... Dick/Tim.

"... and that's why this needs to happen, little
brother. There's -- there's precedent." Dick spreads
his hands, moves them as if he's lifting something
heavy, turns them over, and then claps his own thighs.
His point is made.

For certain values of both 'point' and 'made.'
"Precedent. I see. And the fact that this thing is
pink? Also precedent?"

"Well... no." Dick has turned his gaze very firmly on
the shower door, which is as pristine as ninety-nine
point nine percent of the manor and its environs on
any given day. The door doesn't deserve the glare.


"I could've picked -- there were other colors. I have
to admit that. I just -- liked the pink."

Tim turns it over in his hands. And over. "For me, for
this, you bought pink."

"It felt right?" Dick claps his own thighs again and
turns back and forth on the side of the tub. "It's
pretty cute. Like -- I might add -- you."

Tim raises both eyebrows.

Dick shows no sign of feeling their effect. "Very cute,"
he says, and leans back -- somewhat precipitously -- to
turn on the water. "Strip."

"Dick --"


"I --"


"Really, I --"


"*Dick* --"

"For me?"

Tim -- really should've seen that coming. "For -- you.
You really want me to -- with that thing --"

"For me," Dick says, solemn and serious. Even his eyes.

Tim was reasonably sure Dick couldn't do that when he
was also -- very clearly -- laughing his ass off
internally. He almost has to be. Tim sets his jaw and
starts untucking his shirt.

"Oh -- you're the best," Dick says, and kisses him
soundly enough that it would be entirely reasonable to
get distracted from the stripping. "Best little brother
in the world."

Of course, Dick starts helping, and, soon enough, Tim
is quite naked. "I try," he says, and steps into the
bath. The water is perfect, and, even if it wasn't,
Tim has to admit that Dick joining him like this
makes the question of the water somewhat irrelevant.
Dick has the canister. And the pink... thing.

"Lean back and bring one leg up for me?"

Tim does, and closes his eyes against the sight of
shaving foam being diligently applied.

"Of course, you should really be doing this in the
Cave, with Bruce standing somewhere nearby paying no
attention to you whatsoever, but --"

"Things *change*, Dick."

"Sure, sure, of course," he says, and bends Tim's leg
up enough that he can lean in for a kiss.

For the better, Tim doesn't say, and listens to the
scrape of the razor.