by Te
September 15, 2011

Disclaimers: No one and nothing here is mine.

Spoilers/Timeline: Vague ones for older storylines. Takes place sometime before all the deaths and random shakeups and city explosions.

Summary: A celebration of filial affection.

Ratings Note/Warnings: Sexual context which dovetails with the content some readers may find to be disturbing.

Author's Note: For my Jack with all the love. ALL OF IT.

Acknowledgments: Much love to Pixie, Mildred, and ShadowValkyrie for audiencing, encouragement, and suggestions. And then Jack came in and polished it just like ze doesn't know how presents work.

Length: 15,000 words.


Roy knows what's going to happen.

It starts here, with Connor hanging his bow and reflexively checking his quiver to make sure the arrows he has left -- a lot more than Roy still has -- are worth keeping after a night of hand-to-hand -- and the occasional foot -- with Star City's criminal element.

Connor isn't frowning -- it takes a *lot* to make him actually frown -- but there's a little line of concentration on his forehead --

A line Roy wants to lick so bad his *tongue* is curling --

So fucking --

But it *really* starts with Connor stiffening up, because --


Because he can feel *exactly* what Roy's thinking. He -- "Sorry, bro, just..." What, exactly?

But Connor smiles at him, rueful and warm. "It's all right." And he means it. He absolutely, totally, completely --

And he wouldn't if Roy actually pushed this time.

The way he's pushed other times.

The way --


What? "Yeah, Connor?"

A little tightening around the mouth, a deepening of that line on his forehead --

"What's wrong?"

"Are -- I was going to ask if you were staying tonight."

Roy smiles helplessly. "But you decided against it...?"

Connor hums and sets his quiver down. "I remembered that you have... other places to be."

But I'd like to be in *your* -- places. No, that wouldn't work even a little. And also -- "I *could* stay --"

"It's all right --"

"Connor --"

And Connor's smiles -- *all* of his smiles -- are showstoppers. Even though none of them are like *Dick's*. Even though *this* one is all about Connor saying *no*. *Again*.

Still -- "I'm a grown man, Connor. I *know* how to jerk off. I'm good at it, even."

"I --" And Connor turns away. Just a little.

Just enough to let Roy know he's blushing under the skin.

Just enough to make Roy need to *touch* --

But a lot of things are making him need that, and -- it's not what Connor ever wants from him. Roy takes a deep, slow breath, closes the distance between them --

"Roy --"

-- and rests his hands on Connor's shoulders. "We can talk about anything you want. We can hang out. We can watch infomercials or stoner cartoons or whatever. We can *hug* --"

"Or," Connor says, and raises an eyebrow. "You could go visit... Dinah?"

Now that's an idea. That's *always* an idea. A *good* idea. A warm, breast-y, scarred-up, kinky, *wonderful* idea -- wait, no, she's working in Gotham this week, and that means she's got eyes for exactly *one* Daddy. The one she wears in her ears and around her strong, pale, *delicious* -- throat.

Mm. No.

But Connor is laughing at him, soft and warm and *amused*.

Roy lets go of one shoulder to wag a finger at him. "Don't knock it --"


"I'm just saying --"

"She's going to be my *stepmother* soon --"

"All the more reason to get in before --"


"Heh. You *could* just tell me what's going on with you, you know."

"I don't want to keep you --"

"You're my *brother*. Keeping me is in the *charter*."

And Connor -- searches him a little.

Touches his tongue to his *ridiculously* soft upper lip --

And Roy has to *stare* --

And Connor steps back. "It's all right, Roy --"

"Oh -- God, I'm sorry --"

"It's all *right*," Connor says, and gestures for peace, calm --

Everything Roy doesn't *have* right now -- "Connor..."

"I... perhaps you could come back? After."

Roy frowns. "There *is* something you want to talk to me about? Something serious?"

Connor smiles ruefully again. "I always want to talk to you..."

Roy doesn't *grunt* --

"But... yes. Something. Something that would be easier... later."

Roy bites his lip -- but he has to nod. His cock is going to be doing all the talking until he can have *something*.

Something real, something *warm* --

And Connor's smile is *relieved*, crooked and happy --

Roy moves close and hugs Connor, and -- he doesn't kiss his cheek. He just rubs his stubble against Connor's face a little.

"Oh -- Roy."

"I'll be back as soon as I can, okay?" And Roy steps back and raises his eyebrows behind his mask.

Connor cups Roy's cheek and smiles wryly. "Perhaps... don't rush?"

"Heh. I... it's not like I can't be *efficient* --"

"Don't -- not that."


"You're never --" Connor shakes his head. "You always... love. I'd like you to love tonight, as well."

He could.

Right here.

Right *now* -- but he knows what Connor means. Roy swallows and nods. "Okay, then. Get a little rest, then. I'll come see you when I get back."

Another rueful smile. "All right, Roy. Thank you."

Roy nods and covers the hand Connor has on his cheek, squeezes it and -- doesn't molest it. He's good. He's gold. He's *fine* --

He taps his comm *that* way -- "Arsenal, one to transport."

"State location."


And then he's getting turned inside-out *brusquely* --

Felt up by the *universe* --

And twisted the right way around again.

He drops into a crouch and pants a little bit, giving himself a *minute* --

Except that there's a damned *batarang* flying at his head, because *someone* hasn't heard of *visiting*. Roy rolls, twists, dodges into the shadows --

Pulls his bow --

Shoots a couple of escrima bastons out of the air --



"Oh -- God, I'm sorry," Dick says, and peels out of another shadow. All he's wearing is a mask and his tights -- the jock is *absolutely* gone -- and he looks sheepish.

The smile is perfect, though.

It's *always* perfect with Dickie --

Roy stands, dusts the gymnast's chalk off his arms, and does his second finger-wag of the night. "I *told* you I'd probably come this weekend."

"You didn't say *when*. Or *how*," and Dick helps dust him off --

"How much of this stuff have you been *using*?"

"Just the usual -- Tim visited."

Interesting... "Yeah?"

"I -- kind of attacked him, too."

"And not with your cock?"

Dick sighs and smacks Roy absently. "He threw the chalk at my *head*."

"Heh heh. Blinded you?"

"For long enough for him to get his staff to my *throat* --" And Dick *growls* absently -- "And then he went *home* again."

"Dickie --"

"Don't say it."

Roy looks at him.

"We had a *good* visit. There were -- he let me feed him things."

"And not your --"

Dick smacks him again --


"We *cuddled* --"

"Dickie --"

"We -- we watched *movies* --"

"Listen --"

Dick kisses him and shoves his hands into Roy's hair, yanking and mussing and walking Roy back and back --

There's a wall *somewhere* around -- there. Dick bounces him off it hard enough to break the kiss --

Mutters something about raisinets --

Works on Roy's *laces* -- "Wait."

Roy raises his eyebrows. "Yeah?"

"I --" Dick frowns and tugs at the laces *ineffectually*, and --

Roy knows this part. "You're not using me."

"I --"

"I'm not using you."

"Are you --"

"You're not gonna be thinking about *anything* else once I'm fucking you so hard you scream."

Dick's jaw drops just like he's somehow *not* used to this --

Roy grins and *waggles* his eyebrows --

Dick growls and bounces Roy off the wall again, clicks their teeth together, bites and grinds and finally -- *finally* -- kisses him like he means it, like they're both *right* here --

God, Dick always tastes so *good* --

Roy grips Dick's hips and gets in some humping. *Careful* humping -- *his* jock is still on -- but still enough to make Dick moan into his mouth and start *yanking* at the laces --


Yeah --


Roy waits until Dick eases the bite to his lip just *enough* -- and then shoves Dick back.

Dick grins *just* like Roy's gonna *pay* for that --

*Fuck*, yes.

Roy strips off just as fast as he can, not bothering with finesse -- and not bothering to take off his fingerless gloves, either.

"Oh... Roy."

"Get those tights off."

The grin gets *sharper* --

And Roy's cock is more than smart enough to twitch for that. It's *that* grin. The one that means --

The trick, after all this time, *isn't* to try to surprise Dick. They know each other too well for that, and there's just no point. The *trick* is to throw himself right into it --

Push and shove and *strike* --

Take shots to the *ribs* --

The pecs --

The *kidneys* once he's got Dick down on the ground with his legs wrapped around him --

Once he can *grind* against that pornographically *sleek* uniform that's hiding too much of Dick's *heat* --

"*Ohn* --"

"You want it, Dickie...?"

The trick to *this* -- is to just let Dick pant a little, smile *distantly* at whatever's in his head, whatever's not *quite* here --

Because it never takes long --

Never takes too *many* grinding, *punishing* thrusts --

"Oh fuck --"

"I asked you a *question*."

"Roy --"

And it kills the pin, but sometimes -- *right* now -- it's just right to get a hand around Dickie's throat and *squeeze* --

"Jesus --"

Just hard enough that Dick's voice gets a *whistle* --

And maybe a little harder than that, too -- "*Answer* me."

And Dick opens his mouth and *tries* to groan -- Roy can feel it --

Dick *bucks* so hard an amateur would think he wanted Roy to *move* --  heh. He does want Roy to move. But...

"Are you gonna answer me, Dickie? Or do I get mean?"

Dick squeezes his eyes shut and *shudders* --

Bucks even *harder* --

And then he starts to grind, starts to pump, starts to claw at the mats and beg with his body, his perfect fucking body --

So Roy kneels up -- and loosens his grip.

"*Fuck* --" And Dick gasps -- "*Roy* --" And gasps again -- "*Please*, Roy --"

"Answer. The. Question."

"You are so --" And Dick gasps a *laugh*, banging his head back against the mats.

The trick to *this*... is to hold on just a little longer.

To *not* laugh with him.

To just wait one.


Moment --

And Dick groans and *grips* himself through his tights. "Roy..."

"I'm listening."

Dick squeezes his eyes shut and groans again --

*Tosses* his head --

"You can do it, Dickie..."

"*Fuck* -- I need it --"


"It's not -- it's never just *want*," Dick says, staring up at him with something almost like *accusation* in his eyes. Something --

It's every day he hasn't been here.

And every *night* --

"Yeah. I hear you," Roy says, and stands. He gives himself half a second to catalogue where the new bruises will be -- always so *few* on nights like these -- and then he nods down at Dick. "Up."

Dick squeezes his eyes shut again -- but only for a moment before he rolls gracefully -- *perfectly* -- to his feet --

"You know what to do."

"Yes, Roy."

They *both* watch Roy's cock twitch for that --

Dick stares *hungrily* -- and peels out of his mask and tights. There's a new stitched cut on his right thigh. The stitches themselves are perfectly even and *tiny* --


"Yes, Roy."

Roy nods thoughtfully and files the thought away for the moment. "Brace your hands on the wall and spread your legs. *Wide*."

"Yes, Roy," Dick says, and there's a *hot* light in his eyes, a *wild* light --

A part of Roy wants to let *that* Dick loose -- he always gives the *best* bruises -- but that's not what either of them really want right now.

Dick jogs to the wall and follows orders, hanging his head between his arms and flexing his shoulders, his calves --

And the first slap doesn't even make him *jerk*. Just --

"You're that ready for this."

"Yes, Roy."

"That -- heh. Needy."

"You know I am, Roy -- *nnh* --"

"Watch the attitude," Roy says, and *then* eases his grip on Dick's sac.

"I'm. I'm sorry, Roy."

"You planning on doing a lot of apologizing tonight, Dickie...?"

A wet sound -- Dick's licking his lips. "Yes, Roy. I -- I need that, too."

Roy shivers and pants -- "Then take it when I *tell* you to. Not before."

*Dick* shivers -- "Yes, Roy. Please -- please hurt me."

Fuck -- Roy darts in and bites the back of Dick's neck hard, *holding* it --

Dick whimpers and claws at the wall --

Roy grinds his *teeth* a little --

"*Fuck* -- me --"

Roy pulls back. "When you've earned it," and Roy starts spanking Dick hard and fast, using the leather of his gloves to protect himself a little at first --

And for a little bit longer --

And a little longer than *that* --


Yeah, like that. Roy starts using his fingers, then, twisting his wrist for the spanks --

The *strikes*, because Dick's ass is just as red as it's *ever* been --

This got fucking *obscene* when Dick was Robin --

The handprints run *into* each other --

"Please -- oh, *please* --"

"Are you sorry, Dickie...?"

"Fuck, *yes* --"

"I don't believe you," Roy says, and spins Dick around, giving himself a *moment* to take in sweat-slick olive skin, a bitten lip, *rock*-hard cock and pretty little nipples --

No, cock first.

"Present it, Dickie. *Now*."

Dick pants, wild thing hot and just a little *frightening* in his eyes --

"Take. What. You. *Need*."

And Dick *flinches* for that -- but the wild thing sinks under soft blue and hunger Roy can *smell*. Dick smiles, then, and it's loose and a little cock-drunk, a little full of the buzz from his ass and thighs...

Roy gestures the come-on --

Remembers that he still has his damned *mask* on --

And remembers that sometimes that's better for Dick. So be it.

Dick wraps his thumb and forefinger around the base of his cock and tilts it forward just *so*.

"Good boy. No noise until I tell you."

"Y-yes, Roy --" And he clenches his jaw *just* right in the second before Roy slaps his cock.

He pants through his nose and Roy slaps it again.

He *gasps* through his nose and Roy slaps him again.

He swallows and *shakes* -- and Roy shoves him back into a lean against the wall before slapping him again --

And again --

"Up against your abs, now, Dickie."

Dick nods, stiff and a little jerky, and does it, holding his cock up by a finger against the underside of the head.

"Pretty, pretty," Roy says, and lick his lips, letting himself consider for a good, long while.

Dick opens his mouth -- and closes it again.

And shudders.

And grits his teeth *harder* --

"Pinch the head."

Dick lets out a long, shuddering breath and does it. Not too loose, not too tight. Just enough to make Dick start breathing *evenly* again, start looking at Roy the right way, the needy-expectant-*hungry* way --

"Yeah, Dickie. You know I'll take care of you."

"Yes, Roy -- *fuck* --"

"Don't worry about it, Dickie. You need *just* this," Roy says, lifting Dick's sac and alternating smacks between it and the underside of his pretty, perfect, and *entirely* unadorned cock. "I'll *always* give you what you need."

Dick pants through his *teeth*.

"I'll always give you what you want, too..."

Dick nods, and there are tears forming --

Roy leans in and licks *one* of them away. "I'll always take what *I* want from you..."

Dick nods again and swallows back -- some kind of noise.

"Almost there, Dickie. I promise."

A *frantic* nod --

"You don't know how much I need you tonight, Dick. But you will," Roy says, and starts smacking harder. Not as hard as he was giving it to his ass -- but.

A pant --

He's tossing his head --

He's shuddering and sweating *bullets* --

"*Noise*, Dickie. Now --"


"Yeah. *Right* here --"

"Roy -- Roy, *yes* --"

"You feel me, Dickie?"

"Yes -- ohn -- oh, yes --"

"Feel me *hurting* you?"

"I'm so--"


Dick sobs then, bangs his head back against the wall --

*Claws* at the wall and starts to buck, to beg for *more* --

"Good boy. You can do it," and Roy starts easing the force of the slaps, slow and steady --

"Roy -- God -- *fuck* --"

"Tell me."

"I *need* it -- I need you, I've needed you so *much* --"

"You know what you have to do when you need me, Dickie..."

"*Please*! I'm --"

Roy growls and uses a fantasy Dick had told him one of the nights when it was just the two of them sitting up in Roy's bedroom in the Tower --

Dick always loved the smell of his bow polish --

Dick always *loved*, and so it's no hardship to push Dick's head back and bite the *front* of his throat, to cut off his air *that* way --

To growl the way *another* man might've growled one night in a different home entirely...

And to do it for just long enough that Dickie can slump and relax, give it *up* a little bit more, whimper and moan and *beg* --

And beg out loud when Roy steps back. Just like --

"Please, Roy, please let me suck you off --"


Dick whines -- growls and shakes his head. "Please let me *apologize* --"

"Not yet," and Roy *grips* Dick's sac --

Dick *screams*, twitching hard enough to spatter them both with pre-come. "I need it, I *need* it --"

"You'll get it, Dickie. When *I* say."

"Better --"

"What's that?"

Dick *croons* a moan, and he's thrusting constantly now, fucking the *air* --

"*Answer* me," Roy says, and *tightens* his grip --

"*Ahn* --! It's better when you make me, when you tell me -- oh, *please*, Roy!"

Timing isn't the only thing, and it's definitely not *every*thing, but it's absolutely *a* thing, and it needs to be used just as hard and well as Dick does. "You're gonna come for me."

"*Yes* --"

"You're gonna do it hard... and you're gonna do it fast. Arms up."

"Yes, Roy!"

And Dick *jerks* his arms up above his head, tosses sweaty hair back from his beautiful face --

And Roy doesn't say a word about how all the wrong people can resist that beauty, and how all the right people maybe just need a little push, a chance to *smell* Dick when he's just this needy, just this hot and hard and *slick* --

Cameras don't *give* enough, no matter *what* Dick's fucked-up family thinks --

And none of them are here with the two of them. None of them can have the feeling of Dick's slim, strong wrists against Roy's palm, Dick's sleek, scarred hip against his *other* palm --

None of *them* get to taste his brother's sweat when Roy starts to rock --

Starts to push and shove and fucking *rut* --

"*Hnh* -- oh, *fuck* --"

"*Take* it, Dickie --"

"Nuh -- ohn -- *Roy*!"

Yeah. Just a little bit of a *twist* --

And Dick screams for the feel of Roy's ladder dragging against his hypersensitized cock --

And screams *again* when Roy speeds up just --

Like --

*This*. And Dick's eyes are squeezed shut again, and he's gonna be *hoarse*, and he's straining and twisting --

Begging again when he lifts his right leg and tries to wrap it around Roy's hip --


Dick whines and nods, planting his foot and settling for the drag, the buck --

The slap of Roy's sac against his own, and a part of Roy wishes he'd taken the time to put *those* rings in --

No, it would've taken too *much* time, and who knows *what* Dick would've gotten up to then. Heh. And the thing is...

*This* kind of fucking without Dick all over him just isn't gonna get him off. He can watch *Dick* lose it for every thrust that gets them sweatier, harder, *needier* --

He can listen to Dick groan and pant --

He can *feel* Dick shudder as he gets closer --

So much *closer* --

But he gets to have the control they both *need* him to have right now. He gets to look down from on high a little, loom a little, *push* a little, *use* everything Kal and Donna taught him about how to do this *right*--

Until Dick's eyes are wide and dazed --

Until he's *whimpering* for every half-broken shudder --

"Gonna do you so hard, Dickie..."

"*Please* --"

"Gonna -- mm. Gonna make you cry for me -- and *not* for the pain."

"Oh -- *God*, Roy -- *please*, Roy --"

"Just say yes, Dickie. Just --" Roy licks his lips and tastes Dick's sweat. "Just say yes -- and take it."

"Yes -- *fuck* -- fuck me -- oh, *fuck* --"

And *that* reaction means that it *was* the right time to speed up, to *use* his ladder to crush Dick's cock a little --

To *force* him down to one rhythm *only*, instead of that wild syncopation that's always running through the back of his mind --

"Love you, Dickie..."

"Nnh -- *Roy* --"


And the rest is hungry, pained whimpers and shuddering --

Riding the twist and *fight* as Dick tries to *behave* --


"Roy --"


And Dick's expression is beautiful, so --

He looks so *anguished* --

Roy kisses him hard and bucks a little more, grinds a little --

Dick pulls back and *wails* --

Tries to say Roy's name and wails *more* -

Bucks like he's trying to fuck a *speedster*, and the sounds are so fucking *perfect*, so *right* as Dick comes all over both of them. One shot after another after another until his shaking knees finally buckle.

Roy holds on to Dick's wrists until Dick can stagger himself back upright again, then kisses him hard, *deep* --

*Deals* with how much he's twitching for these sweet little whimpers, for the way Dick is *seeking* his tongue, trying to coax, trying to suck --

"*Please* --"

And Roy starts fucking Dick's mouth with his tongue then, does it slow and easy -- but not so easy that Dick's pleas can't be slurred, messy as everything about them right now --

"Mmph -- *Roy* -- *nnh* --"

Roy tugs on Dick's tongue with his teeth a little --

And Dick knows what he wants. He moans and begs *just* like that until they're both drooling a little, both feeling the *need* --

And then Roy lets go and licks Dick everywhere salty, getting *all* the come off his chest and belly and swollen cock before grabbing Dick by the hair and making him do the same for him.

It's tempting as *fuck* to get that hungry mouth on his cock -- they'd *both* love that -- but Roy has more than one promise to keep tonight. He tightens his grip on Dick's hair and tugs him back --

And Dick looks up at him with wide eyes, *accepting* eyes --

God, Dickie can give it up so sweet with just the right kind of *pushes* --

"Up," Roy says, and *tugs* Dick's hair --

"Yes, Roy," and Dick's voice is that *husky* kind of rough --

And he didn't get even *halfway* soft. He --

Roy strokes Dick's mouth --

Watches Dick's eyes get heavy-lidded and *hungry* again --

"Please, Roy."

"Yeah. Up to your loft. *Now*."

And Dick turns and jogs for his loft *immediately*. So perfect. So --

And Roy remembers a time when he'd thought he'd *never* be able to make this work with Dick --

Remembers being *sure* that there were some things Dick just *couldn't* do --

And remembers realizing -- again -- that, when it comes to Robin, you just have to have a little *faith*.

Roy grins and forces himself to walk at a nice, even pace. He's gotta give Dick time to get where he needs to be. And, more than that, he's gotta give Dick time to *wait* for him.

For what he's gonna *get*.

Roy grins and takes the stairs one at a time --

Trails his fingers along the guard-rail for the catwalk --

*Pauses* outside the bedroom door --

Watches Dick shiver on his hands and knees --

And listens to Dick pant and moan *quietly*.

"You ready for me, Dickie?"

"God, yes --"

"You got the slick --"

"In my hand warming up --"

"You interrupting me, Dickie...?"

"*Fuck* -- I'm. May I apologize, Roy?"

God, he's in *deep* --

*Roy* shivers and licks his lips -- "Not yet."

"Yes, Roy. Please... please punish me."

"You got it, Dickie. Kneel up."

Dick moans and does it --

And Roy goes to the bureau full of *his* clothes Dick keeps for him, opens the top drawer, and pulls out the saw-tooth nipple clamps. He looks --

And Dick isn't even looking in this *direction*. He's kneeling up, his posture is perfect, and his arms are crossed behind his back. The little bottle of slick is in his *right* hand --

And his cock is twitching just a little.

"You know what you're gonna get."

"Yes. Yes, Roy."

"You want it?"

"I *need* it, Roy --"

"Take it," Roy says, and clips on the clamps --

And Dick hisses and tosses his head immediately, pants and *flushes* --

"You're so beautiful to me, Dickie. You make me wanna hurt you all *night*," Roy says, and claws his way up Dick's belly while Dick moans --

*Sways* --

And Roy plants his hand between Dick's shoulder blades and shoves him back down onto his hands and knees --

"*Thank* you, Roy."

Jesus. Fuck -- "You're welcome, Dickie. Tell me how many times you fantasized your little brother onto his knees this weekend."

Dick grunts. "I. I didn't count --"

"More than once?"

"Yes --"

"More than five times?"

Dick groans and shudders --

And Roy slaps his sac --

"*Hnh* -- *yes*, Roy --"

"Tell me how he sucked you."

Dick pants, and Roy doesn't need to see him to know that he's blushing, begging somewhere under the skin --

Roy slaps his sac *again* --

"*Roy* --"

"Tell me."

"He. God -- he could only take half --"


"I wanted -- I told him it was okay --"

"You lied to him?"

Dick whimpers -- "No -- no, it's -- it's always good --"

"He's hungry for you?"

"So --" Dick groans. "Hurts. I --"

"I know it does, Dickie. Did you fuck him this time?"

"Even -- yes, Roy --"


Dick beats at the bed with his fist --

Stops --

"I'm. I want to apologize, Roy --"

"You can't, yet," Roy says, and *squeezes* Dick's sac --

Dick *screams* --

"Answer the question."

"Y-yes, Roy. I fucked him. I did it -- so hard. Even though he was tight."

And there goes Roy's cock. Fucking -- "Did he cry?"

Dick shudders and moans. "I. I kissed his tears. I licked them --"

"You gonna lose it if he ever does cry in front of you again?"

"I -- probably," Dick says, and laughs softly and with a whole lot of pain --

"I won't let you, Dickie."

"Roy --"

"I'll be right here to keep you safe."

"*Nnh* --"

"I'll be right here to *make* you good. You know that, don't you?"

"Oh -- God, Roy --"

"You trust me, Dickie...?"

"Yes -- oh, God, *yes* --"

"Of course..." Roy starts *pumping* Dick's sac --

"Ahn -- *ahn* --"

"Of course, you *could* just do him and save yourself the breakdown."

Dick laughs then, musical and so *sweet* --

And Roy grins. "Yeah, I hear you, Dickie. Slick. *Now*."

Dick hands it back without a *second's* hesitation, and Roy slicks up three fingers --

And pushes in with two --


"You need it."

"Yes -- oh, *yes* --"

"When's the last time you called Clark?"

"I --" Dick shakes his head. "I don't --"

"You don't know. Dickie, Dickie..." Roy sighs and reaches between Dick's legs to *claw* his cock --

"*Fuck* --"

"You can't be like that, Dickie..."

"Please -- oh, *please* --"

Roy crooks his fingers --

Dick *shouts* --

"You know he needs you. You know we *all* do."

"Please," Dick says, and shakes his head. "Please, I get so -- so --" And then he's *yelling* again --

Oh, yeah, Roy's crooking his fingers again. *Right*. The chances are *low* that Dick will go off at the wrong time after that last orgasm, but there's no reason to help it *along*.

Roy slows down and *spreads* his fingers --

*Forces* himself to just thrust --

And Dick goes back to *just* moaning and shaking.

"You get so needy, Dickie. *That's* what you get."

"I -- Roy --"

"You get so hungry you can't *think*."

Dick claws at the sheets and *shudders* --

"You get so --" Roy swallows and licks his lips. "But I know what you need."

"Always -- God, Roy, *always* --"

"Shh, just take it."

"Yes -- yes, Roy," and Dick pants and lowers his head, stilling himself until -- and Roy *knows* this -- he can make himself move in *only* the rhythm Roy's setting.

A nice, easy ride on his fingers to get him ready --

Get him more perfect than perfect --

Make him *start* to gurgle and fucking *purr* --

Oh, *hermano* -- but that's a word that doesn't get used on nights like these, because Dick needs Roy to be a certain *kind* of brother --

A different kind of brother.

Roy licks his lips and speeds up just a little, takes that heat, that too-smooth feeling that means it's been just that long for Dick --

God, *Dick* --

And Roy doesn't claw his cock again, doesn't squeeze his sac --

He hasn't done anything wrong and he probably won't for the rest of the *night* --

"Roy... Roy... *nnh* --"

And he can focus. "Your nipples, Dickie...?"

Dickie nods *frantically* -- "Burns. *Aches* --"

"Should I chain 'em?"

Dick bucks and *whimpers* --

"Oh, yeah...?"

"N-no," Dick says, shaking his head and moaning more -- "Please, no. I can't -- I won't be able to focus."

"Such a good boy. All right, Dickie. We can leave that for now."

"Please. Please let me --"

"Not *yet*."

Dick *sobs* -- and nods. "Yes, Roy."

So Roy starts a *twisting* thrust -- no. He pulls out and slicks his hand a little more, a little *better* --

"Please --"

"Uh, hunh," and Roy *shoves* back in with two --

"Oh, God, *please* --"

"You ready for me, Dickie?"

Dick groans and rocks back --

Shudders --


"Good boy for actually *checking*... but you still have to wait a little longer."

Dick moans. "I -- yes, Roy --"


"I need you so *much*," Dick says, and he sounds like he's *close* to crying --

"Oh, Dickie... I need you, too. I *always* need you."

"Roy... Roy..."

"Even when I'm not thinking about you. Even when I can't remember *exactly* how you taste. Even then? You're *in* me, Dickie. And you always will be," Roy says, and starts thrusting *hard* --

"You -- *you* --"

"I know, Dickie. Just take this."

"*Yes*, Roy --" And now Dick's tossing his head --

Groaning and *gripping* the sheets --

Sweating so much that Roy's breathing him in with every *second* that passes --

And this is what he forgets when he's not here, this --

The way that Dick takes *over* everything, the way that it's impossible to be with *anyone* else when it's just the two of them and everything they are to each other --

Or even when it's just a *little* bit of what they are to each other.

Dick's scent. Dick's body. Dick's moans and growls and *whimpers* --

Dick's *need*, because it's wound up with all of that and it's driving him up a *wall*. He's not --

He's not even *close* to getting Dick ready anymore, as opposed to just fucking him with the part of himself that actually has -- some -- control --

He crooks his fingers --

Dick shouts and *tosses* his hair --

"You're so fucking beautiful, Dickie..."

"Roy -- *you* --"

God -- "No more waiting --"

And Dick cries out with what sounds like *joy* --

Jesus, *yes* --

Roy pulls out and slicks up *good* --

And doesn't wait one more *second* before *fucking* his way in --

"Nnh -- *ahn* -- oh, *fuck* --"

"Uh, hunh."

"*Roy* --"

"*Right* here, Dickie." And going fucking *crazy* for those clenches --

For the way Dick is *shaking* --

God, he always forgets how much more he can *feel* that when he's inside --

When he's fucking *buried* --


And one day Roy's gonna convince Dickie to grow his hair out *long* again, but for now it's *just* long enough that he can get a handful and *yank* --


"I got you, Dickie. I got you and I'm not. Letting. *Go*."

Dick *shouts* again --

Shouts for *every* thrust just like he can feel Roy and every last rung of the ladder --

Roy grins helplessly and slows it down, makes it *harder* --

Dick's voice cracks *high* --

"Yeah. *Now* you can apologize."

"*Hnh* --"

"*Right* now --"

"Roy -- I'm so -- I'm so *sorry* --"

"Say you're sorry for making me wait."

"I'm *sorry* --"

"Say you're sorry for making *everybody* wait."

"Oh --"

Roy *yanks* Dick's hair --

"Sorry, fuck --"

"Say you're sorry for not giving it up *every* time you should."

Dick shudders --


"I'm sorry, I'm -- I *need* it --"

"Yeah, you do. *More*."

"I need it so much, Roy, so -- God, I'll do *anything* --"

"Bite your pillow."

Dick growls and *lunges* for it, yanking free a few hairs and biting hard --

"*Clench* -- *nnh*. Oh, yeah, Dickie, *just* like that --"

But Dick's moans are too *muffled*, too --

Roy hauls Dick's head back up --

"*Please* --"


"I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm so -- I'm not *good* enough!"

And *fuck*, but that always hurts, always --

It's not supposed to *be* like this --

But Dick is crying out and *working* his hips --

Dick is sobbing and leaking so much it's like he's *coming* --

And there's only one thing to say, one thing to do, one thing to *be* -- "You're *mine*, Dickie."

"Roy --"

"*Say* it!" And Roy thrusts *hard* --

"*Nuh* -- I'm *yours*!"

"I don't *take* damaged goods, Dickie..."

"Please -- *please*!"

"I don't -- *nnh* -- I don't take *anything* I don't want."

"Roy --"

"I don't take anything I don't *need* --"

"Need me, fuck, please, *need* me --"

"I *do*," and Roy starts to pump hard and fast, shifts the angle enough to drag against Dick's prostate every time, every fucking --

"I'm *sorry* --"


"I'm sorry, please, please, I need it, I love you --"


"I won't -- I'll do it -- "


"Anything, Roy, * anything* --"

And now Roy's grunting for it, heating up for it, losing the fucking *game* --

Or maybe winning it *entirely*. It's hard to tell at times like this, hard to be sure of *anything* with his cock snugged-up tight in the first real home it ever had --

With his ladder promising *endless* sensation and Dick's ass promising everything else --

So much *warmth* --

And Dick always sounds about ten years younger when he's like this, when *every* sound he makes is high and sharp and --

God, Clark *and* Kal would call it 'abandoned,' and that's just right, because nothing and no one can touch Dick like this, nothing and no one can bring him down to *earth*.

"That's right. That's -- God, Dickie, that's just *right* --"


"I *love* you --"

And now Dick is *slamming* himself back and back, moving so perfectly, so *sweetly* --

He's *gotta* be close --

*Roy's* close --

And he lets go of Dick's hair and grabs his hips, instead. Holds on tight and uses *all* of his strength to hold Dick still --

Dick -- that was almost a *howl* --

And another one when Roy gives up on everything *resembling* finesse and fucking *goes* for it --

*Another* one --

"Just take it, Dickie, just take what I *give* you --"

"Always -- oh, please, *always* --"

"I'll never let you *go*, Dickie --"

"Love -- love so much --" And Dick is shaking his head --

Shuddering all *over* --

Yelling and shouting and crying out --

So *good* --

And then the clenches start up, vicious and raw and making them *both* scream their fucking --

"*Roy* -- *hnh* -- *oh* --"

And suddenly it might as well be the first time, because Dick is tight, so fucking --

Dick is *wailing* again -- and coming so hard *Roy* is seeing stars --

Seeing love --

Seeing everything he needs right *now*, right here with this man, this perfect brother --

Roy can't keep himself from *clawing* Dick's hips --

Can't keep himself on anything like *rhythm* --

"Roy -- oh, God, Roy --"

"Love you --"

"Love *you*, please --"

"*Anything* --"

"Please *come* in me, Roy --"

"Ah, fuck, Dickie, you know -- you *know* -- *fuck* --"

"I know what I do to you...?"

Fuck -- fuck -- Dick is always so *fast* to recover -- 

And Dick's laugh is free and easy and warm and everything good, everything *right* --

Fast and *good* -- "Dick -- Dickie --"

"Please, Roy. Please *give* it to me..."

Roy groans and *shudders* --

"Please give me *everything* --"

"It's fucking *yours* --"

Dick moans and drops to his elbows --

"*Fuck* --"


And something bright and fucking crazy, wild, beautiful, *perfect* --

It blows up right behind his eyes and in his spine and in his *cock* --

He can't stop *fucking* --

And he never fucking wants to.

Not --


" -- never, God, never stop --"


"Or -- maybe stop?" And Dick *giggles* --

And maybe Roy feels a lot younger, too. He grins and *grinds* --

"*Oh* -- *God*, Roy..."

"Uh, hunh..."

Dick *nuzzles* the pillow, makes love to it with his face --

"You are so fucking hot --"

"I'm so fucking *fucked*."

"Aw, yeah, curse more," Roy says, and slaps Dick's ass.

Dick snickers and --

"That was kind of a hoot, Short Pants."

"It was -- it absolutely was. I --" And Dick yawns then, huge and a little jaw-cracking. "I -- wow."

"Agreed," Roy says, and rolls them over onto their sides, making sure to shove back in --

"*Nnh* -- oh, *yeah* --"

"Uh, hunh."

"God, you always sound so *smug* -- and you absolutely should."

Roy grins and licks Dick's ear. "What can I say, 'mano? You bring out the *best* of me."

"The *best* of you is going to be all over my thighs in the morning -- and that isn't even close to a complaint," Dick says, yawning and pushing back even closer.

Roy eases the clamps off and wraps an arm around Dick's waist, squeezing while Dick sighs and breathes through the pain --

And then Dick sighs again. "You always know."


"Are you planning to argue *that*?"

"There's something to be said for the argument which revolves around me listening to *my* cock, 'mano."

"Mmm. And a very wise and perspicacious dick --"


"*Dick*... it is," and Dick grins with his eyes closed. "You still..." Dick shakes his head. "Thank you."

"Thank *you* --"


"Did you not *notice* all the come in your ass?"

"I... maybe it's just too hard for me to imagine it from the other side of things."

Roy pets Dick's abs a little. "It feels good, 'mano. *Damned* good."

"It can't *possibly* feel as good as giving it up. *Nothing* can feel that good."

"When you *need* it, yeah. And sometimes I need to do the taking more than anything else."

Dick opens his eyes and hums thoughtfully.

Roy gives him time to think about it and settles in for some first-class cuddling, kissing the rising bruise on the back of Dick's neck *just* as much as he wants to --

For a good, long while --

And maybe there's a little licking. Nothing serious. Just enough to get the taste of Dick back in his mouth, get his *salt* --

And Dick twines his fingers with Roy's own and squeezes. "*Are* you staying tonight?"

Roy opens his mouth -- and then remembers.

And twitches --

Dick *grunts* --

And Roy laughs ruefully and kisses the back of Dick's neck again.

"Ooh, now *that* sounds like a mixed message. I'm *good* at those. Let's see... someone else needs you tonight?"

"I -- Connor wants to talk about Something."

"Something involving your --"

"Probably not."

"You really need to let me *talk* to him about that, Roy --"

"Just as soon as you let *me* talk to *Tim*."

Dick groans.


"It's just that he's so --"

"Innocent? I can *fix* that, 'mano."

Dick shivers. "I -- you really can."

"So let me --"

"Not -- not yet," Dick says, and frowns.

Roy pets his cheek. "Dick..."

"I... haven't given up on myself, yet. I think... sometimes I think I'm *this* close to being completely honest."

"And he looks at you with those big eyes?"

"Mostly... mostly his mouth looks a little softer. A little."


"Yeah. I... I'm going to visit *him*."


Dick licks his lips. "I -- yeah. I've been having some exceedingly obsessive fantasies involving his bedroom in his parents' house."

"Ooh. Taboo. I like it."

Dick grins. "I thought you would," and he elbows Roy a little. "Tell me why I'm not helping with Connor again."

"Because... uh."




Roy sighs. "Fuck, 'mano, I just don't wanna look *desperate*. *More* desperate, I mean."

"Oh -- Roy..."


"It's not like he'll *pity* you."

"He's -- he's a really nice *guy* -- oof, hey, no elbows in the afterglow."

"I --" Dick snorts. "He *loves* you."

"Yeah --"

"And looks *up* to you --"

"And I wanna keep that *up*, 'mano," and Roy nips the back of Dick's neck a little. "I know I'm being ridiculous --"

"*Good* --"

"Lemme keep *that* up for a little while longer, okay?"


Roy takes a deep breath and nuzzles Dick a little. "Just a little while. I promise."

"I -- it's not like I can argue with that."

"Nah, you can argue with *anything* -- and *everything* -- I do. That's what brothers are for."

"That and the screaming orgasms...?"

Roy grins... and bucks a few times...

"Nnh -- *unh* -- *Roy* --"


"I -- yes?"

"*Are* you up for another?"

"Yes, but also no."


Dick snickers and reaches back to rub Roy's hip. "We -- we pretty much broke the seal here, Roy."

Roy frowns --

Thinks about it --

And winces. "We're gonna be thinking about too many other people."

"And not in that fun, let's-go-fuck-them-together way."

"We *could* --"

"Oh, God, Roy, Tim would gas us and leave the *country*."

Roy sighs. "I -- Connor would give us that *disappointed* look."

Dick snorts painfully. "Bruce said it nearly made him apologize to Ollie."

Roy snickers. "*Ollie* *does* apologize to people now. Badly, but still."

Another snort. "Roy, you *have* to have sex with him."

"I'm *trying* --"

"Try *harder* --"

"Dick, I'm this close to drawing a little sad face on my cock."

Dick splutters. "I just -- remember when you --"

"The little cape and cowl? Heh. I'll never forget, 'mano. You made a noise like an old-fashioned *tea kettle*."

"And Wally started pretending to take orders from it --"

"And Donna *slapped* it for being --"

"Such a *dick* -- *hee hee hee* --"

And they laugh together for that, for the memory of Garth's *confused* expression --

And for the fact that it was a great fucking day among *many*.

By the time Roy's soft enough to slip out, Dick is yawning between snickers and sighs, the sheets are a mess, and the sun is coming up.

Dick *always* forgets to pull the shades in his bedrooms, and at times like this, with the sun shining golden on sleek skin and a million scars --

Yeah, that's just fine by him.

Roy stays right where he is until Dick is snoring, but still manages to wake him up when he's getting out of bed.

He kisses Dick back to sleep, showers in the bathroom -- the red toothbrush in the holder is *always* his, since Tim keeps his toothbrush in a little case -- and heads down to the gym to dress and teleport out.

Nobody attacks him while he's crouching his way back into his body, which *strongly* suggests that he successfully made it back to Ollie's --

Yeah, he's here. *Some* kind of home.

Roy strips again -- just down to his boxer briefs; pulls on his second-favorite robe -- the best one is covered with Lian's finger-paints; and heads upstairs.

Ollie is snoring -- and alone.

Mia is doing katas in her pajamas, but pauses for long enough to give him a hug and a kiss on the cheek before kicking him back out.

Connor --

Connor is sitting up in bed with his lamp on and is frowning -- actually frowning -- at what looks like a Christian bible. He looks up before Roy can knock, smiles *warmly*, and moves to stand --

"No, no, stay put," Roy says, walking in, closing the door behind him, pulling Connor's desk chair closer to the bed, and straddling it. "Still working on understanding how Christians work?"

"Yes, actually, but... this isn't helping."

Roy grins. "I could've told you it wouldn't," he says, and nods at the bible. "Most of the so-called Christians in this country have never actually *read* that thing."

Connor frowns again. "That's... difficult to credit."

"I know, but --"

"Roy, they're all *calling* themselves --"

"I *know*, but --"

Connor sighs and pinches the bridge of his nose. "You're about to say something terrible about humanity as a whole, aren't you."

Roy bites the tip of his tongue. "I could... say something about coffee? Coffee's nice."

Connor hums, lowers his hand, and looks at him from under his lashes. "I'll take what you didn't say as read."

"You do that, bro. Read anything fun tonight?"

"Hmm. Well, there's a great deal of beautiful poetry in this book... but, ultimately, no."

"Song of Songs is pretty good --"

"The anatomy confused me, but yes."

Roy snickers. "Yeah, okay, it takes some imagination, yeah."

Connor laughs. "Perhaps more than I have to *hand*, but yes, very beautiful."

"You were picturing breasts with antlers, weren't you."

"In a word... yes."

Roy snickers more. "We can find you *better* erotic poetry, bro."

"I'm *quite* sure about that. Though..." Connor raises an eyebrow.

"Yeah? No, wait -- you didn't think it would be my thing."

"That's about the size of it, yes."

The *size* of it is -- no, no, not that. "It *isn't*, not really. Donna was a big fan of that kind of thing, though. She would read us her favorites from various eras while we all pretended we weren't hoping she'd act some of it out in front of us."

Connor coughs. "I can see how that would lead to... pleasant associations."

Can you? "Uh, hunh. So... talk to me?"

Connor's smile is just a little sharp. "In a hurry...?"

Really? "Never with you, bro. You know that."

The smile gets softer, warm and *happy* -- and if Connor *isn't* blushing under the skin, then Roy is the virgin in this room. God, so --

"Let me just put this out there: I'm never gonna rush you or pressure you about *anything*. Including you talking about whatever's bothering you."

"I -- know that about you."

*Really*? "Oh -- well -- good."

Another warm smile. "It is, yes. Perhaps... do you think you could... come closer?"

And -- he's just going to keep it together. That's what he's gonna do. "Absolutely," Roy says, and walks to the bed --

And Connor scoots over to make space against the headboard.

Roy sits down and takes a moment to wonder what to do with his hands -- except that Connor is his *brother*, and some things are absolutely allowed. He throws an arm over Connor's shoulders and raises his eyebrows --

Connor parts his lips and *searches* him --


Connor swallows and cups his face for the second time tonight. "It's just..."


"We're already talking about... it."

"Uh... help me out a little --"

"You were with Dick tonight."

It's not a question, but -- "Yeah. It was... pretty fucking wonderful, actually --"

"He was -- is -- your first brother."

Roy licks his lips and tries really, *really* hard not to listen to his instincts here -- "Connor..."

Connor turns away, lowering his hand, and his lashes are *dark* blond, and thick, and straight more than curled --

And his mouth --

And his fucking *everything* --

"You -- I need you to say... something. Please."

Connor laughs softly and closes his eyes. "'Something.'"

"Something... other than something?"

"I wish. I wish I hadn't sent you away tonight."

"I... I *had* planned to see Dick this weekend --"

"Yes, I -- of course," Connor says, shaking his head and turning back to face Roy. "The Song of Solomon was the *first* thing I read from this book tonight."

"I... oh. Now I *really* want --"


And there goes his *cock* --

And there it *really* goes -- because Connor has a hand on his thigh. Just --

"We don't have to do anything *ever* --"

"I know that."

"And --" Roy groans and covers Connor's hand --

"I -- should I move --"



"I mean -- uh. Fuck, Connor, I haven't been this turned-on in --"


Roy snorts and grins. "Well, *yeah*, actually. We -- we really should talk."

And Connor nods and looks at him, looks *into* him with those gorgeous green eyes --

Just different *enough* from Ollie's --

"How -- how long?"

He smiles and closes his eyes --

"Don't do that -- I mean. Please don't do that."

Connor *opens* his eyes again, opens his *mouth* -- "Roy..."

"We... can talk anytime you want. *Any* --"

"I'd like. I'd think I'd like a kiss."

"I should shave --"

"I want to feel --"

"*Fuck*," and that's all he has, absolutely all he *has*, because Connor couldn't grow a beard without *drowning* himself in Rogaine for a *year* --

His face is so *smooth* --

His mouth --

His mouth is soft. *Plush*. *Warm* --

And it doesn't matter that Roy's kissed a lot of mouths like that, and it doesn't matter that he doesn't even know what kind of kiss Connor *likes* --

No, that part *does* matter, because it's never fucking *been* Connor --

Fuck, fuck --

Roy pulls back --

"Roy --"

"Do you want more?"

"Another -- another kiss --"

"Okay. Okay. Let me --" And Roy shakes his head and moves instead of talking, straddling Connor's thighs and cupping his face, stroking his cheekbones --

"You have -- the most beautiful eyes --"

"*You* do --"

Connor shakes his head and swallows. "Please kiss me --"

Roy leans in and does it, licking in *deep* --

And Connor shudders and moans --

And Roy presses *closer* --

Connor's hard. Not *much*, but -- more every second. Just --

Roy pulls back -- *just* from the kiss --

"Please, Roy --"

"Tell me -- do you like my tongue?"

Connor *pants* -- "Please. Please, I -- it felt very good in my mouth -- *mm* --"

And maybe -- *probably* -- that didn't mean *fuck* Connor's mouth with his tongue, but --

God, it feels good --

*So* fucking --

Connor groans and grips Roy's shoulders, tries to pull him in even *closer* --

And Roy can go with that, fine, yes, absolutely --

And maybe also he can pet Connor a little, stroke him everywhere he can reach, cup the back of his head --

The back of his *neck* --

Connor squeezes Roy's shoulders *hard* -- and sucks Roy's tongue. That --

Roy moans and fucks him a little faster, makes him *work* for it --

Connor pants and kisses him over and over, sucks hard and licks --

Fucks *Roy's* mouth --

"Connor," and that was more of a moan than a word --

*Connor* moans again --

Licks Roy's mouth --

*Bites* Roy's lip --

"Jesus, Connor --"

"Is it -- wrong?"

"No. Really -- uh. One sec."

"All right -- *mm* --"

And maybe he's actually kissing Connor back to the *headboard* right now, but he's got his hand up to protect him --

He's using Connor to *crush* his own hand --

He's gotta be *careful* with --

He's not gonna be careful. He's just -- he's not. And it's better to admit that now and also make sure --

He pulls back. "Connor."


"Connor, I..."

Connor licks his soft lips -- God, they're *swelling* --

Roy groans and kisses Connor again --

Over and fucking *over* --

Connor turns out of the kiss, but it's only to pant, groan --

"Connor --"

"Roy. Roy, I -- I think I'll lose control."

Roy grunts and tries to *think* -- "Do you need me to --"

"Don't stop, please -- or. Touch me?"

Right now, Connor is wearing the ballerina pajamas Mia had ordered for all of them after Roy had introduced her to his favorite microbrew, but -- that really doesn't have to be even a little bit true. Roy licks his lips and looks into Connor's eyes while reaching for his buttons.

"Oh -- Roy."

"It's okay --"

"Your *hands* are shaking, Roy --"

"Well -- shit." Roy snorts and tries a little willpower action --

"Hmm. I didn't say I *minded* them shaking... for me?"

"Yeah. Really yeah. Can I --"

"No," Connor says, and sits forward before just pulling the thing off like a t-shirt.

"That's -- I gotta say I like it when you say 'no' like that, brother."

Connor laughs, grins -- and pulls Roy's hands to his chest.

And shivers --

And starts moving them *around* --

"Oh -- Connor..."

"Your hands..."

"I. Yeah?"

Connor licks his lips and moves Roy's fingers to his small, *rich* brown nipples -- and his cock twitches in his pajamas.

Roy closes his eyes just for a *second* --

"Roy --"

Roy *opens* his eyes and pinches Connor's nipples *carefully* --

Connor grunts and *pants* --

"Oh -- Connor --"

"Please --"

"You -- the more you say please --"

"You like it. I -- I can see it in your *eyes*, Roy --"

Roy moans. "I love it. I -- I really fucking love it --"


"Connor --"

"Please touch me *more* -- *oh* --"

"That -- was a harder pinch --"

"I liked it --"

"God, Connor --"

And Connor *lunges* in for a kiss, cupping Roy's face and rubbing at the stubble --

*Molesting* Roy's stubble --

Roy sucks Connor's lips --

Bites them and sucks *more* --

"*More* -- *nnh* -- oh, Roy --"

"You like -- *do* you ever play with your nipples?"

"When I can't stop myself. When I'm thinking of your *hands* --"

"*Connor* --"

"God, Roy, I'm sick of *hating* myself for *wanting* things --"

Roy kisses Connor again and twists hard, twists *sharp* --

Connor *shouts* into his mouth, bucks --

"I'll never -- it's no *good* to hate --"

"Show me, just *show* me --"

And Roy hears himself growling, but he can't do anything about it, can't --

He pulls back --

"*Roy* --"

And he damned well drags Connor down the bed until he's on his back, until Roy can cover him, kiss him again --

"Oh, *yes* --"

Kiss his way down Connor's throat -- no. He *bites* there --

"*Please* --"

"You don't know what you're *doing* to me --"

"Loving you, *needing* you --"

Roy hears himself make a sound he doesn't have *words* for, and it's just better to do that while biting Connor's nipple --

"*Please* -- "

Sucking it, licking it -- no, wait. He pulls back --

"Roy --"

"I can't -- I can't be *careful* with this --"

"Then *don't* be!"

And Roy has to stare, has to see and search and just -- "Connor --"

"It's all *right* --"

"Tell me you're *sure* --"

"I --" Connor shakes his head. "I'm only sure that I need you, and that I love you --"

"I love you, *too* --"

"I won't regret this."

Roy squeezes his eyes shut and tries to just --

Every part of him that isn't touching Connor.

Every memory of Connor's body he hasn't *made* --


And that's it, that's all he has -- except for the parts of his *soul* that are shouting and fucking *dancing* as he licks his way across Connor's chest --

As Connor *grips* his shoulders --

No, he wants Roy's hands, and he can damned well have them. Roy bites Connor's left nipple --

Connor *shouts* --

And Roy shoves two fingers deep into Connor's mouth.

Soft mouth, hot mouth, *wet* mouth --

And Connor groans and sucks, cups Roy's hand --

Massages and *pets* Roy's hand --

Bites Roy's *calluses* --

God, he's starting to *sweat* for this, and that --

Roy shakes it off *just* enough that he can *do* this and starts licking Connor. His nipples already taste too much like Roy's own spit, but there's a nice salty spot between his pecs --

And in his little throat notch --

And on *his* hands --

And now they're staring into each other's eyes and *mouthing* each other's hands and the only way it could be hotter is if they were both --

"Naked. *Please*."

Connor nods and sucks *hard* before releasing Roy's hand, and Roy rolls over to get rid of his underwear --

And Connor's rolling up on his fucking shoulder blades to get out of his pajama bottoms --

And Roy is pinning Connor and kissing him, just kissing him, loving him, fucking him --

*Grinding* against that ridiculously pretty dark *cock* -- no, wait --

Roy pulls back and scrapes his teeth *all* the way down Connor's chest --

"*Roy* --"

"*Need* you --"

"*Please* -- *hnh* --"

And Connor's cock is twitching in his fist, leaking steadily --

So fucking *slick*, so dark and hard for him, at last for *him* --

So maybe he's nuzzling it a little --

"Oh -- *Roy*!"

Maybe he's... God, dragging it all over his *face* --

Connor grunts and *arches* --

Cries out when Roy licks --

When Roy *sucks* --

God, *more*, and Roy pulls back and starts stroking --

"Please -- *please* --"

Kisses the head, nibbles the foreskin --

And then he has to go back to nuzzling, pushing, *worshipping*, and he hasn't felt like this much of a cockslut since the last time Kal picked him up by the scruff of the neck and took him *south* --

Please, please, *please* let this happen more *often* --

"Roy, oh, Roy, I want to do this to *you* --"

"*Hnh*," and okay, yeah, thrusting against the bed is *an* option -- but no. "Me first, brother. *Please*," Roy says, and manages to look up into Connor's eyes.

Connor pants and *stares* --

Licks his *lips* --

"Connor --"

"Do it, *take* me -- *nnh* -- "

And the only thing wrong with having his hand on Connor's cock is that he can't get all of it in his *mouth*, his *throat* --

"Oh, Roy, so -- I don't -- it's so *intense* --"

Roy nods and hums --

Connor cries out again --

Thrusts *up* --

And *shouts* when Roy squeezes *while* sucking hard. It's perfect, so *perfect*, and Roy starts working his head a little, starts *giving* it to himself -- and hopefully giving Connor a few *hints* --

"Oh -- I want -- can I --"

Roy nods *vigorously* --

And Connor laughs then, easy and *bright* --

Bright enough to make Roy's heart seize and his cock *flex* --

"I love you -- oh, *brother* --" And Connor moans and sits up, strokes and pets Roy's head and shoulders --

Musses Roy's hair and tugs, scratches --

"You feel so -- I'm very... close -- *oh* --"

It was *necessary* to move his hand --

To swallow Connor *down* --

"*Roy*! I -- I have to *move* --"

Roy nods again, gestures the come-on --

"Oh, that's -- very dirty?" And Connor laughs again and *rocks* in --

And in --

Growls and does it *faster* -- "I can't -- it's so *much* --"

Brother, I love you, I *love* you --

"I want your *taste*, your -- every *kiss* --"

Roy pulls back enough to make *love* to the head, wet and sticky love --

"*Nnh* --" And Connor pants --

And pants --

And it sounds like he's *trying* to say something --

It may or may not be his *name* --


And Roy is in the *middle* of groaning for that when Connor yanks him back *down* --

"*Hnh* -- I'm *sorry* --"

Roy shakes his head and swallows --

And *keeps* swallowing --

And Connor whimpers and *sobs* --

"*Roy* -- Roy, I'll do anything for *more*!"

Roy shudders, and he can't --

He can't do anything *but* work a hand between them, right into Connor's cleft --

"Nnh --"

And he presses *right* there --

And Connor screams like a big and *angry* animal and starts shooting off as he bucks --

As he *thrusts* --

As he *grips* Roy's head and thrusts and comes and *thrusts*.

And Roy sucks down every. Last. Drop. God, just --

If it's only once -- no, he's not even gonna try to finish that thought. He's just gonna ease the suction a little and mouth Connor, lip him a little, grind his face against those dark blond pubes and breathe --

When he feels like it.

After a while, Connor loosens his death-grip on Roy's hair and starts to pet him again, stroke what feels like *apologies* --

He's still *panting* --

Roy pulls back enough to lick a little --

"Oh -- Roy..."


Connor grunts and tightens his grip again --

*His* hands are shaking --

"I don't -- I don't know what I *want*, Roy. There's so *much*," and Connor looks down to meet Roy's eyes with a ruefully crooked smile.

Roy raises his eyebrows and pushes back against the hands in his hair --

"Oh -- ah. Hm. One of the things I want seems to be you staying right there for... ah. At least another hour."

Roy snickers... messily.

And Connor grins like Roy's done a trick more impressive than spraying come-laden spit all over his pubes. "Perhaps... you've felt this way before?"

Roy nods just a *little* obnoxiously...

And Connor grins even more broadly. "Perhaps you'd *like* to feel that way... soon?"

Roy makes a show of looking thoughtful -- tricky with a mostly-hard cock in your mouth -- and wags his head a little.

"You're so *incredible*, I --" Connor shakes his head and *hauls* Roy off his cock and up into a kiss -- "Oh, you taste -- *mmm* --"

Roy gives the kiss back with all of himself --

All right, Roy wrestles Connor onto his back and fucks his *mouth* a little more, but he knows he's getting his point across when Connor wraps his arms around him --

Wraps one *leg* around him --

"Connor --"

"Is this -- do you like --"

Roy grins and *grinds* --

"Oh -- *oh* --"

"You feel *good*, brother --"

"You feel -- your *hair* --"

"Do you like --"

"*Yes*," Connor says, arching up and doing his own grinding --

"Oh, *yeah*, lemme --" And Roy grips Connor's shoulders and pushes down, *holds* him down in an incredibly crappy pin that's making Roy *harder*, making his stomach clench with the need to *fuck* against Connor just like this, God, like *this* --

"*Wait* --"

"*Nnh* -- Connor --"

"Oh, I don't mean -- I want to *suck* you!"

Roy groans and gets hit by the weight of approximately nine dozen fantasies about -- "Your mouth. I --"

"You stare at it all the *time* --"

"Because I'm *sane* -- mostly --"

And Connor snickers and flips them *easily*, bouncing Roy off his *slab* of a bed --

"Can we get you a new mattress --"

"*No*. But we can use yours very often...?"

Roy seizes a little for that -- and manages to nod. Just -- "Yeah. Please."

Connor grins and searches him -- "I'm -- you're making me very happy."

"Right back at you. Right -- God, I've *needed* you --"

"I've *used* you -- your... everything about you I could *memorize*, brother --"

"C'mere. Please --"

And Connor kisses him *while* getting a grip on his cock --

Roy groans into his mouth and *fucks* that fist --

"Oh -- *mm* --"

And it feels like it only takes a *heartbeat* before Connor is jerking him off and sucking his tongue in *pulses* --

His eyes are *open* --

And so are Roy's. Just --


"I don't wanna miss a *second* --"

"Yes, *that*, but I need -- I want to be able to kiss your mouth *and* your penis --"

"That -- uh." Roy snorts.

"Well, yes, it *is* ridiculous --"

"No, I -- you just made me think of something I got Dick to do when he was *really* drunk."

Connor blinks --

Looks *confused* --

"Maybe don't think about --"

"Oh. Oh... goodness," and Connor blinks a *lot* --

"Okay, okay, picture that *later* --"

"It's just --"

"Connor --"

Connor licks his lips. "I'm just wondering why he *needs* other people, Roy --"

Roy snorts. "Because he doesn't have *your* mouth, brother."

Connor hums. "Neither do you, at the moment."

That -- Roy grunts. "Uh. Can we fix that?"

Connor licks his lips again. *Slowly*.

Roy's cock twitches *very* predictably --

"Oh... Roy." And Connor drags a finger up Roy's ladder --

"*Hnh* -- please --"

"I've wondered... how sensitive these make you."

"Some? More? I *remember* what it felt like before I had the ladder, but... the new feelings took over."

Connor nods slowly. "And... if I sucked the... holes?"

Roy groans -- "Fuck, I'll take it out --"

"No, don't --"

"Are you sure --"

"Ah... no?" Connor laughs softly and goes back to stroking Roy in an easy and *slow* rhythm. "The only thing I'm sure of in this respect is that I want to try. I've wanted to... for a long time."

Roy nods and fights back the seventeen million *questions* --

"Roy... I'll tell you everything you want to know. Anything."

"I love you --"

"After I give you -- after I make you come."

Roy grunts and arches -- "Please."

"Yes," Connor says, and moves down and down, only pausing to tug on Roy's nipple rings with his teeth, tug on Roy's *treasure* trail with his teeth --

And then Connor licks him. Just --

Up and down. Side to side. All *around*.

He uses the flat of his tongue on the ladder and the tip on the head. He works up spit and gets Roy *wet*. He pauses and drags his lips over and over and *over* --

"*Connor* --"

Connor looks up, and his eyes are heavy-lidded. *Dark* --

"I need -- I need -- oh fuck I need that," and Roy laughs his way through a moan as Connor plants a *wet* kiss on the head --

As he uses all the spit and pre-come to drag his mouth *around* --

And Roy's not laughing anymore, because this -- "God, fuck, *fantasy*."

Connor nods *thoughtfully* and kisses Roy's cock like it's about to leave for six months --

And then the sucking kisses start. The slow and *hard* sucking kisses, and Roy's been hard long enough that a part of his brain is insisting they're really *bites*. His cock is twitching, flexing without his *permission* --

And even seeing the move coming --

Even watching Connor *calculate* --

It's not enough to keep him from shouting when Connor takes him in all the way to his hard, perfect *fist* --

Shouting and *straining* not to buck, not to thrust, not to fucking *distract*, because Connor has been thinking about this, Connor is showing him how *much* he's been thinking about this, Connor is --



Nodding to something only he can *hear* and sucking so much, working his *head* --

"Jesus -- fuck -- *Connor* --"

Connor gestures *wait* -- and he's concentrating, *obviously* concentrating on sucking Roy's *cock* --

"Please -- God, don't -- or do -- do what you *want* --"

Connor *smiles* around his cock --

"*Fuck* me --"

Connor *blinks* -- and pulls off --

"*Nnh* --"

And sucks his own fingers, fucks his *mouth* with his own fingers --

He never looks *away* --

Roy groans and shudders, spreading his legs *just* as wide as he can --


"Yeah -- *please* --"

"Tell me --"

"*In* me --"

"How *hard*, Roy?"

*Hard* -- but. No real lube. No stretching *tonight* --

Roy groans again and tries to *think* --

No, he can't. Just -- "Not a strike, but *heavy* --"

"*Yes*," Connor says, and pushes in slow and *relentless*. The burn comes fast. The sweetness comes *faster*, and Roy's cock is twitching fucking *randomly* again --

Until Connor grips it with his free hand and goes back *down* --

And sucks --

And *sucks* --

And starts to fucking *take* him, fingers and mouth --

So *right* --

"*Brother* --"

And Connor hums *loudly*, changing up the rhythm like it's a spar he wants to win --

Like he *wants* Roy to spend the rest of his life nosing after him and begging like a whipped *dog* --

He fucking *can't*, and so he hopes the noise he just made was something *like* an apology, because he's fucking his way into Connor's mouth just shallowly *enough* and back onto those fingers *hard* --

Connor makes a *surprised* noise --

But then he closes his eyes and works his head faster, fucks Roy *harder* --

Fills him up and just *rides* his cock --

And the images for that are gonna kill him, because the Connor in his mind is even sweatier than the one sucking him off, and the noises he's making aren't *muffled*, and --

"God, *please*, *teeth* --"

Connor growls and scrapes him --

Roy *shouts* --

He *needs* --

He sits up and shoves Connor off his cock --

"*Roy* -- "

And he *yanks* him into a kiss, messy and hard, messy and *slick* -- "Your *hands* --"

"You can have those, *too* --"

"Need you, need to *hear* you --"

"Oh, Roy, I ---" And Connor shakes his head and kisses him again, kisses him *roughly* -- but not as roughly as he strokes and *fucks* --

"Yeah -- fuck -- do you *like* --"

"You look so *wild* --"

"For *you*, brother --"

"Roy, I'll do anything, anything you'd *like* --"

"Just do me, do me *hard* --" And then he's shouting again, because Connor's hands are fucking *brutal* when he wants them to be, hard and *strong* around him, *in* him -- "More -- *talk* --"

Connor pants and stares, licks his swollen lips -- "I've thought about you inside me --"

"*Please* --"

"I want you -- I've wondered how you'd *move* --"

"*Anything* --"

"Oh, Roy, I'd want you to be like *this*," and Connor squeezes him even *harder* --

Roy *yells* --

"Yes, *that* sound -- oh, Roy, you have to show me *everything* --"

"Teach you -- *give* you -- *please* --"

And somehow Connor just *knows* that means he needs more kisses, more grunts and *growls* --

His fingers are so *rough* --

"Do this to *me*, brother --"

"*Yes* --"

"But I need your taste --"

"Please --"

"Let me *have* you!"

And for a moment Roy can only stare and *pant* --

*Whine* --

Connor growls and lets go of Roy's cock for long enough to *shove* Roy down onto his back --

"*Fuck* --"

"Yes, *that*, and -- hm. You *swallowed* me --"

"God, *Connor* --"

"Was it... one of the men who hit on me last week suggested --" And then Connor *lunges* for Roy's cock --

Gulps --

And gulps --

*Coughs* --

"Connor -- ah, *Christ* --"

In, in where it's tight and hot and *tight* --

And the last thing Roy sees before his eyes roll up in his head... is Connor's eyes rolling up in his head. There's a part of him *laughing* for that, but the rest is just a stuffed ass and a *loved* cock, hot and hotter, heavy and needy and fucking *used* --

Fucking *worked* --

It's so *right* --

He needs --

He doesn't need anything right now but *this*, and so he shouts it out, begs Connor not to stop, begs him to fuck him harder, *deeper* --

Connor's groaning in his chest --

Roy is sitting up and clutching Connor's *head* --

And then Connor crooks his fingers.

And does it again when Roy screams for it --

And again --

"*Brother* --"

And that's everything he has, everything he *is* spilling right into his *other* beautiful brother --

Where he belongs --

He *belongs*, and that's more than enough reason to *keep* screaming --

Until Connor pulls back with his teeth bared and Roy can growl --

And collapse --

And fucking *bruise* himself -- is the bed made of *brick*?

And so Roy's snickering instead of catching his breath --

And moaning for the feel of Connor kissing his cock all *over* --

"*Fuck*, not -- uh."

Connor *stops* sucking at the ladder -- "No...?"

"Not... uh. Yet?" Roy sits up on his elbows and grins. "Hey."

"Hello. Hm. I expected to be more hoarse."

"We can... work on that?"

*Connor* grins. "I was hoping you'd say that," and he lunges *again* --

"Oh, Jesus, fuck, Jesus -- ow --"

Connor raises an eyebrow.

"Uh. Not yet? Again. And you don't know how much I regret that."

Connor pulls off *slowly*, pulls out slower than *that*, and licks his lips. "How many... ah. Hm. That's a rather personal question I was about to ask," and Connor frowns.

"Connor, you taste like my come. Ask *all* the personal questions."

"Are you --"

"I'm sure."

"Hm. I..." And Connor is blushing again. Roy can *feel* it.

Roy sits up further and hauls Connor on top of him like the world's *other* sexiest blanket. "*Ask*."

"All *right*. I was wondering... how *many* times you made love with Dick tonight."

"Oh. Just once. But it was... uh. Extended. It's always a little harder for me to rev up the engine after I come really hard *after* not coming for a while."

"He... I've heard of... orgasm denial."

Roy licks his lips. "Some people really say *everything* to you, don't they."

"Yes. And you're *one* of those people."

Roy coughs. "Well... yeah. Okay. You have a point --"

"I *know* -- *mm* --"

It was *time* for this kiss. *This* one, because Connor's finally fucking his mouth just like he *knows* how much Roy needs to feel that --

He pulls back.

"Hey --"

"Was Dick... dominating you?"

Roy blinks -- "Uh. Other way around --"

"Are you sure I'm allowed to ask questions like --"

"I *want* you to ask questions like that --"

"Yes, but what would *Dick* say about it?"

Roy frowns -- and remembers that Connor's only met Dick *twice*, and then they were both *working*.


"No, no -- uh. Dick talks about his sex life as much as I talk about *mine*. Possibly *more* than I talk about mine."

"Oh. Yes?"

"Uh, hunh. Especially -- did Tim not tell you that in his letters?"

"He... intimated. We don't really discuss sexuality in any ways save the abstract."

Roy nods thoughtfully. "I... you think I could convince you to get more concrete there?"

"You want me to hit on *Tim*?"

"No! Maybe?" Roy snickers at himself. "Dick wants a piece of that *badly* but hasn't for the life of him figured out how to just *say* that. He's fucking terrible at seducing people."

Connor looks sour. "Somehow, I find myself disinclined to *judge* --"

"Connor. Listen to me: *you're better at it than he is*."

"I -- what?"

Roy nods slowly and seriously.

Connor licks his lips. "And this has nothing to do with how... flexible he is?"

Roy snorts *painfully* --

And Connor grins. "I love making you laugh."

"Good, 'cause you're great at it."

"It always seems..." Connor takes a deep breath and rubs at Roy's stubble a little.


"It seems like a gift. To be even partially responsible for making someone like you happy, I mean."

Roy swallows. "I love you."

"I love *you*. But... I'm still very confused about --"

"Why I didn't come for so long with Dick?"

"Well -- yes."

Roy grins. "When you're dominating someone, you need to hold on to control of *yourself* so you can say and do the right things at the right *time*."

"And so you keep yourself from becoming too aroused. Hm, yes, I think I see. And that's... pleasurable?"

"Like nothing else, bro. Sometimes I need the kick in here --" And he points to his head -- "more than I need it anywhere else."

Another *sour* look --

"Hey, no, what's that?"

"I can't help but think of all the perfectly friendly gentlemen who tried to guide me to *only* the intellectual... kicks."

Roy winces. "Oh."


"It's -- not like that. And you have *every* right to look that suspicious, but I *swear* it's not like that. I was wrong to make it sound *just* intellectual. Or... I mean, it hits a part of mind that *connects* to my body and soul. It brings it all home in a way..." Roy thinks about it for a minute --

Connor settles *half* on top of him --

"I love that --"

"I'll remember that --"

"Also, I'm not allowed to clue Tim in for Dick."

"But I am?"

"He doesn't *know* about you doing it, so you can totally get right in there and fix things."

"What if Tim doesn't *want* -- no, I'm sorry, that was ridiculous."

Roy snorts again. "*Ow*. Didn't think you noticed things like that, brother."

"I was a *monk*, not an *imbecile*."

"Got it, got it," and Roy makes a pushing gesture. "Okay. Dominating someone you love -- and submitting *to* someone you love -- takes everything in you and puts it right there in one hot, sticky, painful, beautiful, dirty, wonderful, et cetera, et cetera *moment*. You're all there -- if you're doing it right -- whether or *not* you get off right away... or at all."

"Oh. Hm. I believe I'd like to study that."

"*I* believe I'd like to *help* with --"



"Would you have preferred a dominance and submission... scenario?"

Roy waves a hand. "I was *close* to being in the headspace for it when I got back here -- I *almost* gave you a few orders -- but..." He shakes his head. "You aren't my sub."

"And that's... enough?"

"Well... it's a give and take, Connor. Sometimes I want to dom -- or sub -- so bad almost *anyone* into it will do, but I also know that that's not true, because the feeling is a million times more intense when I'm with a *partner* who *also* wants that kinda thing. I mean, I was *barely* in the headspace for it when I got to Blüdhaven, but..."

"Dick was, and that... pulled it out of you?"

"Uh, hunh. I... I gotta ask."

Connor laughs softly. "Why I sent you away tonight...?"

"Well -- *yes*."

"It was... something of a last-ditch effort on my part to be... 'strong.'"

"Oh -- *Connor* --"

"Note, as Tim would say, the verbally-deployed ironic single quotes."

"... okay, you talk to him too much."

Connor coughs and grins. "I *disagree*. No, in all seriousness..." Connor shakes his head. "I already knew that I was being a fool. I already knew that self-denial as a lifestyle choice only works for *some* people. I already knew that there wasn't anything I wouldn't *do* for you, to *touch* you -- *mm* --"

It's time for *this* kiss, because rolling on top of Connor and kissing him with as much of his body as possible is something Roy's wanted to do since about an hour after *meeting* him, and also --

God, *brother* --

Wonderful brother who can absolutely flip him -- again -- and bruise him on the bed -- *again* -- and lick Roy's *mouth* --

And pull *back* --

"Hey --"

"Let me *speak*."

Roy opens his mouth -- and closes it again. "I can do that. I *swear* I can do that."

Connor stares at him, into him -- and laughs again. "I'm sorry. It's not like there's anything else. You've taught me so *much*, Roy. You've *given* me so much -- and tried to give me *more*. I think... I think a part of me needed, more than anything else, to watch you walking away from me."

"That's --"

"I needed to know you'd be making love to someone else. Someone not *me*."

"Connor --"

"And I needed to *stew* on that, Roy. I needed..." Another laugh. "I needed to face, one more time, the *bald* facts of my foolishness. Of my reflexive *rejections*. Oh, Roy, sometimes when I refused you it was only because those were the first words to come to my mouth! The first *feelings* -- and not the ones which lived within me deep down. I've *wanted* you, Roy. And I promise that I'll be *wiser* than I have been for just as long as I can have you."

And that -- God, what do you even *say* to that? What can *he* say to that? "Connor, I..."

"It's all right, Roy. I know you didn't come prepared for... ah... *this* sort of scene --"

Roy coughs -- "Okay, I really want you to write *down* the things people say to you --"

"I do *share* the most choice commentary with Tim. In return, he tells me about all the people who seem confused about whether they wish to remove his clothing or kill him. There seem to be quite a few."

"Eh, it's a Robin thing."

Connor hums. "I suppose you'd know. I... brother," and Connor twines his fingers with Roy's.

Roy squeezes hard. "Brother. You can have me for just as long as you want, you know."

"So you *will* let me have my wicked way with you again this morning?"

"Connor, honestly, if it looks like I won't? Just slap my cock a few times. It knows the score."

Connor snorts. "Roy."

"You could also stick needles in it. That works *wonders*."

"Ah, there it is."


"The desire to *slap* you. It's been missing for *hours*."

Roy snickers and flexes his cock a few times --



"I -- maybe."

"I can work with maybe --"

"I'll never... ah. Interfere? Is that even the right word?"

"You can interfere with my cock all you *want* --"

"No, I mean -- I know you need your other lovers. I know they wouldn't *be* your lovers if you didn't need them."

Roy blinks. "I -- oh. Uh."

*Connor* snickers. "So you *didn't* think about that even a little. I was about eighty-five percent sure you hadn't."

Roy -- blushes. "I... uh. I promise I'm not *always* this dumb?"

"You're never 'dumb,' at all. You're just... *intensely* secure with yourself, your life, and your *sexuality*. You know who you are, what you need, and how to *get* it. And then you do your best *to* get it." Connor smiles ruefully. "I look at you and I wonder what that's *like*."

"Aw, Connor --"

Connor covers Roy's mouth. "I'm afraid you're going to have to put up with me admiring you as *well* as loving you. Tim admires you, too, you know."

Roy blinks.

"Yes, we have discussed my formerly imaginary sex life. Very, very obliquely," Connor says, and moves his hand.

"How obliquely?"

"I wasn't sure what he was talking about until six letters into the discussion. I'm not *entirely* sure *yet*. But his admiration of you was clear. Eventually."

"Okay, then *obliquely* get that kid in Dick's pants. It's for the good of the community as a whole, I promise."

"All *right*. I'm sure it will only take six or seven months for the conversation to get there naturally --"

"*Connor* --"

Connor grins. "I, of course, could have no possible reason at *all* to help Dick acquire another serious lover."

Roy opens his mouth -- and closes it.

Connor *taps* Roy's mouth with his fingers. "I *was* kidding."

"*Are* you monogamous?"

"I haven't the faintest clue. Presumably, it's something we can work out together. Perhaps stickily."

Roy licks his lips -- and Connor's fingers. "I like you."

"The feeling is mutual."

"I really wanna know more about your imaginary sex life."

Connor cocks his head to the side. "And who else populated it...?"

"*Yes*. That. That right there."

Connor laughs. "Did you want a list?"

"Not if you're not comfortable! But also -- yeah. I really do. Really, *really* --"


"Oh -- okay, that's fair --"


"See, not surprising --"

"Mia --"

Something *thuds* just outside the door --

"I'm okay!" And Mia cracks the door open to wave. "Keep talking! Please keep talking!" And then she closes the door again.

Connor stares at the door.

Roy snickers.

Connor frowns.

Roy snorts --

And Connor takes a deep breath and turns back to Roy. "Oracle. Mostly because Tim is interestingly passionate whenever he talks about... hir. Though the two of us had fascinating conversations while I was on the League."

"Also fair, also fair. We're totally going to Gotham."

"Roy --"

"I didn't say right away! Just, you know. Exploration. *Education*. Good stuff."

Connor smiles wryly. "Kyle."

"I was *waiting* for that one. Doesn't he have about fifteen nude paintings of you?"

"They're not *sexual* --"

"I *believe* you --"

"You do *not* --"

"Okay, you're right, I don't. At *all*."

"I -- Clark."

Roy grins. "Outstanding."

"It's just that he's always been so *polite* about hitting on me."

"He's *good* at that. He can also *stop* being polite. If, you know, you suggest it to him strongly enough."

Connor laughs. "I'll keep that in mind. That's... mostly everyone."


"You don't think that's *enough*? Wait, no, I *must* remember who I'm speaking with."


"Everyone else who... ah... came up --"

"As it were --"


"Keep talking keep talking."

Connor snorts --

"*Bite* me," Mia says. "But keep talking."

Connor pinches the bridge of his nose again. "There are no other *serious* desires at present."

"So you're saying all of those were serious?"

"Ah... each in their own ways? I think that's the fairest way to put it."

Roy folds his hands behind his head and grins. "You know I'm gonna want details, right?"

"I imagine you'll come up with all sorts of ways to convince me to give them to you."

"Was that a dare, bro...?"

Connor's smile is the *wet* one Roy had gotten used to *only* seeing on him when he was about to kick someone's *ass* --

And Roy's cock twitches for it.

And Connor hums and smiles wetly at *it*.

Right. "Let's go do stupid things in the shower before Ollie wakes up."

"That sounds like an excellent idea," Connor says, moving off the bed and offering Roy his hand.

Roy takes it --

Connor *yanks* him close -- "Do you think Dick would like me?"

Roy *grunts*. "Yes. More to the point, I think the *rest* of the Bats would like you very much if you and Dick did that liking on camera."

"Oh -- *Roy* --"

"Just a thought, just a thought, no pressure. No pressure at all."

"I mean -- it would be one thing if *you* were there --"

"Oh, Jesus --" Roy kisses Connor and starts walking him toward the door --

Connor *opens* the door without breaking the kiss --

Mia steers them around the obstacles that have popped up in the hall since she started listening --

They gesture 'thank you' --

And the bathroom is the same huge, shamelessly sybaritic playroom it's been since Dinah told Ollie about *Bruce's* bathrooms way back when. Which is absolutely perfect, as far as Roy's concerned.

Mia closes the door for them --

And Roy has no idea what this day is gonna look like when it's all said and done and Ollie wakes up and realizes why all his dreams last night were about fucking Hal --

But he's pretty fucking hopeful, all things considered.


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