I'll Show You Mine...
by Te
August 16, 2011

Disclaimers: No one and nothing here is mine.

Spoilers/Timeline: Vague references to older storylines. Takes place in an AU-ized early TEEN TITANS volume 3.

Summary: In which good opportunities are most assuredly not disdained.

Ratings Note/Warnings: Sexual content which dovetails neatly with the content some readers may find to be disturbing.

Author's Note: Commission for Elf. Hope you dig it!

Acknowledgments: Much love to Jack, Mildred, and SV for audiencing and encouragement.


"Oh, fuck -- oh, fuck -- oh -- God, fuck, *Rob* --"

There are certain schools of thought within the vigilante community which suggest -- strongly -- that it's problematic if one's lover calls out one's vigilante ID in the throes of passion.

It's just that there are far, far more schools -- and colleges, and universities -- that suggest the precise opposite.

Many of those places of learning are represented here in the Tower.

"Oh -- God, *yeah*, Rob --"

To that end, Tim is more than willing -- and most assuredly able -- to go with it --

"Oh -- *ohn* -- fuck me, *please* --"

Especially since he's already lubricated two fingers --

"*Yes*, fuck, *do* me --"

And Kon is -- hot. Very --

Not warm -- *hot*.

In every possible *way*, of course, but especially *inside* where Tim can push, and shove --

And get the sides of his head *gripped* --

Along with his chest --

And his hips --

And his suddenly-spread ankles --

"Hmm," Tim says, as obnoxiously as possible --

And Kon grunts and starts fucking his mouth in the *exact* rhythm his aura is using to fuck its way in --

And in --

And possibly Tim is going to give up on thinking for a while. Certainly for long enough to enjoy being double-teamed -- again -- by *one* person -- *again* --

"Love you, Rob, love you -- so fucking *much* --"

And, more than anything else, Tim wishes there were a way for him to return the sentiment at times like these. For one thing, it's absolutely true. For another thing --

There is no possible way to think anything even remotely --

Erudite --

"Fuck, Rob, I'm *close* --"

And the only response to that is to *writhe* for it, beg the only way he *can* right now, because Kon's not *allowed* to touch Tim's penis until he *is* close --

It's the only possible way to keep *up* with a Super --

And thoughts like that are *meaningless* once there's dry water wrapped around his penis --

Hot smoke --

Solid *air* --

Squeeze --

Thrust --

*Thrust* --

And Tim wants to say please, wants to drive Kon that way, wants to beg even more than he is with the way he's moving for it, rising and writhing and slamming back down and writhing *more* --

"*Do* it -- oh -- oh -- *NNH* --"

And Kon is coming in his mouth --

Kon is coming all over his face --

Kon's aura is *pulsing* in Tim's ass and *stripping* Tim's penis --


And the kisses are sweet, random things --

The kisses land everywhere *on* him -- and in him --

"Won't let you go, Rob, won't let you *down* --"

Please --

*Please* --

"Here, man," and the next thing Tim knows is that he's spread-eagle in the air above Kon's bed, and Kon is gripping his hips with his hands and using his aura to grip everything else --

Stroke and *molest* everything else --

"Know you can't tell me what you need, but... heh. I think I know at *this* point," he says, and swallows Tim whole before using the muscles of his throat to -- to *punish* --

And Kon's aura pours out of Tim's throat --

And Tim screams --

And screams again for the force of Kon's throat, Kon's *other* penis in his ass --

And then he *can't* scream, because Kon is *choking* him --

Harder and *harder* --

And now he can't even writhe, now he's just spasming and *jerking* like the aftermath of a *tasing* --

And Kon is looking up at him with love and *smug* good humor -- and the beginnings of more hunger.

Deeper, better --

So much --

Kon holds up three fingers, and that --

Tim can't figure out what that --

Two fingers...

*One* finger --

And then Kon scrapes his teeth along Tim's entire --

Shaft --

And Tim goes *rigid* --

And Kon releases Tim's throat *just* in time for Tim to scream his way through the orgasm. Just --

So --

No, he has to feel this, every --

Every fucking *moment* --

And he definitely has to *watch* Kon aiming Tim's penis at his own *face* --

And he has to scream one more time for the *hard* sucking kiss Kon gives the head of Tim's penis before lowering Tim to the bed.

And cuddling Tim.


Tim licks his lips.

Kon licks Tim's shoulders.

Tim works on bringing his breathing back to something tactically sound --

"I totally rule. You can admit it."

Tim -- grins. "Eight point five."

"Aw, fuck you, that was a *solid* nine."

"You *could've* choked me with an aura-penis."

Kon looks at him.

Tim smiles more broadly.

"You're a bastard, you know."

"Hn. So you've mentioned."

"You're also -- one sec," Kon says --

And then there's an aura-penis in Tim's throat, thick and warm and just a *little* painful --

It gets *deeper* --

It's not perfectly *smooth* -- no, that's dangerous. Tim shakes his head once.

"Damn, yeah, okay, I can see that fucking you up," and the penis is smooth again --

And somewhat *hotter* than it was -- Tim shivers --

"Oh, man, okay, yeah, we're trying that," and Kon thrusts four times before the penis dissipates.

Tim works his jaw -- and blocks Kon's reach to do it for him.


"That was perfect, Kon."

"The dick? Yeah, dude, it's *mine* --"

"No, I -- all of it," Tim says, and turns to meet Kon's eyes. "It's always perfect with you."

"Like I don't know that?" Kon punches Tim's side. "I'm not the one with self-esteem issues, dude."

Tim opens his mouth -- and closes it again. They had, in fact, discussed that already. Kon is doing a very good job working on his issues surrounding the idea that he's an 'imperfect' clone of Superman.

Tim has been doing... less well. For all that he knows that he's an effective operative and a reasonably attractive individual...

"Okay, you're totally not supposed to take that as a reason to compare yourself to your damned family, dude."

"No, I -- I believe I do fairly well at avoiding that sort of thing."

"Well, you're not crying into your domino."

"Or beating my breast --"

"You would look so damned hot with tits."

Tim blinks.

And blinks more.

And -- "You're distracting me."

"Uh... sure."

Tim looks at Kon.

Kon looks somewhat *sheepish* --

Tim licks his teeth and just -- "How big are we talking about?"

"Not too. Maybe, you know. Like a solid B."

Tim nods thoughtfully.

"It's just -- you know. It happens."

"It's true."

"And -- you're not butch."

"Also true."

"And it's not like -- I mean. Your *body* isn't butch, either."

Tim -- makes a face. "You're not distracting me anymore."

"Aw, dude, if you're gonna bitch about your sweet fucking body? Bitch about the fact that you don't bend like Nightwing. *Nobody* needs to look like Batman."

Tim lets his expression get more sour.

"Dude, I'm right."

"I --"

"I'm *right*," Kon says, and jabs Tim just to the right of the large bruise on his ribs.

"You do realize that I'm his heir, right?"

"Well, yeah. You live with him and -- oh."


"Seriously -- I mean -- I kinda thought --"

"That it was just for the dystopic alternate universe?"

Kon winces and nods.

"Hn. Well --"

"No, dude, you can't laugh like that."

"I think you'll find --"


"Kon --"

"I'm putting my foot down, Rob."

"I --"

"You can be Batman II *all you want*. But you totally can't act like Batman I. I mean, I'm your best friend and I'm getting in early like you *know* Clark wanted to with your damned boss. *You don't get to act like him*."

Tim sits up on his elbows --

"One sec," Kon says, and licks Tim's abs before pulling back and sitting up tailor-style. "Okay, you can talk."

"All right --"

"But you can't laugh like that."

Tim snorts despite himself. "Kon. Batman has to act a certain *way* or else he doesn't get anything *done*."

"Fine, you can laugh like that when you're *working*. Not when you're in bed with your super-hot, loving, and long-fucking-suffering boyfriend," and Kon gives Tim a look which really needs a pair of sunglasses to go over.

And -- he has a point. "All right. I'll work on it."

"*Thank* you --"

"But you have to see why I'm more than a little depressed about my lack of growth, Kon."

"You've got a *fantastic* body *and* you kick ass. What more do you need?"

"Nine inches and one hundred pounds. Though I'd settle for five and fifty."

Kon gives *him* a sour look, and --

"You. You should never. I hate when you look like that at me. When you're doing it seriously, I mean."

"Then --"

"I'll stop bitching. I'll -- sorry," Tim says, and smiles ruefully, stroking Kon's cheek. "You put up with a lot from me, and -- I appreciate that."

And Kon's expression softens, *deepens* --

And Tim remembers -- "I love you."

And the softness becomes a grin full of light, hope --

Tim can absolutely go with it. *Bitching* won't make him grow anymore. "So. Are you the one person in the community who wouldn't have sex with Batman?"

Kon snorts. "Dude."

Tim lets his grin be slow, wide, and twinge-inducing. "Serious question."

"There's more than one fucking --"

"Kon. I've seen *Green Arrow* checking Batman out. *Both* of them."



"Fucking -- dude."

"Mm-hm. So. Are you...?"

"Uh." Kon blushes impressively. Just --

Tim smirks. "Thought so."

"Oh, c'mon, it's not like I want to have a fucking *conversation* with him."

Tim hums. "He's a good man."

"He is *not*. He fucks with *everyone*."

"He's warm --"


"Loving --"

"Fuck, no."

"Funny --"

"Tim, I love you, but your sense of humor fucking *sucks*."

Tim hums again in lieu of the forbidden laugh. "His doesn't. He has perfect deadpan. You like that."

"Yeah, when *you* do it --"

"Also... he's covered in scars."

"That's not -- uh."

Tim raises an eyebrow, letting his hair fall over his forehead. "Were you about to say something about that not being attractive, Kon?"


Tim arches his torso illustratively. "Yes?"


"Yes, Kon?"

After another moment, Kon meets his eyes. The sour expression is back, but it's not even remotely meant.

Tim smiles. "As I've said, the issue is endemic."

"*You* don't -- fuck. You totally do."

Tim shrugs lightly. "I *do* shower with him on a regular basis, Kon. You saw what happened when I started showering with *you*."

Kon punches him lightly. "You're not fucking *shallow*."

Tim smiles and looks down. "All right. But... take it to the logical conclusion, Kon. I shower with him. I eat with him. I work out with him. I fight crime with him --"

"Not all that *often* these days --"


Kon blows out a breath and gives him a rather stubborn look. "He's an *asshole*. He shouldn't -- uh."

"Get to have me...?" Tim smiles more broadly. "You'll note that he hasn't."

"Well -- *good*."

"But he should have you?"

"*No*, dude! But. Uh."


Kon mutters something incomprehensible.

Tim raises an eyebrow.

"Fucking -- fine. A blowjob. I wanna blow him."

Tim -- licks his lips. "And...?"

"No *and*."

"Does he get to return the favor?"

"*No*. I mean -- no."

"You mean...?"

Kon glares at him. And crosses his arms over his chest. And stops that. And throws himself down onto his back. And crosses his arms again. And stops that --

Tim hums and breaks out the secret weapon: he pushes the stained sheets out of the way and presses close to Kon's side, throwing his leg over Kon's and resting his head on Kon's biceps.

"Okay, dude, that's mean."

"I don't know what you're talking about, Kon."

"That's -- " He scowls.

Tim kisses Kon's pec. Softly.

"All *right*, *Jesus*, yes, sometimes I think about him -- returning the favor."

That hesitation -- "And?"

"God, why do you *care*?"

Tim licks his teeth. "Because I'm about to tell you about my fantasies about --"

"*Clark*? No *way*!"

Tim raises an eyebrow.

"Are you sure you're not just fucking me because -- *yow* -- okay, *okay*! Wait, how'd you get BG to teach you how to do that?"

Tim shifts until he's straddling Kon. "By spending an entire day with her without lying."

"You can *do* that?"

Tim deploys the double bird.

"I'm *serious* --"

"Yes, Kon, I can do that," Tim says, rolling his head on his neck and feeling his skin prickle with sweat that, at the moment, has nothing to do with physical activity. Kon's bedroom here in the Tower is one of the few with nothing resembling blinds or curtains, which is tactically sensible.

However, since they'd begun their sexual relationship, Kon had stopped *opening* his windows, because he has a rather animalistic attachment to the scent of Tim's sweat.

At present, Kon is flaring his nostrils mostly unconsciously. He --

Tim sighs and gathers sweat from his throat on his fingertips --

"Aw, yeah --"

Tim shoves three fingers deep into Kon's mouth, taking the moan for his own and looking at him as sternly as he can manage.


"You're nothing like Clark, and that's a good thing."


"You're nothing like Clark, and that's a *good* thing."

Kon nods and gives him a thumbs-up.

Tim raises an eyebrow.

Kon makes it a double, opening his eyes wide in a show of honesty --

Well. Kon has *many* of Clark's powers and abilities, but he only chooses to use the ones which allow him to lie for mission-related purposes. Tim nods and gathers some of Kon's own sweat, enjoying the tang and mild *weirdness* --

Kon's penis twitches --

And Tim's penis expresses itself similarly. Tim grins around his fingers --

And Kon tugs Tim's fingers out of his mouth. "Again?"

"Oh, yes --"

"Wait, what about Clark?"

"Are you going to tell me what --"

"I'd totally let him fuck me, okay? Are you *happy*?"

Tim hums and lets the image unspool in his mind for a moment --

A few seconds --

Another few -

"There is no way in *hell* that should be turning you on this much. And don't try to say it isn't, dude, 'cause I can *smell* you."

Tim smiles again. "It's only..."


Tim shifts on his knees just enough that four of the five nearest cameras will have excellent views of Kon's torso and *all* of them will have views of Kon's --burgeoning -- genitals.

"Dude, c'mon, *tell* me."

"I've discussed the matter with Nightwing --"

"*What* matter?"

"Hn --"


"Sorry. The matter in question: What happens when Batman gets laid."

"Uh. He does that?"

"From time to time. Basically, certain things become... easier. For everyone."

"Yeah, well, *everyone* cheers up when they get laid, Tim. I *swear* that's how it works."

Tim laughs quietly and strokes the underside of Kon's penis --

"Ooh -- uh. Yeah?"

"It's not that I want to throw you under the... ah... Bat-bus."

"Fucking -- *good*!"

"But the last time he was making love to a *male* of the species regularly -- a male apparently not entirely *unlike* you --"

"Dude, *who*?"

Well -- Tim smiles ruefully. "My predecessor."

Kon's eyes are wide and *shocked*.

"Yes --"

"But --"

"Kon --"

"Dude, the guy was his *son*! His *actual* son!"

Tim brings a finger to his lips and raises an eyebrow --

"*Everyone in the Tower knows*. Or they *should*."

Tim blinks --

Recalibrates to a certain extent --

And blushes and nods. "You're absolutely right. I... well. They were, by all reliable accounts, madly in love with each other."

Kon looks a little pained.

Tim smiles ruefully. "I saw them together. A... several times."

"You -- like -- fucking?"

"On rooftops, yet."

"Dude --"

"They -- ah. Enjoyed each other. *Immensely*."

And Kon is doing his own blushing. He --

Tim strokes Kon's cheeks because he *can*, because this warmth is his, because it always *could* have been his --

Because he's not wasting any more time --

And because it makes Kon use his aura to plant kisses which march all the way up Tim's arm to his throat --

*Hard* kisses --

"Nnh --"

"You like that, Rob?"

Tim smiles, knowing it's broad and sharp, knowing it's the sort of smile which makes Kon --

Kon shivers. "God, I just -- I *never* stop wanting to do you. I thought it would fucking ease *off* if we ever *started* fucking."

"The feeling is mutual -- "

"He -- the guy was really like me?"

"In many ways. Night--" Tim shakes his head. "*Dick* says you have the same unflinching honesty he had, many of the same smiles, a few of the same mannerisms..." Tim waves a hand. "It took me far too long to realize that some of Bruce's objections to you boiled down to the fact that he found you too painful to *look* at." Much like... Steph. Though Bruce has been making *marked* improvements in that direction.

Kon nods thoughtfully, gaze sympathetic -- "That had to be hard. *Has* to be hard, I mean. Poor bastard."

God, *Kon* --

Tim breathes around the *ache* in his chest -- "I think so. I -- in any event, Bruce was extremely happy with Jason. And that made him a better person with -- everyone."

"I -- hunh. He was all -- he was in love."

Tim nods.

"He can *do* that. Fall in love, I mean."

Tim knows his expression is somewhat pained, but... but. "He can, yes. I think... I think he's in love with a lot of people, Kon. I think he can't actually help himself, and... ah. Well. I think the fact that he doesn't get to express any of it normally... backs him up a little. In painful ways."

"You know you're making him sound fucking constipated, right?"

Tim snorts. "If the impaction fits -- wait, no, that's horrible --"

*Kon* snorts --

"You're going to be thinking about this the next time you see him, aren't you."

"*Fuck*, yeah. And, you know, maybe I'll help out."

Tim raises his eyebrow again.

Kon folds his hands behind his head and bounces Tim on his hips. "I'll totally offer to fix him up with somebody. You know, people like me in this community. *Listen* to me, too. And it's not like *you* guys are doing anything."

Tim blinks. That --

That is --

"I... can honestly say that I never thought about fixing Bruce up with someone."

"See, that's 'cause *all* you guys are fucking impacted, dude. Well, Cass isn't. *She* knows how to have fun. Steph does, too," and that's very much a *thoughtful* leer -- and a hopeful one -- but.

"Are you saying I *don't* know how to have fun, Kon...?"

Kon grins and bounces Tim a little more. "I'm *saying*... that you *needed* me in your life, dude."

Tim opens his mouth -- and laughs out loud --

Kon's grin gets *wider* --

"I... can't, actually, argue with that."

"Course not. You're smart enough to know when you're beaten, dude."

Tim hums and looks at Kon from under his lashes. "Is *that* what you want...?"

Kon's jaw drops warmingly --

And Tim kneels up and twists enough to offer an excellent view of him... patting his own ass. Firmly.


Tim smiles. Slowly.

"*Dude* --"

And then Tim simply *is* over Kon's lap. He raises his ass just a little more --

And Kon moans. "You are so fucking -- uh."


"Dude, are you doing this *just* to avoid the questions I gotta ask?"

Clark. Well... "I rarely do *anything* for only *one* reason, Kon."

"Stop *Batmanning* at me, dude. It's not right. And you're setting a bad example."

"For the children, Kon?"

"For the *Batchildren* -- wait, no, that doesn't work. Uh. How much *does* he watch the footage from this room? *My* room."

"I haven't asked," Tim says, and... wriggles. A bit.

Kon moans and strokes Tim's back and ass --

Cups and squeezes --

Tim hums and wriggles more --

"God, so fucking *hot*."

"I agree," Tim says, and tugs Kon's left hand to his mouth and licks the palm. Thoroughly.

Kon's hand *twitches* --

Tim breathes warm --

And Kon uses his aura to *spread* Tim's ass before using his fingers to tease Tim's hole. He --


"Uh, hunh. Tell me about Clark."

"Kon --"

"Tell me. About Clark."

"I --" Tim closes his eyes, breathes -- "Are you sure?"

And Tim's expecting *willful* indignance, but -- "Yeah, I'm sure. I *know* I'm not him."

"And that --"

"And that that's okay. Better than okay. A *lot* better than okay," Kon says, and uses his aura to pull the lubricant closer. "Tell me, dude."

Tim sighs and spreads his legs a little more --

"And I just wanna say that you totally bend *enough*. Dick can bend more, but not fucking *hotter*."

Tim blushes helplessly -- "You're biased."

"Uh, hunh. *Talk*."

"I want him."


Is *he* listening right now?

Does he always? Tim has *seen* how he looks at Kon --

And him. Tim grins. "I definitely want to fellate him."

"That gets a definitely?"

"Spank me?"

"Are you gonna talk more?"

Tim wriggles. "Absolutely."

"Then fuck, yeah," Kon says, and starts, alternating cheeks --

"Ohn -- oh, Kon --"

"Wait, here," and Kon pushes *in* with -- that has to be two fingers. And then starts spanking *again* --

"Jesus -- uh. Ah -- Kon."

"You like it?"

"You can *tell* --"

"C'mon, dude, say it anyway. Get *into* it."

And -- Kon knows at least a fair amount about what he's asking for. He is... very experienced. Tim swallows. "I like it."

"Yeah, hunh. How much?"

And Tim's *about* to ask for harder --

He doesn't have to. He --

"Kon. Kon --"

"How *much*."

Tim pants and hangs his head --

And Kon sucks in a sharp breath. He --

"I love it --"

"Do you?"

Tim -- groans. "Yes. Yes."

"Would you let Clark --"

"Fuck -- yes --"

Kon growls and crooks his fingers --

Tim *shouts* --

"Yeah. Yeah, like that. What else would you let Clark do?"

"What. What he wanted."

A wet sound -- Kon is licking his lips.

"I --"

"Does Bruce get to do what he wants with you?"

"I -- no. Not -- well. Sometimes --"

Kon spanks him *faster* --

"Ohn -- *please* --"

"You have to be hot for it."

"Yes --"

"You have to be --" Kon pants. "You have to be fucking *needy*."

"I'm needy *now* --"

Kon grunts and -- pauses.

"Kon --"

"That's how it is, Rob? Anyone can get a piece?"

"I -- fuck -- no --"

"Just Batman?"

"*You* --"

"Heh. And Clark...?"

Tim -- blushes. *Hard*.

"You're so fucking hot like this, Rob. You have no *idea* how much I love doin' this to you."

Tim pushes up onto his hands --

But Kon uses his aura to push him right back down onto his elbows. *Gently*.

"Kon --"

"Tell me more about Clark."

"I -- spank me more?"

"Maybe. If you get me hot enough."

"Jesus --"

"It's not like *I've* never thought about it," and Kon uses his free hand to poke the back of Tim's head. "And you know that."

Tim blushes *again* -- "I do, but --"

"C'mon, Rob. Give it to me," and Kon uses *that* voice. The low and hungry --

The voice that convinces Tim to do... all sorts of things. It may, in fact, be as convincing as Bart's ass in the Kid Flash uniform. Tim licks his lips. He -- "I want him to fuck me."

"Your mouth?"

"God, yes. And -- my ass --"


"Yes --"

"Like I do it?"

Tim squeezes his eyes shut -- and realizes that he's working his ass in small circles --

Kon almost certainly doesn't want him to stop. He --

"Do you want Bruce to fuck *you* hard?"

"Hell, yeah. I want him to fucking *ream* me. Answer --"

"Yes. Yes -- hard. Painfully -- I want him to make me scream --"

"Whose name?"

Tim pants and grins -- "That... changes."

Kon snickers breathlessly. "Fucking *slut*. I *like* that. What else --"

"We could -- ah. Never mind."

"No, what?"

Tim squeezes his eyes shut. Just --

What is he thinking?

What is he *thinking*?


"Ah -- we should -- ignore that thought --"

"*Fuck*, no --"

"Kon --"

"If you tell me, I'll spank you until you *bruise*."

Tim thrusts *hard* against Kon's thigh --

"God, yeah --"

"We can't -- we can't do that --"

"Why *not*?"

Good question. Excellent --  no, it's a terrible question. It's -- "I can only have some bruises. I can't --"

"Yeah, right, okay, the mission -- *still*, Rob."

Fuck fuck -- "We could call him."

"Uh. *Clark*?"

Tim blushes again --

Tries a laugh --

"*Weak*, Rob."

"Okay, okay, it was just a thought. I don't really want --"


Tim groans and beats his head against the bed --

"Have you ever -- no, I *know* you haven't had any threesomes."

"I've -- wanted to."

And Kon... pants.

And Tim pants.

And Kon starts *thrusting* again --

"Oh, God --"

"Clark. Clark, just -- come *here* if you're listening --"

"Kon --" And Tim pauses, but -- no one. No one, at all. He fights back disappointment *and* relief --

"I don't think he's busy, Rob."

"Kon --"

"I'm pretty sure he's *never* too busy for this --"

"There could be an *invasion* --"

"Dude. If he's not *actively in the middle of fucking Lois*? He's not that busy. *You* call him, too."

Oh, good, another blush.

"C'mon, man."

"I --"

"You wanna know what my x-ray vision says about what he's got for you?"

"I don't -- oh, *fuck* -- *fuck* --"

"Yeah, Rob. Like *that*," Kon says, and *moves* the incredibly large aura-penis inside Tim --

"Nuh -- *fuck* --"

"Do it. Do it, Rob."

"*Please* --"

"Come *on* --"

"*Clark*! Please, just --"

"In all honesty, I would've been here immediately, but --"

"Put. Me. Down," *Bruce* says --

Tim turns because he *has* to --

And Clark is standing at the foot of the bed with a decidedly Bruce-shaped *bundle* in his arms. He --

"Uh. Clark?"

"Yes, Conner? Oh, you're wondering --"


"Oh, Bruce, stop *fussing*," Clark says, and then Bruce is unwrapped and on his feet -- and wearing only a pair of boxer briefs.

A decidedly well-packed pair --

And he's glaring at Clark.

"Dude, Clark, you *stripped* him before bringing him?"

Clark smiles. Evilly. "Oh... not at all, Conner. Would you care to tell them what you were doing, Bruce...? I'm more than willing --"

Bruce growls -- but there are two spots of color high on his cheeks --

And Clark hums... and uses a finger to turn Bruce back to the bed. "Why don't *you* ask him what he was doing, Tim?"

And for a moment --

For a moment, Bruce looks almost *panicked* --

Which means Tim doesn't have to ask, at all. He -- Tim shakes his head and reaches back to tug on Kon's wrist until he pulls out.

"Uh. You sure, dude? I mean, I can *smell*... a lot. And I can *see* a lot, too. And --"

"Tim," Bruce says, and his voice is soft, *pleading* --

Tim *can't* --

He moves off the bed as gracefully as his ridiculous erection will allow and -- he's not sure what comes next. Dick -- and probably Jason -- would *touch* Bruce to tell him it's all right. Certainly *Cassandra* would. It's possible *Steph* would just before punching him. As such, he's not exactly *qualified* --

Tim reaches out anyway. He --

All right, his *hand* is shaking, and that's less than *optimal* --

He can feel Kon *staring* at him -- worrying? Hopefully not. Just --

He touches Bruce's hand -- just the back of it -- "It's all right," Tim says, and what had felt profound in his mind sounds small and weak and *useless* aloud --

Bruce smiles ruefully. "Tim... I know..." He shakes his head. "I would never... I would never interfere."

Tim nods helplessly -- "I know you... know better than that now."

"Yes. I... I've learned. And -- it's only. Sometimes..."


The smile gets wider *and* more pained. "I am... weak, at times. I appreciate your... your care. Your generosity --"

"Of course --"

"Uh. Rob?"

Tim strokes Bruce's knuckles because he *can*, and looks back over his shoulder. Clark isn't *on* the bed, but he's significantly closer to Kon --

And his eyes are glowing *faintly*. Hopefully?

Tim looks to Kon, who seems more than a little stunned. "What is it?"

"Is he... I mean. When he talks about your generosity..."

Tim blushes -- mainly because he's reasonably sure he can feel Bruce doing the same thing. He -- "I believe he's talking about... ah..."

"The seven hundred cameras you planted in here?"

There are really only seventeen -- Tim licks his teeth and smiles ruefully.

And *Kon* blushes --

And looks to Bruce.

"I..." Bruce takes a deep breath and stands straight. "I can only ask --"

"Don't! Don't ask! I mean -- it's cool, really," Kon says, and makes a pushing motion with his hands --

And Tim knows exactly how familiar that is to Bruce by the way his eyes... change.

And the way Clark hums.

And the way Kon --

"Eep. Uh. Uh. Batman?"

Bruce closes his eyes and smiles wryly, and when he opens them again, there's nothing in his eyes but humor. He --

Tim crushes Bruce's fingers somewhat reflexively --

And Bruce blinks and turns to him in surprise, which is entirely --

Tim winces. "I'm sorry. I -- reflex."

Bruce's nod is *wondering* --

"Oh, dude, you were trying to make him stop lying about being horny? He *can't* lie like that to me."

That's... true.

And the color is back in Bruce's cheeks.

And --


"Uh. Yeah?"

"Will you accept my apology?"

And Clark's hand just *is* on Kon's shoulder -- but Kon doesn't jump or shake it off, or even look like he *wants* to do either of those things. Kon is... coping.

Better than Tim is, considering the fact that he's squeezing Bruce's fingers *again*. Tim eases his grip --

Bruce smiles at him *wryly* --

And Kon swallows audibly. "Yeah, okay, I can see it."

"See --"

"One sec, Rob," and Kon turns to Bruce. "Your apology for... uh... getting off on us?"

Bruce nods.

Kon looks *down* -- and licks his lips unconsciously before looking up again.

Tim can *feel* the strain in Bruce --

"You -- um. Do you plan to *stop* getting off on us?"

Bruce's smile is *sharp* -- "I plan to try... harder."

"Meaning you've already tried and, like, *failed*."


"Because." Kon swallows and licks his lips again. "Because Tim makes those noises? And moves like that? And makes those *other* noises? And is all... Tim?"

The smile gets more broad. "Those are... some of the reasons."

"Oh, damn. Uh. *Seriously*?"

Bruce cocks his head to the side, squeezes Tim's hand *gently*, and steps closer to Kon --

"*Fuck* --"

"Should I step back?"

"Uh. Uh. Fuck? I mean -- no, you're good," and Kon flares his nostrils and shudders --

"Are you sure --"

"I'm *sure*, dude, you're. Uh. I always. I haven't *smelled* this before!"

Bruce laughs. It's only three notes, but --

It makes Kon and Clark *stare* --

And it makes Tim shiver. Just --

Bruce strokes Tim's palm with his thumb. He --

"Oh -- Bruce."

A *searching* look that Tim has no idea how to *respond* to --

And then Bruce turns back to Kon. "Kal usually allows me my... private time."

"I think you can agree that this was a special occasion, Bruce," and Clark smiles.

Bruce gives him a *withering* look --

And Clark smiles more broadly.

Bruce sighs and turns back to Kon. "You're surprised by my... attraction."

"Well -- fucking *yeah*."

"Even after everything Tim has told you?"

"He could've been *wrong*."

"Is he often incorrect...?"

Kon blinks rapidly -- and then frowns. "He was wrong about how he treated us in YJ -- except that those were your orders. Uh. Fuck."

Bruce's smile is tight and... very warm. "I trust him implicitly."

"So. So do I. Uh," and Kon looks to him --

And looks at his *erection*... which really isn't going anywhere. And when Kon looks up again, all Tim can do is smile ruefully and nod.

Kon nods back, licks his lips, and grins at Bruce. "So... what are you gonna do about your *attraction*, dude?"

Bruce blinks and *also* looks to him, and Tim knows exactly what question he's asking.

Tim squeezes Bruce's thumb and then lets go. "Kon and I have been friends for a long time, Bruce. We know... some things don't have to be said more than once."

"Or... clearly?"

Tim smiles -- and smiles at Kon. "Some things need to be discussed... after."

Kon nods and grins more broadly.

"'After.'" And Bruce looks at him pointedly. "Will we have our own discussion then, Tim?"

Is that *hope* -- but.

Of course it is. Tim touches his tongue to his upper lip --

Watches Bruce stare at his *mouth* --

"Yes, Bruce. We'll talk." And there may even be actual *words* --

And Tim knows Bruce had heard that by the *hard* smile in his eyes. The *hot* smile --

Tim shakes his head and steps *back* --

And Clark is beside him just that quickly, smiling hopefully -- and hotly.

"You make an excellent transportation service."

"Oh... I do try. If you'd ever like --"

"A ride, Clark...?"

Clark *beams* at him. "You've been spending more time with Dick."

"It often seems like the thing to --"

"Oh fuck. Uh. Uh."

Tim looks, and tries to make his mind accept the sight of Bruce kissing Kon's throat as he cups Kon's shoulders. He's *behind* Kon on the bed --

And Kon is flushed and panting. He --

Clark hums -- quietly.

"Ah... yes?"

"Do you think Bruce will *let* Conner fellate him?"

Tim blinks. "You don't think you have a better chance of answering that question accurately than I do?"

"Oh, but you're so perceptive --"



Tim blushes and laughs --

And Clark smiles at him warmly, *happily* --

"Ah. You don't actually have to seduce me."

"Would -- heartfelt -- compliments work for that sort of thing?"

"Probably not."

"Noted. Still... I would like your opinion."

Tim turns back to Bruce and Kon --

And Bruce has one arm around Kon's chest and the other hand on Kon's hip. And he's whispering in Kon's ear. Tim reads his lips reflexively --

' -- feared you and your power over Tim.'

"Uh. *What*?"

Bruce smiles and *licks* Kon's ear -- 'I feared you would... influence him unduly. And lead him into inappropriate relationships.'

"Fuck -- you -- I *wouldn't --"

'I know that now. I...' Bruce sighs and bites Kon's earlobe --

"Oh. Bruce. That feels --"


Kon nods and covers Bruce's hands with his own --

'I think...' And Bruce bites *obviously* hard -- and looks at Tim. And *smiles* --

Tim shivers and reaches for Clark in a reflex he's choosing not to examine at the moment --

"Of course, Tim," and Clark pushes close behind him --

Against him --

He's so *warm* --

Tim shivers *again* -- and then it's more of a shudder, because Clark is pressing his deeply impressive erection against the small of Tim's back. *When* Clark took his clothes off is an interesting question... for another time.

Tim smiles and rubs against Clark the way he does when he wants Kon to *stutter* --

Bruce growls and bites the *shell* of Kon's ear --

"*Jesus*, yes --"

"I won't whisper. Everyone in this room can understand me anyway... and, perhaps, *should*," Bruce says, and licks into Kon's ear again. "Guide my hands, please."

"Sure, uh, huh, whatever you --" And Kon places Bruce's hands on his penis and right nipple -- "Please?"

"Should I touch you the way Tim does?"

Tim shakes his head before he can stop himself --

And Kon grins and nods. "I think that's a no, dude --"

"What do *you* want --"

"To make Tim come screaming. *Always*," Kon says, and makes Bruce squeeze him. "And to see what you wanna do to me."

"*With* you --"

Tim grunts -- and everyone is looking at him. Which. Which is also less than optimal. "Please, I -- let me see --"

"And feel, Tim...?" And Clark strokes Tim's hips.

It's not that Tim had *forgotten* Clark... but some part of his mind had clearly forgotten the possibilities inherent to his presence. "I... would like to stay right here. Or rather," and Tim shifts just enough to the left that he has an excellent view of Bruce and Kon. "Here."

"Oh, please allow me to help with that," Clark says, and *grips* Tim's hips the way Kon does with his *aura* --

Tim groans and shudders --

And Kon licks his lips. "I'll uh. Stay right here."

"Thank -- *nuh* --"

"Dude, Clark, lick him slow enough that *Bruce* can see."

"So... generous," and Bruce growls and bites Kon's throat --

"*Fuck* --"

And begins to stroke and *pinch* --

"Oh Jesus oh fuck --"

And Clark drops to his knees *behind* Tim --

"Clark --"

"Please," Clark says, "focus on the bed."

"That's --" Unlikely, he was going to say, except that he can't actually look away from Kon's increasingly dazed eyes --

And speaking would be --

He thinks he *could* speak, if he were to make an effort, but he's reasonably sure that Clark's tongue is making it so that any words which come out of him would have more in common with a word salad than a sentence, much less a paragraph. Clark's tongue --

Kon has done this before, while joking and teasing Tim enough that Tim could be *absolutely* sure that it embarrassed him --

Clark is neither joking nor teasing. Clark is humming and *moaning*. Clark is kissing Tim's *hole*, over and over again --

Does he even *like* the taste of STARslide?

Tim's not -- not going to think of anything else --

"*Deep*," Tim says, and he doesn't know why that word --

Except that, of course, Clark is *shoving* in with his tongue, over and over --

"Tim. Tim."

"I -- Kon --"

"Is it good?"

Tim meets Kon's eyes again, and he definitely looks dazed. He's also flushed and *sweating* -- because Bruce is making love to Kon's throat while stroking him *slowly*. He -- "You can feel --"

"Calluses. Fucking -- fucking *scars*."

Tim's penis twitches --

Kon *groans* --

And Bruce is licking his way back to Kon's ear. "You're a beautiful young man in every way which can be measured. You are..." Bruce sighs. "Will you let me bring you to orgasm?"

"Uh. Was that a *question*?"

"Hn. Perhaps it shouldn't have been."

"That -- that fucking *laugh* --"

"I'm... sorry?"

And Clark pulls *out* --

"Oh -- *please* --"

"Terribly sorry, Tim, but -- ah. Conner, he's not being sincere in the slightest. You should almost certainly punish him."


Bruce hums and *glitters* at Kon --

"Oh, dude." And Kon moves Bruce at a speed *just* slow enough for Tim to parse it --

Puts Bruce on his knees on the *floor* -- and stands above him with one hand wrapped around the base of his penis. He --

"You. Uh. Deserve this?"

"Do I."

"Dude, don't make me be fucking *convincing*," and Kon pushes --

And Clark pushes in with his tongue *and* a finger --

And *both* of them curse --

And Kon grins at him *loopily*. "I think this is going pretty fucking -- oh, *fuck* --"

Bruce had swallowed him. He --

Of course Bruce can do that. Of course he'd *want* to --

And of course Clark would start thrusting in the same rhythm --

*Opening* him --

Clark can fuck him. Clark can -- he can do it *today* --

Right *now*. Getting the words out is going to be a problem -- no. If Kon can deal with Bruce --

"Oh -- oh -- ohn -- fuck, Batman, *fuck* --"

-- and he apparently can, then Tim can do this. He reaches back and grips Clark's hair with a shaking hand and yanks him *back* --

"Oh... are you quite sure?"

Tim groans --

"Oh, Tim, I love your sounds very much --"

"Lay. Lay your cape down. There," Tim says, and points at a patch of floor approximately eight feet from Bruce's kneeling body --

Clark does it --

And Tim gets down on his hands and knees --

"Aw, *yeah*, Tim, do it, make him *do* it --"

Tim grins and gives himself a moment to watch Bruce working his head on Kon's penis in rhythm with Kon's thrusts --

They're both *flushed* --

And for a moment Tim only wants to move closer, wants to be able to taste and smell and taste *more* --  but this will be better. "Spread me, Kon."

"W-what -- I'm not touching you --"

"*Do* it."

"Jesus *fuck*, Tim, this is not the time for goddamned fucking *training*," Kon says, but he gestures --

And Tim cries out for the feel of being spread *wide* --

"Oh -- God, I love that *sound*, Rob --"

Clark licks his entire cleft --

"*Nnh* --"

"It always... mm. Makes me *pause*. Which is somewhat problematic at times. Perhaps I should punish you for being distracting...?"

Tim grunts -- and grunts *again* for the feel of Clark pressing on his prostate through his perineum --


"Fuck me. I -- please --"

"How, Tim? How should I do it?"

Tim feels himself blushing *and* flushing --

*Smells* himself sweating --

"Oh, God, wait, Batman, you gotta see --" And Kon pulls out and turns them to the side, giving Bruce a view of *him* --

Bruce's expression is so *wild* --

Kon shoves in again --

Bruce bares his *teeth* --

Kon screams and thrusts harder, *faster* --

And Clark hums. "Perhaps I should punish myself for taking this... your beauty --"

"Please, Clark --"

"Tell me --"

"*Hard* -- *ahn*!"

Two fingers. Two -- *bigger* than Kon's --

*Hotter* --

And, yes, harder. Clark may or may not have watched him with Kon *every* time, but he knows exactly what Tim can take --

Knows how to make him cry *out* for every -- every *thrust* --

"*Yeah*, Clark, *give* it to him."

"Your encouragement is really very warming, Conner --"

Kon snickers and gasps --

And *keeps* gasping, precisely the way he does when Tim starts swallowing fast and *hard* --

Tim wants to *hear* --

But Clark is *shoving* in, opening Tim at *speed* --

Tim isn't even sure when he'd gotten the *lubricant* --


"C-Clark --"

"I've wanted this for a very long time, Tim..."

"I -- I know -- subjectively --"

And Clark laughs. "Objectively, too. But I won't say more about that while Bruce can hear us."

Bruce raises an eyebrow --

"Oh fuck not the *eyebrow* -- oh, *please* -- God, Batman, *in* me --"

Bruce growls and it gets choked *off* --

Bruce pushes *in* --

Clark presses his fingers against Tim's prostate and *vibrates* --

Kon throws his head back --

Tim screams helplessly, *loudly* --

Bruce *clutches* Kon's hip with his free hand --

And Tim knows Kon is coming, losing himself to *Bruce* --

Tim's -- partner. And any more of that doesn't need to be considered at this time. Or *ever*. Not that thought is especially *easy* at the --

Moment --

<<Fine one, you move like a courtesan.>>

Tim blinks --

*Tries* to think --

<<I assure you, I meant that as a compliment.>>

Bruce hums a laugh --

Kon *whimpers* --

"I --" Tim licks his lips. <<This one -->>

Bruce *growls* --

"Ah... perhaps we can save that for another time...?"

Tim *coughs* a laugh -- and thinks *enough* to realize that he's working his hips in sharp circles, that he's *grinding* onto Clark's fingers --

That Bruce is right there --

That Kon is staring and not getting any *softer* in Bruce's mouth --

And it's tempting -- very tempting -- to continue speaking in the slave construction. It's tempting to do it *just* to see what Bruce will do...

But Kon speaks far, far less Kryptonian than everyone else in the room. The fact that that's his choice doesn't make it any less problematic. Tim will stick to the basics --

"Oh, faster...?"

He's *urging* with his hips --

He's open *enough*. "*Fuck* me." <<I would be taken. *Now*.>>

And Clark grips the back of his neck --

And Kon groans and *gestures* -- he's gripping the *front* of Tim's neck with his aura --

Tim gasps and it gets absolutely *nowhere* --

"Oh, Conner... such *control*..."

"I -- uh. Practice? Oh, Jesus, Batman, don't *look* at me like that!"

Tim *can't* turn his head enough to see Bruce's expression... but he really doesn't have to. He lifts his hand to give the 'okay' signal --

Kon moans *mournfully* --

"Tim. You mustn't -- it's very dangerous --"

Clark releases Tim and stops thrusting --

*Kon* releases Tim --

Tim turns his head to look at Bruce -- who has sat back on his heels -- *pointedly* --

And Bruce hums, wiping his mouth with the back of his hand --

Kon *and* Clark grunt --

Bruce's expression sharpens. He's just filed that thought away for later, which is intimidating -- and intimidatingly erection-inducing -- but not actually the *point* right now.

"You were *saying*?" Tim keeps the 'you idiot' unspoken... mainly because he knows Bruce can hear it anyway.

Bruce hums again. "It's dangerous... when your lovers lack perfect control."

"They *don't* --"

"They do... when they're in the process of making love."

Well. "Bruce --"

"I do not judge you, Tim. I'm only... concerned. Thus far, you've restrained yourself to performing that act only *after* Kon-El has achieved the bulk of his pleasure."

And you really did watch *every* time... even if you didn't do it right away. Tim licks his teeth. "It arouses me, Bruce."

"I know --"

"It arouses me... powerfully."

Bruce narrows his eyes and flares his nostrils --

Tim clenches helplessly -- "*Hnh* -- I. Ah. Bruce --"

"Would you. Would you ever."

Tim meets Bruce's eyes... and lifts his chin in invitation.

Bruce's penis twitches behind his boxer briefs --

And Tim smiles. "It's not your turn, yet, but..."

"As you say. I... must remain watchful."

"I wouldn't have it any other way," Tim says, and turns back to Kon -- who is stroking himself and looking back and forth between him and Bruce. Tim enjoys the view --

Licks his lips --

And turns back to Bruce. "Let him."

"Dude, no, it's gotta be what *everyone* wants --"

"Kon. There is no one in this room who doesn't want you to fellate Bruce," Tim says, and raises an eyebrow."

"Uh." Kon turns to Bruce. "Is that true, too?"

Bruce closes his eyes and smiles again. "I cannot speak for Kal --"

"Oh, you truly can," Clark says, and there's something like a jagged caress down the length of Tim's spine -- no.

Those were kisses.

"Dude, *slower*."

"Of course, I'm sorry. Ah... *my* control is a *trifle* frayed, I must admit."

Bruce opens his eyes again --

"Only as much as it is when *we* make love, Bruce, *honestly*."

Bruce swallows and nods once, very clearly making the *right* decision before moving back in range of Kon --

"Oh -- fuck, yeah," Kon says, cupping Bruce's face and stroking his stubble before kissing him hard, *wetly* --

Bruce grabs Kon's hips and yanks him *closer* --

Kon grunts --

And Tim cries out for the feel of Clark thrusting again, *twisting* his fingers --

<<Fine one, please do speak -->>

<<The son of the son of light does *not* speak the Language -->>

<<And I know regret, pain, hunger-hurt -->> "But I do listen. Tell me your desires again --"

"Fuck me --"


Tim *growls* --

Clark teases him with a third finger --

A finger that would almost certainly *hurt* --

Tim lowers his head to pant --

But then Bruce grunts and Tim has to look up again, has to *see* --

Kon on his knees.

Kon *nuzzling* Bruce's penis.

Kon --

Tim's never seen Bruce that *hard*, never --

"Shall I offer that to you, fine one?"

Oh --

Clark's penis.

Clark's penis in his face. In his *mouth* -- "*Yes* -- not yet -- ah."

Clark laughs softly -- but there's a breathless quality to it, a hunger --

"Fuck me --"

"One -- once more?"

Tim clenches hard enough to make himself *scream* -- "*Fuck* me!"

"Sweet boy, I..." And then Clark's pulling out barely slow enough for Tim to feel it --

Tim gasps and clenches on nothing --

"*Take*," and Clark pushes --

So slowly, so --

He's so *thick*, but it's slow, he can take it, he --

Bruce *groans* --

Tim clenches and shouts, clenches and *shakes* --

Kon slurs something *heartfelt* --

*Thick* --

And Clark pants, over and over, as he starts to *rock* his way in, starts --

It feels like he could lift Tim with his thrusts because he *could* -- and right now that seems less ridiculous than --

<<Desired -- desired one -->> "Please, Clark --"

Clark growls and rocks *faster* --

"*Please* --" <<I beg -->> And Tim *tries* to get Clark deeper, tries to take *more* --

But Clark is *gripping* Tim's hips with perfect and *gentle* implacability --

Clark is demanding his *own* pace --

"Fuck -- *please*, Clark!"

Clark *scratches* Tim's hips -- "Oh, Bruce... watch," he says, and shoves in *deep* --

So deep Tim *can't* scream --

Can't breathe or *think* --

And Bruce's eyes are wild again --

Bruce's grip on Kon's head looks *painful* -- for him --

And then Bruce *pants* out a breath -- "Kal. Feel free to do the same," he says, and tilts Kon's head back --

*Stares* into his eyes like Batman --

Kon's penis twitches and leaks *large* amounts of pre-come --

And Bruce pushes into Kon's mouth *relentlessly*, not hesitating even when Kon's eyes widen --

When he coughs in *shock* for the lack of a pause --

Someone is *whimpering* -- and Tim realizes that it's him, that he's beating on the carpet with one fist and clawing at Clark's cape with the other --

Clark isn't *moving* --

He could stay right there. He could --

Tim feels *skewered*, but Clark could stay right there, demand Tim come *that* way --

Tim shouts --

Bruce growls --

Tim clenches --

"Oh -- lovely, but I think..."

And Tim is up on his knees straddling Clark's thighs --

Clark is pulling him *down* more --

"Nnh -- ahn -- *please*, Clark!"

"Look at Conner, fine one," and Clark *squeezes* Tim's penis --

"*Ohn* -- I --" Tim shakes his head --

Tries to shake it *off* --

Realizes that he doesn't want to do anything of the *kind* --

And Kon is moaning constantly. It *would* be steady if it wasn't being choked off with every one of Bruce's *thrusts* --

Bruce is still holding Kon's *head* -- and Kon looks dazed and *intimidated*, hungry for exactly what he's *getting* --

Bruce is staring into Kon's *eyes* -- but then he turns Kon to face *him* --

And Kon thrusts his hips at nothing and reaches out, gestures --

Clark *moans* --

And there's a hand of *nothing* pushing its fingers between Clark's own --

*Urging* --

And Kon knows exactly what this stroke does for him. *To* him --

Kon knows that every rough *toss* makes Tim jerk, pump, *writhe* --

Clark isn't *thrusting* --

"Yes, I *see*," Clark says, and takes the stroke up --

And then Kon's aura-hand becomes two and starts feeling Tim up, petting him, squeezing and pinching --

Cupping his *scrotum* --

Squeezing *hard* when Bruce starts grunting for every thrust --

Every *harder* thrust --

And then there are approximately five disturbingly *small* hands on Tim's throat --

*Eight* --

And two big ones that Tim *can't* be sure are real or not. He can't see. He can't --

Clark is --

*Someone* is moving Tim, *making* Tim ride Clark fast and *hard*. Tim can still move in *some* ways -- but he can't move away and he can't slow down and he can't *see* --

Can't breathe and can't *see* --

And Bruce is growling --

And Clark is moaning, almost *crooning* --

And Kon isn't breathing, and all of the hands on Tim are big and hot, exactly what he *likes* --



And that's Clark licking his ear and *spasming* inside him -- "Conner has penetrated Bruce with a finger, oh... very roughly --"

Tim clenches --

Screams and *nothing* comes out --

<<Fine one, *open* -->>

Tim opens his eyes -- and sees the ceiling, and black flowers --

So -- so many --

But then he can breathe, because *Kon* knows what he can take, even when he's in the process of getting his *throat* fucked --

By *Batman* --

Reamed, he said he wanted to be *reamed* --

Bruce *shouts* --

And then Tim *has* to see, has to --

He lowers his head -- and Clark bites his throat hard enough to make Tim *flex* open --

"*Ohn* --"

And now the fuck is much harder, much *faster*, as if Clark wants to end it before Tim can clench *violently* again --

And Tim can't say he doesn't understand that. He --

Tim *smiles* --

Clark shudders and spasms again, *strokes* faster --

Bruce shouts again, wordless and *desperate* --

And when Tim can focus, he sees that Kon has fought off Bruce's hold and started to work himself on Bruce's penis --

Exactly as hard and fast as Clark is working *Tim*.

Tim groans and feels himself salivating, *wanting* --

"I need -- I *need* --"

And every ghostly hand on Tim's body *clutches* -- and then starts to move. He's being *thoroughly* molested, and all he wants to do is take it, *ride* it the way Clark is making Tim ride him --

Clark is panting and *grunting* --

"Oh -- *yes*," Bruce says, slamming in *hard* --

Kon hollows his *cheeks* --

And Bruce shudders all over as he -- comes. Oh, God, Bruce is --

Tim is watching Bruce *come* --

And Tim feels himself breaking out in fresh sweat, *more* sweat --

The hands on him never *slip* --

Until Kon's fingers twitch and there's a large and *unfamiliar* penis in Tim's mouth, a penis battering the back of Tim's throat until he *gulps* ---

"Oh, Conner, you... such a *wonderful* power --"

Kon *slurps* and pulls back. "I know, right? By the way, Rob -- that's *Bruce*."

Bruce grunts again and drops to his knees, pulling Kon in for a hard kiss --

Another --

And then he can't *see* anymore, because Kon is yanking his head back the way Bruce had done to him --

Kon is fucking him with Bruce's penis. Kon --

So *hard* --

And Tim can feel himself twitching helplessly, leaking and sweating even as Clark moans and strokes him faster, holds Tim still with the hand on his hip and fucks his way in and *in* --

"Bruce... Bruce is making love to Conner's *mouth*, fine one --"

Tim whimpers but nothing comes *out* --

"Will you let me do the same? I promise to... to *appreciate*..."

He couldn't feel more *appreciated* without first growing more *erogenous* zones --

"Will -- oh, fine one, most --" Clark groans and spasms hard enough to make Tim *want* to scream --

He can't --

He *can't* --

"Not *long*, fine one. And then I will fill you --"

And if he does that like *Kon* does --

Tim squeezes his eyes shut, shakes his head, and clenches helplessly, over and *over* --

Swallows and drools *anyway* --

"Tim, oh, Tim, must I stop?"

Tim shakes his head as fervently as he *can* with Kon holding it with his power --

"Yes -- oh, yes, I understand. *Take*," Clark says, and forces his way in past Tim's clenching --

The friction is more than a little insanity-inducing, painful, so *hot* --

Kon is making 'Bruce's' penis *flex* in his mouth --

He can't stop *clenching* --

He --

Hand around his throat --

It isn't *hot* enough to be Kon's or Clark's --

And Tim opens his eyes to see Bruce staring down at him with hunger and something much gentler, much *warmer* --

God, Bruce can see him *tearing* for this --

"Tim," he says, and it sounds like so much *more* than that --

And *feels* like more when he squeezes hard enough that Tim can't breathe even when Kon pulls out, can't even *sip* air --

Can't *see* --

"Fine one, your *scent* --"

"God, fuck, I *love* that smell --"

"I wish," Bruce says, "that I could comprehend more of its nuances."

Kon sighs. "Yeah, it's pretty --"

"*Robin*," *Batman* says -- "*Come*."

Tim feels his eyes fly open *wide*, and Bruce's eyes fill his vision, hot and sharp and deadly, so *deadly* --

He's wanted for so --

Long --

"Aw, *yeah* --"

Bruce eases his grip --

And Tim is screaming before he can gasp --

Gasping and screaming *more* --

*Mouth* around him, and he doesn't know whose, doesn't --

Clark doesn't stop, Clark is giving him -- so --

So *much* --

It feels like he's being *yanked* to pleasure, staked out and -- and *used* --

Oh, *yes* --

And then he's back in his body and swaying --

No, he's on his hands and knees *over* Kon --

"Ready to take it, Rob?"

"Nuh -- fuck -- what --"

"I *need* you," Clark says, and he's big, he's hot, he's *heavy*, grinding into Tim's ass --

"*Ahn* -- *ahn* --"

Grinding Tim's body against Kon's --

"Oh, *Jesus*, this is fucking wrong --"

Tim gasps and tries to -- *something* --

"Is it? Wrong, I mean," Bruce says, and that's his hand on Tim's shoulder, warm and --

And Kon is saying something, but Tim can't hear it, can't *focus* enough to read his lips --

"-- sec," and Kon pulls him in for a kiss that tastes gamy, thick --

*Bruce* --

Tim groans and *shudders* --

Clenches *again* --

And *screams* into Kon's mouth, because Clark doesn't stop, Clark is huge, Clark doesn't *stop* --

Bruce squeezes Tim's shoulder --

"Hey, Clark..."

"Yes. *Yes*, Conner --"

"Check it," he says, gesturing --

And whatever he does makes Clark *bellow* --

*Freeze* --

And thrust *faster* for what's either thirty seconds or a *year*. Tim smiles and it feels loose on his face, open, *willing* --

*Another* bellow --

And Tim feels the hot *splash* on his back before he parses the fact that Clark has pulled out, and then he can only clench on nothing and *shiver* through the feel of Clark... coming all over him.


Tim lets himself slump *on* Kon --

Kon hugs him -- and rubs the semen *in*. And grins at him.

Bruce hums in *amusement* --

"Do you have something to *say*, Bruce...?"

Bruce smiles at him *sharply* -- "I find myself wondering if this is how you've managed to stay so... supple."

Kon snorts --

Clark *coughs* --



"As Steph would say... go eat a dick."

Bruce hums.


"Yes, Kon?"

"So... threesome with her next?"


"This is where you say 'yes,'" Kon says, lengthening the word helpfully.


"Or..." Clark clears his throat and kisses the back of Tim's neck.

"'Or,' Kal...?"

"I think we've proven that foursomes need not be awkward. Or... moresomes...?" And Clark floats slowly into the part of Tim's field of view not taken by either Kon or Bruce. He's smiling very, very hopefully.

Steph's reaction to him asking that question would be... what? It's not that he tries to have his conversations with Steph before she can join them -- there's no percentage in that sort of thing with Steph, if in different ways than there's no percentage in it with *Bart* --

It's just that he'd rather have some *idea* of what she'd say --

Or at least how she'd *look* at him --

Kon pokes Tim's nose. Stickily.

"Ah. Yes?"

"We already know she likes *me*, dude."

That's... true --

Bruce hums *again* --

And Clark sighs in disappointment. "Have you forgotten us already, Conner? That's really rather wounding."

"Clark --"

"I," Bruce says, "may never recover from the pain."

"Jesus, Bruce --"

"And..." Clark sniffs. "I thought we meant more to each other than that."

"Clark --"

"I feel..." Bruce licks his lips and raises an eyebrow. "Sorely used."

Kon opens his mouth --

Closes it --

And looks to *him*.

Tim leans in and kisses Kon firmly before pulling back with a smile. "Let's see what happens if we ignore them for a while."

Kon blinks. "And... it'll be the kind of ignoring where we actually get some of these wet spots on the bed?"

Tim smiles more broadly. And grinds against Kon's abdomen.