is and is not proper for a Kryptonian. He has spent many weeks -- cumulatively more than a year of your reckoning -- in a pod much like this one, Roy Harper. More to the point, he knows what is and is not proper for you, both as his slave-lover and as the human he spent years of your reckoning coming to know."

That -- you think he's waiting for me to ask the question. Whether he's going to keep me. 

"Kal-El is a very intelligent man, even for the Kryptonian standard. It would be an entirely reasonable assumption for one such as me to make."

I -- heh. I'll take that slap and like it?

"I am, of course, forbidden to punish you in any way," and the way the AI said *that* --

The way it's been saying *everything* --

You're pretty happy with me, aren't you?

"As I have said, you have served Kal-El very well thus far."

And... you've been waiting for Kal-El *to* take a slave of his own.

"It would be proper for him to have several body slaves, and practical, as well, considering his... appetites."

Roy bites his lip on a laugh --

"I can tell that I have amused you."

I -- of course you can. You *don't* approve of the fact that all of Kal's other lovers are free.

"It is improper, as humans are an inferior species."

Roy does his best to keep his snickers internal, since he doesn't want to feel the crèche-fluid moving around anymore... but. Are there any species *worthy* of being the free lovers of a Kryptonian?

"None that I have found. Jor-El and Lara grieved much for the fact that Kal-El could never have a true mate."

I'm *pretty* sure Kal-El has his doubts about that, monitor-servant.

"He has had, as I have said, contradictory influences. Shall we begin again?"

Roy grins. Let's hit it.

They're going over basic Kryptonian grammar when the world goes -- indigo, not black.


That --

"-- sleep, Roy Harper."

What? Oh -- hunh. What's with the... colors?

"The compounds in your system alter perceptions in some respects. The effects are temporary."

Well... cool. I can keep going --

"Kal-El will wish you to be properly rested --"

Roy's cock twitches.

"Kal-El will wish for that to be properly rested, as well."

Okay, *okay*. Uh. How do I get out of --

Except that he's being pushed through a relatively small and *clutching* opening and out into the air -- onto the chaise-bed thing.

The opening scrubs off all the crèche-fluid that *doesn't* just pour out of him, and -

"Uh. Monitor-servant."

"Yes, Roy Harper?"

"Please don't ever give birth to me again."

"I make no promises."

Roy snorts and gets comfortable -- except that the *bed* turns into another freaking *egg* --

Fills with something like pillow-y foam --

It's exactly like being cuddled by a computer who never wants him to breathe again --

"You will find that you can breathe perfectly normally, Roy Harper."

Roy tries it out --

Okay, nothing flows into his sinuses and the air stays nice and fresh even when he hyperventilates a little -- fine.

"Please do not hyperventilate anymore."

"You got it, monitor-servant. Or -- heh." <<Yes, monitor-servant.>>

"Excellent. I recommend that you sleep now. Kal-El has reported a difficult mission, and he will surely wish to make use of you when he returns."

What *kind* of difficult --

Except that he's *not* street-ready yet, and --

Yeah. He can give himself some time, here. It's only what he'd say to anyone *else* who wound up in this situation.

Not that anyone else -- heh.

Roy closes his eyes on the image of Kal *burning* at him just as stern and entitled as he *can* --


Indigo --

Warmth is the first thing he notices. The kind you can't help but turn into, push up against, *feel* for --

The kind that turns to *heat* --

The kind that *only* comes from having a body pressed-up tight to yours, someone who stays, someone who *wanted* to stay --

Roy grins, but doesn't open his eyes, yet. He wants to just *feel*, nuzzle a little --

And Kal purrs. <<Beautiful boy. Precious boy.>> "You were missed."

Roy shivers and kisses Kal's collarbone. <<This one -->> "Uh. Wishes to know how long you waited."

Kal cups the back of Roy's head and shifts -- and there's a rock-hard cock pressed to Roy's abs. Just --

Roy moans and kisses Kal's collarbone again, again --

"Four hours once I returned. You've been asleep for twelve."

Roy blinks. <<This one apologizes -->>

Kal sighs. <<No, beloved one.>> "There is no crime. You needed *precisely* that much sleep. More, in truth. However, the nutrients you absorbed through the crèche-fluid are inadequate to keep you nourished. You will eat."

<<This one obeys.>>

"You arouse me as no other --" And Kal laughs quietly and moves Roy, lifting him into his arms and -- sitting Roy on his lap with Roy's back against his chest.

The bed is flat again aside from the chaise-y parts, and there's a tray *right* there. There's a pile of toast, *four* jumbo sunny-side-up eggs, a giant bowl of fruit that looks good enough to be in a commercial, another giant bowl full of some kind of cheese, a big bottle of milk that's almost certainly from the Kent farm, and a carton of orange juice. And that -- hunh.

"I smell questions."

Roy smiles. "I *don't* need to ask them. Even a little."

Kal kisses Roy's temple, his cheek, his ear. "Show me your intellectual desires just the same," and Kal *nestles* his cock between Roy's cheeks.

Roy moans -- <<This one obeys.>> "I would like to know if you have the same reasons for vegetarianism as Clark."

Kal presses his smile to Roy's temple. "I'm not a vegetarian, at all."

That -- "Uh."

"I do, however, have to live with... a few. And in them, as well. Eat."

Roy snorts and does just that. He get about two bites in before his body tells him that he's *starving*, and -- yeah.

He's happy, on a number of levels, that Kal doesn't seem to want conversation.

When he's down to half a slice of toast and a spoonful of cheese, he turns to the fruit -- it's just as perfect as it looked. Well, it's just as perfect as it *should* be, considering who had chosen it.

When he's done with *that*, he scoops up the rest of the cheese with the toast, then finishes off the bottle of milk.

*Then* he turns back to the juice -- he can't finish it. He doesn't know whether to be surprised by that or *not*. But -- <<This one apologizes. This one -->> "-- can't finish the juice."

Kal pats Roy's stomach and *rocks* his hips --  "I suppose I'll have to punish you for that."

Roy *grunts* -- <<This one does beg.>>

"You do not always wake so... ready. Not recently."

<<This one -->> "-- hasn't woken up with *you* before."

Kal whispers away the tray, then hums and cups Roy's pecs, squeezing and stroking. God, just --

<<This one desires -->> "-- to see you make love with a woman."

Another laugh. "That can be arranged. But you have something to tell me."

For a moment he doesn't know -- but then the last of the sleep-fog burns off and -- yeah. No way the monitor-servant would just *wait* for Roy to cope. But if he's going to do this -- and he *is* -- he has to do it right. <<This one would present.>>

Kal makes a soft, *hot* sound -- <<Do so.>>

Roy swallows and pulls away from Kal, turning to kneel in front of him with his hands locked behind his back and his chin up nice and even. Kal wants his pride. Kal wants his *eyes* -- like maybe a part of him gets off on being able to know what his boy is thinking in the *human* way --

Or maybe it's just that Kal finds him just that hot. The parts of Roy which *haven't* been beaten down too badly know how that works. He's seen people look at him and lose a little fucking *cohesion*. And, while that's mainly happened while he's been being the best Speedy he can be...

There were other times. Other moments of *knowing* he was just that fucking hot --

And this is another way to have that. To *be* that.

So Roy lets his lips part just as much as they want to --

Lets himself wince a little for the way it makes his jaw twinge --

Lets himself *pant* a little for the memories of *why* his jaw is twingeing -- and he can feel himself flushing, twitching a little and rising a *lot* --

And that's *before* he really focuses on Kal, who is lounging against the back of the bed with his right knee up and his right arm resting on it. He's got his other leg bent and splayed, and his cock is already dark, already slick and so fucking *dark*.

He's naked except for a thin, funky little headband like the ones the monitor-servant had shown Roy being worn by other Kryptonian nobles, and his hair is just a *little* mussed. He's casual, at *ease* --

And he's looking at Roy like he's worth something. Worth *more*. Worth his *cock* --

Fuck, he's looking at Roy like he's *perfect* -- and like he's just gonna get more so.

It's enough to make him want to *bow* his head -- not hang, and the monitor-servant had *shown* him Kryptonian slaves doing just that -- but it's not what Kal wants. He --

<<This one *must* obey,>> and that was more of a blurt than anything else --

Kal waves a hand with casual pleasure. "You will." <<Present.>>

And that -- like a hand on him.

A grip on his hair --

Big hands holding him in *place* --

Roy moans, and it's not that he's *surprised* to be losing it this quickly -- *millions* of people would kneel for Kal if he just showed himself like *this* -- but he'd hoped to have a little more --

To be a little more *together* -- no, say it.

<<This one is frightened lose/force words -->>

<<The Language,>> Kal says, slowly and evenly.

<<Yes, Kal-El. This one apologizes -->>

<<*Present*,>> and Kal shows his teeth. "Should there be a need for correction... correction will be given." And Kal's cock twitches, spattering his abs and the bed.

Roy groans and *barely* stops himself from shuffling closer, from *begging* for that cock -- he has a job to do. <<This one has/knows soul-fear. This one to be shows unworthiness, still has/knows soul-fear.>>

Kal nods thoughtfully. <<Speak more.>>

And this -- is the hard part.

Even *with* the fact that there's a whisper in the back of his mind that's all about the monitor-servant *using* that interface to help him get this right --

The words aren't the hard part.

<<This one obeys. This one speak soul-fear want Keeping. This one -->>

The monitor-servant does *something* -- Roy can't hear it so much as he can feel the spaces where he *is* hearing it in his fucking hindbrain somewhere --

Kal narrows his *eyes* --

And Roy shivers and clutches his own wrists tighter. The words are right there. <<This one would be Kept for all his days. This one would be held/possessed. The one knows dread for -->>

"The loss of me, beloved one...?" And Kal's voice is *dangerous* --

Roy moans again. <<Yes. Yes, Kal-El.>>

Kal nods. "Have I not promised...?"

<<Yes, Kal-El.>>

"Have I not taken you into my home...?"

And this --

He can feel it. He can --

He's *whimpering* -- <<Yes, Kal-El.>>

Another nod. "Have I not offered use of my property to pleasure-teach you all you must know...?"

Fuck -- *fuck* -- <<This one. This one has been unworthy -->>


Roy's cock twitches *hard* --

He *grunts* --

<<Yes, Kal-El. This one -->>

"Speak your soul-fear in the language of your people," Kal says, and his eyes are glowing so brightly, so *hotly* --

Roy moans and *scrambles* to remember *how* to speak English, Dineh, Spanish, *something* --


"This one has been left alone! This one never asks for more -- than that --"

"More," Kal says, and there's *heat* haze in front of his eyes --

No, *focus*. "This one -- this one *expects* to be left --"

"And forgotten...?"

Roy squeezes his eyes shut -- *no*. "Yes. Yes, Kal-El --"

"Only Kal."

"Nnh -- yes, Kal --"

"Stop," Kal says, and cocks his head to the side, narrowing his eyes a little. The glow through the lids is only *slightly* muted, and Roy wants to know if it hurts --

How much it hurts to hold the fire *back* --

And a part of Roy *only* wants to touch the lids with his tongue, to soothe them with his own body, to *use* himself --

God, fuck, he's so *hard* --

The punishment feels so *close*, and wouldn't he deserve it? Hasn't he implied that Kal is just like all the people who *didn't* know him that well?

Hasn't he implied that Kal would break *custom*? That he would turn away from all that was right, proper, and *worthy* -- wait --

What --

"Monitor-*servant*," Kal says, and his voice is clipped and *hard*. "You will not *program* my property."

Roy blinks --

"This one apologizes, Kal-El," and the monitor-servant's voice is coming from everywhere at once. "This one only wishes to help Roy Harper improve at speed."

Well -- fuck --

And Kal shows his teeth. "*I* will choose how that is to be done -- and when. Be silent for now."

"This one obeys," the monitor-servant says, and Roy can feel something *changing* in his mind.

Something... closing? He doesn't know.

He *waits*, and tries to figure out how to improve on his own, how to be *right*. Of course Kal wants him to be confident about things like this, wants him to *know* --

"Roy. You know doubt of me."

Roy winces and nods -- no. "Yes, Kal."

"Of *me*... or of everyone who is not a Titan?"

Roy -- can't hang his head. He --

He has to be *honest* --

"Kal, this one... even. Even the Titans are allowed to... to." Roy swallows and shudders --

"To leave you? Forget you."

"Yes, Kal. They -- they don't need -- this one."

And Kal raises an eyebrow --

And Dick's face in his mind, hopeful and worried at once --

So *clear* even with that huge bat *taking* half his face --

He --

("I need you.")

And it's not that he thinks Dick is lying --

Or somehow *doesn't* know his own -- his own *mind* -- but.

Kal is watching him patiently. Kal is waiting for him to *get* this. He --

"This one -- this one is sorry --"

Kal holds up a hand. "Continue to think, needy one." <<One-who-has-not-been-fed.>>

Roy moans and just -- deals with that. Takes that *in*, because one who hasn't been fed isn't necessarily someone bad --

There's nothing bad *in* that, not in Kryptonian. It's just --

One who hasn't been fed. One who is hungry, but more than that.

One who has been -- denied.

And maybe...

Maybe someone who has denied themselves.

Roy shivers and *pants*, fights against it --

But he's not supposed to fight against knowledge. He -- he's supposed to be *wise*. Kal *needs* him to be wise, and wise people never turn away from knowledge, not when it's right there in front of them.

Roy has been -- some people do need him.

Roy has kept himself from asking for things -- and maybe some of those people didn't *know* he needed those things. Maybe people who can't smell his every fucking *mood* swing wouldn't know --

Roy has *lied* to people about what he's needed -- and about other things, too.

Roy --

Roy has *doubted* so many things, so many people, so *much*, and that --

Roy laughs painfully and thinks about scrubbing his face with his hands -- no, he keeps his hands where they are.

"Speak, precious one."

<<Yes -->> "-- this one means. Yes, Kal. This one doesn't -- this one doesn't trust the Titans, either."

Kal nods slowly. "And this is the true reason why you pulled away from them for your recovery."

Roy winces and shudders. "There were other --"

"Were the other reasons as important...?"

Roy swallows. "This one wants. This one wants to hang his head."

"You may not."

"Y-yes, Kal. This one has to... face this."

Kal's smile is wry. "You have to face *me*, beloved one. And know that...?"

What --  oh. "And. And know that... you're here."


"And that... you'll show this one. How."

Kal stretches out his hand and gestures a come-on --

And Roy shuffles forward on his knees until Kal stops him with his grip on Roy's chin. "This one waits for correction. Instruction."

Kal parts his lips and breathes through his mouth -- tastes him. *Tastes* --

"This one would *be* correct --"

"I know," Kal says, low and heavy. "You will not trust immediately. There is nothing, no correction or drug or anything else, which could make you do that."

"This one... wishes that was different."

Kal touches his tongue to his teeth --

Roy clenches on *nothing* --

Kal *growls* --

Roy's *cock* twitches --

"I ache for you, precious one..."

"This one would --"

"Shh. You would *take* such a drug for me."

"It -- yes," Roy says, and blushes. "I -- this one -- this one apologizes --"

Kal covers Roy's mouth with his other hand. "You have learned much, Roy. You need not use all of it right now. Speak as you would." And he moves his hand and raises his eyebrows.

That -- he can't -- "This one needs. Clearer orders."

Kal sucks in a sharp breath -- and inclines his head. "Of course. You have my apologies. Take, for now, your personhood."

Roy nods and breathes --

Thinks --

"I would take the drug. I want -- I want to feel you all through me. I want -- I fell asleep to your... your *control*."

"My... hand on the back of your neck, perhaps?"

"God, that would be --" Roy shakes his head and grins. "It was more the way you were looking at me. All -- stern."

"You wear my collar well, precious one. For all that it exists only in our minds, for now."

"It -- doesn't have to."

"You desire it?"

Roy starts to shuffle closer -- Kal is still holding him *right* there. He can stay put. "Yes, Kal. I want... I think it would be... helpful."

Kal nods and -- says something about 'adorning.' Roy can't catch the rest, but the monitor-servant had made *damned* sure he knew that word. After a moment, Kal pulls something that looks like a cracked-open o-ring out of the bed. It's the same faintly bloody red as the ceiling was for his whipping, and the whip-cane, and --

Hunh. That color's been showing up a *lot*.

"I -- want to know if you prefer that color on me."

"Oh, yes," Kal says, and fits the open curve of the ring to Roy's throat.

It's a little warmer than his body -- just enough to remind Roy of where he is. Of who he's *with* -- "I -- I beg --"

"Take," and Kal closes the ring around Roy's throat. The heat of it increases until it's just a little uncomfortable --

The texture changes to something like a fluid-filled tube --

Something like a plastic cuff --

And, then, something enough like *hot* leather to be shocking. It --

"Tell me."

"It feels -- Dick's favorite leather jacket after he's been sitting in the sun for a while. I --" Roy grins and licks his lips. "I like it a lot."

"Tug on it. *Hard*."

Roy blinks -- and does it. All he succeeds in doing is yanking himself around a little -- he can't even get his fingers between it and his throat.

*Trying* to do that makes it *tighten* around him --

And turns swallowing into something that makes him fucking *leak*. Just --

"I -- want to know if anyone can take it off other than you."

Kal smiles, bright and wide. "The monitor-servant has the power to do so... but not the programming."

Roy blushes and twitches -- "That's... really pretty hot, Kal."

"I thought so," and Kal strokes down the collar, down Roy's chest -- he taps his finger between Roy's pecs. "Ask for the ring."

"Oh, *fuck* -- everything -- everything *in* me is *berating* me for not having come yet --"

"No, precious one. I desire your *desperation* now."

And that's... yes. Yes. "Please. Please ring me."

And Kal pulls another, smaller red ring out of the bed and hooks it on just like that --

He hadn't *had* to order the monitor-servant to make it, and -- yeah. Roy thinks he's understanding how it works a little better.

How it *needs* to work, because Kal *also* doesn't have to say a word to get a bowl of pinkish fluid to grow up out of the bed --

"You will not like the taste of this... hmm," and Kal *does* say something --

And an extremely sharp-looking *knife* grows up out of the bed. That --

Roy has *been* to clubs like that -- Ollie *and* Dick had taught him that good intel comes from everywhere -- but he's never actually --

Kal raises an eyebrow. "You're not afraid."

*That* -- "You don't need that to destroy me. And -- you wouldn't."

Kal smiles. "Very, very true. This will allow me to be exact with how I wound you for the nanites to enter your blood-stream. I *could* simply have you drink the nanite-rich suspension, but the flavor is indescribably bitter for humans, and I don't want your distaste. Smearing the suspension on a mucus membrane would also be effective, but far too slow for my tastes."

"I understand. And... heh. I've always liked my scars."

Kal hums and strokes the one Shado had given him on his left hip. "I rather like them, too. I won't scar you now, though," and Kal whispers something about being *seen* --

And a mirror made out of fuck only knows what grows up out of the back of the bed, showing Kal's back --

Except that Kal is behind him and cupping Roy's left pec and kissing Roy's temple. "Be still."

"Yes, Kal."

"The nanites will heal this..."

Kal lays his right pec open in a *deep* slash --

"*Fuck* --"

And another connected to the first --

And *another* --

Kal pauses, and licks the sweat from Roy's temple. "Breathe."

Roy pants -- stops. "Yes, Kal. This -- it's not the pain."

"I know, beloved one," Kal says, and his smile in the mirror is warm and *loving*. "You're shocked that I'm doing this to you."

Roy laughs -- and catches his breath. "I would really like to know more about your kinks."

Kal hums again -- and finishes slashing in the shield of El. "I promise to teach you about every last one of them."

"Oh -- fuck, yeah," and Roy moans and arches a little, enough to make the bleeding slashes *pull* --

Kal licks his lips. "You should know -- a part of me finds this *problematically* obscene."

Roy coughs. "Uh... okay, *not* surprising. But..."

Kal grins like a shark and moves to Roy's side, turning Roy to face him and *lifting* Roy by the hips so that the bloody shield is *close* to his mouth. His breath is so *hot* -- "It serves the man right for not allowing me bacon," he says, which is an *excellent* reason to be laughing and *wheezing* in between shouts --

Screams for the *slow* slide of that tongue --

All *around* the shield --

And then the kisses start, wet and soft and somehow *harsh*, somehow --

No, *not* somehow, because at this point Roy isn't used to knife-slashes being treated *gently* until *hours* after he gets them. His body isn't ready for this, for the heat and --

God, Kal's making *love* to Roy's chest, and all Roy can do is shudder and flex his hands around his own wrists, shudder and *twitch* as his sac tightens-- no. He can beg. He --

"I beg -- please, I *beg* --"


Roy groans and tosses his *head* -- and it makes the collar pull a little against his throat, makes Roy really *feel* it -- "Owned -- this one --"

Kal shakes his *head* slowly, dragging his lips --

He'd made his lips *softer* again --

"Oh -- fuck, *please* --"


"I want -- I want to be a good slave! Your -- you *own* me --"

And Kal growls and *bites* him --

Right in the middle of the fucking *shield* --

Roy *screams* --

And then he's on his back and Kal is sucking him *hard*, working his head on Roy's cock --

*Fucking* himself on Roy's cock --

He's leaving bloody *streaks*, and Roy's chest is screaming just as much as the rest of him --

He's still *bleeding* --

His chest is --

God, it's *throbbing*, and it's a different *rhythm* than the throb inside his cock, the one that's all about his cock wondering where the tendrils are, *when* they'll come back --

"Kal -- fuck, *Kal* --"

Kal *moans* around him --

Roy gasps and beats at the *bed* --

And then he's on his hands and knees and Kal is spreading him, *staring* at his hole --

Roy would be able to *feel* it even if he *couldn't* see Kal doing it in the mirror -- "Please fuck me, please -- God, please, do it *hard* --"

"I will. I..." Kal pants and *grips* Roy's hips. "Not yet."

Roy groans *mournfully* --

And *screams* for the feel of Kal pushing something slick and *wide* in *deep* --

"Jesus --" It's changing its *shape* inside him -- "Oh -- *fuck* --"

"The plug... is conforming to you. It will not move within you, no matter *what* you do, or how *you* move."

Roy nods frantically and *claws* the bed --

The plug feels so huge and *impossible*, and knowing that it's neither is doing *nothing* for his brain. Just --

His ass feels so *stretched* --

His *mind* feels --

And Kal turns Roy over onto his back just slowly enough that his ass has time to clench *twice* --

The plug doesn't shift even a fucking *hair* --

And Kal is looking down at him like Roy's the slave who's been cock-teasing him for --

Just about five years now.

Just --

Roy's cock fucking *spasms* for that, and Kal narrows his eyes and starts jerking himself off, whispering something that includes the words for 'slowly' and 'with pain.'

The bowl of pink fluid gets swallowed again, and another bowl pops up -- this fluid is almost *clear*, but there are still pink swirls here and there --

And Roy isn't going to ask any questions. He's just -- he's just going to lie here and ache --

Clench and *whimper* --

Clench *again* --

"There..." Kal licks his lips again and squeezes himself. "There will be a moment of *shock* when the nanites enter your system. Usually, it passes quickly. It won't today."

"*Hnh* -- yes, Kal."

"Beloved boy. *Writhe*," Kal says, and for a heartbeat Roy's only *waiting* -- but then he feels the *cool* slickness on his chest --

And he's screaming and *jerking*, twisting --

Heat-shock-*pulse* --

He's trying to get away from his own *chest* --



And his hands and feet get swallowed --

He can't stop himself from yanking at the bed --

Twisting *more* --

Bucking and --

Pulse --

*Pulse* --

Roy screams and *arches*, because the shock radiates from the shield all through his body --

The shock *creeps*, and he knows he's screaming, knows his cock is twitching and *spattering* everything --

And his body tries to push him over that edge --

Tries to *come* --

He can't --

*Pulse* --

And his voice cracks to a whistle just in time for *Kal* to shout --

Again --

Roy tries to *focus* -- and Kal is *burning* at him as he strokes himself hard and fast --

He's coming. He's --

The first *splash* hits Roy's cock --

His body tries to come *again* --

But all the others are for his *chest*, heating and *stinging* so much that it takes a full minute to realize that he's not being *shocked* anymore. Just --

Roy pants and stares and tries to get his body to settle, to *relax* --

Kal says something breathy and *sharp* --

"*Nnk* --"

And the collar tightens around his throat, *widens* to something the size of Kal's fist, the *temperature* of Kal's fist --

And Roy drops down onto his back and lets himself sprawl.

"Good... good boy," Kal says, and floats down to straddle him, still breathing roughly and staring like *he's* the one who just got his mind super-tased out of his head. "Hmm."

Roy raises his eyebrows.

Kal whispers --

And the collar goes back to the narrower width and regular tightness.

"It was too broad before. Not... aesthetically pleasing. You enjoyed the feel of it, though."

Roy licks *his* lips. "Yes, Kal. It was... a lot like your hand."

Kal nods and reaches down to squeeze himself *hard* --

He *looks* just as hard as he was before he came --

"I ache," Kal says, and it's the answer to the question Roy didn't ask.

"Yes, Kal. I'm sorry, Kal."

"Precious boy..." And Kal swipes come off Roy's cock and sucks it off his own fingers. "I would ache for you every moment."

Roy moans and watches his cock twitch --

And *twitch* --

And then he moans for Kal's stroke, which is slow and hard and fucking *relentless* --

"Breathe, Roy."

"Yes. Yes, Kal --"

"You came close to orgasm... twice?"

"Yes, Kal --"

"I was hoping for more..."

"I'm sorry --"

"Shh. Not *every* pain can drive you mad. Though the fantasy of providing you with *that* pain..." Kal shakes his head and sketches the shield on Roy's chest through the come and over the -- they're not cuts, anymore. They look and *feel* more like scratches.

Roy waits.

And Kal smiles with *sharp* pride. "That was very good. You avoided being led into a question."

"I want to be a good slave."

"You are. You..." Kal sucks the mix of blood and come off his fingers --

Groans --

And then swipes up more for Roy. "Suck *slowly*."

"Yes, Kal," and Roy leaves his mouth open -- and grunts *helplessly* for the taste, so salt and thick and *metal* --

"You're my perfect, beautiful boy, and *that* is why I ache. Why I will always ache. I'd thought of giving you that pain before, fantasized it again and again... I believe you can guess why I almost didn't."

Because at *least* one other part of him wouldn't have wanted *healing* to hurt. Roy nods and licks Kal's fingers, pushes his tongue between --

And Kal grins. "Perhaps I'll share you with Diana."

Roy groans and feels himself *fear* --

And Kal laughs. "I wouldn't let her injure you... badly."

Roy's *jaw* drops -- no, wait --

He goes back to sucking --

"Good boy. I love you so much. You please me --" Kal sighs and shakes his head, then says something about 'love' and 'home' and 'family.'

Roy sucks and waits --

"Soon," he says, and pulls out --

And licks Roy chest clean slowly, *stingingly* --

And licks Roy's crotch clean even slower than that, making his tongue feel as hard as something --

Okay, he *is* slapping Roy's cock with his tongue, and Roy's grunting for it every time.

After that, he flips Roy onto his belly, spreading him and licking around and around Roy's *hole* --

Roy whimpers and *shudders* --

"This. It makes you feel even more full, doesn't it."

"Yes. Yes, Kal --"

Kal *kisses* all around Roy's hole, hard-mouthed and *heavy* --

"*Nn* --"

"Good boy," Kal says, floating back and flipping Roy over again --

And letting Roy *see* him washing his mouth with some kind of shiny cloth before he rinses with... something. He spits and the monitor-servant makes it all go away... and Roy knows that Kal wanted him to *realize* that Kal's mouth is going to be somewhere *else* --

And Roy groans for the *needy* twitch of his cock, which --


"Up," Kal says, floating backwards slowly to give Roy time to get up and on his feet. He feels *less* shaky than he had last night --

And he knows that's absolutely not going to last.

Kal leads him back to the operating theater -- and behind a curved wall to an actual toilet. Or -- it looks like a toilet.

Roy doesn't think he'd be *entirely* comfortable sitting down on it even if his ass *wasn't* stuffed. There's no telling what's hiding in the shadows here --

"I taste amusement," Kal says, and it's absolutely a question.

"Heh. Wasn't expecting to see anything I'd *recognize*, Kal. And I *really* don't want to trust my senses right now."

Kal laughs quietly and lands, pressing behind Roy and taking his cock in hand. "Wise... but I keep this here for the human guests I *don't* wish to... confound."

"Okay, I can go with that. Uh. Do you... want me to piss?"

"Yes," Kal says, whispering -- the cock ring is looser.

"I'm... wondering about your kinks again."

Kal hums -- and then makes a sound like a waterfall, because he can fucking *do* that --

Roy snickers, locks his hands behind his back, and *focuses* until he can get *past* his hard-on in his mind. For a moment, he thinks about just letting himself be distracted by wondering *how* Kal can do that with his throat, *what* muscles he's moving around *how* -- but.


This is the second time Kal's decided to take control of his body *this* way, and Roy's only slow when he's *really* high. This is a kink, maybe a capital-K kink, and since he *belongs* to Kal --

Since Kal gets to do anything and everything he *wants* to Roy --


He can't make himself get much softer, but he can still piss *enough* -- enough? He *hopes* it's enough --

Maybe he should be thinking about Star City sewers in August or something --

Or the day Donna had responded to Wally talking shit about periods with extremely *perishable* and *fragrant* *art* -

Kal makes an *unhappy* noise --

"Oh -- uh. Just trying to get a little more --"

"I understand and appreciate it... but I much prefer your other scents to the scent of your disgust."

Which -- makes perfect sense. Maybe he can make himself *scared*, instead. Think about --


Well, Superman having a bad day -- or even just an *aggressive* day -- *used* to be his go-to nightmare of choice. His and all kinds of other people's really. But now it's *real* damned hard to think about Kal getting excessively violent in some way without also thinking about bending *over*. Roy snickers helplessly. "Uh -- sorry. Gimme --"

"Tell me your thoughts?"

"Just -- heh. I was thinking about how I'd respond if Superman ever... acted like you. Heh."

"Mm. Of course you'd *immediately* move to alert the authorities."

"Oh, yeah. The glare off my pale ass when you bent me over something is totally a signal. An Arrow-signal, even."

Kal laughs -- and starts stroking him. Just --

"Oh. That -- I won't be able to --"

"Shh, I know. I love the feel of you in my hand, beloved one."

"I... I never thought I'd really get *off* like this for hands without calluses."

"You don't know how many times I've wished I could develop them."

"Oh -- no --"

"Shh, it's all right. I've had many years to grow accustomed to the reality of my powers," and Kal whispers the ring tighter and squeezes Roy *hard* --

"*Nnh* -- oh. My -- I don't feel *swollen* --"

"You aren't. Anywhere. The cock ring is significantly smaller than it was last night."

Roy looks down --

"Hmm. Significantly to *my* senses," and Kal laughs again.

"Heh -- I. Got it --"

And the toilet abruptly closes itself and melts back into the wall.

Roy bites his lip -- and copes. And breathes. And -- "*Unh* --"

Fuck, big, naked, *big* thigh between his legs and nudged up against Roy's sac --

And Kal flies them *up* like that -- "Shall I fuck you in the air, precious one?"

"Anywhere! Anything --"

And then Kal yanks Roy's head back and kisses him, stroking all over Roy's chest --

Clawing and *squeezing* --

Roy moans and *grinds* against Kal's thigh, really *crushes* his sac a little --

Kal growls -- "Be still."

Roy grunts. "Yes, Kal. This one -- uh. I'm sorry --"

Kal licks Roy's cheek. "You truly wish to give me your personhood."

"Uh. You've been making that kind of thing *rewarding*."

Kal grins. "So I have. But I've given the matter some thought over the past hour of your reckoning... there's something I want even more."

"Anything --"

"Beloved boy. Almost."

And then Roy's on his back on the table --

The table grows up to hold his back and sides *rigidly* still --

Kal whispers something --

And the plug starts to -- pulse.

Throb --

Roy flushes and groans, wanting to toss his head --

Arch --

He can't. He can't do anything but *take* it --

And Kal sighs. "Already twitching for me... for the stillness, perhaps?"

"Yes. Yes, Kal. I can't do *anything* --"

"Yes. I'm afraid I won't be able to do this to you very often. I need to see you *struggle*."

Roy groans again and tries *harder* to move --

But all that does is make him clench *while* the plug is pulsing --

And he's shouting --

And clenching more --

Panting and -- "I *beg*!"

*Kal* pants -- and straddles Roy again. This time, he's holding a long spike of some kind --

Roy *whimpers* --

And Kal raises an eyebrow. "Ah. No, this isn't for your penis, beloved one." And he taps the needle-tip -- "Mm. Not *today*, anyway," and Kal grins. "It's time." And then he pinches Roy's right nipple *hard* --

"Oh, *fuck* --"

Twists it and *pulls* --

"Nn -- oh -- I want -- I wanna *move* --"

"If I planned to do this quickly, you could. But I believe you're going to enjoy every second of the spike entering you. *Piercing* you."

"*Ahn* --"

"My beautiful pet. I will love you until you're *dust*."

"I -- I love *you*!"

And Kal growls and presses his *nails* to Roy's nipple --

"Oh -- oh, God --"

"You believed that."

"I -- it must be -- oh, *please* --"

"You give yourself... so freely..." And Kal *moans* and starts to pull in pulses that *match* the plug --

"Please -- *please* --"

<<Speak properly.>>

<<This one begs! This one does *beg*!>>

<<I will use you until you lose *consciousness*.>>

And, really, Roy *knew* it boded well that the monitor-servant wanted to teach him *that* phrase --

<<I taste your joy and I know *sweetness*.>>

And that one -- <<This one -->>

Kal growls -- "*No*. I need -- I need so much more. Speak *English* again," he says, and releases Roy's incredibly *hard* nipple --

And the tip of the spike makes him bleed *immediately*, he can *feel* it --

Kal *moans* --

*Roy* moans --

"Do you feel, beloved one?"

"This -- I -- *yes*!"

"Do you feel yourself *healing*?"

Roy -- gapes. And realizes that the pain of the spike comes with an *itch* --"I'm -- oh, fuck."

"You are knitting yourself *around* the spike," Kal says and starts to *push*.

"Please -- *fuck* -- I don't -- I don't know how --"

"When I place the ring, I will do it at my speed. However, for now..." And Kal grins like *he's* going crazy --

And starts to *grind* against Roy's cock, starts --

Roy moans and *strains*. He wants to see that, wants to feel it with his whole body, all over his *skin* --

And then he realizes that a part of him just *doesn't* want to get desperate again, that he doesn't want to do something Kal *wants* --

"I'm sorry!"

"Tell me why," Kal says, and pauses with the spike halfway through his nipple --

The itch is going to make him fucking *cry* --

He's throbbing and leaking and bleeding --

Kal grinds hard, crushing Roy to the bed and working him --

*Working* him ---


"I'm sorry, I -- this one wanted to not be desperate, this one was going to beg you to stop *grinding* against his cock --"

Kal *grunts* -- "You may beg for what you wish."

"I want -- I have to want -- this one -- oh, *fuck*, Kal --"

Faster, harder --

Roy's cock is *spasming* --

"There will be times, beloved one, when nothing will arouse me more than your perfect suffering."

"*HNH* --"

"Your perfect -- your perfect and brave *resistance*..."

And Roy is *screaming* again --

And *then* he realizes that Kal had pushed the spike the rest of the way through. He --

Oh, God, it's *in* him, and it feels about three times as thick as it looked --

It feels like his nipple is huge enough to *split* --

"I suppose..." Kal sighs *hotly*. "I suppose I'm going to have to accept the fact that you'll have to leave this place at *some* point... but."

And Roy blushes --

Flushes and strains to turn away -- no. No, he *can't* --

And he shouldn't. "This one -- this one wants --"

"Own yourself, beloved one. Own yourself in *my* keeping."

Roy pants and just -- throbs.

Leaks --

Tries to *focus* --

"You don't understand?"

"Not -- no. Please."

Kal licks his lips. "There is... a path we could take. A choice we could *make*... which would allow you to be... solid within yourself. Secure in the knowledge that you could move freely through the world... save when I chose to take that freedom away."

Roy clenches and *grunts* --

*Just* before the plug pulses and *swells* --

God, the *teasing* way it brushes his prostate --

He's clenching and he can't --

<<Still,>> Kal says --  and the plug stops.

At its *widest* --

And clenching makes him shudder --

And doing it again makes him shudder because he's convinced it will start *pulsing* again --

"Breathe, beloved one. I need your focus."

Roy tries to nod -- and then just focuses on breathing, breathing around the *spike* in his *nipple* --

The burn and stretch --

The itch of healing that can't quite *happen* --

And, of course, the cock that wants more of *just* this until whenever Kal feels like letting him come. He --

Roy laughs it out until Kal smiles at him and strokes Roy's cheek with his knuckles.

"Beautiful. Breathe."

"Yes, Kal," and he can do it, he can push all the things, all the pain and *hot*, a little further away from the front of his mind until -- yeah, he can think. "I'm ready, Kal."

"You are a brilliant and beautiful slave. You are *precisely* what I wanted from the moment when I watched your eyes widen as Bruce caught the suction-cup arrow you'd aimed at the back of his cowl --"

"*Nnh* -- sorry. I -- sorry."

Kal smiles. "You're forgiven. So long as you forgive me for not spanking you until you bruised that very night."

Roy *moans* -- "Uh. Yes."

"You're perfect, beloved one, and I would keep you always. I *will* keep you always -- I will not ever let you go. But there is more we can have. It... is not *only* a slave who must obey the wills and whims of one who is... higher."

"I... would like to know if I would still be able to be your slave *sometimes*."

Kal takes a *shaky* breath. "It would be... taboo. But Krypton had many customs I would crush as soon as consider."

And that noise --

What *was* that noise? It was small and thin and it *felt* like it came from inside his own -- brain.

Oh. "I... don't think the monitor-servant liked that thought, Kal."

Kal grins again. "I'm less than shocked, as you may have guessed. And, ultimately, it doesn't surprise me that it would attempt to get you to argue its case."

"I -- hey, I'm not -- I'm *yours*."

"Oh, yes, and I mean no insult or doubt, beloved one," and Kal *taps* on the spike --

"*OHN* -- fuck --"

"Beautiful..." And Kal sighs and shakes his head. "It knows as well as I do how much you desire me, how much you desire what I can *give*..."

"I -- more. It's more --"

"Than simply desire...? Yes. The way you give moves me *utterly*, *breaks* me as a mortal before his *god* -- did the monitor-servant squeak for that again...?"

Roy blinks. "Uh -- no. But I am. A little."

Kal laughs softly. "I will never be *your* slave, beloved boy, and I will not often offer... ah... confusing messages...?" Kal hums. "I will, however, point out that the monitor-servant should have taught you what *precisely* it means when a Kryptonian says he is moved. It is, in fact, religious in nature."

Roy shivers. "Yes. Yes, Kal. And... I can see why the monitor-servant wanted to avoid that."

"Forgiving boy... and gentle to your fellow slave? Would you conspire with it against me...?"

"Oh -- fuck, no, Kal --"

Another laugh, soft and *cracked*. Kal -- Kal is losing it a little, *needing* -- "Forgive my paranoia, beautiful one, *needy* one -- there is more we could have."

"I'll give you --mm --" Fingers on his mouth, and Roy hadn't considered how much *solidity* he was taking from still being able to move his mouth with the rest of his body held so *tightly*.

His hearts pounds for it a little --

Something *rolls* within him, pushing him up toward that peak he won't *get* --

"The *ache* of you -- no, *I* must focus, too. You cannot simply agree to give me anything. You cannot make that *promise* -- not for this. It must be *your* choice."

Choice -- is just a little *scary* at this point --

"And for this you feel *fear* -- I. I should have more *control* --"

No, no -- but he can't actually speak or even shake his *head*. He presses his mouth against Kal's fingers as much as he can -- it isn't much. He tries *harder* --

"You... you're trying to speak to me. You're trying to offer me... more of yourself. I can *feel* that, beloved one --" Kal growls and moves his fingers. "I would have you *more* mine, Roy. I would have you in my *House*. *Of* my House. I would have you call me --" And the rest of that is Kryptonian which *sounds* simple, but probably really -- really -- isn't. Still --

Roy repeats it. And repeats it again. And --

"You don't -- you don't know what you're saying --"

"Father. It's -- I wasn't trained by the world's greatest detective, Kal, but my *brother* *was*."

And Kal stares at him hard, long --

He almost looks *angry* --

And then he looks hurt and hungry, like iron control is something that happens to other people, like --

Like he hasn't been fed.

Roy swallows. <<Father. This one would be yours always.>>

Kal *growls* then, blurs --

<<This one -->>

"No. You will speak. You will speak as my child."

Roy blushes, heart pounding again --

Kal searches him *obviously*, needily --

Kal *blurs* again --

"You will -- what do you need?"

"You," Roy says, because there *is* no other answer. "I don't know how to be your child -- properly."

"You haven't been anyone's --" Kal growls again, and this time it's painfully obvious that he's growling at *himself* --

"It's okay --"

"You would... provide comfort?"

"I'm -- getting that that would be weird for just about *anyone* else in my position, Kal, but I'm *not* them."

Another *soft* sound -- "Who are you."

"Yours. I -- your son," Roy says, and yeah, he's blushing --

There just hasn't been *much* --

This isn't *easy* --

"*Tell* me, Roy!"

Roy grunts -- "It's just that I haven't -- let myself do this," he says, and smiles ruefully. "I remember Donna talking about it, about calling Diana sister *and* mother --"

"You would not accept a maternal role from her."

"She. She was teasing when she offered. She didn't think I would -- I couldn't," Roy says, and knows he looks pleading, that he looks like he *wants* to be fed --

He does. He *really* fucking does.


"Don't -- don't pay attention to the blushes, Kal. Please don't, because this -- it's *embarrassing*, but I can take it. I *want* to take it," Roy says, and he feels like his face is *burning* --

He keeps straining with the need to look down, look *away* --

No, Kal wouldn't *want* that. Kal *needs* Roy to keep meeting his eyes, keep his head up even through *this* -- "I've never. I don't *remember* being a son --"

And Kal groans and kisses him, cups his face and *uses* Roy's mouth, takes it and --

God, Roy wants his jaw to still be sore for this --

Wants to feel it in *every* way --

Kal is *shaking* --

Roy does his best to suck Kal's tongue, make his mouth tight, welcoming, hot as a human's can *get* --

Just *somehow* --

But then Kal pulls *back* --

"No -- it's okay --"

Kal says something *hard* in Kryptonian --

Touches the center of Roy's collar --

"Say it again."

Oh -- fuck, yes -- <<Father, this one would be yours *always* -->> "-- *Nnh* --"

It's not pain. It's not even *shock*. It's just something like having his throat roped and squeezed and *heated* all at once --

It feels like the collar is sinking into his *skin*, melting in, *changing* him -- <<I -- I beg -->>

"Almost, precious one." <<Beloved child.>>

And then the collar is -- maybe -- just a collar again, because this squeeze *just* feels like leather and heat --

And Kal sighs and shudders like he just *came* -- and shows Roy what looks like a bloody-red *tattoo* of a ring on his right index finger. "It will never come off, beloved son. And neither will your collar."

Roy grunts for the feel of his cock *flexing* -- and for other things, too. "Yes -- Father."

Kal *winces* -- but it's nothing but lust. Roy can *feel* that, and he's wondering --

He's wondering how much he *will* be able to feel. "Father... I have questions."

Kal strokes down the center of Roy's forehead. "You may not ask them yet."

Roy takes a deep breath. "Yes, Father."

"They... can be hidden. It may prove necessary for me to do just that... or to simply start wearing gloves. You... well. High collars are quite becoming on beautiful young men," and Kal's smile is *filthy*. 

Fuck -- "Yes, Father. You -- I don't want to hide it. I mean -- I know -- I understand that I might *have* to --"

"I will teach you how to do it. You will *always* hide it when necessary... and you will *never* hide it when it isn't."

Roy groans. "Yes, Father. Thank you --"

"Open... open yourself to the pain once more."

Oh, *yeah* -- "Thank you, Father," Roy says, and takes a deep breath before letting it out a little jaggedly, roughly --

Just enough to make things feel *jangled* inside him for a moment --

Long enough for his body to *remind* his mind about the huge plug in his ass --

And the spike through his nipple that now feels big enough to roast a fucking *cow* on. It --

"Oh... beloved child, you are..." Kal laughs, soft and heavy at once. "I feel so, so much better about the number of times I quested for the scent of your discomfort."

Roy pants, tries -- "Yours -- it's all *yours* --"

"You will share it with others when I tell you to. Though you may not *submit* to anyone without my permission."

"*Yes*, Father --"

"Beautiful, perfect -- scream."

"Y--" But then he's just *doing* it, because Kal is pulling the needle the rest of the way through --

Slowly and fucking *viciously* --

Kal whispers --

And the table releases Roy's head and neck enough to let him toss, let him *feel* all the sweat in his hair --

The needle --

The *itch* --

"Look, beloved one," and Kal's voice is low with fucking *relish* --

Roy looks -- and a *thick* red ring is growing out of the end of the spike. It will open him even more --

It will *keep* him open --

He's going to --

God, somehow it's just sinking *in*. How much it'll weigh. How it'll feel under *any* kind of shirt. How *sensitive* --


"*Take*," Kal says, blurring --

The ring is in. It's --

God, so *big* --

He's *bleeding* again --

He can feel the ring *tugging* on him, feel his nipple screaming and begging for *something* --

And all Roy can do is pant and whimper and *stare* until Kal tilts his head up. "Father..."

"Scream again."

Roy opens his mouth --

Kal touches the ring and says something about *cleansing* --

And then Roy is screaming again, because the itch of healing turns into the feeling of being *pinched* from the *inside* --

It goes on and *on* --

Roy throws his head back and *howls* --

It stops. It --

All that's left is the *weight*, and that's *enough* --

But he doesn't have to scream anymore, and that -- he knows Kal wouldn't want fake ones. He faces forward --

Just in time for a *huge* spatter of Kal's pre-come to land on his aching cock. Roy moans. "It's not good to make *anyone* but Dick wanna suck his own cock, Father."

Kal laughs and rubs the pre-come in until Roy's even slicker. Shinier. And then he licks his lips --

Sucks his fingers and moans --

"Oh -- please, Father."

Kal's eyes flare hot all at *once* -- and Roy realizes that he'd been holding it back all this time --

That he'd been letting Roy *see* --

Roy groans. "I -- I trust you --"

Kal drags his wet fingers over Roy's mouth. "I know, beloved one."

"I mean -- you don't have to hold *back* --"

Kal growls. "You would have all of me always...?"

Roy moans and nods. "Yes, Father. Please, Father."

Kal narrows his eyes -- and sucks the blood off Roy's chest in a series of *hard* kisses --

Wet --

He slips his tongue through the ring --


He *pulls* --

And Roy is shouting, banging his head back against the table --

The pull makes it feel like his nipple is getting *longer* --

"Want -- want to hold you *to* me --"

Kal hums and the vibration makes Roy *grunt* --

Over and *over* --

But then Kal starts working Roy's cock in his hand and all Roy can do is moan, strain uselessly with most of his body while tossing his head --

Kal's hand is so *hard*, so smooth --

"Hot -- so --"


But his mouth is even hotter, his --

Just to be *stuck* like this, moved from place to place in the Fortress and taken and *used* and *loved* and --


He's a pet and a slave and now he's a son, too, and it's okay that he doesn't know exactly what that means, yet -- it's *all* okay -- because Kal is gonna tell him.

And show him.

And do it *again* --

Roy groans and goes with it, working and straining against the table's hold until he can feel himself starting to get a little fatigued, a little *needier* --

<<Begin,>> Kal slurs around his nipple, and the plug starts pulsing *wider* --

Roy shouts and bangs his head against the table -- held. *Stuck* again -- "I'm sorry, Father --"

"You have done nothing wrong, beloved one. It's time for your other ring."

"Oh, *fuck* --"

Kal laughs, and pinches and *twists* Roy's nipple hard. "You'd forgotten."

Roy pants and tries to nod -- he *can't*. "Yes, Father. It's -- I'm a little *distracted*," he says, blushing and *panting* --

"Perhaps I shouldn't find such things so attractive on you."

Roy grins and waggles his eyebrows. "I bet you could train me out of it..."

*Kal* grins -- and there just *is* a fresh-looking spike in his hands. This one already has the ring grown out of it. "Perhaps. But, as I've said, I enjoy your... struggle." He touches the tip to Roy's nipple --

"I -- *fuck*, it's *hotter*!"

"Oh, yes," Kal says, and pushes the spike in --

And in --

And *in* -- "You react so well to such things."

"Your -- here --" Roy shakes his head and pants, blows out breaths --

Tries to *even* his breathing --

"*Not* that, Roy."

"*Nnh* -- yes, Father, please, it *burns* --"

"I can't decide whether to watch you bleed or watch you *twitch*... I'll do both," Kal says, and *blurs* --

But his hands don't shake --

Or still --

Or even *pause* --

It feels like he's being *seared* from the inside, like his blood should be *smoking* as it rolls out of him. It almost makes the itch of healing impossible to feel -


Just -- without control, without the *right* to breathe through the pain --

If he was free, he'd be *clawing* at himself right now, and the part of Kal which would love to see just that --

Which would get off like *crazy* for just that --

"This one -- Father, I --" Roy groans and whimpers --

And Kal *stops* pushing the spike through -- and stops blurring. "What would you have, precious son?"

God, blushing again --

Whimpering and twitching and *needing* --

"I need -- I want -- I want to know *which* parts of you need this -- your *work* -- to be perfect," and Roy pants in *relief* for getting that out --

*Most* of what he'd wanted to ask --

"You're wondering, perhaps, why I'm *not* risking you flailing at just the wrong time, knowing how much such things arouse me?"

"Yes -- yes, Father --"

Kal sighs and taps the spike *rhythmically* --

"Fuck fuck *fuck* fuck --"

"I've thought about... correcting your language," Kal says, and keeps tapping, keeps --

But -- "You curse, *too* --"

"I have that right," Kal says, and his smile is *vicious* --

"Oh -- Rao."

Kal purrs a laugh and taps *faster* --

Roy *shouts* --

"Ultimately, I have discovered that I need *your* voice, and *your* words... with just a few additions. And no subtractions whatsoever," and Kal leans in and licks Roy's spiked nipple with the flat of his tongue --

"*Hnh* --"

Kal blows cool --

"Ohn -- *Kal* --"

"There is no part of me which would risk marring your beauty, for all that it would take a great deal to make that happen in my eyes. You have a power, a light, a *warmth*..."

"You -- Father, *you* --"

"So many times you have borne the wounds of others on your heart. So many times you have taken it upon yourself to bring *joy*..."

"Only -- you have to -- good people have to be *happy* -- oh, God, *ow* --"

And Roy knows that Kal is biting his nipple *lightly*, barely grinding the flesh against the spike at *all*, but it doesn't feel that way, maybe *can't* feel that way --

"Father -- *Father* --"

"You may call me Kal when you wish... and when you wish punishment for not speaking properly. And, of course, there are times when you'll *need* to call me other things..."

"*Anything* -- oh, Father -- oh, God, your *mouth* --"

Kal *hums* around Roy's cock --

Sucks *hard* and taps out what feels like some kind of *code* on Roy's thigh --

And suddenly the plug is stretching his hole --

*Just* his hole --

Roy screams for it and thinks of fingers -- no, just the toy, *just* the toy, because Roy's ass will be ready for *any* fucking thing --

One *hopefully* fucking thing --

And now Roy's laughing through the screams, panting and *crying* a little --

He can't move --

He can't --

Another code --

"*Nnk* --"

Choked and fucked and sucked and *stuck*, and it's too much, it's --

The screams have no *breath* --

Something turns *over* in him, makes him need, makes --

He's trying to spread his *legs* --

He's getting higher and higher and --

"*Please* -- *fuck* --"

He's not coming. He won't --

He won't until Kal --

He won't until his Father wants him to, needs him to, and his Father is so hungry, his Father will suck him and hurt him and use him and *heal* him so he can do it all again --

*Again* --

God, he's spasming so *much* --

He needs --

"*Please*, Father -- *unh* --"

And Kal pulls off and rises above him again, tapping the spike --

And Roy's body tries to come --

*Tries* to push him over --

But all he can do is scream and feel it, *spasm* and leak and bleed and *sweat* --

"Do you know that I love you, precious one?"


"Do you believe that I will only give us what we both need?"

Roy *sobs* -- "Yes, Father, *please* --"

"Then all is well. Scream again," Kal says, and pulls the ring through with a slight *vibration* --

That was more of a *shriek* --  but the pain is even louder, the *weight* --

His chest feels like it's ten pounds heavier than it was --

His skin feels so *tight*, so slick and needy, needy like every other part of him, like --

<<This one would be fed!>>

Kal growls and *rips* him away from the table --

Carries him through the Fortress with one hand in his hair and one hand squeezing Roy's *sac* --

"Please -- I beg -- oh, *please* --"

"*Very* soon, needy one," and Kal tosses him down on the bed -- "Hands and knees."

"*Yes*, Father," and Roy scrambles --

And groans for the feel of the rings *pulling* on him. His *mind* knows they're not that heavy, but his body is having none of it. It feels like his nipples are gonna be hard *forever* --

-- because they will be. That -- Roy moans and feels his skin prickle with more *sweat* --

Feels himself twitch and *need* --

He wants to grind his face against the bed and *beg* --

And a very large and growing part of him tells the rest that that's *always* gonna be true with Kal, no matter *what* --

"I was saying... something," Kal says, sighing a laugh and kneeling beside Roy --

"Please. Please, I'll *listen* --"

"Of course you will," and Kal starts to spank him --

*Hard* --

Roy grunts and *grips* the bed --


-- and the bed grips back, hands and wrists and ankles. "Fuck -- *thank* you, Father --"

"You're very, very welcome," Kal says and starts spanking the backs of his thighs --

Spreads Roy's legs until Roy is straining a little and spanks his *inner* thighs --

Spreads Roy's ass and spanks his stuffed *hole* --

"*HNH* --"

"You... I *must* remember to always give you clear rules. Clear *orders*."

"Please, Father, *yes*, Father --"

"You will call out 'Father' -- in Kryptonian or not -- when you wish to be my beautiful, beloved son. Do you understand?"

Roy pants. "Yes, Father --"

Kal spanks Roy's hole *harder*, and, fuck, nothing should *feel* that hard with just two *fingers* --

"*Please* --"

"You will call out 'Kal' when you wish to be my precious slave. Do you understand?"

"You -- it has to -- I have to give *you* --"

"What I want? Of course," Kal says, and *presses* on the plug --

"*Oh* --" And the rest of that noise is shuddery and *loud*, because Kal is *vibrating* it --

"I will *always* take what I want, beloved one. Nothing will stop me."

Roy nods and just lets himself keep making that noise --

Louder --

"There will, however, be times when what I want the most is to give you what you want. You may or may not learn to predict such things. Many submissives live secure in the knowledge of what their dominants want when. Many others, however, are thrilled to their very cores by the fact that they can *never* be sure what their dominants need of them. Which do you think you'd prefer?"

"*Hnnnnh* -- I -- oh."

Kal laughs. "Yes, I've ceased the vibration for the time being. This is a very, very important question, beloved one," and Kal *grips* Roy's cock --

"*Fuck* -- I -- you can *make* it impossible for me to -- to predict --"

"Oh, yes."

Roy blushes *hard* and just --

"Oh... I believe that was an answer."

"I don't -- I don't want to make you *work* --"

"Shh, shh," and Kal leans in and kisses the back of Roy's neck, hot through the collar and hotter *above* it -- "Remember, Roy; with my powers it's often more challenging to be obvious than it is to be otherwise."

That -- is true. Roy breathes and nods. "Yes, Father."

"Beautiful son," and Kal kisses and *licks* his way down Roy's spine -- "The salt of you makes my senses *spark*," he says, and kisses the base of Roy's spine hard enough to make Roy really *notice* the bundle of nerves right there --

The way he's tensing for more --

"Relax yourself."

Roy breathes and nods.

"You will... mm. You will call for Clark -- and *only* for Clark -- when you wish a friend, and a lover who can be gentle with you. Clark will never give you pleasure when you want pain. Clark will laugh with you and urge you to laugh *at* him. Clark will keep you safe... unobtrusively."

And that --

A friend. A *warm* friend with secrets -- but Roy gets to know all of them. Gets to *have* all of them.

For *once* --

"And..." Roy licks his lips. "Maybe... maybe Clark won't draw the lines too hard?"

Kal laughs --

Roy can see the *edge* of that smile and wants to *bleed* on it --

"All of me, beloved one...?"

Roy groans and tries to spread his legs wider --

The bed *lets* him, and now his thighs are straining *heavily*, now he feels off-*balance* --

But the bed won't let him --

*Kal* won't let him fall, not *ever* --

"You communicate so well," Kal purrs, and presses on the plug again --

Vibrates it *briefly* --

Roy pants and hangs his head -- no. He lifts his head up as far as he can and stares at himself in the mirror. He's flushed. His hair is mussed. He's *shining* with sweat and licking his lips --

He --

"*Yours*, Father!"

"Mine," Kal agrees, and vibrates the plug again --

Again --

Roy whimpers and watches himself wince and *try* to rock, try to *encourage* --

"You doubted -- quite recently -- that Clark could give you anything you could want, needy one."

"I was an *idiot*!"

Kal laughs. "No, that you could never be," and this time the vibration *lasts* --

Long enough to make Roy *groan* --

"I've made -- we've *all* made -- Clark into someone harmless, someone *safe*. More harmless in some ways than Clark Kent, because everyone in the community knows that *he* is mostly a lie..." Kal shakes his head and eases the vibration --

Roy *pants* -- "I knew -- Dick tried to *tell* me --"

"That there was more to Clark than just the Boy Scout, yes. I listened to many of those conversations, Roy."

Roy blushes *hard*.

"All of you, beloved one. Every moment until I could resist no *longer*," and Kal grips Roy's sac again --

"*Unh* --"

"And Dick gave you reason to doubt his opinion..."

"He -- *brother* -- oh, *fuck* that *squeeze* --"

"The brother of your heart, your soul, your *spirit*..." Kal starts *pumping* him --

"Oh, God, ow -- fuck -- *please* -- I love him --"

"And he loves you. And Batman. And *Superman*."

"God, yes, so -- *nnh* -- I mean, if it was just for the *kink* --"

Kal laughs. "Superman *has* wanted to take you over his knee more than once."

Roy hears himself squeak and grunt at the same fucking *time* --

Kal laughs *harder* -- "Dick enjoyed that very much, even though Superman remained mild and calm and benign throughout. He called Dick 'youngster.'"

Roy *chokes* -- "Uh. I don't judge --"

"Good boy. I knew from the very first moment that you would want far different things of me than Dick does, but I could not think of a way to *show* you those other parts of myself without... without showing absolutely everything. I was not ready," Kal says, and it sounds like he's asking for *forgiveness* --

"It's okay -- it's all -- I don't know if *I* would've been ready --"

"No, beloved one. You must not lie, even for my comfort," and Kal grips Roy's cock and starts spanking his ass again --

Hard enough to make Roy yell and beg and -- "I'm sorry! I'm *sorry*!"

"I know, beloved one. Take your punishment like a good boy," Kal says, and starts jerking him *off* --

Roy *shouts* -- "Kal! *Kal*!"

"Oh... good pet," and Kal gives Roy his *own* rhythm on his cock --

The spanks feel hard enough to *bruise* --

Roy *sobs* -- and takes it, just *takes* it, because his ass is screaming and he needs to come, wants to *come* --

Because there are tears leaking out of the corners of his eyes --


Oh --

And then Roy is screaming again, shuddering all over for the pulse of the plug in his ass --

The way it matches Roy's heartbeat and gets faster *with* it --

His body tries to come --

And Roy is yanking at the bed and shuddering, flexing --

Aching in Kal's *hands* --

His body tries to *come* --

"That scent -- " Kal growls. "Will you lie to me again, beloved one?"

"No! *Never*!"

"Did you need me when you were a boy in truth?"

"Your -- *your* boy --"

Kal *purrs*. "When you were a *younger* boy, then..."

"Needed -- oh, fuck, Kal, no one else, no one else *could* have -- *nnh* -- *NNH* --"

"Do you *ache*?"

"*Please*! I mean, yes! I mean -- " <<This one would be fed!>>

Kal *barks* an order in Kryptonian --

And suddenly the plug in his ass is a fuck of a lot *smaller* --

"Nuh -- *empty* --"

"Not," Kal says, and pulls the plug out *slowly* -- "Not for long. Tell me how I should feed you."

Oh --

God, is it time? Is --


"Fuck me, please fuck me, I'll do *anything* --"

"Will you crawl?"

"Yes, Kal!"

"Will you give yourself to anyone I choose...?"

"Please, fuck, I'd *love* it for you --"

"Will you be my needy one...?"

Roy *sobs*, but -- "I am, I *am* your needy one!"

"And my son...?"


Kal pants and strokes Roy's hips --

Claws at Roy's *ass* --

"I will not disdain this gift, precious child." <<*Release*>>

And Roy has just enough time to realize that he's free -- arms and legs and *cock* -- before Kal is gripping Roy's hair with one hand and shoving himself in --

In --

"*Hnh* -- *big* --"

"For you, beloved son. *All* for you."

And Roy tries to nod, but he can't --

Tries to *breathe*, but all he can feel is that huge cock --

That huge, *hot* cock, but this burn is different, this burn is heavy and so *sweet* --

The plug had *felt* big, but this --

Roy sobs and *spasms*, and that -- "*Father*, I'm *close* --"

"I *know*," and Kal grips Roy's *hips* --

"Please -- please, I want to know if it's all *right* --"

"Better than," Kal says, and *slams* in --

Roy screams --

Roy beats at the bed --

Kal flexes his *cock* --

White-out --

*Heat*, and Roy feels himself breaking out in a fresh sweat --

Feels himself screaming the breath out of his *body* --

But he can't hear past the pound of his own heart, the incredible fucking *rush* --

His spine feels so *tight* --

And then the world snaps back to the sound of his own *desperate* grunts as Kal fucking *gives* it to him --

One thrust after another --

Angle-shift *slam* --

And Roy shouts as he shoots off one more time --

Blinks and tries to see, to fucking --

God, he has to *feel* this, because fuck only knows how long Kal will make him wait to get it *again* --

Except that Kal is groaning like he's *wounded* --

And, when Roy manages to focus enough to *see* --

Fuck, the *tendons* are showing in Kal's throat --

*He's* sweating and flushed right down his chest --

His eyes are squeezed shut and the light from them is *still* bright enough to make Roy wince --


Roy clenches helplessly --

"*Hnh* --" And then the mirror is *melting*, because apparently Kal had just opened his fucking *eyes* --

"Fuck, Kal, *please* --"

"Must -- I will not *injure* you," Kal says, and he sounds like he's angry and like he's begging for something from the *universe* --

And he thrusts *faster* --

Just a *little* harder -- enough to make Roy start grunting and wincing again --

And apparently enough to make Kal pant and growl as he fucks --

And *fucks* --

*Sweet* percussion and a rhythm he can dance to, fucking *rock* to, because he's not getting soft --

And he *is* getting harder again, needing *just* this, because Kal knows exactly how to give it to him --

And Roy realizes that Kal's fucking him the way he'd taught *Dick* to fuck him, that --

Roy grunts like he's been *punched*, but -- "Father, Father, *please*, just *you* --"

"I need -- I *need*," and Kal growls and grips the back of his neck --

Shoves Roy *down* -- "*Yes* --"

"My -- my *beloved* --"

"*Yours* --"

And then those hands are back on Roy's hips --

Holding him *still* --

Roy cries out and bites the bed --

Kal shudders hard enough to move them both --

"*Son* --"

He *stops* --

And then his cock is spasming in Roy, flexing as he comes hot and fucking *copious* --

"Oh, *yeah* -- *fuck*!"

Thrusting again just that quickly, thrusting and squeezing so hard Roy thinks he can feel his pelvis *creak* --

"*Father* --"

"Son, you -- I will not *stop*."

"Don't, don't stop, don't ever fucking --"

"Do you know --"

Roy clenches and shouts --


"I'm sorry, I'm sorry, Father --"

"*No*, you -- nnh. *Again*!"

Roy gasps and does it --

Gasps again for the way it makes the burn fucking *sing* in him --

Shudders and -- "*Please* --"

"Keep *going*," Kal says, and now his thrusts are stuttered, jagged and short --

So hot so *bright* --

"The scent -- the scent of your pain *moves* --"

Roy sobs and gasps again, tries --

His cock twitches every time Kal brushes his prostate, every --

"God, heating -- heating me *up* --"

"Burn. *Burn* for me," Kal says, and *slurs* something in Kryptonian --

The rings start to heat --

And heat --

And -- "*Kal*!"

Kal's laugh is breathless and *hard*. "Will you beg, precious one...?"

<<This this *beg*!>>  "I mean --"

Another laugh --

And Kal *groans* --

And Roy realizes that he's clenching fucking *viciously*, that he's forcing Kal to force *him*, and that thought --

That *fantasy* --

But *could* he ever say no to Kal at this point? Say no and *mean* it? Is there *anything* he'd refuse that wouldn't hurt someone else in a way they wouldn't *like*? Fuck, that's frightening, that's --

Three days ago, he'd never have been *able* to think something like that --

"My -- oh -- *beloved* one --"

Three days ago he was a different person, lonely and needy and fucking *suicidal* --

"Son. *Son* --"

Three days ago he was nobody's pet, nobody's beloved, nobody's *son* --

"Never -- you will *never* be free --"

There was nobody to burn him, or choke him, or pierce him, or *hurt* him --

So fucking *right* --

"*Father* --"

"I will have *more* of you," Kal growls, sharp and low, and it makes Roy want to crawl somewhere, strain and struggle the right ways, the best ways to make Kal --

Shove him down onto his belly and *cover* him, hot and slick and *heavy* --

All --

All of Kal's *weight* --

Roy can't *breathe* --

But he still has to scream when Kal bites the back of his neck --

Grinds his teeth and *holds* --

"*Big* -- nnh* --"

No air, no --

No fucking *escape*, because Kal is grinding him into the mattress --

Kal is *pounding* him into the mattress and growling and biting *harder* --

He shifts --

Roy takes a *sip* of air --

And *whimpers* it out, because Kal is doing him *faster* --

*Grunting* against the back of Roy's neck --

Licking and *groaning* --

And Kal twines his fingers with Roy's --

Shoves them into the *bed* --

Pants and *slurs* Kryptonian while barely moving his mouth --

And the bed closes around Roy's cock in a *vise* --

Roy can't *scream* -- but he can feel Kal *smiling* against the back of his neck, feel him panting as he shifts --

And now every thrust drags *hot* against Roy's prostate --

His nipples are fucking *taut* --

And his cock is being --

Fucking --

Fucking *milked* --

And Kal groans and *flexes* inside him --

Roy opens his mouth for a shout he can't *voice* --

"No," Kal says, and eases up enough that Roy *can* breathe --

He doesn't know if he wants that or *not* --

"I need your *sounds*, Roy..."

He does, he *does* want it, and so he lets himself take a deep breath --

*Half* a deep breath, because the vise on his cock is speeding up --

Because Kal is working his hips in hot little *circles* --

Because Roy is moaning, trying to buck and failing --

Kal is still holding him down, *grinding* him *down* --

"Are you... *nn*. Are you ready, beloved one...?"

And Roy feels his eyes go *wide* --

Kal laughs *breathlessly*. "Your shock, your *needy* fear... how you *give*. Now *answer*."

Roy opens his mouth and whimpers --

The vise squeezes his cock again and he *whines* --


"I *beg*! I mean, I'm ready, please fuck me, please --"

Kal growls more Kryptonian and the vise *ripples* around him --

And the rings *swell* --

And Kal pants and spreads Roy's legs wider with his own, opens him up and lays him out --

"Oh, *fuck* --"

And now the fuck is vicious, heavy, fucking *deadly* --

So sweet --

So *sweet* when Kal starts *coughing* out groans --

When he starts *shuddering* again --

When he *yells*, wordless and *hot* --

And he's coming again, holding himself still everywhere except for his spasming cock so *deep* inside Roy, so --

And the vise around his cock gets *warmer* until it's the *exact* temperature of Kal's mouth --

And it tightens right around the head like Kal's *throat* --

His swallowing *throat* --


"Oh, precious... precious child. The answer is *yes*," Kal says, and starts to fuck him again, starts --

God, Roy's ass is so *slick* now --

And Kal's using it, Kal's --

The fuck is so fast, so fucking *inhuman* -- but only because of how even it is, how perfect and careful so that the only pain is the right kind, the *best* kind, the kind that's making him sweat and fucking croon for it, for the way it's taking him *higher* --

Everything's taking him *higher* --

"Who -- who are you, beloved one?"

Oh, fuck -- "Your *boy* --"

"*What* are you?"

"Your *slave* --"

"Who -- oh, Roy... who must you always *be*?"

Roy sobs and shivers --

Remembers the scent of smoke and the man who always smelled a little like pine pushing him into someone else's arms --

Someone else's *life* --

Or just this one, this perfect life where he's fucked down and spiked and *held*, where he's used because he's *perfect*, fucking *perfect* --

"*Roy* --"

"Your *son*!" <<Always!>>

"No one... no one *else's* --" And Kal groans and moves one hand back to the back of Roy's neck --

Holds him down, holds him still, takes his --

God, fucking *everything*, because breathing is just what he does so he *can* yell like this, *scream* like this --

*Give* --

"Son. *Come*."

And isn't it supposed to be like this?

Isn't it always supposed to mean this much? Feel this -- this *serious*, like he's wearing his own skin wrapped around something warmer, something *greater* than he ever thought he could be--

Something greater than he could ever be *alone* --

He's sobbing again, rising up and up and *needing*, and it only hurts because he's getting it, because he'll *always* get it --

"Not -- not *alone* --"

"*Never*, beloved one -- oh. That *scent* --" <<*Suck*.>>

And the vise around his cock does just that --

And the remains of the mirror fall *over* --

And maybe it's the crash that's shaking him, shuddering every --

Every fucking --

And this time his own screams take over everything, fill --

No, that's the heat, his *own* heat, and the way it's good enough --

Close enough --

*Loved*, so *loved*, and maybe that's more of a wail than anything else, but giving up should always feel like this --

Giving in and giving --

He *belongs* --

And Kal doesn't stop --

And Kal is *panting* things about love and family and pleasure-owning and *joy* --

And Roy couldn't move even if Kal *whipped* him into it, but he doesn't have to. All he has to do is take it, and listen, and feel everything flow right over him as he shoots --

One --

More --

*Time* --

Black --

*Not* indigo --

Black -- except that he's screaming for the *flex* of the rings in his nipples --

"Stay *with* me, beloved one --"

"Yes, Father! I'm sorry --"

"Beg -- beg for my *semen*."

Roy grunts and feels his face *quirk* for that -- but. <<I beg! This one would be... filled.>>

And Kal laughs a *lot* -- "My beloved will *leak*."

Roy snickers and moans, snickers and *winces* -- "You're goddamned right I will, Father. *Fill* me, *please* --"

Kal laughs more --

Groans --

And then Roy's got his cheek to the mattress and his ass in the fucking *air* -- "Oh, fuck, this *position* --"

"The best -- the *best* for a boy... like *you* -- " And he laughs *more* --

And Roy fucking *blushes* --

And then they're grunting together for Kal's *relentless* fuck --

The only reason he's not fucking Roy off the bed is that he's holding him in *place* --

<<Kept -- *pleasured*-kept -->>

"Perfect -- so perfect and *precious* -- *nnh* --"

And the grunts are broken up with groans --

*Shouts* --


And this time Kal doesn't stop even when he starts coming, this time it's just one *pound* after another --

And another --

No one should be *able* to come that much after already -- coming that much. Roy laughs and *goes* with it, using all the slick to help him clench around Kal as hard as possible --

Kal *yells* --

Roy *holds* the clench -- "*Please*, Father --"

"*Love* --" And the rest of that is too fast to catch, speed-babble that may or may not be *any* of the languages Roy's *heard* of --

It's so strange to *hear* speed-babble in a voice that wraps itself around his *spine* like this --

God, like *this* --

But Kal is slowing down, voice and hips --

Kal is stroking him, *massaging* him, back and hips and thighs --

The rings shrink down to normal --

The vise around his cock *sucks* its way off --

And Roy sighs and lets himself pant, lets the feeling *lengthen* until his body makes him clench even *harder* for a moment --

"Oh -- beautiful."

-- and then he's flexing open again --

And definitely leaking.

Jesus, that's a lot of -- right.

Laughing stretches the feeling pretty well, *too* --

And makes Kal hum. Or -- heh.

*Something* does.

Roy scrubs his sweaty face against the bed. <<This one would give thanks.>>

<<Such is yours, beloved pet.>>

Which -- God, yes. Roy grins and reaches back to lock his arms behind his back --

And Kal grunts and *flexes* inside him again. "Needy one..."

"Yours," Roy says, and *considers* wiggling his ass a little --

But maybe Kal can feel it, because those big hands are back on his hips --

Squeezing and *pressing* --

Roy moans for it and licks his lips --

But Kal sighs and releases his hips. "Were I to fuck you again now... I would need to dose you with more nanites."

Roy *grunts* --

"We'll do just that some other time... but for now I would have you feel me," Kal says, moving them -- onto their sides. "Like so."

Roy moans and shivers for it --

He's still half-hard.

He could be *more* hard in *seconds* if Kal put his mind to it -- or if *he* put his mind to it --

But afterglow works, too. Roy presses back against Kal --

And the bed folds, *shapes* itself to Roy's torso, and does the pressing *for* him. Breathing is challenging, but not impossible --

"How are you, beloved son?"

Roy grins again. "Perfect as you make me, Father."

Kal sighs and kisses the back of Roy's neck --

Licks it and makes love --

The collar *changes* the sensations, makes them dryer and more *diffuse*, somehow --

Roy closes his eyes and takes it -- no. "You feel incredible, Father."

Kal presses a *smile* to the back of his neck. "You would disbelieve...?"

"Heh. I'm thinking the throb in my ass would make that kinda thing *hard*, Father."

"Mm. Then I suppose we'll just have to make sure the feeling stays as long as possible," Kal says, and --

Flex --

*Flex* --

Roy groans and feels himself *leak* more --

And *more* --

Jesus, he'd thought he'd gotten *used* to that feeling over the years --

And he's absolutely blushing. He --

That's probably *exactly* what Kal wants to see. Heh.

And *feel* when he reaches up just to *stroke* Roy's cheek. All right, then, he can take this, too, really *wallow* in what a dirty, dirty boy he's gotten to be --

How he's always gonna *be* this dirty -- this marked-up and *perfect* --

For Kal.

For --"Father..."


Roy shakes his head and shivers for how hot his face feels. "I needed to say it."

"Tell me more."

"I -- needed to say it, and see how it *felt* when I wasn't hard enough to brain someone with my cock," and Roy smiles ruefully --

"And...?" And there's curiosity in Kal's voice, and that *heat* that's been there since Kal picked him up, but there's also something more cautious. And the fact that Kal is letting him *hear* that -- yeah, it's important.

"Father. Father, there are parts of me which aren't -- which haven't *yet* dealt with it being okay to be this needy."

"Must I make the lessons more exacting?"

Roy's cock twitches *hopefully* --

And Kal sighs again and cups it -- gently. "Beautiful boy. Know that I will *always* be harsh with you when that is what's needed." And Kal laughs softly. "And when that is what I desire, of course."

Roy moans. "Yes, Father. Thank you, Father."

"You're welcome. You're going to spend -- at least -- the next several days here. I don't know precisely when I'll set you free, but, by then, you will understand the rudiments of the Kryptonian language and the specifics of your place in my life. Do you understand?"

"*God*, yes, Father --"

"Good. Additionally, before I... hmm... *lengthen* your leash, we will discuss your place in the *community*."

Roy shivers -- but he doesn't seize up --

And Kal squeezes his cock gently. "Good boy. I have tasted your objections to Dick becoming Nightwing. Do they still stand?"

That fucking *mask* -- "I think. I think it doesn't help Dick to owe that much to Bruce, still. To give him that much of his *face*."

Kal laughs softly. "Had it been entirely my choice... the uniform would be very, very different."

And that -- loosens something inside Roy. Something -- "I... I guess I *did* think that you helped him choose that mask."

A hum -- "There are parts of me which love Bruce entirely without reason or... hmm... *pause*. But that's most assuredly not the case for all of me, beloved one."

Roy thinks --

Opens his mouth --

And closes it and thinks more, because he's not asking a question. "I would -- I would really like to know if you would've taken Dick away from Bruce if you could've."

"Countless times. Over and over..." Kal kisses the back of Roy's neck and pets Roy's cock with his thumb. "But we both know that Bruce found many ways to show his love for Dick."

"Not -- not enough."

"Not ultimately, no. But I believe he can learn, precious one. If necessary... *I* will do the teaching."

Roy *grunts* --

Pictures it --

And licks his lips. Because --

Kal laughs. "You'd like to watch, perhaps...?"

"Uh. I think it could be... something that would... be educational."

Kal *coughs* a laugh --

"Fuck, it'd be educational for the whole *community*. *Starting* with Dick."

"Oh, precious one..."

"I'm... guessing you don't think that's right."

"Think about it."

And -- he does. He thinks about Bruce hanging from a blue and *grey* ceiling, swinging on his toes, taking that whip-cane like a professional while Kal says all kinds of dirty, fucked-up, *perfect* things --

Bruce getting hard-harder-*hardest* --

And Bruce giving it up, broken and needy and *open* -- for Kal-El.

For the man Dick could never *be*.

Roy winces and nods. "I... hear you. Private would be better, at least at first."

"Yes. Though my privacy is now your own, beloved one. A good pet *always* returns to his master's side. As a good son returns to his father's."

"I. I've wanted someone to return to. Someone -- more than what I had before you... picked me up."

Kal strokes down to Roy's hip and squeezes. "You will never lack for that again."

"You -- anything can *happen* --"

"Yes, precious son. And that is why you will make *certain* that you'll never lack for that again."

"I -- oh. Uh. Heh." Roy grins and rubs back against Kal a little. "Got it, Father. I'll... put some effort into that."

"So you will," and Kal *scratches* Roy's hip. <<Open,>> he says, and then something else --

And the bed gives them a little more room. A *little*. Roy takes the opportunity to breathe deep --

To note that Kal isn't getting even a little bit soft --

And Kal reaches over to take the small and *visibly* sturdy ear bud slowly growing out of the mattress. JLA communicator. He taps it twice and places it in Roy's ear like some other kind of dom would put a jewel in their sub's belly-button --

Roy waits for instructions --

"Dinah," Kal says *firmly*, and -- yeah. That makes a lot of sense.

"Speedy to Black Canary."

"Oh, thank *fuck* -- where *are* you?" The worry in her voice --

"Ah -- south? I'm about as far south as anyone can get --"

"What the hell does that -- oh. *Oh*. *Really*?"

Roy grins. "Prime decided to... uh... take me for a ride."

Dinah snorts --

Coughs --

*Snickers* --

And these are the times when it sinks *in* that she's only four years older than he is, that she's young enough to *play* with --

For *him* to play with, and he wants -- God. "BC, I... I wanted to thank you --"

Dinah *hoots* -- and coughs again. "No, I'm sorry, what?"

"I --"

"And this really *would* explain why you're using *that* frequency. Heh heh. You made Pri-ime hap-peeee..."

Kal hums and traces patterns in the sweat on Roy's hip. And --

"Heh, well. He's making me pretty happy. But I wanted --"

"Happy-happy? *Real* happy? Because you haven't exactly been -- you know what I'm saying."

Roy swallows. "Yeah, I -- yeah. It's real. But --"

"Oh, kiddo -- I'm not gonna let you thank me. Not for that."

"BC --"

"You're just not -- it's what friends *do*. Wouldn't you do the same for me?"

"In a *heartbeat* --"

"And all the Titans?"

"Of course --"

"And Priiime...?"

Roy snickers again. "Well, *yeah*. But I'm pretty sure that all of you would try to *thank* me after --"

"And you did try. And you totally failed. Go with it."

Roy laughs and rubs at the drying sweat on his cheek. "Okay, I hear you. I -- I'm okay. I mean -- I'm going to be okay. I can see that now."

"Oh, man, *goosebumps* -- do you really mean it?"

"Yeah --"

"Mean it so much I don't have to call up *every single Titan ever* just to find you because you won't be doing anything *dumb*?"

Roy winces. "Am I allowed to apologize for that?"

And Dinah sighs. "I -- I don't think so. I don't have the *right*. I mean -- you're grown, and also you're not *my* ward --"

"I'm nobody's ward anymore, Dinah. And -- you always have the right."

A pause -- "Okay, so I'm frowning *and* beaming a little. And we both know the whys for both."

Roy strokes the bed because he can't stroke her. "I -- uh. I've always kinda thought that that's one of the reasons *why* you have the right."

"Yeah, I -- you have the right, too, kiddo. You know that, right?"

Roy feels his heart seize up a little --  he grins. "I do now."

"Aw -- I love you."

"I love you --"

"Heh. When are you coming up to Gotham?"

And that -- "New York has fewer psychos this time of year."

Dinah snickers again. "Bo-ring. Come *play*!"

Well... Roy pushes back against Kal a little more, rubs until he can feel himself leaking more --

*Prickling* with new sweat --

"I... am not making any serious plans yet, BC."


"I think it would be pretty fair to say that Prime's doing the planning *for* me."

Dinah gasps -- "Oh -- *ooh*! You didn't tell me you played like that!"

"I'm on a team with an *Amazon*, BC."

"I -- all right, that's true, but *everyone* plays that way with Amazons at least once. It doesn't *mean* anything. Uh. Unless it does!"

"It totally means something. It's -- uh. It means the world, actually," and Roy closes his eyes for the feel of Kal's breath on his scalp --

Kal's nuzzling *kiss* -- "Mine."

And there's a moment when he doesn't have to say a word, where he can just leave it --

Except that that's not true. Because --

"Yours, Kal," Roy says, pitching his voice to carry *clearly* --

And Kal rewards him with a *hard* thrust --

And Roy *groans* --

And Dinah sighs. "I should *paddle* you for making me listen to that when there isn't a single dick in this apartment."

Roy snorts, and of course it's easy to talk to Dinah. She isn't -- she *makes* it easy. *Always*. But still -- "Sorry, that kind of thing is only for Kal and whoever he decides is -- heh -- worth it."

"I *am* worth it! And I don't even *like* being the one doing the paddling -- and. Wait, are you off the *market?*"

"Just in terms of who gets to dom me and *when* they get to dom me, BC. Other than that... I'm just as on the market as -- ever," Roy says, but --

"You sure about that, Speedy?"

"I -- I know I fucking led with that, BC, but --" Roy shakes his head. "Speedy is GA's partner, and that's not me anymore. That can't *be* me."

"Oh -- damn it, I can't use your *name*!"

"I know, I know, but I'm hearing you anyway. You think I shouldn't give up, right?"


"I'm *not* giving up, BC. It's just... time for a little something new. Maybe a big something new."

"Maybe a collar around your *neck*?"

"The one I'm wearing right this second *is* pretty fucking hot if I do say so myself --"

Dinah snorts -- "Oh, but are you *sure*?"

Roy closes his eyes and breathes in Kal, sex, the *Fortress* -- and then he opens his eyes right up again. "Yeah, I'm sure. I'm *not* sure about just what name I'll be teaching the world's bad guys to *fear*, and I'm not sure I'm gonna be doggin' it the same *way* I always did before, but... yeah. I'm coming back, BC."

"Heh. Hard and mean?"

"Just the way you like it, mami," and it's *reflexive* at this point to waggle his eyebrows a little --

"Oh -- mm. Hell, yes," she says, and sighs before making a sound *exactly* like she's shaking herself like a dog. "Anyway..."

"I'm listening, mami."

"You know I'm not gonna get on your case for leaving GA, right? I mean -- he fucked up *bad*."

"Heh. So did I -- and. I don't blame him for losing it like he did, BC --"

"Speedy -- and you know I'm only calling you that because I *have* to and come *here* -- anyway. *I* blame him. Everyone who *knows* blames him. There's no way in *hell* that *Prime* doesn't blame him. You know?"

And Kal picks right then to kiss the back of Roy's neck in a *speaking* way, gentle and firm at once -- but.

"I can't --" Roy shakes his head. "This isn't about me being pissed at GA. Just -- not that, okay? He's got his own way of doing things, and I've got mine. I'm never gonna get on *you* for loving him, okay? Because I always will."

"And *that* tells me -- you really are saying goodbye to him," Dinah says, and the ruefulness in her voice --

Yeah, at least a part of her absolutely wanted Roy to be angry, fucked-up the *Arrow* way --

He's not gonna do that to himself anymore. Not -- not for this. "Yeah, I -- I need to."

"Then I'm behind you one hundred percent, kiddo. Just -- always, okay?"

"Back at you, mami."

"All right then. Give me to Prime, please -- there's something I need to say to him."

Roy blinks -- but he knows. He really, *really* knows, and it's enough to make his heart seize again, make him *warm* -- "You got it, BC. I'll see you soon."

"You *better*. And I'll let the Titans know that you're fine. Bye!"

"Love you," Roy says, and -- doesn't have time to reach up before Kal is taking the bud out of his ear *gently* --

"Yes, Black Canary?" And that was *Superman's* voice --

Superman's warm, mild *chuckle* --

"Oh, really, Black Canary, language like that isn't at all appropriate --" But then *Kal* laughs, low and dark --

And hums --

"I do understand, Black Canary. And I give you the same promise I gave Wildcat several years ago: Only love. Only ever love."

And that --

Roy *shivers* --

And moans helplessly when Kal cups his hip and squeezes --

"And to you, Black Canary. Prime out." And Kal squeezes harder. "I'm going to soften myself now, beloved pet. Be ready."

"Yes, Kal," Roy says -- and immediately groans for what seems like about eighteen gallons of come leaving his body *with* Kal's cock.

Kal laughs again. "Perhaps you'll enjoy being cleansed this time."

Roy shudders --

And Kal doesn't actually *snicker*, but Roy can tell he wants to.

"Heh, it is *absolutely* your right to fuck with me, Kal."

"Oh, yes," Kal says, rolling Roy onto his back --

Roy leaks *more* --

And Kal straddles Roy and cups his shoulders. "You've thought more about Nightwing."

And -- serious business now. All right, then. Roy takes a deep breath and nods. "I don't think -- I mean, there already *is* a Flamebird."

"She lacks *my* sanction... but that isn't what I want for you."

Roy shivers. "I'm listening, Kal."

Kal looks him *over*, breathing deep and smiling -- "My perfect pet. My beloved son. You have many, many skills other than the bow."

"I. I don't want to give *up* shooting --"

"And I don't want you to. I do, however, want you to be... even more protected. Even more... dangerous," Kal says, and makes that sound like something to *fuck* --

Which it absolutely is. "I could... carry more weapons. Different weapons."

"And allow Dick to teach you even more of his own skills."

Roy grins. "I'd be lying if I said I *wasn't* already thinking about that."

Kal's eyes flare bright enough to make Roy *wince* --

But he's not gonna look away for even a moment. He's just -- not.


The uniform is as perfect as he can make it -- from the knives in his boots to the smoke pellets in his belt to the guns in his shoulder-rigs to the d-ring on his *collar* -- to the blood-in-arc-sodium gleam of his domino.

It fits like a dream and lets him move in all the ways he *needs* to -- and all the ways he wants to, too. Even though there's enough armor to save his ass and enough deep red leather to make him welcome in any *number* of the clubs which have seemed a lot more interesting just lately.

It's --

It's Arsenal, not Speedy, and it's exactly what he's wanted since the first time he ran out of arrows on the street -- even though he didn't have a name for that want at the time. The *name* hadn't come until Roy caught himself staring *hungrily* through the window of a Gotham gun shop after a date with Dinah.

The name --

It feels as perfect as the *uniform*, but --

He hasn't done this before.

He hasn't gone *out* like this before.

He's standing in front of a full-length mirror and staring at --

Not a stranger. Not that.

Just someone he never thought he'd ever be.

Someone *Speedy* thought he'd never be --

And certainly never thought he'd need to be.

And when Roy smiles in this uniform, it looks one fuck of a lot like someone's about to bleed. Heh. *That* --

Roy hooks his thumb through the d-ring and tugs, watching his smile turn slick and hungry.

There are a lot of things he hasn't done in this uniform, yet. There are --

"Ooh, look at *you*," and that's Dick *and* Nightwing pushing through the door and moving close. Dick's leer and Nightwing's smile. Dick's hug and Nightwing's *grip* --

"What's up, 'mano?"

Dick leers at him in the *mirror*. "Someone? A couple of someones...?"

Roy... is pretty damned sure Nightwing understands his relationship with Kal a fuck of a lot more than *Dick* does --

But Dick has still been just as supportive and *fantastic* as any brother could be. Any -- brother.

Roy shakes his head and grips Dick's gloved -- *not* gauntleted -- wrist before that hand can make it to his crotch --

And Dick pouts at him while Nightwing frowns.

"Need a little somethin' else right now, 'mano."

Dick raises his eyebrows behind the mask. "Or a not-so-little something?"

"Heh heh. Maybe," Roy says, and gives Dick's wrist a squeeze. "I'll catch up to you out there."

And Dick twists out of his grip and hugs him with what feels like every limb he has and several he technically doesn't. "Promise?"

"Promise," and Roy kisses him hard and -- heh -- promising.

"Mm. I'll hold you to that. And to the floor. And to the bed. And to the wall..." And Dick's grin as he *saunters* backwards to the door is an absolute showstopper --

So Roy waggles his eyebrows *and* his tongue before turning back to the mirror and locking his arms behind his back. <<Father. I have a need.>>

And that's Kal's big thumb in his d-ring --

And Kal's other hand on his hip --

And Kal's huge, perfect body there behind him, right *there* --

He's rubbing his cock against Roy's *hands* --

<<Beloved son. Speak your needs in full.>>

Roy moans and shivers. And prepares to do just that.


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