The Mission
by Te
August 31, 2011

Disclaimers: No one and nothing here is mine.

Spoilers/Timeline: Vague, AU-ized ones for older storylines. Takes place sometime well after Tim's sixteenth birthday.

Summary: It's time to take care of the problem.

Ratings Note/Warnings: Sexual content which dovetails with the content some readers may find disturbing. I think.

Author's Note: Commission for Pixie, otherwise known as The Bringer of Roy. Among other things. ;-)

Acknowledgments: Much love to Pixie, Jack, Mildred, and ShadowValkyrie for audiencing and encouragement.

Length: 13,000 words.


Dick is upside down. Again.

This usually isn't a problem -- not as far as *he's* concerned -- but Roy's giving him *that* look. The one that's a mix of worry, exasperation, fondness, and *mildly* inebriated impatience.

Dick paces on his hands --

Flips onto his feet --

"*Finally*, 'mano --"

Flips back onto his hands --

"Jesus, Dick."

"That -- Tim says that."

"You mentioned," Roy says, and Dick can hear him settling back into his favorite armchair. It's leather the color of *poisoned* blood, and he's somehow managed not to stab it with the three dozen sharp and poke-y objects he's usually carrying.

Dick reminds himself to ask how he does that sometime --

Flips onto the couch -- ooh, beer. Dick drinks. He's no longer upside down.

"Are we talking yet, 'mano?"

"I'm not --" He burps, shakes himself like a dog, stares at his beer --

He drinks a little more beer --

"I'm not upside down," Dick says.

Roy looks at him.

"I'm *not*!"

Roy frowns at him. "You have no idea what we were talking about before, do you."

Well. Well. Dick looks at his beer.

He finishes the beer and reaches for another --

Roy uses one of Dick's old batarangs to stop him.

"That's -- unfair."



"We were *talking*."

"We -- it's not that I don't believe you," Dick says, and upends his empty bottle over his face.

"You're being -- and I hate this word -- avoidant."

Dick makes a face.

"I know --"

"I *hate* it when you sound like a therapist, Roy."

"I *know* --"

"*You* hate when you sound like a therapist --"

"Your little brother's a virgin."

Dick makes a worse face. "He really -- oh. We were talking about that."

Roy raises his eyebrows. "Uh, hunh."

"And -- I know it's a problem --"

"*Big* problem."

Dick nods sadly. "It's just -- he's getting all *old*."

"Uh, hunh."

"And -- and he never lets me see him naked."

Roy sucks his teeth and shakes his head. "Even Connor lets me see *him* naked."

Dick thinks about Connor naked. And naked. And -- "Is it -- are you --"

Roy sighs again. "Not so much. But he told me he's been jerking off more often."

"Oh, *good*. That's good, right?" Dick blinks at Roy.

Roy grins, slow and wet. "It's good for my imagination."

Dick thinks about Roy's imagination --

And his fingers --

And his toys -

And -- there's another batarang in the floor between Dick's hands and the six-pack. "Roy."

"Need you clear-headed, 'mano."

Dick frowns. "You *never* need me clear-headed. You're *against* me being clear-headed. You --"

"Not tonight."

"You always -- why not tonight?"

Roy leans back and crosses his legs. "Because your little brother is a virgin."

Dick makes a face again. "I *hate* thinking about that!"

"I know. But I have an idea."

There are, in fact, little alarms for that. Wee-oo alarms, even. They make the fizzy parts of Dick's brain try to pay attention, but --

"'mano. It's a *good* idea."

Well, that's okay then. "I'm listening," Dick says, and pushes a hand back through his hair.

"We take care of the problem."

"The -- what?"

"We," Roy says, and jabs at his own knee with two fingers, "take care of the problem."

Dick licks his lips.

Roy raises his eyebrows.

Dick frowns and reaches --

"No, 'mano."

"Right, okay, but -- we. You want *us* to have sex with Tim?"


Dick frowns a little harder. His brain is still fizzing.

Roy takes a sip of his own beer.


"Yeah, Dickie?"

Dick reaches -- stops himself. He *looks* at Roy. "You keep trying to make *me* do it. Alone."

"Not anymore."

"Because -- I don't need you to hold my *hand* anymore, Speedy."

Roy raises his eyebrows again.

"I *don't*. It's just -- I mean -- I don't *want* --"


"He's so --"

"He's legal, 'mano."

Dick winces. "Oh, God, *really*?"

Roy nods *implacably*. "Legal pretty much *everywhere*, even."

"We -- I let it go *that* long?"

"To be fair, his team has to take some of the blame, too."

Dick nods and keeps wincing.

"And -- well, no, what's *up* with his girlfriend?"

"She --" Dick blows out a breath. "I asked her."


"Yeah, I... she kind of. She punched me. Hard."

Roy snorts. "'cause it was none of your damned business?"

Dick sighs. "Yeah. She -- she's *weird*, Roy. All -- all *private* about some things."

"It happens. You know that."

"I do, I do, but -- um."

Roy rolls his bottle between his palms. "Tell me?"

"She -- told me I should talk to him about it."


"And then she *looked* at me. *Meanly*."

"And then?"

"You just -- I never *understand* how people with the full-face cowls *can* look that mean --"

"As opposed to creepy, yeah, 'mano, I know. It's a presence thing. What happened next?"

"I... kind of asked her if they were monogamous," Dick blurts, letting it tumble out in a pile --

Roy looks at him.

"Look, he's my little *brother*! I was just -- I wanted to *know* --"

"Uh, huh. They're not monogamous."

"Not even -- Spoiler and Batgirl kind of. They have a thing. Which I *really* should've noticed --"

"No doubt. Let's go take care of the problem."

"Roy --"

Roy stands up, crosses the floor, hauls *him* up. "How *many* times did you spank it thinking about a threesome with him and Spoiler that night?"

"Well -- she just kept *hitting* me --"

"How *many* --"

"And -- I told her she was beautiful --"



"Okay, then. Let's go."

"It was -- it was really more like two and a half --"

Roy looks at him.

Dick sighs and gives up. "What if he says *no*?"

Roy squeezes Dick's forearm with one hand and claps Dick's shoulder with the other. "We improvise."

They --

They're pretty good at improvising.

The drive into Gotham from New York City is actually horrible in every way -- except when you're doing it at three in the morning on high-powered motorcycles. Dick had learned that when he was a Titan, and there's a kind of warm *relief* to realizing that it's just the same now.

The turnpike is all but empty at this time of day, and the speed-traps are uninhabited, and --

And Tim has his own place now. His --

Of *course* he's legal, because there hadn't even been a *squeak* of a problem when he'd emancipated himself from his father and stepmother to go into business/'business' with Babs. Jack Drake would've almost certainly thrown more of a fit if Tim had decided to move back in with Bruce -- or even with Dick himself --

And Dick had *wanted* --

But Tim had let Dick help him renovate his loft in the Artists' Quarter, and that had been --

No, it wasn't *enough*, it couldn't have been *enough* --

Dick's only been there eight times in the past year -- and only three of those times have been casual visits. The rest --

The rest were just --

And then Dick has to *focus*, because Roy pulls in front of him --

"*Arsenal* --"

"Stop brooding."

"I'm not -- how --"

"You were brooding, 'mano," Roy says, and even with the faint tinniness of the helmet radios, Dick can *hear* Roy glaring at him --

But -- "*You* were the one who gave me beer --"


"And made me think of my little brother's sex life --"

"Also true."

"I'm *allowed* to brood!"

"You're not. Any other night? I'd say yes. But not tonight."


"Think about his new uniform."

"It's -- all *dark* --"

"But he looks good in it."

"I -- his hair --"

"Nice and short. Probably pretty soft without all that gel, yeah?"

("Dick, the more you ruffle my hair, the *shorter I'll cut it*.")

Dick licks his lips. "It's. It feels great on my palm, but --"

"And -- that ass is pretty much perfect --"

"It --"

"Am I wrong?"

"He's. He's still so *small* --"

"Deceptive. Easy to forget how old he's getting when he just keeps refusing to grow."

Dick sighs. "Yeah. Just -- yeah. It feels. I mean, every time I spank him a little..."

Roy coughs.

"Oh -- not like *that*!"

"We'll deal with that later. What happens when you spank him?"

Dick scowls hard enough --

Roy snickers and jinks his bike obnoxiously --

Dick pulls in front and does the same --

And then they're racing down the highway --

Weaving through the long-haul truckers --

Roy whoops and pops a wheelie --

Dick drops his speed enough to get behind --

Roy does the same --

And Dick realizes that he's laughing --

Smiling and laughing and -- enjoying himself. A lot.

This... is exactly what Roy does. Effortlessly and *constantly* -- "I love you," Dick says, and he's laughing his way through it --

But he knows Roy can hear everything he *really* means, because Roy catches his breath a little -- "Right back at you, 'mano. Spankings?"

Right... right. "It's just -- he's so *good* all the time."

"Uh, hunh."

"And -- he gets this *look* on his face when I do it."

"Let me guess -- he blushes."

"Not... it's more of a flush."

Roy looks at him. He doesn't actually turn away from the road, but --

"I know, I *know*."

"Uh, hunh. How does it feel when you spank him?"

"Like -- he doesn't have *any* extra fat."

"Yeah, he's almost *too* thin."

"I try -- he doesn't eat junk food for anyone except Spoiler. He *told* me that."

"And his ass is hard."

"I -- yeah."

"You like that."

Dick -- blushes. "A --"

"You want... heh. You tell me, 'mano."

"Since when do *you* want --"


"I'm *serious*."

"You -- of course you are," Roy says, shaking his head and moving to take the first Gotham exit --

"Oh -- no, it's easier from the next one."

"Yeah? Okay, then," and Roy changes lanes again --

"And -- *tell* me!"

"Nightwing. You've been telling me about him for four fucking years."

"Yes, but --"

"I know where his worst scars are."

"I --"

"I know his favorite flavors of Zesti."

"Arsenal --"

"I know what *sounds* he makes when you *squeeze his crotch*. Because? You didn't just describe them, you *imitated* them."

"I -- uh. Hm. And that's -- enough?"

"No, 'mano. What's *enough* is the way he looked at me the last time I went out to the Tower."

"He *hit* on you?"

"Did I say that? No. He *looked* at me."

"What kind of look?"

"N. Are you seriously getting jealous back there?"

"Just tell me!"

Roy looks at him.

And looks at him.

And takes the next exit.

And keeps *looking* at him --

"God, okay, fine, I'm jealous! He's supposed to look at me like that -- wait, how did he look at you?"

"One, the right side of his mouth curled up. Fractionally --"

"Oh -- that's his *approving* smile --"

"I *know*. Thanks to *you*. Two, I could see his eyes narrowing behind the mask like maybe he approved of me despite the fact that I just walked through a sewer."

Dick moans. "I -- that --"

"Yeah, he was checking me out."

"But -- what did he *say*?"

"My code name. And then he nodded. And then he walked away."

"But why didn't you --"

"Because I had to come back *here*, and get *you*."

Dick blinks. "Oh. Oh."



"Uh, hunh."

"I'm sorry --"

"I know, 'mano."

"I mean, I know you'd never --"

"I know you know that."

"And it's not like I own him. Or you."

"Damned right," Roy says, and pulls onto the Crosstown Expressway.

"Wait, why do you know --"

"I asked Oracle."

Dick blinks.

And Roy snickers at him. "I *told* you I planned this."

"But -- your plans are usually -- uh."

"Heh heh. 'mano. There are a lot of fucking differences between my *gun* plans and my *cock* plans. You know that."

Well -- he really does. "I think I'm going to calm down now."

"You do that," Roy says, and starts humming a Great Frog song.

Specifically, the one he'd written after the weekend Kory introduced them to Tamaranian joy-sticks and celebration flowers.

Dick doesn't remember *much* about that weekend, but the song always brings back every last second of what he *does* remember --

And riding this motorcycle is getting exciting. Just --

"Maybe... ah."


"Maybe we shouldn't relax this much?"

"'mano --"

"I'm serious, A. I mean -- he might find it a little *intimidating* if we walk in there --"

"Guns blazing?"

Dick snort. "*Yes*."

"You're *not* wearing that ridiculously perfect jock?"

"No, I mean -- he'll be able to tell anyway."

"Hunh. You think so?"

"He -- he's backed away. Before, I mean."

"When you've been packing heat?"

Dick winces, blushes -- "Maybe this isn't --"

"It's a good idea."

"Roy --"

"It's a *great* idea, because -- he had that look on his face, didn't he. That one with the flushed cheeks and the wide eyes?"

"He didn't *look* at me --"

"But you could still *tell* they were wide."

Dick squeezes the handlebars. "I -- yeah. Under the mask."

"And when was this?"

"The last time I was *that* hard around him -- uh. Last year. We were in his parents' house --"

"There ya go."

"A --"

"'mano. *I* don't like to fuck in *GA's* house."

"But you *have* --"

"But it was weird and *fucked-up*. Every fucking time."

Dick blinks. "Really?"

Roy snorts. "Yes, *really*. It's his house -- not mine."

"But --"

"It's different for you. I know."

"I..." Dick licks his lips and laughs quietly. "It's possible that it's only different for... HQ."

"Heh. Okay, yeah. HQ belongs to *us*, too."

"Exactly. He -- Little brother has a fantastic gym."


"He brought in equipment just for me."

"Like -- a trapeze?"

"Among other things," Dick says, and thinks of Tim's smile for the brand new -- and perfectly-assembled -- uneven bars.

Tim's smile for *him* --

"He wants me there, A."

"Uh, hunh."

"I haven't -- somehow that's just sinking in."

"By the end of the night, 'mano? You're never gonna be able to forget it."

Dick grins. "Promise?"

"Cross my heart and hope to come all over Robbie's prissy little mouth."

"Oh -- fuck. *A* --"

And Roy snickers at him and drives *faster* --

And so does Dick.

When they pull into Tim's detached garage, one of the Robincycles is missing, which goes well enough with the fact that the loft is dark.

Dick breaks in as gently as he can --

Slaps his extra rebreather on Roy when they get gassed --

Steps over the tripwires --

Ducks under the lasers --

Stops Roy from stepping on the pressure mines --

Roy *looks* at him --

Dick holds up a finger and thinks about it, pulling his small, powerful flashlight and looking around -- there.

He deactivates the *three* dart guns which would've shot them full of absolutely horrible things if they'd taken even *one* more step. And then he takes a -- filtered -- breath and stands up straight, locking the door behind them and leading them into Tim's comfortable little living area.

There are more couches and chairs here than Tim is ever likely to have guests, but Dick knows that the variety is *mostly* because both Steph and Cass like to have choices in terms of how they lounge.

Steph had *taught* Cass the art of lounging --

And Dick had maybe been a *little* jealous about that, but he'd coped. Nightwing doesn't have all the same Batgirl privileges as Robin does, and Steph has been Tim's *and* Cass' Robin from the very beginning.

He points Roy to the switch that'll turn the fan on, takes off his boots, and throws himself onto the extra-long couch. After a minute, Roy joins him and puts Dick's feet on his lap. And raises his eyebrows.

Dick holds up two fingers, thinks about it, then waggles three. The gas will *probably* be gone within two minutes, but better safe than comatose.

Roy nods and leans back, closing his eyes and loosening his holsters.

Dick *thinks* about it --

Dick reaches down his tights and tugs the tear-away jock free, promising himself for at least the three hundredth time to never, ever ask Bruce why he'd started designing them that way for him.

*Tim's* jocks don't do that --

And Roy is trying very, very hard to laugh at him *while* keeping the rebreather in place.

Dick flips him off and shoves his jock between the couch cushions. He'll get it later --

Possibly during a later which doesn't include Roy feeling him up through the uniform. Just --

Big hands -- just a little too big to be proportional.

Archer calluses.

Archer *strength* --

Dick moves for it, closing his eyes and reminding himself to breathe slowly and evenly --

Reminding himself to keep track of the *time* --

But that gets a lot more difficult once Roy has him by the balls. Just -- perfect.

Every squeeze. Every --

And the couch smells like Tim's cologne --

And a little like Cass --

Family, it's better with *family* -- and maybe Cass and Steph will come back to Tim's place tonight?

Tim *said* they did that sometimes --

Would that -- no, that would change *nothing* about Roy's plans. At *all*. Dick pulls out his rebreather so he can *snort* --

Roy raises his eyebrows again --

Dick flaps a hand, then gestures 'safe.'

"And that was?"

"Steph and Cass come over to spend the night sometimes. I was... wondering."

"Dickie, you have no idea how happy it makes me when you say things like that."

"Well --"

"Somewhere? Kory is smiling. And using her hair to restrain someone very, very lucky."

Dick grins helplessly --

Considers --

"Maybe Superboy?"

"I can see it. He told me super-strong chicks -- yes, he said that -- who like to discipline people are his favorite."

Dick nods and shifts until he can molest Roy a little with his feet. "Do you think... I mean. Kid Flash."

"Don't think he's Kory's type. But I don't know. I've only seen a little of him since he *became* KF. She and Gar *and* Vic all say he's different now."

"Different good? Different bad? Different *what*?"

Roy ticks off points on his fingers -- "Vic says good. Gar says scary. Kory says *interesting*, and we both know what that means, but then she got this thoughtful frown on her face. She wasn't sure what to make of him."

Dick nods again. "I'll ask Tim."

"I -- heh."


Roy squeezes Dick's dick through the uniform. "I *think* -- I don't know -- but I *think* I saw Tim checking Bart out, too."

"What? No!"

"Easy, Short Pants, easy. You're *not* marrying the kid tonight."

"Why *not*?"

"Because he's got a girlfriend, and also we've talked about this," Roy says, and looks at him.

Dick doesn't have to meet his eyes --

Roy *scratches* Dick's dick through the uniform --

"Yeep -- okay -- I'm not marrying him."


"Because it's almost always a bad idea."


"It's *always* a bad idea when I do it."


"And -- it brings disaster on me and everyone I love."

"There ya go," Roy says, and pats him.

"But --"

"No, Dickie."

"What if I married *you*? That would be safe, right?"

Roy -- looks at him.

Dick makes his eyes wide. "I'm a good catch!" He wriggles his hips illustratively. And waggles his eyebrows.

Roy doesn't even crack a *smile* --

"Jesus, you're a tough crowd tonight --"

"Dickie, the only way we're exchanging rings is if I can stick one through the head of your cock."

Dick winces. And wilts.


Roy smiles *evilly* --

And Tim drops in through the sky-light, making a three-point landing and scanning the entire loft with three batarangs ready to toss and his staff out.

Roy waves. "It's just us, little 'mano."

Tim raises an eyebrow.

Dick sits up and grins at him. "We missed you."

Tim *narrows* his eyes behind the mask. "How many... beers?"

"Just --"

"Two each," Roy says. "We're good."

Tim nods *slowly*... and tucks his batarangs away before starting to strip.

That -- is an excellent idea. Dick sits up --

Roy pushes him back down --

And Tim pauses with his cape in hand. "Perhaps the two of you could tell me the nature of this... 'missing.'"

Dick coughs.

Roy *snorts* --

And the corners of Tim's mouth twitch. "All right, I suppose that was rather needlessly suspicious. Sorry," he says, and goes back to stripping.

"No problem." And Roy turns more fully, kneeling up to look at Tim from over the back of the couch. "We're here to take care of your virginity."

Tim doesn't pause before moving to his boots. "And by 'take care of' you're not speaking about coddling it and feeding it bon bons...?"

"More along the lines of direct, thorough obliteration. With malice aforethought," Roy says, and waggles his own eyebrows.

Tim's mouth twitches again. "I see. And this was... your idea?"

"I gotta admit, I was *going* to just keep pushing Dickie to stop jerking it about you and *do* something --"

Tim nearly falls over as he pulls off his socks -- but he doesn't.

Roy looks at *him* --

But Dick can't look away from his little brother. Not yet. Not --

"What changed your mind, Roy?"

"The way you looked at me last weekend, little 'mano. Now, my *first* real question of the evening..."


"Are you gonna deny that look?"

Tim purses his lips --

And Dick realizes that he's wearing lipstick. It's barely any different from the color of Tim's lips, and it's faded and thin after a long patrol -- "Little brother..."

"Yes, Dick?"

"Were you... undercover?"

Tim shows his teeth. "No. Cassandra put the lipstick on me to see if it would make Steph kiss me the way she kisses Cassandra when *she's* wearing lipstick."

Dick's dick twitches.

Roy's smile gets a lot more... more. "Did it work?"

"Oh, yes. Repeatedly, even," and Tim stands straight and sets his belt down on the dining room table. "In answer to your question, Roy... hn."

"Yeah, little 'mano?"

"I looked at you that way for a reason." And Tim deactivates the last three traps on his suit and cracks open his chest armor. He shivers every time --

Dick wants --

"Tell me -- heh. Tell *us*?"

Tim shows his teeth again and strips out of the rest of his uniform at speed before closing the distance between them. He's down to a pair of black boxer-briefs, and he strokes the back of the couch -- and a short path over Roy's scarred knuckles. "I wanted to see if your baseline attraction to me was enough for you to do anything about it if you received... invitation."

"Invitation almost always increases baseline, little 'mano. *Why* did you want to know?"

"Curiosity. And I must admit to a certain hormonal flare while watching you perforate the perfectly innocent archery butts."

Roy cocks his head to the side and raises his eyebrows. "We can do something about that curiosity. Right now, even."

Tim hums and turns to Dick. "You're beautiful, and I've been more than a little in love with you since I was a toddler."

"Oh -- *Tim* --"

Tim turns back to Roy. "*You're* beautiful, and I admire you and the way you negotiate your life and relationships a great deal --"

"Do we get to compliment you?"

"Hnn. No. You both get to crash in my spare bedroom tonight -- and do whatever you'd like to *each other*... while I get my beauty sleep."

Dick grunts.

Roy snorts.

And Tim walks backwards away from the couch, waving with both hands. "Sleep well -- Dick."

And -- he didn't know he was moving. He's not sure exactly what he did to get over the back of the couch. He just --

Right now, he's cupping Tim's shoulders --

And Tim is looking at Dick's *crotch* -- and blushing when he looks up. A little. Not enough.

Not enough?


"Tim. I -- I don't have anything good to say."

"You don't need to say *anything* --"

"Then I can kiss you?"

"Ah -- no," Tim says, and -- he doesn't *quite* yank himself free. It's more of a twist. It's still too *much* --

But Roy had already managed to flank --

"Arsenal --"

"You *know* my name, little 'mano."

Tim laughs quietly and crosses his arms over his chest. He's not looking at either of them --

Dick winces. "You're annoyed. Don't be annoyed --"

"Seriously, Rob, even if nothing happens tonight --"

Dick growls at Roy --

Roy holds up a hand to him and rests his other hand on Tim's shoulder. "Even if nothing happens *tonight*... think about all the good stuff that can go down on *other* nights. Whenever you want."

Tim looks down at the floor, but he's smiling --

And that's a *good* thing --

Dick tugs on Tim's hands until he uncrosses his arms --

"Yes, Dick?"

"Oh -- whenever you want. *Whatever* you want -- okay, you're raising your eyebrow at me, and that's *fair*, but *look who I brought with me*."

Tim turns to Roy.

Roy smiles *slowly*. And waggles his eyebrows.

Tim -- he doesn't lick his lips. Or even touch his upper lip with his tongue. There's just a *flash* of little pink tongue --

And Dick doesn't drag Tim's hands to his crotch, because sometimes he has good ideas about timing. Tim's still too tense. He can wait --

He can *definitely* wait --

"I -- all right," Tim says, laughing and tugging his hands away from Dick. He doesn't cross his arms again --

"'All right,' little 'mano?"

"All right, those are -- very -- interesting thoughts."

"I'm pretty sure we'd both like to hear about 'em. In detail, even."

"I --" Tim frowns and looks at *him* --

"I want -- what did you fantasize about *before* you knew me?"

Tim blinks rapidly --

Blushes *harder* --

And Dick takes *one* of Tim's hands this time. Just one. And maybe he's massaging it a little --

Finding the tension --

He always carries so *much* in his left palm --


"We can talk, *too*, little brother. I'm not --" Dick laughs at himself. "Okay, I knew you had a crush on me, but... that's not the word you used."

"Ah -- no, it wasn't --"

"And I'm kicking myself about that," Dick says, and steps closer, close enough to smell sweat and Tim's conditioner --

Dick shivers and squeezes Tim's hand --

"You shouldn't -- kick yourself --"

"I really *should* --"

"Dick, I'm *good* at lying --"

"And I'm good at *reading* lies -- but that's not why I'm kicking myself," and Dick strokes up Tim's lean forearm, against the grain of his sparse hair -- "Can you guess?"

"Ah --" Tim blinks and narrows his eyes, turning --

Roy isn't any closer.

Tim narrows his eyes *more* --

And Roy *starts* to raise his hands in surrender -- but then he... gestures. With both hands.

And slow, wet relish.

Tim chokes and *glares* --

And Roy points to *him* --

Right, yes. Dick twines his fingers with Tim's own. "I'm kicking myself because I didn't try for you. Because I *wanted* you, and you wanted me --"

"I -- I did --"

"You still do," Roy says. "I mean, everyone knows it."

Tim's expression gets *dark* --

"Hey, no, relax. It's not like everyone doesn't know how much I want *my* brother."

And that makes Tim stand straight and turn to face Roy. "About that."

Roy shows his teeth. "Yeah...?"

"Is there a reason why you aren't dragging Dick *there*?"

"Other than the fact that the coast is all wrong...?"

Tim's expression hardens *that* way, which --

"You're trying not to laugh. That's fair --"

Tim rears back *slightly* -- and turns to Dick. "You told him my *tells*?"

Oh... that. "Um. Not on purpose?"

Roy snorts --

Tim *glares* at him --

"Oh, no, little *brother* --"

"I'll field this one," Roy says, and waggles his eyebrows at *both* of them.

Dick squeezes Tim's hand. "Listen to him? He's *better* at this than I am."

"Dick, you're not --"

"I'm definitely better at it than he is. I mean, people throw *themselves* onto Dick's cock --"

Dick coughs -- "Roy."

"He's had no kind of practice at *all*, little 'mano. I mean, look at him."

Tim tries not to laugh again -- and then he lets it out in a breath. Three breaths, quiet and low --

Dick moves *closer* --

Tim steps away -- and closer to Roy. "Tell me, please. *Why* shouldn't I be angry at Dick for compromising security?"

Oh -- *ouch* --

"Your facial expressions are a matter of security -- wait, no, I hear you. I could get turned, and then I could use what I know about you against you. *Somehow*."


Roy nods thoughtfully. "And I can't even -- no. I *won't* ask you what you say to your girlfriend about your team, because I *know* it's not a whole fuck of a lot."

"No *secrets* --"

"And that's cool. That *works*, even, and I'm not gonna judge you or anything --"

"*Thank* you --"

"But he wants you, Robbie. He's wanted you for a long. Damned. Time. He wanted you before he *liked* you."

Tim rears back, hand jerking in Dick's own --

Dick squeezes -- too hard. He can't stop --

"He told me all about it, because he knew I'd listen without judging him for it. All his fantasies about pushing you down to your knees. All his *dreams* about laying you out and working you *over*. All his *questions* -- because you *are* a good liar, and it took him time to figure you out. And there are still questions now. You know that."

Tim swallows and -- flushes.

That's a *flush* --

And Roy holds up a hand to stop him from moving closer --

And Tim *tenses* -- but he blows out a breath and relaxes himself slowly, easily, *perfectly* --

"He was trying to figure you *out*, Robbie --"

"If -- if I'm supposed to call you Roy --"

"You are. Tim...?"

Tim smiles wryly. "That works. But... ah. I don't want to have sex tonight."

Dick -- doesn't squeeze any harder --

But he can see Tim knowing that he wants to. He can *feel* it --

But Tim doesn't pull away --

And Roy steps closer. "Why not?"

"Ah... I don't think I need to give you a reason, Roy."

"No, you don't. But I'm curious."


"It happens when I wanna fuck someone. Happens a *lot*, really."

"Want -- you want to fuck me."

Roy grins. "That's *one* of the things I want. We can negotiate, of course --"

"Oh, *good* --"

"It's part of the fun, I promise."

Tim smiles again, and it's -- warmer.

Roy works on *everyone* --

Dick should've brought him *years* ago --

"Gonna tell me?"

And Tim... cocks his head to the side and tilts his head back --

Dick *doesn't* cup his throat --

But Roy stares at him there.

The flush gets *deeper* --

"You *definitely* don't have to tell me -- or do anything you don't wanna do --"

"Control," Tim says. "I like having it."

"Even when you're all alone with people who care about you?"

Tim raises an eyebrow --

And Dick leans in to kiss Tim's bare shoulder, right over the scar Dick had stitched for him four visits ago. Just -- soft. Not too wet. He lets it linger --

Tim *shivers* -- "I'll... stipulate that Dick --"

"Loves you. Wants you. *Needs* you."

Tim grunts --

Swallows --

Shakes his *head* --

"And... heh. You know how he talks about the people he loves, Tim. You know how he *gives* them to you."

"I -- yes. You, as an example --"

"Uh, huh. He gave *you* to me."

And Dick can't -- he nuzzles Tim's flushed cheek --

"Dick -- Roy --"

"I can teach you a whole fuck of a lot about control, Tim," Roy says, and grips Tim's *wrist* --

"*Roy* --"

"I don't even need any toys to do it."

Tim's hands spasm. Both of them --

And Roy meets his eyes over Tim's shoulder. His turn. *His* turn, and there's only one way --

Well, there are probably a *lot* of ways, but *he* only knows one. Dick kisses Tim's ear and lets himself pant as much as he needs to, lets himself *moan* --

"*Jesus*, Dick --"

"I'm so sorry, little brother --"

"It's not -- you have nothing to apologize for --"

"I'm so sorry for not being *honest*, for not showing you --" Dick growls and pushes against Tim -- "Do you feel me, little brother?"

"Ah. I still have functional *nerve endings*, so --"

"I want you to feel me all over. I want. You should listen to Roy and negotiate, Tim, because I'm not good at that, at all," Dick says, and kisses Tim's temple --

Squeezes his hand --

*Rolls* his hips --

"Fuck -- what does that *mean*?"

Dick smiles because he has to, rueful and needy -- "It means that I'll beg, little brother. If you say no --"

"I -- I *have* said no --"


"*Dick* --"

"Please let me touch you. Please let me make *love* to you --"

Tim *growls* --

Dick *sucks* a kiss to his ear and pants. "Let me make you come."

And the growl turns into a gasp. "That wasn't begging --"

"Please --"

"No. I -- you don't --" Tim twists free of *both* of them --

But he's closer to his bedroom.

Dick meets Roy's eyes --

Roy nods and cups himself through his pants. "You don't want him to beg, little 'mano?"

"There's no -- reason --"

"Maybe you want him to just take what he wants?"

Tim *blanks* -- but then snorts and shakes his head.

Roy raises his eyebrows.

And Tim smiles, sharp and -- not even a little cold. Dick *starts* to step closer --

And Roy holds up a hand --

And Tim narrows his eyes -- and licks his lips.

Roy nods. "You've had this fantasy."

"I've had any number of fantasies. They're not relevant --"

"I disagree --"

"Should Dick take what he wants, Tim? Should he just... run you over a little? He *knows* how."

And the look Tim gives him is *hooded*... and even hotter than his smile.

"Little brother..."

Tim takes a *shaky* breath -- but he holds up a hand to him, too, before turning to Roy. "Let's negotiate."

Roy grins, happy and just as aroused --

*His* jock is still *on* --

"I wanna fuck you."

Tim nods. "What else?"

"I wanna watch *Dick* fuck you. Doesn't matter which comes first --"

"You're making assumptions --"

"Not even a little, Tim. Dick *told* me about your toys."

Tim blushes --

*Starts* to glare at him --

And then laughs and pinches the bridge of his nose for a moment. His fingers are longer than they were the last time, *thinner* -- "Fine. What else do you want?"

"I'm easy --"

"I noticed. *But*...?"

Roy snickers and pulls off his holsters, setting them on the table. "Dickie says you turn great colors when he spanks you. I'd like to see how far I could take that."

Tim's lips part -- and he nods.


"Archer hands have been a kink of mine since I first shook hands with Cissie King-Jones."

"You swing that way...?"

"Not enough for either of our tastes," Tim says, and stares at his hands -- no, his wrists. "I have... zip-strips."

"Only if you want the ligature marks, little 'mano. I... heh," and Roy picks up his quiver and opens the small compartment at the bottom... where he has soft cuffs and a coil of nylon rope.

Tim raises an eyebrow. "You were feeling confident."

"Nah, these come with me everywhere. You never know. You want 'em?"

Tim stares at them --

And Dick thinks he can feel Tim thinking about him, feel him wanting -- needing?

He's not *good* at this, at *knowing* when he's wanted... except when he is. Except when it's *clear* --

"Little brother... do what you want."

Tim shows his *teeth* -- and offers his wrists to Roy.

Roy puts them on, hooks the rope through the ring, steps back... and tugs Tim close.


"Tim. How long can you keep from freeing yourself from these?"

Dick can see Tim *thinking* about it --

And then Tim turns to smile ruefully at *him*.

"What is it, little 'mano?"

"I -- ah. It would be easier to... behave if Dick weren't here."

That -- hurts. Too *much* -- "I don't -- I don't have to --"

"Oh -- God, no -- I just meant --" Tim swallows and shakes his head. "You taught me practically everything I know about escape artistry, Dick. I have *reflexes*."

Dick breathes --

Dick focuses *on* breathing --

And Roy jerks the rope. "This is where Dickie *should* be admitting a few things. One, he wants you so bad he *hurts* -- even though his jock is somewhere in your couch --"

Tim coughs. "Ah --"

"*Two*, he'd be *willing* to go if you needed him to -- and never come back if that's how you needed it to be --"

"I *don't*. I -- of course I don't --"

"*Three*... he *never* behaves. It's not in him -- and that's just fine by me."

Tim turns to face Dick, and he's flushed again --

His breathing is terrible-wonderful --

And Dick can't wait. He moves close and --

"Dick --"

He kisses Tim, and cups his face --

He strokes Tim's obliques and thinks of all the ways he's never taught Tim to fly --

All the ways he can *start*, because the gym is right *here* --

Dick pulls back --

"Oh --"

"You want me here."

"Always -- fuck -- I mean --"

Dick smiles helplessly and squeezes Tim's wrists together a little more. "You don't ever have to lie to me, or hold anything *back* --"

"If this -- it's not your kink --"

"We can do other things. *Have* other things. Right?"

Tim stares at him and licks his lips. "I. I don't -- ah. I appear to be running out of intellect --"

"Then tell us *your* kinks, little brother. Talk -- heh. Use your *other* brain," Dick says, and rubs Tim's nipples with his thumbs --

"Oh, fuck --"

"Your nipples are so *small*, little brother. Are they -- no. *How* sensitive are they?"

Tim closes his eyes --

And Roy jerks the rope.

"What --"

"Answer him, pretty boy."

Tim blushes *deeply*, eyes widening -- and then narrowing again.

"You're thinking about it. About how good a boy you wanna be with me, maybe?"

Tim nods slowly.

"Tell you what," Roy says, winding the rope around his fist and yanking Tim's hands over his head --

Tim *grunts* --

"If you're a good *enough* boy? We'll *both* fuck you hard -- excuse me. Hard enough to *hurt*."

Tim's dick twitches for that -- and Dick knows Roy's staring *with* him.

"Oh -- God. I suppose I shouldn't try to deny that *that's* a kink."

Roy grins and looks up. "What do *you* think?"

"I think -- that this is insane. But." Tim turns to Dick and smiles. "They're usually not sensitive enough for me to bother playing with them. But... my theory that that wouldn't be the case if someone *else* were playing with them seems to be bearing fruit."

"Oh --" Dick kisses Tim again and *then* twists Tim's nipples --

Tim *shouts* into his mouth -- and sucks Dick's tongue --

And shouts again when Roy pushes Dick's right hand aside and starts playing with Tim's nipple himself.

Dick pulls back and *licks* Tim's mouth --

"Oh -- *ohn* --"

"God, little *brother*," but Dick doesn't have anything that goes after that but a kiss for Tim's throat --

A bite and a *suck* --

Tim *moans* --

"Should he mark you, pretty boy?"

"I -- I don't know --"

"Think about it," Roy says, and moves closer until the three of them are taking up what feels like the smallest *possible* amount of room -- "With your little head."

"*Nnh* -- yes -- oh, *fuck*, Dick --"

Dick growls and bites *harder* --

"His eyes are rolling back, 'mano --"

Dick *grunts* -- and cups Tim through his boxer-briefs with his free hand --

"Oh -- *please* --"

"Beggin' already, pretty boy? I approve," and Roy pushes his fingers between Dick's own --

Makes Dick *squeeze* --

And Tim bucks --

Staggers --

They catch him together, and there's no thought, no *hesitation* before they're walking Tim back into his bedroom, where --

Surrealists on the walls -- two more than before.

Same carpeting -- bloodstain-defying dark and thick.

All three closets closed -- and at least two of them are locked.

The bed couldn't look neater without Alfred's help --

And they're going to change that.

Dick kisses Tim onto the bed, bites Tim's lips and bites his throat again --

Tim cries out --

Roy loops the rope through the -- now that Dick's paying attention -- *really* ornate wrought-iron headboard --

Tim arches and *yanks* at the ropes -- and then nods, light flaring behind his eyes --

"Oh, little brother..."

"Ah... yes?"

"This is *why* you got that headboard, isn't it?"

Tim pants --

Roy grips Tim's throat and *lifts* --

"*Nnk* --"

"Answer every question he asks, pretty boy. Do it *fast*."

And the look in Tim's eyes turns -- dirty. Hot.

"Tim, do you *like* that?"

And Roy loosens his grip -- but doesn't let go.

Tim swallows and moans -- cuts himself off. "I liked the look of the headboard. I liked... it seemed fascinatingly over-the-top. On top of being... potentially useful."

Roy taps Tim's mouth with two fingers.

"*And* -- ah. I've fantasized about being choked... a great deal. To anticipate your next question, I never use... belts or anything like that. Nothing that *can't* be torn off easily."

Dick frowns. "Like... what?"

Tim squeezes his eyes shut  --

And Roy uses his speed to *grip* Tim's sac through his boxer-briefs and squeeze *hard* --

"*Ahn* -- *ahn* -- oh, fuck, please -- *please* --"

"Gonna behave, pretty boy...?" And Roy is speaking *slowly* --

Tim *yanks* the restraints hard enough to make the headboard bang --

Tim cries out --

Again and *again* --

Roy is still *squeezing* --


"He *knows* how to say no, 'mano. And he also knows how to behave."

"*Please*! I'll show you!"

Dick shivers and just --

He leans in and *sucks* Tim's nipples, moving back and forth between them until they're as swollen as they'll get --

Until they're surrounded with red suck-marks --

Babs *loves* when he does that... and the sounds Tim's making *strongly* suggest that he loves it, too.

Roy strokes the back of his head, but it's not impatient as opposed to affectionately *hurrying*. There's a difference. Dick grins and gives Tim's right nipple one last *bite* --

Tim *shouts* --

Dick pulls back. "Show us what, little brother?"

"Left bedside table. Top drawer. Hidden panel with the release in the upper right corner. It's -- very small and recessed. Roy would need to use... some sort of stylus --"

"Then Dickie'll get it," Roy says, and starts to squeeze Tim's sac rhythmically, *viciously* -- "Tell me how much you like *this*."

"I... nearly always torture my scrotum -- if there's time and possibility."

"Ever wanna get pierced?"

Tim's penis twitches *twice* -- "Yes. I -- I'm going to pierce my own nipples --"

"Not let someone do that for you? It doesn't *have* to be a stranger."

And Tim's eyes are wide enough --

"God, you're so *beautiful*, little brother --"

"I --"

But that needs to be in his *mouth*, so Dick kisses him again, *licks* his mouth the way he would if Roy had just been going down on Kory --

The way he would if Donna had just been going down on *him* and wanted the taste out of her mouth before she had to go speak to Diana --

Dick licks Tim's mouth the way he wants to, *every* time, because Tim's mouth tastes like sugar and artificial *lime* for some reason, and that means he's been sneaking candy with his *girlfriend* --

Dick pulls back. "I want to kiss you after you go down on Steph."

Tim stares at him. "I -- if that -- I'll ask her. If it comes up. Ah -- please?"

Dick licks his lips and just -- "I like the begging, too, little brother. I like it a lot."

"Oh -- good to know." And then Tim laughs, breathless and quiet and turned-*on* --

And Dick realizes that it's a laugh he's heard from Tim many, many times before. It --

Dick groans and leans in --

And Roy's hand is on his shoulder.

"Roy -- wait. What *was* I doing?"

"Opening up little 'mano's secret places."

Dick snorts --

Tim coughs. "That could... take a while."

"And that reminds me that *I* have a question," Roy says, pulling back and *yanking* Tim's boxer-briefs off -- "Pretty, pretty."

"Ah. Ah. Thank you?"

"You're welcome, pretty boy," and Roy grips Tim's dick and starts to *stroke* --

Rough and *fast* --

Dick's *mouth* is watering -- but he was doing something. The drawer has no obvious traps, and there are Tim's dildos --

There are anal *beads* --

Dick takes them out of the drawer absently --

Roy *purrs* --

And the hidden compartment opens just the way it should to reveal -- gorget. Specifically, one from the *old* Robin suit -- wait. "This doesn't fit you."

"Not... ah. Comfortably," Tim says, and smiles ruefully.

Probably as ruefully as he *can* with Roy jerking him off like that --

"'mano, how easy *is* that thing to pull off?"

"It's pretty impossible for someone with fingers bigger than mine, and it's *hard* for people with fingers the same *size* as mine... Tim can do it easily. For now."

Roy nods approvingly and *stops* stroking. "Good enough. Pretty boy... what the *fuck* do you do when your family comes over?"

"Hnn. Dick didn't show you the other apartment."

"The... what?"

Dick laughs helplessly and kisses Tim's nose enough times to make his eyes cross -- "Little brother has a duplicate loft next door. Everything's the same, except that the art is surrealist *posters*, the kitchen has junk food in it, the headboard in the bedroom is plain, and there are only a few couches and chairs in the living room. A little alarm goes off in here whenever someone rings the bell..."

"And then I check the feeds from the cameras and decide whether or not I want to jump to the other roof. I'm working on a tunnel, but that will take a while. Ah... please?"

"You want some more, pretty boy?"

"I think... that it would be fair to say that I *need* more."

Roy shows his teeth. "Well, that's convenient, 'cause I *like* givin' pretty boys what they need. Who gets sucked-off more in your fantasies -- you or the other guy?"

Tim pants -- "The other person."


"The other... male. I don't. I don't fantasize about females that way. To date. I don't know why I needed to specify --"

Dick laughs and rubs the head of Tim's dick --

"Oh *fuck* --"

"Because you only use the word 'guy' when you're *undercover*."

"Oh -- that would do... it," Tim says, and arches his hips --  "Please let me fellate one of you --"

Dick moans and grips himself through the suit --

And Roy cocks his head to the side before bringing his sticky hand to his mouth and licking it slowly. *Thoughtfully*. "I like that plan. You know how to deep-throat?"

"I've had... a large amount of success with my toys --"

"Including *this* one?" And Roy picks up the black one --

The *big* one with the *curve* -- oh. *Oh* --

"Yes, I --"

"Little brother. Is that Bruce?"

Blush *and* flush, and it spills right down to Tim's nipples --

And then Tim is *screaming*, because Roy is digging his nails in against Tim's right nipple --

"You know what to do, pretty --"

"Yes! *Yes*, it's Bruce, and I -- oh, God, I use it once a week --"

"Mouth or ass?"

"Both! Every -- every *time* --"

"Do you." Dick swallows. "Do you call his name?"

Tim squeezes his eyes shut again -- but opens them immediately, showing panic and ruefulness and *lust* -- "Not. Not as much as I did when I lived in the manor. But still... sometimes."

Dick nods.

*Roy* nods --

"Please --"

"What do you think, 'mano? Should we fuck him with this?"

Dick -- *blushes*. "I don't know if I *can* fuck him with Bruce's dick --"

Tim cries *out*, dick twitching and *spattering* them --

"Okay, hand it over," Dick says --

And Roy snickers. "I'm all for this, but we *have* to prep him."

"Right. Logic. Logistics, even. Uh --" Dick feels around on the bed until he gets his hands on the *blue* toy --

And the way Tim is blushing answers every -- no. *Not* every question. "How hard do you fuck yourself with this, little brother? How much do I *hurt* you?"

Tim's *legs* shake -- and then he spreads them wider.

"Good answer," Roy says, and *slaps* Tim's dick --


"But it wasn't the *right* answer. Try again."

Tim pants --

Arches and writhes like he's trying to get *away* from the pain --

"*Please*, little brother --"

"Yes -- God, fuck -- please, Roy, *again*!"

"You need that, hunh? Sure thing," and Roy pinches the head of Tim's dick between two fingers so he can hold it perpendicular to Tim's body --

Tim whimpers and pants and *stares* --

And doesn't stop staring even when Roy starts *slapping* --

He keeps staring even when he starts crying out  --

Even when he starts *screaming* --

"C'mon, pretty, you know --"

"*Hard*, you fuck me -- it's always -- no," Tim says, shaking his head and panting, licking his lips -- "Please. Please --"

"You can do it, little 'mano. You're almost there."

"Yes -- yes, I *am*," Tim says, laughing *wildly* and then panting more, straining and working to free himself from the cuffs --

Roy stops slapping -

And Dick moves to catch Tim's wrists. "Not that, little brother. Not yet --"

Tim groans and it does and *doesn't* sound like Dick's name --

"Finish it, Tim. Tell us."

"Starts -- starts *carefully*. And then he gets... wilder. *Hungrier*."

"Because I need you so much, little brother?"

Tim blushes *hard* and turns away --

And screams *again* -- this time for the feel of Roy digging his short nails in against Tim's sac.

"You know better than that, pretty boy. You keep this up and you *won't* get what you want."

"Yes -- I -- it's *hard* --"

"It always, always is. And we all know you need it," Roy says, raising his eyebrows and releasing Tim's sac --

"Hnh -- oh -- *no*. Please --"

"Help you?"

"*Yes* --" 

"Hurt you so bad you can't fight, at all?"

"*Nnh* --!"

And Roy -- shudders. And pants. And starts *working* Tim's sac. He --


"I'm here, 'mano. I'm making detailed, long-term plans for your little brother's pretty little ass, but I'm here."

Dick coughs his way through a laugh --

But when he sees the way Tim is looking at both of them --

The wonder and hunger and *lustful* fear --

"Oh -- Roy."

"I see it. *Believe* me, I do." And Roy tightens his *grip*. "Answer the question so we can do what we *want*, Tim."

"What -- I forgot --"

Roy *growls* --

"I'm *sorry* --"

"Easy. Easy, just -- we know this is intense. We --" Roy licks his lips. "Does Dick do you hard in the fantasies because he needs you so much? Or because that's the way you *like* it?"

"He needs me -- he needs me, and he can't stop, he *won't* stop --"

"Does he *notice* how much you love it?"

"He -- he makes me *cry* with it --"

"Fuck. Me," Roy says, letting go --

"*Please*, Roy --"

"Just a second, pretty boy. It's pretty much *exactly* time to get naked."

"Oh, thank God," Dick says, leaning in to bite Tim's lip again before standing up and getting out of the rest of his uniform as quickly as possible --

And then he's naked in his little brother's bedroom --

And his little brother is naked on the *bed* --

*Tied* to the bed --

And Roy, the brother he's had since before he was smart enough to *recognize* things like that --

The most *important* things --

Dick gives Roy enough time to get his boots and pants off, and then he can't wait anymore. He *moves*, kissing Roy back against the nearest wall --

They only bump the Dali print a *little* --

And Roy is laughing at him and kissing him back and feeling him up, possessive and warm and loving, so *loving* --

And maybe even more loving than that when he pushes Dick back --

"I just --"

"I know, 'mano."

"But --"

"I *know*," Roy says, and grins. "But we really need to fuck the hell out of him."

"Oh -- God. Now."

"*Right* now. Use the medical-grade in your boot -- he's getting a *rough* ride," Roy says, and turns to Tim. "Aren't you, pretty boy?"

Tim whimpers, and he's -- God, leaking *steadily* --

Dick moves -- no, not yet. He gets the lube out and slicks the blue toy *thoroughly* while Roy chokes and kisses Tim --

He's not letting Tim *see*.

This is going to be at least a *little* shocking --

And Dick's dick wants him to know that that's an incredible thing, the *best* thing that doesn't have anything to do with brotherhood *or* the cuddle they're all going to get *after* --

So he only slicks Tim's hole a *little* bit, focusing on the muffled noises he makes --

The way they get *louder* for the way Dick's pushing in --

God, he's not *tight* --

The toy slips right *in* -- "Roy --"

Roy pulls back -- and Tim shouts, clenching around the toy and *shaking* --

"Oh -- little brother --"


And Dick is nodding before he can think --

*Fucking* Tim before he can think --

"Remember to start out *careful*, 'mano --"

Tim spreads his legs as wide as he *can* --

And Roy snorts. "Or not?"

"I -- I --" Tim moans and shudders, clenches his hands into fists --

"You look like you're going *crazy*, little brother --"

"I *am*. I -- I can't believe --"

"Believe it," Roy says, and pets Tim's hair, presses his thumb to Tim's mouth -- "You're gonna get *reamed*."

Tim groans, shudders again --

"I can smell your *sweat*," Dick says, and it sounds more like an *accusation* than anything else --

It is. It's every time Tim *kept* this from him, and every time Dick kept this from *himself* --

And he can't keep himself from kissing Tim's belly-button, shoving his tongue in where it's salty, tangy, *warm* --

And for a moment it seems like Tim's noises are responses to the way Dick is *tongue-fucking* his belly-button -- but then Dick feels how fast he's shoving the toy in, how *hard* --

"Like that, little 'mano?"

"Yes -- *yes* --"

"Want it harder?"

Tim growls and arches off the bed --

He and Roy push him back down together --

And Tim screams again, shudders all over and plants his feet, works his *hips* --

"You're gonna come, little brother..."

"*Nnh* --"

"You're gonna come for *us*, pretty boy. And then? You're gonna get fucked some more."

Tim opens his eyes wide -- but they're not seeing anything. They --

"God, Roy, that *look* --"

"Uh, hunh. I love it *and* hate it."

"So -- I *need* him --"

And Roy grins at him. "So take him."

Dick grunts and *spasms* --

Dick *watches* himself fucking Tim harder --

Harder and *harder* --

And Tim's so far gone, so open and *ready* --

Moaning and *crooning* --

Dick swallows with a *click* and slows down until he can pull out without shocking Tim too much --

"Oh -- *no* --"

"Need you, little brother, need -- your *body* is ready," Dick says, and it's nothing like a question, and he knows he's not being *clear* --

But it makes Tim focus on him, makes him stare with eyes so wide --

"You're a *kid* like this," and that was a *blurt* --

And Tim's mouth tightens up like he's going to say something *mean* --

But Roy's right there to shove two fingers in deep --

Tim makes a *surprised* noise -- but then closes his eyes and sucks, licks --

Goes *down* --

"I like your little brother, Dickie. Have I mentioned that? I feel like I should mention that."

"Uh. I want --"

"He wants it, too. Don't you, pretty boy?"

Tim looks up at Roy through his lashes and *then* nods --

"Oh... God. Uh. Yeah," Dick says, kneeling up and lifting Tim's hips enough to spread him out on his *lap* -- wait. "Does Bruce do this? This position --"

Tim nods *rapidly* --

"And -- how do I usually..."

Roy starts *fucking* Tim's mouth with his fingers -- but only for a moment before pulling out. There's a line of *drool* --

That's too *messy* for Tim --

And Roy pats Tim's cheek *hard* --

Tim moans and gives them *both* hot looks, *hard* looks. "Every. Possible. Position."

Dick moans --

And Roy gestures Dick back  --

"Roy --"

"I need it, 'mano. *Please*."

And Dick's brain isn't *working* -- but then it is, and he turns Tim on his side --

"*Fuck*, yeah," and Roy cups the back of Tim's head. "This is your chance to say no *without* needing to use your teeth --"

"*Fuck* me -- please."

"Heh. Kicking up a little. Do I punish you for that?"

Tim shivers and *moans* --

"I'll take that as a 'yes, but later,'" Roy says, and pushes into Tim's mouth --

And Tim moans and sucks *immediately* -- and kicks up when Dick *nudges* his leg.

There's a moment when Dick can only watch lean muscle flex, watch the way the lamplight shines on pale skin and paler scars --

But Roy starts thrusting.

And Tim starts *grunting* --

And Dick growls and slicks himself --

Shudders for the touch of his own hand and *stops* --

He needs as much of Tim as he can get. He needs --

He needs to *shove* in --

And to hear Tim *shout* around Roy's *dick* --

Roy *pants*. "It's okay, little 'mano. You can take this."

"How -- he's never *done* this --"

"Doesn't matter, Dickie," and Roy cups Tim's cheek, strokes it. "He's *Robin*."

Dick blushes and groans -- "Jay. I want -- it's like -- *fuck* --"

"Is he clenching around --"

"*Yes*. God, *Tim*, I want -- let me *stay* here for a little --"

Tim groans and *starts* to shake his head --

Shudders and *yanks* at the headboard --

"You need him to move, pretty boy?"

Tim squeezes his eyes shut and pants through his nose --

Roy growls and *cups* the back of Tim's head. "Answer me or I *don't* fuck --"

Tim nods -- and immediately starts working his hips --

Dick cries out and *clutches* Tim's hips, tries to make him *stop* -- "Roy --"

"Yeah. Yeah, I know --"

"*Roy* --"

"You gotta give it to him, Dickie --"

"I need -- Tim, I *need* you --"

Tim whimpers, whispers something slurred and *wet* --

And Roy pants again -- "I can't pull out to make that any clearer -- and I *can't* untie him enough that he can sign --"

"I --"

"He's making himself clear anyway, 'mano --"

*Dick* whimpers -- and looks down enough to see that he's leaving finger-bruises on Tim's hips --

So lean --

So --

He's still *trying* to move --

Dick can't. He *can't*. He yanks Tim's leg back over his own and leans in to bite the back of his neck --

Tim cries *out* --

"It's -- the last time I fucked Robin, it was *Jay* -- *hnh* --"

"*Fuck* --"

"He's *clenching* --"

"He's sucking like I'll try to get *away* --"

And they laugh together --

And Dick lets go of Tim's hip and reaches out, *gripping* Roy's hand --

They meet each other's eyes --

They grin and *feel* each other --

They *move*, and it takes no time at all to catch each other's rhythm, no effort to *hold* the rhythm the way they've done with Garth --

And Donna --

And Kory --

And Jessie and Vic -- and they'd been on opposite sides of the *room* for that, but it didn't matter --

Nothing *mattered* -- just. Everything they could have. Everything they could take. Everything they could *give* --

"*Fuck*, Robbie, your *mouth* --"

*Yes* -- "Robin, Robin, I *love* you --"

And Tim's hands spasm and *jerk* --

And the back of Tim's neck is flushed *dark* --

And no one's ever seen this but them. No one's ever *had* this --

Dick whimpers and pulls out --

Tim shouts and *whines* --

But Roy is already moving, pushing himself back against the headboard while Dick moves Tim onto his knees with his wrists resting on Roy's shoulder -- 

"Oh, *God* --"

"Just this, little brother. I need to get *deeper* --"

Tim moans and nods --

"Deeper is a *good* idea," Roy says, and pulls Tim down onto his dick -- "Oh, *fuck*, yeah --"

And Dick spreads Tim and watches him flex, watches him *clench* --

"*Do* it, Dickie --"

And Dick growls and *grinds* in --

And Tim shudders all *over*, moans and tries to get more of *both* of them --

Dick didn't realize he *had* that kind of extension in his shoulders --

But he'll use it *right* now. Every *fraction* of an inch Tim can get --

Every centimeter of *stretch*, because Roy is gripping the headboard with both hands and letting Tim fuck *himself* on his dick --

Because Tim is taking this so well, so *perfectly* --

"Little -- little *brother* --"

Tim nods, moans, cuts *off* his own moans and *writhes* --

"God -- you --" And Dick shakes his head and grips Tim's hip with one hand and the back of his head with the other --

Tim *nods* --

Roy groans and *shudders* --

And it's the best thing, the *best* thing to use Tim's own rhythm to fuck him -- and to *break* it by shoving Tim's head down on Roy --

"Dickie, *fuck* --"

"Too -- it's too *good* --"

"Yeah -- fuck, yeah -- hey, pretty boy. *Come*."

And the flush spills all the way down Tim's *back* --

And Tim clenches hard enough to make Dick *yell* --

And then Tim is *fighting* them, *both* of them, but he's only trying to get more, faster --

"*Harder*," Roy says, and twines his fingers with Dick's on the back of Tim's head --

Squeezes *hard* --

But Dick is fucking harder, grunting helplessly and sweating, needing, *wanting* --

Having, because his little brother likes this, wants him, loves him --

His little brother has such a sweet *ass* --

And a part of Dick is only thinking about what this might have been like *before* Tim had all these toys, what it would've felt like to *force* his way in -- "Oh, God, *Timmy* --"

And Tim *stiffens* --

"Sorry, I'm sorry -- I can't *stop* --"

And Tim coughs --

*Shoves* back against their hands --

They move as quickly as they *can* -- and then Tim is *screaming* around Roy's dick --

Bucking and *slamming* his ass against Dick -- coming.

He's -- "Oh, *Tim*..."

Roy pants and purrs again. "*Very* nice, pretty boy. Faster next time, though," and Roy pulls Tim off by the *hair* --

Tim *wails* --

And Dick is almost *sure* that shouldn't be making him fuck Tim harder --

Shouldn't be making him bite and claw and *clutch* --

"God *damn*, that's pretty," Roy says, and shoves his *thumb* in Tim's mouth. "Hurry it up, hermano. Pretty boy's got me *rock* hard."

And there's a part of him which only wants to bend over -- but he can *say* that -- "Roy --"


"Fuck me *into* Tim."


Dick laughs *breathlessly*. "I know, I know, not tonight -- ohn, oh, Timmy, I *love* you --"

"You should *see* the way he looks for that, Dickie. All dazed and hungry and -- heh. *Young*."

"*Jesus*, you're dirty, Speedy --"

Roy snickers. "Which of us is fucking a recent virgin so hard he's gonna have trouble sitting down?"

"*You*. Five *minutes* from -- oh. Oh, Tim --"

"You clenching up, pretty boy?"

And Tim nods for that, slow and -- and as dirty as everything else, as *perfect* --

"Gonna do that for me? *To* me."

Another nod --

And Roy growls *exactly* the way he does when he's close to losing his control --

Close to needing what Dick *has* --

And he doesn't know what to do with himself when he needs like this, when he wraps his arms around Tim and grinds and shoves and *works* --

When he bites Tim's *ear* --

"I need -- I *need* --"

"Gotcha covered, 'mano," and Roy pulls his thumb out --

And Tim moans *mournfully* --

"You are... heh. We're doin' this *again*, pretty boy. Here," and Roy reaches *down* --

And Robin isn't supposed to scream like that when he gets jerked off --

Robin isn't supposed to toss his head and *howl* like it's catching up to him, like he's *feeling* --

God, everything, so much --

Robin isn't supposed to *have* this kind of fun... except maybe with family. And Dick knows his smile must look drugged and at *least* half-crazy, but this is making him buzz all over his skin, making him *high* --

Little *brother* --

"Okay, no, fuck this," Roy says, shrugging out from under Tim's arms and moving to kneel beside them. "You *better* be ready, Dickie."

"Oh -- *Roy* -- " And then *he's* screaming --

Fucking harder and *faster* --

"That's two fingers in your big brother, pretty boy. The lube is *your* pre-come."

And Dick knows Tim is saying something --

Moaning something?

He's still *clenching* --

And Roy may not be fucking him into Tim, but it feels like he is, feels --

The rhythm is so --

So *harsh* --

Dick squeezes his eyes shut and *shakes*, spasms and --

His own rhythms are *gone* --

And then Roy kisses him, hard and wet and *deep* --

Please -- *please* --

Tim is grunting and *trying* to meet him for every thrust, and Dick needs --

He turns out of the kiss and pants, groans --

"*Say* it, Dickie, whatever it is --"

"Good -- *partners* -- *nnh* --"

Tim is clenching --

Roy is shoving so --

And that sound probably means that he's screaming, but it's a good time for it, a *great* time, the best --

Everything is so hot and *bright* --

And then he's being wrung out, *beaten* with pleasure and need until all he can *do* is scream --

*Louder* --

And then Roy crooks his fingers *and* shoves Dick down onto Tim -

Dick's scream gets cut off with a grunt --

And everything's back, everything in the world -- and all of it wants him to flatten Tim to the bed and nuzzle and kiss him, love him and *hold* him --

He's panting --

Blushing --

Dick licks the sweat from his short little Fed-worthy sideburn -- 

Thrusts *hard* when Roy *wiggles* his fingers --

And Tim groans and shivers --

"You okay, little brother?"

"I --" But Tim just groans again, *pants* --

Dick kisses Tim's cheek, the back of his neck --

Dick reaches to *see* -- and finds Roy's hand right there jerking Tim off. He *knows* that rhythm, that *angle* --

"Roy's using all his calluses on you?"

Tim nods and pants, *shakes* --

"Are you -- how *quickly* will you come again?"

Tim swallows audibly -- and bites his pillow. Which --

"See, I'm *tempted* to punish him for that, but -- not that much. Ultimately."

Dick snorts. "Be *nice*."

"I don't think he *wants* me to be nice, 'mano. Do you, pretty boy."

"Nnh -- I. I have to admit that I'm enjoying the... lack of nice. The contrast is rather... ah. Rather..." Tim licks his lips. "Help. Please."

Dick hugs Tim because he *has* to, kisses him and promises that everything is fine, that he's beautiful, so perfect, that Dick *wants* him --

"You -- you can *have* me --"

"I need your *face*, little brother --"

"Pull *out* --"

"Don't mind if I do," Roy says, and pulls out of *him* --

"Oh -- *fuck*, right, I'm coping, I'm definitely --" And Dick kisses the back of Tim's neck hard, *licks* him there -- no. He *bites* Tim there, because it's a fantasy every Robin at least *ought* to have --

Tim cries out and *flexes* open --

And Dick pulls out and moves, untying the rope --

"Oh -- Dick --"

"Don't worry, little brother," Dick says, and *strongly* suspects *this* smile is the one that used to make Bruce look *worried* -- but. "I've got you," and Dick waggles his eyebrows and loops the rope around his own hand and wrist.

Tim stares at the rope with his lips parted --

Tim closes his mouth and stares at *him* --

"You look stunned. And I -- I have to admit I like that." Dick pats his thighs and sits back against the headboard where Roy had been. "Straddle me?"

Tim licks his lips -

And Roy *grips* Tim's throat. "You know what happens when you don't hop to, little 'mano?"

"Oh -- God, I'm just -- I'm just a little -- *nnk* --"

"You're just a little *slow*. Now *crawl*."

And Tim's dick twitches *as* he's crawling, awkward and careful with his wrists tied --

Dick reaches out to yank him close by the hip --

Roy squeezes Tim's throat hard enough to make him stick his *tongue* out --

And Dick *starts* to say something about how that shouldn't be hot, but there's lube and come all over *his* dick, and it's better to just lick Tim's mouth a little, anyway --

And better to kiss Tim once Roy starts spanking him --

Better to suck those *choked* noises right into his *mouth* --

Pull Tim close enough that his dick rubs and drags against Dick's abs --

Stroke and *hold* --

And gasp *with* Tim once Roy releases his throat and starts spanking *harder* --

"*Yes* -- oh -- I mean --"

"*What* do you mean, pretty boy?"

"I --" And Tim's laugh is bright, breathless and *sweet* -- "Oh, God, so -- so *hard* --"

"*Talk* --"


"Anything you say, pretty," and now the spanks come *faster* -

And Tim half-leans, half-*falls* against him --

"Tell him it's good, little brother --"

"Good -- so -- God, *Roy* --"

"Tell him -- tell him to *fuck* you --"

"Nnh -- *Dick* --"

"Too *slow*," Roy says, and he does *something* between Tim's legs --

And then the spanks start again, light and fast and still --

"Oh, God, Roy, his *sac*?"

"*You* love it, Short Pants."

"He's had more *protection* than I did --"

"And he's young and tender...?"

Dick grunts and catches himself leaning in to *bite* Tim's lip --

But Tim is only staring, wide-eyed and dazed --

Panting *randomly* --

"Oh -- little brother --"

"Dick -- *Dick* --"

"*Scream*," Dick says, and shoves his free hand between them so he can jerk Tim off --

"Ahn -- nuh --" And then Tim *does* scream, and it's loud and desperate --

As desperate as the *spasm* of his dick in Dick's hand --

"You're so good, little brother, you're so *perfect* --"

"Please! *Please*!"

"Please *what* --"

"More -- fuck me -- *please* -- oh, God, *hurts* --"

"Your sac is gonna swell up pink and *pretty*, Robbie... and Dickie will suck it for you."

"*Ohn* --"

"I'll nibble on it for you. Tug on the skin with my teeth until you're screaming --"

Tim *yowls* --

"*Fuck* -- say it again --"

"*Please* --"

Dick growls and *squeezes* Tim's dick. "Tell him -- *beg* him to fuck you, little brother, because I *promise* it's good, the best --"

"Nnh -- ah -- fuck me, please fuck me, please do it *hard* -- *fuck* --"

And Roy yanks Tim's head back by the hair and *grins* at him. "I'm gonna turn you *out*, pretty boy. But first I'm gonna fuck you *stupid*." And Roy looks at *him* --

Jesus, yes. Dick spreads Tim for him --

And Roy rocks in hard and fast and *rough* --

"Ahn -- *ahn* -- oh, your -- rings --"

"Just the ladder today. Nothing *too* challenging," and Roy grunts when he's all the way in --

Dick *knows* that grunt --

"You know what you're gonna get, pretty boy?"


"*All* of me -- well. A good handful of inches, anyway. Heh. Kiss him, Dickie. Lemme *see* --"

Dick cups Tim's face with both hands, pressing *in* a little with the rope -- "Come *fast*, little brother."

Tim nods and *pants*, and his eyes --

His *mouth* --

Dick leans in and kisses, licks and mouths --

And sucks for every scream --

And bites for every *slurred* scream --

And *grunts* for Roy using Tim to knock the *air* out of him, licks Tim's cheek and his ear --

Bites his ear and listens to him scream --

And scream --

"*Love* this, fucking -- God, Dick -- *Tim* --"

And Tim nods frantically and *concentrates* on something --

And Roy cries out *high* -- "Oh, you fucking -- little *vise*. That won't stop me," and Roy's grin is like something out of Dick's *best* nightmares --

Dick can't --

He pulls Roy in with the hand he'd used to jerk Tim off --

He kisses Roy *hard* -- and knows exactly how close he is by the way the kiss changes every few seconds. First a tongue-fuck --

Then moaning and *licking* --

Then *panting* and licking --

"Dick -- *Dick*," and Roy pulls back and licks Dick's hand, bites the heel of Dick's palm -- "*Please* --"

And Tim wails again --

*Yowls* again when Dick gets his hand around him --

And now they're shoving against each other, *crushing* Tim between them, staring into each other's eyes --

"I love you..."

And Roy grins. "I. I know you do. I *promise* not to leave you for your little brother's sweet. Little. *Ass*."

Dick snorts -- and grips Tim's throat with his rope-hand, squeezing until Tim *looks* at him. "I'll just bring him *with* me, Roy..."

Tim *tries* to gasp --

And Dick grins. "I'll bring him with me every. Single. *Time*," and he shakes Tim by the throat --

Let's the rope dig *in* --

And *squeezes* Tim's dick every time he tries to scream.

And every time his eyes start rolling back --

And every time Roy grunts --

"Fuck, fuck, lemme *hear* --"

But Tim doesn't make a *sound* when Dick loosens his grip --

Doesn't even *breathe* -- until Dick darts in and bites his ear *hard* --

"*Please*!" And then the gasps start --

The shudders and *sways* --

"*More*," Roy says, and now he's thrusting *brutally* hard --

And Tim starts sobbing, starts --

He's shuddering all *over* --

"Toss. Toss him *off*, Dickie --"

Tim *screams* again --

And now the shuddering doesn't stop even for a second --

Now they're the only thing keeping Tim *upright* --

"You're so good, little brother, so *brave* --"

"B-*brother* --"

"*Yours* -- "

"And *mine*, and --" Roy groans and *clutches* Tim -- "Wanna *know* you, little 'mano, wanna *love* --"

"*Hnh* -- *Roy*!" And Tim is coming all over Dick's hand and abs and chest --

Dick bends down -- and manages to catch a shot on his lip. Just --

So *good* --

And Tim is making shocked and dirty and *hurt* noises --

And Roy is *groaning* --

Shoving them against the headboard and *gripping* --

Growling and --

"Ah, *fuck* --" And those are the grunts that mean he's losing it the right way --

The *best* --

Tim slumps --

Dick grins and hugs them both. Just -- holds on.

They feel so good, so warm and slick --

Tim's bedroom smells so *perfect* --

Dick kisses Tim's cheeks and temples until Roy stops grunting and looks up --

And then they're crushing Tim between them again --

Tim makes a *soft* sound --

And Roy turns Tim's head until all three of them are kissing. Well, for the first few minutes Tim is mostly just letting them *have* his mouth --

But then he shifts --

And smiles --

And starts to tease them a little, wet and slick and *good* --

"Oh, *really*."

"Hnn -- oh, wait, no, I can't pull that laugh off even a little right now," Tim says, and laughs softly, breathily --

And moans into Roy's kiss --

And sighs into *Dick's* kiss --

And lets them keep holding him up, which --

Dick shivers and kisses Tim harder, tries to pull him *closer* --

And shivers more for the sound of Roy dragging his stubble against Tim's ear and cheek. Just -- this.

He wants *this*, and he can -- wait. He pulls back, and Tim blinks at him and searches him --

Tim moans and shudders --

And that's Roy's hand slipping between them, but Dick knows he's only holding on right now, only --

Well, that's a *little* stroke --

Dick reaches down to stop him.

Roy raises his eyebrows --

Dick licks his lips and kisses Tim a few more times -- "I need -- Tim."

"I... what do you need?"

Dick pants and -- this shouldn't be hard. This shouldn't *ever* be hard --

And he knows *Roy* knows what he's about to say by the feel of that big, hard hand on his biceps --

And Tim looks back and forth between them. "I'm missing... something?"

Dick smiles ruefully. "Roy...?"

"I got you covered, Short Pants," and Roy licks Tim's cheek. "He wants to know if we can have this again --"

"All of us. *Please*."

And Tim looks -- too shocked. And then too *thoughtful* --

Dick winds more of the rope around his fist helplessly --

And then Tim *jumps* -- and. That was kind of a squeak --

"Jesus, that's adorable, little 'mano."

Tim *blushes* -- and then laughs again, rueful and quiet. "I would be... ah. It's just that I -- ah --"

Roy *growls* --

"Oh fuck. Yes. Please. Again. Repeatedly? Ah. Both of you. Together or separately or -- I don't know --  please."

Roy grins and bites the back of Tim's neck --

Tim groans and closes his eyes --

And Dick kisses his little brother just as hard as he wants to.

Roy makes the best plans.