Taking The Card
by Te
November 5, 2011

Disclaimers: No one and nothing here is mine.

Spoilers/Timeline: Vague ones for much older storylines. Takes place early in Jason's tenure as Robin.

Summary: Jason's *hard*, but Bruce looks like he's about to fuck a hole through the motherfucking space-time continuum.

Ratings Note/Warnings: Sexual content which dovetails neatly with the content some readers may find to be disturbing.

Author's Note: I bunnied myself while writing "I never left you." Had to be done. You *don't* have to read that one first, though.

Acknowledgments: Much love to Mildred, Melissa, Pixie, ShadowValkyrie, Britt, and my Jack for audiencing and encouragement.

Length: 12,000 words.


It's gonna be today.

That -- Jason knows it. In his head, in his bones, and in his *increasingly* hurting cock, because the fact that Bruce had made him padded jocks that fit fucking perfectly *doesn't* mean that he'd made them perfect for Jason's fucking erections. And --

No, he can focus at least a little. He --

It's a spar, and his body knows these better than his mind does. His mind trips him up with things like wondering *how* someone Bruce's size can move that fast, or *why* Bruce isn't just throwing him around like he can, or *when* Bruce is gonna pull out --

That flurry. *This* one, because it's driving Jason back and back, *forcing* Jason to break and dodge --

"*Good*," Bruce says, and his voice is always deep, always fucking *heavy*, but when they're sparring --

When they're sweating up their clothes and moving, moving --

Jason tries a kick --

Jason *tumbles* back to avoid Bruce's grab --

Rolls to avoid the *pounce* --

It's gonna be today, because sooner or later Bruce is gonna pin him and --

Jason's up *now*, and he's got his hands up, he's got his own flurries now, seasoned with just a little bit of what he'd learned on the street --

Oh, Jesus --

Bruce is *smiling*, and he never does that like normal or sane people, never *just* looks happy or proud or whatever when he can *also* look *starved* --

Like now.

Right now.

It's gonna be *today*, because that was about half a moan that got out of Jason for the wind of Bruce's punch --

"You can push through that. Keep going."

"Any-- anything you say," and Jason pulls out a few nut-twisting kicks --

Bruce *hums* as he catches Jason's ankle --

"*Fuck* --"

"Too much hesitation," and Bruce tosses him *lightly* --

Lightly enough that Jason can get a little spin mid-air, land on his hands the way *Dick* had taught him --

"*Yes*, Jay."

But, while the capoeira kicks are fast enough, they're too sloppy to even graze --

And Bruce is coming for him --

And there's a fucking *thought* --

No, it's not yet, it's not *yet*, and he can damned well flip up -- rough and off-balance, but *fast* --


"God, when you say that --" No, Jason shakes his head and comes in with some strikes, another flurry --

He's not paying *attention* to Bruce's wide eyes, because Bruce is still fighting him, still making him work, still --

How hard is he?

It's --

It *has* to be today, doesn't it?

Just --

This has been going on since day fucking one --

Since *night* one, with him tied to that chair while Bruce stared at him, smiled at him, *wanted* at him like a *crazy* john, like maybe he was gonna fuck the life out of Jason and then hand him a fucking *tract* --

And this punch whistles past his *ear* --


"I got it, I got it," and Jason dances back, checks himself over -- he's getting tired, but not too tired. He's *harder* than he's tired --

And Jason has to admit that has a lot to do with the fact that it -- *it* -- wasn't that night or any of the nights after it.

No little unauthorized touches.

No extra-long pins.

No *looks* that didn't come with something useful and Battish or Robinish or just --

Just --

He's Bruce's fucking *son* now, and he has no idea how that even *happened* --

He's blocking and moving, blocking and tagging out --

"*Faster*, Jay."

And he's not bobbing his head on Bruce's cock --

And he's not *riding* Bruce's cock --

Even though that flush on Bruce's face is *dark* --

And his eyes are still wide --

And Bruce knows Jason's hard for this, he's gotta fucking *know* --

And sometimes his *hands* shake --

Jason's cock twitches hard enough to make Jason make another fucking noise --


"I'm good!" And Jason comes in kicking just like he can prove it that way, just like his sac *isn't* getting tighter and tighter and *needier* -- "*Fuck* --"

"*More*," Bruce says, *while* throwing him, and this time Jason can't get his tumble right --

He hits *hard*, rolling onto his back --

It makes his cock twitch again --

*Again* --

And Bruce is on him before he can move, covering him, leaning in and panting like *he's* been tossed around -- "Are you all right?"

And for a moment Jason can only stare at him, only --

God, he's right fucking *there*, and his breath smells like coffee and the syrup Jason had made him put on his pancakes, and his hair is mussed and sweaty --

And Jason groans --


"Uh. I'm not hurt. But."

Bruce searches him for a *long* fucking moment --

Licks his lips --

*Shudders* --

It has to be *today* --

But Bruce stands up *fast*, faster than Jason can *sit* up -- he offers his hand.

Jason takes it, and there's a moment when he only wants to *yank* on it, get him back *down* here --

"I -- have to go in today. To the office, I mean," Bruce says, and his hand fucking *spasms* when Jason squeezes it. "You're welcome to. Join me."

It's enough to make Jason snort and get his ass up off the mats. "No, *thank* you. Shower?"

Bruce hums and studies him -- no. He's beaming *gratitude* at him, and hunger, and happiness, and --

("I -- I care about you. Very much.")

And there was a time -- not all *that* long ago -- when Jason *hadn't* known that meant 'I love you,' but it's hard to remember what that looked like. What that *felt* like.

Is it seriously not today?


Bruce *is* following him to the showers, and they *are* both stripping, and --

And Bruce is about as hard as *anyone* could get in that jock of his, and Jason is getting fucking harder even though he's filling his mind with crap about lawyers and contracts and motherfucking *stock* options --

And the water always comes out cold --

But it gets hot soon enough, and he's -- not any softer.

And neither is Bruce. Neither --

Bruce's cock *twitches* while Jason watches --

Bruce is *holding* the water on cold. Jesus. Jesus.

Jason can *feel* that --



"That -- it's no good for your muscles. You told me that."

Bruce shivers and smiles *darkly* --

*Jason* shivers -- no. "B, come on --"

"Yes," Bruce says, and turns the knob over to hot --

Jason's not thinking about fucking *knobs* --

Except for how he totally is. He -- Jason licks his lips and. Makes a fucking effort. He puts his hair under the spray, knowing it's strong enough down here to *power* out some of the tangles --

Bruce is moving in his peripheral vision --

Jason looks --

But he's just holding a bar of soap and staring at it like it just lied to him in the middle of an interrogation. Jesus fucking --


Another cock twitch. Another --

"Fuck, *B* --"

"I'm listening."

And that -- that was almost the *warning* tone of voice, except that Bruce never uses it with *him* --

"I -- I'm sorry. I don't mean --"

"When, B."

Bruce swallows and *glares* at the soap --

Squeezes his eyes shut --

And looks up to stare at him with wide eyes and parted lips. That.

Jason walks out from under the spray --

"No -- don't --"

"*B* --"

"It's not. It's not appropriate --"

"So you're not gonna pretend you don't know what's going on?"

"You're far too intelligent --" Bruce cuts himself off with what sounds like about an *eighth* of a growl and then shakes his head. "It's not appropriate."

"*B* --"

"Jay, no --"

"Come *on*! You've been hard *every* time we sparred --"

"The -- physical excitement for such things --"

"I can *see* it on you *other* times --"

"I won't. I will never -- pressure --"

"I *want* it," Jason says, and it feels like there's no tile under his feet, no fucking *floor* --

Bruce is *grunting* and gripping the knob again --

"Don't you *dare* turn that cold again --"

"*Jay* --"

"Just -- come *on* --"

That was more like *half* a growl, and Bruce is gritting his fucking teeth and staring at the wall --

"I *know* you're trying to be a good guy, and I *appreciate* --"

"Jay. You. You are... so beautiful..."

"I -- uh." Okay, so he's blushing -- no. Focus. And -- "Then look at me."

"*Please* --"

"*Look* at me!"

And he does, and that hungry look is in his eyes, that *starved* look like Jason's the biggest fucking cocktease in the *universe* --

Jason points at his *own* cock, which is just a little bigger than it was when Bruce kidnapped him in the first place --

Bruce looks down and *swallows* -- he looks up again. "You. You're young. We -- if we were to wait --"

"You'd *still* be over twenty years *older* than me --"

Bruce groans -- "Please. Please, Jay, I can't --"

"You *can* --"

"I." Bruce groans again and squeezes his eyes shut, turning to the wall and putting the -- mangled -- soap back in the dish. And just --

Jason takes a step closer. Just one, because it feels like stepping close to a burning building, or maybe just to a *vacuum*. It feels like getting closer will just make him need to get closer than *that* --

"Don't --"

"*B* --"

"Please. I couldn't -- you mustn't be *afraid* of me," Bruce says, and tries to *grip* the wall before he turns to stare at Jason again, *plead* at him --

Jason *shivers* --

"I'll go --"

"*Don't* --"

"*Jay* --"

"You know I'm no *virgin*, Bruce!"

And *Bruce* shivers --

And then it's more like a shudder --

And then he claws the *wall* -- "I am."


"I don't -- I know -- I mustn't hurt you --"


"It's only -- you should -- you should be with someone experienced, someone who can show... show care --"

"I -- uh."

"If. Clark. Clark has told me more than once that he finds you beautiful --"

"He *always* tries to get in my pants, but -- he told *you*?"

Bruce licks his lips and stands straight, reaching out with his soapy hand before frowning and rinsing it in the spray. "He is... he could give you a great deal of pleasure --"

"How do *you* know? Uh. I mean --"

Bruce laughs softly and kind of breathlessly. "I... have observed the happiness he gave to Dick --"

"You never -- with Dick. Uh. Wow." Jason frowns. That kinda changes... a lot.

And Bruce smiles ruefully and takes a step closer. "Never, no. I haven't --"

"When *are* you gonna fuck someone?"

Bruce shivers and stops. "I don't. I have to... preserve my energies --"


"I suppose that sounds... foolish?"

Jason nods *slowly*.

And Bruce laughs again. "Jay. I -- I will never try to interfere with your... your free time --"

"You're seriously trying to pimp my ass to the Superection."

Bruce *coughs*. "Jay --"

"I mean -- I know he's your best friend and all --"

"He is... a good man --"

"Yeah, I *get* that, but he's not -- I mean -- what do you even *call* that? A surrogate *cock*?"

"Jay --"

"I mean..." Jason frowns. "Is that the only way you get off? Jerking off to the thought of Clark putting it to people you want?"

Bruce's cock twitches --

"I -- oh."

"It's not. Not the only way."

Jason raises his eyebrows. "But it's the *main* way?"

Bruce licks his lips. "No."

"And you *do* spank it --"


"So --"

"Of course. Of course I desire you," Bruce says, and he takes another step closer. Now there's only one more between them --

And Bruce's hand is on his face. Bruce --

He lifts Jason's chin until they're meeting each other's eyes, and Bruce is -- panting --

"Tell me. Tell me, B --"

"I think about. About touching you --"


"Like this --"

Jason frowns --

"And -- other ways --"

"*Tell* me --"

"Jay, please --"

"You *want* me!"

Bruce's hand shakes on Jason's face --

He yanks it *back* --

And Jason can't actually get it back just by tugging on it --

Or *yanking* on it --


"*Please*, B!"

Bruce winces and shakes his head, but he's still leaning in a little, still *close* --

And Jason steps closer --

And Bruce groans -- and grips Jason's shoulders --

"Don't push me away --"

"*Jay* --"

"I can *feel* you wanting me and it's driving me up a fucking *wall* --"

"I'm so -- I'm so sorry --"

"C'mon, just --"

And the kiss is soft and dry and -- on his *forehead*.

"*B* --" But -- "You kissed me like that before."

"When -- when you've slept --"

"You're not my fucking *mother*, B!"

"I -- I know --"

"You're not my *father*, either! Not -- not like that."

And Bruce gives him a *needy* look --

Squeezes and *grips* Jason's shoulders --

"Tell me -- tell me how?"

And -- God, Jason can *tell* that that question is at least as important to Bruce right now as his fucking hard-on, but --

Not to him.

And *his * hands are free. He gets one hand on Bruce's sac and the other around the base of his *cock* --

And Bruce doesn't make a sound. He doesn't --

He stares, deep and heavy and fucking *mournful* --

"Are you. Are you gonna keep saying no to me, B?"

Bruce licks his lips and squeezes his eyes shut --

"*Look* at me!"

"Jay --"

"You *want* me --"

"I *ache*," and Bruce opens his eyes and fucking *blazes* at him, burns right into him like Clark on an *angry* day --

Except that that file said that sometimes the heat vision switches on when he's horny, too --

Of fucking *course* he's Bruce's best friend --

And none of that is important as squeezing with both hands and watching Bruce shudder --

Part his lips a little more --

Lean *in* a little more --

"Are you gonna give it to me, B?"

"Anything, please, let me --"

"Are you gonna give me what I *want*?"

And now the grip on his shoulders is painfully hard, hard enough to make Jason *wince* --

And Bruce groans and yanks his hands away --

"*B* --"

"I'm sorry, I can't, I mustn't *hurt* you --"

"So don't dislocate my fucking *shoulders* --"

"Jay --"

"*Kiss* me," Jason says, and he doesn't --

There are things he wants *more* than that --

Except that he stops being sure of that about three seconds after their lips touch, because Bruce is using his mouth to just --

Just fucking --

It's not a *hard* kiss --

It's not even a *wet* kiss --

It's slow and fucking serious, lip to lip and *moving*, pressing, *sucking* just like maybe Bruce has been fantasizing about *just* this while Jason was fantasizing about big hands and that big fucking cock --

Jason yanks himself back and pants --

"It -- it was wrong --"

"*No*, I --" Jason shakes his head and licks his lips --

Bruce *stares* --

"This -- that position is killing your back."

"Is it. Do you need me to." Bruce shakes his head and pulls back as far as he can with Jason's hands on his tackle --

And Jason takes a deep breath and tries to fucking --

Think. Breathe. *See* --

He lets go --

Bruce *pants* -- and balls his hands into fists. "Jay. Please. I need you to leave me --"

"What? No! Fuck, I was just -- it's fucking hard to *talk* and --" He shakes his head and turns off both showers, giving up and just --

He gestures 'follow,' because sometimes actual words are just --

He's too fucking *hard*, but he can still walk, and get out of the shower, and shake himself like a dog as he moves to the med area and grabs a tube of the thick, goopy slick that actually feels pretty fucking good when you warm it up just right --

And Bruce is right behind him. Bruce is following him and staring and --

Standing over Jason when he drops to his knees on the mats.

And panting.

And staring more.

And Jason's *hard*, but Bruce looks like he's about to fuck a hole through the motherfucking space-time continuum. Just -- any second now. It's enough to make Jason laugh a little, and that lets him know how much he wasn't *breathing* --

And then Bruce just *is* on his knees in front of him and cupping his face, leaning in --

"Yeah, do it --"

And it's the same kiss as before -- until it isn't, and Bruce is sucking Jason's upper lip and pushing his tongue in just a little --

Just enough that Jason can suck it --

Bruce shudders all *over* --

And then those huge fucking hands are in Jason's hair, and Bruce is tilting Jason's head back, and Bruce is making love to him, making love to his mouth, moaning and shuddering and being so careful, so --

No, it's *not* careful. It's *gentle*, but it's wet as fuck, heavy as Jason's cock feels --

Jason pulls back --

"*Please* --"

"More, you gotta give me --"

And now it's not gentle, now it's hard and fast --

Wetter and *deeper* --

Bruce is bending Jason's head as far back as it comfortably *goes* --

Bruce pushes one hand into Jason's hair and starts moving the other on him. His cheek, his throat, his shoulder --

Jason *tries* to nod, but the kiss won't *let* him --

Bruce groans and touches Jason's chest *lightly*, so --

He hadn't touched the *knife*-slash Jason had got there a couple weeks back as gently as this --

"*Please*," Jason slurs around Bruce's tongue --

Bruce *shudders* --

And that hand is pressed hard over Jason's heart, fingers curled in a little like Bruce wants to reach right in --

He can probably *do* that -- and Jason's laughing again, *helplessly* fucking aware of how fast his heart is beating, how much he's *not* getting jerked off or sucked off or --

Except that that wasn't the real kiss. *This* is the real kiss. It has to be, because Jason's flat on his fucking back and Bruce is over him, touching him --

Jason's hands are free --

And then they're not, because reaching for Bruce had led to getting his wrists pinned, held right the fuck *down* --

He can hear the tube of slick bouncing *away* --

And Bruce is going to town on his mouth, licking and sucking and nibbling --

Moaning and *groaning* --

And holding his hips away just like he's gonna try to get Jason off with *just* a kiss. Like Jason is *ten* or something. Jason is *all* set to turn out of the kiss and tell him off a little --

But Bruce is fucking his mouth. He's --

One slow and *nasty* push after another, and the fact that he's *seen* Bruce kiss fucking socialites just this way --

It wasn't this way. It --

It wasn't this *wet* --

It didn't make them fucking *shake* --

Bruce grunts and pushes in again --

Again --

Jason *whimpers* --

Bruce grunts again and rolls off, covers his face, sits up and *grips* his face --

"B --"

"Jay. *Please*."

"No, c'mon, that was good --"

"Jay --"

"That was fucking *fantastic* --"

"I need -- I want." And Bruce groans and curls *in* on himself. That --

"Jesus, B." Jason reaches out --

And Bruce catches his wrist and squeezes *hard* -- but not painfully.

"Okay, you got me, I'm listening --"

"I won't. I don't have -- control."

"You think you're gonna hurt me?"

Bruce looks like he's gonna *cry* for minute -- and then he turns away and covers his face with his other hand.

"*B*. Jesus, you -- I'm not. A fucking. *Virgin* --"

"Jay, you're -- you're less than half my *size*," and it makes Bruce look at him again, makes him --

Jason licks his lips. "Sometimes. Sometimes I think you can't see that."

Bruce pants and winces -- "Sometimes I can't. I -- but right now --"

"I can take you, B."

Bruce *growls*, shuddering all over and squeezing Jason's wrist *harder* --

Jason doesn't fucking *wince* --

But Bruce can see it anyway, and that -- he yanks his hands away and *staggers* to his feet, like maybe his cock is about twenty pounds heavier than usual.

"B, c'mon, get back *down* here --"

"I *need* you --"

"I need *you*!"

And Bruce gets that *sad* and hungry look back, that -- "I wanted. I wanted to give you more --"

"Give me *this* --"

"Are you. Are you happy here?"

"Uh." Jason frowns. "What?"

Bruce smiles ruefully, *painfully* --

His cock looks like he *has* to be only seconds away from giving Jason the reaming he *wants* --

"Jay... I want. If you would... if there were anything that made you want to leave --"

"There *isn't* --"

"But -- you would tell me? And let us work on it together?"

Jason tries to -- "Why are we talking about *this*?"

"Please --"

"Yes, I'd *tell* you --"

And Bruce breathes with *relief*. "I -- I can be strong for you, Jay --"

"You don't *have* to be --"

"I want -- I must --"

"I want you *in* me!"

Bruce grunts and *sways* on his feet --

"Come *down* here!"

"*Jay* --"

"I *promise* it's good, so -- "

"Was it. Was it ever. Did you like --"

"Not with any of my johns. Not like --" Jason shakes his head. "I want it with *you*!"

Bruce looks pained again. "Jay. You must realize that you can't know --"

"Oh, for fuck's sake, B, I fuck *myself* all the time!"

The pained look gets *worse* -- and then turns into a lust-wince, heavy and dark and --

"Yeah, *think* about that. Think about me using all that flexibility you gave me --"

"Jay --"

"Bending myself in *half* --"

"*Jay* --"

"Reaching back to shove three fingers in as deep as I can -- "

"*Don't* --"

"You ever hear me call your name, B?"

"*Hnh* --"

Jason licks his lips and nods, sitting up on his elbows and spreading his legs. "You listened."

"Jay. I. There's nothing I can say --"

"You spanked it in the hallway? Or..." Jason frowns and grips his own sac --

Watches Bruce watch *him* --

And nods again. "You can hear me in the shower when you're down here."

"The acoustics are." Bruce swallows and *stares* at Jason's hand --

So Jason squeezes hard enough to make his cock twitch --

"*Jay* --"

Hard enough to make himself wince --

"Don't -- please don't hurt --"

"I like it, B. I like --" Jason licks his lips. "This is how I squeeze myself when I'm thinking about *your* hand."

And Bruce stares into Jason's eyes like he's expecting that to have been a *lie* --

So Jason raises his eyebrows and moves his hand to his cock --

And Bruce drops to his knees.

"Yeah, B, now come --"

"Would you. Would you let me see?"

Jason... breathes a little harder. That --

"Oh. Is that. Arousing?"

"Um. Yeah. Kinda. I mean -- I've thought about it. You watching me." And Jason gives himself a squeeze --

And Bruce doesn't look away from his *face* -- but okay. This is -- at least it's *closer* to what he wants.

Jason licks his lips and starts to stroke, slowly enough that he won't make himself too crazy too *fast* --

"That's not. That's not how you." Bruce winces like someone just *stabbed* him and turns away --

"You know the sound, yeah? The rhythm --"

"*Yes*," and he sounds so *ashamed* --

"It's okay, B. It's -- uh. I just didn't want to lose it too fast. Look at me again?"

Bruce tenses up *hard* -- but he does it. And he's panting, and -- "Would you."

"Probably?" Jason grins and squeezes himself nice and hard --

Bruce *moans* --

"C'mon, say what you want."

"If you." Bruce swallows and shakes his head --

"You'll get me hotter, B. I've always wanted to know what you wanted to do to me. Even when I was *afraid* of you."

"Afraid -- you were never --"

Jason *looks* at him.

"You've always been so *brave* --"

"And you're huge and scary and fucking *violent* -- except when you're nothing like that, at all," and Jason grins and starts tossing off a little -- "Gonna tell me?"

Bruce squeezes his eyes shut -- but opens them pretty much immediately. "It's only... I'd like to know what *you* think about."

Jason snorts. "Yeah, hunh?" He squeezes again --

Pants a little --

Arches into his fist --

"Oh -- Jay..."

Jason eases up and starts stroking. "I'll tell you something --"

"*Please* --"

"And then you tell *me* something. That's fair, right?"

Bruce nods and swallows again, and --

Fuck, this shouldn't feel like easing his way into the panties of one of the girls he goes to *school* with, but --

Maybe it has to. Jason gets his hand a little slick with pre-come and strokes it down, down -- "I think about sucking you off."

Bruce grunts --

"Slow. Real... I think about teasing you with it. Teasing both of us. I *know* how to suck a cock."

And Bruce looks pained, conflicted --

And Jason gets it. "You're thinking about beating on all the guys who taught me how, yeah?"

"Yes. And --"

"And about how you don't want to -- heh -- take advantage of *abuse*."

"*Yes* --"

"Don't do it, B. You know I want you. You know I... mm, lemme --" And Jason closes his eyes most of the way and jerks himself a little faster, but no harder --

And Bruce licks his lips --

"It's only -- it's only abuse if I say --"

"*Jay* --"

"Heh, okay, knew you wouldn't buy that. How's this: I wanna do it all the right way. The -- oh -- oh, God, B, I want your *hands* on me --"

And Bruce lifts his hands -- drops them -- "Tell me -- tell me what the right way --"

"The right way is -- is with someone I really want. Someone I really -- uh." Jason blushes and slows down again, smiles ruefully -- "I care about *you*, B."

Bruce pants --

Looks hungrier than he did when Jason had his *hand* on his cock --

"Is this. The right way?"

And -- God, that's an honest *question* -- Jason shakes his head --

"Please, please tell me how --"

"No, no, that wasn't a no. I just -- you're working me over a little, B. Inside --"

"I'm sorry --"

"Tell me something *you* want. Like we said?"

"I want -- I don't want to pressure you --"

"I know --"

"I don't want you to think --"

"*B*. I can *always* say no," Jason says, and forces himself to stop stroking --

And Bruce groans and grips his own thighs --

Huge fucking thighs --

"I want. To taste you."

And that sounds -- "Not just my cock?"

"Please. Please stroke?"

Jason licks *his* lips. "Tell me more."

Bruce grunts again -- "I want... to press my tongue behind your ear lobe."

"Uh. Okay?"

"I want to taste the sweat on your throat. There -- at your pulse point."

That's better. "Where else?"

Bruce shakes his head --

Looks him *over* --

"All of you. All. I've brought myself to orgasm while fantasizing about sucking your. Nipples."

Jason's cock twitches in his hand. "Yeah. Okay, that's -- wow." Jason grins --

"That... pleases you?"

"Uh, hunh. But my nipples aren't too sensitive. They -- I make the girls who wanna play with 'em *bite*, you know?"

Another lust-wince. That --

"You wanna bite me, B? Maybe leave a few marks --"

"I." And Bruce stares *into* him -- "It's... your turn."

Jason snickers. "Okay, fine. I want your fingers. I want you to fuck my mouth with them. Really... force my mouth open. *Before* you stick your cock in."

"Oh. That. Did you... want to suck them?"

"Uh, hunh. Though I gotta admit -- I mostly think about *Dick's* hands when I --"

Bruce grunts so loudly it sounds like someone hit him in the gut with a fucking sledgehammer. And -- it's not really a surprise.

"You wanted him."

"I. Please --"

"You still *do* want him."

And Bruce looks *ashamed* --

"It's okay --"

"It *isn't* --"

"Do you wanna see *me* hook up with him?"

"*Yes* --"

"Would it get you off if we were *all* --"

"*Please* -- please, Jay. Just -- you."

Jason raises his eyebrows. "Because I'm easier somehow?"

Another shamed look -- but it actually turns into the kind of rueful smile that should come with someone bleeding *out* somewhere. "I've never hurt you."

And that --

That comes with too many images -- most of which make *no* fucking sense, because Bruce is a fucking *virgin*. There's one, though. Just --

Dick, looking tall and lean and gorgeous with his hair hanging down and his chest right fucking *there* --

And his face just fucking --

All that hunger. All that pain. All that *rage*, because Jason was wearing the Robin suit and Bruce was right there being Batman for *him*. And the fact that Jason could *feel* Bruce hurting just as much --

"Please, Jay..."

It wasn't enough. "I -- don't know what happened between the two of you."

Bruce swallows again and nods.

"Are you ever gonna tell me?"

"I will never hide anything from you," Bruce says -- *vows*. "If... if you'd like to know now --"

"No. Not -- just us right now, yeah?"

Bruce pants a little -- and nods.

Jason bites his lip and gathers more pre-come, enough to get his palm good and slick. "And... I was telling you what I want with you."

Bruce's hands *flex* on his thighs. "Please."

Jason nods and looks down at his own cock, strokes it and thinks of Bruce -- heh. "Say please again?"

"*Please*," Bruce says, and he's not playing even a little, not --

"God, you sound fucking *angry* --"

"I *am* -- at myself."

"Aw, B --"

Bruce holds up a hand and smiles painfully. "Perhaps. Perhaps if you could imagine being in a position in which you find yourself desperate to make love -- decidedly *sexual* love -- to your underage partner and."


Bruce's smile gets even more hurt. "I love you."

That -- "I know -- I mean --"

"I'm in love with you."

"I -- oh."

"I want -- all of you. I still want. I still want you to be my son."

Jason -- blushes. Again. "Bruce... uh. I don't --"

Bruce waves a hand dismissively. "I need -- I need no declarations --"

"What *do* you need?"

"You. I... I believe the answer will always be the same, Jay," and Bruce laughs softly and covers his face again --

"No, I need to see you --"

"Jay --"

"And you need to see me. Right?"

Bruce tenses up *hard*, but --

"That's -- it's kinda the least of what you need --"

"Words. Your. I don't need your -- pity --"

"I don't fucking *pity* you! You're a giant pervy freak who wants to lick my ear lobe and I totally wanna let you because it might lead to you sticking your cock up my ass -- uh. Not that I wanna yell at you or --"

"I love when you yell at me --"

"You --" Jason snorts. "This is *part* of where the freaky thing comes in, and I -- c'mon, I wanna stroke again --"

"Jay --"

"I want you to *watch* me doing it. Not just listen -- *whoa* -- "

And Bruce just *is* straddling Jason and cupping Jason's face --

Stroking Jason's lower lip with his thumb --

"What. What do you want of me --"

"I already --"

"More -- different --" Bruce growls for *real* and shakes his head once. "What do you want *from* me? Who do you want me to *be*? Dick. He told me I could never be his father, but that was a *lie* --"

"He was a *kid* --"

"Yes. Yes. And so was I. So *am* I," Bruce says, and laughs painfully again. "Please. You allowed me to adopt you, but I knew you didn't truly want me to be your father --"

"My father is *dead*. And -- he was *useless*. If you want --"

"*You*, Jay. It must be your *choice*."

Jason sucks in a breath and copes. Or -- tries to. His cock is hard, *Bruce's* cock is hard, Bruce is on top of him and *touching* him --

Not the right fucking *way* --

Bruce wants him to *think* -- no. He wants Jason to *feel*, and he can --

God, he can fucking *do* that. "You're my partner, and my -- my best fucking friend, and I want you, I want you so bad I can *taste* it sometimes, I can -- I think about the smell of your *sweat*, and I think about how it feels when you rub me down --"

"You. You always become aroused --"

"A fucking *nun* would --"


"God, B, I don't *know*, okay? I don't know what I'd do *without* you, and I *do* know that that has nothing to do with anything but *you*. Not the food, not the warm bed at night, not even the whole thing where I get to beat the shit out of people all the --"

And the kiss is so hard, so warm and so *deep* --

God, *yes* --

Jason drops and gets his free hand into Bruce's hair, pulls him *down* --


"Fuck, B, I'll do *anything* for you --"

"Don't *say* that --"

"It's *true* --"

And Bruce fucking *shouts* --

And kisses Jason again --

And starts to pet him, just --

No, he's feeling Jason up, only somehow it feels like he's measuring Jason and massaging him and loving him and *feeding* on him all at once --

His hands are *shaking* again --

He *groans* when Jason sucks his tongue --

And he pinches Jason's nipples. Just --

"Yeah, c'mon, B, do it --"

Harder, except that Bruce is already doing it --

Harder and *harder* --

And God, Jason can *feel* Bruce watching him for reactions, but it's Bruce's hands, Bruce's hands *on* him --

Jason squeezes his eyes shut and arches for it, *moans* for it --

"Jay..." And that was breathed against his mouth, it --

"*Please* --"

"Is it -- is it too hard --"

"More just -- *twist* -- *ohn* --" And Jason's cock twitches fucking *violently* --

"I want -- more of your fantasies --"

"Fucking me, you're *fucking* me --"

Kissed again, and it does and *doesn't* feel like Bruce is trying to shut him up, and Jason feels like he *should* fight that, but he fucking *can't*, not with Bruce fucking his mouth like this, shoving in --

But --

Jason turns out of the kiss and opens his mouth --

Bruce bites his *jaw* --

Jason grunts --

And Bruce *sucks* his ear lobe, bites it, licks him there, licks *inside* his ear --

"B --"

"Do I ever. Do you ever dream of me taking you with. My tongue."

"Uh. Uh. Wow?" And that was kind of a *nervous* laugh, but --

"I've shocked you? Truly?" And Bruce pulls back to search him, *wonder* at him --

"Just -- remembering that you're, you know, not the *typical* virgin."

Bruce laughs softly. "I never considered it as more than a kink I wanted no part of... until Clark used a thorough description of the act in an attempt to seduce me."

Dirty fucking *alien* -- "Uh -- yeah. That sounds like him. But --"

"I've wanted. I've wanted that since meeting you."

Jay's jaw drops -- "I'd been *homeless* --"


"I *smelled* like I'd been homeless --"

"Your scent... drove me --"

"Did you wanna wash me *first*?"

Bruce laughs again, and it finally only sounds a *little* pained. "In... some of the fantasies --"

"Wait, how many fantasies did you *have* before you fucking untied me?"

Bruce smiles and closes his eyes -- and when he opens them again, his expression is fucking *wry*.

Jason snorts. "Okay, no, I don't need to know that. But -- uh. I kinda love it when you look at me that way."

The wry look becomes a *hungry* look --

"B --"

"I. I've masturbated myself at least twice a day *every* day since you moved in."

"Uh. But. Wait, 'at least?'"

Another wry look. "Some days... were more exciting than others."

"So -- uh. How many times today?"

"Twice. That's... usually enough on days when we spar."

"What -- what happened today?"

"I." Bruce kisses him softly again, licks in *while* twisting his nipples --

Jason *moans* --

"That. You. The sounds you were making. And... I didn't expect you to..." Bruce swallows and shakes his head. "May I taste you?"

"Yeah, fuck, definitely --"

Bruce *grins*, and --



"Uh -- can we... not? With my ass?"

Bruce licks his lips. "Nothing. Nothing you don't desire --"

"I mean -- I'm not saying never --"

"It's all right --"

"I want -- I'm pretty sure I want a *real* shower first --"

"If you. I would wash you --"

"Is that a fantasy, too?"

"*Yes* --"

"Just checking, just --" Jason lets go of his cock and cups Bruce's shoulders --

Bruce's *nostrils* flare -- and he turns to stare at the hand Jason had on his cock.

"That -- you like that smell."

"The scent lingers in your bedroom when you sleep just after masturbating."

"Oh, Jesus --"

"Often. Often I barely make it back to my bedroom before I take myself in hand --"

"Jesus, B --"

"Sometimes. Sometimes I steal your sweaty clothes from the hamper --"

"How does Alfred not beat you with a fucking *serving* tray?"

And this time, Bruce's smile is fucking *sly* -- "I do put them back, Jay."

That -- wait, what is Alfred gonna say about *this*?

What is he gonna *do*?


"Uh. Just -- is Alfred... will he... uh."

Bruce closes his eyes and kisses Jason's mouth, and his chin, and his throat, and his chest --

"B --"

"I..." Bruce licks his lips and opens his eyes again. "He knew from the beginning that I desired you. Just as you did."

"I -- oh."

"He warned me... never to hurt you. Never to work -- or play -- against your desires. Never to offer *abuse*."

That -- *this* is a blush he doesn't know what to *do* with. "Did he fucking *define* any of that?"

Bruce shakes his head. "He didn't volunteer the information, and I didn't dare ask."

Jason takes a deep and fucking *shuddery* breath -- and puts it aside. Just. There are some things he can't deal with and -- "Suck me?"

Bruce nods *solemnly* --

And then *moves* --

And then swallows him *whole*, just like --

"What the *fuck*?"

He pulls off. "Jay?"

"How -- you -- uh. What?"

Bruce looks *confused*.

Okay. Okay. "How the *fuck* do you know how to *deep-throat*?"

Bruce raises an eyebrow. "Jay, I'm thirty-six years old."

"Yeah, but --"

"I have *always* been a believer in the power and utility of... research."

Jason stares.

Bruce stares back.

"Fuck this," Jason says, shoving his hands into Bruce's hair --

"My *love* --"

"*Do* me!"

And Bruce leans in to *nuzzle* Jason's cock --

Sniff and fucking *lick* --

Suck the *shaft* --

"*Bruce* --"

In, just like that, just --

Hot and fucking --

Tight and so --

Jason sits up so he doesn't brain himself on the mats and tries not to be an asshole about the fact that he's getting blown --

But Bruce isn't a thirteen-year-old girl and he *is* the guy gripping Jason's hips hard enough to *hurt* --

"Is it -- oh, fuck, *tongue* --"

And Bruce pulls back just enough to hum *hard* --

"Jesus Jesus --"

And enough to lick all *over* the head --

"God, *Bruce* --"

Down again and Jason's all the way in, all --

"So fucking *tight* -- *unh* yeah, yeah, swallow --"

And Bruce swallows over and fucking *over* again --

Bruce looks up at him and just --

"You're *studying* me!"

Bruce *nods* --

"Uh. Uh. It's good?" Jason snickers and groans, feels himself *sweat* -- "You *know* it's -- good. Don't you?"

Bruce just *stares* at him. That --

"*Fuck*, B, I'm fucking *impaired*!"

And that's a smile in Bruce's eyes. That's the *evil* smile in his eyes --

"God, you *asshole* -- oh, no, no, don't pull off -- *hnh* *HNH* --"

Fuck, he's sucking the head like he's trying to take it *with* him --

"B -- oh -- nuh --"

He bares his teeth for a *second* --

Just long enough to make Jason *scream* --

Kick and yell and *try* to thrust, try to --

"B, *please*!"

Bruce *groans* around him --

"I need -- I need to get *in* --"

And Bruce groans louder *while* yanking him in, moving him so easily --

"Tight -- fuck -- "

And he's *yanking* Bruce's hair, trying and failing to buck, to *fuck* --

Moaning and *shouting* -- "*Please*!"

And Bruce shudders -- and eases his grip. It's --

It's a fucking *shock*, and he can't move, can't think --

Until Bruce starts swallowing again, and now he *still* can't think, but he's fucking well *fucking*, and he can't let himself *do* this, can't *hurt* the john unless he *asks* for --

No --

*No*, and now he's growling and *forcing* himself to keep his eyes open, to stare down into Bruce's eyes --

Those hot and fucking *scary* eyes --

"*Need* you -- oh, *fuck* --"

*Rolled*, and now he's straddling Bruce's chest --

He barely manages to catch himself on his hands before he falls flat on his *face*, but his hips never stop moving, never stop *pumping* -

And Bruce is *nodding* --

Moaning *constantly* even though Jason keeps choking it *off* --

"Please, B, *please*!"

Bruce is *staring*, studying him again --

"In me -- your finger --"

Bruce shudders --

"*Please* --" But the whole word isn't out before Bruce's finger is *in*, dry and thick and hot, so --

God, that's *him*, burning up all *over* --

It's what he *wants*, and he's gotta tell Bruce, gotta make sure he *knows* --

But maybe -- just maybe -- it's enough that he's yelling his head off and fucking Bruce's mouth like he's being *timed* --

Jason coughs a laugh --

Clenches --

"Oh, fuck Jesus fuck *fuck* --"

And *then* Bruce starts fucking him, and all he can do is scream and claw at the mats, *shudder* and pump --

Is he begging? He fucking *hopes* so, he --

God, just another few *seconds* --

Just like --

*That*, because Bruce is crooking his finger --

And he stopped blinking about an hour ago --

And Jason's yell turns into a *whimper* --

And everything in him stops and shudders and *clenches* as he shoots off, over and over and --

He can't stop *whimpering* --

No, that's more of a *whine* --

And Bruce is still *fucking* him, still *doing* him, still *sucking* --


He won't stop --

He won't --

Does he know --

And Jason screams and *beats* at the mats, screams again when his cock twitches *desperately* --

Bruce won't *stop* --

Jason pulls out and *groans*, tries to come up with a *gesture* that means *pause* --

Bruce stops.

Jason whimpers *again* -- and blows out a breath, slumping a little and giving up on gesturing, as opposed to maybe saying something -- "Uh."


"Oh -- fuck, you're *hoarse*!"

Bruce laughs and pulls out *slowly* --

And Jason is on his back again with Bruce leaning over him, staring at him, *smiling* at him -- "Hi."

"Hello," Bruce says, and the smile on his face is quiet... but the one in his eyes could light the fucking world.

Jason grins and punches Bruce's shoulder. "You liked that."

Bruce licks his lips. "It was even better than I'd dreamed. You... lost control."

"Uh -- heh. Yeah. Sorry --"

Bruce covers Jason's mouth with his clean hand. "It's what I wanted."

Jason raises his eyebrows and licks Bruce's fingers --

Bruce narrows his *eyes* --  "Do you doubt me?"

Jason grins and moves Bruce's fingers. "I think you want more."

"Of course --"

"'Of course'?"

Bruce licks his lips... and his eyes look heavy more than narrow. He --

"Tell me what you want, B."

"Your... your hands have always been strong. Rough."

"Heh. Are they what you want? Or what you think you *should* want?"

Bruce laughs softly and shakes his head. "I freely admit to being a fool, Jay, but I believe I have enough wisdom to understand that one act isn't necessarily more morally acceptable than another... at least within the realm of consent."

Jason takes a deep breath. "Okay, that's good."

"You were worried?"

"Heh, kinda, yeah."

Bruce nods and stares into him. "I've imagined your hands on me... often. I've tried to... form theories of how they would feel on my penis and scrotum. And..."


Bruce smiles. "I've tried to imagine the things you might be moved to... say."

Jason blinks, and he's about to say something about how that's real damned *surprising* --

Except that Bruce hasn't said anything about his language since *breakfast*. That --

"Do you *like* me cursing?"

"I..." Bruce laughs softly. "Yes. In much the same way I 'like' making love with you. There is... some degree of conflict."

"Because your Dad hated 'rough' language."

Bruce nods once and looks into him so *patiently* --

Jason licks his lips and just -- "You'd let me give you blue balls, wouldn't you."

Bruce smiles. "It wouldn't be the first time... in a way."

Jason snorts and pushes Bruce until he can sit up, then *kneel* up -- and gets his hand around Bruce's cock. "I don't wanna give you blue balls anymore, B."

"Jay --"

"I'm not a tease, you know? Sometimes the girls at school like it if I tease *them* a little... but they wouldn't like it so much if they didn't all know by now that I'd make it good."

"Would you -- *hnh* --"

"You like that squeeze, B?"

"Yes. I. Please."

"Uh, hunh." Jason squeezes again, then squeezes *hard* --

And Bruce moans and shudders all *over*.

"You're... mm. You're real slick for me. I like that."

"I desire you greatly --"

"Gonna tell me what you were gonna ask before?"

"It's not --"

"Heh. The correct answer is *yes*, B."

Bruce laughs and gives him another one of those *killer* smiles in his eyes. Just --

"You ever look at Clark like that?"

"Yes. And then he -- invariably -- attempts to seduce me."

"You ever gonna let him...?"

"I --"

"No, wait, tell me the other thing," Jason says, and starts stroking slow and *hard* --

"Oh... Jay," and Bruce licks his lips and shudders again. "I wondered -- I've wondered, often, if you would ever turn your attention to your male classmates --"

"*Fuck*, no. God, those guys are *worthless*."

Bruce raises an eyebrow just like Jason had said something *weird* --

Though it's possible he just wants to make a comment about some of the *girls* he's been fucking --

But there's worthless, and then there's worthless-with-tits. And that's that -- but Bruce's eyebrow is still up.

"Jesus, B, they *can't* be all that different from all the rich fucks *you* went to school with."

Bruce shivers and turns *slightly* away -- and reaches to cover Jason's hand.

"Don't make me stop --"

"I won't -- I can't," Bruce says, breathing deep and shuddering. "Not everyone I attended school with was... worthless."

Jason opens his mouth to ask -- and then closes it right back up again, because there's no way he's *ever* gonna forget the look Bruce got in his eyes the day he'd finally asked what the *deal* was between him and motherfucking Harvey Dent.

Still --

"I thought -- uh. I mean..."

"Jay...?" And Bruce is looking at him again, and God, that --

"You make it better," Jason blurts, and blushes *again* -- "Never mind --"

Bruce moans a little, searches him -- "I... give you happiness?"

"Um -- a lot. Really a lot. And -- it's better. I mean, it's good. Being your partner," and Jason is pretty sure he looks like he dunked himself in *ketchup*, but -- "I thought you'd hooked up with -- him."

Bruce sucks in a breath -- and then his mouth is a hard little line. He shakes his head.

"You wanted to."

Bruce closes his eyes -- nods.

"He -- he probably --"

"Jay --"

"I mean -- he *used* to be sane --" And those are definitely Bruce's fingers on his mouth --

His eyes are still *closed* -- and then they're not, and they're wide, and full, and full of *love* and *gratitude* --

Jason shakes his head --

"You must never try to feel --" Bruce *strokes* Jason's mouth. "Let yourself feel that which is natural for you."

"Bruce --"

"It would hurt too much... too *badly* to watch you hurt *yourself* solely to give me --"


Bruce's smile is full of *hurt*, but it's also warm and real. Just --

Jason can't *not* see it -- "Tell me?"

"You make me happy every day. Every moment you gaze into my eyes with understanding and acceptance. Every moment where I can see that I've made *you* happy --"

"Aw, B --"

"Jay. There is. It was so dark without you."

Without him? Or without Dick? Jason frowns --


"No, I --" Jason shakes his head. "It's not important --"


And that -- Jason *jumps* a little for that voice, stares and -- gets it. "Okay, that -- I'm sorry --"

"Please. Please, I --"

"I just -- you had Dick --"

"I lost him. I pushed him away. I --" Bruce shakes his head. "I proved to myself that I was *unfit* for partnership, Jay, and I wanted... I wanted to live without it, to punish myself and prove everything else I 'knew' about myself." Bruce licks his lips. "And then I saw you."

"Stealing your fucking *tires* --"

"Being so brave, so *careful* to be silent --"

"I didn't wanna get *caught* --"

"I knew you had no one, Jay. No one to care for you --"

"Or *bathe* me --"

"And I knew. I knew that I was lonely, and ineffectual --"

"You're fucking *Batman* --"

Bruce laughs then, low and pleased. "You fought me, then. You still -- I believe you will *always* fight me, Jay."

Jason bites his lip -- "Uh. Probably, yeah. Sorry --"

And that's Bruce's *thumb* in his mouth -- "I love it, Jay. I love you. I knew you would *improve* me in much the same ways that Dick had. And that there would be other ways, as well, if I could... could..." Bruce frowns and swallows.

Jason -- sucks Bruce's thumb a little. He *has* to --

Bruce *shivers* and twitches in Jason's hand -- "You like that --"

Jason pulls back. "I do, yeah, but --"

"I thought. I thought I could control my desires. I thought it would be better if I could."

"Oh. I... B..."

"It was... it was irritating you --"

"It wasn't just fucking *irritation*. It *hurt*."

Bruce sucks in a breath and stares at him and *into* him -- "I... did it seem as though I was lying to you?"

"*Yes*. Even though we could see the truth, and touch it, and fucking *taste* it --" And Jason cuts himself off to squeeze Bruce's cock, really *pump* it a little --

"*Jay* --"

"Partners -- partners don't *lie* to each other --"

"Even if they both understand the lie?"

"I *didn't* understand -- all right, no, I did. I know you don't want to want me and I *get* it, but..." Jason shakes his head. "Sometimes it felt like I wasn't good enough --"

"*No* --"

"Like you hated yourself for wanting *someone like me* -- *fuck* --"

And, okay, *not* a surprise that he's in Bruce's arms, not once he thinks about it. Bruce is clutching him and rocking him and *kissing* him --

All over his face and neck and his *shoulders* --

Bruce is shuddering like maybe Jason had threatened to *leave* --

Like he could ever -- "It's okay, B, it's --"

"It's *not* --"

"I know you love me --"

"Do you? Tell me -- tell me how I can *prove* it --"

"It's in the way you *look* at me, okay? I *promise* -- it's just that you kept looking *away*."

And Bruce is clutching him --

*Staring* at him and searching, searching --

Jason tries an *encouraging* nod --

And Bruce shudders again. "I. I turned away from you."

"When you got horny. I -- always. At least -- where I could see --"

"I didn't -- I didn't want to *oppress* you --"

"Uh. B."

Bruce stares at him a little more --

And a little more than that --

Jason raises his eyebrows just like he lives in *this* fucking house --

And Bruce coughs and hums. "I... suppose that's somewhat ridiculous."

"*Yes*. Especially since you had to know I wanted *you*," Jason says, and shifts and *wriggles* enough that he can get his hands on Bruce's shoulders --

Huge fucking shoulders --

"Wanted your hands on me. Wanted to feel your stubble against my *mouth*. Wanted your big, fat cock --"

"Jay --"

"You shouldn't stop me when I talk about that, B --"

"I'm. I'm afraid --"

"Of hurting me, I know. It's okay. It *will* hurt a little, because I'll fucking well curse you out until you *ream* me -"

"*Jay* --"

"You heard that, too, right? How *hard* I fuck myself? How *fast*?"

"The... I haven't -- the sounds don't carry. Well," Bruce says, and swallows, stares, *hopes* at him --

Jason nods and licks his lips. "I do it real hard, B. I *start* slow, and tease myself a little, but I can't keep it up for too long. I love it too much. I need it too *bad*."

Lust-wince --

"Yeah, *think* about that. Think about how much --"

"Not." Bruce licks his lips and shudders again.


Bruce shakes his head. "I can't -- not that. Not... yet."

And Jason *really* wants to push that --

*Hard* --

But *he* had said no to the rimming, so... yeah. Be fair. And -- "You'll finger me, though?"

Bruce pants -- "I -- can control that."

Jason grins. "Yeah, you can. You can control *me* --"

And the kiss is hot and *hard* --

Slick and *deep* --

Jason grabs Bruce's face and tilts his head a little by main force, kneels up on Bruce's thighs and kisses *down* a little bit, like maybe Bruce *is* one of the girls Jason's been playing with. It's just --

It's just *perfect*, because Bruce moans *loudly* and clutches Jason again, hips and waist --

Pause --

Hips again --

*Ass*, and Bruce spreads him fucking *immediately*, Jesus --

"It's *good*, B --"

Another moan --

Another and Bruce is lunging for his mouth -- and rubbing Jason's *hole*.

Jason nods into the kiss, hums and fucks Bruce's mouth a little --

Another *moan* --and Bruce stops rubbing and starts *pushing*. And that's fucking fantastic, but --

Jason pulls back. "Lube, B."

Bruce stares at him like he's speaking another *language* -- heh.

Jason grins. "Lube means *harder*. And -- more."

Bruce nods slowly and *thoughtfully* -- but those thoughts look painful. Not the *bad* kind of painful, but the *challenging* kind -- oh.

"Wait, we were getting *you* off --"

"I will -- I will."

"Are you --"

"I'm sure," Bruce says, standing and lifting Jason *with* him --

"Hey --"

And carrying Jason the few feet over to where the tube of medical-grade landed before dropping to his knees again --

Spreading Jason's thighs over his own --

Staring and *staring* --

But Jason's staring, too, *needing* for the sight of Bruce popping open the tube and -- pausing. Jesus fucking -- "*B* --"

"If you. If you were to... show me."

Jason blinks and -- "Oh. Uh. Sure. Do you want me on my back --"

"No! No. Please stay close to me."

"Like this."

Bruce breathes through his mouth and nods, *stares* --

So Jason holds up his right hand. "Slick the index, middle, and ring. All the way to the palm."

Bruce *shudders* --

His cock fucking *spasms* between them, and, God, Jason *has* to shove up close, rub a little with his own cock --

Bruce *moans* -- and fucking jerks Jason's fingers *off*.

"Oh, *yeah*, B --"

"I'm -- not sorry. I need you --"

"You got me," Jason says, reaching back and immediately pushing in with two. Just --

God, it feels so --

"Not deep enough. Not --" Jason shakes his head and tries to twist a little more, push deeper --

He gasps for his own clench --

He bites his lip and starts to thrust, getting that heat, that little shock of this-isn't-normal-procedure that he really thought he'd grow *out* of --

That he's glad he *hasn't* --

God, it just keeps *happening* --

And now he's panting a little for it, working his hips --

And Bruce groans and shudders again, *twitches* again --

Jason grins and twitches right with him, pants -- "B... heh. You know why I don't bitch too much about the stretching now, hunh?"

"Yes. Yes."

Jason licks his lips and tries that extra *sharp* thrust that always makes him --

He grunts --

He does it again --

He clenches and *moans* --


"This. I love this. Can you --"

"I. I can see. I want --"

"Anything, B. *Anything* --"

Bruce makes a high and *hurt* sound -- and grabs Jason's hips. Just --

"You wanna hold me still?"

"I want. I." Bruce laughs, and the smile is *shaky* on his face. "I'm not at all sure *what* I want."

Jason grins and licks his teeth a little --

And fucks himself *harder* --

"Oh. Jay..."

"Hold me still, B. Just -- don't let me move *anything* but my arm --"

Bruce groans -- and does it.

Jason *tries* to work his hips -- nothing. At *all*. And yeah, he's twitching again, *needing* to thrust, to rub up against all that big and hard and hairy -- superhero. Not male. Not -- not just *any* --

And yeah, there *had* been big guys, and muscular guys, and *hairy* guys --

And sometimes all three --

And sometimes --

Sometimes it was just --

There was a time when Jason was dead fucking sure there wouldn't be *any* more guys, not ever, and that was all he needed to *know* about his fucking sexuality, but -- Bruce.

Bruce, and his hands, and his body, and his *eyes*, and the way he always showed *everything* to him, like he was special, like he was right and perfect and --

"So... so beautiful..."

And Jason shivers for it and squeezes his eyes shut --

"Is. Is there pain?"

"*No*, I just --"

"Do you need not to see me?"

"Not. Not that *either*," Jason says, and it's true, so he can damned well open his eyes, pant a little for the *hunger* in Bruce's --

"Tell me --"

"I just -- wait a sec," and Jason concentrates and arches back a little --

Enough that crooking his fingers makes him *yell* --

And Bruce *thrusts* against him --

And Jason pants and tries to thrust back, tries to get a little free --

"Jay, should I --"

"Don't let go!"

And Bruce thrusts again --

Again --

Bruce growls and *grinds* against him -- "I can't -- I can't --"

"Don't stop --"

"Please *tell* me --"

"Yeah, yeah, I --" And Jason pushes the ring finger in and *whimpers* --

And gasps for Bruce squeezing so hard it *does* hurt --

"Always -- always close my *eyes*," Jason says, and tries to focus on Bruce's, tries to see something other than how hot he is, how much he needs --

They both *need* --

"Always -- need -- oh, God, B, I *need* it, need your cock, your fingers, *something*, *please* --"

"*Jay* --"

"C'mon, c'mon, I'm *begging* -- *mm* --"

And this kiss *hurts*, but not as much as the hand on his wrist, not --

Bruce is squeezing *hard*, hip and wrist and --

Fuck, he's making Jason pull *out*, and he wants to beg for that, too, or against that, or --

Just --

He's *empty*, clenching on nothing, and he's too hard for that, too hungry, and even biting Bruce's lips and tongue isn't enough to ease it, make it better, make it --

And Jason shouts for the feel of Bruce pushing in with two --

Pushing in slow and slicking up his fingers with the slick already *there* --

So fucking --

Slow --

And Bruce is *exactly* strong enough to hold Jason still with one fucking hand, but Jason still has to fight, has to *hump* --

Has to *scream* when Bruce bites *his* lip --

When he --

Shoves --

Oh God oh fuck --

And Bruce is kissing him all over his face again, licking and biting his jaw, his cheek --

"B --"

"You are -- so *warm* --"

"Hot for you, B, hot all over --"

And then they're crying out *together*, because Bruce is thrusting with his fingers *and* his cock --

Bruce is holding him in *place* --


"Here, I'm here --"

"Tell me more, *share* more --"

"I love your fingers, I love -- they can be so *gentle* --"

Bruce grunts. "Should --"

"No, no, this is good, this --" But clenching makes him shout again --

Makes him shudder and cry out and --

Bruce crooks his fingers and --

And he eases up enough that Jason *can* buck, which is good, because he fucking *needs* to --

"*Jay* --"

"*You*! You made me -- you made me better --"

Bruce gasps --

And Jason wants to head-butt him for being surprised and wants to just --

He buries his face against Bruce's throat and licks, bites --

His collars go high enough --

"My *love* -- oh -- *yes* --"

He can bite harder, he can suck and *fuck* against Bruce --

*Get* fucked --

No, focus on that thick, perfect cock fucking *jerking* against him, focus on how slick, how hot, how *ready* --

Bite *harder* --


All of him is cut down to his mouth and ass and cock --

All of him is *this*, because Bruce is fucking him faster and faster --

Bouncing Jason on his *lap* --

Kissing his forehead --

Shouting --

And a part of him is honestly *shocked* when Bruce goes rigid in the *hot* seconds before he starts coming --

Fucking *bellowing* like this is incredible, like it's as good as being *inside* --

But it's what he knows. It --

For *now*. Jason grins and tilts his head back, grinds for Bruce's shaking hand and all that hairy *muscle* --

"Jay. *Jay* --"

"More, B -- *fuck* --"

On his back again, only this time Bruce has Jason's right leg bent back to his chest and his fingers are even deeper, even --

"God, *open* me --"

"This. I --" And Bruce shakes his head and swallows him again, stares into him --

Shakes his head fucking *violently* --

And then starts *doing* himself on Jason's cock, up and down and up again while he moans --

While he shudders and *fucks* --


God, that sounded *and* felt like a growl --

"Bruce, you -- fuck me, just *do* it --"

And apparently that translates to 'suck so hard it *hurts*' in Bruce-speak, because Jason is kicking out with his left leg and *gripping* Bruce's arm with his *right* leg and yelling, yelling his fucking head off --

Oh, that crook --

That fucking *drag* --

"Bruce, don't *stop* -- *hnh* --"

Yeah, that's another growl, that's --

But Bruce wants to *hear* things. He --

"I think about you holding me down! And -- and fucking bending me *over* things -- the car -- oh, *Jesus*, B, like that, like *that* --"

And that's all he fucking has, because Bruce is *holding* his fingers crooked and *rocking* in, and it's like a cock with a curve, only super-hard and fucking knuckle-y --

Okay, that's disturbing --

But this is right, this is sweet, this is making him *stoned* --

Stoned enough to toss his head and yell *high*, like maybe his voice *hadn't* finished changing --

Like maybe he's young enough for this to be a --

Problem --

And it's not the first time he's laughed at the wrong fucking time, but it *is* the first time that he's *coming* through a laugh, and it's making him sound like some kind of weird bird in the process of getting *strangled*--

Which is maybe just right, because Bruce is holding Jason's cock in his mouth and *pressing* --

Pressing --

*Sucking* --

And oh God he can't stop shooting *off* --

Okay, that yell was at least a little fucking --

Fucking respectable --

"*Unh* --"

Except that he's on his back again, sprawled and loose and just -- down. Completely and totally and --

Yeah, that was a whimper, but that's mainly because Bruce doesn't ease up the pressure -- lips *or* fingers -- before pulling off. So fucking *sweet* --

Jason pants and takes a little stock:

When he tries to move his legs, they shake.

When he tries to sit up, the *rest* of him shakes.

When he opens his eyes, he can't see a fucking thing, because his lashes are all clumped and he was apparently tearing some, which only happens when he fucks himself *good*.

Or when Bruce does. Jason grins and wipes his eyes --


"Uh, hunh."

"Did you. Was that."

And Bruce is back to reminding him of the girls he fucks. Right. Jason puts some effort into things until he can sit up on his elbows and jerk his chin at the huge, hot superhero with two fingers up his ass. "What do you think?"

Bruce licks his lips. "I think your tastes will live in me forever. I think you're even more beautiful in your pleasure than I imagined. I think..." Bruce shakes his head. "I love you."

Okay, *not* a teenaged girl, right --

Jason bites his lip and clenches because he *can* --

Moans --


"Bruce... heh. Okay, I *do* wanna go in to the office with you."

Bruce blinks in *obvious* surprise --

And Jason grins. "You got a real big desk, B."

And Bruce -- blushes.

That -- Jason snickers. "You've thought about it."

"I --"

"You've totally thought about it."

"Jay --"

"You've thought about doing me on that great, big desk and now you're thinking about it *again*."

The blush gets *serious* --

And Jason snickers a little more before bending his right leg back and kicking Bruce's shoulder. Gently, like. "You *could* tell me about it."

"I." Bruce swallows and *stares* at him, and it's intense and serious and *heavy* -- but it's also a smile. A hot and *happy* smile that just *barely* touches his mouth --

But Jason can grin back and waggle his eyebrows a little. "C'mon."

"You're... wearing a suit."

Jason makes a face --

And Bruce hums. "Briefly."

That -- "Heh, okay, that's better. You... peel me out of it?"

Bruce shakes his head -- but he's not blinking anymore.

"*I* peel me out of it?"

"There is. I have to keep you from tearing it."

Jason wags his head back and forth. "I can see it. What else?"

"You... curse me for hesitating. You know I'm aroused, even though I'd tried to prepare myself by wearing a jock."

Jason lets his mouth fall open a little. "This is... it's kind of a serious fantasy? You've had it for a while?"

Bruce nods slowly. And blinks. Once.

"And... I make you give it up for me?"


"Make you fuck me?"

Bruce closes his eyes and blushes a little more. That --

Jason kicks a little *harder*. "Tell me --"

"You." Bruce opens his eyes. "You use your fingers... on me. In me."

Jason blinks. "I -- seriously?"


"You want that?"

Bruce nods slowly again. He's gone back to not blinking, and -- yeah.

Jason lifts his right hand and stares at it a little, at all the leftover slick currently drying up -- heh. "We can do it. Anywhere, you know. Anytime --"

Bruce's cock twitches --

"Right now, maybe?"

Bruce laughs softly and rests his free hand on Jason's abs. "Breathe, please. I... research has suggested --"

"It's easier this way, yeah," Jason says, breathing deep and pushing a little --

Watching Bruce shiver like maybe it *was* his cock --

"Bruce --"

"I do -- I do have to go into the office today --"

"Heh. How much *work* do you have to do?"

Bruce looks down, but Jason can *feel* the smile on his face --

Maybe all through him --

"I think... I think the answer would be 'too much' no matter how much work there actually was," and Bruce looks up again, smiles *ruefully* --

"You're just so --" Jason grunts and shakes his head, standing and offering Bruce his less-dirty hand.

Bruce takes it and stands, too -- "Tell me?"

"I -- I would."


Jason shakes his head again and leads them back to the showers. "There aren't really words for it. Just -- feeling."

Bruce searches him, breathes *rough* -- "Warmth?"

God, *Bruce* -- "That's part of it, yeah. The rest... it's all..." Jason blows out a breath and turns the water on. "Work goes faster with motivation, B."

Bruce hums and pushes up close instead of moving to his own usual showerhead --

"Oh -- yeah --"

"Would you be my reward for a job well done, Jay...?"

"Heh heh. I *am* a job well done, B. Maybe just a *trick* --"

Bruce presses a thumb to Jason's mouth. "More. Far more than that."

Because Bruce loves --

Because Bruce is *in* love with him, and maybe --

Maybe Jason should be talking him down a little? Explaining that sex is big and strange and emotional -- no. *Bruce* is big and strange and emotional, and that's that.

Jason turns his head enough to bite Bruce's thumb *easily* --

Bruce sighs and shivers --

And Jason spends a little time trying to decide which suit he'll wear -- until he realizes that there's no way Bruce hadn't picked one for that fantasy. No, the *real* question --

Jason pulls back --


"You gonna give me what I want, B?"

Deep look, *hot* look -- "Everything. I -- everything."

"And you'll show me everything *you* --"


Jason grins and grabs his non-mangled soap. "That's all I needed to know."

"I -- is it?"

Keep loving me *just* like this -- "For now, B."

Bruce nods, slow and serious --

But when Jason hands him the soap, his eyes light right up again. Heh.

Jason turns to the wall and braces himself --

"Thank you."

"Uh, hunh."

Bruce sighs and starts soaping him up --

And Jason closes his eyes and smiles.


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